Love Stripped

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Chapter 15

When Kimberly walked in the hall of the Paraíso Español, she simply couldn’t take her eyes off the entrance of the hotel. It was beautiful really, and the people that were working there, looked really nice. The hall was well decorated and it really gave her the Spanish ambient. The colors of Spain were present; the maids were well dressed and also reminded her of Spain too, after all, it was a Spanish hotel. She followed Jake, that didn’t show any sign of amazement in his eyes, towards the reception on the hall.

“Good morning.” The receptionist said politely.

“Good morning.” Jake said in the same politeness, “I want a suite for today, if it’s possible.”

“Everything is possible here, sir.” Her smile showed pride in that sentence. “Do you have any preferences, sir?”

“Hum...” He paused to think in what he wanted, “I want a room service every time I call it, and preferably, a big suite.”

“Ok. Let me see, then.” The receptionist with hazel eyes and bright smile looked into her computer and looked for a suit that was available. Kimberly knew that although that hotel was expensive, it was always full.

“We have a suit available, suite 137, in the tenth floor.” She looked at Jake, and then at Kimberly. And Kimberly knew exactly what went through her eyes: ‘This couple is going to have a day full of sex.’ She waited for an answer that appeared one second later.

“That’s fine.”

“What’s your name?”

“Jake Dekker.”

“Mr. Dekker, would you please sign here?” The young girl delivered him a paper for him to sign. When Jake delivered back the paper, she said, “Well, here’s the key. There is a young man on the elevator; he’ll take you to your room. Do you have any luggage?”

“No. We’ll go by ourselves.” Jake was going to give her his credit card, when she said, “Oh no, sir. You only have to pay at the end of your stay. Now, I wish a good stay.” She smiled again and then Jake turned around and looked at Kimberly.

“You’re crazy.” She said.

“I know, babe.”

They both walked towards the elevator, and walked in it. The man looked at them, and asked, “What room is it, sir?”

“Suite 137.”

“Ok, then.” The employer pushed the button for the tenth floor, and after he took them to their suit. “Have a nice stay, sir. My lady.” When he was going away, Kimberly saw Jake giving him a tip, although the man had done nothing.

“We’re here.” He said when he turned around to face her. His green eyes were glowing.

“You’re so crazy.” Kimberly watched the suit where she was going to spend her day with Jake. She couldn’t possibly believe that she was in a suite like that one. Two bathrooms, a living room with a bar, a kitchen and a huge master bedroom with a huge bed where Kimberly could already see her lay down.

When she was going to see the kitchen, she heard Jake behind her, “First of all, we have to establish some truce.”

Kimberly turned around right away, “What do you mean??”

“What I mean is that... during this day, nothing that can happen, will be ever used to hurt each other.”

“What do you mean by hurt each other?” Kimberly didn’t know what to think of Jake in that moment. What the hell did he want to accomplish with truce? Why was he saying that?

“What I mean is that... you can’t use this day to try and get me with your plan, just like I can’t use this to take advantage of you, or to hurt you or any other thing that might pass through your mind right now. This is a day for us to rest, to talk, to do the essay and maybe to get to know each other better, other than just knowing your body. Just that, nothing more. And we can’t use whatever happens here to hurt us in the near future.”

“So, you’re saying, that we can’t talk about this for example tomorrow? We can’t tell anyone? What about Joanne, Jake? What if she gets suspicious?” Kimberly knew Jake was planning something... Or maybe he really just wanted to be away from everybody for a while... But, he chose to stay with her.

“She won’t get suspicious, Kimmy. Well, do you agree with this? Just don’t forget, I can’t take advantage of you, just like you can’t take advantage of this to execute your plan. Yes, I know you have a plan to get me, since that day when you caught me with Joanne.” Jake said, and images of Jake possessing Joanne came up in her mind.


“Great. Now, let’s turn on this laptop and let’s do your essay for now, ok? Then, we’ll ask our lunch. Seems ok to you?”

“It seems fine.” Kimberly declared, but she couldn’t help but to show how surprised she was with Jake’s attitude. “I would never, ever expect this from you, Jake.”

Jake didn’t reply, but looked that her. Then, he grabbed his laptop and asked, “Where do you wanna do the essay? Living room, kitchen or... bedroom?”

“Maybe in the kitchen.”

“Ok, then.”

For some time, and during lunch, Kimberly didn’t make any questions about his attitude. They only talked about the essay and how good their lunch was. Jake could only be filthy rich. He just, in one second decided he wanted to spent a day in this expensive hotel and didn’t seemed concerned about the huge amount of money he was going to pay. He really was crazy. Maybe he really was temporarily crazy, due to that fight with Eric. Kimberly still wanted to know why the two of them just started saying all of those things to each other in a minute. And the fact that Jake had used truce to prevent her from getting him today, just made her questioning even more his reasons to do this, maybe... she shouldn’t have come.

“You’re thinking about this, aren’t you?” Jake asked out of the blue, while seeing Kimberly writing down some things he had finished saying.

“No, I’m thinking about the essay, nothing more. We can finish this today.” She lied about her thoughts. The “why” didn’t disappear from her mind.

“From day to day, I’ve been noticing, that you’re not a good liar.”

“And day to day, I’ve been noticing that you’re good at reading my thoughts and expressions.” She admitted. Kimberly looked at him, “You’re good at reading a woman’s thoughts?”

“Not that good.” Jake revealed, with his eyes on his laptop, not even trying to make an effort to avoid Kimberly’s piercing gray eyes. “I don’t need to read their thoughts and expressions; I always know what they want.”


“Yes.” Jake affirmed. “They have nothing on their minds expect the fact that they want to have sex with me. I’m not that good to make them beg for the sex.”

“Come on, you’re kidding me.” Kimberly laughed from what Jake had said. He couldn’t possibly be saying that. He, not that good? God, Jake was one hell of hot man. She knew why girls want him. Jake simply seemed liked a magnet that attracted the girls just like that. And Kimberly was one of them, that, she couldn’t deny.

“I’m not. I’m not blind; I know they also just want me for the money.” That was the first time ever, that Jake talked about the fact that he was rich.

“You don’t even look like you’re rich! If Eric hadn’t told me some things, like the fact that your mother owned a pharmaceutical company, I’m sure I would never think that you were that rich!”

“He told you that?”

“Yeah. That’s why you’re studying Pharmaceutical Sciences? So that you later can take control of your mother’s company?” Kimberly was stepping dangerous ground.

“She wanted me to take this course. And since I didn’t have a passion for something else like Eric with languages, I decided to follow what she wanted. But, now... I’m not sure if I’m going to replace her in the company.”

Something had happened between Jake and his mother, Kimberly was sure. But... she knew she couldn’t simply ask him what it was, because she knew he would close himself and activate his arrogant manners.

Kimberly got up and drank some water. It was hot in that suit. But she only had a top and her jeans, nothing under, expect her underwear. She was starting to sweat, but she didn’t say it to Jake. But, he simply seemed to guess her thoughts, again.

“Man, I’m hot.” He decided to take off his shirt and Kimberly couldn’t help but to stare at his abs. She had already seen those tons of times, but like every time, she couldn’t help but to stare. “You’re not?”

“No, I’m not that hot.”

“Oh, you are hot, baby.” He smiled at her, and Kimberly noticed the wordplay and she couldn’t help but to laugh. Jake got up and drank some water from Kimberly’s glass. Then, slowly, Kimberly felt his hand on her shoulder. “Oh, you’re sweating too, Kimmy.”

“Yeah,” She said quickly, “Let’s keep doing the essay, ok?”

She turned around and faced him. How could he say he was not hot?

They decided to go to the living room, where they opened the windows to let some air in, then, they kept doing the essay.

“Kimmy,” Jake started, half an hour later, “Why did your parents died?”

That question froze her heart for a moment. “I-”

“If you don’t want to answer, you don’t need to.”

“It’s ok; it’s just that it is hard to remind me of this again. They... they died in a car crash, and you know... two years ago. They were...” Kimberly didn’t know why she was answering to his question. It was hard for her, but still, it looked like they were going to spend that day talking to each other, about everything. Or at least, almost everything. “They were coming back from a trip they had made, since they had completed 25 years of marriage. On the night they came back, it was raining a lot; my mom had called me, saying they were going to be a bit late and that she and my dad had something important to tell me and Sid. They died after that call, like less than an hour later.”

“I’m sorry. What… what did they had to tell you?”

Kimberly didn’t want to show weakness just like that, begging for a hand in her shoulder, but she couldn’t stop the tears that were already filling her mysterious eyes. “That my mother was pregnant.”

It was the first time that Kimberly had told this to anyone, for the exception of her best friend Lisa. Seconds after she told that to Jake, she started crying.

“Kimmy… Don’t cry, please. I can’t stand to see you cry.”

“It was so damn hard, Jake! I had to take care of their funeral! Nobody helped me! My grandparents had already died, and I only had my uncle and aunt… they didn’t help me. And Sid… I couldn’t even be there for her. I had to take care of so many things…” Kimberly wiped off her tears. “I’m sorry. God, you just make me answer to whatever you want.” She tried to smile but the tears were stronger than a smile.

“I have that effect on girls.” He mocked and tried to make her laugh. “I’m sorry, Kimmy. I don’t know what to say in moments like this.”

“Don’t say anything then. I hate to talk about this issue.” Kimberly admitted, “I have never ever told this to anyone. Only my sister, Lisa and I know about this.”

“You didn’t need to tell me.” He smiled and placed his arm over her shoulders.

“Since this… also is for us to get to know each other…” What a lame excuse to tell Jake. Kimberly hadn’t understood why she had decided to tell him that, in a matter of seconds, when she only knows him for a month and a bit more. But… Jake had this influence in her… that she couldn’t deny. “Your… Your father died, too… Right?” That question darkened Jake’s green eyes.

“How do you…” He stopped before he could finish that sentence. It was a silly question. Jake knew damn well who had told Kimberly that. “Eric told you.”


“And you expect me to talk about that?”

“You never talk to me about anything. And since… we’re here all alone… maybe you could tell me some things about your past.”

“It’s not that interesting.” Jake said. “Maybe, I’ll tell you later, for now let’s just keep doing the essay.” Kimberly didn’t fight back. If she hadn’t wanted to talk about her parents, she knew he wouldn’t force her, so she wouldn’t force him too. She would wait ’till the end of that day, and gain his trust.

Finally, at the end of the afternoon, Kimberly and Jake finished the essay.

Kimberly got up, raised her arms, opened her mouth in a huge and happy smile and said, “DONE! DONE! YEAH!”

Jake had also gotten up, so Kimberly walked towards him and hugged, “Thank you, Jake. I would never finish this essay on time without your help. I’m so sure none of my friends from college did their essay with someone always by their side. I’m so thankful.”

For seconds Jake didn’t answer, he just looked at her amazing gray eyes, “You’re beautiful when you smile, you know? And, I’m glad I could help you.” Kimberly didn’t know what to say. How could he be that sweet, when at home he was such a jerk? Why?

“Thank you.” Her smile didn’t vanish and her arms didn’t let go off Jake.

“I deserve something for my effort…”

And those words made her smile vanish and let him go. “If you’re thinking of sex, you’re-”

“I wasn’t talking about sex. I was talking about at least… a kiss from you.”

“How can you be like that? How? What about Joanne? Don’t you care about what she feels? She may be a bitch, but maybe she doesn’t deserve what you’re doing to her.” Kimberly said, gazing at him. His expression didn’t change.

“She really doesn’t like me. She’s another woman waiting for the money, the status and the sex.”

“Then… why are you with her?”

“Because…” Jake paused and sat down again, leaving Kimberly’s eyes, “I admit. I was fucking furious about that morning. Someone had hurt you and you didn’t want to tell me who it was! And then… I found out too, that you just used me like that! So… I went out, I found Joanne again, and since she was a good fuck and I needed to cool down, I used her. And since then, she’s been with me. But, not because I like her or something, she’s just someone I can use.”

“I can’t believe how you can think like that. Why did you screw me then?” Kimberly darted to ask, frightening for what his answer would be.

“The first time… Kimmy, you just appeared like that in my room… Asking me if I wanted you… you were so damn sexy with that robe and that red underwear. I fucking worship that underwear; it makes you look so damned sexy! I couldn’t possible resist. No men would resist you.” Kimberly couldn’t help but to laugh. “The second time… I wanted to kiss you, I wanted to screw you, I admit, just because of that. I knew you wouldn’t resist me, you wanted too.”

“You think I’m a fucking whore.” That ‘f’ word was bothering her, but she couldn’t help but to say it, since it was the only word that could show that she was really disappointed with herself. Jake decided to fuck her, and she just let him do what he wanted.

“I don’t think that, Kimmy!” He revealed. He walked towards the window. “Although I knew you wouldn’t resist that long, I don’t think you’re a whore. And don’t think I just wanted to screw you because you wouldn’t resist me or because you’re just too easy.” He paused to look outside and then he turned around and kept going, “You’re so sexy, Kimmy and so hard to understand sometimes. I desired you.”

Kimberly was so surprised with Jake’s statements. He would never say those things back at home. That was why he was asking for truce, because, later that night, when they would come back home, Kimberly couldn’t use those things against him. She had agreed with his truce and she would stick to the truce, just like she was hoping Jake would. But still, that feeling of being a whore didn’t vanish from her mind. That was what Jake had made her think of herself.

“I’m serious, Kimmy. I really don’t think you’re a whore. I think you’re a strong woman, who lives hard in order to live well. If women could be like you… maybe I wasn’t like this.” Jake admitted, smiling weakly.

“What about the third time?”

“The third time… I swear I didn’t plan on having sex with you, although I said I was sure you would come that night. I didn’t even want to. I saw you walking in my room, crying, I just felt like hugging you, I felt this need to wipe off your tears. When you said you needed me… I knew what you wanted. I tried to ask you what had happened, but you only thought about sex, sex and sex. I tried, but I’m not made of metal, I’m flesh too. I tried to ask you who had done that several times, but you didn’t answer once… until we had that fight the morning after.” He gave a step towards her and said, “I wasn’t tired of you, Kimmy. I said that, but I was lying. I even liked those games we played… I like to kiss you suddenly or to provoke you…”

“You were right. I did use you, Jake. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” She lowered her eyes and revealed, “But every time something bad happened, I could just think of you that everything bad would vanish from my mind.”

She hadn’t seen him approaching when he lifted her head to look up to her eyes, “It’s ok, now. Would you give me that kiss… now?”


“Why not?” Jake asked, but Kimberly didn’t reply. “I know… you think you’re a whore now, or at least you acted like a whore.”

“I need to take a bath.” She said after she turned around to avoid his piercing green eyes. Yes, Kimberly really felt like a slut. How could she miss that? How could she not see how she was acting like a… whore? He made her forget reason. “Shit, I can’t take a bath. I don’t have any clothes or any underwear.”

“Well… actually you do have.” That answer made Kimberly turn around again. “That backpack I brought… I brought some clothes… yours and mine.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because… if this was going ok… maybe we could spend the night here…” Kimberly didn’t know why, but Jake was talking like if he was embarrassed. “And I think its going ok, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah, Jake.” Kimberly walked to the bedroom, where Jake had left the backpack and said, “I just love when we’re talking and I have this feeling that I’m a whore when I’m with you.” She could be a stripper, but she wasn’t a whore.

When Kimberly took the underwear from the backpack that Jake had taken from her room, she wasn’t expecting that that would be the underwear he was going to bring.

“I was serious when I said I worshiped that underwear. Kimmy, you look great.” He was right behind her. He placed his head on her shoulder and whispered, “I’m sorry about what I said. I really mean it, Kimmy. You’re not a whore, I don’t think that.”

“You surely made me think that.” She looked into the backpack, “Great, you forget my pajama.”

Jake laughed, “Baby, that’s your pajama for me.”

“Whatever. Order dinner, while I’m taking a bath.” Kimberly was going to the bathroom, when she turned around, “Are we really going to spend the night here?”

“If you want.”

“I don’t mind… Just because I love this hotel.”

“Yeah, right.” He smiled sweetly, letting Kimberly go to the bathroom.

Out of the blue, he heard her yelling, “This has a fucking huge Jacuzzi here!!”

“Great discovery, Kimmy! That’s 2007′s greatest discovery!” From the bathroom, Kimberly could hear him laughing, but minutes later, Jake appeared with just some black shorts and got in the Jacuzzi, which made Kimberly stare at him. “What?”

“I was going to get in the Jacuzzi.”

“And you can’t be here with me? I won’t eat you. And the Jacuzzi is large enough for the both of us.” Jake said and it was true. The Jacuzzi was big enough for them and to three more people at least. The water was just like Kimberly wanted. When she sat down, in front of Jake, she asked him, “Did you at least asked our dinner?”

“Oh… I didn’t know you were hungry. I’m not, now.” She waited for his answer. “What?”

“Would you please call the room service and ask for our dinner?”

“Why don’t you do that?”

“You do it!”

Since Jake didn’t felt like arguing with Kimberly now, he made her will and ordered their dinner for 8.30pm.

“Satisfied?” He asked sarcastically.

“Very much.” And then she showed him her tongue, mocking him. “What do you want to talk about?”

“What do you like to do in your free time?” Jake asked with his eyes closed.

“I would love to do tons of things on my free time, the problem is that I have little free time, and in my free time I have to study.”

“That’s bad.”

“Yeah. What about you? You’re filthy rich, you don’t work, and you only go to college, maybe because your mother wanted. Do you have other hobbies, other than screwing girls?”

“Not much.” Jake revealed. “I usually play ps2 with the guys, of course I also study for the exams, I like being on the internet…” He tried to think of any other hobbies, but only those appeared in his mind.

“What’s the thing you most love in your life? Without being your family?”

“Who said I love my family more than everything?” That made Kimberly look at him, seriously. Who didn’t love their family more than everything?

“I just… I-”

“It’s ok. Forget what I said.” He interrupted her. “I ah… my laptop? Sex? I don’t know, Kimmy. What about you?”

“Sleep! I love to sleep! It’s the best damn thing! And… sex, too, I have to admit that.” She laughed and Jake looked at her, agreeing with a smile.

“What do you hate the most in your life?”

“Ah…” Kimberly thought, it was actually a difficult question. “I don’t know. That’s a hard one. What about you?”

“Peterson.” Jake replied. “I hate that fucking bastard. I’m sure you already know what happened with him, because I’m sure too, that Eric has already told you.” Jake said aggressively. Kimberly already knew who Peterson was and what he had done, but the fact that he had a wife… that, she had no idea.

“You hate him that much? I mean,” Kimberly tried to rephrase her sentence, “Why do you hate him?”

“I don’t like him, that’s it. Since the first time my mother introduce him to me and Eric, I knew right away what type of guy he was. I could smell miles away that he just dated with my mum because of her money. When we’re rich, we have to deal with these problems.” Jake explained, “But, my mother didn’t care about it. She was madly in love with him.”

That day was going good, because, Kimberly was getting the chance to know things about Jake that she had no idea. As for him… Jake already knew everything about her. Except for the fact that she was a stripper and that Damien blackmailed her. Since Kimberly had gone living to his house, she had noticed Jake was the kind of guy that did not opened to someone just like that.

“How long have you been living here?”

“For about almost two years.”

“Why did you leave your mother’s house?”

“Kimmy, just relax and enjoy this moment. Maybe someday I’ll ask someone to put a Jacuzzi in the house.” Jake laughed from what he had said, but he was just trying to get Kimberly’s attention off that issue.

Kimberly did what he had asked her for a while. But, just like that, she opened her eyes and asked, “Why did your father died?”

“You don’t forget things do you?” Jake said with a smile, although she knew, inside, he wasn’t smiling. “He died because of a heart attack.” Everything got quiet for a minute. Jake and Kimberly didn’t spoke a word.

“I… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Those cold words froze Kimberly. It was his dad and he was talking that? She had to say the words that were wondering in her mind.

“When… When you talk about your parents… you talk in such a cold way… What happened? Because I feel like something happened… I-”

“Will you give me a kiss if I give you an answer?”


“Then, it’s not worth to say it if it’s not gonna worth anything.” That sentence made Kimberly shut up and made her decided that now she would not make any more questions about that issue. But, it wasn’t fair. She had answered to his questions and he didn’t answer to hers. So, she decided. She would not answer to his questions, until he decided to answers hers, no matter how harsh they could be. Then again… Kimberly decided to answer because she simply wanted…

When someone knocked on the door, Jake got out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed a towel and went to see who it was. As for Kimberly she got out of the Jacuzzi too, took of the underwear she had and put on the red underwear that Jake had brought and decided to wear a robe from the hotel. She walked in the living room and saw Jake preparing their dinner over a small table in front of the couch.

“We’re gonna eat there?”

“Yeah, why? Can’t you sit down on the floor?”

“Yeah…” Kimberly said and then she looked at Jake. “You know what? Let me take care of that. You’re all wet.” Jake didn’t answer to that, but he made what Kimberly said and while he was changing, Kimberly prepared the dinner.

The dinner was already prepared, but she was just putting the things over the table and when she finished, it looked nice. And it was when she noticed that Jake had also ordered some drinks and also a huge box that actually had the form of a guitar. When she was going to open it, she heard Jake, “That’s for later, Kimmy.”

“What is it?”

“Can’t you tell?”

“It’s a guitar?”

Jake didn’t answer to her question, but said, “Let’s have dinner?” He walked behind her and put his hands over her shoulders, “Sit down.” She made what he said and sat down on the floor.

“Shit.” Jake said suddenly, when he was already sat down.


“They don’t know, Kimmy. Sid, Tom and Eric. They don’t know about us.”

Kimberly had completely forgotten about them. How could she? “Fuck. I ah… I’ll call Sid… What should I say?”

“I don’t know! Invent something! Just don’t say you’re with me! They can’t know you’re with me. They would… think about it and they would think about… us. Especially Eric.” Jake revealed with a worried voice. Kimberly didn’t know that he really was that worried about other people knowing that he was with her. It was like; she was worried about Sid knowing that, but the rest… she didn’t care about them. It was her life; they had nothing to do with it.

“Ok, but you should know that Eric must suspect that we’re together.” Kimberly waited for an answer, but Jake didn’t give her one. “I’ll call Sid and I’ll say I’m with Lisa and I’m spending the night at her house. What about you?”

“I’ll call Tom,” It surprised Kimberly that Jake didn’t even called his own brother. She had to know why they suddenly had started arguing over something completely different that same morning. “And I’ll tell him I’m with Aiden. Then, I’ll call Aiden, and I’ll tell him. If there is one person I can trust is Aiden.”

Aiden… Aiden could be a good guy to talk about Jake. Maybe she would know even more things about him. After those thoughts Kimberly called Sid and Lisa. She said she was with Lisa and that she had finished her essay without Jake, and then she had called Lisa to warn her. But she hadn’t said where she was and Lisa hadn’t asked more questions, for Kimberly’s own amazement. After they had made their calls, they sat down to have dinner.

The first ten minutes Kimberly only answered to Jake’s questions and it was only simply answers, because she really was mad due to the fact that she had replied to his questions and he hadn’t. “I don’t know why the hell you asked for truce.”

“What?” That caught his attention, “What do you mean? You know why I asked for truce. Nothing that can happen or be said here can be used in the future to hurt each other.” He sounded like a lawyer, but he really didn’t cared.

“I know.”

“Then why did you say that?”

“Because,” Kimberly started, “I answered to your questions, because I know you’ll not use my answers against me, but you… you don’t trust in me one bit. So I won’t trust you either.” The fact that Jake asked for truce and still didn’t answer to her questions annoyed her a lot.

“You’re mad because of that?” He didn’t get an answer, but he admitted, “Ok, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t like to talk about my personal life.”

“I don’t like to talk about my personal life either, but I fucking replied to your questions, even when it hurt me!” She looked into his green eyes, looking for some reason.

“Ok then. I’ll answer to your questions after dinner. Is that ok for you?”

“Yeah, it’s ok.”

That answer even made Kimberly eat faster and Jake had noticed. When he burped with pleasure, he started, “Ok, Kimmy, ask me whatever you want and I’ll answer.” Kimberly was going to open her mouth to start, when Jake cut off her words, “But, you won’t say anything to anyone about what we talked here, ok? I trust in you. Just like you wanted.”

“Ok, so-”

“I’m so gonna regret this.”

“You’re not.” Kimberly said, “Come on, Jake. We came here to like… forget everything else, but at least we can talk about our own personal things with each other. And I’m still amazed with the fact that you decided to spend this day with me.”

“Stop that, don’t think about it, don’t question my reasons.” He said harshly.

“Ok ok… So tell me… Why did you leave your mother’s house?” That question had been wondering around Kimberly’s mind since the first night Eric had spent in their house. She saw Jake’s expression change.

“You start with a hard one.”

“Answer it, Jake. I swear I won’t tell anyone. I swear this will not get out of these walls. You have my word.”

“I believe you.” He laughed, “I believe you since you said you were going to get me and that you really meant that, since you didn’t stopped till today.”

“When I say something, I really mean it.” She smiled and waited for his answer.

“I got out of my mother’s house… because she wanted me to.”

That answer stopped Kimberly from saying anything after he had replied to her. How could a mother let her son leave her house? Had Jake done something wrong? From what she knew about Jake… she didn’t know what had taken his mother to let go of him. “But… why would she do that?”

“It’s complicated, Kimmy.” Jake said tiredly. Kimberly decided to join him in the couch and grab his hand.

“We’re gonna stay here, right? I have plenty of time.”

“You can have such a sweet smile sometimes when you don’t have that cold mask of yours…” Jake also smiled sweetly to Kimberly, which made her even smile sweeter. “I had this talk with my mother… before… you know. It was about Peterson. I never told this to Eric. Only Aiden. He was the one who put up with me after I got out of my mother’s house with this huge fury blowing my mind…”

“You trust a lot in Aiden?”

“Yes, I mean, I also trust Ben, but with this issues, Aiden is better.” Jake took a really deep breath and let it out slowly.

“That talk you had with your mother… It was the one you and Eric fought about today?” She saw in his eyes that he was remembering their fight. He was ready to punch his brother right there if Kimberly hadn’t stopped him.

“Yes.” Jake kept going without Kimberly feeling the need to ask him to go on, “It had passed months since Peterson had gone living to our house. Man, I still remember the fight I had with my mother about letting some man she had met in some country and had dated for a few months. One day, I decided to take a position. Eric supported, but I was the one who had the guts to face her.”

“The way you talk about her, it seems that she’s a monster.”

“She can be a monster sometimes. The way she looks at us, with those dark eyes… man…” He had his eyes closed, like if he had his mother’s image on his mind. “Anyways, I went to her office…” At the same time he told Kimberly their talk, he remembered it, “And I said right away that I was done with Peterson. She laughed at my face saying that I was acting like a baby. That I was used to my father, but that now she had fallen in love again and I just had to support her. I said that it wasn’t the fact that Peterson was replacing our father, because that didn’t hurt me at all.”

“It didn’t hurt you? I mean… it was your father.”

“Yeah, well… my father wasn’t a great father. He didn’t care that much about me. He preferred Eric.”

She had no idea that Jake would ever feel jealous about his own brother. Kimberly wasn’t expecting that. His father had preferred his younger brother and their mother didn’t even care about what her sons thought about her new companion. “That hurt you a lot, I’m sure.”

“I managed to deal with it. It doesn’t hurt me that much. Eric didn’t have much fault, I knew that. Anyways, she asked me what was bothering me, then. I answered that it was the fact that he only was with her because of her money, that she meant nothing to him and that we could see that in his eyes. She slapped me twice.” Jake’s piercing green eyes were looking at nothing, but his expression showed anger. “And said I should be happy with her happiness.”

“What did you say?” Hell, Kimberly was curious as hell. She wanted to know everything.

“I said… I was going to be happy in the moment when I would tell her, “I warn you about Peterson’. She slapped me again and declared…” He paused, like if he was living that moment again, “Damn, I still remember the fucking words she said, ‘If you can’t handle with my happiness… If you can’t be happy with my happiness… it’s because you are not my son. Get out of my house, Jake. If it bothers you so much living with the person I love and deal with my happiness, then you’re not my son and thus you shall leave this house right now. I don’t ever what to see you again till this memory fades out of my mind.’”

Jake now had his eyes on Kimberly, waiting for some kind of reaction, but Kimberly could only look at him, her jaw had dropped. Jake got up and went to the bar that was at the left corner of the living room. Kimberly didn’t say anything till he came back with two drinks.

“I’m sorry to know that, I had… no idea.” If ever her father or her mother had said that to her… she would be heartbroken.

“No one has any idea of that. My mom never bothered herself to tell Eric what she said to me, Kimmy, so that’s why he reacted like that this morning, He thinks I just gave up like that. But those words, Kimmy… It hurt.” Jake drank a little. “It fucking hurt me. I’m not made of steal. I handled my father’s preference, but damn… it was my mom… Aren’t moms supposed to stay at their son’s sides no matter what?”

“Yes, they are…” Kimberly also drank a little bit along with Jake.

“Now, you know the amazing story.” He sunk in the couch with the glass and the bottle of vodka at his side. “Anyways, I lied about something.”

“What? You didn’t fool me now, did you? Jake…” She looked at him. No… he wasn’t playing with her. He could be a jerk when he wanted to, but Kimberly was sure that he was the kind of man that carried out with his words.

Jake didn’t exactly answer her question, “The thing I most like in my life… after sex, of course,” He added quickly, with a perverted smile, “Is this.” He got up, placed the glass with the vodka over the small table and grabbed the box. Kimberly didn’t see him opening it, but when Jake turned around; her gray eyes saw a Spanish guitar. “I love playing this guitar.”

“You’re serious?” She laughed when he sat at her side again, “Damn, I can’t imagine you’re that type of man! I…” She couldn’t help but to laugh, Kimberly really wasn’t expecting that. “Do you… even know how to play?”

“Of course, Kimmy. Do you think I would make a fool out of myself in front of you? Yes, I know how to play, I have one… at my mother’s house.” He avoided her piercing gray eyes and kept going, “My grandfather thought me. Tell me a music that you like.”

“Oh!” Kimberly said suddenly, after drinking some more vodka, “I know a really good one! It’s so beautiful! Do you know that singer, Toni Braxton? She sings this song named Spanish Guitar, it’s so beautiful, really.”

After some seconds trying to see which music Kimberly was talking about, Jake finally started playing. Damn, he really did know how to play the guitar. He didn’t even need to look at the guitar; he looked straight into her eyes and kept playing…

"…I come to hear you play…" She closed her eyes while sang parts of the music, while Jake played, ”…Close my eyes… But you don’t know… You don’t even k now that I am there…" She started moving a little bit her body and he watched her... ”…And you don’t know… I wish that I was in your arms… like that Spanish guitar… And you would play me trough the night…." She opened her eyes again and gazed at Jake’s green eyes.

“Damn…” She drank the whole glass and filled some more. “…I wish you hold me in your arms… like that Spanish guitar… all night long… I’d be your soul…" Kimberly looked like a snake commanded though the sound of the guitar. She smoothly shoke her waist... And Jake devoured her with his eyes.

He stopped playing and drank the vodka that Kimberly had put on his glass.

“You really know how to play, Jake. That was amazing.”

“Thanks.” Another sweet smile. “You really know how to move your hips… and make a guy want you, Kimmy.” But, of course she had to know how to move her body, otherwise she wouldn’t be one of the most requested strippers in her strip club.

“Thanks. Play some more.”

“What now? I can’t play just like that; I need to know what music you want me to play…” More vodka into their mouths. “Oh, I know a good one.” He said suddenly. Jake placed the glass with the vodka on the table next to him and then started playing. Kimberly recognized right away the music he started playing. Believe in me by Lenny Kravitz.

“…baby, I’m your man… I can’t go on… I know not what to do… my heart is what… please believe in me… ’cause what I need is for you to believe in me… countless sleepless nights… Never ending fights…" He kept playing… and then started singing again… “…I can’t… gooo on… I know not what to do… my heaaart is what…pleaaase believe in me… ’cause what I need is for you… to believe in mee…" Kimberly danced at the sound of his voice and the guitar.

Due to the vodka that she had already drunk, she took off her robe, just like that… and her body and red underwear were exposed to Jake. He didn’t stopped playing, but he watched her, like a hypnotized man.

Jake stopped playing again and for the… he had lost the count of it… he drank some more vodka while Kimberly sighted him. She made the same thing than him. She was feeling hot, she was getting drunk, but she didn’t care. She didn’t want to know what would happen if she could be even more drunk with Jake at her front.

With Jake burning with desire for her.

“I wish…” He said slowly, “That the guitar could play all by itself… Because… seeing you there like that… winding like that in front of me… it makes me… it makes me…” He couldn’t find the word he wanted and it was when he noticed that the drinks had started to have an effect on him. Because he also didn’t care, he drank more with Kimberly.

He made the only thing that went through his mind and turned on the stereo, next to the plasma TV. And Jake had turned it on in the right time. Calm music filled their ears.

She walked towards him… he watched her moving her hips while sensually walking towards him. Kimberly placed her hand on his face. No smile was offered to anyone of them, only looks were trade. Jake pushed her to him and then their bodies were together again… She bit her lip and moved her waist at the sound of the music. Jake only observed her with his hungry eyes, until he set his hands on her waist and made her turn around. Her shoulders, back, ass and legs were brushing against his body and it turned him on.

Kimberly gently wiggled and it raised his desire for her. They danced for what it seemed like an eternity, until they ended up in the bedroom. Jake was lain down on the bed while she moved her waist and hips so sensually… Jake made nothing to pull her to him. He didn’t want her to feel like a whore; in fact that intimacy was already normal for them. The fact that she standing there, dancing in just some underwear, for him, was normal, the only thing was that she was dancing, one thing that Kimberly had never done in front of him.

The bottle of vodka was empty and was standing in a small rounded table next to another one, already mid-filled.

Out of the blue, Kimberly knelt on the bed and crawled to him, asking, “You… like me?” She was drunk, they were both drunk.

“Why do you… ask that… Kimmy?” He asked slowly, looking at her, crawling in his direction, so sexy and so innocent at the same time.

“Answer to me… Jake.” She had no smile, but her voice sounded weird.

Now, she was over him, still knelt, but not in position that let her crawling. But suddenly, Jake pulled her to him and gave her the answer she wanted, with so much desire that he had been holding with so much strength. He didn’t want to let go of that desire, he didn’t want her to feel what she felt hours ago. “Yes, I like you.”

Jake pushed her even more and managed to kiss her. In a hot and fiery way, the only way he would express how he wanted her that night in such a flaming way, because, after, Kimberly lay down on top of him, her head on his chest and his hand softly caressing her cheeks.

Minutes later… They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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