Love Stripped

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Chapter 16

A red haired girl slowly opened her eyes and very lingeringly, due to the headache she had, she looked around the dark bedroom where she was. Kimberly was in a hotel room, in Paraíso Español, to be precise. Unlike the times she had woken up in Jake’s bedroom, the sunlight wasn’t entering through the windows and Jake… wasn’t lying at her side.

She was in the bed alone, with only a sheet covering her legs. Kimberly looked at herself and saw that she was still wearing her underwear. For a few seconds, Kimberly closed her eyes and saw the images of what had been her day, yesterday. And when she remembered the most important thing, she got up and in that same second, Jake walked in the bedroom.

“Oh, you’re awake.”

Kimberly said nothing in return. He said he liked her.

Jake said he liked her.

Kimberly dared to look at his eyes and replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Good.” He said, “You better get dressed, it’s almost time to go to college. I already paid for our stay here,” In that moment, Kimberly noticed that he was already dressed, “And I have ordered your breakfast. I have already eaten, so you can eat quietly, while I put everything in order.” Not one kind word. A bit of disdain in his voice, maybe? No, it couldn’t be. He said he liked her last night.

“Sure.” That was everything she could say.

After putting a brown top and a skirt on her, Kimberly went to the kitchen, and silently ate the breakfast that the room service had brought for her.

That day had ended. The truce was over. Everything was going to be back to normal. His arrogance was going to come back, and she was sure that Jake wasn’t going to admit that he had said that last night. And he had a good excuse, he was drunk, so as her.

They left the hotel without a word to each other, but only when she was entering in his car, she said, “Jake… I… about last night… I-”

“Kimberly,” He said coldly, so fucking coldly. “Forget about yesterday.” And then he started the car and drove her off to college in an icy silence. Kimberly would do everything to know what he was thinking in that same moment. Maybe he didn’t even remember that he had said that to her. Maybe.

When Jake stopped at the entrance of Kimberly’s college, she said, “Well, thanks for the ride.” In the same cold way that he had spoken to her in the morning.

“No problem. Good luck for your essay, I helped in what I could, I hope you get a good grade on it.”

“Yeah, me too. Bye.” She was ready to open the door, when he stopped her, “What? Jake, I’m going to be late if you don’t let me go.”

“Wait… I ah… Last night, Kimberly… I said… something. I don’t know if you remember, I…” He paused; it looked like it was being painful for him to say those words. She waited for him to keep going, “I said something that I-”

“Yes, you didn’t mean it, I know. I can see it your eyes, in the way you’re speaking to me now. In the way you say my name today. I know, the truce is over; I know the tenderness is over. I know she’ll be back again to torture me, I know you’ll speak to me arrogantly again, so I fucking know that you meant nothing with that last night.” Kimberly didn’t plan on losing control, but those words just flew out of her mouth, the anger was getting out of her body.

She waited ’till he said something. Something. I did mean it, Kimmy. Was that what she wanted Jake to say? Did she at least was capable of saying that yesterday, in the same condition than him? No, she wouldn’t say it like that, because she’s not capable of fooling people like that. Oh… she should already know how he was.

Jake didn’t say anything, so Kimberly just got out of his car without saying anything. She was still decided to keep going with her plan. But if she didn’t make it till the end of this week, she would give up, because she knew, she wasn’t capable of being near him that much time, to try and kiss him, to try to have sex with him, when in the end it was all just a game and nothing was real.

Her thoughts were interrupted because of Lisa. “Good morning, Mrs. Doesn’t-Say-A-Shit-When-Lisa-Has-To-Lie-For-Her. Where the fuck have you-” She shut up when she saw Jake’s car and Jake inside it behind them, “Oh my fucking god! Did you come with Jake?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me, Kim. He’s right there.” Kimberly saw Lisa pointing at Jake’s car, but she didn’t dare to look at him. He was still there doing what?

“Don’t fucking point at him, Lisa. Turn around and let him go. Let’s just go inside.” Kimberly said annoyed, grabbing Lisa’s arm and pushing her to the room where she was going to have classes. Before she walked in the classroom, he was still there, watching her. But Kimberly made nothing and walked in the room, breaking their cold eye contact.

“What was that all about? Can you please tell me what happened? Did you spend the night with him? Where?” So much questions that Kimberly didn’t want to answer.

“Yes, I spend the night with him, but I can’t tell anything.” Truce, That fucking truce. Maybe Jake knew that that would eventually happen and that was why he had asked for truce.

“Why not?”

“Listen, I can’t Lisa, ok? Forget it! I’m thankful you lied for me, but I can’ tell you what happened!” She almost yelled to her friend.

“You know, Kim, you don’t need to talk to me like that. I know when you don’t want me to know something. If you don’t want me to ask, I won’t.” Lisa was hurt due to the way Kimberly was treating her. “You fucking changed since you went to that house. I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

“Well, it was your fault! You convince me it was better to not lose that opportunity. Great opportunity.” Kimberly answered arrogantly, “I fucking hate that guy, I should have chosen another fucking house.”

“Great, now it’s my fault? You let him screw you and it’s my fault? For god’s sake, Kim, I don’t know what happened to you. You know something? I’m going to sit at Marissa’s side and I’ll let you calm down all by yourself.”

“Whatever.” When the teacher came in, Kimberly was the first to get up and deliver her essay.

The way she had treated Lisa, cost her. Lisa left her alone the entire day and not once she spoke to her. But Kimberly wasn’t worried about Lisa. In her mind… Jake… He was the source of all of her problems. Of how her life changed, he made her different.

At the end of the day, around 5.30pm, Kimberly arrived home and found Eric on her bedroom, looking at ceiling with no expression. “Hi.” She said calmly as she entered in her own room. She still hadn’t forgotten what he had said to her yesterday.

“I’m sorry.”


Eric got up and walked to her, “I’m sorry. For yesterday, I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s ok.” When Kimberly was going to put her books on her desk, she noticed that her clothes from yesterday were there. Jake was already home. “You’re not going to ask me where have I been?”

“I don’t need to. I know. You and Jake arrived with the same face, so I know that you were with him.”

“Oh, Eric…” She hugged him and rested her face against his chest. “I hate him.” Yes, Kimberly did hate him. For not admitting what he said last night, for have asked for truce. Something inside her hurt. When the silence ruled the house, she heard sounds coming from downstairs. Guitar sounds.

“Jake brought a guitar. He said he bought it somewhere in the mall yesterday with Aiden. He loves to play that kind of guitar.”

“I know.” She said to herself. “But I don’t care about that. I don’t care about him.”

“You’re going to give up of your plan?” Eric said at the same time he combed Kimberly’s hair.

“No, I’m not. But, if I can’t get him till the end of this week… I will give up, because I can’t stand to be near him, now.”

“He hurt you.” That wasn’t a question, since Eric was making a statement. “I told you, Kim. He ends up hurting all of them, including you.”

“He didn’t hurt me.” Kimberly said as her body was separated from Eric’s. “He fooled me. It’s my turn to fool him. But not now.” She put so much arrogance in her own voice. “Because right now… I have so many other things to do than pay him the attention he doesn’t deserve.”

It was Eric, not Kimberly that tried to distract her the most. In everything she did, Jake was always there, in her mind. Until, they finally had to look at each other, when Jake walked in the kitchen, while Kimberly was making dinner.

He drank a glass of fresh water and sighted her making dinner, “It smells good.” But, Kimberly didn’t bother to answer. “Did your teacher say something about the essay?” Silence. “Ok, I get it. I won’t bother you.”

Kimberly turned around to look at him, when Sidney walked in the kitchen. “Kim, I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it, Sid?”

“Since… tomorrow you’re going out, I-”

“What do you mean, I’m going out?” Kimberly interrupted Sidney. “Oh, yeah, I remember, tomorrow, yeah.” For some seconds she looked at Jake. She remembered that they were talking about going out tomorrow night, and since it was her night off, maybe she would go with them. “So what?”

“Can I… go out with James? And then… sleep at Mary’s house?”

“Have you notice that you always sleep at Mary’s house in the weekend? Don’t you think her parents are a little tired of that? And how would I know what time would you arrive at Mary’s house?”

“And how do I know that you spent the night at Lisa’s?” Sidney said threateningly, with a bossy tone on her voice.

“What do you mean? Don’t play these games with me, Sid.”

“You could damn well be with him.” She pointed at Jake, but the green-eyed man, didn’t move from his position. “I’m not dumb, Kim. I can see the way you look at him. I’m seventeen, so I can recognize those looks. The way you look at him… the way he looks at you and watches every move you make… You even let him call you Kimmy! You have never let anyone call you Kimmy! You have snapped at everyone who called you that since dad died.” Sidney seemed that she was about to freak out, “He may be with that dumb blond, but I know… I know it’s you he wants.”

Kimberly was speechless. How could Sidney notice all of that? Eric was one thing… maybe not. He was Jake’s brother and Sidney was Kimberly’s sister, so… maybe she could understand the same signs.

“You’re a silly girl, Sid, you know that?” Jake said, as he laughed from what Sidney had said, “Me and Kimberly… we are just friends. Nothing more.”

“You two have never been friends. Oh yes, I know. Kimberly hated you the first moment she saw you. This is going to end up in two different ways: you two are not friends, or… are much more than that.”

“Young lady, you have just lost your weekend, you’re grounded.” Sidney had no right to talk about her life. “Go to your room.”

“Great, I say what’s on my mind and I get grounded by that. For one time in my life, I would like to know what you would do with your life, Kim.” The blond girl turned around and let them alone. Again, the silence, but this time they looked into each other eyes. Much more that friends?

“I could never be more than just friends with you.” Kimberly said nastily. “I don’t even am your friend.” Jake was shocked, because he was capable of saying those words, not Kimberly; he wasn’t expecting her to say those things.

He left the kitchen in silence, not fighting against her. And she didn’t even bother to call him or say something. She kept doing the dinner, until it was around 8pm and everybody started having dinner. This time nobody talk. They were all too absorbed in their own thoughts to say something.

The atmosphere was heavy in their house during the next hours. Sidney was in her bedroom, grounded, Kimberly had gone to work without one word, Jake was alone in his bedroom with his guitar and god knows where Joanne was and only Eric and Tom seemed to talk more, otherwise, the house would be in a complete silence.

When she arrived home from work, nobody was up. Jake wasn’t up, which was what she, wanted. But that night… when they were going out... oh, she would make him want her again. With or without Joanne there, she had to finish things between them for once and for all.

Kimberly woke up after lunch and nobody had bothered to call her for lunch. When she got out of her room, she decided to take a bath first. And when she got out of the bathroom with a new pajama on her, she heard those sounds again from the living room. She leaned on the wall and closed her eyes.

God, he played so good.

Then, applauses made her open her eyes again. She went to the living room and saw Sidney and Joanne watching Jake play the guitar. Jake re started playing again, but he stopped when he saw Kimberly watching him from the entrance of the living room, and that made Sidney and Joanne look at her. “Good morning.” Jake was the only one who spoke a word to her.

“Where are Eric and Tom?”

“They decided to go out this afternoon. I think they went to the beach or something.” Jake answered, “She wanted to go.” He pointed at Sidney, “But since you said she was grounded I didn’t let her go.” At least, the way he was talking… sounded better than the days before they gone to the hotel.

“Sidney.” She turned her gray eyes to her sister; “I need to speak with you, in private.” Sidney got up and walked out of the living room, but Kimberly stayed in the living room, her eyes on Jake’s guitar. She saw the questioningly looks appearing in Jake’s and Joanne’s face. “I thought you didn’t give any concerts, I thought… you just played for me.” Kimberly saw the anger in Joanne’s eyes. She didn’t intend to provoke Jake until they were out of the house, but that just came out of her mouth.

Kimberly went to her room and it was her who started, “I’m ready to let you sleep at Mary’s house, Sid, IF, you explain me something.”

“What, Kim…” Sidney asked, like if she had no patience, avoiding her sister’s gray eyes.

“What did you meant, when you said that Jake and I couldn’t be friends?”

“You didn’t get it? Boy…”

“Just tell me, Sid.”

“What I meant is that you and Jake are completely different.” Sidney got up and started walking from one side to another, shaking her hands and explaining it to Kimberly, “You hate guys like him. Since mom and dad died you don’t date guys and you hate the ones that are really pervert and just want girls for sex, like Jake for example. Jake, that’s on the other side, doesn’t date girls; I’m pretty sure he’s just with Joanne because of the sex. He just wants them for sex. Do you get the point?”

Kimberly had never thought about that. She was so right; she couldn’t be friends with Jake. That was why their personalities shocked, that was why she couldn’t stand him. But…

“At the same time, it seems that you guys attract each other! You know what I mean? Due to the immense difference that exists between you two, you guys have this heavy chemistry around you two, that makes you guys look at each other in this way… and forget that there are other people in the house and that when you two have sex you guys completely forget that we sleep above Jake’s bedroom!”

Kimberly’s jaw dropped. Sidney knew about her and Jake… “How… How d-do you-”

“How do I know?” Sidney asked, laughing, “Kim, I heard you two, the night when James came to have dinner with us. You and Jake weren’t exactly… silent.”

“Oh my god…” Kimberly covered her face with her hands, feeling really embarrassed. Her own sister had heard her and Jake having sex! That was why she had said those things… She already knew and Kimberly hadn’t noticed… “I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Yeah, well… I didn’t know what to think when I heard you two. It was a surprise, because I really thought you hate him.” Sid sat down again, at Kim’s side.

“I’m so sorry-”

“Do you like him?” Sid interrupted.


“Don’t babble, Kim. Do you like him or not?” She interrupted again.

“No, I-”

“You went to bed with him more than once?” Now if this wasn’t role reversal, then what was?


“I’m your sister, you can tell me.” Sidney interrupted her for the fourth time.

“That’s exactly the problem. You’re my sister, I can’t tell you. That is like… weird.” Kimberly said, feeling weird while talking with her sister about her intimacy with Jake.

“Come on. It’s not like I’m your brother… I’m your sister. I’m a girl! That thing doesn’t bother me! I know you have had sex and-”

“Don’t push it, Sid.”

Kimberly saw her sister smiling, “I never thought you and Jake would… you know. Is he good?”

“SID! You’re seventeen!”

“I know, but…” Suddenly, Kimberly’s jaw dropped for the second time that day and she understood that… her sister had had sex. “Oh my god… you’re not a virgin anymore?”

“No…” Sidney carefully avoided Kimberly’s piercing gray eyes. “Since… 15…”

“My god! I need to get you on the pill!”

“Yeah, well… I was going to ask you that anyway.” Sidney smiled now, “I don’t want to get pregnant or anything. I mean, James and I, we’re careful, but…” She shut up as she saw Kimberly’s amazed expression. “Boy, you’re really surprised.”

“Of course I am!” She really was… Kimberly surely wasn’t expecting this from her sister. And they way Sidney was comfortably talking to her… made her feel ok. For how long she had wanted Sidney to talk to her with that simplicity…

“Anyways, tell me… is he good or what?”

“You’re a pervert, you know that?” Kimberly couldn’t help but to laugh from her sister. God, what had she missed since her parents had died.

“James says the same.” Sidney laughed along with sister.

“Well, yeah… he’s good.” Kimberly said with a passionate voice. “He’s really good. Just one thing… Eric also knows about Jake do and me you think… Tom knows about us?”

“I have no idea, Kim. But I think he suspects.” Sidney surely knew what Tom thought, since she uses to talk to him a lot.

Kimberly and Sidney stayed there talking about their lives, until it was 5pm and someone was knocking on the door. Since Jake seemed to be occupied with the bitch, Kimberly got out of her room and went to open the door. It was Aiden and Ben.

“Kim! Hey, babe!”

“Hi, Ben.” She received a hug from Ben and a smile from Aiden and then followed them to the living room, where he was almost sleeping with Joanne’s head on his lap. “JAAAKE!” Ben yelled, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

Happy birthday?? It was Jake’s birthday?? That was the reason they were going out today? “Happy birthday, man!” Aiden said more calmly than Ben. Jake got up a bit slowly, and hugged them. And when he hugged them, he looked at Kimberly that was right behind them. And her thought was that… she would wish him happy birthday… later…

“We’re going to celebrate, right?”

“You bet on it, man.” Jake said, punching Ben in the arm. “And by the way… I’m going to take a bath and then I’ll order some pizzas, ok?”

“Sure, man. Go ahead.” Jake passed beside Ben and Aiden and went to the bathroom.

“You’re going with us, Kim?” Aiden asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t miss this.”

“You’d look better if you stayed here…” Joanne said between their voices.

“Excuse me, did you say something?” Kimberly said, pointing at Joanne. She smiled sweetly and said, “Yeah, I think you didn’t say something.” She winked her eye; “You looked better if you controlled your man. Because I don’t think tonight he’s going to look just at you.”

It wasn’t Joanne’s answer that caught her attention, it was Ben’s answer, “You’re so right, Kim! Jake is going to love what we planned for him tonight.” Although Ben had said that, he didn’t mean to tell Kimberly and Joanne what he and Aiden were planning tonight for Jake. Anyways, Kimberly really didn’t want to know. Maybe it was some special girl for him to spend the night screwing her. She could expect that from Ben, but from Aiden… she wasn’t so sure.

“Anyways… I’m going home. I still have to prepare myself for Jake’s birthday.” Joanne got up, “I’ll see you later. Bye.” She grabbed her bag, and since Jake and gone to the bathroom, she went home right away.

“As for me… I’m going to choose what I’m going to wear…”

She was going to get out of the room, when Aiden stopped her, “I don’t know why girls need so much time to arrange themselves. It’s like 5.30pm and we’re only going out around 10pm… I really don’t get girls.”

“Because they want to get ready for the night, right Kim? Besides if girls went out with just some clothes, I’m sure you wouldn’t look at them twice. Because the clothes they wear, call your attention, man.” Ben explained. Kimberly and Aiden exchanged some looks and laughed. “What?”

“Nothing…” She tried to swallow her laugh, “You’re just into the issue, that’s all. But yeah, you’re right. Besides, I need to get my hair done, chose my clothes, do my make up… And I have to do this right now, because I wouldn’t have the time later. We would have dinner and had to drive Sid to her friend’s house. And in one hour I couldn’t get ready.”

“So,” It was Ben, “If you’re gonna take that long, I’m sure you’re gonna look hot.”

“Yeah, count on it, baby.” She winked and head off to her room.

Half an hour later, Kimberly was still picking out what to wear with Sidney’s help. “What about this?” She said as grabbed a brown top and some denim shorts, “It would be great with that white belt!”

“Nah… Too simple… I mean, the top is great, but it’s not that good.”

“Sid… you should be helping me.”

“I’m helping you!”

“It doesn’t look like you’re helping me! Everything I show you, you say its bad!” Kimberly yelled, losing her patience with her sister and with her wardrobe.

“I just want you to look great! I want you to look better than the bitch! I want you to leave Jake drooling because of you, with Joanne right at his side! And…” Sidney completely stopped talking when she sighted something. She got up from her sister’s bed that was full of clothes and grabbed something. “This is perfect, Kim.”

“Don’t you think that’s too formal?”

“No! It’s perfect! We’re over now! You’re going to wear this, Kim!” Sidney threw the dress right at Kimberly and got out of her sister’s room, leaving her to get ready alone.

Kimberly looked one more time at what Sidney had given her. It really was great, but maybe too formal and too provocative and sexy. She smiled to herself and spent the next two hours preparing for Jake’s birthday.

When she finally thought there was nothing else she could do, she stepped out of her bedroom and went to the living room, “Here I am, Ben!” The living room was empty. “BENN!” She yelled, but no one answered. Since no one was on the rooms above the basement, she decided to go there.

She caught Jake arranging his hair, but when he looked at her, his jaw dropped.

Her dress was a sexy pink and gray mid-thigh high dress. It had a deep and wide V cut that accentuated her chest. The V had a string tried in the low middle. It was a spaghetti strap with a halter-top dress (both were spaghettis strap strings). The back of the dress came a quarter down her back. The border for the V along with the bottom border was a baby pink.

Jake had to admit that that dress brought out the curves and hourglass figure of her body to its best potential

She was wearing a 7 inches brown high heel that gave a boost to her height. On her neck was double necklace that was wine with a dark brown. The first loop went around her neck by her clavicle and the second loop went down to the middle of her chest were the biggest bead was. This like her dress accentuated her chest and her neck.

Kim’s hair was layered and had long side bangs. The side bangs went slightly over her right eye. The rest of her long hair was over her right shoulder. It twisted inward like one big curl but it had some strands of straight hair within the curl. Her hair came to about the end of her chest. Although some of the longer layers, which came to about her chin, were on the left side of her face. This look framed her face and highlighted her check bones and jaw lines, making her look her best.

On her face was a neutral brownish pink blush that added a hint of warmth to her cheeks. Her lips had a soft pink lipstick that added volume to her lips and made it shine. As for hr eyes, she had decided to mix a light pink color with a dark brown one and applied it on her eyes with a black risk, making her silver pop out.

“You look… perfect.” Jake still was looking at her, when Kimberly reached him and smiled. “I really mean it.”

“Ok. So…” She started, “I’m going to play tonight.”

Jake didn’t ask what she meant, because he already knew what she meant with that. She was going to work for her plan tonight. “Really? I thought you gad given up. Since we came from the hotel you… have been acting weird.”

“I have my reasons. But anyway, today is my night, Jake. I don’t care if it’s your birthday, if Eric, Ben, Tom, Aiden and the bitch are going to see me, I simply don’t care. I’m going to get you tonight, Jake. I promise you that.”

“Ok.” Jake really didn’t seem like he was paying full attention to her. “I fucking hate my hair.” He had been trying to get it straight, but it was getting wilder as he touched it.

“Really?” She was surprised, “I like your hair like that.”

But Jake didn’t seem to listen to her, until she grabbed his hands, pulled them down and put his hair like she wanted. Wild, just like him. While her hands were on his hair, Jake smelled her shoulders. “You smell good, Kimmy.” She didn’t thank. Her hands slide down to his neck… shoulders… back… until he took a small step back. “That’s a little bit early, baby.”

“No, it’s not.” She smiled in a perverted way, in a way that made him want to push her to his bed and take off that perfect dress.

“You’ll ruin your make up.”

“Don’t worry ’bout that, baby.” She said in a sex voice. It was Kimberly who pushed him closer, first. She bit her lower lip and then said, “Yeah, maybe it is a little bit too early.” She broke their eye contact and walked out of his room, but before she said, “Don’t touch your hair, its perfect now.”

When she closed the door, she heard the guys entering. This time she heard Tom and Eric’s voice joined with Aiden’s and Ben’s. When Eric put his eyes on her, he tripped on Aiden, his jaw dropped and he simply forgot that he was carrying deserts.

“Fuck, Eric!” Aiden yelled, “Watch where you’re going, man!”

“Great!” Ben said, “Now, there are no deserts for anyone!” He looked to the floor where the deserts were. He seemed really disappointed.

“I’m sorry…” Eric said, and Kimberly wasn’t sure that the guys had heard him. “Kim… you look…”

“Amazing.” Ben completed Eric’s sentence right after he put his eyes on the sexy Kim that was smiling to them. “Wow… those hours… man…”

“Thank you.” She said as she was being followed to the kitchen.

“Now you know why girls need to get ready.” Ben said, placing the pizzas over the table. “They need to get hot, to get our attention.”

“I think Kim…” Tom said slowly, “…As already caught someone’s attention.” Everybody looked at Eric, but now Kim understood to whom Tom was referring. To Jake, she was now sure… that Tom knew about her and Jake.

When they started to eat the pizzas, Jake appeared on the kitchen, hearing Ben right away, “Dude, you don’t know the luck you have by having Kim in your house.”

“Yeah, I know the luck I have.”

“Yeah, you get like sex.” Eric said in a way that only Kimberly could hear him.

After Jake sat down, they started to have dinner and talking about random things. Kimberly just ate, didn’t talk a lot, Ben and Sidney were the ones who were always talking and saying jokes, as for Aiden, he was like Kimberly and Tom. Now Jake and Eric… they both talked, but they couldn’t take their eyes away from Kimberly. She didn’t feel uncomfortable, she liked the fact that Jake was paying her attention; it was just that Eric… was paying her the same attention.

Around 11pm, they decided to go to a bar.

“So, who’s taking his car?” Jake asked.

“I can take mine.” Aiden said, “I don’t trust, Ben. I’m sure he’ll not be able to drive after tonight.”

“I don’t even intend to!” Ben said with a huge smile.

“I don’t wanna take mine.”

“Me neither.” Eric said.

“So, me and Aiden? Who’s going in which car?”

“I still I have to take Sidney to her friend’s house, so one of you,” She looked at Jake, “Is going to take Sid.”

“Don’t you have to pick up Joanne?” Aiden asked Jake, “You can take Sid, since you have to pick up Joanne. You’re the rich one; you’ll spend more money on the gas.” Aiden said meanly.

“I’ll go with you guys.” Eric said right away.

“So… let’s go?” Sidney said impatiently, “My friend is waiting for me.”

“So, Ben and Tom are going with me. Come on.” After Aiden said that, they all left Jake’s house and headed off to the cars. Kimberly was at the passenger seat while Sid and Eric were in back.

Minutes later, Sidney was getting out of Jake’s car. “Ok, so I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

“Ok, Kim. Thanks, Jake. I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Have a happy birthday, Jake!” She waved while smiling and when she walked in her friend’s house, Jake started the car again and headed off to Joanne’s house.

When they stopped, Kimberly opened the door and got out. “Where are you going?” Jake asked.

“To the back seat. We don’t want Joanne to started babbling about me being in her seat.”

“It’s not her seat.”


“Hi baby!” Kimberly heard Joanne’s voice after she closed the door of the car.

Eric reached Kimberly on the back seat and whispered, “Don’t worry, you’re better than her. In fact, you’re great, Kim.” She smiled. In fact, Kimberly was better than Joanne, a lot better. Joanne just had a really short skirt, a baby blue top with a really deep V and golden heels. Her make up didn’t combine with her clothes at all, and it wasn’t worth to say that she had too much make up.

“Thank you.” Kimberly said nicely.

Seconds later, they were heading off to the bar, where the…uh … interesting … night would start.

When they arrived at the bar, they found Ben, Aiden and Tom already settled on a table. They all sat down and ordered some drinks.

“Guys,” Ben started saying with a sad tone, “This is going to be one of our last night outs.”

They all looked at him, “What the fuck are you saying?”

“What I’m saying is that… we’re finishing college. We’re going to start working. I’m sure we’re all going to break contact with each other. Except for Tom maybe, he’s living with Jake.” Ben pointed at Tom.

“No, I intend to get out of town. So… when I finish college… No more Jake for me too.” Then, he leaned on Ben and whispered, “Thank god.”

“You jerk!” Jake said laughing, as he kicked Tom underneath the table.

When they stopped laughing, Aiden started, “I don’t think. I think Jake is the only one who’s going to break the contact. We all know he has a company waiting for his orders and we all know how that is going to occupy his time.”

Kimberly looked at Jake and remembered what he had told her that night at the hotel. He wasn’t so sure if his mother was going to give him the control of the company… Jake didn’t comment. The red haired girl slid her hand underneath the table, and since Jake was at her side, she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. She felt sorry for him. No son deserves what his mother had told him.

When the drinks arrived, Ben was already saying, “Come on, I can have the same girls than Jake!”

“Ben,” Aiden said, “We all know how Jake is. You’re not a jerk like him. Do you want to be known as a guy who just fuck girls and let them right after? I mean, Jake is the worst guy I know!”

“You might be right… After the sex I don’t make them get up and get out of my house right away.” Ben laughed, “So, yeah, you’re worse than me.”

“And…” Jake started, “Subsequently, I’m more experienced than you. And because of that, girls keep coming to me.”

“Come on! What can you do better than me?”

Suddenly, Kimberly felt Jake’s hand on her thigh, at the same time he said, “I know where to put my hand where they what, without telling me anything.” His hand moved around.

“Yeah, right. Everyone knows how to do that, right?” Ben looked around, and all the boys said yes.

“At least, every time I have sex, I always control them.” Kimberly looked at him right away. He was lying. Not always he was the one controlling the sex. In the three times that Kimberly had had sex with him, she had controlled him the two times.

“Tell us, Joanne.” For Kimberly’s surprise, it was Eric who had started, “Does Jake likes to command when you’re having sex?”

In a matter of seconds, she answered, “Oh yeah. He really likes to control me.” What a whore. Jake’s hand kept moving, but then he placed his hand into her inner thighs.

“I guess you like to be controlled.” Kimberly said, making the boys attention focused on her.

“No, I-”

“You only let yourself be controlled, because you let him.”


“And I think Jake should be the one who should be controlled. Don’t you all agree with me? Jake needs someone who can control him, not someone who lets herself be controlled by him. Otherwise he’ll keep acting like a jerk, always.”

Joanne didn’t say anything, but everyone could see the anger in her eyes. As for the boys, they agreed with Kimberly. “Now that you say that… you look like those women who like to be in control.” Ben said, his eyes going all the way down. Kimberly smiled and she felt it was her turn to put her hand on him.

“Oh yes, I love being in control.” She blinked her eyes sensually at the same time her hand brushed that part. “I can’t stand being controlled.”

“It excites you, I mean, being in control?”

“Hum… yeah.” Kimberly answered without problems.

“Then, Jake wouldn’t be the perfect guy for you.” They heard Eric. “He likes to be in control, you like to be in control. I don’t know how your sex life would be if you guys ended up dating.”

Both Kimberly and Jake looked at him, “I think,” It was Jake, “If Kimberly and I had sex… who would be in control… would be none of your business.”

“I was just saying that you guys wouldn’t be good for each other.” Eric tried.

“I don’t give a shit to what you think. If Kimberly and I wanted to date and have sex, it wouldn’t be any of your business.” Jake replied coldly. “And we’re the ones who decide if we’re good to each other, or not. I don’t care about other persons’ opinion.”

Underneath the table, his hand was grabbing hers.

“I was just giving my opinion. I’m sorry if you don’t think the same way than I. I just think Kim deserves a lot better.” His gaze was fixed on Jake.


“Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe Kimberly and I, maybe we’re perfect to each other.” Jake said interrupting Aiden. “Maybe you’re just jealous.”

“I’m not jealous. I don’t like Kimberly. If you’re reacting like this, it’s because you-”

“That’s enough, guys.” Kimberly said with ice in her voice. The ice in her eyes was directed to Eric. He had no right to talk about her and Jake like if she wasn’t there and like if he had something to do with their relationship, or lack thereof. “Nothing is going to happen between me and Jake, so you guys don’t need to have this stupid fight.”

They all saw the way Jake turned his head around and looked at Kimberly. She didn’t even look at him.

“Anyways!” Aiden said, “What do you like more about sex, Kim? The touch, the orgasm, the positions?”

Kimberly smiled perversely and answered, “Oral and of course, the orgasm.” That wasn’t a lie. Besides, she didn’t felt ashamed of talking about sex, since it wasn’t taboo for her.

“Wow!” Ben said in amazement! “You like a man to do you or you like to do the oral?”

Her smile didn’t vanish, “I like when a man does it to me… and I like doing it too.”

“Oh, Kim. I think we’re perfect to each other!” Ben said, with a huge smile, “We should show each other what we’re worth in bed together.” He blinked his blue eye to her and Kimberly couldn’t help but to smile. What a pervert Ben was, and this was a perverted conversation.

She felt again Jake’s had in movement. And this time it was closer to her intimate part than she thought so. He was touching her thong… She tried to move his hand, but he was stronger than her.

“What’s your favorite position?” Ben asked.

“As I said…” Kimberly said slowly, “I ah… I like to be in… control.”

“Are you ok? Is the drink too strong?”

No, the drink wasn’t too strong. Kimberly simply had Jake’s hand rubbing that part just like that, in the middle of a bar. He was crazy, but she liked it. But they were in a bar. That was no place to do that.

“No, it’s… ok.” She lied and tried to smile. She tried to keep her eyes open, and tried not to gasp. God, it was the first time that someone was doing that to her in a public place. Joanne was right at his side, was he crazy? Did he want her? “As I was going to say… My favorite position is… when I’m over him…” She tried to smile, but she couldn’t help but to close her eyes, until she said suddenly, “I’M GOING TO THE BATHROOM!”

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Ben asked for the second time.

“I’m fine.” She answered right before she started walking.

When she entered in the bathroom, she looked into the mirror. God, he was such a pervert, Why the hell was he doing that to her? Did he want her that much? He knew he was giving her the pleasure she surely wanted, but in a public place? He was playing with her…

And it occurred to Kimberly. Was he doing the same with the other hand to Joanne? Maybe he was and she didn’t show any signs because she was already used to it. GOD! No… he wasn’t doing the same with Joanne. Joanne was just a girl that he wanted while Kimberly was playing games with him. He only used her when he was furious.

She felt herself sweating. It had felt good, she had to admit that. And… Her thoughts were interrupted when someone opened the door of the bathroom. She looked to see who it was and her jaw dropped. He didn’t have any limits?

“You’re in the ladies bathroom!” She yelled at Jake. “What the hell are you doing here? You’re lucky there is no one here! Why did you-” She stopped talking when he glued his lips to hers. He surely had no limits.

Jake made her walk to a cubic and close the door, never leaving her lips.

“What the fuck… Jake…” She tried to say between his wild kisses. With one hand he made her elevate her right leg. And with the other… God knows what Kimberly felt.

“I knew you wanted this.” He smiled, while watching her eyes closed, her mouth opened, and her face with an expression of pleasure. “You don’t even want me to stop.”

“No… I-I don’t…” They were in the ladies bathroom for god’s sake. What was Kimberly thinking? Was she that blind because of the pleasure? Because of him?

When he felt… the moment coming… he stopped. He didn’t want her to come. Neither did Kimberly. She looked at him, when suddenly someone entered in the bathroom.

They couldn’t move, otherwise someone would know they were in there. A minute later, that person got out of the bathroom and Jake and Kimberly managed to separate their bodies.

“You’re crazy.” She said while she straightened her dress, “You’re fucking crazy. Did you… did you understand what you did before and what you did now?”

“You made me do this.”

“You’re crazy.” She repeated, “First, you say you only get seduce when you want, then, you fucking say you like me, then, you fucking despise me and now… I don’t understand you.”

“I don’t understand myself either. But I couldn’t stand seeing you with that face of pleasure there and not do anything.”

“You didn’t do much either.” She said with disdain, “You didn’t let me-”

“We can keep going later… you want to do this in a bathroom?” His green eyes looked great, looked lighter than the usual. Oh, Jake was completely fucking with her. He may be playing with her, if he was or not, Kimberly didn’t know, but when that ‘later’ comes, she was going to turn the game around, and he would be the one played.

He got out of the bathroom.

Fuck, he really knew out to drive her insane. He made her loose her senses; he made her loose the common sense. After a while straightening her hair and cleaning the sweat, she got out of the bathroom.

“About time, hum?” Eric said, and he had again that cold tone in his voice.

“Sorry, I was just getting my make up-”

“You don’t have any lipstick anymore. You went to do what with your make up?” Oh, Eric was acting like a fucking bastard. Did he want the others to know that she had gone to the bathroom with Jake? Was that it? Why was he changing? Why the fuck did he changed suddenly?

When she sat down, she felt Aiden’s and Ben’s gaze on her. God, did she had written on her forehand that she had been with Jake? “What were you guys talking about?” She tried to not focus on their looks; she tried to not think about Jake’s hand again on her hand.

“We were thinking about getting out of here, and going to a club… What do you think? Jake has already paid for the drinks.” Aiden replied.

“I think it’s great.”

They started to get up and then going to the cars. But suddenly, Joanne grabbed Kimberly’s arm and whispered, “Listen you little bitch, I know Jake also got up from the table to go see you. What the hell did you do?”

“That’s nothing of your business, bitch.”

“So you admit?”

“I have nothing to hide from you.” Kimberly smiled meanly, “You should just see what’s going on between me and Jake. Do you know why he’s with you? Because he wants to have sex, because he needs to relieve his fury, because he can’t have me.” It was kind of a lie the part where she had said he couldn’t have her. Right now, he could, but he would end up without her.

“You don’t know anything. I don’t believe you.”

“You should. Because tonight he’s going to end everything with you.” Oh, Kimberly was going to make sure that Jake was going to end everything with Joanne.

She laughed to herself while seeing Joanne passing by her with a look full of disdain and doubts. She was going to love the moment when she would make Jake end up everything with the bitch… and admit that Kimberly had him.

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