Love Stripped

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Chapter 2

It was 5 AM in the morning when Kimberly walked in her new house, tired from work. Everyone seemed to be sleeping and she was thankful for that. After all, she didn’t want Tom, Sidney or Jake to see her right now. They had no idea she worked as a stripper, only Lisa.

She was wearing her long, thigh black jacket, in order to hide her tiny piece of clothes she’d worn tonight, on her job.

Kimberly went to her room, closing the door right after. She took off her jacket and traded those sinful pieces of clothes by some shorts and t-shirt, to sleep. Tonight, the strip club hadn’t been that full. Then again, they were in the middle of the week. Friday nights was when Kimberly was most requested. Well, she was one of the most requested strippers of the strip club. Not that she liked that but, it gave her money to spend.

At 9 AM, she had to be in college; she was taking an Applied Math’s course on a private college so, she also had college to pay. Thank god Sidney was still in high school. That gave her time to finish her last year and find a good job during summer, in order to stop working as a stripper.

The red haired woman went to the kitchen to eat something; work had made her hungry. She turned on the lights and looked around. She hadn’t bought any food for her and her sister yet, so she decided to eat a little bit of the cereals that stood over the table, attracting her empty stomach.

Grabbing a spoon and bowl, Kimberly poured some cold milk and the cereals into the bowl. Then, she started eating. Boy, those cereals were damned good. It was that or she was really hungry.

“You know, you could have asked me.” A voice coming from the corridor startled her, making her lift her head and look forward.

Sighting the dark green eyed man, Kimberly took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “God, you scared me, Jake.”

“I’m sorry but, after all, you’re eating my cereals.” He finally walked in the kitchen, leaning on the door frame, looking at her eating his cereals.

“I was hungry, sorry. I didn’t have time to buy all I needed for Sidney and I. I’ll buy you a new cereal box tomorrow, don’t worry.” She replied coldly, in the same tone than him. “Anyway, I’m not hungry anymore.”

“You’ve only arrived now?” Jake asked her when she got up and placed the dirty bowl and spoon on the sink. “What the hell have you been doing?”

Passing through him, Kimberly gave him the answer, “As I said hours ago, it’s none of your business. I’m going to bed; I have to wake up early to go to college. Have a goodnight, Jake.”

She hurried out of the kitchen, with Jake following her. When she reached her room, she opened the door and when her feet were in, she heard Jake mutter under his breath, as he kept going on his way, “Ice queen.”

Rolling her eyes, Kimberly couldn’t care less about that. She simply closed the door and went to bed.

Kimberly and Lisa had classes the whole day, only getting out of college when it was 5 PM. “Someday, I swear I will not get up in the morning.”

“I agree with you. I have no idea on how you can stand this, working during the night and studying during the day. Scientists would love to study you, girl.” Lisa made fun of her as she carried her heavy books on her arms as well as her purse on her shoulder. Just like Kimberly. “Anyway, how was your first night on the house?”

“I almost didn’t spend the night there, as you know. It was like, 5 AM when I got there, I think. I went to eat some cereals and, lucky me, I had to eat Jake’s cereals. He’s so... err. He saw me and started saying, ‘you know, you asked me’ or something like that. I have to go to the supermarket now, to buy everything for me and Sid. Of course, I can’t forget the idiot’s cereals.” Finally, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, telling everything to her best friend, the only one she trusted in this world.

“I’m sure tonight will be better. What about Sid?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t talked much to her, lately. And I still haven’t talked to Tom, yet.”

“Listen, I would love to go with you to the supermarket but, I can’t tonight. I really have to study for the next exam about that bored topic...” Yeah, Kimberly knew what Lisa was talking about: Advanced Topics of Mathematical Analysis. “Damned that old man.” Lisa said, talking about their teacher.

“You’ll be good on you, you’ll see.” She supported her blond friend.

“I sure hope so... I can’t understand how you can have such good grades with so much little time to study.” I guess that made her feel even worse about herself. Well, Kimberly couldn’t do anything, really.

“It helps to pay attention to classes, instead of spending your classes sending messages to Justin or talking to anyone that sits at your side.” Kimberly enlightened her, letting her know it was also her fault about her weak grades.

“Yeah, right, right. Well, call me if you need anything, Kim. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lisa said when they stopped aside her car.

“Bye, Lisa.” After waving to her friend, Kimberly unlocked her car, placed her books and purse in the back and then she got in the car. When she started it, she drove toward the supermarket, in order to make her shopping for food.

It took her about two hours to get everything she could think of for that week. But, as she placed everything in the back of her car, she was happy with her groceries. They had been cheap, good and she hadn’t forgotten about anything.

When she arrived, her sister wasn’t home yet, not even Jake, only Tom.

“Good afternoon.” He said with an open smile. “We didn’t have a chance to talk, yesterday.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, I was too busy moving things to the house and I had to work after... But, I you’ve talked to my sister, right?” She asked me, placing all of the bags over the rectangular brown table and trying to give Tom a chance to prove he was not some kind of pervert.

“Yeah, she’s cool. She told me you lived with your aunt but, you decided to move out and that... your parents had died two years ago...” Tom lowered his head and directed his eyes to his feet. “Sorry.”

Kimberly stopped doing everything for a second as her parents popped on her mind. She used to argue a lot with them but, they’d spent very good moments together. She missed them so much... “It’s ok.”

“Anyway,” He tried to ease the atmosphere around them by the changing the theme of their conversation, “Sid told me you were taking a Math’s course. I heard you’re very smart.”

“Yeah, I am very intelligent.” She looked at Tom and laughed, “Just kidding. But yeah, I have good grades on my exams, luckily. Besides, I have to, if I want to find a good job.”

“Like everyone, of course.” Shrugging, Tom sat down and questioned her again, “Your sister said you work. May I know in what?”

The way he’d asked about it, had been totally different from the way Jake had questioned her about it. Still, Tom didn’t know how much she didn’t want to answer that question.

“Hum... It’s in this thins that-” She was soon interrupted by someone who was entering in their house. It was Jake. Thank god. She thought to herself. She had no idea about what she was going to answer but, she certainly wouldn’t reveal she worked as a stripper.

“You can keep talking, you know.” Jake told her as she walked in the kitchen, stopping a few steps away from her.

“I know.” Still, she changed the conversation. She spun over her own feet and started rummage for the cereal box in her bags, noticing the curious looks of both Jake and Tom. When she finally found the colourful box, she turned at Jake, stretching the hand that held the box. “I told you I’d buy you a new one.”

“It’s ok, you know.” I didn’t ask you to buy me a new one.” Jake said, not extending any of his hands. After all, he was holding the same heavy books Kimberly had left in her car. “Can you at least put it over there?”

“Sure, boss.” She placed the box in the same palace Jake pointed at with his cold eyes and then, she turned at the boys again, “Well, I should put this in the cabinets but, I have a doubt. How are we going to know which things belong to each of us?”

“That’s easy.” Jake approached the table, managed to place his books in a free space and then, sat down on a chair, relaxing, at the same time he explained, “Just write your name on everything that’s yours and I promise Tom and I won’t touch it.”

Instead of saying something, she just started at him. He could only be kidding, right?

“He’s just messing with you, Kimberly. We had already decided that you and your sister can have half the cabinets of the kitchen.” Tom told her nicely, handing in on Jake.

“At least someone’s nice.” She muttered under her breath.

“I heard that.” Jake said, at the same time he moved some of her bags away, creating a free space, where he soon placed his feet.

“You have got to be kidding me... What have I done to deserve this?” She muttered under her breath, as her stormy gray glared at Jake’s legs. She managed to shake herself up, in order to keep putting her things on the cabinets that were now destined to her and Sidney but, with Jake looking at her every freaking second, seriously annoyed her.

With silence ruling the kitchen, Tom darted out of the door, laughing, probably of the angry way she was placing everything in the cabinets. Unfortunately, Jake took advantage of Tom’s disappearance by saying, “You have a fine ass.”

She practically spun over her own feet as she stared at him, “What is wrong with you?”

Grinning at her, Jake answered, “Nothing. Luckily, I can evaluate a woman’s ass very well.”

Thank god she had already placed everything that was hers on the cabinets. Now, she could just go away. But, Jake still didn’t shut up as she passed by him, ready to get out of there, “Are you going already? I was having fun looking at you.”

Taking a deep breath to control herself, Kimberly managed from keeping herself from yelling. She just darted out of the door and went to her room, trying not to think about the probably very huge mistake she’d made when she’d decided to live here.

One hour later, her younger sister Sidney arrived from school. Saying hello to Tom and Jake, she soon went to her room, “Hey, Kim. How was your day?”

Shrugging, she answered her sister, “Boring, you know how school-slash- college is. What about you?”

“It was ok. School’s fine if that’s what you’re asking.” Her blond haired sister replied, as he lay down on her own bed. “Damn, your bed is better than mine!”

Luckily, she’d ended up with one hell of a good mattress. Better than the one she had on her aunt’s house. In fact, everything here seemed better than her aunt’s house. “Anyway, have you already talked to Tom or Jake? They seem to be nice guys.”

“Yeah, Tom’s nicer than Jake, though.”

“I think they’re both great but, yeah, Tom’s nice than Jake. I think Jake’s the type of guy that likes to make fun of someone and Tom’s seems the exact opposite. At least, that’s what I think of them, so far.” Her sister got up, after only some seconds on her bed, “Is Lisa coming tonight?”

“No, she has to study for an exam we’re going to have tomorrow morning, so you’re all by yourself tonight. Be careful with those guys, we don’t know them.” She warned her sister, hating herself for leaving her alone with Jake and Tom, at the same time her eyes came back to the heavy book that was on her desk.

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, I’m think I’m going to take a shower.”

“Yeah, call me when you’re done, I want to take a shower as well.”

“Sure.” With that said, her sister walked out of her room and Kimberly was left alone to study some more.

After a couple of hours, Kimberly had already taken a shower and made dinner. Right now, she was sat in front of the kitchen table, eating pasta with her sister when Tom appeared there, already saying, “You know, tomorrow we could have dinner together, if you want to.”

“That would be great!” Sidney said first, “It’s weird to have dinner just the two of us, when there’s more people in the house. What do you think, Kim?”

“Yeah, what do you think, Kim? I mean, I can call you Kim, right?” Tom asked, looking at her now that he was standing at her side, watching her eating.

“Sure but, who’s making dinner?”

“Well...” It only took him two seconds or so to come up with what he said next. “Since it’s our first dinner together and you two are the new ones here, Jake and I can take care of it, don’t worry.”

“That would be great, Tom, really!” Her eyes widened as she kept talking, “That way I have more time to study for this exam I am also going to have next week. Thank you, Tom.”

Waving his head, Tom blinked his eyes to both girls and with nothing more to say, he left with a smile on his face, leaving Kimberly and Sidney alone, to finish the rest of their dinner quietly.

After finishing it all, Sidney went to her bedroom, while Kimberly stayed on the kitchen, cleaning the mess she’d made. She could hear Tom and Jake talking on the living room, though she really wasn’t eavesdropping on her new... ‘Neighbours’.

Around 10:15 PM, Kimberly was getting out of her house, after warning her sister about Tom and Jake, once again. She had to go to work and the fact that she was leaving her sister with two guys she did not know nothing about, stressed her like hell.

When she finally arrived at the strip club, she changed into the other clothes quickly. Then, she was combing her hair in front of a huge mirror, this blond, flawless woman appeared behind her, “Kim, watch out today.”

“Why?” Her eyebrow rose in curiosity as she saw Sandy from the mirror, standing behind her, with her body, perfectly curvaceous.

“Remember that bald-headed guy, names Peterson?”

“Oh, the fat one?”

“Yes. He is here today and, the last time he was here, remember he was drunk and started punching some stranger?”

“Yeah...” It would never do any good to not listen to the most famous and requested stripper of that strip club. She knew everything and every client.

“Well, he’s drunk today. I was just warning you in case he arranges any kind of troubles on your shift.” She warned her, as her lips opened up in a nice smile.

“Thank you, Sandy, for the warning. I usually don’t get any troubles on my shifts, not even with that guy. Still, thanks for the warning, anyway, Sandy.”

Saying nothing more to each other, both strippers followed separate ways. While Kimberly went to the dressing room, Kimberly went to the centre stage of the club and started dancing, like she always did, every night. She had to please the clients with seductive looks, sexy poses, soft moans and whatsoever, otherwise, Bob would think twice about keeping her there. Not that she was bad; after all, she was one of the most requested strippers. But, when it came to make money, Bob was a real pimp, though he was a nice one, who respected the law, unless he wanted the strip club to close.

Around 4:30 AM, Sandy’s warnings became real. The guys she’d talked about, Peterson, was giving troubles her shift, though it was not with her, but with a stripper that seemed to serving him drinks.

“I want more drinks!” He shouted in the middle of the bar, like I the drinks he’d had already hadn’t been enough.

“But, sir, you can’t have more, you’re wasted, already. I’m sorry.” It was the bartender that had spoken up, as the elegant black haired stripper backed away.

“If I can’t have drinks, I want a stripper just for me!”

As Kimberly saw the man getting out of control and annoying the other clients and strippers, she noticed Bob looking at her, giving her a sign to go to Peterson. Accepting her boss’ orders, Kimberly got out of the stage and sensually walked toward

the man. When she reached him, she smiled at him and she slowly licked her lips, “Would you like a lap dance, sir?”

He gazed at her, evaluating her from her head to the tip of her toes and made a perverted smile, “Hell yeah.”

Grabbing his filthy hand, Kimberly guided him to a corner of the bar, where usually the strippers would perform their client’s lap dance. As she started moving to the sicko, she could listen to Bob saying to the bartender, “I love that stripper; she can take of everything, really.”

After a while dancing for Peterson, she noticed he was almost drooling over his own belly, just from seeing her moving her ass, just for him. She hated doing that but, if it was to fall on Bob’s good graces and earn more money, well, she simply had to do it. It comforted her when she thought she was only doing this for the money. She really was.

Out of the blue, the sicko named Peterson started saying, “Yeah, you big slut, shake that fucking ass all for me.”

“What the hell?” She spun over her own feet and stopped, staring the man, “I don’t admit that type of behaviour! I think you should get another stripper or something.” She was ready to walk away to Bob, when, suddenly, the man grabbed her arm in a hard way.

“You’re not going anywhere! You’re going to keep shaking that body of yours, you slut After all, it is your work!” Peterson laughed and didn’t see Kimberly’s arm raising and her hand quickly approaching his face, slapping him right there. Not waiting for that one, he let her go.

“You bit slut! Come back here!”

He got up from his seat and grabbed her once again; pulling her against his disgusting body, pawing her in her naked thighs. She started yelling and fortunately, the bodyguards of the club heard her. They ran toward her and managed to grab Peterson, who finally set her free as he now tried to free himself from the bodyguards’ strong hands.

“Kim, are you ok?” Bob asked, at her side now, placing both of his arms over Kimberly’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I am.” She quavered, her hands shaking. That had never happened to her. It had been the first time a client had almost assaulted her.

“Let me go!” He kept yelling, the whole clients listening to him shouting. “She deserved it!”

“Put him outside! Don’t you ever step inside my bar, ever again. Take him away.” Then, he turned at Kimberly, feeling all men and women’s gaze fixed on her. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah...” The nervousness in her voice handed her to her boss. But, she was not thinking about that. She was thinking about the bruise that would replace the reddish place on her arm, the right over her elbow, the place Peterson had grabbed her.

“You should go home, have the rest of the night off.” Bob told her.

Not wanting to be there anymore, Kimberly gave him a simple thanks and hurried into the dressing room, where she traded her work clothes for the normal ones and then, got out of the bar and into her car, the fastest she could. She did not want

Peterson to see her there, walking out of the bar. Angry like he was, he could do something crazy to her.

The moment she got home, she could only think about what had happened and how could she had been able to driven herself here, with her serious trembling hands, not being able of opening the door of her new house with the key, now.

But, all of a sudden, the door was opened. Looking up, she faced those cold green eyes. “God, what the hell is wrong with you? Couldn’t you open the door?”

“Just don’t say anything, don’t talk to me.” She said in a low tone of voice conscious that there were two more people sleeping in that house. Still, she went to the kitchen and looked around. A tempting bottle of vodka was attracting her. Desperate to make the mental pain and images go away, she hurried to get a glass and the bottle.

Then, she just started pouring the vodka on her glass, over and over again.

“Are you ok?” She suddenly heard his voice again, not noticing Jake was still watching her.


“Do you need something?”


“What happened?”


For half an hour, Jake tried to ask Kimberly what had happened but, Kimberly only gave him simple answers as ‘yes’ or ‘no’, not letting Jake find out what had happened in her work.

“Why are you wearing all that makeup?” Jake unexpectedly asked.

Oh shit. She’d totally forgotten to take off that abusive, though simple, makeup off her face! Her silver eyes were locked by his but, she did not answer. Instead, she just poured more vodka into her glass and later, into her mouth.

As for Jake, he just stayed there, looking at her. He didn’t know but, Kimberly wasn’t the type of person that would drink all of that in minutes but, if he’d known what had happened tonight, he’d understand, though he probably wouldn’t let her drink the bottle of vodka that was probably his.

“I think you better stop that, unless you want to buy me a new bottle of vodka or wake up with a nasty headache in the morning.” He walked toward her and when he reached her, he stripped her off her glass and vodka. “Let me take you to your room.”

“I really don’t need your help.” Kimberly answered, a smile crossing her pinkish lips. “Don’t worry, Jake. I’m all fine. Why are you up at this hour of the night, anyway?”

“Maybe, because you couldn’t open the door and the key kept bumping the door instead of the lock, making noises. I woke up because of that.” He explained, his warm hands grabbing her shoulders, guiding her out of the kitchen.

“Sorry about that...” Now, her smile vanished as she felt a little dizzy. “Oh god... I shouldn’t have drunk all of that...”

“You’re not used to drinking, are you?”

“No, how can you tell?” She could see she was now on the hall, close to her bedroom, as Jake kept helping her going to her own room.

“Because I can see the difference.” Jake revealed when they reached her door and Jake opened it. “Now, go to bed, it’s late and you have classes tomorrow. And, as Sid told me, you have an important exam.”

“I see you’re already a friend of my sister. If you do something to her, I’ll-”

“You won’t do anything because I also won’t do anything.” He cut her off, at the same time he helped her sitting down at the edge of her bed. “Kimberly, I’m serious, you should get some sleep, otherwise you’ll wake them all.”

“Ok...” She said, still smiling, though sad due to the fact Jake did not allow her to speak.

“Have a goodnight.” He said. Then, he made a dart for the door and closed it when he was no longer there.

Still, twenty minutes later, Kimberly could not fall asleep, though he was in bed, not under the sheets, wearing only her underwear and a white robe on her body. She felt ecstatic. She wanted to talk, to laugh... She simply couldn’t get any sleep!

Decided, Kimberly got up and walked out of her room, unconsciously guiding to the basement. Jake’s bedroom. She knocked on the door had the care to speak in a low tone of voice. “Jake, are you still up?”

“What the hell do you want?” She heard him complaining from the inside, at the same time she could listen to his steps getting closer and closer to the door, until he finally opened it and saw her standing there, only wearing the robe, with her underwear underneath. She noticed his eyes gazing at her breasts, as the robe was not very tight around that area.

She simply walked in his room and looked around, not really focusing on anything. Spinning on her own feet, she gazed at Jake. “Do you think I’m hot?”

“Are you like this every night? Because if you are, you can pack your things first thing in the morning!” He threatened her, angry for her appearance in his room.

“You didn’t answer my question...” She approached him, smiling in a provocative way. “So?”

“Kimberly, baby, you’re drunk!”

“Uh...” She moaned, and then offered him a tricky smile. “Baby. I like that...”

“I think you’re hot, yes, a fiery woman, baby.” He finally answered her question and that made her offer him a proud, though still provocative grin. “But, you’re drunk and you should get some sleep.”

She gave two more steps and, with her finger, she touched Jake’s naked chest. “I think you’re equally hot...” In that exact moment, her eyes didn’t seem cold anymore, like Jake’s. They seemed mysterious, though ready to reveal something to Jake.

“You want to play like that, hum?” He suddenly grabbed her and turned her around, aggressively smashing her against the door. His arms surrounded her and she had no way to go, now. “Baby, I know I am hot. Just like you. We could have something, you know? That fiery sensation you let me breathe, that body of yours... Oh, we could have so much fun...”

She was lost in the dark green of his eyes, in the mean tone on his voice... He touched her next with a finger, sliding down to her chest... Taking a peek into her perfect breasts...

“But, fortunately for you, I do not abuse of drunken girls. Go to bed, baby.”

He obligated her to turn around and opened the door to once again lead her to her room. Not even saying anything to him, Jake turned around as she took off her robe and lay on her body. “You can look, now.”

Turning around, Jake sighted her in bed. “Great. Now, please go to sleep. We both have classes in the morning and it’s almost 6 PM, baby.”

She didn’t know why bad the way he called her baby turned her on... Still, he was right. She might be a little bit drunk but she had the conscious she should just sleep... Or at least try... “I won’t bother you anymore if... You give me a goodnight kiss.”

“What?” He seemed just as shocked as she’d be if she was in his place. “God, or you really are like this or you’re totally drunk, baby.”

“Please...” She begged him, breathing slowly, feeling hot.

“Baby, if I kiss you, will you shut up and sleep?”

“Yeah...” It came out as a moan, though she didn’t intend to say it like that.

Still, it worked. Jake walked toward her bed and bent down.

“Are you sure?”

Looking deeply into his cold green eyes, and feeling Jake’s breathe on her lips, Kimberly answered, “Hell yeah.”

Saying nothing more, Jake eliminated the inches that torn them apart and, sighting Kimberly’s black bra and her glowing breasts, he kissed her hot, tasty and fleshy lips.

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