Love Stripped

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Chapter 20

Kimberly woke up around 8am. Last night had been quite interesting, but still, she had managed to fell asleep quietly and that had surprised her in the morning. Both Jake and Kimberly had made revelations to each other, yet she had slept quietly.

Why? She didn’t know. Maybe the fact that knowing Jake liked her and that he would prove her he was going to be good… made her feel nice. That meant he wasn’t going to sleep around anytime soon. Hell yeah, no other girl would have him.

After she put on some jeans and red top with a deep V neckline, Kimberly got out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. Jake surprised her.

“Oh, good morning, Kimmy.” He offered her a smile right away. “Breakfast is ready!”

“What…” She stopped talking, when Jake placed a plate full of pancakes and chocolate on the table.

“Those are for you.”

“Oh my god!” Kimberly said, sitting down in front of the pancakes, “I completely love those! God, I haven’t eaten that in so long!” When she ate a little, she just couldn’t stop eating.

“Jake… this… panca… wonder…ful…”

“I would understand what you’re saying but your mouth is full of pancakes.” He said while laughing.

Last night they had had a huge fight that had ended in Jake saying he would prove to her he could be good. Oh, from what Kimberly could see… he was already starting good, which still didn’t mean she would date him.

Minutes later, Sidney walked in the kitchen, yawning. As she smelled the pancakes, she said right away, “Pancakes! I want them too!”

´“Sure Sid.”

“You made them?” Sidney asked, as she noticed it was Jake the one talking.


Sidney sat down at the table as she started babbling about her dinner with James, at the same time Jake made her pancakes and Kimberly ate hers.

“Here you go.” Jake gave her the plate with pancakes after some time. He turned at Kimberly that ate the last piece of the pancakes and asked, “Want some more, Kimmy?”

Kimberly didn’t answer. Instead, she looked at Sidney that was looking at Jake.

“Oh now don’t say you-”

“Calm down, Sid.” Jake said firstly. “I know I called her Kimmy.”

“You have no right to call her Kimmy, expect if you-”

“If I like her, yeah, I know the story.” Jake completed her. Oh my god, was he going to say he liked Kimberly? For some minutes, Jake and Sidney looked into each other’s eyes, but it was Sidney that seemed she was trying to read him. Good luck on that. If Kimberly barely succeeded, why would she?

“You like her?”

Before he answered, his green eyes gazed at Kimberly. “Yes.”

“I KNEW IT!” Sidney yelled suddenly, pointing at Jake. “I COMPLETELY KNEW THAT!”

“Calm down, Sid.” Kimberly said nervously. The way her sister was talking made her seem she was mad at it. Was she? It’s not like she had reasons to be. Ok, maybe she had. Kimberly was her sister, and she didn’t want Kimberly to get hurt? Yeah, Kimberly was sure Sidney knew how Jake was about girls…

“Are you mad?” At first, Kimberly thought the words came out of her mouth, but then she noticed it had been Jake the one to ask.

“Of course not, why would I? It’s not like I’m one who matters in your relationship.” Sidney ate another piece of pancakes and then she said, “I’m glad you like her. At least it’s not a pervert or something. Besides, I like you!” She offered him a huge smile.


“You’re going to date her?”

Instead of answering, Jake looked at Kimberly. “No.” Kimberly said as she put her eyes on her plate.

“Why?” Another piece of pancakes slide down to Sidney’s throat as she waited for Kimberly’s answer, “You don’t like him?”


“Yes, she likes me.” Jake interrupted her, “In fact, we admitted that yesterday.”

Sidney didn’t take her blue eyes off her older sister, “Then why?”

“Because-” Kimberly started.

“It’s like… I mean, Jake has it all. He’s smart, he’s good looking and he’s rich. He’s perfect. What more do you want?” Sid interjected vat Kimberley’s pause.

Sidney had given her the wrong things. Those were the reasons Kimberly didn’t want Jake. She wanted him because she liked him, not because he was beautiful or was filthy rich, and especially not because he was really good in bed. But that was something she wanted to keep to herself.

“Sid, I-”

“You’re afraid of something?” Sidney asked, cutting Kimberly’s words for the third time.

“No, I-”

“Yeah, she is. She told me yesterday.”

“Would you two stop talking about me like if I’m not here? Would you stop asking me questions and then just don’t let me answer?” Kimberly said pissed off, as she got up from the chair.

“Calm down.” Jake and Sidney said at the same time.

“I’m going to the bathroom. And when I come back, I hope you’re ready to go to school.” After she said that, Kimberly got out of the kitchen and went to brush her teeth.

God, those two were incredible! It was like, they attacked her but then they wouldn’t let her defend herself. At least, Sidney wasn’t against her relation with Jake. Not that that was important, since she wasn’t going to date with Jake.

After some time, she grabbed her stuff from her room and went to the kitchen, and this time Tom was already there too.

“Good morning, Kim.” He said with a weird smile. What was up with people today?


“Nothing.” Tom replied. “Can’t I say good morning?” His smile didn’t vanish.

Then, she saw Sidney and Jake laughing. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys today?” They kept laughing, which really annoyed Kimberly. “You know what? I’m going to college!” She pointed at Sidney, “As for you, I don’t care how you’re going school, but I’m sure I won’t be the one to take you there!”

With those words out of her mouth, she left all of them and headed off to college. It took her five minutes to calm down. They really had annoyed her. Finally she spotted Lisa, talking on the phone with someone.

“Hey Lisa!” Kimberly waved at Lisa and she waved back. When Kimberly reached Lisa, she heard her talking.

“Sure… Yeah, I’ll tell you… And I’ll try… But I’m not sure if I can do that… I mean, it’s not my job… Yeah… Ok. Don’t worry, I’ll try!”

“Who is it?” Kimberly whispered, but the only answer Lisa gave her, was her hand warning her to wait.

“Ok, yeah, I’ll tell you when we’re there. I have to go. Oh! By the way, how did you get this number? Oh… Ok. Bye.” Finally Lisa hung up and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Who was it?”

Lisa avoided looking at her, “Oh, it was Justin’s sister. She wants me to do something for him.”

“Oh, ok. You’re so going to know what happened last night. I was so right, Lisa!” Kimberly said all happy, “Jake does like me! He told me last night! See, I wasn’t trying to make him like me!”

“He told you?”

“Yeah! I also admitted, but that doesn’t-”

“You what?” Lisa stopped and her amazing eyes met Kimberly’s silver eyes.

“Yeah, I ah-”

“Oh my god! I was so right! You like him!”

“Can you like, speak lower? I mean, we’re not alone, miss!” Kimberly said as she pushed Lisa inside the classroom. Good, she couldn’t tell something to Lisa, she would just freak out.

“You guys are dating?”

“Of course not.” Kimberly looked at Lisa with a matter-of-fact-look, “You know me better than that. He’s a self absorbed man, who can only think about sex and I can’t stand that!”

“Yet, you like him.”

“Shut up.” Kimberly said, sitting down next to Lisa. She knew Lisa was right. Jake was a self-absorbed man that she liked. She couldn’t stand him, yet she liked him: typical of movies.

“Oh, I almost forgot, you wanna have lunch with me?”

“Sure, where?”

“I know this nice place 3 blocks away from campus. We can drive in your car or in mine.” Lisa explained as she started to get ready for their first class.

“We can take mine.” Kimberly smiled towards Lisa and then she started opening her notebook, as the teacher walked in the classroom, ready for another class.

During her morning classes, Kimberly wondered how Sidney had gone to school. If she wasn’t mistaken, Thursdays was the day that Jake didn’t have classes in the morning. Maybe Jake had taken her to school… Or Tom… She definitely didn’t want Sidney to skip school. The morning classes were boring as always. But that had been a good sign. When she thought about Jake, Kimberly didn’t notice how bored the classes were. That meant, she hadn’t thought about him that morning, which made her happy.

Around 1PM, Kimberly drove her and Lisa to the restaurant. It was a nice restaurant, it seemed calm and it wasn’t crowded with people as the other restaurants were near campus. Kimberly liked having lunch quietly and with no rush.

As they got out of the car, Kimberly noticed Lisa sending a text message. “God, you won’t turn off your cell today?”

“No.” Lisa smiled, “Justin’s birthday is next week and his sister and I are planning something for him.”

“Oh. That’s nice. I’m sure he’s going to like it.”

“Yeah.” Lisa laughed, “I’m sure he will.” They walked in the restaurant and sat down in a table for two, right away. And that was when Kimberly noticed Lisa laughing.


“Look behind you.” Lisa replied as she pointed to something behind Kimberly. As Kimberly turned her head around to look over her shoulder, her head bumped into flowers, as a man appeared out of the blue.

“Excuse me, miss.” The man said, looking at Kimberly. He was new, tall, blue eyes and black hair, “Are you Miss Roberts?”

“Ah… Yes.”

“Then these are for you.” The man delivered a bouquet of flowers. What kind of flowers Kimberly didn’t know, because the bouquet was full of each type of flower that Kimberly could imagine. It was beautiful actually; it was full of colors, forms and smells.

Jake? Yap, she was sure.

“And so is this.” The young man gave her a box. The way it was presented to her, made it seem it was her birthday. It was a flat, but large box, swaddled into a vivid red color and a simple white tie.

“Oh my god!” Kimberly said. She turned to the man and asked, “Who send me this?”

“The flowers have a note.” With that said, the man made a dramatic exit, making Kimberly and all the persons around her, notice him, her and her present. After Kimberly called an employer to put the flowers on water, she finally grabbed the note.

“It’s from Jake. I don’t even need to read the note, I already know from who it is.”

“But read the note! I’m curious too!” Lisa rushed her and sat next to her.

I’m sure you thought this was from me right away, and yes, it is, Kimmy. I hope you like the flowers. I think red roses would be really lame, so I thought you would like that type of bouquet better. As for that box you just received, I hope it’s good on you, because you’ll have to wear it tonight, on our first date. I know you’ll go. You’ll think about it, you’ll think about not going, but you’ll end up going. Why? Because you want too, and because you’re curious, baby. I hope you look hot and ready at 7PM.

Your future lover


PS: I told you I would be good.

“Oh my god!” Lisa said, “That was so cute! He’s not that romantic in love letters, but it’s still cute! And he literally said he was going to be your boyfriend!”

“What do I have to wear?” Kimberly asked to herself, as she tried to ignore Lisa’s words and Jake’s note. Lisa was right, it wasn’t that romantic, but it was still cute. And no, he was not going to be her boyfriend.

After Kimberly ripped up the red paper and the white tie, she saw the box. It was white and it had nothing written. But when she opened to see what she would wear that night… Her jaw dropped. It was a shining brown silk satin short dress.

“OH MY GOD!” Lisa said for the third time. “It’s beautiful! And expensive!” She added right away.

“It’s doesn’t seem that expensive.” Kimberly said, trying to add some disdain, but she simply couldn’t. The dress really looked expensive.

“Oh, but it is, believe me. I saw that dress in a dress store, like a week ago. It’s… expensive really. You know those shops in the streets that we don’t dare to look at due to the price of its things?” Lisa explained, touching the dress, “Well, that dress is from those stores. I saw it. I’m sure I saw it. Those stores only sell clothes from known brands like Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.”

Kimberly saw Lisa looking for something in the dress. Seconds later, she saw her touching the tag. “Yep, it’s a Dolce & Gabbana dress.”

“What? You’re sure?” Kimberly knew the dress could be expensive, but not that expensive. It was like… the dress was from Dolce & Gabbana… The dresses from that brand were like… really expensive… She was speechless.

“You know, he has a good taste… and he has money. Didn’t you tell me he was filthy rich?” Kimberly nodded, “Now, I’m sure. Date him, Kim. I mean, he’s rich! What more can we want in a guy?”

Kimberly didn’t answer. Ok, the money was a pro, but she didn’t want him for that. She didn’t want to be like the others. She stared at the dress while Lisa babbled about something until the food came. She put the dress on the box and ate in silence, thinking on how her date would be. It must be a fancy dinner, for sure, that dress wasn’t made for simply dates.

“Where do you think he’s taking you?”

“I have no idea in what to expect from him.” Kimberly admitted. She really didn’t know. He had already spent money on a dress like that for her, but what would he do on their date? He better not have done this to any previous girls he screwed, because… this had made him earn some points. She liked these surprises, Kimberly had to admit.

Kimberly stayed quiet for the rest of the lunch and also in the rest of the afternoon. She actually was anxious to see what he had ready for her. Whatever he had ready for her, Kimberly knew she was going to like it.

When she went home, it was a little hard for her to open the door of her house, with her books, her purse and Jake’s gifts with her. But she managed to get into the house, where she sighted Aiden, Ben and Jake in the hall, walking towards the door.

Her eyes immediately met Jake’s. He smiled right away to her and she smiled back. Aiden and Ben looked at both, but Kimberly knew that was a smile that only she and Jake could understand.

“Hi guys.” Kimberly said, passing between them.

“Hey, do you need any help with that?” Ben asked right away, reaching Kimberly and her things, but Kimberly stopped him before he could touch anything.

“No, it’s ok. I can handle this. They’re not heavy.” When she saw them opening the door, she asked, “You’re going home already?”

“Yes.” Aiden replied first. “I have a date tonight.” Kimberly couldn’t stop noticing the look Aiden had laid on Jake.

“As for me, I’m going home and watch some movies for the rest of the night, since nobody wanted to go out with me tonight.”

“Poor Ben!” Kimberly said laughing, “Well, I’m sorry. I need to put this in my room. I’ll see soon, guys. Bye.” They waved towards her and she left them alone in the hall.

When she was sure they had already left, Kimberly decided it was time to get ready for her date. First the bath, then the hair, the dress, the heels and last but not least, the makeup. It took her almost two hours to get ready as always.

She opened the door of her room and went to the living room. Jake, Tom and Sidney were there. And when they heard her voice, they looked over their shoulders and their jaws dropped.

Kimberly was drop dead gorgeous.

The dress was absolutely gorgeous on her. It was a low spaghetti strap that ended an inch before her knees. Her dress had a thin strap that went right under her bust. After that the dress was flow-y to the end. It was the most beautiful shade of brown and it looked amazing on her. The dress made her look both hot and sophisticated. Even her feet look good on her sparkling silver heels that were the type of a strappy sandal that shone in the light.

Her hair was just like she had used in Jake’s birthday and her makeup was actually quite simple. Her lips had just a simple pink-reddish gloss; her cheeks were really soft, the color, between pink and red, defined her cheek line. Her eyes were simply, but still made people pay attention to them. She had defined them by delimiting her eyes with a black risk and by putting a dark, but smooth brown shadow in her eyes.

She heard their voices at the same time, “Kim you look…”

“…Hot…” Sidney said with a smile.

“… Really good...” Tom said nicely.

“… Gorgeous.” Jake declared.

“Thank you guys.” Kimberly laughed. She glanced at Jake, “Ready to go?”

“Sure.” He smiled back. It was so good watching a smile like that from him. They were so sweet. Not like the usual smiles that he had offered her before. Now, she really knew he meant the sweetness in it. Kimberly saw him grabbing his wallet and his cell. Out of the blue, he grabbed her hand, entangled his fingers on hers and pushed her out of the house.

Jake drove them for about half an hour, until they reached the beach. It was a beautiful sunset right now. It wasn’t cold, or hot. The evening was great. Kimberly knew the beach, so she knew what restaurant they were going, when Jake directed her there, not letting her go. It was an upper class restaurant, located on a small hill, which had the sunset and the beach as a beautiful sight. She had never had dinner in that restaurant, since it was so expensive just to pay for a one-person meal.

When they reached the restaurant, Kimberly noticed Jake hadn’t talked to the man at the entrance. “You didn’t reserve a table?” She asked, looking around and sighting the outside and inside places to have dinner.

“Oh yes.”

“Why didn’t you talk with the man? You know him? We’re going to have dinner inside or outside?”

When Jake decided to answer, Kimberly hadn’t even heard him saying, “Outside.”

“Oh my god… You didn’t.”

“Yes, Kimmy.” Jake replied, putting his arm over her shoulder. “You like it?”

It happened that Jake had reserved the outside part of the restaurant just for the two of them. Nobody was there, unless for the waiters, who were going to serve them. The table was beautifully set for two and the sunset was beautiful in that scenario. All of that just for her?

“Jake, this is so… I can’t believe you did all of this just for me…” Jake helped her sat down and then he sat down in front of her.

“Just for you, Kimmy.”

“You didn’t need to do this, you know?” Kimberly looked into his eyes, “I mean, a simple dinner in a less expensive restaurant was fine for me. You didn’t need to spend all of this money…”

“If I can spend it and make you happy, why not?” He smiled sweetly again, “I said it would be good, Kimmy.”

“Well, you’re really being good.” Kimberly admitted. It wasn’t a lie. All of that trouble just for her? Hell, she could so get used to this… If there wasn’t the problem of how he was with women…

An old man came into picture and served the entries. Kimberly couldn’t stop looking around her, until she had to say, “Why don’t you look around? I mean, I’m not the only thing here.”

“Damn, that dress is really good on you!”

“Oh yeah! How did you know this was going to fit me?”

“Well… I didn’t have classes in the morning… Last night I had said it would be good… So, when you went away, all that furious, this came into my mind. The dress… the first second I saw it, I imagined it on you. I had asked Sid what was your size and… I prayed it would be good on you. I think brown looks really good on you.” Jake explained, eating a little from the entries.

“You really didn’t need to. I mean, I have dresses that are good on me, you didn’t have to go out and buy me a Dolce & Gabbana dress.”

“It’s a Dolce & Gabbana dress?” Jake asked, “I didn’t know. I just saw it and I knew it would be good on you. My mother loves Dolce & Gabbana.” He didn’t even know he had bought her a Dolce & Gabbana dress? Did he at least know how much he had spent on the dress? Probably not.

“Your mother has a good taste then.”

“Yeah, she loves all of those expensive clothes, such like Versace, Cavalli, Dior, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana of course. If she spends a lot of money in clothes like that, why can’t I buy you a dress? I know the money isn’t mine, but since I’m ok with my mom again, I think I might replace her in the company.” Jake explained, “Which will make me earn my own money. And will let me buy you a lot of dresses and plan a lot of dinners like this.”

“I didn’t say I would date you. The fact that you’re going to have even more money, doesn’t appeal to me, Jake.” Kimberly declared. The money was good, but it wasn’t what she wanted from him. “You’re planning things ahead when you don’t know what will happen.”

“Kimmy, I have everything-”

“Have you forgotten how you are with girls? When you’re ahead of the company, you’ll have already screwed like 10 girls or more, instead of being just with me!”

“Don’t exaggerate, besides I don’t want any girl.” Ok, maybe she like exaggerated a little bit… 5 girls?

When he answered her, the old man came and gave them the menu. Minutes later, the old man took their orders and went inside.

“You know,” Kimberly started after some minutes in silence, “I have to ask you this…”

“Shot it, Kimmy.”

“Have you ever, ever done this to any of your previous sex adventures?”

Jake laughed, “I love when you referred to them as my ‘sex adventures’.” He stopped laughing when Kimberly shot him a threateningly glance, “Ok, I’m serious now. Like, zero times.”

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“Why don’t you believe me? I mean, I never really liked a girl before, hell; I didn’t even say I had a crush on any of them. And if I ever had a crush, I’m sure I didn’t tell them.”

“So why are going through all of this because of me? Have you bought fancy dresses to your previous sex adventures?”

“No, I didn’t see any reason for me to spend money on them.” Jake replied, while he looked into the sunset.

“So, you’re just into this because you like me?” Before Jake could answer, Kimberly kept going, “Or because you like the chase?”

Hell, she was a girl that liked the chase. It was so good, when she and her ex boyfriends were chasing each other before the dating thing… It was more exciting. Kimberly wouldn’t blame him if he were into this just because of the chase… Ok, maybe she did blame him.

“Both. I like you and I like the chase.” Jake admitted and the food came. While they ate they kept talking.

“Let’s say like if I ever dated with you, you would get bored, since you also like the chase.”

“No.” Jake denied, “If I like you, it’s enough for me. The chase is just some addiction. I don’t need the chase. I’m tired of the chase, although I can’t deny it’s exciting.”

The fact that he liked her and it was enough for him comforted her. Kimberly dramatically changed the issue when she asked, “Have you been talking with Eric?”

Jake eyes darkened right away. “No, why?”

“Nothing, just wanted to know.” They didn’t talk with each other for a couple of minutes. Eric was a fresh issue to them. Both Kimberly and Jake hadn’t forgotten the fight they had had a few days ago about Jake hearing Kimberly saying she preferred Eric.

Jake was the first to open his mouth. “Eric likes you.” His eyes were still this dark green that Kimberly really didn’t like.

“You know?”



“Before he left… I talked with him in your room for a while. We said our goodbyes, but I had to ask him, I had to know for sure. I mean, I was suspicious about it… So, I asked him.” Jake explained her.

“What did he say? He admitted, didn’t he?”


“Then how-”

“He asked me, ‘Do you like her?’ I didn’t answer, but he added, ‘Your answer is my answer.’ Eric knew I liked you, so in this way, he admitted he liked you. He just said I should treat you well, that you weren’t like any other girl and that if you ever had something to tell me, I shouldn’t rush you, because you would end up telling me.” Oh no, Eric didn’t. Kimberly knew what Eric had meant with that last part. No way would Kimberly tell Jake she worked as a stripper.

“Do you have something to tell me?” Jake asked, interrupting her thoughts.


“Did you ever like him?”

“No, Jake. Eric would be sweet to me, he would talk to me whenever I needed, he would be there whenever I needed or whenever I needed to spit out everything about you, but no. I never liked him. Although you treated me really bad sometimes, you’re the one.”

“I’m the one?”

“You’re the one I like.” Kimberly added quickly. She didn’t mean it that way.

“But you don’t want me.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it, Jake.”

“Did he ever call you Kimmy?” Jake asked, changing the issue.

“I’m not sure. Once, I think.” Kimberly answered.

“You let him call you that?”

Kimberly laughed, “No, I didn’t. Although it reminds me of my parents… it also reminds me of you now. I don’t want anyone to call me that expect you. It’s yours now, Jake. It belongs to you.”

“I’m flattered.”

“It’s just a name-”

“That means a lot to you.” Jake somehow completed her sentence. She couldn’t help but to smile smoothly and somehow tiredly. There was no sunset now, so Kimberly could only look at the beach or at Jake.

“By the way… How did you know I was eating at that restaurant?” Kimberly hadn’t thought about that. But now that she had time to think, it occurred to her. That wasn’t her usual place to have lunch; it was a new one that Lisa wanted to… Lisa.

“Yes, Lisa.” Jake answered and Kimberly noticed he had practically red her thoughts. “Sid gave me her number. I called her right away and asked her that.”

“That little bitch… She lied to me!”

“I asked her to.” Jake defended Lisa. “I wanted to surprise you! By the way, did you like the flowers?”

“Oh yes, they were beautiful really.”

Until they ended with the main dish, they kept talking to each other. They were interrupted twice. By the old waiter that came to get their dishes and the desert they wanted and by Jake’s cell ringing.

“Who is it?”

“Aiden.” Jake replied right away, without hesitating. Kimberly saw him texting back to Aiden and when he was done, was when the waiter came back with the deserts.

“So you want to go to the movies?” Jake asked just like that. Didn’t he know that today wasn’t her night off? She had to work, and she was tired. She ate a little piece of the desert.

“You know I can’t go. It’s not my night off.”

“Yes, it is.” Jake said with a large smile.

Kimberly swallowed the piece of the desert and fought back, “No, it’s not. I only have my nights off next week. I had them on Monday and Wednesday, Jake, in case you didn’t notice.”

“Well, you have your night off today too.”

“What do you mean?” Kimberly was getting annoyed, “What can’t you understand? Today is not my night off!”

“It is now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I got you a way of not working tonight. I managed to ‘talk’ with your boss.” Jake said and Kimberly immediately chocked on the desert she had on her mouth.

“What the fuck did you do?” No, he didn’t do that. Jake didn’t even know where she worked! Hell, he didn’t even know in what she worked! No, he couldn’t possible had spoken to Bob. Not in a million years!

“I ah… asked Lisa to go to your place of work, since I don’t know where it is and I asked her to talk to your boss!”

Fury immediately stroked her as she got up, “You had no right, Jake! It’s my work! How dare you?” How could he do that? How? And how had Lisa done that for him? Didn’t their friendship mean something to her? Lisa knew working was important for her! How could she do what Jake asked her?

“Kimmy, I’m sorry, I just wanted to spend more time with you! I thought you were going to li-”

“You thought wrong!” Kimberly interrupted him right away, “You think I don’t have to work like you? Well, I have Jake! I don’t have my mom paying me whatever the fuck I want!” Jake thought the money fell from the sky to her? “You had no right to mess with my life, Jake!”

Kimberly looked at him threateningly and left him alone, as she walked out of the restaurant and started walking towards the beach and the car. How could he do that? How? Lisa hadn’t told him in what she worked, right? No, Lisa could have done that favor to him, but she wouldn’t tell him she was a stripper, would she?

The heels made her walk harder in the sand, so she just took them off and walked faster. That bastard… he had to ruin everything by interfering with her life… Just the dinner was wonderful, why did he do that?

“Kimmy! Wait!” She heard Jake yelling behind her. But that only made her walk faster. “Kimmy! Kimberly!”

Since he had run and hadn’t walked like her, he reached her, “Look, I’m sorry.” Jake said, as he grabbed her arm and made her look at him.

“You had no right, Jake!” Kimberly yelled, breathless.

“I just wanted to be with you! You need to be that mad because of that? Besides, I thought you were going to like it!”

“No! You thought I would go to bed with you!” She yelled just like that and made Jake look at her in a surprised but mad way.

“You think I just made Lisa talk to your boss, because I want you to have your night out so you can have sex with you?” His eyes had darkened just a little bit, “I thought what I had said about liking you, was enough. I don’t want you for sex; I want you because I like you. Kimmy, I’m sorry. You can go to work, if you want. I just thought it would be nice.”

If it was his sincerity in his voice or his eyes begging for a kind word, Kimberly didn’t know. She only knew that whatever it was, made her talk in a calmer way, “I’m sorry I got out of control, it’s just that I didn’t like it! You shouldn’t have done that Jake!”

“I’m sorry.” He said again, not taking his eyes off her. “Come on, don’t be like that. It was with good intentions! I just wanted to spend more time with you!”

Yeah, it was with good intentions. He had already said that he hadn’t done that to just have sex with her. He just wanted to be with her. “It’s ok. Just… don’t do that anymore.”

“I promise.” Jake said with a lingering smile. Oh, Lisa was going to hear her tomorrow. “But… you know… you still have your night off…”

“I don’t want to go to the movies.” She said, as she pulled him by his hand towards the water. “I want to be here.” Kimberly revealed, feeling the cold sea breeze in her face.

“That’s fine by me.”

They walked for a little while, until Kimberly asked, “What did Lisa say to my boss?”

“I told her to say you were sick.” Jake answered. At least it had been Lisa the one to go there and talk to Bob. Which meant, Jake didn’t know. Thank god.

“Great excuse. I rarely am sick.”

“You’re sick now.” Jake said as he pulled her into his arms. “Which means… you probable have a severe case of flu and you’re going to stay at home for the weekend.”

“Oh, no you didn’t!” Kimberly punched his arm, although she was still smiling.

“You can go with me to my mom’s house, Kimmy. Come on, don’t screw this up.” Jake said, and Kimberly felt he was trying to squeeze her against him. “I’m not making you go. But since you’re ‘sick’, you can have a nice weekend resting, away from everybody. How does that sounds?”

It was the weekend, when she earned more money. But it was just a weekend right? It wouldn’t harm her… Would it? She already had a good excuse… She was ‘sick’, she barely missed work and Bob himself had said he didn’t mind if Kimberly took some vacations since she was always working…

Yeah, maybe she would rest this weekend, like Jake had said. “Ok. But just this time! And next time don’t make Lisa do these things! Talk to me!”

“Next time?” Jake looked at her and laughed, “Who’s planning in advance now?”

“Oh shut up.” Kimberly gave him her tongue and then she managed to get away from his arms.

“Wanna sit?”

“No. I wanna lie down.” She winked her eye and then she dropped her heels. Jake lay down on the sand too, at the same time as Kimberly. They stayed there for hours. Sometimes speechless, sometimes talking about whatever came up to their heads. But the fact that it was getting late and she was getting cold made her lean her head on Jake’s chest and his arms wrapped up around her right away.

Kimberly fell asleep right there and only woke up when she was already in her own room, being carried by Jake. “What are you doing?” She asked sleepy.

“I’m putting you in bed, baby.” Jake said sweetly, laying her in her bed in that precise moment.

“How are we already at home?”

“I drove us home, Kimmy; you fell asleep at the beach.” Jake said as Kimberly felt him taking her own earrings and necklace. When Jake tried to take off her dress, she reacted, although her eyes were still closed.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Taking the dress off, you’re not going to sleep in that, are you? It’s not comfortable. Besides, I’ve already seen you naked, what’s the big deal?” She heard Jake saying. Although it was true, she didn’t want that, did she? She was too lazy and sleepy to think for herself, so she let him do what he wanted.

Jake took off her dress, and managed to put her under a sheet. “Goodnight, Kimmy.”

“Goodnight, Jake.” Kimberly said, not opening her eyes, but giving a smile. She felt Jake giving her a kiss on the forehead and then leaving the room and letting her fall asleep again.

Kimberly woke up by herself and opened her eyes, looking around. She thought for a moment. The last thing she had seen was… the beach. She had been there with Jake. No… the last thing was Jake putting her in bed, right? And… taking her dress off… Kimberly stretched out in bed, feeling really lazy. Last night had been good. Jake had been really good. The date had gone wonderfully.

Suddenly, someone opened the door and walked in. It was Jake. “Oh, you’re awake. I thought you hadn’t set the alarm clock, so I was going to wake you up.”

“I woke up right now.”

Jake closed the door and sat on her bed, “Listen, you’ll have to miss your afternoon classes.”


“You’ll have to pack your things. You and Sid, we have to leave around 4pm so we can get there around 8pm, ok?” Jake asked.

“Ok…” She said sleepy. “I’ll tell Sid when I got up and get dressed.”

“Sure, well, I’m going to make us some breakfast.”

“Pancakes again?” Kimberly asked with a huge smile. Jake smiled sweetly and she had her answer. Pancakes again. He was going to leave her room when she called, “Jake! Wait!”

“What?” He asked as he turned around and saw her getting out of bed. Kimberly saw his eyes going all the way down her body, so she did the same. She was just wearing a thong.

“Oh my god! You left me like this?” Kimberly grabbed the sheet right away and heard Jake.

“Well, yeah. You wanted me to put your bra and pajamas too? Don’t whine so much, Kimmy. What were you going to say?”

“Oh… I was just going to say that I ah… loved our date last night.” She gave him a smile.

“I’m glad you liked it.” With that said, Jake turned around and got out of her room so that Kimberly could get ready to go to college.

Kimberly got ready in 10 minutes. She just dressed up fast and walked out of her room, catching Sidney in the bathroom, making her hair. “Oh Sid, look, you have to miss your afternoon classes, so we can pack our things to spend the weekend at Jake’s house, ok?”

“Do I really have to go, Kim? This weekend I celebrate four months since I’m dating with James! He said he had something special ready for me! I thought you didn’t want to go!” Sidney said as she tossed her blond hair back and got out of the bathroom.

“Well, I’m sorry but-”

“Come on, Kim!” Sidney cut off her older sister, “Don’t do this to me! I have to stay! I can be with Tom! He’s not going!”

“I don’t want to leave you alone!” Kimberly followed Sidney into the kitchen, and both sighted Jake, making pancakes.

“Jake! I thought you had said that to her!” Sidney said to Jake as she sat down on the chair.

“Said what?” Kimberly eyed Jake and he turned around slowly.

“Yeah, ah about that… I didn’t tell her, because I thought it was better if you told her yourself, Sid! Kimmy, Sid had already told me yesterday that she didn’t want to go because of some surprise, but I thought it was better if you talked to her, that’s why I didn’t say anything.” Jake explained, forcing a smile.

“I don’t like to leave you alone.”

“You leave me alone every night! What’s the big deal, Kim?” Sidney raised her arms towards the ceiling, as she looked into Kimberly’s silver eyes.

“It’s different!”

“Come on, Kimmy. She won’t do anything irresponsible, will you?” Jake asked quickly, looking at Sidney threateningly.

“No, I won’t! You can trust me, Kim. Besides, my cell is on 24/7! You can call me anytime and I’ll answer!” Sidney reached Kimberly’s arm and grabbed it, “Please, Kim! I beg you!”

Being alone in Jake’s house? With Eric and his mother? Just by herself? Just the thought of meeting Jake’s mother’s eyes 24/7… They were worse than Jake’s. Besides, the woman was scary. But hey, she would see Eric again, and maybe Jake would give her more surprises there! Kimberly also could meet the place where he had been raised… Besides, she was expecting a really huge house. But if Jake was rich, why didn’t he have a bigger house than this one?

“Well… call me every morning and every night! And don’t stay up till like really late! I’ll call Tom too!” Kimberly threatened Sidney.

“No problem, Kim!” That earned her a shining smile. “I’ll call you when you want and pick up when you call me!”

“Problem solved.” Jake declared as he placed two plates with pancakes on the table. He put one out for Kimberly and one for Sidney. “Here they are, misses.”

When Sidney started eating, she managed to say, “You know, you should really date him, Kim. I mean, he even makes you breakfast! Pancakes! Can you imagine? Pancakes every morning? Man…”

“Oh, shut up, Sid. Pancakes aren’t everything.”

“You know, Jake, I would totally do you if I were in my sister’s place.” Sidney said. Yeah, and then she would be just like those girls that Jake screwed and left. Not like Kimberly, right? She was unique in his life! Wasn’t she?

Jake laughed too and answered, “Yeah Sid. I would totally do you too, the only problem is that you’re like underage and I’m like 7 years older than you.”

Stupid conversations.

Kimberly ate her pancakes in silence while Jake and Sidney laughed at their own stupid ideas. She wasn’t jealous. It was a good sign, her sister liked Jake, and Jake liked her sister, which meant, if she ever dated him, they would all get along.

After Kimberly and Sidney got out of their house, they went to school/college. Kimberly was ready to preached Lisa about last night; the only problem was that Lisa wasn’t there. Kimberly waited and waited, but Lisa didn’t show up. Not even when the classes started. Lisa didn’t come to college the whole morning.

When Kimberly went back home, she decided to call Lisa after lunch, so she found out that her best friend was sick. So, she locked up the conversation in her head that she had already imagined for Monday morning. Lisa could be sick, but she wasn’t going to skip Kimberly’s harsh words on Monday.

She spent the hours that she had till 4PM to pack her bag. Kimberly packed just some underwear, Jake’s dress in case he wanted to make her another surprise, some jeans and tops, sandals and heels.

“You’re taking your bikini with you?” Jake asked, and when Kimberly turned around she saw he was right behind her. She hadn’t heard him enter.

“My bikini?”

“Yeah, the weather is great there; we can spend the afternoons in the pool if you want. Or you can just stay in bed with me all day. I don’t mind.” Jake added with a smirk.

“Just shut up, Jake.” She said as she laughed too. Kimberly looked for her brown bikini, until she found it and put it on her bag. “I think I’m ready, Jake.”

“I’m ready too. I already had things packed last night. Ready to go, baby?”

“Sure!” Kimberly’s smile lit up the room. Jake grabbed her hand and pushed her out of her room along with the bag. He grabbed his bag that was right next to Kimberly’s room, and then they both left the house.

“You’re sure you wanna go, Kimmy?” Jake asked, as he entered in the car, after putting their bags in the backseat.

Kimberly smiled, “Yes, I am, Jake.”

No, she wasn’t.

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