Love Stripped

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Chapter 21

The green gate that was opening, in order to let Jake’s car in, was huge. It was the gate that leaded to Jake’s mother’s house. But the house was still a bit far away. The road till there was very clean, no cars there since it only belonged to Jake’s family and huge and tall palm trees stood on both sides of the road, along with colorful flowerbeds and green bushes. To keep that all under maintenance must cost a lot.

When Jake parked in front of his house, Kimberly got out right away, sighting the house only for her jaw to drop. Although it was already night since it was past 8PM, Kimberly could still sight the huge house. House? That thing was a mansion! It wasn’t white like all those mansions from rich people, but it was this bright and comforting yellow that gave to the mansion a more simply look. The windows were huge like the porch on the top of the mansion. Around the mansion was this wide piece of land filled with trees and god knows what it had more once Kimberly walked in deeper. At the right side of the mansion were 4 garages. Four? How many cars did they have?

“Aren’t you tired of looking at the house?” Jake asked, with their bags on his hands.

“Oh, I’m sorry… It’s just that I had never seen a house this big… I mean, only in TV.” She said, and then she noticed Jake’s hands grabbing their bags, “Need any help?”

“It’s ok, Kimmy. Let’s go inside?” He turned it into a question.


Kimberly and Jake walked towards the huge entrance of the house, being held by those typical columns and steps. When Jake was going to open the door, someone opened before he could. “I knew you would come!” Jake’s mother said as she embraced Jake.

“Hi mom. I told you I would come.” Jake couldn’t hug his mother, so Kimberly took the bags off his hands and he finally could wrap his arms around her.

“Hello, Kimberly!”

“Hi, Ms. Dekker.” Kimberly said politely.

“I had a feeling you would come too. You seemed uncertain, but I knew.” Ms. Dekker said. She seemed nicer now, but there was something in her eyes, telling Kimberly that Ms. Dekker had another feeling. “Alex! Come here, please! Our guests need help!”

Kimberly walked in the mansion, and soon faced a tall and old man. “Hello, Miss…”

“… Roberts. But please, call me Kim.” Miss Roberts sounded so weird.

“May I carriage your luggage?”

“Oh, ah… Sure?” Kimberly said a little bit intimidated by the man’s dark eyes. When Kimberly delivered the bags to the so called Alex, she heard Jake.

“How are you, Alex? Haven’t seen in two years, isn’t it? You’re still the same, aren’t you? Old and grumpy!” Jake said laughing as he slightly punched the man’s arm.

“It is a pleasure to have here at last, sir. Your mother was becoming impossible this week.”

“Oh, please, Alex. Don’t be such a whiny.” Ms. Dekker said giggling. Ok, so what was Alex? Was he a servant? A relative?

“Kimberly, this is our butler, Alex.” Ms. Dekker declared as if she had just red Kimberly’s thoughts. “Please take Jake’s luggage to his room and Kimberly’s to the guest room in the opposite wing from Jake’s.”

“As you wish.” The butler turned around and went upstairs.

“The house is still the same…” Kimberly heard Jake saying. She noticed him sighting everything he could. After all he hadn’t stepped in this house for at least two years.

“Just like your room.” Ms. Dekker said. Kimberly followed Jake and his mother through a huge hall, until they end up stopping in a huge living room. So many expensive things that Kimberly didn’t know what it was and even was afraid to touch them.

“I’ll be right back. I want to see Nina!” Jake said as he turned around and saw Kimberly, “I’ll be right back, Kimmy.” And then, she was alone with his mother on that living room. Who the hell was Nina?

Kimberly sat down on a yellow couch, just like Jake’s mother did. She was looking straight into her eyes. What was she supposed to do now? “You have a beautiful house, Ms. Dekker.”

“Thank you, but please, my dear, call me, Angeline. Ms. Dekker sounds too arrogant and I’m not arrogant.” She wasn’t, but sometimes she had that look. “So, how was your week?”

“Oh, hum, interesting.” Really interesting, Jake had admitted his feelings for her and had made her that surprise.

“Oh really? Why is that?”

“Hum, well it was a good week. Where is Eric?” Kimberly asked quickly as Angeline was stepping in issues that Kimberly didn’t want to talk about.

“He went out with some friends but he’ll be back soon. You miss Eric?”


“He misses you too.” Angeline glanced at Kimberly with her dark green eyes, “In fact he spends the whole time talking about you whenever something remembers him of you. Eric will be thrilled to have you here for the weekend.”

“I’m glad I’m here too.”

Before Angeline could make any more questions, Jake showed up with a white smile, saying, “You want to see the house, Kimmy?”

Did he came back with that smile just because he had seen that Nina? “Sure.”

His house was huge, really. How many bedrooms did he said it had, more than fifteen? God! And the living rooms, dinner rooms, porches were beautiful; every porch with a beautiful view over that piece of land. And the pools… Jake had two pools. One was practically an Olympic one behind the house, surrounded by the trees and an inner pool; half size the outside one, which still meant it was big. The garden was just beautiful and the neighborhood seemed wonderful. Wow, Kimberly would give anything to live in a place like this.

Then again… she only needed to give herself to Jake and she would have a place like that.

His bedroom was just like a master bedroom, with everything included. A huge bathroom, huge bed, everything was huge there. God, was he that rich? “And this is my guitar.” Jake said as he sat down in his bed and touched the guitar.

“I like this one better.” Kimberly said, sitting down on a red couch right in front of Jake’s bed.

“Me too.” Jake laughed and played a little bit, before being interrupted by a man yelling, “Kim! You’re here!” Eric.

“Eric!” Kimberly immediately got up from the couch and ran towards Eric, jumping so he could catch her in his arms. She hugged him for a long time saying, “I’m missed you!” Until she saw Jake’s eyes darkening and she let off Eric. She had already said that she liked him, why did Jake have to be like that?

“Me too. How are you?”

“I’m fine! And you?”

“Yeah, well, I’m good too.” Eric walked towards his brother and extended his arm with his hand opened, “Everything is ok, Jake?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t be?” Jake got up and shook Eric’s hand, “I’m really good with Kimmy, why wouldn’t everything be ok?” That was a clearly ‘step off’ warning to his own brother.

“Oh...” Eric avoiding Kimberly’s and Jake’s eyes. “You guys are-”


“Yes.” Both Kimberly and Jake answered at the same time, but Kimberly persisted.

“No, we aren’t.” The atmosphere wasn’t the best in Jake’s room so Kimberly decided, “You know what? I think I’m going to unpack my things. I’m kind of tired…”

“You’re not going to have dinner?” Eric asked. Dinner? It was late! How could they have dinner at this time?

“No, I’m not hungry. We stopped at this diner one hour before we arrive. I’m not that hungry. In fact I’m tired. Maybe I’ll go to bed early. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that.” Kimberly walked towards the door, “Well, good night guys.” Before they could stop her, Kimberly got out right away and went to her room. She knew where it was, since Jake had showed it earlier. It wasn’t that different from Jake’s, it was just a bit smaller, still big, but smaller than Jake’s and was less personalized.

Kimberly unpacked her things slowly and took a long bath in that huge bathtub, fine, a really, really long bath. In the house she couldn’t do that much, since they were four and they always wanted to take a bath at the same time than the others…

It was almost 11PM when Kimberly got out of bathroom with a bath towel around her body, only to be faced by Jake sat in her own bed, waiting for her. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing, just came to wish a goodnight since I’m going to bed too. I’m tired too.”

“Oh, ok. Well, goodnight, then.” Kimberly said coldly.

“What’s wrong now? What have I done?” Jake asked suddenly and Kimberly just looked at him.

“What the hell was that? You did nothing…”

“No, I did something, for sure. When I do something you do not like, you always talk to me with that icy bitch tone on your voice, like you’re talking now. And I bet…” He said reading her silver eyes, “It has something to do with Eric.”

“You know what, you’re right! Why did you have to be so rude to him?”

“I wasn’t rude!”

“Oh you weren’t? Believe me, you were rude to him! And what was that thing all about? We’re not dating, so why did you say that? You want to make him jealous? He’s your brother for god’s sake, Jake!” Kimberly started spitting, “I don’t want to be here if you’re going to keep doing this! I am not yours, I can do whatever I want with whoever I want!”

“What do you want me to do? The minute he walked in my room, you just went wild, totally forgot about me and jumped into his arms! It’s only been a week since he left the house! You fucking miss him that much?” Jake yelled at her. He didn’t need to yell; she could hear him loud and clear.

“I don’t need to stay here and listen to your bullshit. I don’t care if you’re jealous or not, I just…”

“I am not jealous of my own brother!”

“… Want you to get out of my room and let me sleep!”

“Fine!” Jake yelled and then he stormed out of her bedroom. God, what a jerk! So much for a perfect weekend here; why did he need to understand that he was the one that Kimberly liked? Eric was special for her, but not the one she liked! Why was that so hard to fit in his brain? And if he was all worried about Eric and Kimberly why was he so anxious to see some girl named Nina? Jerk.

She dried her body and put on her nightdress. She called Sidney to check on her and everything seemed fine, then, Kimberly lay down on her bed and drift off to sleep when her thoughts allowed her.

But the night seemed to be too short or seemed to pass too quickly, because Kimberly felt she hadn’t slept much, when Eric woke her up around 10AM. “Kim, wake up.”

“Eric… Let me sleep, please. It’s still early.” Kimberly turned to the other side so that Eric couldn’t face her, but he was more persistent than what she was thinking, because he started shaking her.

“What?” She suddenly yelled.

“My mom wants to go out with you!”

"What?” Kimberly rose her body right away, “What did you just say?”

“You heard me pretty well. My mom wants to go out with you after you eat your breakfast.” Eric repeated, watching Kimberly’s surprised expression.


“I … ah … don’t know.” There was some kind of flinch in his eyes, but Kimberly let it go. Right now she was way more worried about the fact that Jake’s mother wanted to go out with her just like that. “I’ll let you get dressed. Just so you know, my mother doesn’t like to wait for others, so you better hurry up.”

With that said, Eric walked out of the room and let her alone so she could put on some jeans and a black halter top. Kimberly made her hair and did some make up and then she also walked out of her room only to find Jake walking in her direction. “Good morning, I’ve seen Eric as already told you.”

“Yeah, you know why your mother wants to go out with me?” Kimberly asked coldly.

“I have no idea.” Jake answered honestly. They both started walking towards the staircases that would led them downstairs, “But she said you should take same breakfast fast. Nina can make you something.” Nina again.

“Oh ok.”

“You know, maybe she just wants to talk to you about us.” Jake stopped her from keep walking and made her look at him, “Maybe she wants to see if we’re dating.”

“We aren’t. Why don’t you say that?”

“Come on, Kimmy. Stop talking to me like that.” His eyes begged and she simply couldn’t resist him. Why did he have to have such beautiful eyes, a beautiful face, AND a beautiful body? Why the hell did he have to be so good in everything that she simply couldn’t resist him?

“Jake…” She started, but she immediately gave up as his cat eyes pierced her body. “You shouldn’t’ have acted like that.”

“I’m sorry it’s just that I still haven’t forgotten that thing you said to my mom.”

“Forget it, baby.” Kimberly said as she gave him a weak smile, “Eric’s not the one.”

“Am I?”


“Well, I tried to know.” Jake smirked and Kimberly punched him. They went downstairs together trading looks and smiles. One moment they could be fighting, the other one they could be all cool towards each other. She kind of liked that. This way they couldn’t be sick of each other, could they? No, of course not.

“Where’s the kitchen?” Kimberly said as she looked to both sides.

“I’ll take you there, baby.” Jake said as he pulled her forward with his arm over her shoulders. Kimberly didn’t brush him away; it was cool, unless he would start to pressure her, which he didn’t. “Here’s the kitchen, Kimmy. I have to go. My mom will be here in 5 minutes, so be sure you’ll be ready when she comes. She doesn’t like to wait.”

“No worries.” Jake winked his eye towards her and then he left her on the kitchen.

“You’re Kimberly?” A thirty-year-old woman asked, as she gave Kimberly her breakfast after she sat down in front of this counter.

“Yes. Are you…” The woman had beautiful blue eyes. They were this really light blue that gave the impression they were white. They really were beautiful. Her hair was this caramel color and her body was in shape. Was she Nina? If she was Nina, Kimberly could understand the rush Jake felt to see Nina. He hadn’t had sex with her, right? He didn’t like her, right? Jake liked her. “…Nina?”

“No, I’m Isabel. Nina is around cleaning. You want something from her?”

“No, no, thank you.” She saw her breakfast right in front of her.

“Well, I have to clean. If you need anything, just look around and you’ll find someone.” Wow, just look around and she would find some maid. She wasn’t that amazed. The house was huge, Angeline was rich, it was normal if she had that much maids.

Just like Jake had warned her, his mother came in the kitchen, “Good morning, Kimberly, you’re ready?”

“Yes, I was just going to wash this and-” She had just eaten some toast, so she decided she could wash the plate and the glass from where she had drank a glass of milk.

“Let the maids take care of that, child. That’s why they are paid for.” Angeline giggled and led Kimberly out of the kitchen, “You’re ready, Kimberly?” Angeline was just like Jake when it came to calling her Kimberly. They used the same tone and everything.

“Sure.” Kimberly said and then she followed Angeline only to be outside the house waiting for something. They stayed about a minute alone, no words were spoken between each other. Until Kimberly understood why they were there. Angeline was waiting for the car. It was a black BMW that was being driven by a man she didn’t know.

“Come in, Kimberly.” Angeline said as she pointed at Kimberly and the car, “Let’s go shopping and spend some quality time together.”

Shopping?! Quality time together?

When Kimberly finally realized she was stuck with Jake’s mother all by herself, she was already too late to give up, since she was in a new city, in a huge mall full of expensive things and no money to spend, as she felt jealousy of his mother full of money. “So, Kimberly, tell me, what do you do?”

“I ah… I’m a student. I’m actually studying Math in college.” Kimberly answered nervously as she tried to avoid the same green eyes Jake had.

“Oh really? You have good grades?”

“Yes, in fact, I’m one of the best in college.” She stated with pride and a huge smile accompanying it. And she hoped that being one of the best would help her find a new and a lot better job.

They walked around the mall while they talked. They stopped once in a while in some shops of dresses that Kimberly would kill to have. They were gorgeous. They were expensive.

“From what I know, Jake is also one of the best in his college.” Angeline commented with Kimberly. “Besides, he has to be, since he is going to be ahead of the company.”

“You’re going to let him take your place?” Kimberly asked. That was what Jake wanted. “He’s going to be happy.”

“Yes, but don’t tell him, dear.” Angeline looked straight into her eyes. “I’m going to have a party tonight for him. I’m going to announce he’s going to replace me when he’s finished with college. I wanted it to be a surprise.” Angeline’s green eyes glowed with proud, “Everybody important from the company will be there to see him.”

Then, it hit her. It was a party. Full of important and rich people. What the hell was she doing there? Jake hadn’t warned her! Oh wait… Jake also wasn’t supposed to know. Eric could have told her! “He’ll be thrilled.” Kimberly said, but the tone of her voice wasn’t focused on what she was saying.

“What are you thinking?” God, was she like Jake?

“Am I invited to the party?”

“Well, of course my dear. After all, aren’t you dating with Jake?” God, the woman knew damn well she wasn’t dating with her son. Why did she ask that anyway?

“I’m not dating with Jake. There’s nothing between me and him, Angeline.”

Kimberly declared, trying to seem important, just like Angeline.

“Are you sure? Because I can see the signs, you know? I am not stupid.” Angeline laughed, “If you say there’s nothing between you two, did at least, existed something between you two? Because when I went to my son’s house the last time, he seemed pretty close to you.”

“He isn’t.”

“Eric is? You said you preferred Eric.” Angeline attacked her, just like Jake.

“I don’t. I was mad at Jake.”

“Then which one do you prefer? Because I can see you have them both. Tell me the truth, Kimberly. I know you like Jake, just like I know Eric likes you and I can see pain in his eyes whenever he sees you and Jake together.”

“I don’t want to talk about this.” Kimberly cut the issue. “It’s between me, Jake and Eric, Angeline, don’t take me wrong. I feel sorry for Eric. It wasn’t my intention to… make him like me.” She lowered her head and once again avoided Angeline’s piercing eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. Eric will get through it.” Angeline changed her tone, as she stopped in front of the Prada store. “Now, we need to find you a good dress, isn’t it?”

“What?” Kimberly looked at her, “No, really, I don’t need one, Angeline. Thanks, but no thanks-”

“Don’t be foolish, Kimberly,” Angeline cut her off, her tone hard. “You want to be beautiful for Jake’s night, don’t you? And I’m sure you haven’t brought any dress, or at least one that is adequate enough for this party. We want those long dresses, don’t we? I can already see this dress in you that I’ve seen last week.” Angeline smiled at her. “Come on, don’t stand there, move, Kimberly.”

Angeline had such a hard and bossy tone that it was impossible for her to keep fighting with the woman. Hell, screw that. If she wanted to buy her a new dress, why shouldn’t she let her? And she was sure; Angeline had a very good taste in clothes.

Great, another Dolce & Gabbana dress? At least that was what Kimberly could see from where she was standing. A huge signboard said ‘DOLCE & GABBANA’ and under there was the entrance for the store. Kimberly wasn’t even allowed to see the dresses because Angeline pushed her and guided her through the enormous store, only to stop in front of a mannequin wearing a very beautiful dress.

“You like it?” Did she like it? Kimberly was loved that dress. It was beautiful really. “I can see you like it.” Kimberly was speechless. The woman only knew her for about a week and she was already buying her stuff like that? Hell, she couldn’t even imagine how it would be to have this woman as a mother in law… Bad or good? Probably both, yeah.

While she thought about that, Angeline had already called a man, so he could give her the dress with the right size for Kimberly. It was perfect at first. Jake was so going to love this.

“Thank you, Angeline. It’s beautiful, I love it.”

“I know, it’s really pretty.” Angeline said as they walked out of the store. “Now, it’s my turn. I have plenty of dresses, but I want a new one. Let’s go, Kimberly. Oh, and I need a new bag and heels…” This woman may be getting old, but it was only in body, because in mind… she practically was Kimberly’s age.

As both women went all over the stores, they talked about numerous things like when Jake and Eric were both babies, like they were and how they’ve changed, how the death of their father caused a really deep and bad impact on Eric, but it didn’t really have any impact on Jake. Not once, Angeline mentioned Peterson. Thank god, it was an issue that Kimberly really didn’t want to talk about. It was fun and interesting talking to Angeline. She wasn’t like those old ladies who had nothing to say expect what their neighbors were doing at the time. She was a very smart woman, and thanks to it, she managed to build her pharmaceutical company, which Jake was going to be ahead soon. As for Eric, Angelina had said he had shown no interesting in being in the company, so Angeline had accepted his decision.

They ended up buying lots of stuff. No, not they, Angeline had ended up buying lots of stuff for both. Kimberly tried not to accept, but the woman kept insisting. Kimberly had never seen such a stubborn woman. So, when they decided to stop and have some lunch, Kimberly already had two bags from Louis Vuitton, a pair of Prada heels, beautiful brown earnings to match her dress from Dolce & Gabbana too, three beautiful satin nightdress that were totally hot on her and some more clothes from other expensive brands that Kimberly really wasn’t interesting in knowing. Why was Angeline doing that? It wasn’t like she was Jake or Eric’s girlfriend or a friend for a long time… Anyways, she had already bought a bunch of expensive things for her.

When they were already loaded with bags, they decided to have lunch.

“You really didn’t need to buy me all of this, Angeline.” Kimberly started as the food arrived right away to their table.

“Oh please, Kimberly. I wanted. You like it, don’t you?”

“Of course! It’s not every day that I get to go shopping on the most expensive brands there is!” Kimberly said, immediately regretting her words. God, she looked like a poor girl talking. But it was the truth; comparing herself to Angeline, Kimberly was poor.

“I’m glad you liked it, then.” Angeline said as she started eating some green salad that actually seemed to have a good appearance, not like those diet salads. Well, maybe it was a salad for diet, but it had a great appearance and seemed healthy. “And just so you know, I scheduled some woman stuff for us during the afternoon.”


“Well, we’re going to have our nails done, some skin treatment, our hair done for the party ad of course the makeup done by professionals.” Angeline said. Wow, the woman didn’t play in service. “It’s ok, I’ll pay it, and don’t fight with me about that.” Angeline said with a smile while giving her a warning. Kimberly didn’t fight back. It was interesting to spend some time with Angeline. Interesting, yet … weird.

“Does Jake know about this party?” Kimberly asked. After all if it was a surprise party, Jake didn’t know, but then again, how would he get ready if he didn’t even know that his mother was going to throw a party for him?

“No, but I warned Eric. I told him to warn Jake about lunch time.”

“What about the clothes?”

“Don’t worry, my dear. Jake and Eric have plenty of suits in the house.”

“Oh ok.”

They stayed quietly for the rest of the lunch, until Angeline re-started another conversation when a delicious desert was brought for them, “Tell me, Kimberly, I’m curious.” Kimberly looked into her eyes and saw a flinch of knowledge in her green eyes, “How do you pay college?”

Ok… Why did she have to start talking about that out of nowhere? “I ah… work, Angeline. I’m sure Eric has told you that my parents died and that I have a younger sister to take care of. So, of course I work to pay for everything.”

“You must have a hell of a job, then. How do you get to pay your college, your sister’s things, the house, clothes, bills and food if you’re still young and studying and already receive a lot of money to pay for all of that?” Angeline asked. She had a surprised expression on her face. A weird one, was she faking it? Did she know anything?

“I guess I’m lucky in have such a great job.”

“I wouldn’t call myself lucky if I had to work every night as a stripper.”

Not again, no, Angeline didn’t know she was a stripper. Had Peterson told her? No… because Peterson knew it was better to let everything be like that… Had Angeline insisted for him to tell her who the stripper was? No… Jake had put him out of the house and Kimberly was sure a woman like Angeline would never want to see Peterson again. Right?


“It’s that difficult for you to know who told me, Kimberly?” Angeline interrupted her. Although Kimberly had been the stripper that Peterson had harassed, Angeline asked that with a sweet smile.

Of course it wasn’t difficult. Besides, Kimberly should already expect that. The cute little Eric had to tell it to his bossy mother. “I should have been expecting that one coming. How could I be so stupid?”

“I made him tell me.” Angeline said, trying to defend her younger son.

“Angeline… I’m sorry.” Kimberly said right away. God, Peterson’s relation with Angeline had been ruined because of her! And now she was having this conversation with Angeline! “I was just doing my job! And he was already-”

“You don’t need to apologize. Eric told me everything. I’m not angry or anything, in fact I’m thankful. You made me see the man Peterson really was. And thanks to him, I lost two years of Jake’s life.” Angeline looked away, this time being she the one who was trying to avoid the eye contact.

Kimberly never felt more embarrassed in her own life. Talking to a woman who her man had harassed and being the woman right in front of her, was embarrassing. Besides, the shame, embarrassment, preoccupation and stress she was feeling, Kimberly was only worried in saying, “Don’t tell Jake please.”

“He’ll eventually find out, you know.”

“I don’t care, but I don’t want him to know! At least right now! He isn’t even my boyfriend! He’s just a guy who I live with-”

“And you like him.” Angeline said, her green eyes focusing on locking Kimberly’s eyes on hers.

“Angeline I don’t want to talk about this. It’s between me and Jake. It’s our feelings. Once again, I’m sorry about Peterson, you won’t tell anyone I’m a stripper, right? Please, Angeline. It’s really important for me. I really need this job so I can pay everything. Not even my sister knows I work as a stripper…” Kimberly begged. Angeline couldn’t tell anyone.

“Don’t worry.” Angeline answered with a naughty smile, “But,” Her lips hardened, “If you ever, ever be with my son for real… you will tell him. I don’t want him to live in lies. In fact, he hates when someone lies to him.” Angeline’s eyes were ready to shot her if she needed to.

“I doubt it, but it’s ok.” She and Jake? A part of her wished that… the other part wished Jake wouldn’t hurt her now. Not now when they were doing really great.

“Great. Shall we go?” Although Angeline had asked politely, she really hadn’t asked that, she had commanded that.

“Ok.” Kimberly said, still a little bit insecure with Angeline knowing her secret and reacting so quietly. But she decided it was best if she forgot that now. Yeah, definitely.

Kimberly and Angeline exited the mall with no words between each other, heading to their afternoon of treatments. Was this what Angeline had to do every time she had some fancy party? Kimberly thought it was a waste of money and time… But that had been before she had done what Angeline had planned for both.

The skin treatment was awesome and felt really good. Then it was followed by a massage done by professionals. Kimberly noticed they were in some kind of spa. As she walked from one side to another, she always had something done. The skin treatments, the massage, manicure and pedicure, hairstyle and make up. Between the manicure and pedicure and the hairstyle and makeup, Kimberly and Angeline had spent some time putting their new dresses on. Kimberly completely loved her new dress, her new heels and her new earrings. The makeup, the hair and the nails were great; she loved it.

Since they had eaten there something, it was about 8pm when the driver came again and took them to Angelina’s mansion. “Jake is going to love that dress on you.” Angeline said quietly as she watched Kimberly looking outside the mirror.

“You think?” Kimberly asked with a nice smile. Whatever she had against Angeline, she had to forget that now, since Angeline knew her secret. Then again, she really didn’t have anything against Jake’s mother. Kimberly just wasn’t used to her way of be or was she? She had the same manners than Jake. The same ways of doing things…

“Definitely.” Angeline replied, not taking her green eyes off Kimberly’s.

Kimberly said nothing else until they arrived at her mansion, which was filled with expensive cars and people walking around the garden. When the driver stopped the car, the door was immediately opened and Kimberly and Angeline saw Jake’s green eyes. “Where the hell have you been, mom? These people are looking for you!”

“Calm down, Jake.” Angeline said, as she gave her hand to Jake, so he could help her get out of the car in style. “You need to relax. Why don’t you help Kimberly get out of the car, while I go see how the guests are?”

“I want to know why…” Jake shut up as he noticed his mother was no longer listening to him and had started walking away. He turned around and sighted Kimberly already out of the car.

“As always, you’re beautiful.” He said with a smile as he watched her form head to toes.

“Thank you.” She gave him a smile and walked past him.

“I see my mom has bought you a dress. A beautiful one in fact.” Jake commented. “So how was your day? My mom bothered you much?”

“No.” Just a little. But of course Kimberly didn’t say it. “You’re good too.” Kimberly said, so she could avoid that issue. Jake wore the traditional black suit with a white buttoned shirt underneath the jacket and a brown tie and if it was a coincidence or not, Kimberly didn’t know, since it her dress was brown. Did he already know?

“Thanks. Want to go inside? The garden and the house are both full of people that are annoying. Almost coming to me like ‘Jake! You’re all grown up! How have you been?’ It fucking annoys me. Specially those 40 year old who think they are 20 and want to have sex with me. Bitches.” Jake reveled with anger in his tone of voice. And he was right. As they walked inside, 3 men walked up to him and said the same thing he had said to her seconds ago, but in different words. As for the women… God, they weren’t even discreet!

Another man came to talk to Jake again, but this time Eric came along and saved Kimberly from another boring conversation were she didn’t even say anything. “I bet you’re already tired of this.” Eric said as he and Kimberly gave a few steps away from Jake and the other man.

“Oh yeah.”

“How was the day with my mom?”

“Jake made the same question. It was good.”

Eric was wearing almost the same thing than Jake. The only differences were that the color of his suit was a bit lighter than Jake’s black color and his tie was golden. Another coincidence? Her dress also had golden. “Did you guys like knew I was going to wear this dress?”

“Kind of.” Eric admitted. “I saw your dress when I went to the mall with my mom two days ago. I already knew about the party and I was sure you didn’t have a proper dress so I talked to my mother about it.”

“So, you did know what she wanted from me this morning.” She had no smile. Eric should have told her that his mother wanted to spend the day with her. “You should have told me.”

“I’m sorry.” And he really was, Kimberly could see it in his face.

“You know, usually the date of a girl in a parties like this, wears a tie with the same color than the girl’s dress.” She gazed at his golden tie. “You did that on purpose?”

“No.” The time he took to answer made Kimberly question if it was true or not. But then, he supported his answer, “My date is wearing a golden dress.”

That caught her off guard, “You have a date?”

“Yeah, her name is Lea. She’s in the same class than I in college. She’s French.”

“Oh… That’s interesting…” Kimberly said, immediately looking for a girl wearing a golden dress that seemed like someone from France. Suddenly, the atmosphere between them became weird and they both seemed outsiders towards each other. “I ah… should get back to Jake… I’m sure he’s my ah… date for tonight.”

Kimberly turned around as fast as she could and looked for Jake, sighting him in the same place, but with a different man. This time it was a 50-year-old, tall man, with gentle blue eyes and white hair. She reached Jake, and he noticed her, saying right away, “Oh, you’re back.” Jake said with a warming smile. “Albert this is Kimberly. Kimberly this is Albert.” Kimberly shook hands with the man with a welcoming smile as she thought about Jake calling her Kimberly again.

“Hello, nice to meet you, Kimberly.” Aw, he had a sweet grandfather voice.

“The pleasure is mine.” Had another ‘Joanne’ got in their way? Since Jake admitted everything he had never called her Kimberly again.

“I’ve seen you keep getting yourself beautiful girls as always.” Albert said and Kimberly recognized the true sentence behind the one he had said. ‘I’ve seen you keep fucking various girls.’

“Oh no, Albert. I’m not like that anymore.”

“Oh really? Then you and Kimberly are-”


“A couple.” They both answered at the same time and they both met each other’s eyes.

“Which one is it?”


“A couple.”

Again at the same time. “Oh, I see.” Albert said, and in fact he really seemed to know what both of them meant.

“I better leave you two talking.” Kimberly smiled to the old man, but gave a threateningly look to Jake as she looked at him one last time before turning around to go somewhere else. Jake didn’t stop her, since he was in the middle of the conversation with Albert and Kimberly thanked to that.

She stopped when she saw the inside pool. She sat down there and closed her eyes for a while. The party had just begun and she was already tired of it. Jake was such an idiot. Kimberly knew why he had called her Kimberly. Because of that girl named Nina that she still didn’t know whom it was or maybe because of the women that were in the party and were sexual attracted to him. Sex. God, it was enough for a girl to offer him a great night of sex and he would immediately let go of her. Maybe Jake’s brown tie wasn’t because of her. From what she knew Eric was the one who knew that her dress was a brown and golden one. And then he just started saying to that man that they were a couple! No way. Liar.

She was all by herself in that party. People didn’t leave Jake alone because this party was for him, thing that he even didn’t know. Besides she wouldn’t even want to be with him now. Her cell was upstairs so she couldn’t call her sister. And Eric… Eric had that little French bitch. Ok, now Kimberly was exaggerating, it’s not she knew the girl. And she wasn’t jealous, of course. She liked Jake not Eric. But still… she was used to having Eric by her side whenever something went wrong with Jake. Now, he wasn’t, because of the French girl. Oh, she wasn’t thinking straight.

Eric was her friend not her boyfriend, so he didn’t need to be with her, whenever something went wrong in her life. Maybe the French girl would attract him and he would stop liking Kimberly. It was good for him, but… was it good for her? If Eric liked the French girl then… he would pay less attention to her.

Oh, come on. She didn’t like Eric. God, she hadn’t even drunk and she was already having stupid thoughts. Maybe Nina was an old friend or something. No, not an old friend. If they were old friends, they would always come back and take his heart. Kimberly didn’t want that. Another stupid thought. She didn’t even want to date with him so why don’t let him be with Nina?

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She heard behind her. No need to turn around to see who it was. “I spent the whole time looking for you! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Had she been missing for that long?

“Nothing’s wrong with me and you don’t need to speak like that.”

“Don’t fucking play me again.” Jake was angry. And when he faced her, he asked, “Why did you leave the party like that?”

“Why did you call me Kimberly? Why did you say we were a couple if you called me Kimberly?” The red haired girl asked him, not taking her eyes off the crystalline water.

“Why are you asking me that? Calling you Kimberly has nothing to do with saying we’re a couple.”

“Yes, it does!” Kimberly raised her voice, “When you admitted you liked me you immediately started calling me Kimmy, even if you were in front of other people! But now, you called me Kimberly…”

“I can’t believe you’re mad because of a name.”

“…is it because of those bitches? Have you accepted to have sex with one of them? I’m sure you-”

“Will you cut the crap? It’s just a name, baby!”

“Don’t call me baby!”

“You can be so stupid sometimes.”

“It isn’t just a name, Jake! You know it means more!” Kimberly hoped the name meant something to him as it meant for her, because now, he was the only one who called her Kimmy.

“Baby, we should go. My mom is saying she’s going to make some announcement.” Jake said and Kimberly noticed he was trying to forget all of her yells and make her focus on reality. But that wasn’t going to be easy.

“I know why you called me Kimberly. It’s because of that Nina isn’t?” Kimberly saw Jake gazing at her in a surprised way.


“Yeah, Nina. I made the same question to myself when you left me all alone yesterday with your mother as you went to see that Nina.” Kimberly said, pointing at him furiously.

“Baby, Nina is-”

“You know what?” Kimberly interrupted him and stepped towards the exit of the inside pool room, “I don’t even want to know who she is.” With that said, Kimberly left the room with a clear warning saying the talk was over. But still, Jake hadn’t given up because he followed her.

“Stop right there Kimberly!” Jake yelled behind her, making her stop, turn around and yell as well.

“See? See? You just call me Kimberly!”

“Of course!” He said, “You want me to call you Kimmy with the same sweetness when you’re acting like a bitch to me?”

God, he was so not worth her time right now. She turned around and followed her way. Jake was still following her, until Kimberly saw the chance of confusing him. She was about to enter in the main living room, where the party was taking place. The moment she would step there, Jake would immediately be confused with a lot of people around him making him lose his sight.

Then, it happen and she heard, “…so, from now on, my son Jake will be ahead of my company, as I retire from the family business, happy with my achievement-”

“Kimberly, don’t you dare doing that, I…” Jake stopped talking as he saw all men and women looking at him and applauding him. Kimberly noticed his surprised expression. Hadn’t he heard his mother? He kept questioning himself, as people came to speak with him.

Before Kimberly turned around and leave him in the middle of that people, she said, “Just so you know, your mother as just finished saying you’re ahead of the pharmaceutical company from now on.” Then, she vanished and Jake lost her in the middle of the crowd.

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