Love Stripped

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Chapter 22

It was about 2am already and Kimberly was still awake, still dressed and still thinking on her bed. The fight with Jake made her go to her room and decide to not go out of that division for the rest of the night. God, she felt bad. Kimberly knew she had exaggerated a little bit. But he just annoyed her… Not even Eric had come looking for her. Both brothers didn’t give a damn about her right now.

How she was wrong.

He walked in her room without knocking; he looked at her without speaking, Jake waited till she started their next fight. Kimberly got up from the bed and walked till him, “What do you want?”

“We have to talk.”

Kimberly touched the doorknob and opened the door, “We have nothing to-”

“Stop acting like a bitch.” Jake said as he violently closed the door. Kimberly stepped back and looked into his eyes. It was the second time she saw Jake so furious. The other time had been when he had confronted her about her preferring Eric than him. “I’m tired of these games. Time has come, to show and prove, Kimberly, I’ve seen enough, I wanna feel the truth.”

“What are you say-”

“I’m saying I’m tired of these games. I wanna stop everything. I’m tired of these fights, playing like if we were cat and rat. I wanna know if this is for real and if I’m not wasting my time on something that will never take place in reality.” The way he had said that, sounded too bad and too rough.

“I’m the one who knows you’re wasting your time? You’re the one who has to find out whether you really liked me or not!”

“You can be so stupid!” Jake yelled at her. “I’ve said I liked you! I really do! But you don’t want anything with me!” She wondered why. Stupid.


“I’m so tired of this! I want you!” He yelled back at her. Yeah, Kimberly would put her hands on fire, proving that he had said that tons of times to his previous sex adventures. “But you… Sometimes you want it… sometimes you don’t… sometimes you need it, then you don’t, then you let go.”

“Jake, you know why-”

“No, let me talk, Kimberly! Let me say this for once and for all!” Jake said, and Kimberly had never seen him more decisive. “You know damn well the way that we touch is something that we can’t deny! The ways that you move… oh you make me feel alive.” He laughed to himself, but still Kimberly let him keep going, wondering where he wanted to go with this.

“It’s like the world just disappears when you’re around me… I want you to say you want me! Say you want, say you need! I don’t care about them anymore now! I want you! I know you’re not into me just because of what I have! I can tell by your face you love the way you turn me on! I would do what it took… I would never do you wrong!”

“I know!”

Jake seemed he hadn’t listened to hear, since he kept going, “You know why? Because the way we love is something that we can’t deny!” The way they loved? Wait a minute… “So I ask you! I’ve said it all. Why don’t you date me?”

Now, Kimberly didn’t interrupt him nor stopped him. In fact, Jake had said it all. But still, her insecurity about him, made her hesitate. Because she knew how he was with girls. Did he really like her? Was he really into to have a real relationship with her? After all the time, denying to herself she didn’t want that, she did. She wanted to have him every day just for her.

Was her job getting into this too? After all, she had also spent a lot of time, saying to herself that Jake was just like those guys from the strip clubs. But he wasn’t. When he had gone to the strip club on his birthday, he hadn’t even paid attention to the stripper; he had paid attention to her.

“I… I’m afraid to get hurt.“´

“What?” Jake asked. She had said that in such a low tone of voice that Jake hadn’t even heard her.

“I’m afraid to get hurt!” She cried out, “I’m afraid you’ll do the same to me that you did to Joanne! I don’t want it, Jake! Did you see the way you left her? She was practically heartbroken! I don’t want to have a relationship with you where you’ll end up hurting me!”

“Kimmy, I won’t!” Kimmy! Again! But had he said that just because he was close to get her?

“I want to believe in you! I really want! It’s just that…” She avoided his green eyes that were studying her, “How do I know you’re really telling the truth?” She wanted to believe it was truth… But how was she going to know he was really saying the truth? That he really liked her?

“Don’t get me wrong, Kimmy.” Jake started, “I like you, but does that mean I have to walk on water?”

He was right. Damn.

“You’re right, but…”

“You’ll just have to risk it.” Jake stated. He reached her arms and pulled her to him. “I promise, Kimmy. I won’t hurt you ever.” He hugged her and Kimberly felt the warm in his body, heating her own.

Then, she looked up at him, “You promise?”

“Yes.” His sweet smile, his light green eyes, the kindness in his voice made her believe him. With that answer, she closed her eyes and kissed him. Oh, she missed his lips, his tongue caressing hers… He was kissing her with the same softness he had when they had had sex last time.

Jake broke the kiss and asked, “You really want it?”


“Then… let’s not have sex…” He turned her around and caressed her neck. He didn’t want to have sex with her? Wow. She turned around again and looked at him, surprised. “What?”

“You don’t want to have sex?” Kimberly asked him. It’s not like she wanted to have sex… Ok, maybe she wanted it a little bit, seeing that the last time was wonderful, she liked to repeat it again… But he didn’t want it.

“No.” He gave her a long and fiery kiss. He squeezed her against him and when their lips broke apart, he whispered in her ear, “I want to make love with you.”

Jake took of his jacket and his brown tie, and when he had started to unbutton his shirt, Kimberly pushed him towards her and kissed him again. She didn’t want to lose him now. She wanted that moment just for her.

Their lips broke apart and Jake started sucking Kimberly’s neck, leaving small bruises, as he took off his unbuttoned shirt.

Kimberly never felt such a hurry to kiss somebody, to melt her body with somebody. She had this need to flex herself with Jake. She violently put her arms around his neck, placed her hands on his head and pushed him towards her. She urged to kiss him.

Jake didn’t stopped her from showing how much she wanted him, but her need to melt down with him was so strong, that she really wasn’t capable of controlling herself. He almost tripped because of her on his way to her bed while taking his pants.

“Baby,” Jake started, as Kimberly pulled him towards her and the bed, “Calm down.” Oh this time it was her who needed to be calm. It wasn’t like he was going to run away. He wasn’t and she knew it.

“I need you, I want you.”

“You want me?” He looked straight into her eyes, smiling.

“More than ever. Take off my dress.” Kimberly commanded. Jake didn’t hesitate, but he did the exact opposite from what she was expecting. Instead of taking her dress with the speed she wanted, Jake had slowly put his hands on her shoulders, turned her around and kissed her shoulders.

“Don’t make me wait.” She begged. Kimberly was so afraid of losing this moment.

“I’m not gonna run away from you.” He smoothly unzipped her dress. Jake had done that in such a soft way that Kimberly hadn’t even noticed her dress falling through her shoulders and legs, as his tongue followed the dress, caressing her all the way down.

Kimberly couldn’t hesitate; she let out moans of pleasure. Until, out of the blue, Jake took her in his arms and put her down on the huge bed. As he kissed her ankles, he took off her heels, throwing them far away from them.

He moved upper and upper, until he reached Kimberly’s inner thighs and dipped his head, Kimberly tried to make no noise, but it was impossible for her. Jake was licking her just like she liked, at the same time two of his fingers pumped in and out of her. She licked her lips; she wanted him to kiss her.

“I don’t want that…” She tried to say between her gasps, “I want you. You, just you.”

Jake made her wish come true. He moved himself upper and placed his body over hers and he got inside her. As he slowly made his way into her body, Kimberly wanted to wrap her arms around his shoulders, but he was too far away from her, since their heads and torso were inches apart from each other.

She sighted him watching her moves, listening to her moans and visualizing the expressions she made due to the pleasure he was giving her. They were apart, but still, she could touch him. She could not hold him entirely as she wanted, but she could touch him.

Suddenly as he started trusting harder on her, he bent down just a little bit, so that he could touch her lips. Kimberly grabbed his face and kissed him, trying to control the moans that wanted to come out of her mouth.

Jake stopped kissing her; looked into her eyes and said, “Do what you want.”

And then, she had his permission. First, she made him keep going, but now she was already grabbing him just like she wished. She felt the muscles in his back, the sweat on his back, the heat coming from his body. Until Kimberly made him roll, making her now the one in charged for the movements. Just like she liked and he knew it.

She rode him and enjoyed every minute, as Jake hands explored her torso, breasts, back, hips… His touch made her go wild.

Until, Kimberly couldn’t take it anymore and pushed him up, making him sat down in bed with her on top o him, just like last time. “You… make… me… crazy…” Kimberly declared as she moved in and out not too fast, not too slow, with her back arched backwards, making Jake see her upper attributes, just like he wanted. She vibrated as his hands touched her nipples, as his lips licked her breasts.

And finally, she reached her climax with Jake, as she bent forward again, to kiss him, in order for him to stop her from moaning louder. Jake also tried to moan lower, but the orgasm was just too good to stop moaning just like that. Their vision became blank, their minds couldn’t think, their bodies didn’t respond to their commands.

Best climax ever.

They had their foreheads leaned on one another. Jake tossed Kimberly’s hair back, and she finally sighted his light green eyes. She couldn’t help but to laugh.


“Nothing. I’m just happy, that’s all.” She kissed him again, but softly. Just one hour ago, she was with the worst humor ever, but now… she felt good. Not because of the sex, but because of Jake.

“We better get cleaned.” Jake said as he trailed kisses across her neck.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll take a bath right now.” Kimberly slowly got up and as she went to the bathroom, she heard Jake, “Can I join you?′

“Well… Hum… Ok!” She yelled from the bathroom, but not too loud, since it was already late. She turned on the shower and got in it, being followed by Jake, who immediately wrapped up his arms around her waist, as the hot water stroked their bodies. It was the first time they took a bath together, but Kimberly felt she had already done that a lot of times.

They trade kisses again, until Kimberly turned around and said, “Stop it, Jake, I came here to take a shower!” She giggled as his mouth softly bit her ear.

“Can’t we play some more?” Jake asked, his hands sliding down to her thighs, “You’re still naked and I’m already hard again.” He leaned more on Kimberly and she felt him. “Don’t ruin the mood now, baby.”

“I won’t.” Kimberly said as she gave him permission to enjoy her once again. Right there, under the shower, Jake controlled her like he also liked. He stroked her hard, but not too fast, just like she liked, making the both of them come fast in an orgasm that took away their breath and strength.

Tired and entranced, Kimberly and Jake got out of the shower after getting all cleaned up.

“Can I sleep with you?” Jake asked, looking at her putting new underwear on. Kimberly knew she would let him sleep there; he just needed to hear that she wanted him there.

“Yeah.” She gave him a smile and went to bed with him. They covered their bodies with a gray sheet and adjusted their positions in bed. Jake was fully lain down in the bed and Kimberly was half lay down over him. Her left arm was wrapped around his chest as her head rested on his right shoulder. She never felt so good in her life.

“Does this means I’m your…” She stopped at the end of the question. She was actually a bit embarrassed for asking that. Jake had once said that he had no girlfriends, because they only gave him headaches. But, they had admitted everything. Everything. Didn’t that mean they were a couple now?

“You don’t even need to ask that, Kimmy.” His eyes were already closed, “Of course you are my girlfriend.”

“Then…” She smiled to no one in particular, “I want to sleep with you every night.”

“I wouldn’t expect less.” Jake pulled her tightly to him, “Goodnight, Kimmy.”

“Goodnight, baby.” Kimberly closed her eyes and thanks to the tiredness she was feeling due to her busy day, she drift off to sleep in minutes.

It had passed a lot of time since Kimberly had had a really good night of sleep. She didn’t know if it had been the softness of the sheets, the warm she was feeling, the good dream she had had or simply Jake’s body glued on hers the entire night making her have such a pleasant night of sleep. And then, when he wasn’t there no more… she woke up.

Jake’s place was empty. Still sleepy, she looked at the watch next to her. 10:45 AM. She got up slowly and noticed that his clothes weren’t on the floor. In fact, weren’t in any other place. It was when she turned around again that she noticed a paper over his pillow. Kimberly grabbed it and saw that Jake had written he had gone to the pool.

She let herself fall into the bed. Last night had been just wonderful. They had spoken and they had decided. Jake promised he wouldn’t hurt her and Kimberly believed in him. They were officially a couple now.

Kimberly simply couldn’t believe in it, yet. She had spent so much time thinking and saying how much she hated him and that would never let him have her because he was just like the guys from the strip club and yet, she was dating him now. He had said the words last night.

Of course you are my girlfriend.

Happy. That was how she was feeling. With a good mood, Kimberly got up from the bed and went to put on her bikini, and some short shorts. She made her hair, brushed her teeth and called Sidney. Everything was ok with her sister. Just like it was with Kimberly.

With a smile on her face, she left her room and went looking for Jake. At this hour, he could only be in the inside pool for sure. About a minute later, she reached the inside pool and saw him swimming from one side to another until she made him notice her presence by throwing him some water when he reached her side of the pool.

“Good morning.”

“Hi, baby.” Jake said, tossing his hair back. “Sleep well?”

“Oh yes.” She offered him a smile and in the second after, she felt his lips giving soft kisses on her ankle. “You could have waked me up.”

“You looked so perfect that I didn’t want to wake you up.” It didn’t even seem Jake, so much niceness that Jake had ready for her. “Why don’t you come in?”

“No problem.” Kimberly took off her sandals and her shorts and slowly walked in the pool. The water wasn’t that hot or cold. It was at the right temperature. Her body was immediately grabbed by Jake’s arms and was pulled towards him.

“You’re happy?”

“It has only passed a few hours since our decision, but yes.” His green eyes pierced her, as if he wanted to make sure she wasn’t lying. “I’m happy with what I decided. I just don’t want-”

“I promised you, Kimmy.” Jake answered to her unspoken sentence. “Don’t worry.” He kissed her lips and leaned her on the edge of the pool. “You drive me crazy.” Jake said, his hands sliding down through her back and but, underneath the water. “I could just do it again, right now.”

“Me too.” She tried to say between his kiss, “But maybe it’s not a good time. Someone might come in.”

“No one is coming to the-”

“What is this?” A voice said behind them. They stopped kissing and Kimberly turned around only to face an old lady that gave her the impression that she was the cutest and nicest grandmother Kimberly could have ever seen

“Oh,” Jake was smiling. “Good morning, Nina.”

That was Nina? The Nina?

Kimberly immediately looked at Jake and saw him smiling at her. How stupid she had been, to think that Jake had something with this woman?! She was way too blind with jealousy.

“Good morning, Jake.” The woman’s sweet hazel eyes met Kimberly’s, “Is this the girl you were talking about?”

“Yes. Kimmy, this is Nina, our housekeeping and my second mother.” His smile was bright as he talked about the woman, “Nina this is my girlfriend, Kimberly.”

“Girlfriend?” The woman asked, starring at Kimberly, “You found yourself a woman? Let me say, Kimberly, you must have something special to be his girlfriend, because Jake… he’s very difficult with girls.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that.” She smiled to Nina. She seemed to be so nice.

“Well, I should go. I just came here because I heard voices. It was a pleasure to meet you, Kimberly.”

“Please, call me Kim, and the pleasure was mine.”

“Have a pleasant morning, Kim.” Nina put her eyes over Jake, “You better take care of her.”

“Sure.” She smiled once again and went away. Kimberly immediately looked at Jake.

“Why didn’t you tell me that was Nina?” Kimberly asked. God, she had made a fool of herself every time she had spoken about a woman, thinking that she was someone that Jake was having sex!

“You didn’t let me!”

“Yeah, right, if you wanted you could have told me! You could have spared my stupid thoughts!” Kimberly threw him water.

“Oh come on, what thoughts?” She didn’t look at him, making him think what thoughts had she had, “Oh no.” He started laughing, “You thought was having sex with Nina or something?”

Once again, she didn’t’ answer, “You were jealous of an old woman!”

“Stop mocking me!”

“You know, that can only mean that you like me for real.” He started chasing her, “God, she’s old, Kimmy!”

“I didn’t know, ok?” She kept running away from him as she laughed of herself.

“If you had let me answer when you talked about her, you would spare yourself to the embarrassment!” He finally reached her and pulled her into him, “I wouldn’t dare sleeping with another girl after I said I liked you.”

“Oh yeah?”



“Because you would be like hell to me.” He paused, “I mean you already are hell to me, but-”

“Oh, you-”

“Good morning.” Another voice interrupted them. This time, Kimberly recognized the voice, just like Jake, whose eyes immediately darkened.

“’Morning.” Jake said first, pulling Kimberly closer to him.

“Good morning.” A feminine voice said behind Eric. Eric pushed the girl’s arm and Kimberly saw right away the girl that had been Eric’s date last night. “I’m Lea.” The second Kimberly laid her eyes on the girl, she didn’t like her. There was something about the way her eyes met Kimberly’s…

Lea wasn’t ugly at all. In fact, she looked like the perfect rich spoiled daughter. She had waved blond hair with length shoulders, the perfect height and weight, the curves in its place, green eyes darker than Jake’s and full lips that made a certain contrast with her fair skin and blond hair.

“Lea, that’s my brother Jake,” Her green eyes watched Jake. “And that’s-”

“My girlfriend, Kimberly.” He hadn’t given that information because of Lea; Kimberly knew it was because of Eric. He had to know she was out of limits now.

“You two are…”

“Dating? Yes. She’s my girlfriend now.” If that had hurt Eric somehow, Kimberly couldn’t tell. “Nice to meet you, Lea.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Lea, let’s go to the outside pool.”

“You said you wanted-”

“Yeah, but its better outside.” Eric interrupted her, trying to avoid Kimberly’s gray eyes. He didn’t want to be there because she was with Jake now? If she ever lasted with Jake… was Eric going to behave like that every time he saw them? “Come on.” Lea and Eric turned around and left them alone.

“Eric’s being an ass.” Jake said right away, “I know he likes you but damn… He’s so stupid.”

“Yeah, he’s being stupid now.” Kimberly said as she freed herself from Jake and swam for a while around the warm pool. Just like Jake, who suddenly started going after her. “What are you-OH!” Jake had grabbed her and kissed her violently. She loved those wild kisses.

“This is… strange.” Kimberly said when he gave her permission to breath.


Before she answered, Kimberly got out of the pool, ”This. I mean, after all of the fights and the sex… it’s strange.” Kimberly saw him getting out of the pool too, and picking up a towel.

“You’re having second thoughts?” He eyed her carefully.

“No… I was used to having a fight with you before you could give any of the kisses or the sex. Now, I don’t need to do anything.”

“Well…” Jake’s eyes locked hers, “You can try and have a fight with me, but I won’t give a damn.” His amused smile came back to life, “I’ll just pretend that I’m like def and then… I’ll just throw you into my bed and-”

“Stop right there!” Kimberly threatened him. “Oh, by the way, how did things end up last night?”

“Last night? Oh!” Jake looked at her and said in a hard tone of voice, “After you left me like that in the party, right after my mom announced that, people didn’t stop coming to me to wish me luck and to talk about my mom’s decision. Damn, it sucked, so fucking boring.”

“You were expecting that decision?”

“Kind of.” He revealed, as he pushed her to him and led her out of that division, “Since I was ok with my mom, it was just a matter of time till she announced it.”

“When are you going to start working on the company?”

“Yeah, that’s what’s bothering me…” He avoided looking at her, when they were already in a hall.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… my mother said I had to start working on the company as soon as possible, which means, right away. Here’s the problem: College isn’t over yet and I don’t live in the same city as the company and my mother. I have to study for the finals that are coming, but my mother says I also have to read a bunch of papers before I go to the company… From now on, her secretary will send me all of the business that the pharmaceutical company is related to and I have to study them in order to talk with the important guys.” Jake took a deep breath, looking at her now. Kimberly knew he was thinking the same thing as her.

“You’ll have to move out here if you want to be ahead of the company from now on.”

Jake opened the door of his bedroom and they both got in. When she threw herself into his bed, her mind was fluted by those thoughts.

Eventually, Jake would have to move out here to be close to the company. He couldn’t possible live in another city when his job was located on another one. And Kimberly worked on the strip club and her life was there. She had just started dating with him; she couldn’t possible move in with him that was just simply absurd. But… she already lived with him… But it was different of course. And she had Sidney on her care. It was inevitable when she thought out loud, “We will end up breaking up.”

“What?” Jake sad right away, coming out of the bathroom with some jeans on and a green shirt.

“What?” Kimberly hadn’t noticed she had said that out loud.

“You said we would end up breaking up.”

“I didn’t…” Jake sat next to her. Her thoughts were defeating her, “It’s inevitable, Jake.”

“Shut up. I didn’t left behind the great life I had by screwing girls whenever I wanted and could just so we would end up breaking up after a month or so. I’m in this because I really like you, so if you do like me, we’ll handle all the obstacles.” He stated, as he put his arms around her shoulders, comforting her.

Kimberly hoped he was right, she wanted him to be right. “But after college… you’ll have to work on full time in the company. You won’t have time for me, since I’m sure you will have to move here!”

“Then you’re coming with me!”

She got up right away and exploded, “That isn’t just like that, Jake! I mean, we just started dating yesterday”

“Are you sure about that?” Jake cut her off. His green eyes were uncomfortable. The way he had said that and had interrupted her, made a chill ran down her spine. His voice was just like when he had asked her why she preferred Eric, but it was much calmer.

“What the fuck are you saying? Of course we started dating yesterday!”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” She crossed her arms and waited for an answer, “You see, since you came to my life, you practically had me, like I had previously stated. We started having sex in less than a week and Joanne was just some girl that was in the middle of us. We kissed like if it was nothing and it was the fear that you had about dating me that stopped us from evolving earlier.”

“Yeah, right, and you thinking I was just some fucking bitch that wanted you for your money had nothing to do with it, either?” Kimberly attacked. She still hadn’t forgotten when he had said that to her. Jerk, thinking that she just liked him for the fact that he was filthy rich.

“No, I never thought that!” Jake got up too, “I just said that because I was mad at the time and you fucking know why!”

She didn’t answer. Kimberly did believe that her words really hurt him. And Eric was right. She wanted Jake because he was Jake. She wouldn’t like him if he were Eric, because Eric didn’t gave her the feelings that Jake gave her with such easiness: desire and anger, which awakened in both of them the sexual tension that existed just around them both.

“Fuck this stupid fight, Kimmy. It isn’t worth it.” Jake finally said, embracing her, “When the time comes, we’ll resolve this. Even if I have to take you and Sidney with me to this city.” He laughed of his silly words, but Kimberly didn’t.

“Yeah, right. In your world everything is easy.” She pushed him off, “Jake, I just can’t move out of town because you want to. My life is there, my job is there too.”

“You don’t need to work! You have me! There is an advantage of having a rich boyfriend.” He smiled at her, but she didn’t even look at him. God, for him, things seemed to be so easy. She couldn’t possible not work. And Sidney wouldn’t want to get out of that city! What kind of woman would Kimberly be if she let Jake pay for all of her things? They were dating for like some hours and he was already thinking about moving here and provide her the life she dreamt since her parents died? No way.

“That’s a stupid idea so get rid of her! You don’t even know if you’ll keep liking me-”

“Kimmy!” He shouted to get her full attention, “How can I stop liking you? You give the fights I want! You make me hate you and then love you! You make me fight with you but then you’ll be back at my arms in a heartbeat! How could I get sick of you if things with you are never the same?” He finally reached her again and she didn’t fight back, “We’ll think of this when we have to. We don’t need to fight now because of some stupid thing. Let’s see how things are between me and you as a couple.” Jake said the last word with emphasis. “And then we’ll decide what will happen. You like me, don’t you?”

Kimberly didn’t answer. She didn’t need to, but she was just angry. She didn’t want to date with him if she was going to break up with him like a month later…

“You like me, don’t you?” Jake pulled her now into his arms and lifted up her face.

“Of course.”

“Then don’t worry.” His smiled warmed her, but it didn’t secure her about that problem. “Come on, it’s almost time for lunch and you haven’t changed. Let’s go to your room.” Jake grabbed her hands and pushed her out of his room, leading her way.

Had she really made the right decision? She wasn’t regretting her decision already; it was just that she didn’t want to regret her decision later in the future, when Jake… starts working on the company. Maybe they would really break up later and Kimberly didn’t even need to have these thoughts.

No, now she really was having stupid thoughts. She didn’t want to break up with him, she wanted him and both knew it. So, both would resolve this when the time came. How? Kimberly had no idea. She was counting on Jake.

She changed quickly into a skirt and a black halter top and then Jake led her to the dining room, where his mother was already sat down at the center of the table. “Oh, by the way,” Jake started when they walked in the room, “After lunch, you’ll have to start packing since we are going home as soon as possible, ok?”

“No problem.”

Since Kimberly walked in with Jake’s arm over her, she heard right away his mother’s comments, “Oh, I see something happened.”

“Yeah, you’re looking at my girlfriend.” Jake sat down at his mother’s right side and Kimberly sat next to his. At least Kimberly could notice he wasn’t embarrassed by saying she was his girlfriend, since he had never had a real girlfriend…

“Well then, I hope you two be happy and honest with each other.” When she pronounced honest, Angeline no longer looked at Jake. Kimberly felt the hardness of her eyes. Angeline was giving her a warning and Kimberly understood it.

“We’re happy and honest, right Kimmy?”

“Yes, we are.” Her gray eyes didn’t left Angeline’s dark green eyes. There was a difference between Angeline’s eyes and Jake’s. Jake’s seemed to lighten up sometimes, but Angeline’s… they were always dark. Always ready to pierce through someone’s body.

“Hey mom.” Eric’s voice came from behind them. Kimberly looked over her shoulder and saw Eric walking in alone. He kissed his mother’s forehead and then sat down at her left side and right away, the maids appeared with their lunch.

“Where’s Lea?” Jake asked, breaking the icy silence between him, Kimberly and Eric.

“I took her home, why?” Eric didn’t even bother to look at his brother or at Kimberly. Was he that bad about Jake and Kimberly date? He had said he liked her, but she didn’t expect to see him that depressed about it.

“Nothing, I was just asking.”

“Lea’s a good girl, I like her.” Angeline said right after Jake. Kimberly just stayed there listening to their words, paying attention to where that conversation was going to end up.

“She’s been in my college for a year.”

“I know. She’s a good student and she’s from a wealthy family, which means-”

“Mom, don’t act like that.” Eric interrupted her. “You look like those moms who are poor and are trying to arrange a good weeding. You know I can do all by myself. Besides I don’t like her-”

“Yeah, you like my girlfriend.” Jake interrupted him. They all looked at Eric. Why had Jake said that? Eric had done nothing wrong to him. Kimberly hated when Jake acted like this… “And since it’s my girlfriend you can’t have her.”

“If I like her or not, it’s none of your business.”

“Jake, Eric, stop this.” Angeline said, and just like Kimberly, she knew Eric and Jake could explode at any moment.

“I know you like her, you told me yourself, but you didn’t need to. You’ve been acting like a jerk since you met her.” Jake started, “You started acting all stupid towards me when you found out we were sleeping together and now…”

“Jake, we’re at the table.” Kimberly whispered, but he didn’t make any case of her comment.

“…that you know we are really dating you act like if I had stolen your girlfriend. Kimberly didn’t even like you, so you have no right to act like that towards her or me.”

“Jake, it’s enough!” Angeline said, putting her hand over Jake’s.

“And maybe you did! Maybe if you hadn’t slept with her in the beginning, I would still have a chance with her!” Eric shouted at his older brother. Did Eric really think that? If Kimberly hadn’t slept with Jake in the beginning would she be with Eric now? No way. Eric himself had said that she was in love by Jake, that if he wasn’t Jake then there couldn’t be anything between them. “After all, she said she preferred me, didn’t she? You heard her!”

“Eric!” It had been Kimberly the one yelling, “It’s enough don’t you think? You’re overreacting!”

“Tell him! You said that-”

Jake got up quickly and aggressively, “Don’t you even dare looking at her you piece of-”

“I’m sick of this.” Kimberly muttered under her breath. She was done with those fights. She got up and turned around.


She left all three looking at her while she left the dining room. But when they could no longer see her, she could still hear them fighting, while Angeline tried to calm down both brothers.

Kimberly had to admit. Since she had walked in their lives, Eric and Jake’s reactions towards each other became bad. Really bad. Damn, they upset her! They could change her happy day into a bad one. The day had started so good… but was getting worse every hour. Why couldn’t Eric get that she was really in love with Jake? And why couldn’t Jake realize Kimberly only wanted him? He didn’t need to provoke his own brother!

Now she realized her mistake. Kimberly realized she shouldn’t have said to Eric the day he got back to his house that if Eric had been in Jake’s place, she would have fallen for him or that something could happen between them… Just like she realized she shouldn’t have ever said that she preferred Eric. No, she didn’t. Jake was the one who made her feel what she liked, not Eric.

This was all her fault. But they made it all worse. Eric felt bad because Jake had her and Jake felt threatened because Eric liked her. Big mess.

Three hours later, she had her things packed, but she didn’t want to go downstairs. And damn, she was hungry. That stupid fight between Jake and Eric hadn’t left her mind, just like she hadn’t left her bed.

Someone opened the door. Kimberly knew who it was. Jake never knocked at her door, just like she seldom knocked at his. Her eyes didn’t left the window, but that didn’t stop him from closing the door and say, “I’m sorry.”

“As always. The fight took three hours to be over?”

“No… My mom stopped us right after you left. I’ve been in my room packing my things.” Jake said. He walked in her line of vision and sat down next to her. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t enough.”

“Don’t make this harder, Kimberly.”

“Now I’m Kimberly?” She laughed, “I’m the one who should be mad here, not you!” Yes, Jake was mad; Kimberly could see it in his eyes.

“Oh really? This is your entire fault!” Jake got up, pointing at her. “If you hadn’t-”

Kimberly got up too, yelling at him. “Oh now it’s my fault? What the fuck have I done?”

“First of all, you should have never let my brother have any hopes regarding you and him together! And secondly, you should have never said you preferred him than me!” Jake yelled back, “For how much I love my brother, I can’t help but to feel that he might take you away from me just because you said you preferred him!” Jake ran his two hands through his wild hair, “God, I never met a girl who messed this much between me and my brother!”

“You fucking want to leave me now?”

“Don’t be stupid.” He said in a calm way, but with a serious tone. “You never heard me saying that. All I said was that this isn’t just mine and Eric’s fault!”

Great. Now he was blaming her. “Can we go home now?” Kimberly asked after a few seconds in silence. She didn’t want to argue with Jake. If it was because she felt she had some fault about their fights… she didn’t know.

“Don’t you dare walk out of this room.” Jake said aggressively, grabbing her arm. What the fuck?

“Let me go.”

“No.” He pulled her and bent down his head to violently kiss her. What was going on? He was giving her a hard time and now he was kissing her?

“What the fuck is going on?” Kimberly pushed him off.

“You want me, right?”

“Yes.” His eyes paid attention to every possible flinch in her stormy eyes.

“More than Eric?”

More than Eric? She didn’t even want Eric! “I don’t even want him, you idiot.”

“That was the answer I wanted. But you admit that you saying those things made things worse between me and my brother?” Jake asked her, stepping towards her.

Kimberly knew he was right. “Eric started everything.” Jake was going to open his mouth to speak up, but she spoke louder, “But me saying those things made everything worse. I’m sorry, you’re right.” She felt the guilt running through her body. It was true, if she hadn’t said those things, maybe his relation with his brother wasn’t that bad now…

His eyes changed way too fast, “Let’s go home, then.”

Kimberly didn’t move, “It’s just like that? You don’t say you agree with me, or anything? Aren’t you going to yell at me again?”

“What do you want me to say? You know you’re right, we don’t need to keep talking about this, so let’s go.” Jake said. He was going to leave her room, but her arms grabbed his hands and stopped him from walking.

“Look, I’m really sorry for this. I didn’t know that I was going to make you guys be mad at each other. If I had known I-”

“Don’t say you wouldn’t accept living with me. That would be a big mistake. Listen, I don’t regret any of this. So, don’t regret it either. We’re together now. Fuck the others.”

“He’s your brother.” Kimberly stated. Jake made her admit it was also her fault, but still… he was feeling threatened about his brother.

“He’ll meet new girls. He’s not going to die if he doesn’t have you, so… let’s get the fuck out of here and let’s go home and have a nice-”

“Don’t say it like that. It seems you just want me to-”

“…get laid?” Jake interrupted her, with an amused smile.


“Well, I think you should apologize for your actions… but in another way… and in my bed.” His eyes glared but that didn’t stop Kimberly from punching him in the arm.

“Pervert.” She walked beside him and declared, “I always knew you just wanted me for that.” It was a lie. Hell, if it wasn’t…

Jake laughed and got out of her room with a smile. Things seemed to be ok again, for now. That was what she wanted. Things are yet again ok between her and Jake. Now Eric… That was an issue that she really didn’t want to think about.

After going to Jake’s room to pick up his things, they met Angeline downstairs, waiting for them to say goodbye.

“It was a pleasure to have you here, Kimberly.”

“It was a pleasure to come, Angeline.” Kimberly tried to smile, but the fight hadn’t come out of her head, “I’m sorry… for that fight-”

“Oh please. They are still kids.” She winked her eye towards Kimberly, “Don’t worry. I wanted Eric to say goodbye but he left.” Angeline looked at Jake. He had had something to do with it.

“Yeah…” Kimberly avoided both Jake’s and Angeline’s green eyes. When someone mentioned Eric… Jake would suddenly change into an arrogant ass. Well, he already was arrogant, but the thought of Eric stealing her from him, made him worse. “Well, thanks for everything.”

Kimberly stepped back and let Jake hug his mother, “I’ll see you soon, mom.”

“I know. I may go to your house once in a while to check on your studies for the company.” Angeline warned him, “It will be hard, I know it, Jake. I know you have the finals coming, the papers to see, and the business to know… But I’ll try and make everything easy for you.” Jake stepped back and smiled tiredly, “Just don’t forget to check on your email, since my secretary is going to send you things over this month.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jake grabbed his bags. “I’ll see you soon, mom. Call me.”

“I will.” Angeline’s smile enlightened Jake’s eyes. Both were happy now that they were ok again.

“Bye Angeline.” Kimberly hugged her and heard her whisper, “Don’t forget to tell him.”

If Kimberly was smiling at the time, her smile had vanished. Angeline didn’t want any lies between her and Jake. Kimberly stepped back and grabbed her bags. “Bye.”

They left Angeline’s mansion and put their things in Jake’s car. When they entered in the car, and looked outside, they waved at Angeline, who waved back at them.

Jake started the car and when he was already driving towards the exit of his mother’s property, he asked, “Ready to get back home together?” She understood the emphasis in that last word, “Ready to forget all of the shitty things we talked and fight here?”

Kimberly looked at him and felt an immense happiness inside her. Just of looking deeply into his green eyes and seeing his smile made her feel that she had won something.

And she did. She won him. Jake was hers now.

“Yes.” Kimberly answered with a tight-lipped smile.

Jake exited his mother’s property and made his way back home, with his girlfriend, Kimberly.

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