Love Stripped

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Chapter 25

“Tell me today’s date, Miss Roberts.” Dr. Simms asked the red haired girl was sat down in front of him. She was in his office, with Sidney, Lisa and other three people that she had no idea who they were, but they had an idea of who she was.

“4th, March 2007.”

Suddenly, she heard a loud noise behind her. Kimberly turned around and saw the old woman, grabbing the green-eyed man. “Jake,” She whispered, “You have to be quiet. The Dr. is checking her.” He had hit something, because he was grabbing his hand.

“Angeline, I think it was better if Jake got out of here while Kim’s talking to the Dr.” Her sister said to the old lady. So her name was Angeline and the name of the green eye man was Jake. Who was the other?

Kimberly had seen them the day she woke up. Both men were scaring her, asking if she knew them. The fact was that she had never seen them in her whole life. “First of all, the date is 20th June. What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Being in my uncles’ house, studying.”

“Well, then.” The Dr. got up and started saying, “The exams don’t show anything, but you are suffering from a short-term memory loss due to…” She noticed him looking to the ones behind her. She still hadn’t understood why they were here. It’s not like she knew them, “a minor case of Retrograde Amnesia resulting from a mild concussion.”

“What the hell is Retrograde Amnesia?” Kimberly asked. The first time she saw herself on the mirror… she was shocked. Mostly because she didn’t know why she had those bruises. And the people around her didn’t tell her. She was already there for three days, though.

“Its when you hit you head and can’t remember things from before you had a concussion. It goes away after a while, or it may not.” The Dr. exchanged looks with everyone around her, expect her. “The best way for you to remember things by yourself, which means everyone present in this room is forbidden to tell you anything. You will eventually remember, but it has to be on your own terms. If a person just told you what happened, you wouldn’t have to remember, so you wouldn’t. Your brain is repairing itself, Kimberly, and when it’s healed, you’ll remember.”

“Does she need a private nurse?” The woman, who was called Angeline, asked.

“Well, she looks fine. She doesn’t lose her memory just like that. She just lost her memory till now. But,” He looked at Kimberly again, “The moment she starts being confusing where she is and a day before she knew is when a nurse is needed.”

“Excuse me.” Kimberly said, turning around again to look at the lady, “I don’t know you and I surely don’t want a nurse running around me. I’m thankful, but no.”

“You do know me, only you don’t remember.” The woman’s green eyes watched every possible move she could make, much like a hawk eyeing its prey. “But you’ll get to know me again. You’re going to live with me.”

“What?” Kimberly looked at her sister.

But before she could say something, she heard the Doctor speak. “I would like to talk in private with Jake.”

Jake didn’t move. When she sighted him there, her eyes met his. It was the same green eyes than Angeline’s. He could be her son. They were like totally equal. Only that she was a woman and was older.

He didn’t let her look away. He had been the first one she had seen when she woke up that day. But the green yes had scared. And the fact the he didn’t stop calling her Kimmy, scared her even more. Only her father called her that.

They walked out of the office to let the Dr. and Jake alone. “Can we go home? Where’s the car?”

“Kim, we live with him.” Sidney pointed at the office. They lived with Jake? “I am not supposed to say these things.”

“Do you know why you decided to get out of your uncles’ house?” It was her best friend Lisa.

“That’s easy!” Kimberly smiled. Thank god she knew something, “Because I didn’t like living with them.”

“You know that because you wanted to get out of their house before March.” Lisa said. Damn. Well, she couldn’t remember things right away, could she? She better think positive. But she had to find out why she had those bruises.

“Let’s get going to the car.” The other man saw. At least this one didn’t have that type of scary green eyes. They were this greenish, maybe with a bit of blue? His skin was lighter than the other and the hair was this golden brown. He noticed her looking at him. “I’m Eric.” At least this one gave her a smile. “Angeline’s my mother and… Jake’s my brother.”

“What about Jake? We have to wait for him.” Lisa said.

“Lisa,” Eric started impatiently, “We have three cars: my mother’s, yours and Jake’s. He can damn well go back with his.”

“Are we really going to your house?” Sidney asked, “But James…” She avoided her sister’s eyes.

“Who’s James?”

“We can’t tell you, Kim.” Lisa said, “You have to remember.”

Kimberly was already seeing that she was going to be annoyed with everyone. “Can any of you at least tell me where we are going?!”

“Of course, my dear.” Angeline said first. “We’re going to my house.”

“To your house? Where is your house?” Kimberly didn’t like this at all. She didn’t know her!

“A couple of cities away.”

“I can’t go!” Her work! At least she hadn’t forgotten that. “I ah… I have to work…” Oh god… did she still work as a stripper?

“I talked to Bob,” Oh thank god it was Lisa’s voice, “He’s worried, but of course he said nothing about you taking some days to rest.” She met her eyes, “Or weeks…” How the hell was she supposed to live if she had no money? She would have to start working right away. But of course…. With those bruises… she couldn’t. Who had done that to her?

Kimberly closed her eyes. She tried to picture who had done that. But the only thing she could see was this empty black space…

“Kim? Kim!” Someone put his hands on her shoulders. When she opened her eyes, she saw Eric standing in front her. Her head hurt. She needed to rest and… eat. Boy, she was hungry.

She turned to face Angeline, “Mrs.…”

“Please, call me Angeline by all means.” Her smile warmed her. Angeline didn’t look that bad when she smiled.

“I can’t go to your house, I mean, I don’t know… now, but…. I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Besides, you would be treated there like you are supposed to be treated with those injuries. You would have everyone at your command, so I don’t why you don’t want to go.”

“I can’t pay you to do that for me!”

“I don’t need you to pay me. All I need is for you to get better.” Angeline turned around and Kimberly heard her whispering, “For my son’s sake.”

“I appreciate this-”

“Kimberly, it’s decided. Sidney has already packed your things. Her school year is over so she can go too.” Angeline stated decided, “You will go with us.” Boy, Kimberly didn’t feel like going against that woman’s will. But… she didn’t know them!

“Kim.” This time was her sister. “I know them. Don’t worry. You know them pretty well too; you’ll just have to figure out how you know them. Besides, Jake would kill me if I didn’t convince you-” Her voice went down. So, Jake had something to do with this?

And before she could even ask what that Jake had to do with this, he appeared behind her, “Are we ready?”

“Yes.” Angeline said. “Who’s going with me and you? Kimberly’s friend is going home.”

“For all I know, Kim and Sid can go with us.” Eric said. “He can go alone.” Eric was talking about Jake.


Eric interrupted his own brother, “Its better this way.”

“Oh really? I don’t think so!” Sidney raised her voice.

“Eric. Sidney.” Jake had spoken again, “It should be her call don’t you think?” And then, he looked at her again, with those cat eyes. Was he waiting for her to say she should go with him? Both brothers were looking at her, waiting for her answer.

“Kim,” Sidney started, “You should go with him.” She pointed at Jake. Great, Kimberly trusted Sidney, but she had pointed to the one she didn’t want to go. He scared her since the very first day.

Although she had repeated many times she didn’t know them, that one, Jake, had always been by her side. Never leaving her. Why? She really had no idea. And every time she tried to remember something about him, her head hurt like hell. Was that a sign or something? Should she be careful with him?

She took too long, “If you don’t want go with me, its ok.” If he had said that in another way, she probably would start liking him, but the way he said it… in a hard way full of disdain… Kimberly looked at Lisa. Lisa would help her.

“Chose the one you want.” Lisa said when Kimberly looked in her eyes for an answer. Was she going to take every decision like that? She had to guess? If Jake wanted to go with her, why didn’t he say so? At least Eric said! So, she would go with Eric.

But her curiosity by him… “She’s going with me.” Eric said, “She’s just afraid to tell you she doesn’t want to go with you.” Eric grabbed her wrist and hurt her, “Let’s go, Kim.”

“Ouch!” Eric had grabbed her wrist.

“You’re hurting her, idiot!” Jake passed by her and pushed Eric away. Besides that time inside the office, it was the first time she had seen Jake raising his voice and losing his patience.

Eric let her go. Kimberly saw her wrist and she noticed she had marks around it. Had someone tied her wrists to something? And if yes, why would someone do that? Her thoughts were interrupted by Eric’s yells.

“I didn’t notice!” Eric yelled. “I wouldn’t hurt her if you hadn’t-”

“Eric.” Angeline’s voice was heard, “It’s enough. Kimberly.” Now, she had Angeline’s eyes on her, “You should go with Jake, now. Eric’s stressed. Sidney, let’s go, you’re coming with me too.”

Sidney and Eric left with Angeline. But Lisa was still there. “Can I talk to her in private?” The way she talked to Jake wasn’t a good way. Almost everyone was against him. Why?

Jake didn’t answer. He didn’t complain when Lisa pushed her away from him. “Listen, I can’t go to Jake’s house, so call me whenever you want or when you need. Be careful with Jake and Eric.”


“Oh Kim…” Lisa grabbed her, “I am not supposed to tell you, remember? Think for yourself!” Lisa let her go and looked at her with sad eyes, “I’m just sorry I wasn’t there when everything happened. I shouldn’t have let you tell…” She looked at Jake.

“Tell what to whom?”

“You’ll find out.” Oh, she really was annoyed, “I’m sure you’ll recover in days!” Her smile was huge but it doubted. “Well, don’t forget to call me whenever you remember something!” Lisa started walking away, “Bye, Kim.”

“Bye…” She turned around and faced Jake.

“Your things are in my car, I told Sidney to put them there when I decided you should recover there. So, we can go.”

Now, she knew something, “You’re the one who had that idea?” So Jake was behind all this.

“Yeah.” He started walking and Kimberly followed him out of the hospital, reaching a car in the parking lot. He looked at her before she entered, “You’re hungry?”

He guessed her thoughts. “Yeah…” She looked away. She had like eaten one hour ago. Jake had been the one who had gone to get some food for her, since the hospital’s food sucked. She never talked to him the whole time she stayed there, but whenever she needed something; he would to it for her. She asked Sidney, but Sidney didn’t want to go, so he would. Kimberly was thankful.

“What do you feel like eating?”

Kimberly smiled, god, he even asked what she felt like eating. But the fact was that since she had woken up three days ago, she always had specific desires for food. “Hum… Right now, just a burger and a lot of French fries.”

“There’s a McDonald’s on our way to my house, I mean, to my mother’s house. We can get there in half an hour.”

“Thank you.” Still, he didn’t smile. He treated her good, but he was arrogant as well. He said it right, after he started the car; he arrived at the McDonald’s in thirty minutes and pulled into the drive-thru. He asked for two Big Macs, two large French fries and two Cokes. Jake paid for it and parked the car, so they could eat.

He handled her a Big Mac, her favorite one, and god knows how he knew that without even ask her, and the French fries. “Thank you.” She avoided his eyes. “I would pay-”

“You don’t need to pay for anything. As long as you’re with me, you’ll have everything you want.” Wow. He spent the whole time without saying a word, and now he says this? She looked at him and tried to read his expression, but she couldn’t do it. He hid, whatever he was felling, very well.

Suddenly, Kimberly decided to ask him directly, “Were we involved?” That made him look at her with those green eyes, “Because… since I woke up that day, you’re always there, ready to do whatever I want. So, it makes me think.”

His eyes suddenly seemed brighter, “What does it makes you think?”

Kimberly gave a second bite on her burger, “If we had something before. Because… in case you don’t remember, I lost three months of my life. And the last thing I remember was that I was single and-” She stopped talking. Since she started working at the strip club, she had promise herself she wouldn’t date anyone so she wouldn’t arrange any problems. Had she kept that promise? Of course, she wouldn’t date a guy and at night make others wish they had her.


“Forget it. I’m sure nothing happened.” She tried to smile, “Maybe we’re just very good friends.” Jake’s eyes immediately darkened. And Kimberly herself didn’t feel good with what she said. It seemed she was lying.

Silence ruled between them once again. It was strange to be with Jake and not knowing if something happened between them. For what she knew, he could have been her boyfriend, could have become her best friend or could be someone that she just cared about.

Another question popped up in Kimberly’s mind, “Why did you called me Kimmy?”

“I don’t know…” Jake turned his head around, and took a deep breath for some seconds, until he stared at her again. His eyes were pleading for something, but what? “Kimberly, I cannot say anything. I want you to recover quickly, which means I can’t say anything to you. So please, don’t make me answer those questions!”

“I’m sorry.” She looked down, where the empty bag of McDonald’s was and said, “It’s just that… I don’t know, but I’m here with you, going to your house. You were the first one I saw when I woke up, and you treated me by Kimmy. No one calls me by Kimmy, expect my dad and he’s-”

“Dead.” Jake completed her sentence.

“How do you know?”

“Didn’t Lisa say you wanted to get out of your uncles’ house?” Jake asked. What did he mean with that? He kept looking at her, but she didn’t know what he wanted her to say. “You know what, forget it. We should go.”

Her mind kept running to understand what he meant with that question. Yes, she wanted to get out of her uncles’ house because they treated her and her sister bad, so she started looking for a house. With Lisa helping her. She looked and looked…

Her head hurt like hell again. “My head…” Kimberly whispered, “God!”

“Kimberly?” Jake put his hands on Kimberly face and lifted it up. He made her take her hands off her head, “Kimmy, what’s wrong?”

“It hurts!” Images flashed in her mind. A house: rooms, a big basement that had been arranged to be a room, the kitchen… everything about a house, appeared in her mind. But it all changed and she saw herself and Lisa in front of the house. “Make it stop!” She cried out in pain. She kept visualizing the house in her mind.

“Look at me.” She didn’t, “Kimberly!” He yelled, “Look at me for god’s sake!”

She opened her eyes, filled with tears due to the headache and got the answer. “I remember the house…” It came out as a whisper.

“You remember me?” His voice was filled with hope. She could sense it.

“I remember the house.” Jake looked down, disappointed, “I remember the room, the kitchen and a basement…”

“That’s my room!”

“The basement?”

“Yes!” Hope was again on his voice. “Do you remember me?” Jake shook her, “Kimberly!”

“No!” She yelled, “I don’t remember you! I just remember the house!” Was he obsessed or something?

Jake let her go, “You don’t need to yell.” He was serious again. “We better go. Put your seat belt on and let’s go.” Kimberly made what he did and then, he took off as she cleaned her tears of pain. There had to be something between him and Kimberly. Why was he so mad about her not remembering him?

Why did she have to lose her memory? It was like if she had been in a coma or something. She had new people around her… and she had no idea of who they were. That woman, Angeline, who every time she talked, everybody paid full attention, Eric, the nice one who smile and Jake. Oh Jake… The man with the green eyes who scared the hell out of her with just one look.

Ok, maybe she had exaggerated when she yelled at him saying she didn’t remember him. But he was also losing his patience with her! Why couldn’t she lose hers?

They arrived at his house around 5PM. Hell, it was huge; it was a mansion! When she got out of the car, she looked better at the mansion and around it. He was rich definitely.

“Do you remember it?”

She looked behind her and asked, “Should I remember?”


She saw him carrying the suitcases, “Do you need any help? Since I can’t seem to remember this huge mansion, I might as well do something useful and help you.”

“I don’t think you would manage to carry this. You’re weak, baby.”

Wait a second, baby? “Would you please not call me that?” Who did he think he was? And she was not weak!

Although she had talked like that, he smiled, “As you wish.” Was he happy because she said that that way? He walked till he reached her and almost touched her.

That smile made her say, “I’m sorry about that thing in the car. I shouldn’t have yelled.”

“It’s ok. I shouldn’t have lost my patience, either.” His smile was true.

“Yeah. I didn’t feel good after I yelled at you. I mean you treated me very well while I was in the hospital, so… I’m sorry.” For moments, they stayed there looking at each other, and this time, Kimberly enjoyed that eye contact, she enjoyed staring at that bright green.

“For how long are you two going to be there?” Kimberly already knew that voice. It was Angeline standing outside the mansion.

Jake sighed as he said, “Great timing, mom. Thanks, really.” His eyes became this dark green again and his smile disappeared.

“I’m sorry, Jake. Why don’t you show the house to Kimberly again?”

Again? So she should remember the house. “Sure.” Jake answered. He looked at her, giving her the authorization to move and walk in his huge house. What was weird when she walked in the house was that she knew exactly where she had to go. Although she didn’t remember any of those huge, large and long corridors. It was something that she felt.

“Why did you come here?” Jake asked, after Kimberly opened the door of a room. Kimberly didn’t answer and stayed there looking. She turned around and looked at him with an inquiring expression.

“I don’t know… Am I going to stay here?”

He didn’t move, “No.” His eyes pierced hers. “This is my room.”

“Oh.” Kimberly turned around and felt herself blushing. That was weird. It was like if her heart had guided her till there. “I’m sorry. I’m confused.”

“You don’t need to apologize. Let’s get in?” He tried to smile, but Kimberly knew he didn’t feel good. They both walked in and Kimberly took a look to that room. Actually, she didn’t feel uncomfortable there.

“Alex shall be here in a minute to bring our suitcases-”

“Here? You said I wasn’t going to stay here.”

“I know. I changed your room- I mean,” He shook his head, “I arranged you a room next to mine.”

“Oh, thanks.” If that was a good thing or a bad one… Kimberly really had no idea.

“You want to see the house now? Or you prefer to swim a little bit?” Of course, that house had to have a pool.

But she didn’t want to. No, not when her body was filled with bruises. She felt ugly when she looked at herself naked. When she changed clothes to get out of the hospital, she saw herself naked in the mirror and although she didn’t know why, her own body disgusted her.

“I prefer to see the house…” She said embarrassed.

“You love swimming.”

“I know.” She looked away as she turned around. “I just don’t-”

“I get it.” Jake said. He put his hand on her shoulder and made her turn around. Usually, if he was really a stranger, Kimberly would just runaway. But her sister trusted him. And she somehow found in herself to trust him. “You don’t want me to see your body-”

“I don’t want to talk about it… Jake.” It was the first time she said his name. And it wasn’t weird at all… when it came from her mouth.


“Mom didn’t warn us you were already here.” Kimberly and Jake both sighted Eric leaned on the door frame.

“Yeah, maybe because she knows I want to be with-”

“You’re not supposed to say those kinds of things, remember, Jake?” Eric’s smile was mean. “Anyways, since you have already spent hours with her, it’s my turn.” God, she wasn’t a toy they could switch when they wanted to.

“Did you ask her if she wants to be with you?” Jake shot him a dangerous glance, but Eric wasn’t impressed.

“It’s ok, Jake. Thanks for everything.” She touched his arm, “You can rest, since you spent all of those hours driving. Eric can show me the house.” Kimberly smiled and walked towards Eric.

She liked Jake. He was nice in his own way. And he didn’t force her to do what he wanted her to do. Not like Eric who didn’t even asked her what she wanted to do. Although sometimes Jake changed and stayed like he was ice.

They got out of Jake’s room and Kimberly asked, “Where’s my sister?”

“Sid seems to love our pool.” Eric laughed. Wow, this one changed like hell. Inside Jake’s room he looked he was furious with everything, but now, he seemed really nice and cool. “She’s been there since we arrived. And she completely loves my mother.”

Angeline scared her a bit. But of course she couldn’t say that out loud. Angeline had given her a house for her to stay. “I’m glad about it. I’m really thankful for everything. I mean, it’s not every day someone we don’t know offers us a place to relax. And this looks like a hotel.”

“We do know you. You just don’t remember.” Eric smiled nicely, “You’ll remember Kim. I know you will. If you need anything you just have to ask, ok?”

“Thanks.” They kept walking around the house and Eric showed her everything. They had a beautiful house, really. Oh and that inside pool… wonderful. The problem was that she couldn’t go there. They would all see her ugly body… “When did I meet you?” They weren’t supposed to tell her, but she could ask it anyway.

“I am not supposed…” Eric shut up out of the blue and seemed to forget he was talking to her or that she was even there. His eyes were looking at nothing in particular and he seemed he was drowned in his own thoughts, “In fact… we met when I went to Jake’s house one night. Hum… a guy had hit me… and you took care of me.”

“Really?” Someone that could give her answers! There is a god! “Did I take good care of you?”

“Yes, you did. I had never seen you before, but I liked you. And I think you liked me too.” Hum, Kimberly started changing her opinion about Eric. He answered her questions. Sidney and Lisa didn’t! And they were important for her! Jake… she had no idea what he was to her, but he never answered to her questions. In fact he just made her wonder and made her head hurt like hell.

“I like you now, so I bet I liked you before.” His smile was sweet.

“We should go out one of these days. While you’re here.”

Hey… calm down. “Right now… I think I better stay inside the house. I don’t feel like going out.”

“Yeah, that’s why I said one of these days.” The way he said it was nice, but at the same time… seemed to be a need to him. He seemed to notice her thoughts, because Eric said, “Listen, I know this sounds weird, but I just want us to have what he had before you lost our memory.”

“And what did we have?” Kimberly was getting confused now. She had something with Jake or Eric? What she felt about Jake was instinctive, but Eric… he was giving her the idea that they had something, and she knew that she couldn’t possible have something with both. She wasn’t like those girls. … No. It’s too early to tell. But still… what if Eric was the one who had had something with her? And she was spending more time with Jake now?

Her life was so awful with this stupid memory loss….

“Everything.” He said, awaking her from her thoughts. “We had everything but we lost it.”


“We ah…” Eric looked away, “Listen, I can’t tell you everything, right? But I know you’ll see who the right one now is.”

“The right one?”

“You’ll know what I mean, once you get really settled in here.” Eric suddenly stopped walking and put his hands over her shoulders, stopping her from walking and making her look at his greenish eyes, “Just… be careful with Jake. He likes to deceive girls.”

“He’s your brother why would you say that?” Ok… Jake is like… his brother…

“Because Jake is the typical playboy that every girl falls for. And of course, he’s also the typical boy who crushes a girl when he doesn’t feel like dating her anymore-”

“Shouldn’t I find out about this by myself?” It wasn’t like she was defending Jake, she just didn’t find funny, Eric, Jake’s own brother, be talking this bad about him.

“I just don’t want him to hurt you.”

“Why would he hurt me?” Was he practically saying he didn’t want her to be close to his brother? Did he fear something?

Kimberly didn’t get the chance to listen to his answer, since they were interrupted by his mother, the second she phrased her question, “Oh hello, my dear. What are you two doing here, all alone with Sidney and Jake wondering around the house, looking for you two?”

“What do they want?” Eric asked with no patience at all. “I can’t have a moment with her? Jake has to be around her every fucking minute?”

His own mother could kill him with her eyes, “Don’t you talk like that in front of me, Eric. And secondly, you know Jake wants-”

“I don’t care what he wants!” Eric yelled, “I want to be with her too! He wouldn’t have this problem if he hadn’t left her-”

“Hadn’t left me?” Kimberly interrupted him. Now they were talking about something she didn’t remember and clearly had no idea. “Jake left me?”

“Yeah! He-”

“Kimberly.” Angeline cut off her younger son before he could keep going, “Jake didn’t leave you for anything.”

“Why would he leave me anyway? Did I date with him?” Losing her memory fucking annoyed her and the people around her, because she could sense the annoyance coming from Eric and Angeline too.

“We can’t say anything, Kimberly. You’ll have to remember.” Again… ‘You’ll have to remember’, god she knew that!

“I think… I’m gonna lie down a while.” She didn’t wait for Eric or Angeline’s words. She just turned around and took off. Since her room was next to Jake’s, she knew very well where it was.

Kimberly needed time for herself. To digest all of what she already know. She reached her room in less than a minute. It was a big one that had a bathroom just for herself. But right now, taking a bath, meant to see herself naked. She didn’t want it.

The bed was calling her, so she did exactly what she was supposed to do in a bed. Lie down and think. Not sleep or have sex, which was weird, because every time she thought about sex, the only thing that appeared in her mind was him. Jake. She had tried to remember if they had had sex, but her memory still sucked.

Had she ever had sex with Jake? She had promised to herself she wouldn’t get involved with someone… And there was Eric. Kimberly didn’t imagine herself having sex with Jake’s brother. It was something that her mind denied her. She just couldn’t picture them.

But, coming back to what she had planned on doing, thinking about what she already knew; Kimberly had no idea whose brother she could have possibly dated. She could already see that, after all, she hadn’t kept her promise.

Eric or Jake?

From what she knew, they both could have dated with her! And that was what made her confused! She felt more into Jake, although he could be cold as ice, but it was Eric who seemed to have been her boyfriend or something like that… If Eric had been, indeed, her boyfriend, she could understand the way he acted towards Jake. After all, she was spending more time with Jake, wasn’t she?

Then again, Jake was also mad or turned cold when Eric came into picture.

She would give anything to get back those three months of her life in order to know which one was the real one.

Her body came into picture again and she imagined all of the possibilities to why she had her body like that and why would someone do that to her.

Kimberly had no enemies, no persons who wished her bad things… The only way of someone do that to her was beating her. But she also had heard the nurses saying that some of the wounds were due to her trying to defend herself. From who had she had to defend herself? And why?

What was that person trying to do to her? Did that person just wanted to hurt her? Or did he have other thoughts in his mind?

No, she couldn’t possible had been raped…

Could she?


Then again… her memory loss had been caused due retrograde amnesia resulting from a concussion. Oh god… suddenly she got up and she felt like throwing up. Her thoughts caused her sickness. She couldn’t possible have been raped! If Jake and Eric liked her, they wouldn’t have left her and wouldn’t let some man do that to her that!

Her thoughts really made her puke, since she spent the next minutes throwing up, knelt in the bathroom. When she got out of the bathroom, tiredness beat her thoughts and when she lay down again on the bed, she fell asleep.

It was about half past ten when Kimberly finally woke up, due to a noise that came from another room. Jake’s room. What the hell was he doing? Kimberly got up and noticed that the sky had already darkened.

“Did I sleep so much?” She kept listening to that noise. Now that she wasn’t that sleepy, Kimberly noticed it was a quite good sound. She walked out of the room and gave a few steps to her left.

Jake’s door was leaned and she took a peak into his room. He was sat in his red couch and Kimberly saw from where the noise came. It was a guitar. God, he played it really well.

She seemed she already knew that… As she saw his hands running though the guitar smoothly and without looking, a strange feeling grew inside her. A need… But what did she need now?

“Kimberly?” His deep voice woke her up. “What are you doing there?” He didn’t get up.

“Oh, I ah… I was asleep-”

“I know.”

“I woke up because I heard you playing-”

“I’m sorry.” Gosh, would he stop interrupting her?

“It’s ok…” The silent that got in between them was interrupted by her stomach complaining. She looked up at him embarrassed.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you?” He placed the guitar at his side and got up with no smile, “I forbade them to call you for dinner. You seemed tired while sleeping, so I didn’t let them woke you up.”

“You knew I was sleeping?”

“Yeah, I went to check on you.” Angeline didn’t need to hire a nurse, Jake could be her nurse. Of course she was thinking with sarcasm. She was fine; she didn’t need a fucking babysitter. Jake seemed to guess her thoughts, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t see you after you went with Eric.”

“I’m fine. I’m not lost or something.”

“I didn’t say you were, Kimmy.” There he was again. Calling her Kimmy. Nobody called her that. Nobody! Only her father! Had she let him call her that? Because he said that with such simplicity… “I’m sorry. Sometimes I just don’t remember you lost your memory… Anyways, what do you feel like eating?”

“I have to admit,” Kimberly couldn’t help but to smile, “You were always like this before I lost my memory? About the food?”

“Well no,” He put his hand over her shoulder and made her turn around and walk out of his room, so they could go to the kitchen, “You weren’t p-” Jake shut up right way when he started that sentence.

“I weren’t what?”

“Nothing. Tell me, what do you feel like eating?”

Was he really into giving whatever she wanted to eat? If Kimberly kept going with these food desires she would almost think she was pregnant. “Strawberries with sugar and whipped cream!”

Jake didn’t even give her a weird look, he just kept walking with her, and towards the huge kitchen they had downstairs, “I’m sure we can arrange something. Nina always keeps the fridge filled with all type of food.”

“Are you really going to give me that?”

“Yeah, don’t you want it?” If he really had it, of course she wanted!

“Yes! I want strawberries with sugar and whipped cream!” She offered him a huge smile.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you wait in my room while I ask Nina to do the strawberries with those things you asked? You don’t need to be up and down…” Jake said, stopping her from walking.


Jake turned around, but Kimberly yelled, “Hey!” He looked over his shoulder, “Don’t take long! My stomach can’t seem to stop complaining!”

“I’m sure your stomach is really hungry. He hasn’t eaten in a few hours. I’ll be right back with the food, Kimm- Kimberly.” He winked his eye, and then kept on his way.

As for Kimberly, she turned around and went to his room. She closed the door and decided to sit down on the red couch, at the guitar’s side. Jake was being really nice to her. She didn’t find it weird, she liked it. She sympathized with him. Kimberly wondered what they were before she lost her memory. She already knew she lived with him.

Kimberly had found a house with Lisa and it had been his house… She looked at her side and her eyes found the guitar. Maybe she would ask him to play some music. He wouldn’t mind, would he?

She stretched her arms and grabbed the guitar. There was some kind of paper underneath it. When Kimberly lifted up the guitar and saw what it was, her jaw dropped. She picked up the photo and got up.

It was her and Jake.

But what amazed her was the fact that she and him were both naked. The picture only showed their faces and torso. Kimberly was lain down over his naked torso. She had her back turned up, since she had nothing covering her breasts. She couldn’t see her right arm, since the picture had been taken in a profile format. One of Jake’s arms was over her back and the other was the one who was holding the camera. Both of their eyes and huge smiles brightened the photo.

Suddenly, Kimberly fell on her knees thanks to a headache that had stroked her. Out of the blue images and voices appeared in her mind.

“Baby come on, stop it!” Kimberly was lay down by Jake’s side on his bed. He only had some black shorts and she could see the lines leading its way towards that part. It was sexy.

“Kimmy, I just want to take a picture of you!”

“I’m naked!” She yelled, while laughing and looking at him with a digital camera on his hands.

“I just want to have this when I’m at my mom’s house, because then I can remember that delicious body…” Jake managed to push her to him. “I’ll stop now, I promise.” He placed the camera on the chest of drawers that he had at the side of his bed and Kimberly climbed onto him and spread kisses all over his neck, reaching his mouth.

“You wanna do it right now?”

“Oh yeah, baby.” She smiled at him and she saw a special glow in his eyes. She couldn’t take her eyes off his right now.

“So, since I am going to give you what you want, I know you won’t be mad at me if I do this…”

“Jake!” She started laughing again and she only had the time to cover her breasts with her arms.

Then she saw the camera’s flash.

She opened her eyes and placed herself in time and space. The headache that had stroked her seconds ago wasn’t hurting like hell now.

Kimberly was still grabbing the photo and was still knelt on the floor. She slowly got up. So, she did have something with Jake! But what about Eric? He had said they had everything! Now, Kimberly just felt more confused and had only won another headache.

Out of the blue, she heard someone opening the door and she only had time to put the photo on the pocket of her jeans.

Jake was walking in the room with a large ball of strawberries with the sugar and whipped cream she had asked for. “What are you doing standing there?”

“I just… I was…” Kimberly had no idea about what she was going to have to say to him. “I’m sorry,” She said with a tired voice, “Jake, I-”

“You had another headache, didn’t you?”

“How do you know?” She placed her hand on the pocket to see if the photo wasn’t on sight.

“You look like you haven’t slept in days. Sit down.” Jake commanded. Kimberly did what he said and sat down on the couch again. Jake didn’t seem to noticed the guitar had changed its place and that the photo was missing.

He sat next to her and said, “Here, let’s see if the strawberries can make you feel better.” He gave her the ball with the food she desired and Kimberly devoured it the fastest she could.

She tried not to look into his eyes, because every time she did, she saw that glow again and she imagined him naked with just those shorts. She had been naked in front of him. They were ready to have sex.

“You had that headache because you remembered something else, didn’t you?”

Kimberly tried to laugh but no success there, “No, I just-”

“Don’t lie. Especially to me. You didn’t take your eyes off me while you were eating. I know you remember something.”

Yeah, right, she couldn’t possibly say that she remembers them ready to have sex and that he was seeing her naked just like that! He was a stranger! What was she going to say now? “Ok, I admit.”

“What did you see?” He seemed anxious again. “It’s something related to me?”

“It’s…” No, she couldn’t say it. What if Eric was the one and Jake was just a guy she had slept with? She had cheated on Eric then… No. It was too early to say if Eric really was her boyfriend or not. But it also was too early to know if Jake was indeed her lover or her real boyfriend. “I just remember being with Eric in my room. That’s all.”

“What? You remember Eric?” Jake suddenly got up and exploded, “How can you possibly remember my brother? You should remember me instead! You’re with me now! Why the fuck did you remember my brother instead?”

“I don’t know!” Now, she regretted she had lied. She hated when he got out of control. “Listen, I’m sorry!” Kimberly got up too and touched his back. “Jake, I just remembered things for like two times only. I’m sure I’ll end up remembering you.”

Yeah and next time, at least she could remember something that didn’t involve sex, so she could tell him easily. She wouldn’t just turn at him and say, ‘Hey Jake, I remembered us having sex!’.

“Yeah, right.” Jake gave a step back so Kimberly couldn’t touch him anymore.

“If it makes you feel any better…” When she said that, he looked at her right away, turning around, “…I ah… I like you. I mean, you’re a stranger, yes, but I like you. I sympathize with you.”

The sadness in his eyes didn’t go away, “That doesn’t comfort me, Kimmy.” This time, he didn’t apologize nor corrected himself. “Kimberly…” This time he used her name in a very serious way, “I’m sorry for everything.”

“For what?” Eric and Jake didn’t do anything else, expect confuse her! Eric said they had everything, but lost it. Jake apologizes for everything! What the fuck has happened to her and between them?

“Everything.” He passed beside her and she knew he wasn’t going to say anything else. “Will you go away now?” It was the first time ever, Jake sent her away. It would be the first time, however, that Kimberly wouldn’t go.

“No. I wanna stay here.” Why? No even she knew. Kimberly pointed at the guitar and said, “Will you play for me now? I don’t know why, but it makes me feel good.”

“I don’t know-”


He stayed for moments gazing at her, but then, he sat on the couch and put the guitar over his legs. “Will you at least sit down by my side? I’m not going to bite you.”

“Yeah…” She answered insecurely. She was not amazed when Jake noticed it.

“I’m not going to do anything if that’s what you thinking.” God, not even her sister could read her this well. Kimberly sat next to him; her body was too much straightened. “Come on; don’t do this to me, Kimberly. I promise, when you remember everything, you’ll see how stupid you looked now.” He smiled this time.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that you can lie down and lean on me. And when you remember you’ll see there is nothing wrong with you leaning on me.” That meant something for sure. But she would rather try to think about it tomorrow. Although she had already slept, she still felt tired. She had never felt this tired in her whole life.

Embarrassed, like a little child, Kimberly put her legs over the couch and leaned on Jake’s shoulder. If she was hurting him or making him play less good, she didn’t know, he didn’t complain.

Feeling good with those soft and romantic sounds, Kimberly closed her eyes and Jake played for her the whole night.

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