Love Stripped

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Chapter 26

Kimberly woke up due to the noises. Someone seemed to be walking around the room. She didn’t feel like opening her eyes; until she noticed she was lay down in a much softer thing; a lot larger too. It was a bed.

And she wasn’t leaning on Jake anymore.

When she finally opened her eyes, she couldn’t see almost anything, because the room was too darkened. She seemed to have seen a shadow in front of her. She tried to look for Jake in the bed, but he wasn’t there.

“Jake?” She called for him.

She got her answer one second later, “Kimmy? You’re already awake?”

There he was again. She could have given him permission before she lost her memory; she hadn’t given her the permission now, so he had nothing to call her Kimmy.

“Yeah… What are you doing?” She could be awake, but she didn’t want to get up. “What time is it?”

“It’s about half past eight and I’m getting ready for work.”


“Oh yeah…” She heard him taking a deep breath. She still couldn’t see him well. “I forgot you don’t know.”

“I don’t know what? Why don’t you turn on the light?” It was annoying the fact that she couldn’t see him. But the second he turned on the light, it shocked her own eyes with that sudden brightness in the room. “Oh god, what a so bad idea.”

“I’ll solve the problem.” He said and then, somehow, he managed to lower the light’s intensity and the light was like if they were in romantic dinner with candles around them. “Better?”

“A lot, thanks. So, where are…” Her voice dropped as she saw him approaching the side of her bed all dressed up in a suit. He looked so damn good, but it made him look older. “Why are you-”

“I think this one I can answer, since you’ll find out anyway.” Jake sat beside her and she took a peak into his green eyes that morning. “My mom owns a pharmaceutical company, but now, since I have finished college, she retired from her job there, which was the most powerful one, since she owned the company, and said that I would be in front of the company from now on, which means its mine. Well, not totally mine yet, I still have to learn some things before my mom gives it to me entirely.” Jake explained her softly.

The woman who would marry this guy… what a life she would have.

“Thanks for the explanation. You’re going to work now?”

“Yeah… You can keep sleeping here if you want.”

In that precise moment, she yawned, “Yeah… I think I’ll do that if you don’t mind…” She closed her eyes, “You know, this isn’t normal for me, I usually never sleep this much. I guess I’m really tired…”

“I guess you are…” Jake got up from the bed and she still heard him whispering, “…Kimmy.”

When Kimberly turned her head around and when Jake turned off the light, she fell asleep again.

But, she soon woke up with someone sat down on the couch, where she had spent the night, looking at her. She could see the way his eyes were watching her and it scared her. The windows were open so she could clearly see him. “What are you doing?” Eric seemed calm, but the fury in his eyes, ditched him. “Are you ok?”

“You slept with him already?”

“What? What do you mean?” Kimberly lifted her torso and ran a hand through her messy red hair.

“I knew it. Jake is so damn good in making girls sleep with him.” What Eric said made Kimberly remind the memory that she had had last night. “I should have warned you about him.”

“What do you mean you should have warned me? I didn’t sleep with him!” Kimberly defended herself, “You think I’m some kind of slut?”

“I didn’t say that.”

Kimberly got up from Jake’s bed and pointed at her body, “I’m all dressed up from last night!”

“Oh… so you didn’t sleep with him.” His eyes didn’t leave hers.

“Of course not! I only know him for like four days and you think I already slept with him? God, I am not like that!” Kimberly yelled as she walked around the bed, making her way to the exit of Jake’s room.

“I’m sorry.” Eric said immediately as he noticed the way Kimberly was getting furious at him. “I’m afraid Jake ruins our relationship… again.”

“Again? What do you mean again?” So, she did have something with Eric! But what about Jake? She had remembered both of them having sex! Not Eric and her! “We dated?”

“Oh Kim… I wish I could tell you.” Eric avoided looking at her eyes this time. “I shouldn’t have said any of this. Don’t tell Jake about what I said. He’ll get furious…”

“I wouldn’t ask him either… He doesn’t tell me anything. You’re the only one I can turn at when I want to know something.” She tried to smile nicely, but she simply couldn’t.

“That’s because I want you to remember everything quickly!” She noticed a flinch in his voice, but she didn’t care.

Eric helped her. Although it was with Jake that she remembered things since he made her think. Every time she tried to think about Eric and the things he said to her, she couldn’t remember anything. It seemed like there wasn’t any memory of him and her together. Then again, Eric told her things, which made everything hard for her to remember.

Did Jake enjoy every time a headache stroked her? Jerk.

“You know, Eric… Thanks for everything. Thanks for telling me these things, because no one says anything to me. It makes me wonder if they really want me to recover my memory.”

“Kim… Kimmy…”

Eric put his hands over her shoulder, but she didn’t complain. She didn’t even complain about him calling her that. It felt weird coming from his mouth but she didn’t care right now.


“You’re beautiful…” His smile warmed her cold body. Her bruised body.


“I was wondering…” He seemed ashamed when he started to phrase his thoughts, “If I kissed you… would you remember me again?”

“Eric…” Kimberly stepped back. She didn’t know him and he wanted her to kiss him? She could have had something with him, but that was before she lost her memory! “I… I don’t know… I know you say we had something, but it would be too weird if I let you kiss me now…”

“Please. I know you will feel something!” Eric yelled, begging, “Please, Kimberly! Kimmy!”

“Don’t call me that, please…”

“Eric stepped towards her, “Let me do it… If you see you don’t remember anything, you can stop.” God, what was he thinking? He was asking for too much! “I know you will remember something!”

“You don’t know that. Eric, I-” It was too late to say anything else. Eric pulled her to him and for the first time since she had woken up, Eric’s lips touched hers and it was impossible for her to struggle.

His kiss was too soft. He explored her mouth smoothly, like if he was afraid of hurting her. His hand was on her head, her hair entangled in it. His other hand was on her back, making her not go away. Kimberly couldn’t do anything but to wrap her arms around his neck.

Then, it started again. The headache came back, just when a new memory stroke her mind, but still, despite the pain, Eric made her keep kissing him, made her remember.

Kimberly walked in her bedroom and turn on the light. Jake was behind her and he was fucking scaring her. “Stop looking at me like that.”

No word.

"What the hell is wrong with you?“Kimberly yelled at him.

Not even a breath.

"Do you need anything?” The way he was carefully watching her, made her nervous.

Jake followed her into her bedroom. “Do you already miss Eric?”

"What the hell are you saying? What’s wrong with you?”

"There’s nothing wrong with me.”

"Oh really? You look like a fucking serial killer.” Kimberly replied with no patient at all in her voice. Since he didn’t answer to her comment, she answered to his question, “Yes, I miss Eric.”

"You like him?”

"You know I don’t.”

"Do I?”

“Eric!” She tried to say between his kiss, the strength he was making to keep her kissing him and the pain that was still stroking her head. She already remembered something about him, why the fuck didn’t he let her go? It seemed he didn’t want her to go away; it seemed he didn’t want that kiss to end.

“Kim!” Kimberly recognized both voices, Sidney’s and Angeline’s voice.

“What is going on here?”

Eric stopped kissing her, but didn’t let her go, because the moment he stopped kissing her, she almost fell onto the floor.

“Why were you kissing her?” Sidney asked, “Kim, are you ok?”

She opened her eyes and things were a little blurred, but she sighted Eric bent down on her, “I remember… I remember something about you.”

“What, Kim? What?”

“Let her go, Eric!” Sidney kept pushing him, until he let go of Kimberly. Sidney helped her walking to the couch and made her sat down. When her vision was finally ok, she sighted Angeline, Sidney and Eric looking at her.

“Eric.” Angeline started, “Why don’t you go see what Nina can do for Kimberly’s breakfast?”

“Mom, I-”

“Eric, go.” With that determination in her voice, Eric didn’t have courage enough to fight against it. When Eric left, she turned at Sidney, “Can you please prepare a long bath to your sister? I think she needs to relax.”

Sidney, smart as she was, got the point, and left the room without a word.

Now, she was alone with the devil. “Why did you kiss Eric?”

“I didn’t kiss him.”

“Dear, I was standing there for quite some time, if it weren’t for your sister, I wouldn’t say anything, I would keep seeing you two in silence. I saw you didn’t struggle against his move.” Angeline sat down beside her, “Why?”

“I don’t know.” She sighed, “I guess I just felt I shouldn’t… push him away.”

“You said you remember something about him. What did you remember?”

She had no trust in Angeline, why the fuck did she have to answer to everything? It’s not like Angeline would help her and would say what the fuck happened between her, Jake and Eric! Because, right now, she had no idea!

The memory she had… Jake was mad at her… he was fighting with her because she missed Eric. She said she did miss him, but she denied she liked him… Was she lying to Jake?

“I just remembered a fight I had with Jake… nothing else.”

“Do you know when the fight happened or what the fight was about?”

“I can’t seem to know when my memories take place in time! I just know where they happen! This case it was in my room in Jake’s house… He was fighting with me about Eric.” Kimberly revealed.

“Why don’t you tell me why he was fighting with you about Eric?”

“Angeline,” Kimberly got up slowly, “I think whatever Jake said to me, it’s between me and Jake.” She was going to turn around, but before she said hesitantly, “Would you… please not-”

“Tell Jake about the kiss?”

“Yes.” This time, Kimberly couldn’t possible look into her eyes without thinking about Jake. Somehow she found in herself to be guilty about the kiss.

“Of course I won’t tell Jake. I don’t want anything to happen to Eric.” Before Kimberly could even understand the meaning of that sentence, Angeline went away.

Seconds later, she went to her room and noticed Sidney had really done what Angeline had told her to do. She took off her clothes and underwear and got in the big bathtub with the warm water.

It felt good, but it didn’t make her feel good.

Oh, Kimberly was going to have to understand what Angeline meant with that. ′Of course I won’t tell Jake. I don’t want anything to happen to Eric.′ Was Jake capable of doing something to his own brother? The way she said that made Jake seem a monster. Jake was no monster, was he? He was nice to her… like Eric.

The kiss… God knows why she didn’t struggle. Was she supposed to struggle the moment his thin lips touched hers? The moment his tongue explored every corner of her mouth so softly? The moment she wrapped her arms around his neck.

God, she felt so guilty due to the fact she liked the kiss. And she was afraid Jake found out about the kiss. He seemed to like her… Eric seemed to like her. But which one did Kimberly like? Jake? Because of that scene of sex she remembered? Eric? Because she enjoyed his kiss?

And what she remembered… Jake… scaring the hell out of her, ready to question her if she liked Eric or not. Did Eric live with them or something, before? Because Jake asked her if she already missed Eric. She said yes.

Could there ever be a chance where… Jake might be her boyfriend… but then… she met Eric and fell for him? Everything pointed that way… That would explain the fact that Eric wanted her to recover quickly… He wanted her to remember everything. And also would explain why Jake was so mad when she lied and said she had remembered Eric instead of him.

What a fucking mess she was into.

After a while, Kimberly got out of the bathtub and went to put on some clothes. They were in summer, but what the hell. She put on some jeans and a shirt that covered most of her upper body. She didn’t want anyone to see the bruisers and hematomas on her skin.

She went upstairs to eat something. Her stomach was complaining again. But it was normal, she hadn’t eaten anything in hours. When she walked in the kitchen Sidney was there fighting with Eric.

“You had nothing to do that!” Her sister’s voice entered in Kimberly’s ear.

“She wanted too!”

“She doesn’t know what she fucking wants, Eric!” They were both facing each other, without even noticing that Kimberly had walked in the kitchen and was staring at them. It was impossible for her to not know that they were talking about her.

“Listen, I know you’re her sister, but this is between me and Kimberly.”

“And Jake!”

“What does Jake has to do about this?”

“You know damn well what Jake has to do with this!” Sidney kept yelling and yelling and her voice kept rising. Was she that angry because of the kiss? “I can’t even imagine what he’ll do if he finds out!”

“He won’t do anything because he won’t find out.” Kimberly finally said. She had to step into the conversation. “Why would he do anything, anyway?”

“Oh Kim…” Sidney sighed, “This is so much complicating than it seems…”

“You won’t tell Jake, right?”

Sidney didn’t answer right away, “He should know.”

“Since you even said it yourself, this is between me, Jake and Eric. Promise you won’t tell.” She burned her sister with her stormy eyes. Sidney had nothing to do with that kiss. And if it was between Jake, Eric and her, if Jake should know, she would be the one to tell him. But, right now, she just didn’t want it. “Promise, Sid.”

After a long time, waiting, “I promise.” She answered.


Sidney walked till the exit of the kitchen, but stopped before getting out. “You’ll regret this, Kim. After all you went through with him, you’ll regret this. And losing your memory will not serve as an excuse to gain his forgiveness.”

“What do you mean-”

“As for you…” Her younger sister pointed at Eric, “God, I thought you were much better than this. When all of this comes to an end, I hope she won’t speak to you at all.”

Without anything left to say, Sidney left Kimberly and Eric alone.

“I keep thinking and thinking, but what the fuck am I suppose to do when I’m alone with you or Jake, when I don’t even know which one of you is… the one I like? Because right now, I know I have something with one of you.”

“You breakfast is ready.” Eric turned around and grabbed something. When he turned around again and put a plate of pancakes in front of Kimberly, he said, “I always knew you loved chocolate pancakes.”

“Oh my god, really? I so love this! When did I tell you that?”

Eric cleaned his throat before answering, “I don’t remember…” He looked away.

She smiled, thanked for the pancakes and started eating, at the same time she heard him, “You know what, I think you should be careful with Sidney.”

“My own sister?”

“Yeah… She likes Jake better… That’s why she said this. She always wanted you to be with Jake.” Oh, now, she was getting something again. “She never wanted you to be with me.”

“Jake and I were together?”

“Eat, Kim. Because, right now, you really need to eat.” Eric was avoiding that theme now… Then again, Kimberly didn’t really want to talk about Jake and if they had indeed something or not.

“You know what? I think I shouldn’t eat this.”

“Why? I asked Nina to make them for you.”

“I’m getting fat.”

Eric choked on the juice he was drinking, “What makes you think that?”

“Well…” Kimberly blushed, “For example… these jeans are kind of too tight in my stomach. It hurts me.”

“Then you shouldn’t wear them.” Eric said right away, “You don’t want to hurt… hum… the ah… the stomach, right?”

Kimberly eyed him carefully. Was he hiding something? “Right… Still, maybe I’ll just drink some juice.”

“You should eat, really. You shouldn’t diet at all.” Eric said. How he was wrong. Of course Kimberly needed to make some diet- She was getting fat and getting fat was something that she really didn’t want right now. After all the bruisers disappear, Kimberly was already thinking about cong back to that house she had remembered and come back to work. She couldn’t be this whole time without working.

“No, really. I will drink some juice.” Kimberly stopped eating the pancakes and tried to not look at them; at the same time she fetched a glass and put some juice on it. That orange juice was really good.

“This is good.”

“Yeah, Nina makes it.” Eric answered. Then, somehow it made her think about Jake. If it was Jake in Eric’s place, he would just ask, ‘It’s good, isn’t it?’ he would just guess her thoughts.

After drinking filling the glass two more times, Kimberly said, “Well, I think I’m going to my room and… do something.”

“Kim, wait. You still haven’t told me what you remembered…”

Damn, she was trying to make him forget that, “Well… it wasn’t that interesting, really.” His eyes didn’t leave hers. She rolled her eyes, “It was just… me and Jake fighting… about you.”

“What were you fighting about?”

“He was asking me if I missed you and if I liked you.”

“What did you answer?”

“What do you think I answered?” Kimberly attacked him. It was a good way of knowing things.

He gave her a smile. If it was a real or a false one, she didn’t know. He reached her and touched her hand, “I think you said no to both, but I’m sure you thought you liked me and miss me. Not that you know what thought that time.”

Yeah, she didn’t know what she thought when they had that fight. She didn’t even know when that fight had happened, “I answered I missed you, but denied I liked you.”

“Or something like that.” His smile didn’t vanish, “Listen, Kim… Kimmy…”

“Why do you and Jake keep calling me that? I don’t like it!”

“You gave me permission.” Eric said that slowly. Like if he was thinking if he was saying the right words, “You said that now… I mean, before you lost your memory… Kimmy made you remember me… instead of remembering your father.”

“That is impossible.” There is no way her name wouldn’t remind her of her father. Well, it did, but mostly… Jake was in her mind whenever he or Eric called her that.

“Believe me, it is possible.” She didn’t believe him, but Eric kept going, “What I was going to say, is that you need to be careful about what you listen. My mother, Sidney, Jake… They are all against me and you.”

“But why?”

“Because… You were dating Jake before… but when you met me… you started to dislike him… Due to the way he acted with every girl, because you weren’t his only one, because I paid you more attention than he did.”

She found hard to believe in him, “Are you saying the truth?”

“I swear over my dad’s dead body.”

“Oh… Your father died?”

“Yes… But I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“I’m sorry.” Was the only thing she could say to him now.

Now, she had real information that came from his mind. She dated Jake. She had had something with him. But she fell for Eric when she met him, because, from what she already knows, Jake can be a bastard when t comes to girls and because he didn’t pay her the attention she wanted.

“It’s ok.”

“So… I liked you?” Kimberly tried to smile, really, but her heart didn’t want. “Does Jake know about it?”

“I think yes. It’s just a matter of time till you memory returns,” This time he avoided her eyes, “And then… we can be together again… Well, I need to go out. I’ll see you in the afternoon, ok?”

“You’re gonna miss lunch?”

“I’m gonna have lunch with some friends. I would ask you, but I know you don’t want to come because of the way you look now…”

“Yeah… I’m going to my room, then.” She smiled this time and left the kitchen. It was weird now that she knew she was supposed to like Eric.

That wondered in her mind for the rest of the day.

But then… what had Sidney meant when she that after all she went through with him, in the end, losing her memory wouldn’t serve as an excuse? She clearly referred to Jake, since Sidney was arguing with Eric about Kimberly kissing him. Had Kimberly gone through something with Jake? Something bad or difficult?

She ate in silence with Angeline and Sidney. They were both angry, and Kimberly had an idea why they were like that. It was easy. They wanted her with Jake, but liked Eric, right?

Had she had sex with Eric? Maybe if she saw a picture of her and Eric, she would remember something… Yeah, she would ask him later about some photos of both of them.

Kimberly talked on the phone with Lisa around 6PM to 7PM. She had talked about what she had found out. And she had said the same thing Sidney said to her, only in a kind way and with different words, which meant, Lisa was also against her relation with Eric. Why? Did they like Jake that much?

After Kimberly hung up, she heard yells downstairs. She quickly got up from her bed, dressed with a sundress. She didn’t care about them seeing her like that, seeing her body, they had seen her before. She just wanted to see what was going on downstairs.

On her way downstairs, she met Jake, “Oh. You’re here, already.”

When he looked at her, it was impossible for Kimberly to not notice the fury Jake was feeling now. “Don’t speak to me now.” With that said, Jake kept going. A bad feeling stroke Kimberly’s body.

Still, Kimberly went downstairs. She saw Eric sat on the floor, with Sidney, Alex and Angeline around him, on the workout room, “What happened?” When Alex got out of her sight, Kimberly saw Eric.

His lip was bleeding and he had a black eye. “Oh my god!” She ran towards him, “What happened?”

“Jake happened.” Eric tried to say. “Shit, this hurts like hell!”

“Why did he do that?”

Eric’s greenish eyes met hers and she got her answer. Somehow, Jake knew. “He… he did this because of the kiss?”


“Is he this stupid?” Kimberly yelled. “I can believe he hit you just because of that stupid kiss!”

“It wasn’t stupid.” Eric whispered.

“Eric,” Angeline started, “I think we should get some ice for that lip and eye. As for you, Kimberly,” Her dangerous green eyes, somehow, hurt Kimberly, “Why don’t you calm down the beast?”

“Mom!” Eric cried out of the blue, “I want Kim to be with me!”

“I think Kimberly needs to be with Jake right now. She’s the only one who can calm him down.” Oh, Angeline wanted her to face Jake about the kiss. He knew and that was why he had answered to her like that. Angeline had told him. God, Kimberly shouldn’t have trusted her!

“How am I supposed to do that?”

It was her sister the one who answered, “Whatever you guys did, whenever one of you got mad.” What the fuck did she mean with that?

“Don’t you remember? I lost my godamn memory! How am I supposed to know what to do?”

“Didn’t you know how to kiss Eric?” Her sister attacked her, “I’m sure you’ll know how to calm him now. After all, he’s your fucking boyfriend, not Eric.”

He is? He still is her boyfriend? Why the fuck hadn’t Eric mentioned that? “What? How?”

“I guess Eric forgot to mention that.” Alex had already helped Angeline taking Eric out of the workout room. “I think he forgot what the doctor said. We are not supposed to say the truth but we are not supposed to tell you lie. Jake is still your boyfriend. Whatever Eric told you, it’s a lie.”

Now, she was fucking confused. Should she believe Eric or Sidney? Which one told the truth? She knew Sidney her whole life, but it was Eric the one who told her things. He was the one who helped her remember!

No… that was Jake. He was the one who made her remember. Eric just said things…

“I don’t even want to know what he told you.” Sidney gave her a dirty look, one that she had never seen her sister make, and then, headed out of the workout room.

As for Kimberly… she headed towards Jake room. When she got there, t seemed she had walked in a different atmosphere. Jake wasn’t there. Everything was messy.

“Jake?” She called out. “Jake?”

Suddenly, he walked out of the bathroom with just some shorts, “I fucking told you I didn’t want to talk to you! What the fuck are you doing here?”

So much anger in his voice… “Well, now you’ll have to speak with me! Why the fuck did you hit your brother?” He wanted to talk to her in that harsh way? She was capable of doing the same.

“Why? You still ask me why?” She didn’t answer right away. Her eyes were stuck on his torso. What a built body he had… “Answer me for god’s sake!” He noticed she was looking at his abs, “This is nothing new to you! You fucking saw this every night!”

Every night?

“You shouldn’t have hit your brother.” Kimberly finally said.

“Yeah, right. He kissed you! He fucking kissed you, Kimmy! He knows how much you mean to me! And he still tries to get you? That fucking jerk isn’t my brother!”

“I knew your mother would eventually tell you.” Kimberly sighed and avoided his cat eyes.

“Oh no, my mother doesn’t tell me anything. When you fucking recover your memory you’ll know why I said this!” He kept yelling and scaring her. “It was your sister who told me!”

Sidney? How could she? She had promised!

“I’m sorry.” Kimberly whispered.

“Don’t say you’re sorry!” Jake turned around, hiding his face, “You didn’t want to stop kissing him! How could you?”

“What did you want me to do? I don’t remember anything!”

“Don’t give me that shitty excuse! Why did you kiss him?”

“You know why I let him kiss me? Because he said I could probably remember something!”

“Yeah, that’s a really good excuse to let him kiss you.” Jake laughed furiously as he turned around and walked till her, “Can I use that excuse too? Because maybe you’ll remember me! Since you woke up, you fucking don’t remember me!”

She remembered him. Oh yes. That photo had remembered Kimberly and Jake together. And they were happy. How could Eric say he didn’t pay her attention? He seemed to pay her attention!

“Listen, I-”

“Let me kiss you, then!”

“What?” What the fuck was he saying? He was acting like Eric in the morning, but he was much violent than Eric.

“You let my brother kiss you, why don’t let me kiss you?”

“I am not some slut you can kiss whenever the fuck you want.”

“But you’re one the moment you let my brother kiss whenever he wants!” The moment Jake said that, Kimberly raised her hand and slapped him.

Jake’s reaction was everything she wasn’t expecting.

He didn’t stay there, staring at her. The moment he looked at her again, he pulled her into him and made her kiss him.

Kimberly didn’t fight.

His kiss was everything Eric’s kiss wasn’t. Violent and wild. His tongue stroked her with the strength Eric didn’t have. And Kimberly… Oh, she didn’t wait this time. She put her arms around his neck and made him kiss her even harder.

What was wrong with her? Oh god, she wanted Jake. She didn’t even know him, but she knew she wanted him. The moment he kissed her, she was lost in him. God, he had nothing to do with Eric. Eric was smooth candy and Jake was this fire that froze and burned her.

When she wasn’t expecting, Jake grabbed her legs and caught her from the floor. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist. Kimberly just couldn’t stop him, because she felt she wanted it.

Well, he was, indeed, her boyfriend, wasn’t he?


He stopped kissing her mouth and led his lips to her neck, “Don’t ask me to stop, Kimmy.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.” She couldn’t help but to smile. God, he knew where to kiss her. He knew exactly what to do. The way he acted towards her… the way he kissed her… God, she loved this violent and wild attitude of him.

“You’re… letting me… do this… because you always… liked when I did this…” This time he looked straight into her eyes, while breathing hard. “If you still don’t remember me… I think you need something more.”

Out of the blue, Jake took her into his bed and placed her there. Was she really thinking about what he was thinking about doing with her?

Jake knelt on the floor, grabbing her feet. “What are you doing?”

“I’m caressing you.” After he said that, he took of her shoes and started to make his way from her feet to her lips.

When he reached her mouth… she didn’t care that his hands had already touched every part of her body. This proved Jake was her boyfriend right? Her head wanted to stop, but her heart and body didn’t react to her thoughts. She wanted this. Kimberly wanted him.

She lost her memory… but she didn’t lose her feelings, right?

The moment Jake grabbed her dress; he practically called her out of her mind, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking your dress off.”

“No.” Kimberly said, pushing his hands off her dress. “I don’t want to do anything.”

“Kimmy, I’ve seen your body-”

“I don’t know you!” She suddenly yelled, running away from his arms and off the bed. When she turned around to face him, he was already up and behind her.

“You didn’t say that when I was kissing your body.” The way he said it, wasn’t nice. Kimberly looked away and didn’t notice she had put her arms around her body. Jake guessed her thoughts… as always, “You’re ashamed of your body.”

It wasn’t a question.

“Baby… I don’t care about it-”

“But I do care!” She yelled.

“Kimmy… I don’t even give a damn about it. As for me, you could even have the ugliest body in the whole world, I would still want to-”

“Do what?”

His answer surprised her, “Everything you want.” He smiled and warmed her body.

“But… I really don’t know you…”

“You do know me… You’ll remember…” His kiss softened a bit. It wasn’t that wild as the first one, but it still made her want more.

His hands made its way to her legs and grabbed the dress. Smoothly… he pulled it up… and she let him.

God, what the fuck was she doing? This was wrong! She could be a stripper, but she wasn’t a slut! She didn’t sleep with guys she didn’t know! Why the fuck didn’t her body react?

Jake took off her dress and she never felt more embarrassed. “Kimmy. I really don’t care about it.”

“It’s not that… It’s just that…” She stepped backwards. “I don’t feel comfortable.”

“You felt comfortable to kiss Eric.” His eyes darkened.

“Eric didn’t push it too far. He wasn’t thinking about sex right away-”

“I wasn’t thinking about sex, either,” He cut her off, “I just started to think about that, the moment you reacted to the kiss. I thought you were going to slap me again.”

Kimberly laughed and Jake joined her. “You were… my boyfriend?”

“You remember me?” There was the rush again, on his voice.

“Kind of…”

“Then I guess there’s nothing wrong in what we’re doing.”

The sweet smile he gave her… made her give him the permission. He was her boyfriend, wasn’t he? She smiled and he got her permission.

He took her in his arms again to the bed. Was she really thinking about what she was going to do? She was giving him the permission to have sex with her! Sex! Kimberly wasn’t thinking straight… Then again… she also wanted it.

And she let him.

Jake laid her down in the bed carefully. He made again the same thing… Started from her feet to her lips… as he took her underwear. Kimberly closed her eyes. How could he possibly want to have sex with her… with her body like that? She hated her body! How could he not care about it?

With his hand, Jake made her look at him, “You want this, don’t you? I don’t want to force you.”

No, she didn’t want it! “Yes, I want to.” She was fooling herself when she tried to tell he was a guy she didn’t know. She did know him and he was her boyfriend. She just… didn’t remember. Right?

The second Jake got in her body, her mind was once again, reminded. Only that this time… like she had thought… there wasn’t any memories of Jake that had stroke her mind.

It was someone else.

It was dark. Kimberly couldn’t see a thing.

“Ready to repeat?” A male voice asked her, while laughing.

“Please, no! I’m sorry! It wasn’t my fault that Ang-”

“Enough!” He yelled, “I don’t care about the past! I just want you to suffer, at the same time, I’m enjoying you!”

Kimberly shook her arms, but they were tight to the corners of the bed and so were her feet. She started crying.

“Yes, you whore… Cry, while I fucking come inside you!”

“Hel-” A heavy hand fell on her face and then, a kick in her right leg.

She wasn’t expecting the man to place himself over her right after. But that was nothing, compared to what she felt when he…got inside her. She was going to yell, but the man put his hand over her mouth.

“Yell whatever you want… You want to know something? That excites me… Oh…”

When she came back to reality, she didn’t notice she was crying and yelling, at the same time she was pushing Jake away.

“Kimmy! What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“Let me go! Don’t touch me!” She felt the flavor of the tears in her mouth.

She was in panic. She had been raped! That was why she had all of those bruises! And that was why she had lost her memory! Due to a complication from a concussion?

Kimberly pulled the sheet and wrapped it around her. She didn’t listen to his yells, asking her what had happened. She hid her face from him. Why had she remembered that, while he was having sex with her?

Was it him? Was he the one that had raped her? Her own boyfriend?


Eric’s words came into her mind. He had said she liked Jake, but then, she fell for him when she met him. Could ever be any possibility that Jake found out about it and… made revenge by his own hands?

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