Love Stripped

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Chapter 28

“What?” Kimberly immediately got up from his bed and faced him directly.

Eric seemed to be avoiding her eyes, when he said, “Surprised?” Damn well she was! “I know this must be a shock, but-”

“Of course it’s a shock. Eric! I am pregnant! I am supposed to be in love with your brother! He knows I’m pregnant, he thinks he’s the father, but you’re the one?” Kimberly yelled at him.

“Kim, don’t yell, please. They will hear us.”

“I don’t care! Eric, I want to know the truth!”

“This is the truth!” Eric got up and once again, didn’t look at her eyes, “I am the father of your baby!”

“Then tell how the fuck I ended up pregnant if I was on the pill?”

“I… I don’t know either.”

“This isn’t happening. I am dreaming.”

“Calm down, please.” Eric said. Kimberly took a deep breath. “Kimmy, I am the father of your baby. We… we made love once… when Jake was gone… In those weekends he came to my mom… I went there and we did it.”

“Jake doesn’t know…”

“No. He said he was your boyfriend when you were in the hospital, and he was at the time, the doctor said to him you were pregnant. He thinks the baby is his.”

“Oh my god…” Suddenly, Kimberly felt she was going to lose the strength she had in her body. She slowly walked up to Eric’s bed and sat down again. “I didn’t remember us having sex… I just remembered me and Jake.”


“But I do remember a fight me and Jake had… and I yelled at him, uncontrollably and said I preferred you, for various reasons. Maybe at the time… we had already had sex.”

“I don’t know when you had that fight so I can’t tell you exactly, Kimmy.” Eric reached her and gave her a hug. Kimberly didn’t put her arms around him. Somehow, she found hard in herself to believe in Eric.

She was happy when she had had sex with Jake that time. She felt good when they almost had sex. The fact that Jake was acting towards her like a jerk, didn’t make her wish him less. The fact that she had been raped didn’t make her wish his touch less. Only his touch remained in her mind. He was there for her when she remembered she had been raped. Jake was always by her side when she needed.

Eric… for how much he told her things… she couldn’t remember him.

“It isn’t possible, Eric. I’m pregnant because of Jake. Not you.”

“Kimmy, it is possible! I’m the father of your baby!” This time, Eric was the one who yelled. “I am, not Jake! He’s a bastard who treated you like dirt!”

“He may be a jerk, but I can see he wasn’t that-”

“The first times you guys had sex, can you believe he had sex with another girl, the night after you had sex with him, in the same bed? He treated you bad!” What? Did she even know that before she lost her memory?


“He’s nicer now because he wants to make up for his mistakes! You know why you were raped?”

Wow, now he was bringing up the rape issue… Kimberly didn’t answer and let him keep going.

“That night you and Jake had a huge fight! He found out you liked me and he abandoned you that night, crying! That’s the night when you disappeared! You still believe he is that good? He fucking abandoned you in the middle of nowhere!”

“What?” No… Jake wouldn’t do that to her; Jake wouldn’t abandon her. He loved her. He had sworn over her love one time that he wouldn’t hurt her. God… had he fooled her so well? Did Kimberly want Jake to be the one?

Kimberly broke the hug and looked straight at Eric’s eyes. “You’re telling the truth? He abandoned me? That’s why I was raped?”


“Oh my god…” She started crying again. She almost had sex with the person that made her be raped. She let him be near her! He had fooled her! “I want to get out of this house, Eric. I don’t want to be near him!”

“No, you live with him, Kimmy. If you get back home, you’ll be all alone with him again. If you stay here for a while I’ll help you get another house… or… since I am the father of your baby… You can… stay here with me.” So many revelations, Kimberly didn’t even know in what she had to think about first.

“What about Jake? We have to tell him.”

“I know, but… Not right now. You have to pretend you don’t know you’re pregnant.”


“Until we get you a house, you will stay here. I know you will want to live in the city you were before, so I’ll try to get you a nice and cheap house, so you can stay away from Jake until we tell him I’m the father of the baby.” Eric declared, walking from one side to another, thinking about the solutions for their problem.

“He’ll suspect. I eventually have to discover I’m pregnant.” Kimberly said, sat on his bed, her hands supporting her head.

“I know… I hope… by then, we already have a house for you.” Eric sat beside her. “Listen… Kimmy. I…”

Kimberly looked at his greenish eyes. They had no strength to pierce through her body like Jake’s eyes had. “What?”

“I love you. Since the very beginning I love you.”

At least Eric had admitted he loved her… Now Jake… “I don’t know what to say…”

“You’ll know…” Eric smiled but his smile didn’t warm her body, didn’t make her feel secure.

After some time in silence, Kimberly decided to go to her room. She needed to sleep, she couldn’t think straight. “I better go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow, Eric.”

“No. Stay with me, Kimmy.”

Kimberly got up and faced him, “No. I really think I should go to my room.”

“Sleep with me here…” Oh no, not that. Who knows if she would end up making the same mistake she had done with Jake? And that hadn’t ended very well.

“I said no Eric. Maybe… some day later… when I remember everything.”

Eric’s eyes looked at somewhere else. “Yeah… when you remember everything.” She turn around, “Kimmy, please, don’t say anything to Jake. If he finds out the baby isn’t his, he’s capable of doing something crazy. He’ll lose his head. You can’t ask him anything. If you have doubts, time will answer them, not Jake. He would just make everything worse.”

With that, Kimberly said, “Goodnight.” She walked away from his room and went to hers.

She was pregnant. The father was Eric… and she simply couldn’t believe in him entirely. But why? If he had said Jake had abandoned her the night she disappeared, that he had treated her very bad, why couldn’t Kimberly believe that Jake wasn’t the father? Even her memories had told her she preferred Eric!

“Kimmy?” She looked at her side and saw Jake standing outside his bedroom.

“Why are you still up? What have you been doing?”

Not now. She didn’t want to talk to him.

“I ah… I went to the kitchen.”

“Oh… Ok.” Somehow, Jake seemed he hadn’t believed in her excuse. “You’re going to bed now?”

“Hum, yeah.” She answered tiredly.

“You want me to play for you?” Kimberly looked at his green eyes and for seconds, she got lost in them. He repeated, “You want me to play the guitar for you?” Was Jake taking a break from the jerk he was?

“What? Oh, no. It’s ok. It’s late. I know you must be sleepy too.”

“I’m fine. Really, I don’t mind. You liked when I played the guitar before.”

“I may not like now.” Kimberly said harshly. Eric was the father of her baby; Kimberly could in no way get close to Jake…

“You always liked, why would you not like now?” Jake moved away from the door of his bedroom and got close to Kimberly.

“Maybe losing my memory made me different.”

“You’re still the same.” An amused smile appeared in from of Kimberly’s gray eyes. “I can tell when you see me; you always try to react differently. Just like you tried before we started dating. The story is repeating, Kimmy.”

No, it’s not. She will not allow herself to fell for him again. Not for the bastard who abandoned her and made her be raped. “I think it’s not.”

Immediately, Jake put one arm around her waist carefully. He knew she was pregnant, so he would do anything to not harm her, since he also thought the baby was his. “For how much you try to deny, you know you want me.” There was the jerk talking…

“Let me go.”

Damn Eric. Why couldn’t she just yell and say she didn’t like Jake? Why couldn’t she just yell and say the baby was hers and Eric? Not hers and his!

“Jake, please…” Hs face was way too close to hers. She couldn’t allow herself to have this type of contacts with Jake! But damn, her body didn’t react! Her body didn’t do want she wanted! What was happening?

“Don’t fight against it…” He whispered in her ear.

Kimberly didn’t fight against it. She just couldn’t move. Her body seemed to be frozen in time.

She felt his breath on her neck… his lips smoothly touching her soft skin, making his way towards her face… She closed her eyes, feeling him…

No! This was wrong! She could only let Eric do this! Eric was the one! But why? Why the fuck couldn’t she move? Why had her hands moved from his waist… to his back… to his neck… and then lock his hair?

Why were her lips begging for the touch of his lips?

Kimberly wanted to talk, but mostly she wanted to yell! But the only think that came out o her mouth was her breath and his name in a whisper that caressed him, “Jake…”

His fingers slide down from her cheeks to her neck, chest… all the way down. It seemed they were frozen in time. Finally, his lips touched hers. Only that he didn’t kiss her. Jake just rubbed his lips lightly on hers.

Damn, why wouldn’t he just kiss her?

“Say it.” His eyes were opened, looking straight into hers. “Say you want it.”

“I…” No, she didn’t want it! The lips she wanted were Eric’s, not Jake’s! Because she had fallen for Eric and not Jake! Because Eric was the father of her child! Because Jake had abandon her! Because… Because…

She lost all reason the second she answered, “Kiss me.”

And he did. His lips found hers in a second and his tongue stroked hers wildly. Her mind was lost; the second another memory came back to her.

"Jake, you know why-”

"No, let me talk, Kimberly! Let me say this for once and for all!” Jake said, and Kimberly had never seen him more decisive. “You know damn well the way that we touch is something that we can’t deny! The ways that you move… oh you make me feel alive.” He laughed to himself.

"It’s like the world just disappears when you’re around me… I want you to say you want me! Say you want, say you need! I don’t care about them anymore now! I want you! I know you’re not into me just because of what I have! I can tell by your face you love the way you turn me on! I would do what it took… I would never do you wrong!”

"I know!”

Jake seemed he hadn’t listened to hear, since he kept going, “You know why? Because the way we love is something that we can’t deny! So I ask you! I’ve said it all. Why don’t you date me?”

"I… I’m afraid to get hurt.“´

"What?” Jake asked. She had said that in such a low tone of voice that Jake hadn’t even heard her.

"I’m afraid to get hurt!” She cried out, “I’m afraid you’ll do the same to me that you did to Joanne! I don’t want it, Jake! Did you see the way you left her? She was practically heartbroken! I don’t want to have a relationship with you where you’ll end up hurting me!”

"Kimmy, I won’t!”

"I want to believe in you! I really want! It’s just that…” She avoided his green eyes that were studying her, “How do I know you’re really telling the truth?”

"Don’t get me wrong, Kimmy.” Jake started, “I like you, but does that mean I have to walk on water?”

"You’re right, but…”

"You’ll just have to risk it.” Jake stated. He reached her arms and pulled her to him. “I promise, Kimmy. I won’t hurt you ever.” He hugged her and Kimberly felt the warm in his body, heating her own.

Then, she looked up at him, “You promise?”

"Yes.” His sweet smile, his light green eyes, the kindness in his voice made her believe him.

Jake had promised! He wouldn’t hurt her!

With that memory back, Kimberly didn’t care about anything for the next hours. She hold on to Jake like if this was going to be their last time. She wanted him more than she had wanted him last time.

She didn’t care about Eric or if Jake had abandoned her. Jake had promised he would never hurt her, so he would never abandon her! Damn Eric who lied to her!

“Baby, calm down.” Jake said while Kimberly kissed him violently. She didn’t want to lose this feeling. She didn’t want him to stop kissing her.

Jake started walking backwards and Kimberly didn’t care to where he was taking her. She just wanted to be close to him. The closest she could get. Even if that meant, she had to melt in his own body to feel him entirely.

They walked in his room and Kimberly sighted his bed. She made him go in that direction and pushed him away, making him fall in his bed. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

He had no smile. Kimberly met his green eyes and asked, “Don’t you want this? I’m losing my mind, right now. I don’t care about anyone’s thoughts; I just care about what I’m feeling and what my body needs.”

“What are you feeling and what does your body needs?”

“What I’m feeling is…” Kimberly slowly took of her nightdress. “… I’m simply insane. Your touch drives me crazy.” Oh and she was. She was crazy; she couldn’t think straight, Jake’s kisses had led her to insanity! The breath in her neck, the whispers in her ear, the touch on her body… all of that made her act like that.

“And what does your body need?” Jake took off his shorts and then, he was naked in front of Kimberly.

“What my body needs…” She took off her underwear and once again, Jake looked at her assets without embarrassment. “…Is you.”

Jake smiled, amused, and Kimberly walked towards him. Jake kissed her hips and pushed her softly to him. Kimberly didn’t hesitate the moment she sat over him. She didn’t think twice the moment she felt him inside her.

She didn’t care if she moaned in pleasure too loud or if she was betraying someone. This was what she was feeling and thinking.

“Kimmy…” Jake managed to say, “Shh… Lower…”

“I can’t… I don’t care…” She kept moving over him, she kept giving herself the pleasure her body needed from him. As for Jake… oh, he loved seeing her there once again.

Jake must have felt Kimberly was going to reach the climax, because he pulled her to him and made her kiss him. He knew her so well… She reached her climax in the second after and she still moaned in his mouth, sharing the same pleasure with him. Her nails were buried in his shoulders and back, if he was feeling pain she didn’t know, their minds wondered in paradise for seconds… Until that great moment vanished.

Carefully, Jake lay her down by his side. He did the same, never leaving her eyes. She tried to stay awake, but the tiredness took care of her once again… The last thing she saw before falling asleep, were Jake’s green eyes, watching her, in love.

She woke up during the night. What time, she didn’t know. She just knew she was lying down in his bed with him,

“Oh my god… I did not do this…” Kimberly raised her head and saw Jake’s head over her shoulder and his hand around her waist. What had she done?

Above all warnings Eric gave her, she did exactly the opposite of what she should have done! She didn’t ignore him; she went to bed with him! She had lost her head the moment Jake provoked her! And the worse was that Kimberly had been the one to make him go to bed with her! If it was for Jake he would just kiss her or provoke her!

She slowly pushed him away, carefully, so he wouldn’t wake up. Kimberly got up and just grabbed her nightdress. It was dark; she didn’t have the patience to look for her underwear.

The images of her and Jake having sex and Eric’s words haunted her mind. She had never felt this bad. She lost her head. Kimberly literally lost her head! It was enough for Jake to provoke her that she would do anything to melt with him!

The moment she walked in her room, she lay down on her bed in a fetal position.

She had been raped, not even a month ago and she had already slept with a man. She was pregnant and she had slept with the man who wasn’t the father of her baby. She was in love and it wasn’t for the man who said to be the one she liked.

Yes, she was in love. Losing her memory wasn’t enough to hide her feelings from herself. Her body didn’t even reacted like she wanted when Jake was around. Such feelings didn’t disappeared when Eric told her she had been raped when Jake abandoned her. Such feelings didn’t go away when Eric said he was the one she wanted. Such feelings couldn’t be ignored, not even when she knew Jake wasn’t the father of her baby.

She didn’t felt disgusted of Jake’s touch, despite the fact she felt disgusted of any other touch from another man, because she had been raped.

Kimberly didn’t sleep all night, as her mind thought about how she was weak. She had to get out that house. She would hate herself if she didn’t get out of that house soon.

It was about 9AM when Kimberly decided to get up from her bed, after spending a night in blank. Everyone was still sleeping, expect for her and Angeline. She was finishing breakfast when Angeline walked in the kitchen, “Good morning.”

“Good morning. You couldn’t sleep?”

“Oh no, dear.” Angeline said with a smile, “Us, old people, can’t sleep that much anymore. What about you?”

“I ah… I just couldn’t sleep.”

“I see you already started eating well again. Jake was getting worried.” Yeah, she bet he was if he thought the baby was his. Because, maybe, if he knew the baby was from Eric, he wouldn’t care that much. “How have you been doing? You keep throwing up? Have you remembered something more?”

“I’m fine. I haven’t been throwing up and I haven’t remembered anything new.” Kimberly answered to Angeline’s questions, one by one.

“Good.” Her green eyes weren’t pleased with her answer. “If you threw up again, tell me. We need to go to the hospital to know what is bothering your stomach.”

Oh, Angeline knew how to act. If Kimberly kept thinking that she wasn’t pregnant, she would have gone to the hospital later. And she would eventually find out she was pregnant. “Yeah, but really, I’m feeling better.” Kimberly gave her a false smile.

“Ok. If you need anything just ask.” When Angeline sat in front of her, Kimberly got up. “Where are you going?”

“I need to talk with Eric.”

“He’s sleeping.”

“I’ll wake him up.” One more trade of looks and then, Kimberly walked out of the kitchen.

She really needed to get a new house. She couldn’t stand living with them here, and she wouldn’t stand to live with Jake in their other house. All she wanted was a small house, where she could be far away from Jake, so he wouldn’t cause her any more problems. Kimberly couldn’t be confused again. She couldn’t be near Jake. She needed to be far away so that she wouldn’t fall in his arms again, when Eric was the one she loved and when Eric was the father of her baby. When Kimberly could be in her new house, she would tell everything she knew to Jake.

He couldn’t keep thinking she liked him or that the baby was his.

“Eric.” Kimberly said, already inside Eric’s room. She sat on his bed, shook his body and kept repeating his name, “Eric! Wake up!”

“Hum… What?” Eric opened his eyes, “Kim? What time is it? What are you doing here? Something happened?”

“Yeah, something happened.” Eric immediately raised his body. “What happened was that I can’t stand being in his house anymore, so I really need a new house. Would you get up from your bed and start working on that?”

“What time is it?”

“Half past nine.” Kimberly answered with no patience at all. She saw Eric getting up and for the first time since she remembered, she saw his body. Jake and Eric weren’t that different. They had the same abs and everything. The only differences were that Jake was taller and had a larger body. The moment she imagined Jake’s naked body in front of her, she knew it was time to get back to reality, instead of focusing on stupid thoughts, “Will you take a lot till you find a small house for me and Sid?”

“I don’t think so.” Eric replied sleepy. “If we spend the whole day looking for houses on the Internet, I think we can find something good.”

“Good.” She didn’t liked spending the whole day in front of a computer, but if that made her not face Jake the whole day, she was happy with it. She couldn’t possible tell what his reaction would be when he would face her with a happy smile and she would just… ignore him for their own good.

“Let me just eat something first, ok?”

“Sure.” She didn’t move from where was. “Eric, I…”


Kimberly got up and faced him, while grabbing his hands, “I really like you, don’t I? Jake abandoned me before I was raped, right? You really are the father of my baby, aren’t you?”

“Baby…” Eric started softy as his warm hand caressed her tanned face, “All of what I said to you is true.” He smiled. She tried to smile back, but she couldn’t. And before she couldn’t even force a smile, Eric kissed her.

It had nothing to do with Jake’s kisses. Because Eric was sweet and Jake was hard. Because his kisses were soft and smooth and Jake’s were wild and violent. And the worse was that… As Jake caused her emotions she couldn’t possible resist, Eric didn’t make her feel what she wanted.

Kimberly broke the kiss, “Come on, I’ll go with you.”

Eric looked a bit disappointed, but he didn’t fight against her decision. They walked out of his room and went to the kitchen. This time, Sidney had joined Angeline. “I can’t wait!” She heard her sister saying.

“You can’t wait for what?” Kimberly walked in the kitchen, following Eric, who immediately sat down in front of her sister.

“Angeline and I are going to the mall!” Sidney revealed with a huge smile.

“You want to come, Kimberly?”

“Oh no, I’m staying with Eric.”

“Doing what?” The blue in her sister’s eyes darkened. It reminded her of Jake’s green eyes, whose eyes scared her when they darkened.

“Some searches on the internet.” She looked away. Not to avoid Sidney’s blue eyes, but Angeline’s.

“About what?” Before Kimberly could answer, the person who she feared walked in the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Kimberly thought Jake would appear there, with a smile on his face, because he had slept with her, but no. He had no smile, his eyes were this dark green and his expression wasn’t nice at all.

“Something bothering you, son?” Angeline asked as soon as she noticed Jake’s eyes. Kimberly wasn’t the one who noticed the change in Jake’s eyes. But, Angeline was his mother, it was normal. She knew him for 24 years old.

Wait a second… 24? How the hell did she know he was 24 years old?

“No, nothing happened.” It was when she saw him staring at her that she came back to reality once more.

“Are you sure?” This time, it was Sidney’s voice.

“Yeah.” Jake said coldly. Right now, Kimberly was sure Jake didn’t care about his allies. He just cared about her and no one else. Was he waiting for her to admit in front of everybody they had slept together?

“You know what? I think I’m going to… the bathroom?” Kimberly said and everybody saw how nervous she was with Jake’s presence there. She didn’t give a chance to someone ask her something, since she stormed out of the kitchen, trembling.

How could she possible have slept with him? How could she now look at his face?

Kimberly did what she had said. The only thing was that she was now sat in the middle of the bathroom, looking at nothing in special and thinking how much time would Eric take to come and get her.

She couldn’t possibly be around Jake now. Unless she wanted to be pierced with those green eyes and then… be asked why she had left him alone in the bed and if she was the first to start the sex.

Eric appeared in her room about ten minutes, “Why did you run out of the kitchen? Jake did something?”

When he helped her getting up, Kimberly replied tiredly, “No, Eric. I just don’t want to be near him.”


“Don’t ask me why, ok?”

“Sure.” As they walked out of the bathroom, Eric asked, “You still want to look for the houses on the Internet?’”

“Of course. I don’t want to stay here any longer.” With that said, Eric and Kimberly walked out of her bedroom and made their way to his room.

On the way, Eric asked, “What type of house do you want?”

“Hum… That’s easy Eric. Cheap.”

“I can lend you money if you need. After all,” He looked away, “The baby is mine, too. I don’t want you to live in a house that doesn’t have any type of conditions.”

“No, I don’t want that. I can live on my own, without anyone’s money. I’m not that poor, Eric.”

“Then tell me, what kind of house do you want?”

“Hum… small, definitely, like… 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom… Am I forgetting something?”

“I think not. I think we might find something quickly. I also don’t want you to stay here with Jake.”

“He’s your brother.” Kimberly and Eric walked in his room. “It’s not like he stole me, you’re the one who did that. He should be the one to be careful with you.”

Eric didn’t answer. He pulled a chair and put it next to one he had in front of the desk with his laptop. “Let’s start this.”

And they started it and kept going on for the whole weekend the next week. They passed the days staring at the computer, watching photos of houses that had the description that Kimberly had said.

Those days took so much time passing… And they were the harder days that Kimberly had ever been through. Not because she was looking for the house, but because she had to avoid Jake every time she saw him. Or every time he tried to talk to her. It hurt to see him in that state, because Kimberly knew he was suffering. She had slept with him but she spent the next days with his brother.

He thought she was her girlfriend and he was the father of the baby, so she knew how hard it was. But she had to think about herself, the baby and Eric.

So, with hard work, they found a house in the city where Kimberly already lived, just like she wanted. It was more expensive than being in Jake’s house, but that was just until she found a really good job, other than being a stripper, since her belly was going to get big and she would have a baby to take care and being a stripper… wasn’t that good. Anyways, it wouldn’t be hard to find a job, since she had had excellent grades in college.

Kimberly only saw the house in photos, because she thought it was better to stay there while Eric went to check out the house for her, taking his own photos. She loved it, so in his mother’s name, Eric managed to pull out some strings so that Kimberly could go there the fastest she could, and against Kimberly’s will, he paid the down payment and the first two months.

It was Thursday and Kimberly was finishing packing her things. She had warned her sister one hour ago and made her promise she would not tell Angeline or Jake. Kimberly would tell herself to Angeline and Jake that she had found a house for herself and Sidney. She knew it would be a shock, but it was better this way. If they had known they would have made everything harder, including her sister, who seemed to love Angeline.

“Jake’s here.” Eric said after storming in her room without knocking. “Sid told my mom and she called Jake.”

“Already?” It was only 5PM and Jake was supposed to be at work! She had decided to leave at that hour because Jake was supposed to be at work!

“Yes. And he’s mad, Kimmy. He’s really pissed off.”


“Kimmy.” Eric stepped towards her, looked her in the eyes and said, “Whatever he tells you, you must not tell him I’m the father of your baby, ok? I’ll talk to him and… I’ll invent something.”

“But I should talk to him too! I mean, I’m supposed to be his girlfriend, but from what I know, I cheated on him with you! The least I could do was admitting what I did!”

“Can’t you understand he can lose his mind and do something? I don’t want him to hurt you!” Eric yelled uncontrollably. God, did he have something against Kimberly talk to Jake? It was her fault too!

“He thinks I’m pregnant of his own son, do you think he would hurt me?”

Eric’s words hurt her, “From what I know, he loved you and knew you were pregnant before he abandoned you there, all alone, just to be raped!” Her silence made him won, “Just tell him you’re leaving now. If he tries to know anything about me and you, don’t answer.”

“Ok.” Kimberly looked down. She felt bad with what was going on. She felt she shouldn’t lie to Jake! But… wasn’t she the one that had lost her memory? “Is Sid ready?”

“Yeah. She’s downstairs. With Jake and my mother.” Eric paused for some seconds and Kimberly knew he was thinking about what they were going to do, “Don’t forget, Kimmy. I’ll drive you there, you pick up your things and go to the strip club and take care of whatever you have to take care there. Then, when you come back, call me.”


“Ready to hear Jake and my mother? And probably your sister too?”

“I have to, don’t I?” Kimberly grabbed her bags and got out of her room with Eric. She walked all the way until the hall, with her mind thinking about Jake’s reaction.

They stopped right in front of them there: Angeline, Sidney and Jake.

Angeline only eyed her with her cold green eyes, Sidney had her arms crossed at her chest because she was mad and Jake… she could sense his fury miles away. Before Eric could say anything, Kimberly started, “You all know that I’m leaving, so I guess I don’t have much to say, unless to thank you for everything, of course. It’s not every day that we wake up without any memo-”

“Spare us with that shit, will you?” She knew he would burst out. “Why the fuck are you doing this? You can’t runaway now. I will not let you runaway now, just like I let you the other time. I want to know why you are leaving if you had everything here.”

“You know my home isn’t here. And it isn’t with you, either.” Her eyes didn’t leave his green eyes, “I’m sure Sid as already told you that I got a new house.”

“Yeah. That was why you and Eric spent the whole days in that fucking room looking for a fucking house behind my back! I didn’t hide anything from you! Why the fuck couldn’t you tell me you were doing that?”

“Calm down, Jake.” Eric stepped in the conversation, putting himself between him and Kimberly, “You know this would eventually happen.”

“No, I didn’t!” Jake yelled, his fists were closed, ready to take down whoever stepped between him and her, “I knew we weren’t that good, but we weren’t that bad, Kimberly! Why couldn’t you tell me that? I tried to give you everything, I tried to say everything I could, and I tried to control myself, until last-”

“I know, Jake!”

“Then why, Kimberly? Why? The least you could do was telling me that you didn’t want to be with me anymore!”

“Jake.” His mother’s calm voice was heard by everyone, “I’m sure Kimberly as a very good reason to why she is doing this.”

Yes, she had. A reason that she couldn’t say because Eric told her she shouldn’t say it. She had thought about this conversation a lot of times. She knew what to say that would break his heart and make him give up, “I don’t like you anymore.”

“What?” Sidney, Jake and Angeline didn’t expect that answer.

“I don’t like you anymore.”

For the first time, Jake seemed he had been hurt like he had never been in his whole life, “Kimberly… Kimmy… How can you say that after…?” At least he knew he shouldn’t say they had slept together. “You lost your memory, how can you-”

“Exactly.” She said with the coldest tone of voice she could use. “Losing my memory was a test. From what I know, I loved you and I dated you. But, if I really loved you… my memory wouldn’t hide my feelings, because feelings can’t be hidden or mistaken.”

“Do you know what you’re saying?” It was her sister’s voice. “Kim, you’re p-”

“Of course your sister knows what she’s saying.” Eric said before Sidney could say she was pregnant. “And I agree with her.”

“Oh, of course you agree with her, you fucking bastard. You completely love her, why wouldn’t you agree with her when it comes to say she doesn’t like me?” Jake tried to talk with a calm but hard tone of voice.

“Jake, it’s the truth.” The moment Kimberly said those words; Jake turned around and punched whatever was behind him.

“Son of a -”

“I’m sorry if this hurts you,” It hurt her too, “But you have to know this. I can’t keep lying to you. But… I still want to be your friend.”

Unexpectedly, that caused him to laugh. For some seconds, they could only hear his laugh, but then when he looked at her, his eyes were filled with hate, “You say that you’re no longer in love with me. You’re practically saying we have to follow different roads.”


“But then you say you still want to be friends with me? What the fuck is this?” His strong and deep voice overpowered hers, “That’s just teasing me!”

“No, I-”

“You know what? I really don’t give a damn about you now.”


It hurt her. It hurt her more than she thought it would. But, in order for everything to be all right, Kimberly didn’t reply. But, her sister said her words “Are you listening to yourself? Jake, that’s just… the hate, the shock… talking for you!”

“No, it isn’t, Sid. Your sister’s right.” How could he be fucking smiling? “If she really loved me… her memory loss wouldn’t hide her feelings. That means she just… cared about me, nothing else.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Eric declared.

“So…” Was Jake forgetting she was pregnant of him? She wasn’t, but wasn’t he supposed to be thinking that? Did he hate her so much now that he was willing to forget she was pregnant of him? “It’s better if you leave right now, Kimberly.”


“No, mom.” Jake interrupted his own mother, “Its better this way. How have I fallen in love? I was fine when I fucked those girls. They didn’t bother me that much. They wouldn’t do this to me. They would do anything for me.” Was Jake saying that to just make her feel worse? Because he was fucking succeeding!

“I can’t believe you’re just giving up…” Sidney stepped towards Kimberly. This time it was her sister’s turn to talk with hate. “Are you forgetting…?”

“No, I’m not. As I said the other time…” He looked at his mother, “Maybe it isn’t mine.”

If Kimberly hadn’t discovered she was pregnant, she wouldn’t understand the meaning of that sentence, but now, she knew. After all… even Jake himself didn’t know if the baby was his.

His mother was incapable of saying things, “Kimberly…” Jake looked at Kimberly once again. “Its better if you leave now. Say goodbye to me, because you should know that I can’t wait till you’re gone away. Because then I… Can move on. I can’t wait till you are gone.”

If Kimberly hadn’t seen it, she wouldn’t have believed it. Sidney stepped forward and slapped Jake. “I really thought you loved her, you bastard. She’s… You know what she has and still… you treat her like dirt. The least you could do was fight for her.”

“I’m done with this.” Kimberly finally made herself be heard. “Sidney, we’re done here. I made it clear that I don’t like Jake, so it’s… understandable what he is saying…” God, how could she lie to herself?

“Let’s go then.” Eric placed his hand on Kimberly’s back and led her and Sidney out of the huge house into his car. The moment he started it and drove away, she didn’t felt as good as she thought she would be.

Besides, she didn’t even thanked Angeline for what she made for her. Maybe she would call her when she got to the house. Maybe…

The time they took to arrive at Jake’s house seemed to never end. She thought she heard Sidney cry in the back but when she looked, her sister’s face was cleaned and she didn’t seem to take her eyes off the window. As for Eric… she noticed the smile on his face. He got what he wanted. She was separated from Jake. Besides she heard him. Jake abandoned her again. Maybe he was already getting suspicious about Eric and her and… Fuck.

Everything was a big, fucking mess. She didn’t even know what to think! She thought one thing, then, the minute after she would think another completely different thing…


Kimberly was so drowned in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice Eric saying, “We’re here.”

She looked at her side and saw a huge building. The first thing she remembered was that house. She felt curious to see it. “I’ll call you when I got out of the strip club. We’ll meet here and then you’ll show me the way to the house.” Kimberly looked over her shoulder, sighting her sister, “You want to come?”

“No… I’ll come another day… I just feel like lying down. I’m tired and hungry. Besides, I don’t want to get in that house right now.” Then, she looked away and Kimberly saw her eyes no more.

“Well… I’ll see you later.” She said when she looked at Eric again. He seemed he was waiting for something. A kiss? Not now for sure. She didn’t even ask him what he wanted. She just turned her head around and got out of the car.

After Eric drive away, Kimberly made her way to the house. She didn’t know if anyone was there or not. She just… walked in and stopped moving. No noise. It was empty, which meant she could explore everything. And she did. She saw everything.

Except that room. The basement. His room.

She felt good in the other rooms; she didn’t feel weird, especially on her bedroom. She lay down for some moments, and surprised herself when she noticed she had tears falling from her gray eyes.

She shouldn’t be crying. She shouldn’t be crying for him. Maybe… if he had fought… just a little bit more… maybe she would just get sick of it and… No. Eric. ERIC. He was the one who told everything to her. He was the one who made everything easy for her, right? He showed her the right away… right?

Around 10PM, when she had already packed her things, Kimberly was ready to go to the strip club. But before… she went to his room. When she opened the door… it was like if she felt him there. She could smell him there. She could… she could fucking know she wanted him. Kimberly simply didn’t handle it and ran away from the basement and the house. She grabbed her stuff, closed the door and walked away.

She put her stuff and some of her sister’s on the back of her car and drove to the strip club. After she parked her own car, she ran to the strip club. It was almost empty, but when they noticed her, she heard, “Kimberly! You’re back!”

The gray-eyed girl couldn’t help but to smile towards that warm welcoming. They all came to her and hugged her, asking how was she.

“I’m fine; I’m fine, thanks for asking!” It felt good to be back. She knew how much she hated to work there due to the perverts and sickos that would request her, but the friends she made there… She would miss them.

Kimberly didn’t see Sandy because it was her night off, but she saw Bob and talked to him. He understood her perfectly and said he would miss her there. With a smile on his lips, Bob said, “This strip club is gonna lose a lot of clients, Kim. Some of them only came here because of you.”

She laughed with him. But in the end, he said she would have to come back another day so that he had some papers for her to sign, saying that she had left that job. She left them all around half past 11PM, since she still talked to some of the other strippers and of course, Carl.

She took about five minutes to get to that building again. She parked the car in front of it and got out. It was a hot night, so she preferred calling Eric outside, the only problem was that she felt uncomfortable there… alone.

When she was dialing Eric’s number so that he could come and show her the way to her new house, she heard a car’s door closing. When she looked over her shoulder, her heart stopped beating for some moments.

Jake was there.

The moment he raised his head to look forward, he noticed her. He could only look at her with those dark green eyes that seemed to be a bit red… Had he been crying? “Kimberly.”

Kimberly put the phone on her bad and walked to the sidewalk where Jake was already standing. “Jake.” What was she supposed to say now? “What are you doing here?”

“I came to look for you.” He didn’t hesitate. “Those things I said, I-”

“It’s ok.” She looked away. She couldn’t stand the power in those eyes. It was too much for her.

“No, it’s not. Kimberly… I am sorry. I didn’t mean what I said, I was fucking mad!” And he had reasons to be mad. “You… you made love with me… I provoked you but you started it! Then… I woke up and you weren’t there-”

“You really don’t need to say that, I-”

“… and then you just started to avoid me the next days!” Jake kept going like if she hadn’t said anything, “Only to know in the end that you were looking for a house because you didn’t want to be with me anymore!”

“No, it’s not that, Jake, I-”

“Then it’s what Kimberly? What?” Jake seemed to beg for an answer. She couldn’t say! Eric wanted to tell Jake himself! “Damn, I love you!”

“Jake…” She stepped towards him, but stopped before he could reach her. She couldn’t give up now. He could be weak in this very moment, but she had to think about her life. Her baby and the father of her baby. “I don’t love you.”

“Don’t say that. I know you’re lying!”

“I am no lying, Jake! Forget me!” She turned around so that he couldn’t shot her with those hurt glances.

“How can you fucking say that?” Once again fury stroked him, “How?”

She couldn’t handle any more lies. Kimberly was done with lies. It was now or never. She had to stand up for her mistakes. Hell with Eric. She had to admit everything! “I have to say this because you have to know that I shouldn’t love you!”

“What?” Kimberly turned around and again and saw the questioningly expression Jake had on his beautiful face. “What are you saying?”

“I can’t love you, Jake!”

“Kimmy…” Jake walked towards her and grabbed her hand, “You have to listen to yourself.”

“I know what I’m saying, Jake.” She looked directly at his cat eyes. It was now. “I’m not pregnant of you.”

Silence ruled between them. Jake was amazed. That amazed? Hadn’t he said the baby probably wasn’t his? “How? Why?” He took a deep breath as Kimberly noticed him trying to control his anger, ”WHO?”

“Do I really need to say?” If he was suspicious than it was because he knew she had had something with his own brother. Since he kept staring at her, it meant he wanted her to answer. Kimberly took a deep breath. Say it. “Eric.”

He immediately let go of her hand. “That’s impossible.” Why was he laughing? “If you don’t want to be with me, at least get me a really good excuse, not that one. I would believe in you if you had said it had been one of those perverts to whom you shake that body.”

What the fuck? He knew she was a stripper? “It’s the truth.” Why the hell had he said that?

“No, it’s not, Kimmy, and you know it. You never liked Eric! How can you possible say that?”

“Because…” She paused before giving him the answer, “Eric told me himself.”

"What the fuck?” Jake stepped back, the smile and the laughs vanished. He turned around as she heard him saying, “I can’t believe… I can’t… How could he? My own brother! How did you found out you were pregnant? Don’t lie to me, I know you just didn’t discovered it for yourself.”

“I heard you and your mother talking one night.”


Kimberly didn’t care now, she kept going, “I was going to confront you about that, but Eric stopped me and told me the baby was his.”

Jake turned around and Kimberly saw the darkness in his eyes, “Eric is no longer my brother. What more did he say? Tell me everything, Kimberly!” Jake yelled, not even caring that he was in the middle of an empty street, at night.

“He… He said we were dating, but when I met him we fell in love. He said I go pregnant the night you went to your mother’s to work.”

“That son of a bitch. Did he at least tell you how you got pregnant? He didn’t say you guys used a… condom or something?” Jake asked, not believing in Kimberly’s words. She denied and Jake laughed. Then, he kept going, “Kimmy, that son is mine. I can prove it to you. Eric is lying.”

“How can he be lying? He told me everything!”

“He lied to you!” Jake yelled, reaching her once more, “He’s obsessed with you! Kimberly, that son is mine! You want to know how I know? The day I discovered you in that… alley… I took you to the hospital. Damn, it seemed like an eternity to me that day. But then, the doctor appeared. Your own sister was there. He gave me good and bad news. The bad were that you had indeed been raped. The second was that the baby had survived. I had never been that amazed. You spent that last week saying you weren’t pregnant, but I felt it. You had these mood changes and you kept throwing up when you smelled something weird. I wondered how did you ended up pregnant if you kept repeating you were on the pill. The doctor explained me ways to get a woman pregnant when taking the pill. You had had the flu, so you took some pills. What you didn’t know was that those pills took away the pill’s effect. That’s how you ended up pregnant of me.”

“That’s impossible.” Kimberly didn’t move. “Eric assured me he was the father.”

“He’s lying. He’s obsessed with you. I can prove it, Kimmy. I can wait till the baby his born and you can make a fucking paternity test. I am the father of the baby.” Jake said hardly so that those words really came in her mind.

“Eric said we had everything.”

“You and him? No. We had everything, Kimmy.”

“How did all of this started? How did all of this happen?” Kimberly felt tears in her gray eyes, ready to fall.

“I don’t fucking care about that doctor’s warning anymore.” Jake declared. “You want to know how all of this began? A few days after you settled in my house. You slept with me, although we both didn’t like each other one bit. I hated your cold way of saying and doing things and you… I guess you really didn’t like me at all.”

“Then how… how the fuck did all of this happened? How did I end up liking you if I hated you?” She couldn’t help but to talk with a cold tone on her voice. She mad at herself. She was mad at the whole world.

“Easy.” Jake tried to sound relaxed, “Damien.”

“Damien?” Her ex boyfriend? What did he have to do with this? She had broken up with him when her parents died...


“How…? But… Damien, he…” Her head started hurting. Not like the other times, but worse. What did Damien have to do with all of this? How did he make her sleep with Jake? How?

“Kimmy?” She felt Jake’s hand on her shoulders for some seconds, but when she heard a man’s voice, Jake didn’t pay attention to her anymore.

Images started appearing in her mind. All in one go. Kimberly yelled in pain, suffering. She heard someone, “Hand me everything you got.” But she couldn’t open her eyes, the pain was too much. She had to see all of those images, all of those memories!

Damien! He was in the cemetery talking to her!

"And what does that have to do with what you came here to talk with me?”

"A lot, Kim.” Damien was now right in front of Kim, Kimberly’s head almost touching his nose. “What I mean is that, I miss sex.”

"I’m not getting it.”

"I’m going to be very direct. I won’t tell anyone if you have sex with me ’till my daughter gets out of her mother’s body. Get it now? You know I’m a sex addict.”

For some time, Kimberly just stared at him. How could he ask something like that? The Damien she knew wasn’t like that, what had happened? “You’re kidding, right? I mean, you’re not like this, Damien. You can’t ask me to do something like that.”

"Why not? If you can shake your ass and boobs to those perverted, why can’t you have sex with your old boyfriend?” Damien asked, with no expression on his face.

"I do it because I have to live.”

"You’ll do it with me.”

"No, I won’t.”

"Oh, yes you will, Kimberly.” Damien had now an expression that show that he was having fun with that. He put his hands on Kimberly’s waist and turned her around, “You will do it, Kimberly. Or your sister will go to an orphanage, ’cause I know she still hasn’t turned eighteen, so she’s a minor.”

“Get the fuck away from here.” It was Jake’s voice.

“No way, man. Are you sure you can see what I have in my hand?”

Damien had done that? He had…? How could she let him…? And what did that had to do with Jake?

"You want me?” She asked, interrupting him. Jake turned to watch her better, to watch her body better. He didn’t asked if she was ok or if she was drunk again, Jake only answered, without thinking, “Hell yeah.”

And in that same second, Kimberly untied her robe and let if fall through her shoulders, smoothly. Jake saw her red underwear, and then he saw clearly her curvy body, and while looking at her it seemed that he was giving a ranking note to her beauty assets. How she was hot.

Jake walked towards Kimberly, not too fast, not too slow. He raised a hand, and touched Kimberly’s cheek. Then, Kimberly closed her eyes, and felt Jake’s fingers exploring her neck, and then sliding to her chest and breasts.

When they approached more, Kimberly started giving kisses all over Jake’s neck, while his hands explored her curves and made Kimberly gasp. Then, Jake squeezed her against his body, and Kimberly could only think that she wanted more than that.

She had slept with Jake after Damien had…? “Oh god! Jake!” She yelled for him. The pain in her head and the images floating around her mind were killing her!

Kimberly saw herself at the strip club, a guy grabbing her, and he was drunk… He’s face… She knew him… She came home after… got drunk… Jake was there… he kissed her…

“Give me the fucking bag and your wallet, or I’ll swear I’ll do something!” For some seconds Kimberly opened her eyes and saw a man in front of Jake, holding something sharp in his hand.

Another memory appeared in her mind.

"You were jealous, Kimmy.”

"Oh please-” Jake interrupted her, by kissing her, like he had already done before. “Stop it-” Kimberly tried to say between his kisses. Although she wanted him to stop, at the same time, she didn’t. It felt good.

"Baby…” Jake said, trying to gain breath, while still kissing her. He put his hands on Kimberly’s waist to untie the tie of her robe, and he did it. But Kimberly grabbed her robe before it could fall.


"I know-”

Jake made her walk backwards, in the direction of her bed. When he did what he wanted, he made her fall into her own bed, and right after he put himself over her body, never leaving her lips.

"Please, Jake! Stop!” Her hands were on his shoulders trying to pushing him backwards, but she didn’t have enough strength. Jake grabbed her chin, and left her lips, sliding to her neck.

"Stop it!” Kimberly almost yelled, but Jake didn’t care about it. He went to her lips again, and second by second Kimberly was trying to stop him less.

"Stop…” She whispered, but her body didn’t respond to what she wanted, her hands had his hair locked on it, her legs surrounding Jake’s, and her lips desiring Jake’s.

“Jake!” She yelled in despair. She lost strength on her knees. Everything was coming back to her mind. All at once! She saw Eric for the first time… She could have seen he had felt something special for her… Jake… He was there and she preferred Jake other than the sweet Eric… Even when Joanne was there… She longed for Jake, just like both Jake and Eric longed for her…

Then… that day at the hotel…

She walked towards him… he watched her moving her hips while sensually walking towards him. Kimberly placed her hand on his face. No smile was offered to anyone of them, only looks were trade. Jake pushed her to him and then their bodies were together again… She bit her lip and moved her waist at the sound of the music. Jake only observed her with his hungry eyes, until he set his hands on her waist and made her turn around. Her shoulders, back, ass and legs were brushing against his body and it turned him on.

He broke everything with Joanne the day that man… Peterson… came to their house with Jake’s mother. He was her husband, Jake’s stepfather!

Kimberly felt Jake’s legs right in front of her. “Jake!”

“I won’t warn you anymore…”

“I’ll call the police if you don’t get the fuck away from here!”

Without recognizing the man’s voice, memories kept popping up on Kimberly’s mind. That dinner at the restaurant at the beach… that weekend at Angeline’s house with Jake… where he promised her he wouldn’t hurt her. The weekend when they started dating…

That beautiful month with him… The fights about wanting to know what she did at night…

“Jake, we already talked about this. I’m not rich like you, so I have to work whenever I can. I am not married with you so you can’t pay me all the things my sister and I need, nor would I want that. Besides, it’s only been a month since we are really together, you shouldn’t rush things.” Kimberly explained.

“It’s just that I don’t like you to work at night!” He yelled, a little bit out of control. “You’re a hell of a hot woman, what do you want me to think?”

What the fuck was saying? Was he saying… no. “Do you think I’m a fucking whore?”

“You did not hear me saying that.” The way he avoided to look at her, hand him over.

“God, I can’t believe you think I’m some fucking whore who sells her body just like that!” Kimberly yelled.

The times where she threw up… Then… the night when she told him everything. And Jake… he… hated her.

Kimberly put her hands on her face to hide her from him, “Remember when I got drunk? The first time we kissed? It was that night.”

Jake’s reaction surprised Kimberly. He walked around the car and unlocked it. “Where are you going?”

“Far away from you.” Jake stared directly at her gray eyes.

“Don’t do this to me, Jake!” Kimberly yelled, “You’re going to break up with me?”

“What do you want me to do? Since the very beginning our relation was always filled of lies! I’M YOUR BOYFRIEND BUT IT’S MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO KNOW YOU’RE A FUCKING STRIPPER! MY OWN STEPFATHER HARRASSED YOU! I TRUSTED YOU, BUT YOU FUCKING KEPT THIS FROM ME! I THOUGHT YOU WERE PERFECT! SHIT, I EVEN THOUGHT YOU WERE THE ONE ALREADY!” It was the first time Kimberly had seen him so out of control.


“Don’t talk to me right now.”

“Don’t do this to me!” She desperately grabbed his arm. “No!”

“Let me go! Your touch it’s the last thing I wanna feel right now!” Her heart was broken. Jake walked in the car and started it, “Don’t call me the next days and when I come home I don’t want to see you there. From the fucking whores I have ever met, you were the worst, ’cause no one laid me like you did.”

After… the rape. The man… she knew him! PETERSON!

Finally Kimberly managed to open her eyes that were filled with tears of pain and happiness at the same time. She had her memory back. She knew everything again.

Then, reality stroked her.

She got up, only to support Jake the second after. “I warn you, you son of a bitch!” After saying that the man stepped back, turned around and ran away.

Jake was way heavy for her, so she slowly lay him on the ground, not getting what he had, until she saw blood around his shoulder. “Oh my god! Jake! Jake!”

The only thing that Kimberly could think of was putting her hand over his wound to stop the bleeding. “Baby!” For the first time in weeks, she called him that.

“Kimmy…” He said with a trembling voice.

“Jake… don’t talk. Wait, wait!” She looked around her and her bag was still there. The only thing that she could think of was to call Eric. And she did it. She didn’t care about his questions; she just made him call the 911.

Her head hurt like hell due to the comeback of her memories all at the same time. “Jake… you have to hold on. Don’t… Just don’t close your eyes! Talk to me!”

More tears came from her eyes.

“Kimmy… It might not be right time…” He said… with a lot of effort. His shirt was filled with blood; her hands were all red… She could only imagine the pain he was feeling and the blood he was losing…


“I might not be the right one…. But there’s something about us I want to say… Because there is something between us…” He coughed a little bit.

“You don’t need to, really, I rem-”

“You don’t remember… something kind of secret I will share with you.” He tried to laugh, but that meant he had to do a lot of effort, so he didn’t. Where was the godamn ambulance?

“But I-”

“I need you more than anything in my life…”

“Jake…” His eyes glittered with tears.

“I want you more than anything in my life…” A tear fell from his green eye and it was the first time that Kimberly saw him crying. “I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life…” His voice was weaker…

“No, you won’t! I’ll be here!” She couldn’t see him well, the tears blurred her vision! Then… she heard the ambulance coming, at the same time she heard him.

“I… I love you more than anyone in my life…” His eyes were closing, he said nothing more… The pain was making him go away from her…

“Baby… Jake… No!” When he closed his green eyes, Kimberly felt she had lost everything in the world.

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