Love Stripped

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Chapter 3

It was 8 AM in the morning when Kimberly woke up with her usual annoying alarm clock, constantly ringing; making her head hurt even more than what it already did. She soon raised her torso and placed her head between her hands, “Oh god... Why the hell did I drink that much last night?”

Then, she remembered last night: Peterson freaking out, resulting in Kimberly coming back earlier, drinking almost an entire bottle of vodka and then... Jake. The rest of her memories involved Jake. Involved her feeling hot and excited, involved her hitting on the handsome green eyed man, involved her asking him for a goodnight kiss... “What have I done? I must really have drunk a lot...”

Kimberly remembered the five minutes they spent kissing each other. She remembered the sensation he made her feel as his tongue explored her mouth with her permission, pushing her to her limit, though he’d been the one to stop. After that, she’d fallen asleep, just like she remembered she’d promised him.

She got up and started putting some clothes, while thinking about the stupid way she reacted last night. When she got out of her room, she was wearing this skirt with a black top but, since the weather wasn’t yet that good, she already had a white jacket with her, when she’s gone to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face and better combed her red hair.

Not being able to eat something, Kimberly almost puked when she smelled toasts, coming from the kitchen. Oh god... she was going to have an exam in half an hour and she felt like puking! Not to mention the hangover she had!

Sighting Tom in the corridor, also getting ready for college, she spoke to him, “Good morning, Tom.”

“Hey, Kim.” At first, he didn’t pay her any attention but, when his eyes stared at her tired face, she heard him, “Man, you look like you’ve been up the entire night! I heard your voice last night, were you ok?”

“Yeah, I just couldn’t fall asleep.” She took her hand to her forehead and complained, “Not to mention I have this awful headache and, god, it’s killing me!”

“If you want, there are some pills on the kitchen that you can take to make you feel better.” He said, at the same he direction his steps to the kitchen. “Do you want some?”

“Oh, yes! I have this exam and I really need a good grade! Thank you so much, Tom!” She thanked him again, after him giving her two pills for the headache. After taking them, she remembered to ask, “Jake’s still sleeping?”

“Probably, why? He only has classes at 11 AM, I think.”

“Nothing, just curious.” Oh, she really needed to speak to him... To clear up what had happened last night. She did not want him to think of her as someone who is easy or something like that... But, remembering the way she’d walked in his room, asking if he thought she was hot... Damn, she seemed exactly what she didn’t want him to think of her. “Well, I have to go. Goodbye, Tom!”

“See you later! Don’t forget Jake and I are making dinner tonight!”

“No, I won’t!” She yelled back, as she was already opening the door. Since Tom said nothing else, Kimberly left the house and walked toward her car, later driving herself to the college, where she soon sighted Lisa with another friend of them, Marissa.

“Good morning, guys.” She told them, approached them from behind. As soon as they looked over their shoulders and stared at her, she asked them, “What?”

“You look like shit, Kim, what happened?” That was the Lisa she knew: straight, without any problems when she wanted to say something.

“Late night issue. Couldn’t sleep very well.” She told her, talking in a code, knowing only Lisa would understand. After all, she was the only one who knew she was a stripper.

As they started heading off to their class, Marissa, the brown haired girl, asked Lisa, “Are you ready for the exam?”

“I spent like the whole rest of yesterday studying! So, I really hope I’m ready for the exam! The last one I did was a shame! Anyway, moving on. What about you, Kim?” She suddenly smirked as she looked into her silver eyes, “Of course you’re ready, you-”

“Oh, I have to talk with Daniel, I’ll see you class!” Marissa suddenly cut off Lisa, in order to just walk away from where they was, to talk with the blue eyed man, who was a little bit far from them.

As soon as Marissa wasn’t there anymore, Kimberly looked at Lisa and started spiting, “Oh my god, you have no idea of what happened to me last night! This man freaked out in my shift! He started calling me names, grabbing me! He even put his dirty and nasty hands on my but! Then, when I got home, I almost drank an entire bottle of vodka because I was so freaking nervous! And then-”

“Kim!” Lisa shouted at her, interrupting the fast words that just flew out of her mouth, “Calm down, ok? You’re in college. Tell me everything, slowly, before we have to go to the exam. But, now that I know something, that’s why you look like shit, right? I bet your head hurts like hell.

“OH, you’re so right.” She replied, as she slowly breathed in and out, before started telling Lisa the rest of the story. And, by rest of the story, she meant the part where she’d been drunk and started hitting on Jake, making him kiss her, at the end, in order for her to leave him alone.

“Oh my god! I can’t imagine Jake’s face, watching you getting drunk! It was your second night there, Kim! I can’t imagine what he must be thinking about you, right now”

“He said if I was like that every night, I should just pack my things and get the hell out of there today.” But, she wasn’t like that, of course.

“Well, I’d say the same thing.” Lisa said at the same time the bell rang. “Oh god, the exam. Wish me luck, Kim. I really need it.”

“Good luck, Lisa.” She told her, though the one who really needed luck was her. After all, she was the one whose head hurt like hell. Still, she walked in the room, without having any negative thoughts.

“Good morning to you all.” This little man with grey hair said, in front of a huge class, “I hope you all have studied for this exam because, ″m going to admit that, this one, is one of the hardest exams and...”

“Oh god, Kim, I’m so toasted...” Lisa whispered as she sat down next to her, “Sometimes, I wish I could be you to have your brain, really.”

Kimberly smirked and then whispered back. “Yeah, right... You wouldn’t stand to have to dance to a bunch of perverts every night so be careful with what you wish, Lisa.”

“Boy, you can take all the fun in a sentence...” Lisa immediately straightened her body, shaking her head in an impatient way.

“... So, I wish you good luck!” The teacher said when he finished delivering the last exam. “You can now start!”

The exam went great to both Kimberly and Lisa. Her best friend was still amazed by her performance in the exam, while Kimberly wasn’t so sure about her own. It went great but, she knew she could do much better than what did now.

Still, trying not to think about it for the rest of the day, at 5 PM, Kimberly was already driving back home.

When she arrived, she immediately heard Jake’s cultured voice coming from the living room. After placing her books on the kitchen table, she ran off to the living room and as she soon as she sighted Jake, she shouted, “Jake! Thank god you’re here; I need to speak with...”

She trailed off as soon as she noticed he was not alone. Two men were with him, playing PS3, though when she stepped in the room, all of the men’s attention focused on her, though her legs had more attention than the rest. Right when she was starting to uncomfortable, Jake said, “Oh, you’re here.”

“Uh, yeah, I live here.”

“Jake!” This red haired man started, “Aren’t you going to introduce us to your new roommate or whatever you want to call her?”

“Sorry, guys.” Looking at her, Jake pointed at his two friends, “Kimberly, this are Ben and Aiden.

The red haired, named Ben, simply gazed at her and said, “As anyone told you, you’re really hot?”

Despite his useless comment, she couldn’t help but to notice his sexy smile, showing off his white teeth. He had this ocean blue eyes, making Kimberly get lost in them, as his body seemed to shadow hers with its height.

“Yes, and you know what? It was just yesterday!” Sarcasm was clearly present in her voice but, at the same time, it wasn’t and Jake noticed it as he gazed at her with his dark green eyes. “Can I talk to you? In private?”

“Sure.” He walked out of the living room with her but, before he could follow her to her room, he turned at the blond man, the one named Aiden, “You can train now, since you’re playing against me in the next round, Aiden.”

She could help but to notice the beauty of Jake’s friend, Aiden. He was really good-looking with his sculpted body, these hard green eyes, dark and silent, as well as his shining blond hair, sharing the same length than Jake’s. Oh, she’d put her hands on fire on how he had all the girls he wanted.

“Whatever, man.” He said, not even bothering to look at Jake.

After that, they both went to Kimberly’s room and, as soon as she closed the door and stood in front of Jake, he just crossed his arms at his chest and asked, “What’s up, baby?”

“Baby? Baby? You still have the guts to call me baby? You abused of me, last night!”

“Hold on there, babe.” Jake started, with this sexy smile, “I didn’t abuse of you, I even tried to take care of you but, you didn’t let me! You even had the nerve to go to my room and ask me if I thought you were ho! Of course, I couldn’t lie. Anyway, what do you want?”

“The kiss.” Oh, it was a mistake to have said just that.

Jake stepped toward her, wrapped his strong arms around her waist and asked, “The kiss? You want another kiss, baby?”

“No! Get the hell off me!” Kimberly pushed him away as she now was yelling, “You shouldn’t even have given me that kiss! God, I was drunk, Jake!”

“Yeah and you were also impossible to put up with! Giving you that kiss was the only way I could get you in bed for the rest of the night! And, I tried to stop you from drinking all of that vodka but you really weren’t listening to me when you just kept pouring the drink on the glass, over and over again!”

This time, she didn’t reply. He was right. If he hadn’t given her that kiss, she’d probably have continued to piss him off, provoking him... “You know, I didn’t have the chance to see your legs... You have great legs, baby...”

“Jake, stop that...” She turned around, in order to hid her face from the man behind her.

“Ok, so I can see you’re annoyed about last night, I’m sorry about that. But, you just came on to me like that! Just wearing that robe with that black underwear underneath... Not to mention I could see all of your curves... Then, as I said, you’re hot. But, I also said I don’t abuse of drunken girls. I just gave you the kiss so that I could sleep the rest of the night, baby.” He revealed. Oh, she could feel his dark green eyes on her, watching her every possible move.

When she turned around, he was too close to her. She had to lift her head in order to look at his handsome face. Locking her gray eyes, Jake told her, “Forget about last night. We can have better nights, baby.”

“God, you’re a pervert, aren’t you?” She turned around once again, not handling the pressure he was placing over her shoulders with that gaze of his. She bent on the window of her room, sighting the park in front of her house, thinking of how stupid she’d been last night. How weak she’d been in drinking all of that vodka after what happened with Peterson, only to then face Jake...

“Oh, I can transform myself into a pervert if you keep yourself in that position, baby.” When she looked over shoulder, after listening to what Jake had said, she noticed him bending, in order to have a better view of her legs and butt.

Turning around right away, she told him, “You know, let’s really forget about last night. You can go, Jake. I have things to study.”

“It’s a Friday night!” His eyes widened in shock, “You’re going to study? You can hang out with me and my friends in the living room, you know. I can see Ben already has a crush on you.”

“No thanks.” She replied, “I’m not in the mood to date someone, now.”

“Great, then we fit perfectly!”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“You see,” He started, “I’m in the same mood than you so, we can just make out sometimes!”


“Yeah, baby?”

“Get the hell out of my room.” She grabbed his arm, pulled him toward the door, opened the way out of her room and when he was already walking by his own, he stopped her from closing the door.

He leaned on her and whispered, “If you need anything, you know where to find me.” Not caring about that glow in this eyes, Kimberly just closed the door when he removed his hand from it and just stayed in her room, not studying, but thinking about her miserable life.

Tom and Sidney arrived at the same time but, they split up right away, when Tom had to join Jake to make dinner for her and Sidney. As for her sister, she went to her room and Kimberly had heard her talking on the phone.

Since she was tired of being alone in the room, she went to the kitchen when it was almost 8 PM. “Wow, dinner smells great! You two seem to be good cookers!”

“Yeah, right.” Tom laughed and then added, “Just so you know, tomorrow it’s your turn to make lunch and dinner!”


“That’s what you heard, Kimberly.” Jake, looking at her at the same time he was agreeing with his friend.

“Well, I think it would great if one day it would be Jake and I preparing the meals and then, the next day, it could be you and a Sid.” It was the first time Jake was also listening to his friend’s eyes, Kimberly could see that, since he was paying attention to him, probably thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of such deal.

It actually wasn’t a bad idea. She could have free days where she wouldn’t be needed to make dinner for her and her sister, thus, she could have more time to study and, sometimes, to sleep more, since she’d been acting like a zombie, lately. Luckily, she’d been having two days a straight of day offs.

“I think it’s a great idea, Tom. I can see you’re quite smart.” She told him, as she laughed as well.

“Thanks. Anyway, the dinner’s almost ready.”

“Ok, I’m going to stay here, I have nothing to do. I don’t feel like studying right now. Besides, it’s a Friday night. Everyone’s favourite night, isn’t that right?” She looked at Jake, who immediately caught her gaze, knowing she’d just talked about him. Still, he did not answer.

“Yeah, but I’m not going out. Have this important exam on Monday and since it’s my senior year, I have to get things done. Not to mention I have an essay to finish.” Tom said, though Jake and Kimberly didn’t answer, being the last one too occupied thinking about last night.

Fifteen minutes later, Kimberly called Sidney to have dinner. When she walked in the kitchen, she said, “Hey guys.” She didn’t wait for their answers. She simply looked at Kimberly with her ocean blue eyes and asked, “Kim, can I spend the night at Mary’s house?”

“Tonight? I don’t know, Sid...”

“Please, Kim!” Sidney said, tossing her back, at the same time she sat down and kept begging Kimberly.

“Ok... I’ll drive you there before I head off to work. But, no night outs!”

“Of course not, sis! It’s a pajama party, don’t worry. ” Sidney said with this huge smile. She smiled back. She adored seeing her sister happy, after all, she seldom saw her sister with those smiles. Since their parents had died, Sidney had become less talkative, which made Kimberly wonder what the hell was she thinking when she was that quiet.

The dinner was quiet. They seemed to be hungry and the food was quiet good. They all talked sometimes but, it was mostly Sidney and Tom. She didn’t know if Jake was always this quiet or if his silence had something to do with what had happened last night. In her case, yes, her silent had something to do with last night. She didn’t want to speak to Jake and take the risk of him suddenly start telling Sidney and Tom what had happened.

An hour later, Tom offered himself to clean the kitchen, while Jake went to his room, to prepare himself for the night out. As for Sidney, she was to pack some of her things to go to her friend’s house, and Kimberly... Well, Kimberly prepared herself mentally to go to work. After last night, not even the money she used to earn on Fridays made her want to go to the strip club...

Anyway, Friday was the worst and the best night for her. She earned a lot of money on Friday nights – that was the best - just like she had to dance for a lot of perverts – that was the worse.

Jake left before the two girls and Sidney had actually said he was rude because, he hadn’t even said goodbye. Well, she didn’t mind that. The less she faced him the better. Still, she’d said to her sister, “You just have to deal with that. Jake seems to be exactly like that.”

Then, it was time for Kimberly to leave, so that she’d take Sidney to her friend’s house and got work, right after. They said goodbye to Tom and then they head off to their destinies.

It took her about five minutes to get to Sidney’s friend’s house.

“Thanks, Kim.” Sidney said as she took off the seatbelt and prepared to leave the car.

“Call me if you need anything.” Kimberly said to her sister when she opened the door. But, she suddenly grabbed the young blond girl’s arm and asked, “Is everything ok with you, Sid?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?”

“I don’t know... I kind of feel you far away from me... We haven’t talked much... I know I’ve been busy but-”

“I know you have to study and work, Kim.” She cut her off, “I understand that that makes you have less time and attention to me but, I’m ok. I’m ok with you, Kim.” She guaranteed her as she offered her a nice smile. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow when I need you to pick me up. Don’t worry about anything, Kim. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Then, Sidney just got out of the car and Kimberly was now less worried about her sister. But, she wasn’t less worried about tonight... The Pervert’s Night, as she and some of the other strippers called it. When she got there, she saw the bar was already full and she noticed some guys recognizing her as the striper from the other day or the red haired stripper. Some pigs, those bastards.

She walked in the strippers’ room and changed into her mini clothes in a matter of minutes. She wanted that night to pass quickly, and, amazingly, it did end quickly.

“The guys behaved well, tonight. Here: 2500.” Bob said to Kimberly right before she left the bar. He raised his hand and gave her the money. That night had really given him a good profit. “That’s for your behaviour, tonight. Men totally loved you.”

She thanked him and then, got out of the bar, happy with her payment.

At 6 AM, she parked the car in front of the house she now lived. When she got out of it and locked it, she heard someone calling her, “Kimberly!”

She’d looked behind her but, no one was there. Then, the voice called her again. “At your right side!”

She looked at that side and she saw three men inside a car and she recognized them as being Jake, Aiden and Ben. Aiden were in the front and Jake was in the backseat. Ben was the one who spoke to her with a childish grin stamped on his face. “Thank god you’re here! We didn’t want to take Jake upstairs and wake up Tom. So, since you have the keys, you can take Jake with you!”

“Why do I have to take him with me? Can’t he walk by himself?”

“Right now?” It was Aiden the one to speak now. “No, He’s completely wasted.”

She actually bent down to look at Jake in the backseat and, as soon as his green eyes spotted her, he laughed and said, “Kimberly, baby!”

How Aiden was so right... He was completely wasted, drunk.

“Oh god...” She looked up at the sky. “What have I done to deserve this?”

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