Love Stripped

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Chapter 30

Kimberly had never felt more miserable in her life.

The last couple of months in her life had been the hardest since she had had her memory back. Why? Because of everything. Everything seemed to hate her.

Since the end of July that Kimberly had had everything against her. Sidney was against her because she still couldn’t convince herself that Kimberly would never come back to him again and because her vacations had been boring and horrible. They fought almost every time over the minor thing.

Every type of work also seemed to be against her. In two months, she had tried to find a job related to Math since she had gone to college to take a Math’s course. But no, not one goddamn company had even interviewed her. Why? Because she was pregnant and they knew that eventually, she would have the baby and would have to stop working. That was their reason to not hire her.

Then, she was almost out of money. If she hadn’t kept Eric’s money, god knows where she would be now. She had to buy food to put on the table, but luckily her appetite had gotten better, which meant, she hadn’t been eaten a lot lately.

And what would make everything worse was that sooner or later, Kimberly would have to start buying things for the baby, not that she hadn’t already bought some things, but they were little things, cheap things she could afford.

Which remembered Kimberly; she had an appointment by the end of September... And if the same thing happened, he would miss this appointment too.

Last time, he had called her right before she got in to see the doctor, saying he really wasn’t going to be there, because he had had a last minute meeting and couldn’t miss.

Somehow, she felt good, because she wouldn’t have to face him, but then she started wondering. Was he going to be like this every time? She didn’t want her baby to have a careless father… She wanted to provide everything to her baby, just like her parents had done with her and Sidney, although nothing could replace a father. Nothing or no one would replace Jake.

Kimberly was on the kitchen preparing lunch when Sidney walked in, “Kim, I’m going with James to the mall, ok?”

“And you just say it now?” Kimberly turned around to face her tanned younger sister, “I’ve been here making lunch…”

“I’m sorry but we just decided it a while ago.”

“Can’t you go have dinner with him? I was preparing the lunch-”

“No, he can’t go out tonight. He has to… do some stuff.” Sidney answered, turning around to leave.

“Will you at least tell me when are you coming back?” Kimberly asked impatiently, tired of Sidney’s actions for the last couple of months.

“When you need me.” Sidney answered mysteriously. Kimberly was going to ask what she meant with that, but the second she opened her mouth to form a question, Sidney had already walked out.

Kimberly wondered what she had done to deserve this disdain from her sister. Did she hate her that much for breaking up with Jake? It was a fact, that since she had finished everything with Jake, Sidney had started to act very cold toward her. Another one who didn’t understand… But Kimberly didn’t care about it anymore. Jake’s issue was done to her.

The only times she had talked to him were when she had to call him about the appointment and when he had called her saying he couldn’t come. Other than that, she hadn’t heard from him nor had any idea of how he was.

As for his mother, she had talked to her two weeks ago. At least, Angeline tried to know how Kimberly and everyone were doing. She even happened to think that maybe Jake had asked his mother to call her since he didn’t have the guts to do that. Not that she would have the guts to have a pleasure talk with him. But no. Jake gave up on her the moment he said those things to her the last time he saw her leaving him for good.

It was Monday, 2PM and Kimberly had already had lunch. After cleaning up the kitchen, she decided to lay down a little bit to rest. Lately, her feet seemed to swallow a little because she spent so much time standing up.

When she was ready to lay down, somebody knocked on the door. “Damn.” She walked till the door and opened it, only to have a surprise. A very… unexpected surprise.


“Hello, Kimberly.” Angeline said with a welcoming smile and with her arms stretched towards her, “Aren’t you going to invite in the grandmother of your son?”

“Of course!” Kimberly said out of the blue, stunned with Angeline’s visit. “Come in.”

Angeline walked in that house for the first time and looked around, “I thought it was better by the photos Eric showed me.” It was the first time somebody referred to Eric in her presence. “But I guess it fits you.”

Kimberly didn’t know what to say. “I guess. Hum… I wasn’t waiting for you-”

“I know. I made it on purpose.” Angeline interrupted her with an amused smile. A type of smile she hadn’t seen in a while. Jake’s smile. “I wanted to surprise you.”

As she saw Angeline making her way towards the living room, she asked, “Anybody’s coming besides you?”

“No, Jake isn’t coming.” Smart woman. She gave the answer Kimberly wanted to hear.

When they both were sat on the couch, Kimberly asked politely, “May I ask you why did you come to visit me?”

“I wanted to see how you were doing! And I wanted to know how my grandson is going.” Angeline pointed at her belly, “It’s getting big. He’s going to be just like his father.” Angeline laughed, “My belly was exactly the same size when I was pregnant with Jake.”

Although Angeline words were harmless, Kimberly didn’t want her son to be like Jake. “Funny.” That was the only thing Kimberly could say.

Silence ruled for a little while, until Angeline asked, “How’s Sid?”

“You don’t fool me with that cheap talk, Angeline.” Angeline knew Kimberly was smarter than that. She knew Sidney talked to Angeline over the phone a lot of times. Sometimes Kimberly heard her on her bedroom, “And I bet she knew you were coming.”

Angeline’s smile didn’t vanish, “Of course she knew. That’s why she went to take a walk with her boyfriend.”

“You asked her to do that? Why? Couldn’t she be here while you were talking to me?”

“Of course she could. But I wanted to talk to you alone and I know Sid would want to be here, listening to us. Don’t you agree?” Yes, she agreed. Sidney wouldn’t miss a chance to be with Angeline nor would she want to miss the chance to hear them talking about Jake. It was a mistake to date with Jake while living all in the same house, because somehow, Sidney became attached to him.

“And what do you want to talk about?”

“You still haven’t found a job.” She wasn’t asking.


“Well, I’m here to offer you one.” Oh, god… Hell’s fire. Kimberly didn’t say anything and let her keep going as she prayed Angeline wouldn’t say a job on the place she was thinking about. “For Jake’s company.” Not her company. Jake’s company.

Kimberly got up and let go of a dry laugh, “You’re kidding me, right?”

“I am not.”

“I am not that desperate for a job.”

“Of course you are.” Angeline’s smile didn’t disappear and it was annoying her. “Do you forget I have been talking to you sister? I know everything that has been happening to you in these last two months. I know how the companies you sign up for, refused you, just because you’re pregnant. I know how you’re desperate because the money is starting to run out and Sidney is going to start college this month. I-”

“Ok, ok! You made your point! You know everything and I need a job! I get it!” Kimberly yelled a bit out of control. “But… Do you know what you’re saying?”

The red haired woman got up and started walking from one side to another. “Do you even know if Jake wants to?”

“Don’t worry about Jake. I’ve talked to him about this.”


“He agrees.”

“He said nothing more?”

“What did you expect him to say?”

She didn’t answer. What did she expect him to say? That it was better for him because then he would be close to the baby… Just the baby… And… And… It was when she thought about the baby that she knew she was in no way over him and the bitter memories that still haunted her.

How could she possibly have moved on after what they went through together? After the times they kept denying themselves to each other, even when they already knew they felt something for each other…

“He’s willing to let you try out first to see if you like there.” Oh, Kimberly knew what Angeline meant. He wanted her to try out first, to see if she wouldn’t feel weird near him… every day. He still knew her too well.

“I don’t live there and I surely don’t want to stay in your house-”

“No worries about that. The company,” She surely meant Jake, “Will pay you the hotel while you’re in town. Besides, I knew you wouldn’t want to stay at my house, although Jake doesn’t live there anymore.”

That caught her off guard? “What?”

“He bought a house one month ago for himself.” As Angeline said those words, Kimberly imagined the house Jake had bought. It surely had been a huge one like he had said to her when they talked about moving there…

She caught herself smiling for the first time while remembering something about Jake and her. “What is your answer?”

“Angeline…” Kimberly sunk in the couch again, “I can’t go. What about my sister?”

“Do you think he would forget about your sister? He knows how much you get worried about her, so he asked me if I would let Sidney stay at my house if she wanted to.”

Kimberly tried to laugh, “Between a hotel with no one interesting and your house with you there, we both know what Sid would choose. Won’t people ask questions if they see me there? I don’t want to draw attention to me.”

“People won’t ask any questions. You know, I consider myself a person who can handle a bunch of persons, but Jake… he completely controls them. If he says turn left, they all turn left. If he says don’t even look at her, they won’t look at you.”

She knew Jake was the type of guy that was born to make people do what he wanted, but that much… Or he was really good, or the company was filled with women.

“So? Do you accept it?”

“I don’t know… I need to think. When can I give you an answer?”

“Today.” Kimberly’s jaw dropped, “I thought you would say yes right away, after all, you really need this. And we all know how you’re too independent to receive money from either me or Jake.”

“I can’t decide right now!”


“I… I have too much to think about!” She felt her mind confused. She needed time to think.

“Ok, then. I’ll be staying in a hotel and I’ll be coming back here tomorrow around 6AM to know your answer. If it is positive, we leave at once, so that you can arrive on time at the company. If it’s negative… Then I don’t know what you’ll do, but you better not make my grandson grow up in such poor conditions.”

With that said Angeline got up and made her way out of the house, leaving Kimberly with no words to defend herself.

Poor conditions? Poor conditions? The house was fine! The baby would be fine here! It didn’t rain there nor did she have rats running around her floor! She took good care of the house; nothing was out of its place! What Angeline said felt like blood in her mouth. Even so, she remembered Kimberly the reality… it would become poor conditions, the moment the money started to not be that much.

Moments later, Kimberly decided to call her sister and ask her to come home. Without arguing, Sidney did what her sister asked and arrived home about 4PM. She was still on the living room, when she heard Sidney closing the door. Seconds later, she was walking in the living room, to face Kimberly. “You knew she would offer me a job in their company.”

“Yes, I knew.”

“Why didn’t you say anything? I didn’t know what to think the second Angeline said that!” Kimberly yelled, “It doesn’t occur to you that you’re being selfish and childish? You shouldn’t have planned this behind my back! She caught me off guard! I didn’t even know what to say!” She got up and started to walk from one side to another as she yelled at her younger sister, “Do you even know if I wanted to talk or face Angeline? And thank god, he didn’t come with her! Can’t you see what you’ve done?”

Silence. She saw Sidney taking a really deep breath and then let it out slowly. A moment later, she heard her sister’s calm voice, “You think I’m being selfish? Ok, so like, leaving my boyfriend here to go with you there, is a selfish thing? You think I acted childish when I made this meeting happen between you and Angeline, so that you could find a job? I can see what I have done. I gave you the chance to have a job. It’s up to you if you accept it or not. Just think about us three when you make that decision.”

Kimberly was speechless. It was the first time Kimberly had yelled at her and she had just answered quietly and then walked out of there like if nothing had happened.

For the first time in two months she had the chance to have a job. Only that it meant she had to work on his company: Jake’s company. She would have to see him almost every day. She would have to stand up to those green eyes that made her weak.

Did Jake really want her there? What if he… was already having something with other women from work? She knew he was well capable of that… Would she stand him with another woman? She had to. Wasn’t she the one who had decided to break up everything? But her reasons were true. She couldn’t keep dating with him anymore. Not whenever she looked at him and those memories once again filled her mind. Would she handle remembering everything again the moment she walked in his office to talk to him?

By the end of the day, the most important question was: was she that desperate for a job that she had to work for Jake? The man she had loved and had gone through everything together?

Yes, she was. She needed the goddamn money and the job. But… it occurred to her… If she went to work there… didn’t she have to move to another house there?

Her headache due to the complications that job offer had created in her mind. It was the same damn thing. Dating with him or not dating with him, made her end up in the same goddamn city, anyways. Still, she would just try out how it felt to work there and what was she going to do there. She wouldn’t lose anything just by working for a week…

After calling Lisa and talk about this, Kimberly started packing her things. Lisa had supported her in going and said it would be good. Who knows if the job was really good? Maybe she wouldn’t even have to face Jake… He was the boss, so it didn’t mean he would see what every employer was doing every day…

When Kimberly finished packing her things around midnight, she went to Sidney’s room. She knew her sister was still awake. “Can I come in?” She asked when she knocked on her door.

“Sure.” Sidney was sat down on her chair, just looking at her direction.

“I have decided.”

“And?” There was no hope in her voice.

“I’m going.” Her smile lightened the dark room.

“Really?” Sidney got up, and walked towards her sister, “I was so afraid you didn’t want to. I know we really need this.” She looked into her gray eyes; “I knew that if I had told you that Angeline had a job for you, you would deny it right away. But with her here, explaining everything, would work a lot better on you. I’m sorry, sis.”

“It’s ok.” Kimberly gave her an honest smile. “I suppose you’re staying at Angeline’s house?”

“Yeah. You’re going to stay at the hotel, right?”

“Yeah. I know he doesn’t live there anymore, but Eric’s still there and I still have memories of what happened in that house. I prefer staying at a hotel. Well, pack up what you need.”

“Ok!” Sidney’s huge smile warmed her heart. At least now, her sister was happy. At least, one of them was happy. “Oh, don’t forget, we’re leaving at 6AM.”

Feeling tired, Kimberly decided to go to bed and sleep. She would wake up early tomorrow and would be ready when Angeline would knock on her door, to hear her answer. The moment she lay down on her bed, the sleep came fast and took away all of those thoughts, letting her rest.

It lasted for only a bit more than five hours, because at 6AM, there was Angeline, standing in front of her, “Yes or no?”

“What does it look like?” Kimberly heard her sister talking behind her, “Of course it’s a yes! Otherwise, why would I be up at this hour and why would Kimberly be all dressed up at 6AM?”

Angeline smiled to both. “I’m glad you have chosen to come, Kimberly. We must hurry, the driver is downstairs waiting and we have to be at the company around 10 AM.”

No one said anything. It was too early for Kimberly to ask whatever doubt she had on her mind. She just felt like being sat down on the car and drift off to sleep once again. And it was what she did. After giving her bags to the driver, Kimberly and Sidney walked in the car and both of them felt sleepy.

At least, Angeline had been good enough to let her rest a little bit, before facing the green eyed monster, instead of just starting talking about things Kimberly would barely remember at 10 AM. So, yes…. She drifted off to sleep…

“No, it wasn’t his idea.”

“I bet she thought it was.” She recognized both voices, “Still, let her think it is his idea. Maybe she’ll regret what she did two months ago.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. He seems to be over everything now.” That was Angeline’s voice.

“Really? I mean… she’s the mother of his first child, he- Oh. We’re here.” Kimberly slowly started to open her eyes, as her sister kept nudging her. “Kim, wake up.”

She didn’t need Sidney to say that. Her eyes were already opened and were already looking outside, to the huge building. Without listening to them, Kimberly opened the door and walked out. She waited some seconds. Why didn’t they get out of the car, “Something’s wrong?”

“No, my dear.” Angeline answered with a soft tone, “You have to go there on your own.”

“On my own? You said-”

“I know but I have things to do and Sid cannot go. Well, if something happen, call us.” Kimberly saw Angeline stretching an arm, “Good luck, Kimberly.” The second after, she had closed the door and the car was prepared to leave that street.

Kimberly turned around and felt small. It was now. She felt weak. She would face him, the green eyed monster. She started walking towards it, as she thought about things to say for the first time in two months to Jake.

The inside of the building was warm. September was upon them, so now, the heat was going away, which was why Kimberly felt cold outside. People kept walking from one side to another, caring only about themselves. She didn’t know where to go, until she saw the receptionist, “Excuse me, I came to-”

“Talk to Mr. Dekker?”

“Yes, I’m-”

“Kimberly Roberts.” The woman with sweet light brown eyes and black hair answered. “I am Jenny, the receptionist. Mr. Dekker awaits you in his office at the top floor. Just go down that way and you’ll find an elevator.”

“Thank you.” Wow. That was fast. So she already knew who she was. Kimberly wondered how the woman had known she was Kimberly Roberts as she was heading towards the elevator. She had never come here and she had never seen that woman before.

She walked in the elevator. Maybe Jake had told her his ex girlfriend was going to come here and he had explained her how she was. Yeah, maybe it was that. Jake… he… Kimberly’s other thoughts started to be replaced by Jake. She was going to face him now, in a matter of seconds.

The door of the elevator opened and when Kimberly was going to walk out, she hit a woman, “Oh, I am so sorry!” God, she had only walked in the building a few minutes ago and she was already… Her thoughts were lost when she looked at the woman.

The same red hair than her, same length, same type of skin, same height, but different eyes and different body since she was pregnant. The woman seemed confused too. “Are you Miss Roberts?”


“Follow me, Jake awaits you.” Jake? Weren’t supposed people like her treating him by Mr. Dekker?

Kimberly soon forgot that as she kept looking at the woman who was guiding her to Jake’s office. She was almost like her in every physical aspect. If she wasn’t pregnant, they could have the same body.

“Here.” The woman stopped in front of a huge door and knocked. As they waited for an answer, Kimberly tried to think of who that woman could be. She wasn’t dressed in a very professional way. Some jeans, high heels, black top with deep V cut and expensive earrings.

“Come in.” Kimberly recognized the voice right away. His voice.

The woman opened the door and walked in. As for Kimberly, she just froze there as she looked inside the huge office, with Jake standing behind a big and expensive desk. He was standing there in all of his glory.

He was beautiful. The black jacket he was wearing over a white shirt gave him a… sensual look… That she couldn’t possible ignore… His hair was just a little bit longer and kept being wild. His eyes… oh they were this dark green that was capable of shooting her deadly glances.

“You can come in, you know.” Jake’s voice called her.

“I’m… sorry.” She walked in slowly, closing the doors behind her. She felt so small before him and the other woman… She was by his side, with an arm over his chair. It looked perfect for a painting. A Lord and his Lady.

“Miss Roberts this is-”

“I know who this is.” Kimberly interrupted her, putting her gray eyes on her. Kimberly didn’t like her one bit, nor did the woman, since she eyed her with a disgusted look. “I see you’re fine.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” God, he was acting so… indifferent. “Anyways, you’re here because-”

“Can’t we talk in private?” She interrupted him, looking at the woman.

“No. This is Heidi, my personal assistant, which means she has to be present in every meeting I’m in, including when we’re talking about work.” Jake revealed. Oh, she got that. His personal assistant. The woman he was already… Oh god. She tasted blood in her mouth just to think about that. How could he? He couldn’t and he wouldn’t… “So-”

“Why did you want me to come here?” Just to see her in pain? “You know I have nothing to do with your company. I belong to Math, not Pharmaceutical Sciences.”

What he said made her heart ache, “It was my mother’s idea. I have nothing to do with this.” The way Angeline had said everything, made her believe it was Jake who wanted her to go there… She had been stupid. How could she possible believe in Angeline? She was the type of woman who got everything, even by using manipulation, to get what she wanted. She was no better than Jake.

“I see.” She felt like an unknown there. Kimberly knew he knew her better than anyone else, but still, she couldn’t help that growing feeling inside her. He loved her no more. Tom had been right. He had gotten over her easily and quickly.

This had been a fucking mistake.

“Look, I’m sorry I came here. I’m sorry I bothered you. I should go, really. Thanks for everything.” It had been one of the worst mistakes in her life to face him again, other than on the appointments of their son.

The moment she turned around, she heard him, “Don’t act like that. You know you need this. If you didn’t need this, believe me, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, offering a job.” When all you did was to break my heart, and tough luck, Kimberly, I’m already over you. Those were his unspoken words.

“This won’t work.”

Silence, until he decided to say, “Heidi, leave me alone with Miss Roberts, please.” Miss Roberts. Wow.

“But, Jake, I have to make a report and-”

“I won’t need a report on this. Go.” Finally he had dismissed that bitch.

And now, she was alone with the devil itself.

“Happy? She’s not here anymore. Why do you say this won’t work?”

“You know damn well why this won’t work!” For the first time, she raised her voice against a powerful man. “What would people say if they found out about-”

“About what, Kimberly? About us? They don’t know a damned thing. And they won’t know anything about me, you, or even us. Am I being clear?” This was the cold person she knew. Anyone had nothing to do with his life. “Besides, we’re not together. We won’t be together here. You’ll do your job and I’ll do my job.”

“And what’s my job?” She asked with disdain on her voice. She hated being there.

“Have you forgotten the essay I helped you making?” Oh yeah. When he was with Joanne, while she was trying to get him.

“Of course I didn’t forget that. I haven’t forgotten anything about us, I-” Shit. She avoided his green eyes, by looking at somewhere else. Being there with him, after two months of being apart, made her…. Say things she didn’t want to say. She didn’t want to remember.

“Moving on, you’re staying at a hotel near the company. Heidi will show you your office and tell you what you’ll do during this week. If you want to stay, by Friday will be signing a contract. Now…” Jake leaned forward and reached for a small book and grabbed a pen. “I’m going to give you advanced money for the first week-”

“But, I’m just trying out-”

“I know.” He didn’t even look at her when he was signing up a check. “Here.”

Kimberly grabbed the check and saw the amount of money she was going to receive for this first week. Her jaw dropped, “This is just for the first week?”


“You’re not giving me this much just because of the-”

“No.” He replied with a blank expression, “I give that amount of money to everyone who comes to do the same thing you’re going to start doing.” Great, he was treating her like everyone else around him. What did she expect from him, anyways? She had decided to leave him, but she still expected him to treat her like the woman of his life? She was dreaming.

“Ok, well, thanks. I guess I should go to Heidi-”

“How’s the baby?” He was getting up when he asked her that.

“If you had gone to that appointment you would have known.” She answered bitterly.

“I couldn’t miss the meeting-”

“So, every meeting is going to be more important than-”

“Don’t you dare finishing that sentence.” His voice was sharp, “I am not going to be an absent father. I want to know everything about my son, I want to be present in every aspect of his life.”

“I want you to be too.” The moment Jake’s eyebrow rose, she understood her mistake, “I mean, in the baby’s life. Just about the baby, of course, I know you don’t what to know anything about me, I respect that, I-”

“You don’t need to apologize; I understood what you said…” But? “But it’s not like that either. I also want to be present in your life.” It felt good to know that, but that feeling only lasted a couple of seconds, “While you’re pregnant with him.” It felt like he had stabbed her right in her heart.

“Oh.” She turned around so he wouldn’t see her defeated look. “I should go. Thanks for everything.” Without waiting for an answer, Kimberly walked out of the office.

So this was how it would be from now on. He would just have an interest in her while she was pregnant. If she wasn’t he wouldn’t bother to let her work at his company.

Jake was more different than she expected. He was colder than ever towards her and she knew, she was sure, he was over her. But… wasn’t what she wanted in the first place when she broke up with him? Because she couldn’t stand looking at him and remember everything…

Then why did she felt like shit? Because Kimberly wasn’t over him yet and she wished he wasn’t over her… but why did she wished that? WHY? What she wanted happened! He moved on! He forgot her! He even has a new woman to screw…

“Miss Roberts?” Kimberly lifted her head up and looked at Heidi in front of her. She had a fake smile on her face. “Are you ready to start working here?”

“Of course.” Her weak voice handed her.

“Ok, well… Let’s go through here.” Heidi stretched an arm towards the right, “For a start, I’m impressed; you have an office on the top floor. The boss must have liked your résumé.”

Oh no, he had liked her before, but know he just liked the baby she was carrying. “I guess.”

“You already knew Jake?” Heidi asked as they started walking towards the right.


“From where?”

“We were… friends.”

“Oh really?”


“I never knew one of his friends.” Heidi said. “They all lived in other city. You live in that city too?”


“So you knew him before he became the C.E.O. here.”


“Do you think he hasn’t changed? Did he have that sexy way of looking at women and made them wish they have him and that powerful way of making us do what he wants?”

“Yes, he had. And he hasn’t changed a bit.” But towards her… He had changed in every aspect.

While they walked and reached her office, Kimberly didn’t hear what Heidi had told her. She just thought of Jake, she could only think of him. But, it was normal. Everything there made her remember him.

Heidi showed her what she was going to make. It was actually an easy work. She just had to see how much medicines were produced, how much came from where and how much got out of here. It was related to Math, but it was something everyone could do. It was simple Math, not what she had studied. But now, she had to accept that job. His company was the only one who had hired her so far.

Well, not hire, she was just trying out first to see if she liked being here To see if she didn’t mind being close to him and not have him around her. To see if she… had been right in taking that decision… The decision of leaving him…

“Well, I’ll leave you, now.” Heidi said, ready to leave her office. “Oh by the way, you have to make a report every day and by the end of it, you have to deliver it to Jake. And he will be waiting for the report of yesterday, today. You have the information on your desk.”


“Have a nice day, Miss Roberts.” Heidi left her office. She was alone.

She sunk her head, in her arms, after sitting down on the chair. She was stuck with him after two months of not being with him. She had expected him to receive her at least with a smile, not with the cold way he had talked to her the last time on his house. When he wished she would go through what he went with her, regarding the suffering and pain…

Now, she was just collecting what she had planted. She broke up with him, while carrying a baby from him, and now, she just had to handle it. She was right in taking that decision; she needed to be far away from him. But now, she had to be close to him, in her work. At least, just in her work. And that would make him more interested in the baby, maybe.

Around 4PM, the receptionist, Jenny, appeared in her office. “Hello, Miss Roberts!” She said with a smile, “How are you doing? I intended to speak with you during the lunch break, but I couldn’t because I had to work.” The woman sat on the chair in front of her desk and looked straight in her eyes, “So, tell me, how is it to be the boss’ ex girlfriend?”

Kimberly’s jaw dropped. Jake had said no one on the company knew about them. “I see you’re surprised. Don’t worry, Mrs. Dekker told me herself.”

“Why would she tell you that?”

“I work here for almost ten years, Mrs. Dekker trusts me. She told me that so you would have someone to talk here.” Why would Angeline think she would need someone to talk to while she was in the company?

“And why would I talk to you?” It got out of her mouth like that. She didn’t intend to be rude, but she didn’t want Angeline to be spreading things about her in the company, specially knowing that Jake had said he didn’t want anyone to know about them. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to be rude, it’s just that it’s my first day and I wasn’t expecting someone to know about me and Jake.”

“It’s ok. Anyways, answering to your question, she thought you would need someone to talk to-”


“Because of everything.”

“I see.” No, she wasn’t seeing anything. It seemed like she was in a blackout and she couldn’t see a damned thing around her, “Ok, then.”

“Well, I just came here to say this. If you need to know anything, just ask me.” Jenny was ready to get up, when Kimberly opened her mouth to say something, “What?”

“Hum… I’m curious about someone… I… I don’t have anything to do with Jake anymore, so I hope this won’t sound-”

“It’s about Heidi, isn’t?” Yeah, it was, but Jenny didn’t even let Kimberly answer, “Yeah, she’s new here. He hired her when he came here. She has no experience in being a personal assistant, but Mr. Dekker wanted her anyway. You know… you and her are very look alike.”

“I’ve noticed that, too.” Kimberly tried to say with a smile but without any success. “So… she’s always with him?”

“Always. When we want something from him or we want to talk to him, we have to go to her first. She takes care of every business he doesn’t feel like taking care of. She’s nice when she wants, but I don’t like her.”

“I agree on that. Not because I’m Jake’s ex girlfriend, but because I really don’t like her. Just one thing, isn’t she supposed to call him ‘Mr. Dekker’ like you?”

“Yeah, she is. And she did call him that during the first two weeks, but then she just started calling him for his first name out of nowhere. People are saying she… you know… had sex with him. How long have you and Mr. Dekker been broken up for?” Jenny asked at the end. This woman was a source of information and a curious woman.

“Two months and two weeks ago.”

“I see… Mr. Dekker hired her two months ago…” She had a questioningly look on her face.

“Something wrong?”

“No, no… I wonder about things a lot of times. Oh well, I should be back to work.” Jenny got up, “By the way, Heidi said Mr. Dekker wants the report from yesterday on his desk at 5PM.”

“I was just finishing it.”

“Good. Just so you know, he likes things done right away. Oops. I guess you already know that. Oh well, I’ll see you around, Kimberly.”

“Call me Kim.” Kimberly said before Jenny left with a smile.

She liked Jenny. She was nice and provided her the information she wanted. And she also seemed a nice person to talk to. Angeline knew she would have to let go of her fury over someone else. Angeline knew she would hate Heidi.

So Jake had hired her the first time he came here. Right after saying all of those things to her, he got another woman. And Heidi called him Jake when she wasn’t supposed to. That surely meant they had had sex. Jake was a bastard… Only two months after she had broken up with him, he was already fucking another woman? He was worse than she thought. When he claimed he loved her and she was everything for him, he was lying. How could a man say that and after a month he would be fucking some other bitch?

Kimberly shouldn’t care about it. And it was what she did. Moving away those thoughts of her mind, Kimberly focused on the report. It was so easy. It was too damned easy for the money she had received. It was better than nothing. At least she had a job that didn’t require much of her, but at the same time made her have a good paycheck by the end of the month IF she kept working there…

It was 5PM when Kimberly walked out of her office to go Jake’s. At least that job made her stay sat down, which didn’t make her feet to swell, thank god.

She knocked on the door, but it was Heidi to answered, “Come in!”

When she opened the doors, she saw Jake on the phone, looking over the glass wall to the city, while Heidi was standing behind him.

“I already had a dinner settled! With who? With a date, why? I can’t have dinners out?”

That little bitch made it on purpose. If it was Jake, he wouldn’t have said for her to come in while he was saying that… Right? “Ok, ok! I’ll go! But just so you know, I will go on a bad mood and with company because I had a good restaurant- Mom, calm down. I know. Yeah… I’ll tell her and Sean, although I really don’t know why you want him to come. No, she will not have any problem; after all, she was the one who broke up everything with me.”

So now he was talking about her and some guy named Sean. Luckily, bitch 2 (Joanne had been bitch 1) didn’t know he was referring to her. Or did she? If Jake hadn’t told her anything about his life even when they had already had sex, why would he tell bitch 2 something about his personal life?

As Jake turned around, he said, “Well, the dinner’s can- Oh, Miss Roberts.”

“Don’t call me that.” It was stronger than her. It was so weird when he called her that. “Please.”

“Jake’s supposed to treat his employees that way.”

“And a personal assistant is supposed to treat her boss my Mr. Dekker, not Jake.”

“Just like you should treat him.” Stupid bitch 2. If only she knew…


“That is enough.” Jake raised his voice so that it would overpower hers. “Heidi is right.”

Kimberly answered with a mocking tone, “Oh ok, Mr. Dekker, I didn’t know I had to treat you like that since we-”

“Don’t dare to finish it.”

“Fine.” Kimberly said with a bad mood. “I just came to bring you the reports from yesterday. Goodbye.” She turned around, ready to leave the green eyed monster and bitch 2 when she saw a man standing in front of her.

Oh, he rivaled Jake with his beauty. The man had short black hair, a tall body, probably taller than Jake, tanned skin, beautiful smile and piercing gray eyes, just like hers. “Oh. You’re busy, Jake. I’ll come back another time.”

“No. Stay, Sean.” Oh so that’s the guy named Sean. “I want to speak to both of you, you’re included Miss Roberts.” She turned around, stunned by Sean’s beauty. “Sean, this is Kimberly Roberts, Miss Roberts this is my-”

“I can introduce myself. After all, I’m your public relations.” Sean turned at her, the glowing of his eyes surpassed hers, “I’m Sean Davenport.” He reached for her hand and kissed it softly. What a gentleman!

“I’m Kimberly Roberts, nice to meet you.”

“So, you’re Kimberly…” He looked puzzled and turned his gray eyes at Heidi and then at Jake, “You’re obsessed.” Jake didn’t answer and both Kimberly and Heidi had questioningly expressions on their faces.

As Kimberly smiled at Sean, Jake started, “Anyways, what I had to say is that you both are invited to have dinner at my mother’s house.”

“At Angeline’s? I missed her; she’s way nicer than you.” Sean said with a smirk, “Anyways, I’m going. I was going to have dinner alone, so…”

Jake looked at Kimberly, “And you?”

“Yeah… ah I’m going too.” If that was a good idea or not, she didn’t know.

“Ok then. You can go.” Kimberly was going to turn around when Jake dismissed her, but then he said, “By the way, my mother said it’s a formal dinner. Dresses are requested if you don’t know what I mean.” Was he fucking kidding with her? Of course she knew what a formal dinner was!

“Don’t make fun of me, Jake. Of course I know what the hell formal dinners are. God… you’re worse than before.” How stupid was he? Why did he mock her in front of Sean and Heidi? Did she do something to him?? Two months have passed already!

Without waiting for his complain or Heidi’s, Kimberly left his office at the same time she tried to let off some steam. She didn’t deserve in no way the way he was acting towards her.

She went to her office first to get her bag and then she headed towards the exit, only to find Angeline and her sister waiting for her. “What are you doing here?”

“We came to get you.” Sidney said with a smile.

“I knew you would get out of here around this time, so me and Sidney decided to come and get you for-”

“I know about the dinner.”

“Good, good. You know its formal, right?”

“Yes.” Kimberly answered impatiently, as she remembered Jake mocking her about the dinner being a formal one.

“Great. We have to get to the mall fast and buy you a beautiful dress. Me and Sidney have already bought our dresses, you’re the only one who doesn’t have one, so-”

“What? Angeline not again… You’re doing too much for me… I don’t need you to buy me another dress…”

“Of course you need one!” It was her sister’s voice, “You only have the one Jake got you and the other you used when you came to Angeline’s house for the first time! Come on, Kim, I’m already imagining you in a dress, a long one, flowy with a deep V cut… Oh… everybody is going to love it.” Sidney stretched her arm and grabbed Kimberly.

“No, Sid. Angeline, you shouldn’t be doing this again. You already bought one for you and Sid, besides-”

“My dear,” Angeline said calmly, “You know you’re going to lose this fight. So you better hurry up, get in the car and head to the mall with Sid and me. We only have 3 hours to make you beautiful.”

“For who? Jake will not care.”

“Who says it’s because of Jake?” Amazingly, it was Sidney’s voice. During the two months, she had fought with Kimberly because she wanted her to be with Jake, and now she simple doesn’t care about him anymore? “Girls need to feel good once in a while.”

“Kimberly, you know buying one more dress means nothing to me. So… Are you coming or not? It will be fun to try and found a dress for you in three hours. And you still have to make you hair and makeup. Another pair of heels would be nice too…” Angeline kept talking, while she and Sidney started pushing her to the car.

Yeah, maybe it would be fun. She needed to feel good with herself. With a smile on their faces, Sidney and Angeline took her to the mall to get prepared for the dinner in only three hours.

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