Love Stripped

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Chapter 32 v1

(Chapter 32 Version 1 – KIMBERLY’S POV)

“Good morning, Jenny.” Jake said as he walked past the receptionist, with Kimberly following him.

“Good morning, Mr. Dekker.”

“Hey Jenny.”

“Hello, Kim.” Jenny winked her eye to the gray eyed girl, “Heidi is looking for you.”

“For me?” Both Jake and Kimberly stopped and looked at Jenny once again, “What does she wants from me?”

“I don’t know.” Jenny nodded, “She was babbli- I mean, she was talking about you coming late to work today-”

“It’s five past nine! What the-”

“What did she want from Miss Roberts, Jenny?” Jake interrupted Kimberly. There he was again, treating her in such a formal way.

“She wanted to deliver some papers to her.”

“Oh ok.” Maybe it was the papers she was supposed to make a report of. Yeah, what more could that bitch want from her? The less she talked to Heidi, the better she was.

After receiving some questioning looks from him, Kimberly and Jake went to the elevator. Since they had their offices on the same floor, they could go together, although Kimberly just wanted to follow a different path from him.

The moment the elevator opened, both Jake and Kimberly saw Heidi waiting. When she lifted her head to enter, she saw them, “Jake! I was waiting for you!”

“Really? Why?”

“Oh, you know… we didn’t-”

“I get it.” He interrupted her, when he walked out of the elevator and past her. “Heidi, I need to talk to you.”

“Sure.” She said, but the moment she lay her eyes on Kimberly, she attacked, “But I need to talk to Kimberly first be-”

“Because of what?”

The way he looked at her with those dark green eyes, made her step back. Kimberly knew he could scare the hell out of her when he wanted to. Now for Kimberly, she was way used to that type of deadly glances. “To give her some tips about the report she made yesterday.”

“The report she made yesterday was fine. Give the information from yesterday so she can start her work.” He turned around, “Don’t bother Miss Roberts because she’s feeling a bit sick because of her baby. Now, would you come with me? I have something to tell you.”

“Of course.” After delivering the information she need to make the report and after shooting her a disgusted glance, Heidi turned around with her curvaceous body and followed her boss, her lover.

Stupid bitch. All she wanted was to suck on his money or just wanted to have the chance to say she was going out with the C.E.O. of the company. The only woman who loved him for what Jake was Kimberly. She was the only one who could handle him just like he wanted to, right?

Ok, maybe she was exaggerating; she wasn’t the only one woman in the whole world… Maybe Heidi really liked him; she just was a stupid bitch… No, Kimberly couldn’t possible think that way. Jake didn’t love her; he was just with her, because Kimberly had left him for her stupid reasons, because she didn’t have courage enough to surpass her problems with him by her side… Now, it was too damn late. Jake had a stupid sex toy and didn’t need Kimberly, didn’t need her love anymore… because he didn’t love her. That was it.

As Kimberly walked in her office, she took off her jacket and sat behind her desk. As she looked at the papers, she was already thinking about the information she had to make a report of, to deliver to Mr. Dekker. But it was something missing, the information wasn’t complete.

Now this was a chance Kimberly couldn’t miss. Heidi was going to talk to her, saying she couldn’t be late. Now, Kimberly was going to talk to her, saying that the information she gave her wasn’t complete and that she hadn’t done her work well. Yeah, she would do that. It wasn’t going to be very dramatic, but at least she would throw that to her face with Jake by their side.

She got up and left the office with the papers on her hand. It took a minute to get to Jake’s office. With a bright smile on her lips and a fake happy expression, Kimberly opened the door and started saying, “Heidi, you didn’t give-”

Words were lost in space and time as she saw Heidi on top Jake, receiving caresses from him on her neck. Her jaw dropped and she saw surprise stamped on their faces as they noticed her there. “Kimberly? What are you doing here?” Surprisingly, she didn’t seem that surprised.

Damn. She should have learned to knock on the door. “I ah… I-”

“Do you want something, Miss. Roberts?” It was Jake’s voice. Heidi got up, left Jake’s lap and Kimberly could finally look into those deadly green eyes. Since Kimberly didn’t answer, he kept going, “Usually, people knock on the door before entering.”

“I know.” Once again, anger tried to make her yell at him, but she spoke with control, “But you never taught me how to knock since you did the same thing when it came to walk in my room all of those times.”

Done. “What does she mean with that, Jake?”

“What I mean, Heidi,” Oh, what an effort she was doing to not explode. And Jake knew it, “Is that Mr. Dekker also doesn’t know what knocking on the door means.”


“Anyways,” She tried to say with disdain, “I came here to say that the information you gave me is incomplete.”

“Oh, right.” This time, Heidi smiled, “I forgot to give you this and since I was busy I waited for you to come here and pick this up.” She grabbed some papers from the table and stretched her arm to Kimberly.

What a fucking bitch! She made it on purpose! She knew Kimberly would come here to ask for the papers! That was why she didn’t seem that surprised! What a fucking whore! Why had she done that? It’s not like she knew Kimberly and Jake had had something in the past… So, she had no reasons to do that, she had no reasons to make Kimberly feel jealous if she didn’t know Kimberly had been Jake’s ex girlfriend!

Fury burned inside Kimberly. “Hum, next time, be sure to give me the whole information, because that just shows how incompetent you can be sometimes.” She turned and left the office.

The moment she got to her office and closed the door, she said louder, “That fucking bitch! God! How stupid… What a fucking slut!” Kimberly just felt like grabbing something and threw it against bitch 2.

And it was what she did. She grabbed a glass with water inside that was on the table, and instead of throwing it against bitch 2, she raised her arm and the moment someone knocked on the door, Kimberly threw the glass. Then, she whispered, “Shit shit, please don’t be Jake…”

It better not be Jake, because if it was, she had just handed herself, making him be sure that she had in no way, moved on. “Who is it?” Kimberly asked with a trembled voice.

“Sean. Is everything alright? Can I come in?”

Thank god it wasn’t Jake… or even Heidi. She didn’t felt like looking to that fucking bitch. “Yes.”

As he opened the door, he started saying with a smile, “I knew pregnant woman could have a bad mood sometimes, but not this bad.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not easy to carry Jake’s son.” She took a deep breath and sat down behind her desk once again. “I’m sorry; it has nothing to do with our son…”

“Hum…” Sean closed the door, stepped aside the broken glass and said, “What could make a pregnant woman change her mood to such a bad one? Let me guess… Catch the father of her baby, who’s not even her boyfriend now, with another woman?”

This guy was unique. How could he know that? He saw the questions on her silver eyes and answer, “I must say we both have bad timings. I caught them just before you. But since I already knew about them, I wasn’t surprised like you. You still love him.”

Of course she did. She loved him more than ever and catching him, caressing another woman, made her feel sick and hate them. But she couldn’t hate them; she could only hate herself, because it was her fault that Jake was looking for another woman to give pleasure.

“I’ll take that as a yes. You’re going to quit? It’s not easy to see every day the person we love with another person.”

“I didn’t say I love him-”

“Are we going to repeat the same conversation? Don’t lie, Kim. I know we were only introduced yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t know you love him. You love him and I know it. All I want to know now is if you are going to quit or not.”

“I am not going to quit.” Kimberly stated right away. She didn’t even think about it, but it was better this way. She couldn’t possibly quit. She had to work there so she could afford her baby’s stuff and later, the baby itself. She was sure Jake would help her, but she didn’t want in no way be depend on him.

She would handle Jake and Heidi. Kimberly had to get over him and knowing Jake was over her, would help her forget him. Maybe seeing Jake and Heidi together had done some good. She knew now that she had no chances with him. Seeing them kissing wouldn’t make her break down. Never.

“I thought so. You seem to be a though girl.”

Kimberly tried to act indifferently, “Yeah. Anyway, I’ve got to work, the boss wants the report today and I really don’t want to piss him off.” Oh, in fact she wanted to piss him off, but not in that way, “Do you still want to have dinner with me?”

Sean’s smile wasn’t surprised at all, “Pick you up at 7?”

“Oh yeah.” Kimberly made a bitter smile, “I’ll see you later.” As Sean walked out of her office, Kimberly wondered why hadn’t he asked why had she changed her mind, but he didn’t need to ask it at all. Sean knew the answer. Kimberly wanted to let out some steam and somehow… see if this date would have some impact on Jake…

She still couldn’t believe she had seen Jake and that bitch kissing. They were working for god’s sake! Jake looked like he was a man that didn’t mix pleasure with work, but it seemed Kimberly was wrong. She was wrong in everything. She even was wrong when she thought he would love her to the end or that she was the woman of his life like he had said… All Kimberly had to do now was to really move on.

Having dinner out with Sean wouldn’t make her move on right away, but it would help her mind stay busy while talking to Sean, instead of being at the hotel room and thinking about Jake caress another woman. Not that she wanted to be interested in Sean; all she could see in him was a friend, just like… Eric. He had been a friend… unfortunately; he also had been a friend that had stabbed a knife on his lover’s and on his brother’s back.

The moment the image of Jake and Heidi caressing each other, appeared on her mind, it was time for Kimberly to get busy. And the work Jake wanted her to do, would suit her mind just fine, since she needed to focus on the information on the paper, and not on Jake and bitch 2.

So, as Kimberly placed that sick image behind the work she had to do, she leaned forward and started reading the information she had on those papers so she could write the report Jake wanted.

How could anyone pay so much money for such little work? The report was so easy to do. The only boring and longer part was when she had to read all of those boring papers to do the report. Other than that, writing it down was the easy part.

If Kimberly wanted, she could have finished that in the morning, but since she liked and needed to take breaks, it took longer to finish the report. Jake was paying her too much money for such a simply work. And damn, the amount of money he gave her was just for this first week, so she could try out. Or he was just giving her that money because she was pregnant of his baby or maybe because he was a generous boss. It had to be one of those two options, because giving her so much money because he simply loved her was out of question and what she saw hours ago, proved it.

It was about half past 4PM when Kimberly was getting ready to leave her office. She had finished the essay about an hour ago, but she simply hadn’t gone to Jake’s office to deliver it. She didn’t want in any way to find them kissing again, so, she would ask someone on her way to make sure those papers were delivered to the boss. Maybe Jenny would do that or her.

When she opened the door, she got herself a surprise: bitch 2. With a bright and nasty smile on her face, Heidi said, “Oh, where are you going?”

Damn, did this stupid bitch have to be everywhere? “I was going to deliver this to Jake and then I was going home. I have nothing left to do here, so…”

“Oh… I see.” Heidi, walked in her office, walked past Kimberly and turned around, so she could face her silver eyes, “You’ll have to go home later, I want to have a little chat with you!” Such a fake happy tone that disgusted Kimberly.

“May I know what the theme of this little chat is?”

“Of course!” Heidi replied cheerfully, “Your boss, Mr. Dekker.”

“Does he want something?”

“No. It’s just that I want to know some things… Nothing bad, really. Since I’m his personal assistant I need-”

“Personal assistant? And I thought you were his personal toy.” She filled her voice with disdain. Well, this bitch had to know Kimberly knew Jake. Besides, what she said in the morning when she was in his office, made her seem she had known Jake before. And that had been her intention.

“Personal toy?” Her annoying smile became weak.

“Of course. Jake-”

“Mr. Dekker.” Heidi corrected her.

"Mr. Dekker usually has a toy he can use whenever he feels like… you know… whenever he feels like he needs to get laid every night. And for what I saw this morning, I know who his toy is this time.” There, suck it bitch. Heidi means nothing to Jake and Kimberly knew it. All she had to do was use that in her advantage. Hell if Jake really liked her. All she wanted was to have the chance to say she had fucked with the big boss.

“Are you listening to what your saying about your boss?”

“Of course I am.” Kimberly smile was nasty, “It’s the truth.” And it was… before. Jake had had sex toys or as Kimberly said a lot of times, sex adventures, and he had admitted so what she was saying wasn’t a lie.

Suddenly, everything in Heidi changed. The smile disappeared, her eyes became darker, her expression scarier, “You know Jake, don’t you?”

“I think that what I said this morning and now, made it clear.”

“From where? I knew he had to know you. A newbie never receives that amount of money just to try out for a week; would never be put in a five star hotel and you two seemed to know yourselves… But Jake still didn’t tell me anything and god knows why.” There she had! Jake wasn’t supposed to give her such a big amount of money!

“We… were old friends…” This time, Kimberly looked away. Old friends? Damn, they had been lovers! They had dated! They were going to be parents and they weren’t even together! Kimberly could feel the hate Jake still felt for her…

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I am not lying. If you want to look for your answers, go find Mr. Dekker and ask him yourself! You’re his personal assistant!” Out of the blue Kimberly started losing her patient. All she wanted was to go home. This bitch wasn’t worth her time.

Kimberly stretched her arm towards bitch 2 and gave her the report, “Here, it’s done, you can go and deliver it to your boss. As for me, I’m going home.”

“No, you’re not! Not until you tell me what you have to do with Jake!” Bitch 2 raised her tone of voice and gave a step towards Kimberly.

“I think that’s none of your goddamn business! If you want to know anything, go ask Jake! You’re his personal assistant and I don’t have to be here telling you stuff about my life!”

“Oh, so now we have an answer. Jake was part of your life!”

What a stupid woman… “Of course he was! Didn’t I tell you we were old friends?”

Heidi was ready to burst out, but surprisingly, she wasn’t like Kimberly, so she calmed down and took a deep breath. The moment Kimberly was ready to turn around and leave, she heard, “I wonder what your husband thinks about you going out with Sean.”

What the…? How the hell did she knew she was going out with Sean? “My husband? Why did you-”

“Please… everybody knows everything about everyone here.”

“I think you’re wrong. Everybody doesn’t know everything about everyone because then you would know that I don’t have a husband.” Kimberly attacked; her eyes capable of shooting Heidi.

“Oh really?” Heidi made a fake shocked tone of voice, “You’re so young, so I thought that you had to have a husband, otherwise you would make me think that the father of the baby left you alone or that you were doing… some things to end up pregnant this young and without a father…”

What a fucking bitch! She wasn’t a slut! “Listen, you bitch, don’t you dare talking to me like that! My life is none of your business!” Oh yeah, now Heidi had really made her lose her head.

“Aw… did I say something bad? Because if you reacted like this was because I said something right and you don’t want me to talk about it anymore!”

Oh, Heidi was really getting onto her nerves… “I-”

“You had a one nightstand and the guy didn’t accept the baby?” Heidi made a fake questioning expression, “Hum… did he just want you for sex and when he found out you were pregnant he abandoned you?”


“Or worst! Maybe you were some kind of hooker that ended up pregnant and don’t know who the father is! Poor girl…”

“You have no idea about what I’ve been through or who the father of my baby is, so I really advice you to not piss me off anymore, because I can assure I am about to lose my head and a pregnant woman that’s about to lose her head isn’t a pretty thing to see!” Kimberly yelled; sick of listening to all of those nasty opinions from Heidi. How could she have the guts to say things like that? She had no right!

“Sweetheart.” Heidi’s nasty smile came back to life. “I am not afraid of you. I don’t care about the baby. Right now, I’m just curious to know who the father is if you even know who he is. I just want to mess with y-”

Enough. Kimberly had had enough of this woman’s provocations for today. She didn’t care about what she was about to tell. All she wanted now was to be left alone, “You want to know who the father is? You really want to know?”

Heidi nodded like if that was easy for Kimberly to say, “Yes, sweetie.”

“Jake.” Surprisingly, it came out as a whisper but Heidi heard it anyway.

Her jaw dropped, “Jake? You mean-”

“Yes, I mean Jake Dekker! The boss of this company! Your lover! Your boss! My boss! My ex boyfriend! Done! Are you happy now? You got your damned answer!” Furiously, Kimberly made her way out of the office, leaving everyone on her way, looking at her.

Would that bitch be happy now? How dare she to think that Kimberly was a slut? How could she think a man had let her because she was pregnant? Nothing like that had happened to her!

Oh, she knew Jake would be pissed with her for revealing his secret to Heidi, but now it was done! Besides, he had pissed her off when she caught them both, why couldn’t she piss him off? How could Jake find interest in such a stupid woman? How? Or she was a fucking goddess for him or she gave him the sex he needed to get through every day!

How could he trade her for a skunk like Heidi? Kimberly shouldn’t be surprised by all of this… Jake had always been like this! He had always gone after the sluttiest until he had fallen for her. But now, that love was gone and he had gone back to the search of the sluttiest woman in this fucking world!

This was great! How could Kimberly fall for such a…, pervert, stupid, bastard… idiot guy? Since the beginning she knew Jake was what she hated in guys, but still she fell for that piece of shit that would be happy if he had an equal piece of shit to fuck! Son of a bitch! And that Heidi… Oh… Joanne was way much better than her!

When Kimberly opened the door of her hotel room, she closed it aggressively, took off all of her clothes and put herself in the bathtub to take a nice hot bath that would help her to calm down.

But it didn’t help her at all. She started crying right away, when everything started to have an impact on her: Jake and Heidi together and that bitch trying to get inside her head. Until now, Kimberly hadn’t really felt the pain of seeing Jake with his hands over another woman’s body.

If it hurt this much, how would she feel if she had really caught them having sex? God, she would bear to see that… It would be like being shot right in the heart. And what she saw this morning was just like being shot on her arm, leg…

Why the fuck had she let him? “God! I am so stupid!” Kimberly yelled to herself. “So fucking… Grr!” She just felt like hurting herself. “Why? Why didn’t fucking stayed by his side? He would help me more than I’ve helped myself alone in these past two months!” It was true. Jake would have done everything to make her feel happy. Would do anything to make her forget what happened… But no… Kimberly thought she wouldn’t manage to forget everything with him by her side, because every time she would look at him, she would remember everything…

How she was fucking wrong. How could she think about Eric or Peterson while being with Jake in his bed, making love? How could she think about them while being with Jake, talking about their baby?

Now, none of this would happen. She had been too coward to fight her inner feelings together, with Jake.

Around 6PM, Kimberly got out of the bathtub and went to get dressed. What would she wear? It’s not like she had many dresses to wear on a date. The ones she already had weren’t good on her anymore because of the baby and the one Angeline gave her, was good, but she had already worn it with Sean… The only one she knew it would be really god on her, despite the fact she was pregnant, would be the dress Jake offered her when they had their first real date, because it was flowy, just like her new dress Angeline had bought her. The only two differences were that it was brown and short and the one Angeline had bought her was a different color and was long.

Just by looking at the dress, Kimberly remembered their date. It had been so special and so… She didn’t have the words to describe the surprise Jake made her. She was, in no way, expecting that from him.

But now, it meant nothing. All she had to do was to forget that in order to move on. She would forget that date and would wear that dress. Yes, she would do that… Maybe Sean would talk about their date to Jake and also about how beautiful she was in that dress… And then, by the supposedly description Sean would give him, Jake would know it was his dress and he would be furious, right? Because it had been him the one to give her the dress to wear in his date… But, if he didn’t care about her anymore like he showed… wearing that dress wouldn’t have any impact on him.

Putting those thoughts aside her main ones, Kimberly prepared for her date with Sean at the same time she also prepared her mind for any possible questions Sean would do. Yes, being a man that had to know everything about another man’s life, who happened to be the father of her child, Kimberly was sure Sean would make her some nice questions.

It was almost 7PM when someone knocked on the door. Since Sean didn’t know where her room was, he probably had sent a man to call her. After grabbing her purse, Kimberly walked till the door and opened it, only to face a very angry… Jake.

She didn’t even have the time to say anything, because Jake walked in her room and started yelling, “Why the fuck did you tell Heidi I was the father of the baby? Now she just doesn’t stop talking about you, you and you and all she wants to know is what happened between us, why the fuck I am not with you, if I love you, if you love me, if we’re going out in secret, if-”

“Will you just stop yelling?” Surprisingly, her voice sounded calm.

“How do you want me to stop yelling, if you just did what I told you not to do? I told you to not tell anyone about our life and you just tell that to Heidi?”

“Isn’t Heidi your personal assistant?”

“Yeah, so? She’s not Sean; she doesn’t need to know everything!” Jake pointed at her and then, with an eyebrow raised, he asked, “Why are you wearing the dress I gave you?”

“Oh no? She’s your personal assistant for god’s sake! And for what I saw this morning, she’s another of your sex adventures! Are you addicted to sex adventures again?” Kimberly asked, meanly, with anger on her voice, “And I’m wearing this because I’m going on a date.”

“What do you have to do with me coming back to my sex adventures? As far as I know you’re not my girlfriend!” Jake’s eyes could burn her, “You’re going on a date? With who? Since when are you going on dates?”

“I know I’m not your girlfriend, but you’re the father of this baby! Do you think the baby would like to know his father sleeps around with every kind of slut?” It was true. To Kimberly, every woman he had fucked, were sluts. “I am going on a date with Sean! Why? Do you have something to say about it?”

“Well, you slept around with me before I dated you, so he really won’t like to know his mother was one of those sluts.”

What the fuck? Is this what he thought about her now? That she was slut like all of the women he had done before? She was fucking pregnant of him! How could he call her a slut, after claiming she was the woman of his life before they broke up?

Kimberly was so shocked that she could barely look at Jake. She turned around and felt tears on her eyes and anger growing inside her. No, she would not cry this time. She cleaned the tears in her eyes and heard behind her, “Ki-”

The moment she heard his voice ready to apologize, she picked up something near her and turned around. For the second time that day, she threw something again, almost hitting Jake.

“What the fuck? What was that for? That almost hit me right in the face!” Jake yelled at her at the same time he looked at the broken object that now lay on the floor.

“Is that what you really think?” Kimberly’s voice was fully raised, “That I am a slut?” Those words had hit her right in her heart.


“I thought you were so much better than that, Jake. In two fucking years, I never slept with nobody, until I went to live with you, only to end up on your bed, only to end up falling for you. I was harassed and raped by your stepfather, deceived by your brother. I’m fucking pregnant of you. Is this what you think of me now after all of that? That I am a slut? I fucking loved you and you call me that? You said I was the woman of your life, the one you really loved, but then you call me this? God, I know that… I broke your heart, but… I… God, I don’t even know what to say!” What she said was true. She had been through all of that and in the end he called her a slut?

Those words seemed to have an impact on him, because Jake didn’t even know what words to choose and let out of his mouth.

“Get the fuck out of here.”

“Why?” He used a type of voice to make fun of her, like if he hadn’t said what he said earlier, “So you can go to your date with Sean? He is way below me, Kimberly. Is this the type of man you chose now?”

“I wonder what Sean would do if he knew you said that about him.” Sean seemed to be a very good friend, how could Jake just say that?

“I don’t care. I can easily get other public relations to tell my fucking life all over again. It’s not like it’s very interesting.” Once again, Jake pointed at her dress and asked, “Why the fuck are you wearing the dress I gave you to go out on a date with Sean?”

“Can’t I? It’s mine. Besides, it has no special meaning for me, now.” The moment she said those words, Kimberly would be capable of swear she saw some kind of flinch in those deadly green eyes. “You gave one just like this to Heidi. Since this was the only fucking thing I had-”

“Fucking thing?”

“Yes, fucking thing I had to wear, since the others don’t fit me because of your son, I decided to wear it. It’s still good on me, isn’t it?”

Jake’s eyes kept looking at her, capable of hurting her, “Fucking thing? Is that what you call to the dress I gave you, the dress you wore it on our first date?”

“As I said, it has no other meaning for me. I loved this dress once, but now… It doesn’t say a thing to me. You gave one to Heidi... It makes me think that she stands on the same foot than me in your heart.”

Amazingly, Jake’s words surprised her like hell, “One thing I can assure you, Kimberly. Heidi is in no way near to your place in my heart. No one will ever be near it.”

Was he saying… she would be the only one he would really love?

Then, he said the words that crushed her far more than anyone would ever crush her, “You want to know why? Because you stand way deep in my heart. Not even the sluts I fucked sunk this much, Kimberly.”

A nasty smile appeared on his lips, as Kimberly’s jaw dropped. Now, she really knew how he hated her. She wasn’t ready for those words. She wasn’t ready to know, Jake hated her this much. She simply couldn’t think.

After recording her hurt look on his mind, Jake said, “Well, good luck for your fucking date. I’m sure I’m going to have fun in mine.” He was ready to leave, but before, he said, “Oh, and please… would you not tell anymore stuff about my life and yours to Heidi? It’s annoying having her around me, making all of these stupid questions.”

The only thing Kimberly did to give him an answer, was to nod. After that, Jake walked out of her hotel room and left her alone.

Kimberly didn’t even give herself time to think. She picked up her phone and dialed Sean’s number. She canceled her dinner with him, leaving him wondering why she had canceled it. Luckily for her, he didn’t complain nor asked her many questions. She took off the dress very slowly. Tears weren’t ready to fall. She took off her makeup, heels, everything.

Then, the moment she turned off the lights, lay down on her bed and covered her body with the sheets, was when the tears finally came and pain stroke her heart.

The night passed by very fast. She only remembered herself, looking at the window, the tears blurring her vision and somehow in the middle of the night she ate some food she had on the room.

It wasn’t very early or late, when Kimberly started getting dressed for work. She looked like crap, she had dark bags under silver eyes and she didn’t felt like going to the company and face Jake and everyone else. But, since she needed money to everything, she had to do that sacrifice. At least she had to survive the whole week, and then she would decide if she really wanted to work there and watch Jake with a different woman every month.

That son of a bitch.

She loved him, but she hated him too. Her mind was too slow to think about everything, but his last words kept appearing on her mind, That, she would always remember. Kimberly was nothing more to him now.

From the moment she got out of the hotel, till the moment she walked in the building she would have to work for the rest of the week, Kimberly tried to make her mind stay busy so that she wouldn’t think that much about her conversation with Jake last night.

Although it was impossible to forget that, the moment she walked in her office at 9AM and saw Heidi sat on her place, “Good morning, sweetie.” Her smile was cheering, although nothing could make Kimberly happy. Since she didn’t answer, Heidi revealed, “You look awful.”

“What do you want?” Heidi was way too happy after what Kimberly told her yesterday. Something must have changed her mind.

“I just wanted to give you the information for the report. You know I always do that.” Heidi got up and Kimberly went to her seat as she started taking off her jacket. It was hot on her office.


“I also wanted to say that I had a talk with Jake last night and that I don’t feel bothered at all to know Jake’s the father of your baby.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. He told me you two were done for good, so I have nothing to worry.” Heidi placed the papers in front of Kimberly.

“Good to know that.” She had nothing to worry? Oh, if Kimberly stayed there working for the rest of her life, she would make sure, every time she could, she would make Heidi’s life look like hell.

“I know. Anyways, I also want to warn you, Jake is really off limits for you now. He’s mine.”

“You still have doubts?” Stupid bitch. It’s not like Kimberly needed to know that. She already was sure of it since the very moment she saw him after two months.

“No. I feel good now that I’ve said this. It’s not like a man easily forgets about the woman who carries his son.” Heidi said as she rolled her eyes and shook her arms and hands.

“Believe me, Jake can easily forget everything.” He even forgot he had said she was the woman of his life and that he loved her… Now, she had lost him and she just had to move on like she had said she had. “Do you want to say something more? I want to start the report. I have a headache and I would really like to finish this early, so that I can go home and rest.”

“Of course. I don’t want the woman who carries Jake’s son feels sick or something.” Her smile couldn’t be any faker. “I’ll leave you, now.”

Heidi turned around and left her office.

Finally, Kimberly sat down. She felt so sleepy… all she wanted to was to lay down again, but instead of crying for Jake, she would sleep and would not think about yesterday, about Jake’s words who really broke her heart like no one had done it.

Once again, Kimberly tried to put those thoughts aside her main ones with the help of the report. She really had a headache, so all she wanted was to go home and rest. She felt like shit.

So, with no breaks done along the day and with a tiny break just for a huge lunch, Kimberly finished the report around 4PM. She got up, grabbed the papers that contained the report and got out of her office, only to go and face the green eyed son of a bitch.

On her way, she found Sean. “Kimberly, how are you? I was so sad the moment you called and canceled the dinner! I had reservations on this excellent restaurant that…” His words were lost when she turned around and faced him.

“I’m sorry, Sean. I wasn’t feeling good by the time we were supposed to go to the date.” She said with a tired voice. Kimberly felt she had no energies left on her body. Damn, she should have slept enough to keep her awaken for the day.

“It’s ok. What happened? You look terrible.”

“Yeah, I… I think I’m getting sick. I didn’t get any sleep last night, I think I had fever…” She lied with all of her teeth.

“You should have stayed at home. I’m sure Jake would understand.”

“Yes, I’m sure he would.” In her mind, she had used an ironic tone. He wouldn’t understand her. And she didn’t want him to know that. “Anyways, I’m going to deliver the report now and then I’m going home, so…”

“Sure. I’ll take no more time from you.” Sean’s smile was sweet and somehow warmed her. “I hope you feel better tomorrow and that later we can re-schedule that dinner.” He winked his gray eye.

“Sure. Bye, Sean.”

“Good bye, Kim.” He waved his hand and then, Kimberly turned around to keep on her way towards the boss’ office.

When she arrived, she stopped at the door. As she took a deep breath, Kimberly tried to put on a normal expression that wouldn’t tell him that she was feeling like shit due to what happened, due to the impact that his words had had on her.

For the third time that day, Kimberly put those thoughts aside and put her hand on the doorknob.

The second she opened it, time seem to stop… For the three of them.

Heidi was sat on Jake’s desk, her skirt pulled up. Jake was glued to Heidi, his pants down. Their faces showed pleasure and then… surprise. Kimberly knew that could happen, she just… didn’t know it was happening the moment she walked in their office, with a fake smile on her face.

She never thought she would catch Jake and another woman screwing again, like she did with Joanne. She expected… she would never see it again. How she was wrong.

It was different. Imagining and... Watching it happen. It was different in watching them kissing… and catching them having sex…

How could Jake just… do that?

Heidi’s surprised moan woke her up to reality.

“I-I’m sorry…” Was all she could say. In a second, Kimberly turned around and closed the door behind her.

She didn’t stand there; she ran to her office and shut the door aggressively. Every part of her body hurt like hell. She felt she had no heart. Immediate tears blurred her vision. She wanted to scream! She wanted to hate Jake with all of her strength!

But no! It was her fucking fault Jake was fucking some skunk! It was because she didn’t have the courage enough to be at his side while recovering from everything!


What were seconds seemed an eternity to Kimberly.

Only a knock on the door, made her come back to the real word. “Kimberly?”

It was his voice. The least he could do was give her time now… But no… Why the fuck was he here? Why? It was enough for her to see them having sex, she didn’t need to see him now and face him about it! “I’m fine!” She tried to yell, “Go away!” But her trembling voice handed her over.

“Then, let me in.”

Kimberly knew Jake wouldn’t be satisfied until he could see her with his own deadly eyes and see that she was fine. So, while trying to calm down, Kimberly turned around, her backs turned at the door and then tried to say in calm vice, “Fine, come in!”

She heard him opening the door and then closing it. He only said, “Turn around and let me look at your eyes.” His voice was hard as hell.

“I’m fine, Jake…” No, she wasn’t and Jake was fucking sure of it. Tears kept falling from her silver eyes, down her tanned face…

Steps were heard behind her and she could feel him right behind her now. “You’re crying.” Now, his voice seemed tired, like it had never rested.

“I’m not.”

“I thought you knew I knew you too well to know when you’re not crying.” Jake revealed. “Turn around, Kimberly. I know you’re crying.”

Why had she let him have her? Why had she let him know her so well? Giving up, the red haired woman turned around and faced Jake. “Happy?”

It took him some time to say, “You haven’t moved on, have you?”

An explosion burst inside her and she let it outside, “Of course not, Jake! Do you think I would move on like that? How? In two fucking months I never went out with any man! I could only think of you! I spent my days at home, thinking about you! How the fuck would I move on if I only had you on my mind?”

His other questions came in a calm way, despite the anger Kimberly showed, “Why did you lie?”

“Why? Why? Hell, you had another woman, you fucking acted cold towards me, like I was just one of your sex adventures from the past, and you treated me like if nothing had happened!” All Kimberly wanted to do now was to let out everything she wanted to say to him from the very beginning. “Would it change anything if I had said the truth?”

Silence ruled for a few moments, “No, it wouldn’t. Unlike you, I really have moved on.”

“How could you, Jake?” After all of what they went through? “You loved me!”

“I don’t love you anymore.” How the fuck could he answer in such a calm way?

“You stopped loving me just like that? Is that fucking slut better than me?”

“Yes. She has the courage to do what others don’t have.” His green eyes shot her deadly glances. He was attacking her right in the spot that hurt her the most. “She will, in no way, break my heart, because I won’t ever feel anything for her. Heidi will never, ever, leave me like you left me, Kimberly.” Now, Kimberly recognized pain in his calm voice.

“You love her?”

“You know I don’t.”

“Say you really didn’t forget about me, Jake.” Kimberly’s voice was begging. Kimberly was begging for the answer she wanted. She prayed Jake would say what she wanted.

He didn’t say anything, “I love you, Jake! Please say you didn’t forget about me, baby…” Kimberly’s eyes couldn’t see Jake well enough because of the tears. “I’m sorry for what I did! You can’t possible imagine what I’m feeling! I’m the most regretted person in the world! Come back to me, Jake, please. I’m begging…”

Kimberly reached his hand, but Jake stepped back, making her let go of him. Then, he said, “It hurts doesn’t it? Now, you see the pain I fucking felt when you left me. You’re going through what I went through.”

“Why are you acting like this? So fucking cruel?” Kimberly cleaned her eyes and managed to look at him and see him clearly.

“I knew… someday you would turn around and ask why you let me go. I don’t love you anymore, Kimberly; you’re nothing to me now. All I care about now, is the baby. Other than that, we have nothing more in common.”

God, it felt like a gunshot right in her heart. They were through forever.

Jake turned around to go away, but then Kimberly said, “I quit.”

“What?” He turned around immediately. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Yes, I am. I can’t possible stay here, look at you and Heidi and know all of this…”

“Running away again?” It was true. But now, it was for the best, for real. She couldn’t stand to be there and know all of that. To know that Jake didn’t love her and that he was with another woman, fucking her, so close to Kimberly’s office… She simply couldn’t stand it.

Since Kimberly didn’t answer, Jake kept going, “You’ve changed since Peterson… since all of that happened. You’re no longer the woman I love, Kimberly. If you want to quit, fine. I’m not the one who needs the fucking money, hell I’m fucking rich!” He laughed right in front of her, “Do what you want. I’m done with you.”

He turned around and left the office.

As for Kimberly… she fell on her knees and felt the whole world falling apart. She hated everything and everybody. She lost the man she loved because she didn’t have courage enough to be with him… Now, all she had that made her stay bonded to Jake for the rest of her life, was their baby. And even the baby… it wasn’t Jake. It wasn’t the same thing.

With courage Kimberly thought she didn’t have, she got up, grabbed all of her stuff that was on the office, and without looking back one time, she walked out of that building forever. She would never come back there. How could Kimberly be there if she knew Jake could be fucking that bitch? That was way over what she could handle.

She wanted to get back home the fastest she could. Today.

After calling a cab and giving directions to Angeline’s house, Kimberly finally made it till there. But how would she tell the news to them if she couldn’t even talk straight? She was too nervous. Even the cabdriver asked her if she needed something.

“What I need, I can’t have.” She asked him to wait a few minutes, and then she got out of the car and walked till the door of the huge mansion.

The moment she was going to knock, the door opened and Kimberly faced one of the persons she didn’t expect to face.

Eric asked right away, “Kimberly? Is everything alright? What happened?’” She was too nervous to answer. “Come in!”

Kimberly passed by him and walked in the mansion. After closing the door, Eric called out his mother and Sidney and both appeared right after. “What-” When they put their eyes on Kimberly, Sidney was the first to ask, “What happened?”

She walked towards her sister and hugged her. “Kim? What happened?”

She felt all eyes on her, “I can’t stand it anymore, Sid. I love him!”


“Of course!” Kimberly tasted the tears on her mouth, “Who else could I love?”

Eric’s and Angeline’s voice was heard, “What did he do?”

Instead of looking at Angeline, Kimberly looked at Eric and replied, “He doesn’t love me anymore. I couldn’t handle seeing him with Heidi… I even caught them kissing and having sex and-”

“What?” Angeline’s surprised voice interrupted Kimberly, “On the company?”

“Yeah, I… I confronted him… I said I loved him, that I haven’t moved on and that I was sorry for breaking his heart. I-I asked him to come back to me and he-”

“Said no.” Eric completed her. It was the first time in two months, they both talked. Anger seemed to be present in Eric.

“He said he didn’t love me anymore and that I was nothing to him now…” Tears stroke her eyes in full force again.

“That idiot…” Eric was talking to himself. Without any warning, Eric passed by them and walked out of the house. Kimberly didn’t care. Eric wasn’t important in her life anymore, after contributing for her end with Jake.

No… That had been entirely her fault.

“I want to go home today.” Kimberly broke the hug and looked into her sister’s eyes. “Right now.”

“Kim… I don’t have my bags packed, I…”

Kimberly looked at Angeline right after her sister’s answer, “I want to go home today. I haven’t packed either, but I brought fewer things than Sid, so I would be faster than her.”

“Which means?” Angeline’s voice was just as calmer as Jake’s was. It was so hard to look at Angeline’s eyes and see Jake in them that she had to use her entire strength to hold her look.

“Can you take Sid home another day? I know she wants to stay here.”

“You’re going today, alone?”

“Yes. I’ll call a cab. I… just want to go away from here. I quit the job, Angeline. I can’t possible stand to be there and know I… I can’t have him or… that he’s fine with someone else other than me.”

“It’s ok.” Angeline said. “I’ll take Sid tomorrow or after tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Kimberly turned at her sister. “I’ll call you when I get home.”

“I’ll be waiting for that call, sis.” Once again, Kimberly hugged her sister and heard her, “I’m sorry… for what happened. Jake’s an idiot. He has no idea about what he’s losing right now.” Oh, Jake knew what he was losing. And he didn’t care. Because what he was losing wasn’t a part of him anymore, so, it didn’t hurt him.

Kimberly tried to smile, but she simply couldn’t. She had no reasons to smile. After saying goodbye, Kimberly walked out of that mansion forever, knowing she would never come back there. After getting inside the cab again, the cabdriver took her back to the hotel, where she would pack her things and leave tonight.

All she wanted was to be far away from Jake. Mentally and physically.

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