Love Stripped

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Chapter 32 v2

(Chapter 32 Version 2 – JAKE’S POV)

“Good morning, Jenny.” Jake said as he walked past the receptionist that knew him for years, since she had already worked there with his mother.

“Good morning, Mr. Dekker.” But now, being his boss, she had to treat him by Mr. Dekker and not just Jake.

“Hey Jenny.” The feminine voice said behind him. Polite with everyone who was friends with her, Kimberly complimented Jenny.

“Hello, Kim.” She paused and then Jake heard her say, “Heidi is looking for you.”

“For me?” He said at the same time then Kimberly when he turned around to face the receptionist. But since she was looking at Kimberly, Jake thought it could only be looking for Kimberly, “What does she wants from me?”

“I don’t know.” Jenny nodded, “She was babbli- I mean,” She corrected herself immediately, “She was talking about you coming late to work today-”

“It’s five past nine!” Kimberly said with her aggressive tone Jake knew so well, “What the-”

Before Kimberly could get out of control, Jake interrupted her, by overpowering his voice, “What did she want from Miss Roberts, Jenny?”

“She wanted to deliver some papers to her.”

“Oh ok.” He knew what papers Heidi wanted to deliver to Kimberly. The report’s papers. Still, he looked at Kimberly. Maybe Heidi didn’t just wanted to deliver some papers to his old girlfriend… Anyways, he started walking and towards the elevator and Kimberly followed him in silence. Their offices were on the same floor, so if Kimberly always arrived at the same time then Jake, they would always cross their paths, something that Jake knew Kimberly would hate.

When the elevator door opened, both of them saw Heidi waiting. She was ready to enter, when she lifted her head and saw them both. “Jake! I was waiting for you!”

“Really? Why?” Heidi was always waiting for him, but this time, she was waiting for him because she didn’t sleep with him last night. He didn’t want to be with her. Besides, he had to call to some doctors, to schedule an appointment for Kimberly. Next week, by now, he’d probably know the sex of his baby.

“Oh, you know… we didn’t-”

“I get it.” He interrupted her, before she could continue and say she didn’t stay at his house and sleep with him, right in front of Kimberly. Not that he feared he might hurt her, because he had nothing to do with that and she had said she had moved on, but because it was none of Kimberly’s business to know if Heidi had stayed at his house last night. “Heidi, I need to talk to you.”

“Sure.” She replied. But when she looked at Kimberly, she attacked her, “But I need to talk to Kimberly first.”

“Because of what?” Heidi didn’t know who Kimberly was, but she still attacked. Jake wondered how she’d act if she knew about his past with the red haired woman who was just behind him, looking at them both. Still, this had to end. Heidi was behaving like a selfish brat who was starting to annoy Jake.

When it came to Kimberly, Jake admitted, he had very little patience, even knowing he was finished with her.

Heidi stepped back the moment he laid his green eyes on her. Pussy. Kimberly would be capable to stoop up in front of him. But… Kimberly was finished when it came to have a relation with him. “To give her some tips about the report she made yesterday.” Heidi answered.

Yeah, right. Jake would bet a million dollars on how Heidi really didn’t want to just give Kimberly some tips about the report, “The report she made yesterday was fine. Give the information from yesterday so she can start her work.” He turned around, but before he started walking he warn her, “Don’t bother Miss Roberts because she’s feeling a bit sick because of her baby. Now, would you come with me? I have something to tell you.”

“Of course.” After listening to her answer, Jake started walking and moments later, Heidi was already following him on his way to his office.

He opened the door and both walked in the office. As Heidi closed the door, Jake sat down on his chair behind his huge desk.

When Heidi was about to open her mouth to say something, Jake said first, “I want you to stop bothering Miss Roberts.”

Heidi started walking towards him, “I’m not both-”

“Don’t lie. You never complained about the employers arriving late to work, but you complain now about Miss Roberts.” Jake attacked Heidi. He hated the fact that Heidi had taken a special interest in Kimberly. And she didn’t even know who she was.

“I’ sorry.” Heidi reached him and sat on his lap. “I’ll be honest, I don’t like her! She talks to you like she knows you for ages!”

And Kimberly did know him. Not for ages, but time enough to almost understand what he was thinking. Heidi kept going, “Besides, she doesn’t like me either, why should I like her or treat her nicely?”

That was all true, but honestly, Jake wanted Kimberly to stay in the company, so he could be close to the baby. But that might not happen because of Heidi, if she keeps bothering Kimberly too much… Oh Jake knows Kimberly enough to know she wouldn’t handle Heidi for long.

“You know I’m right, sweetie.” Heidi kissed his cheek. “That’s why you won’t say anything. Forget it, Jake. I won’t bother her anymore.”

He seriously doubted that… Still… he would give her a chance. “Good.” Jake lifted his head and looked up at Heidi. With no smile at all, he kissed her. Her kisses were everything Kimberly’s weren’t. But that did, in no way, bother Jake because all Kimberly was for him now, was someone that belonged to his past, despite the fact she carried his first child.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door but, before Jake could even say something, that person opened the door. It was Sean.

“Oh.” He smiled in a totally not nervously way. He knew about him and Heidi, so Jake didn’t need to worry about him, “Bad timing. I’ll come back later.” He winked his eye towards Jake, walked backwards and closed the door.

Sean usually knocked on the door but, when it was on Jake’s door, he usually didn’t knock. Not that that bothered Jake; he had nothing to hide from Sean, after all, he was his public relations. He knew everything about Jake and everything about the ones who were related to Jake. Including Kimberly and he background as a stripper.

“Kiss my neck, Jake. I love it.” Heidi arched her head and Jake saw her neck. He closed his eyes and started caressing her soft and good smelling neck, only to be interrupted for the second time.

When the door opened, Jake immediately opened his eyes and looked at the door. Kimberly was standing there. Her gray eyes gazing at them both and her jaw dropped in surprise.

“Kimberly? What are you doing here?” Heidi asked. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised like Jake.

“I ah… I-”

“Do you want something, Miss Roberts?” Why the fuck hadn’t Kimberly learned how to knock on the door? She was so amazed, that she had no answer, “Usually, people knock on the door.”

That sentence seemed to have waked her up, “I know.” Jake noticed the effort in her voice to control herself. She could have moved on, but seeing Jake and another woman could still shock her. Just like it would shock Jake seeing Kimberly with another man. But, he’d in no way show how angry he’d feel. “But you never taught me how to knock on the door since you did the same thing when it came to walk in my room all of those times.”

How, she was playing with fire. She was provoking him and drawing Heidi’s attention at the same time. “What does she mean with that, Jake?”

“What I mean, Heidi, is that Mr. Dekker also doesn’t know what knocking on the door means.” Jake saw her effort to not explode. He could almost feel the hot blood burning Kimberly’s skin.


“Anyways,” Kimberly interrupted Heidi with full disdain. Oh, this woman knew how to start a war with another, “I came here to say that the information you gave me is incomplete.”

“Oh right. I forgot to give you this and since I was busy, I waited for you to come here and pick this up.” Heidi grabbed some papers that were on Jake’s desk and stretched her arm towards Kimberly.

The way Heidi talked and acted towards her lack of mindedness with the papers she had forgotten to give Kimberly, made Jake doubt if Heidi had really forgotten them…

Kimberly seemed to have understood because her eyes were ready to shot Heidi and kill her with one glance. “Hum, next time, be sure to give me the whole information, because that just shows how incompetent you can be sometimes.” Leaving the insult hanging in the air so that Heidi could swallow it slowly and painfully, Kimberly turn around and left Jake’s office without even laying one look on him.

The effort that Kimberly made to not explode in front of Jake or to not even show any type of anger at all, made Jake see how much auto control Kimberly had gained in these last two months.

“The nerve this woman has!” Heidi said in a high tone of voice as she got up from Jake’s lap, “Can you believe she said that to me?”

This time, Kimberly was right, “Well, you did forget to give her the entire information. So yes, I think Miss Roberts was right this time.”

Heidi was shocked. “Are you on that… woman’s side?”

“I’m not on anyone’s side.” Jake said. Then, he looked at his watch. He got up, stretched his arms a bit and then asked, “Anyways, being my personal assistant, can you please tell me what I am going to do today?”

With a thinking expression that showed Jake Heidi was in no way thinking about what he had just asked, Heidi answered, “You have a meeting now, at 10AM, lunch with your mother at 13PM and, another meeting at 4:30PM.”

“Thanks.” He had nothing to do between his lunch with his mother and his last meeting today, so he’d probably go to the gym. “Don’t schedule anything between my lunch and the last meeting.”


Jake didn’t even looked at her when he was going to leave his office, “I’m going to the gym.”

Then, he left his office. He wondered through the corridors for quite some time. It wasn’t 10AM and he was bored. If Jake had known he was going to be this bored, he’d have asked Heidi, Sean or Jenny to schedule the meeting for earlier.

As Jake looked forward, he sighted Sean getting out of Kimberly’s office with a smile, “Sean!”

The grey eyed man looked at Jake’s direction and waved. Jake walked towards him and when he reached Sean, he asked right away, “What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing.” Sean replied as they both started walking in the direction Jake was going. “I noticed Kimberly as the same bad timing than I.”

“Yeah.” Was his only answer to that. Kimberly , indeed, had had bad timing. When she caught him and Heidi, it remembered him of when she caught him and Joanne once. Oh, that night had sworn to get him to say he wanted her. And she succeeded.

“I also noticed she was very pissed off.”

“Really?” Jake didn’t show any surprise at all. If he had been in her place, he’d be pissed off too. But that didn’t mean wanted her back.

“Yes, she threw a glass against the door right before I knocked.”

Jake caught himself laughing, “Are you serious?”

“I am.” Sean laughed with him, “Thank god I didn’t walked in her office earlier. Or is the pregnancy that makes her act this aggressive?”

Jake answered right away as he remembered the times Kimberly had had a very bad humor, “Well, she always was aggressive, but no this much. When she was mad at me, she never threw me stuff, but she’d yell at me, or would swear she’d do something to me… But… we manage to overcome that phase. She finally lost her fear of dating with me and I finally knew what if felt like to really…” Love someone. But of course he didn’t pronounce the last words. But Sean got it anyway.

Jake looked at the floor, he couldn’t possible look at Sean after saying something cheesy like that. But it was true… And Jake wouldn’t change what he went through with Kimberly, because, despite the fact they were over now, he loved every second he spent with her. Because he had truly loved her.

Still… there were only two things he’d have changed if he could. Introducing her to Eric that early and the night Kimberly told him she worked as a stripper and that everyone, but him, already knew.

If Jake had only introduced Kimberly to Eric when they were already dating, maybe things would have turned out a little bit differently. Jake liked to believe in that… And that night… Jake would have done everything in a very different way… so it wouldn’t have ended like that.

It was his entire fault.

But now, it wasn’t worth his time to think about his past with Kimberly, now that all of their love, moments, everything they had built together and between each other were shattered and lost.

“You’re very sentimental and thoughtful today.”

Sean’s voice woke him up from the thoughts he hadn’t had in quite some time. “Shut up, Sean.”

“And then you tell me to shut up when I’m just saying the truth!”

Jake suddenly stopped and looked at him. Sean’s smile immediately weakened as he nodded, “Ok, ok, I’ll shut up.”

“Anyways, were you going to tell me anything when you interrupted me and Heidi?”

“Yes, I was going to tell you that the people you’re going to meet at 10AM, asked for the meeting to start a little bit before ten.” Sean raised his arm and looked at his expensive watch, “They must here already. Do you have those papers I gave you two days ago?”

“Shit.” Jake muttered under his breath, “I let them in the car. Look, go see if they’re here. If they are, take them to the meeting room. I’ll be there in five minutes.” Both followed different paths. Jake walked till the elevator and in two minutes he was already walking towards his car.

When he took the car keys out of the pocket of his trousers, his wallet fell open on the floor.

Jake looked at it, and saw his wallet opened, showing the picture of him and Kimberly that he had kept with him, on the wallet. He reached it and did not close it. Instead, he studied it for some moments.

A naked Kimberly lay over his naked torso, smiling, as her hands covered her breasts… Oh, that night had been one of the best. They were already dating… That picture had been the one Kimberly had caught when she lost her memory… Still, she kept it for her, making him think he had lost his favorite picture of him and her.

Every time he looked at that picture, his mind was immediately filled with bitter thoughts. He had asked himself several times why hadn’t he disposed himself of something he’d tried so hard to forget. Maybe because, for how much he hated Kimberly for breaking his heart, Jake couldn’t possible… let go of her that easily.

She had been and she still was part of his life. Probably more than he’d preferred, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Whenever he tried to ripe the picture apart, something stronger than him stopped him and made him keep it on his wallet, close to him.

Luckily, he’d forget about it after a while. Just like now. Jake closed his wallet and put it back on his pocket of his trousers.

Erasing the bitter thoughts and the picture from his mind, Jake went to his car to fetch the papers he needed for the meeting and then, he came back to the building and met up with Sean, who was already in one of the meeting rooms with the people he was going to have to put up with during the morning.

After waiting for everyone to sit down, Jake still stood up, in the center of the table, looking at them, with nothing but a business smile. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Some of you already know me, some don’t. I’m the C.E.O. of this company, Jake Dekker and today we’re going to…”

Like he always did, Jake erased everything from his mind, except what it was important for this meeting.

He enjoyed being the C.E.O. of the company; he had always liked it and had always wished he’d replace his mother, but he didn’t have the patience to deal with meetings. Unfortunately, a man with this ype of business had to attend to a lot of meetings.

It was a quarter past midday when the meeting was over and Jake caught himself shaking hands and saying goodbyes to the ones he’d just finished signing a contract with.

When there was just Jake and Sean in the room, Sean punched Jake’s arms, “Another well-done business, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes. Let’s just hope the other one I have at 4PM goes as well as this one.” After stretching his arms and yawning a bit, Jake put his suit’s jacket on and said, “Well, I’m going to have lunch with my mother, if Heidi asks something, tell her I already went to meet with my mother, ok?”

“Sure, boss.” Sean laughed, “I’m going to have lunch, too. Anyways, I’ll meet you here at 4, ok?”

“Of course. Bye.” With a tired smile, Jake walked out of the room and, once again, came back to his car; in order to meet with his mother at the restaurant she’d made reservations.

Ten minutes later, Jake walked inside the crowded and fancy restaurant and sighted his mother already sat down on their table, waiting for him. When she sighted him, she waved towards him with a welcoming smile. When Jake reached her, she got up and hugged him, “How are you, son?”

“I’m fine since yesterday, mom. And you?” They broke apart and both sat in front of each other.

“Despite the fact I’m getting old, you know I’m always ok. So, how was your meeting?” As always, his mother knew about the meetings and always wanted to know how they’d gone.

“Great, as always. They all love me.”

His mother laughed, “Yes, yes. You and the money the company has.” She picked up the menu at the same time than Jake and both started choosing their lunches.

After ordered their food, Jake noticed his mother shift position and then, asked pleasantly, “I still haven’t had the chance to ask this, maybe because I think it’s early to ask or because we always have people around us but, how’s Kimberly doing on her new work?”

Jake leaned back on the chair and said, “I can assure you she’s a lot better than she was on her previous work.”

“That was not what I asked.”

“She’s doing fine, mom. Doing reports is the simplest and easiest thing to do.” Jake was sure Kimberly hated the simplicity and easiness of her task. Still, that also wasn’t what his mother was trying to ask. Jake knew his mother well enough to understand the question behind the question, “She doesn’t seem to have any problem at all in working for me.” Because he knew her so well, Jake could see beyond the actions and feelings Kimberly showed. She might seem she didn’t have any problem at all, but Jake knew she had. Working for him, depending on him, was the problem Jake knew she had. And the fact that she’d caught him and Heidi didn’t help her at all when it came to try and ease the atmosphere between them.

“Oh good. So, did you enjoy the dinner last night?”

“Yes, mom. I hadn’t seen Sid in a long time.” He remembered the hug Sidney had given him. But when he introduced her to Heidi, she backed away immediately.

“Did you like seeing Kimberly with that dress?” His mother leaned forward, “We bought it like one hour before the dinner. She was actually really embarrassed. She didn’t want to wear any dress at all. She felt ashamed of what her body is turning out. It was really hard to find her a dress that she liked. Anyways, did you think the dress was good on her?”

“Of course it was. Even pregnant she can make a guy want her with that dress.” Jake revealed, looking straight at his mother’s eyes that had narrowed, but didn’t show surprise at all, “We might be over but, I can still say she’s hot and desirable.”

And she was. That gray dress was beautiful on her. Everything on her was beautiful.

After spending some time in silence, his mother started talking about the meeting he was going to have in the afternoon. She already knew them so she was decided to give him some tips. Not that Jake needed them. They all loved him and loved his nice and confident attitude.

The food came and they started eating. Then, Jake caught his mother studying him while she ate, “What?”

“I was just thinking… What if Kimberly doesn’t want to keep working for you?”

“She’d be stupid.”

“That’s not what I’m trying to ask… If she leaves the city to go back to her own because she can’t stand looking at you, what are you going to do in order to keep an eye and be present on your child’s life?” That was something Jake hadn’t thought of, but no matter what he or Kimberly decided, Jake would not be an absent father on his first child’s life. “You just can’t let go of the company whenever you feel like seeing your child. I don’t work on the company no more, so I can visit my grandchild whenever I want.”

“Honestly?” Jake shifted position, “I haven’t thought about it. And I really don’t want to think about it. All I know and I’m sure of, is that I will not let my first child grow up with an absent father. I don’t care if Kimberly is far away from me or if she doesn’t stand to see me or to even look at him. I am going to play my role like a real father is supposed to.”

The determination in his voice made his mother believe that he’d do everything in his reach to be close to his baby.

“Still… if you and Kimberly don’t get back at each other, you-”

"If? Kimberly and I aren’t getting back at each other, mom. I can’t believe you still think about me and her together. We’re over, mom, we both played our parts in ruin the relation. I’m sick of talking to you about the same thing over and over! Why can’t you just…. Accept me and Kimberly…” He trailed off. He hated when his mother brought up this issue.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. You know that I like Kimberly. I think she is the perfect woman for you.” His mother had a sad smile that awakened the saddest and bitter feelings inside him.

“I thought that too, mom. But, apparently, she isn’t.”

It seemed that this trade of sentences distanced them throughout the rest of the lunch. Why did his mother keep torturing him with these things? She wasn’t the only one who thought Kimberly was perfect and was the woman of his life! The only who did not want him for what he had, but for what he was. Jake believed in that, too! Was that so hard to believe?

Jake didn’t ask for dessert, but his mother did. He knew she was already feeling bad for annoying him about things he’d tried so hard to forget. As he just stood sat there, looking around while his mother ate the dessert, he suddenly heard her, “Have you thought about names? You’ll have to help Kimberly chose a name.”

“No, I haven’t thought about names.” Jake revealed tiredly. “I have more things on my mind than names for my baby.” But his mother had brought up an important issue. He had to start thinking about names and discussing them with Kimberly. They had to stop calling the baby, baby and had to start treating it by the name!

“I see.” Out of the blue, his mother’s green eyes glowed, “What do you prefer, boy or girl?”

That caught him off guard. “Err… I don’t know.”

“Come on, son, I’m sure you’ve thought about this!” This time his mother was right. Jake had thought this. “I know what you prefer. You don’t even need to answer.”

“Oh really?” He laughed. This issue made the atmosphere between his mother ease a lot.

“Yes. You prefer a boy of course. For several reasons.”

“Name them.” He nodded.

“Every man has a boy as his first baby, he wants the baby to be just like him, because it’s easier to have a relation with a man than with a girl and because, in your case, you prefer, of course, a man to run the business when you decide to retire from the company.”

Jake laughed once again. His mother had showed him the right reasons. “You’re right. I do prefer a boy.”

His mother said right away, “Oh but it would be so funny if Kimberly gave birth to a girl. I’ll be honest Jake, as much as I love you; I can only picture you with a baby boy, instead of a baby girl. You’re too much masculine to deal with a sweet baby girl.”

“That is why I am sure Kimberly is pregnant of a boy.” His smile was huge. It was these types of thoughts that made him happy.

When his mother finished the dessert, they both got up and Jake went to pay for the lunch while his mother had gone to the bathroom. In five minutes, he was out of the restaurant with his mother, “Do you need a ride, mom?”

“No, I’ve already called the driver and he’s on his way.” Once again, his mother hugged him, “It was nice to have lunch with you.”

“Yes, it was, mom.” A part of it had been nice. The other part… Jake preferred to not think about it. “I’ll call to have lunch or dinner again, ok?”

“I’ll be waiting, then.” They broke apart. “Well, go off to your busy life while I go off to my life full of free time to do everything I want.”

Giving a kiss on his mother’s cheek, Jake said his goodbyes and went to his car.

It almost 2:30PM, so he still had time to go to the gym, but first he had to pick up his things at his house. His house had a gym just for himself but, today, he didn’t feel like being all alone in that huge division of his house, so, he decided to go to the gym where he used to go with some of his friends from here. The ones who were rich of course.

It took him a total of fifteen minutes to fetch his things at his house and head to the gym. Since he wasn’t going to wear the same suit again, he brought another with him.

One there, Jake exchanged clothes into some black shorts and a white shirt. Then, he spent the next hour working out at the same time he eased some of the anger he still had for what happened in his life in the past three months. Well, at least letting go of some anger in the gym had done good things to his body. It was more defined, builder and stronger. It was enough for him to think about the gray eyed woman that carried his son that he’d release all the fury that started growing inside him.

It was almost 4PM and Jake hadn’t even taken a shower. He had a meeting at 4PM, he couldn’t possible arrive late. So, Jake took a quick shower, just to clear out the sweat off his body. Then, he put on a black suit, tried to comb his wet hair and after putting everything back on his Nike bag, Jake left the gym.

He arrived at the company at five past four, which meant he was already late. He apologized for his delay as soon as he got to the meeting room and without any more things to say, Jake introduced himself to the ones he didn’t know and let them introduce themselves. It was always the same boring thing.

Then, they started the meeting.

But, at 5PM, the meeting was interrupted when someone knocked on the door. “Yes?”

The door opened and Heidi leaned her head inside the meeting room. Something in her expression wasn’t nice. “I’m sorry for the interruption but, can I talk with you, Jake?”

“I’m in the middle of a meeting, Heidi.” Jake walked towards her, knowing all eyes followed him. He reached her and whispered, “What the hell do you want, Heidi?”

“To talk to you.” Her eyes we uneasy, “I want you to explain why the hell didn’t you tell me Kimberly was your ex girlfriend and you’re the father of the baby she carries.”

He froze the moment Heidi pronounced those words. How had she discovered that? Only Sean, him and Kimberly were the only ones who knew that on the company, so how the fuck had Heidi found out about the secret he’d tried so hard to hide?

Unless… Kimberly had told her. Jake hadn’t told Heidi, Sean wasn’t even authorized to say something to someone about his life, so it had been Kimberly the one to tell Heidi.

But why? Just like him, she probably didn’t want anyone to know those things about him and her…

Jake’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Heidi.

She’d provoked Kimberly. That had to be it. When provoked, Jake knew Kimberly was capable of being very aggressive and say or do unthinkable things…

“Gentlemen,” Jake turned around and for just a few seconds, he smiled, “I’m sorry, but I have to leave the meeting for some minutes. Some things happened. Sean, please take care of the meeting until I come back, please.”

Without even looking at Sean, Jake left the room.

The moment he walked in another room with Heidi following him, he turned around and grabbed her arm, “You provoked her, didn’t you?”

“If I hadn’t, I’d be kept in the dark and wouldn’t know that woman is pregnant of you.”

Jake could feel the fury and anger in Heidi’s voice and moves, when she grabbed his arm and made him let her go, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why should I?”

Her jaw dropped as shock stroked her, “We’ve been sleeping together for more than a month or so, I am your personal assistant. You thought I didn’t need to know that?”

“It had nothing to do with you. Besides, if I’d told you that, you’d be even worse to her.” Jake replied. It was true and Heidi knew it.

“Well, it’s not like she’s much better to me. She couldn’t be more aggressive or arrogant to me. Besides, she called me your sex toy!”

Jake tried hard not to smile. Kimberly knew him better than anyone.

“But that wasn’t what bothered me!” But it should because it was true. “Because I know it isn’t true. What bothers me is that you didn’t tell me this!” Couldn’t she understand it was none of her business?

“I knew something had happened between you two because the way you talked to each other, seemed you’d met before. I excluded you’d dated her because if you had, everyone here, would know it. Who wouldn’t like to say she’d dated the powerful and handsome Jake Dekker?” Kimberly wouldn’t. Because she hadn’t been interested in what he had.

Still, Kimberly should have handled Heidi, instead of telling her that. “What do you want me to do now?” He said calmly, but deeply, he was mad. Kimberly shouldn’t have told Heidi what he was trying to hide from everyone at the company. Or Kimberly was just trying to mess with him and had told it to Heidi so that she’d get mad and angry at him and would piss him off. And she was really pissing him off with what she was asking and saying to him.

“… and now my head is full of doubts! If I’m really just your sex toy, if you love her, if you still want her, if you’re going out in secret with her…” She was almost about to cry, “Does she still loves you? And why aren’t you with her now? What happened?”

Jake had to run away from Heidi’s stupid questions. Questions that he didn’t want to answer and that were none of her business. “Heidi-”

“You’re going to be a father, Jake! A woman you don’t even date and that no one knows about, is pregnant of you!”

“Heidi!” Jake yelled now, “Calm down, ok? I have to go to the meeting; I’ll talk to you later.” He had no patience to put up with the mood of a woman he didn’t even love. So, he turned around and couldn’t care less about what she was saying behind him. He’d calm her down later. Since he had the meeting, Heidi wasn’t stupid enough to stop him and make him even more pissed off. So, still saying whatever Jake didn’t want to hear, she didn’t stop him from going.

When Jake walked in the room again, he apologized, “I’m sorry gentlemen, but I really had to leave. Now that I am here,” He reached his chair at the center of the table and sat down, “Let’s continue.”

As the meeting restarted, the only thing Jake was sure he was going to do afterwards was to go to Kimberly’s hotel and talk to her. She shouldn’t have told it to Heidi, no matter what the sex toy said to her. What if the word spread out? He didn’t want anyone gossiping about his life and hers, either!

Trying to calm down his anger a bit and trying to focus on the meeting, Jake released his thoughts from his mind.

Unlike the meeting Jake had had in the morning, this one had had a late ending. It was a quarter past six when Jake finished saying his goodbyes. When all of them had left the room, Sean asked him, “What did Heidi want?”

“To know why I hadn’t told her that me and Kimberly had a past together.”

Sean’s eyes widened, “How did she find out?”

“Kimberly told her.”

“Oh.” Sean looked away, “Well, I should be going. I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Yeah.” Watching Sean leaving, Jake grabbed his stuff. Since he didn’t want to meet Heidi on his way or on his office, Jake took the papers with him. He’d deal with her later. A good night of sex would calm her down.

Reaching his car, Jake placed the papers beside him and started the car. Now was Kimberly’s turn to deal with him.

It was almost 7PM when Jake reached the hotel where Kimberly was staying. Sine he’d been the one to book the room for Kimberly, he knew where the room as and that saved him the time of asking on the reception in what room she was.

As he almost reached the room, he felt the anger brush his skin once again. Despite the fact Heidi had provoked her, Kimberly had no right to tell her that, especially when he’d asked her not to. It was things from his life, too! Not to mention that Heidi wanted answers to all of her questions!

When Jake arrived at Kimberly’s door, he knocked.

It took him seconds until Kimberly opened the door, and Jake walked in right away, as he started saying with a high tone of voice, “Why the fuck did you tell Heidi I was the father of the baby? Now she just doesn’t stop talking about you, you and you and all she wants to know is what happened between us, why the fuck I am not with you, if you love me, if we’re going out in secret, if-”

“Will you just stop yelling?” Kimberly interrupted him with a calm voice.

“How do you want me to stop yelling, if you just did what I told you not to do? I told you not to tell anyone about our life and you just tell that to Heidi?” Despite the anger Jake was sure Heidi had made her feel, Kimberly seemed pretty calmer now.

“Isn’t Heidi your personal assistant?” There was an unusual tone in her voice when she pronounced ‘personal assistant’.

“Yeah, so? She’s not Sean, she doesn’t need to know everything!” It was then, when Jake really looked at Kimberly. Why the fuck was she wearing the dress he’d given her on their first date? Raising an eyebrow, Jake asked, “Why are you wearing the dress I gave you?”

“Oh no?” She’s your personal assistant for god’s sake! And from what I saw this morning, she’s one of your sex adventures! Are you addicted to sex adventures again?” If he was, it was none of her business. “And I’m wearing this dress because I’m going on a date!

“What do you have to do with me coming back to my sex adventures? As far as I know you’re not my girlfriend! You’re going on a date?” He looked at her, noticing her makeup and hair, “With who? Since when are you going on dates?”

“I know I am not your girlfriend, but you’re the father of this baby! Do you think the baby would like to know his father sleeps around with every kind of slut?” I’m going on a date with Sean! Why? Do you have something to say about it?”

What Kimberly first said made him furious. He couldn’t sleep around but, she could? “Well, you slept around with me before I dated you, so the baby really won’t like to know his mother was one of those sluts.”

The impact that had on her was unexpected. Jake could see she was so shocked she could barely look at him. She turned around and Jake felt guilty. He had exaggerated now.

“Ki-” He was going to apologize when Kimberly suddenly grabbed something, turned around and threw whatever she had on her hand against him.

“What the fuck? What was that for? That almost hit me right in the face!” Jake yelled at her, remembering that Sean had said Kimberly had done the same thing in the morning right before he walked in her office.

“Is that what you really think?” She was yelling with all of her voice, “That I am a slut?”


“I thought you were so much better than that, Jake. In two fucking years, I never slept with nobody, until I went to live with you, only to end up on your bed, only to end up falling for you. I was harassed and raped by your stepfather, deceived by your brother. I’m fucking pregnant of you. Is this what you think of me now after all of that? That I am a slut? I fucking loved you and you call me that? You said I was the woman of your life, the one you really loved, but then you call me this? God, I know that… I broke your heart, but… I… God, I don’t even know what to say!”

He noticed the pain he’d caused her. He didn’t even know what to say in response to Kimberly’ words. It was all true. He couldn’t deny that since Kimberly had gone to live with him, her life had gotten worse and worse.

“Get the fuck out of here.” She said, furious, but at the same time, calm.

“Why? So you can go to your date with Sean? He is way below me, Kimberly. Is this the type of man you chose now?” Every type of man she could probably date, would all be way below him. And Sean… Jake knew he’d taken some kind of interest in Kimberly, but… Well, he couldn’t say anything. They were both free of choosing who they wanted, although that made him furious.

“I wonder what Sean would do if he knew you said that about him.”

“I don’t care.” And he really didn’t. “I can easily get other public relations to tell my fucking life all over again. It’s not like it’s very interesting.” But it was. The part Jake had met Kimberly was the most interesting one.

Still, he looked at the dress he bought her for their date, “Why the fuck are you wearing the dress I have you to go out on a date with Sean?”

“Can’t I? It’s mine. Besides, it has no special meaning for me, now.” Weather he liked it or not, Jake had to admit, somehow, what she said it him in the right spot. “You gave one just like this to Heidi. Since this was the only fucking thing I had-”

“Fucking thing?”

“Yes, fucking thing I had to wear, since the others don’t fit me because of your son, I decided to wear it. It’s still good on me, isn’t it?”

Oh, she was provoking him, “Fucking thing? Is that what you call to the dress I gave you, the dress you wore it on our first date?”

“As I said, it has no other meaning for me. I loved this dress once, but now… It doesn’t say a thing to me. You gave one to Heidi... It makes me think that she stands on the same foot than me in your heart.”

She’d made him feel bad. Now, it was time for him to make her feel like hell, “One thing I can assure you, Kimberly. Heidi is in no way near to your place in my heart. No one will ever be near it.”

True. No one would ever stand on the same place than Kimberly on his heart.

Then, he crushed whatever kind of hope she had, when he smiled nasty and said, “You want to know why? Because you stand way deep in my heart. Not even the sluts I fucked sunk this much, Kimberly.”

Now, Kimberly knew how much he hated her for what she did to him.

“Well, good luck for your fucking date. I’m sure I’m going to have fun in mine.” What a lie. He was going to leave, but before he said, “Oh, and please… would you not tell anymore stuff about my life and yours to Heidi? It’s annoying having her around me, making all of these stupid questions.”

She nodded and Jake left the room. Left her alone.

Done. She probably wouldn’t go to her date now. Jake had made her feel so bad that, she wouldn’t feel good in going out. That had been his purpose too. He didn’t want her to go out with anybody. At least… while he still felt something of him anchored in her…

He got to his car and got in. He didn’t start it right away. He stayed there, looking at nothing in particular, but thinking about his fight with Kimberly. Why had things turned out this way? Right now, Jake just felt like being alone all night long. He didn’t want to put up with Heidi’s stupid questions.

So, Jake called her.


“Heidi, its Jake. Look, I’m feeling a bit sick, so we’re not meeting today, ok?” It wasn’t quite a lie… He really didn’t feel good.

“Why? Now that I have all of these questions-”

God, she was so annoying! Still, Jake decided to give some answers so she would shut up and wouldn’t annoy him anymore, “Heidi, I don’t love her, she doesn’t love me, we’re not going out in secret, you’re not my sex toy, and you’re really someone I’ve been seeing. As for the rest of the questions… I really don’t like to talk about it, ok?” He didn’t like to talk about it and wouldn’t even tell her anything.

“Ok, I understand… You need to have privacy, too.” It wasn’t privacy; Jake just thought Heidi had no right to know what happened between him and Kimberly.

“Yes. Thank you for the understanding, babe.”

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye!”

Jake hung up. He’d finally get rid of Heidi’s doubts easily with a sad tone on his voice and a nice and soft way of saying things.

He started the car and drove to his house. He only had liked a couple of maids and a chef, but since he lived alone it was enough. His house was just like his mother’s. Huge. It was too big for him, but he didn’t care. His children would love to live in a big house.

“Good Evening, Mr. Dekker.” One of the maids appeared while he was walking towards the stairs. “Do you wish to have dinner?”

“No. If I want something, I’ll make it myself. You and the rest can have your night off.” With nothing more to say, he passed by the maid and went upstairs to his room.

He took all of his clothes and went to take his second shower that day. He didn’t felt clean, although he’d taken a shower right after working out on the gym…

The water fell over his body as Jake just didn’t move and thought about everything. He couldn’t even spend a day without thinking about everything, without asking himself over and over why Kimberly simply couldn’t have stayed with him when she regained her memory… He’d given her everything to make her feel good.

They were going to have a baby soon. How would they work out things between them if they couldn’t even talk now without almost arguing?

After getting out of the bathroom, Jake dried his body and hair with a towel and put on some shorts. Then, he went to his bed. He wasn’t going to sleep, he just wanted to be there, lay down, thinking of how really miserable his life was, although he wouldn’t admit it to anyone.

He reached for his trousers and took the wallet. He opened it and grabbed the picture. Then, he got up again and went to get his guitar that was on one corner. After getting it, he returned to the bed.

Placing the picture of him and Kimberly beside him and putting the guitar over him, Jake started playing it as he looked at the picture and remembered when he’d played for her. At the hotel… during the month they’d really dated and the first night she’d spent at his mother’s house without her memory…

Jake had actually reached the maximum of happiness when he and Kimberly had dated. Then, he ruined everything when he left her alone at night, near the strip club; after Kimberly told him she was a stripper. But he wasn’t going to have those bad thoughts…

Joining all of the memories where he’d been really ok with Kimberly, Jake played and played the guitar as time passed by and he didn’t notice. He didn’t love her… he just couldn’t let her go… Kimberly simply couldn’t get away from his mind and heart. Despite the fact both didn’t want each other, Kimberly still belonged to him. It was a selfish thought but it was true and Jake believed it.

Jake fell asleep around 6AM and woke up, really, really late. It was almost 1PM, when he finished eating the lunch his chef had prepared. The cell was full of missed calls, mostly from Heidi, who wanted to know where he was of course.

Luckily, he didn’t have any meetings today, so it was ok if he was late. He was the boss so no one could really complain. He had fallen asleep late last night because he’d been playing the car and thinking… But now, he had to forget that and to go to the company. Hell, he had to stop thinking about him and Kimberly for once and for all!

Putting on his suit’s jacket, Jake walked out of his house and went to his car.

It took him a total of 10 minutes to get to the company and ran into Sean in the reception. As he looked at it… The thought of the date he’d have with his ex girlfriend… it disgusted him. But as Jake had previously thought, Kimberly was free of choosing who she wanted to go out with. And so was Sean. Although it almost felt like a knife stabbed on his back.

“Good morning.” Jake said nothing more.

“Good morning to you too! Did you have some bad dreams? You look awful.” Sean commented as he turned around and faced a tired Jake.

“I didn’t sleep well.” Since he didn’t want to talk no more with Sean, he said, “I have to go. Heidi hasn’t stopped calling me and I haven’t said anything to her yet. I’ll talk to you later or something.” He wished not. Right now, he didn’t want to see Sean.

Jake didn’t felt jealous, he felt outraged! Because Sean was his friend and knew his past with Kimberly! He had no right to do what he was going to do last night.

When he walked in the office and closed the door, no one was in there. He was expecting Heidi to be there, but apparently, she wasn’t. And she’d stopped calling him half an hour ago. Well, it’s not like he cared. She probably had gone to have lunch.

Jake sat down behind his desk and with nothing more to do, he just started reading some papers he had to sign, until Heidi appeared around half past three.

“Oh, you’re here!” She said, when she closed the door of his office. She had a huge smile stamped on her face, “Jenny told me you arrived right after I left the company to have lunch with a couple of friends! Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, but I woke up late and as soon as I finished eating my lunch I came here right away.” It’s not like he cared, but still, he asked, “Why did you take so long to have lunch?”

Waving her body in a seductive way, Heidi reached him and sat over his desk. “Well, I went to have lunch with a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in a while, so I took long because we stayed there talking until now. I’m sorry, baby. Besides, I thought you needed some privacy despite the fact that I pissed you off yesterday with all of those questions.”

Since she was wearing a skirt and was sat on the desk, right in front of him, Jake could see her black thong, “But I’m fine now. I know I exaggerated a bit, it was none of my business. But I was just mad because you didn’t tell me she was your ex girlfriend and was pregnant of you.”

“Yeah, sorry. It’s just that I really don’t like to talk about my past with her.”

“It’s ok.” She smiled and provoked when she leaned forward and let Jake took a peak at her cleavage. “I understand. It was enough what you said yesterday when you called me. I know you don’t love her.”

She winked her eye and said nothing more.

As for Jake, he stayed there, looking at her, provoking him. Heidi was hot. He had to give her that. But not as hot as Kimberly. Well, she probably was now, but since Kimberly was pregnant… she had an advantage… But when Kimberly had her perfect body… Oh, she could drive any men crazy if she’d wanted to.

Well, she had, indeed, been a stripper, right? That was what strippers did.

“You’re thinking about her?” She asked. But she didn’t let him answer, “If you are, let’s take those thoughts out of your mind, if not, let me just apologize for pissing you off yesterday.”

With the same seductive smile she’d walked in, Heidi grabbed his tie and pushed him. He got up and went towards her, kissing her aggressively. Not because she’d piss him off yesterday, but because he just wanted to screw her with the fury he’d felt for Kimberly, when she said she was going on a date with Sean.

As a sudden hungry feeling woke him up, Jake pushed Heidi’s skirt up and his trousers and boxers down. He didn’t need to push down Heidi’s thong because she did it for herself. “We haven’t done it here for a week.” Heidi whispered as Jake kissed her neck and leaned her back.

“Yeah.” Was his only answer. Then, he got inside her.

Knowing they were on the office, both of them tried not to moan. Since Heidi had been like Kimberly, Jake didn’t care about not using a condom because she was on the pill. Jake just hoped she wasn’t filled with STD’s and hadn’t taken any antibiotics that eliminated the pill’s effect like it had happened to Kimberly, ending up in a pregnancy.

“Bay, you’re good. Damn!” He heard her saying.

Yeah, he knew he was good.

Unfortunately, just when Jake was starting to enjoy it, someone opened the door and time seemed to stop.

For him, Heidi… and Kimberly.

Possible reactions or sayings passed through his mind, but he did and said none of them. He stood there, with Heidi, looking at her. None of them moved. Silence ruled the room until Heidi moaned on purpose and Kimberly drastically said, “I-I’m sorry…” A second later, Kimberly turned around and closed the door.

As for Jake, he didn’t feel like screwing Heidi no more. He was shocked. “Jake?” He heard Heidi in the background. “Jake… Let it go. Keep moving. You were going fine until she came. She has left now. Keep going.”

With her legs, Heidi tried to force him to move, but Jake just wasn’t in the mood for it, anymore. Instead, he moved backwards and pushed his boxers and trousers up. Then, hearing and didn’t caring about Heidi’s complains, Jake left the office and almost ran towards Kimberly’s office.

He knocked on the door, “Kimberly?”

“I’m fine! Go away!” She immediately answered. Oh, she was crying. He knew her voice when she was crying. Damn, why couldn’t this woman learn how to knock on the door?

He wasn’t going to give up just like that. She knew him better than that, “Then, let me in.”

Some seconds passed until Kimberly finally answered, “Fine, come in!”

He walked in and closed the door right away. Her backs were turned at him as she stood behind her desk. He said nothing but, “Turn around and let me look at your eyes.”

“I’m fine, Jake…” She tried to hide, but Jake knew her so much better than she thought…

He walked till her, “You’re crying.” He answered with a tired voice. And right now, he felt really tired.

“I’m not.”

He attacked her right away, “I thought you knew I knew you too well to know when you’re not crying. Turn around, Kimberly.” He commanded her, “I know you’re crying.”

Mad for giving up so easily, Kimberly turned around, “Happy?” Tears kept running down her beautiful face. He’d made her suffer by letting her caught him and Heidi having sex… The woman he… Kimberly was suffering because of him.

“You haven’t moved on, have you?” Of course she hadn’t. And the crying handed her over. If she’d moved on she wouldn’t be like this after catching him and Heidi. She’d be strong enough to handle it. But no. Because Kimberly still loved him, she was crying.

“Of course not, Jake!” She suddenly yelled, an explosion finally happening. “Do you think I would move on like that? How? In two fucking months I never went out with any man! I could only think of you! I spent my days at home, thinking about you! How the fuck would I move on if I only had you on my mind?”

He controlled his voice as Kimberly did not, “Why did you lie?”

She was honest in her answer, “Why? Why? Hell, you had another woman, you fucking acted cold towards me, like I was just one of your sex adventures from the past, and you treated me like if nothing had happened! Would it change anything if I had said the truth?”

No it wouldn’t. Because he was too proud to let her get too close to him again, after making him go through all of that suffering all by himself. “No, it wouldn’t. Unlike you, I really have moved on.”

“How could you, Jake?” He could ask her just the same. How could she let him? “You loved me!”

“I don’t love you anymore.” It was like shot in her heart.

“You stopped loving me just like that? Is that fucking slut better than me?”

No, it wasn’t. Kimberly was much more than her. “Yes. She has the courage to do what others don’t have.” But that was true. He was sure Heidi would have the courage enough to stand by his side if something like that had happened. “She will, in no way, break my heart, because I won’t ever feel anything for her. Heidi will never, ever, leave me like you left me, Kimberly.” It hurt him to say that.

“You love her?”

“You know I don’t.”

“Say you really didn’t forget about me, Jake.” Kimberly’s voice was begging. He’d never forget her.

“I love you, Jake! Please say you didn’t forget about me, baby… I’m sorry for what I did! You can’t possible imagine what I’m feeling! I’m the most regretted person in the world! Come back to me, Jake, please. I’m begging…” She could be begging, but that wouldn’t make any difference.

Kimberly reached his hand, but Jake stepped back, making her let go of him. He didn’t want her to touch him. “It hurts doesn’t it? Now, you see the pain I fucking felt when you left me. You’re going through what I went through.”

“Why are you acting like this? So fucking cruel?” Because she acted like that towards him, too. Almost three months ago.

“I knew… someday you would turn around and ask why you let me go. I don’t love you anymore, Kimberly; you’re nothing to me now. All I care about now, is the baby. Other than that, we have nothing more in common.” It hurt him to be so cruel, but she deserved it. He wanted her to feel the pain he’d felt the moment she left him, making his world fall off his shoulders.

With nothing more to say, Jake turned around to go away, but then he heard her behind him, “I quit.”

“What?” He turned around immediately. “Do you know what you’re saying?” Typical of her. Quit because she couldn’t handle the pressure.

“Yes, I am. I can’t possible stay here, look at you and Heidi and know all of this…”

“Running away again?” The way she was acting annoyed him far more than he’d predicted. After all, Kimberly had no courage at all.

Since Kimberly didn’t answer, Jake kept going, “You’ve changed since Peterson… since all of that happened. You’re no longer the woman I love, Kimberly. If you want to quit, fine. I’m not the one who needs the fucking money, hell I’m fucking rich!” He laughed right in front of her, “Do what you want. I’m done with you.” And he was… or at least, he wanted to believe he was.

With nothing more to say, he left her alone once again. Let her deal with her sorrow alone. She did the same thing when she broke up with him on the hospital, the day after he was stabbed on his shoulder because some guy had appeared and wanted to rob them right when Kimberly’s memory was coming back.

He got back to his office and found Heidi looking over the thick glass that served as a wall and window to the outside. She turned around to face him and there was nothing nice on her. “You went after her.”

“I had to.” He got back to his chair, “Before you can’t start complaining, don’t forget you have no business in knowing why I went after her.”


“She still loves you?”

It took him some time to answer. But, in order for Heidi to no start making him other questions, Jake lied, “No, she doesn’t. She was just shocked.”

“She probably felt bad because she can’t have sex with you anymore.” Heidi laughed, but Jake didn’t. What a stupid comment.

She heard her walking to him, stopping right behind his chair. “You need to relax, baby.” Of course he did, but Heidi wasn’t going to make him relax at all.

Placing her hands over his shoulders, Heidi started pressing her fingers. She made that for some time, until she lowered her head and started kissing his neck. He wasn’t in the mood for that.

“Heidi, I don’t feel like doing it, anymore.”

“Yes, but I’m just caressing you.” Yes, she was just caressing him, but he knew she wanted more than just caressing him. Still, behind him, her hands started to slide down his chest, almost reaching his pants.

“Heidi, stop it!” He grabbed her arms and pushed them away from him.


“Leave me alone.”

“Jake, come on. Let it go. You know that would eventually happen. I mean, it’s not like it’s the first time we have sex in here, so it was normal if somebody ended up finding us!” Heidi said, as she sat down on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck, “Let’s just finish what we started before she interrupted us.”

“Didn’t you hear me?” Jake pushed her away from him, which made her almost fall off lips lap. “I want to be alone!” Was that so hard to understand?

“You want to think about her? Is that it?” Heidi asked aggressively, looking at him with a threateningly look.

Jake didn’t fear her, it’s not like she scared him, “What if I want? The more you talk abouther, the more I think about her!” What a lie. He didn’t need anyone talked about Kimberly to make him think about her. It was a fact that, she hadn’t left his mind since the day she left him.

“Fine!” Heidi yelled. With an angry expression marking her face, Heidi walked till the door and finally left Jake by himself.

Thank god she had left. She was so boring… but at least she gave him the sex he wanted.

Like he had wanted, 20 minutes ago, making Kimberly catch him and Heidi having sex... Jake wanted Kimberly to feel bad about what she made him go through, but that had been too much, and he didn’t even intend to make her catch him and Heidi having sex. Not even he would like to catch her and another man having sex. He could only imagine that woman on his arms, although… he didn’t want her.


She had hurt him like no one had. She left him while still loving him. That made him hate her. No one could imagine the pain she made him go through, even after everything he had already faced.

His thoughts were interrupted when someone opened the door, yelling, “You stupid idiot!” Oh, Jake knew that voice. It was his brother Eric, one of the reasons to make Kimberly leave him, and maybe the main one. “How can you be so fucking stupid?”

When Eric closed the door, Jake asked calmly, “What did I do that pissed you off this much?” It was the first time Eric directed himself to Jake in such an extreme manner.

“Piss me off? I’m not pissed off.”

“Oh really?” Since Eric did what he did to him and Kimberly, Jake never treated him like his brother anymore. Oh, but Eric deserved much worse. Everything was his fault.

“I can’t believe you didn’t accept Kimberly back!” He was pissed off over something that had nothing to do with him, but Kimberly and Jake? That meant Eric still loved her.

“That’s none of your business.” Jake got up from his comfortable chair and looked at his brother’s greenish eyes, “Kimberly went to cry to your and mom’s lap?”

Eric’s face didn’t show any flinch like he expected, “She’s brokenhearted, you idiot. She caught you and that fucking clone-”

“Clone?” Jake interrupted his brother.

Eric laughed with fury and then said, “Yes. Clone. Don’t you think that anyone hasn’t noticed how Heidi is just like Kimberly. Their only differences are that Kimberly has gray eyes, is pregnant of you and isn’t a slut like Heidi.” If he thought those words would bring him down, Eric was way wrong, “As I was saying, Kimberly catches you and her fucking clone screwing and still she wants you back! Why the fuck didn’t you accept?”

“Why do you care? You caused all of this!” He tried to not raise his voice, but it was impossible. His brother had touched the forbidden issue.

“You think I don’t know that? I regret what I did every fucking worthless minute in my life-”

“So you come here and fight for Kimberly, trying to make up for what you did months ago?” It was impossible for Jake to not say that.

Anger started to grow inside him.

“No, you idiot shit!” Eric yelled, raising his arm and pointing at Jake, “I came here not to make up for what I did, because I know you and Kimberly can never forgive me,” His voice trembled a bit and he forced himself to stop and calm down.

“So why the fuck are you here?”

“Because I don’t want you to ruin your already fucking miserable life!” Jake didn’t have the words to fight against that, “I came here for you! I know I hurt Kimberly because of what I did and that she deserves I do this too, but my real reason is you! You’re my brother, Jake! I know I said I hated you before but, I was just jealous because you had Kimberly, the woman I wanted for me!”


“Don’t interrupt me, Jake.” His younger brother walked till him, “I came here for you because I hurt you more than I hurt Kimberly… I took the woman of your life from you because I was selfish and blind… Hell, Jake, I’m fighting with myself! I still fucking love her, but I’m here, trying to prevent you from making the biggest mistake of your life!”


Then, a knife in his brother’s heart, “I already did the biggest mistake of my life. And it was to let you stay at my house and fall for Kimberly.” It was true and Eric knew it. If Jake hadn’t let him stay at his house, he wouldn’t have spent all of that time with Kimberly and wouldn’t have fallen for her.

Jake could see his brother had never been this hurt, “You’re wrong. You’re about to make the biggest mistake of your life by giving up from Kimberly.”

“Well, Kimberly gave up from me two months ago.” Jake turned around and hid his still open wound that kept hurting every time he saw Kimberly, “Why shouldn’t I give up now? She hurt me, she made go through all of that pain just because she didn’t have enough courage to stand at my side…”


With a hard tone on his voice, Jake said, “It’s her turn of going through what I went through.” And even the pain she must be feeling now was nothing compared to the pain he went through before and after Kimberly left him.

“I can’t believe you’re saying that…” He heard Eric behind him, walking away, “Can you hear yourself saying you want the woman of your life, the woman who carries your son, go through the same you went through?”

Jake turned around and saw his brother stepping back when his eyes met his again, “She had no mercy on me when she left me.”

“Don’t you love her anymore?”


“You’re lying.”

“If I am, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want her.”

“Kimberly loves you with all of her life, Jake. She’s just regretted as I am. After seeing you and Heidi having sex, she still loves you and wants you back. I know Heidi or any woman at all would never make you forget Kimberly. I know time wouldn’t make you get over her.” Eric paused and opened the door to walk out, “So, I ask you again and you won’t have to answer to me. Do you love her?”

Eric left the question hanging in the air as he walked out, closing the door behind him and leaving Jake, answering to his question, all by himself.

The moment silence once again ruled on his office and he sat down on his chair, behind his big and expensive desk, Jake answered only to himself with a tired voice, “Of course I love her.”

Eric was right and Jake had known that for a long time. No woman or time would make him forget Kimberly. She was the only one who had made him truly fall for a woman.

But, he hated her too.

He looked back a thousand times and still couldn’t believe she had left him.

Kimberly made him go through the toughest moments of his life, causing him the biggest pain he had ever felt. But that wasn’t the worst.

What made Jake truly hate her was that, Kimberly had left him, while she still loved him. Kimberly left him because she didn’t have enough courage to be with him and handle everything and everyone with him by her side, giving her everything she needed and wanted…

Still… were his reasons enough… to lose Kimberly… forever?

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