Love Stripped

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Chapter 33

It was past 7PM and Kimberly was on the bed of the hotel room. She had finished packing her things minutes ago and had decided to lie down for a minute. She had never felt this tired.

Besides the fact her eyes hurt like hell because of the tears that seemed to never end, her head hurt due to not have slept the enough her body needed to keep working every day.

Kimberly tried to reach for her cell phone but it was so far away and she was so tired that she didn’t have the strength enough to get up and call another cab to take her home. A few minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone… She would just close her eyes and rest. Rest, not sleep. Kimberly couldn’t possible sleep. She didn’t want to wake up and still be in that hotel room. All she wanted was to go home.

But, if she closed her eyes, even for a minute, that disgusted image of Jake and Heidi would appear on her mind, beating like a heart, calling her attention and making her scream of anger and self-ask: why had she left him?

Now, there was nothing she could do. She had to move on, had to find a job and… had to raise her baby. Their baby. They could be so happy together… If Jake had said yes to her hours ago, she could be with him now, thinking about their future child… and about their future together…

But no. Jake really didn’t love her anymore because he had really moved on like he had said… That was what hurt the most. How could he simply forget about her in just two months? If she was the love of his life like he had said, he wouldn’t forget her in two months and wouldn’t be screwing some slut!

Once again, she felt the tears on her cheeks. She had to stop this. She had to stop crying every time she thought about Jake. It was a reality. Jake was gone for good. He was out of her life forever, except when it came to talk about the baby. The baby would make everything harder to her. It wasn’t its fault; of course, it was still a baby, but… Damn. She could only blame herself.

Finally, out of nowhere, Kimberly got up and went to the bathroom. After cleaning up her face, she went to pick up her cell and called the cab. All she had to do was to wait and then she’d be out of here forever, only seeing Jake when something about the baby happened or would be needed to discuss. It was his baby too, so he had to be a part of her decisions.

Kimberly was grabbing her jacket, when someone knocked on the door. It could only be some guy from the hotel warning her that the cab was waiting for her. “Already?” Damn, the cabs here were fast. “Just a minute!”

After taking a deep breathe and let it out slowly, Kimberly put on her jacket and grabbed her things. She took one last look at that room and then she walked to the door. She put her bags on the floor to open the door. Since it was a five start’s hotel, the guy that was on the other side of the door, would carry the bags for her. She was so weak that just by carrying those bags seemed to draw all of her little strength she had gain over those few minutes lain down on the bed.

She opened the door and turned around, pointing at the bags, “Would you please take those bags?”

The young man walked in the room and took her bags, as Kimberly followed him, checking out at the reception of the five stars’ hotel.

When the taxi took off with Kimberly inside it, not once she looked back and felt bad for leaving that place. In fact, she felt good now that she was going away from this city, away from Jake. Forever.

One thing she knew now. After Jake told her all of those things, she had the reasons to move on alone. He didn’t love her anymore, she had clearly testified that, so she had to let go of his love for him.

It would hurt, Jake had really been the perfect man for her, but the pain would eventually go away. Although in her case, it would take a little longer, because it would not be easy to stop loving the father of the child she was going to raise in the near future.

Every time she’d put her silver eyes on her baby, she would certainly remember Jake… God. Wasn’t enough the pain she went through for the last months? Having Jake now… Was all she wanted… But couldn’t have.

All Kimberly had to do now was to learn how to let go of her love for Jake and somehow ease the pain that problem was causing her. Then… She’d be ready to raise their baby without any memory causing the pain she was feeling now.

As her thoughts filled Kimberly’s mind and tears rolled down her face, time passed and finally, at 11PM, she got home.

After paying for the ride, the man helped her with the bags, but once she got to the door of the building where she lived, Kimberly preferred to take the bags herself. She always had been suspicious, but after what happened to her and after the police still not have found Peterson and the man who stabbed Jake, Kimberly lowered her trust in everyone and had never been this suspicious.

The first thing Kimberly did when she got home was to place the bags in her bedroom, and then, go to the kitchen and eat a ball of cereals.

Since her head hurt like hell and her body was very tired, Kimberly went straight to bed, after eating the cereals and taking off her clothes.

Finally, when she lay down on her bed, sleep came right away.

It was 5AM in the morning when someone rang the doorbell, awaking Kimberly. “What the…?” She looked at the clock and saw the time. “Who can it be?”

She got up, grabbed her robe and put it over her body that just had a black nightdress. As she walked out of her bedroom without making any noise, the person who was outside, apparently got impatient and started punching the door, ending up scaring Kimberly.

“What the fuck?” She muttered under her breath, as her heart pumped like crazy.

Silently, Kimberly reached the door and with fear, placed her hand on the doorknob, but before, she asked with a trembled voice, “W-who is it?”

“It’s me.” Her body froze. “Jake.”

There was no doubt it was Jake because Kimberly could easily recognize his voice. The question that wondered around her mind was, “What are you doing here?”

“If you open the door, I’ll answer that question.” His voice was just as hard as it was earlier that day, when he said all of those things, breaking her heart.

“What are you doing here?” She repeated.

“Kimberly, open the door. I just finished driving for four hours in the middle of the night.”

What if I don’t open the door?” Kimberly knew it was a waste of time to ask that.

“I’ll keep ringing the doorbell and punching the door till your neighbors wake up and you open the door.” This was why it had been a waste of time to make that question. Kimberly knew Jake was very capable of doing what he had just finished saying.

With a proud look on her face, Kimberly opened the door and let in a tired Jake.

When she closed the door, silence ruled between them. Jake didn’t take his dark green eyes off her, like if he was thinking about what he was going to do next.

“You can answer my ques-”

“I’m sorry, Kimmy.” Her heart stopped as that nickname came out of his mouth.

“For what?” Once again, Kimberly felt her heart beating way too fast.

“For what I did to you. For what I said to you.” What?! Now, he was apologizing for the shit he’d done and said to her? Now that her heart was already broken and now that the words he’d said had marked her heart?

“Why did you change your mind now?” She said with disdain, turning around, as the wound on her heart, opened again when it had barely started to heal. “I’m going through the pain you said you wanted me to go through. You should be happy.”

“Someone made me see I was about to commit the biggest mistake of my life. I regret what I said. Look at me, Kimberly.” Jake put his hand on her shoulder, but Kimberly stepped towards aggressively like if his touch disgusted her, and turned around.

“Oh really? What is that mistake you were about to commit?” What made him think she wanted to hear his apologies after breaking her heart? Kimberly wasn’t a toy he could have when he just felt like having!

“Letting you go when you’re the only woman I could love in my life.” Jake revealed. Kimberly’s jaw dropped, but at the same time, she felt used, “That was the mistake I was going to commit.”

“Oh, so now you want me back?”

Jake’s eyes held a question, “I know what I did and said was wrong, but now I know the mistake I was going to commit.”

Kimberly exploded right away, “Do you think you can come back to me whenever the fuck you want? I fucking have my heart broken after what I saw and after what you did to me!”

It was time for Jake’s jaw to drop, “Are you fucking stupid?”


“First you fucking cry in front of me, saying you want me back, then, in just a few hours, after I drive for four hours and putting my pride behind my back, you fucking change your mind?”

“You expected me to want you back after what I saw and after what I had to listen to?” Kimberly asked. She hadn’t changed her mind, but the fact that Jake had said all of those things and now had come back for her, made it seem he could have her whenever he wanted her. It frustrated her. But at the same time… she just wanted to yell of happiness. Jake wanted her back… but was she ready to face everything?

“Didn’t you beg for me to accept you back like after 5 minutes of catching me and Heidi having sex?” Suddenly, Jake started laughing and pointed at Kimberly, “You know what? I can fucking say the same thing to you! You think you can come back to me whenever the fuck you want, after leaving me for your stupid reasons? I’m the one who should be ready to reject you!”

Shit, now he was right. Kimberly shouldn’t have let the anger answer in the first place. “I-”

“It’s your fault everything reached this point! If you had had enough courage two months ago, nothing of what has happened so far would even happen!”

“I know that! Don’t you think I regret what I did?” Right on the first day she came to his city, she regretted it right away when she saw Jake for the first time in two months, looking good and happy, with a sex slut to satisfy him.

Jake didn’t seem to have heard her, “Do you know what it feels like loving someone that’s in a rush to threw you away? It fucking hurt, Kimberly! I knew you loved me, but you just wanted to let me go!”

“I felt that today, Jake! So I know what you felt! I regret leaving you every second!” Kimberly yelled, pointing at him now, “But at least I didn’t make you go through the pain of seeing me screwing some guy! How could you, Jake? I thought you really loved me!”

“You thought I would never have sex again for your own sake?” Once again, Jake laughed. Kimberly didn’t get the fun in that, “Having sex was the only way I thought I had to forget you! And how I was fucking wrong!”

That revelation… she surely wasn’t expecting, “Still… that doesn’t comforts me, Jake.”

“It isn’t supposed to comfort you, Kimmy.” He said, before Kimberly could keep going, “I just said that so you could see that I still love you.” His green eyes were brighter now.

“I know I hurt you, but you hurt me, too. Just like you had wished-”

“Kimmy,” He put his hands on her face and his eyes locked hers, “I said what I said because I still hated you for what you did.”

Feeling guilty for everything, Kimberly closed her eyes and a tear, filled with guilt, fell off her gray eye. Carefully, Jake passed a finger over her cheek and washed away her tear.

“Baby… I regret what I did and said. You’re everything to me, everything I want, Kimmy. I love you. Let’s move on, but let’s do it together. I don’t want to lose you again or even let you leave me for the second time. I want to have you for the rest of my life. I want to raise our baby together and give you and the baby, everything you both want and need.”

What Kimberly wanted, was happening. Jake wanted her back. Kimberly didn’t know what to say and what to think. All she knew was that she wouldn’t let herself leave Jake again.

Kimberly loved him and she wanted him for the rest of her life, just like Jake wanted her.

“Do you forgive me for have left you?”

She opened her eyes to see him answer, only to close them again when Jake pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Damn. How she needed his kisses back in her life… She had never longed for a kiss, but when she met Jake… his kisses took her breath away and made her wish for more and more, never getting sick of them.

Then, he broke the kiss that had only lasted for a couple of seconds, “I forgave you the moment I decided to come here and make you come back to me. Do… Do you forgive me for everything I-”

“Yes. Let’s just forget what happened.” Before Jake could say something, she kept going, “And this time I have enough courage to forget everything with you by my side.”

Kimberly had never seen such a happy and huge smile on Jake’s face. Now, she was truly happy and nothing could break them apart because, their love was stronger than it had been before.

Her thoughts were forgotten once Jake started kissing her again.

Only that this time, she could feel the urgency in him.

His hands trembled as they grabbed Kimberly’s robe and made it slid all the way down, till she had only her nightdress.

Kimberly knew what he wanted. The same thing she wanted.

Jake tried to put his hands on her body, carefully and smoothly, but the urgency, the need in his body, handed him over.

Between the kisses, he asked, “Where’s your room?”

Kimberly didn’t understand what Jake said, “What?”

“Your… room…” Still, he didn’t stop kissing her, but this time, Kimberly understood his question.

She put her hands on his hips and grabbed his shirt. They both stepped over her robe that Jake had managed to take off Kimberly’s body.

The moment they got to her room, Jake broke the kiss. After closing the door, Jake said, “I thought about making love to you again for a thousand times, Kimmy. I never thought we would actually repeat it.”

“Me neither.” She walked towards him and took off his shirt. Now, she was feeling the need and the urgency, the same thing Jake had felt, on her body. As she looked at his chest, Kimberly saw he was more tanned and his abs were more defined, which meant he must have been working out a lot, in order to deal with the anger he felt inside him.

As she kissed him, her hands once again explored his naked torso, until she reached his jeans.

Jake grabbed her hand and made her look into his bright green eyes, “You want it more than I do.”

“I don’t have sex since the last time we did it.”

His voice became serious, “And I’m thankful to that. I would kill the son of a bitch that would make you have sex with him. Only I can make you have sex.”

“Even if we hadn’t come back?” He really loved her. And she loved the way he was showing the anger he would feel if he had seen what she saw that afternoon.

“Yeah. I’d discover who made you have sex and without your knowledge, I’d ruin the guy’s life.” He was way too serious to be joking about it.

“Since it’s not the case now, let’s just enjoy ourselves.” Kimberly smiled to ease Jake’s serious mood.

“Yeah. Let me give you the pleasure you miss so much.” After giving her another violent and hungry kiss, Jake took off Kimberly’s black nightdress and then made her lay down on her bed.

Before he started caressing her body like she wanted, Jake put his hand and leaned his face against her belly. “I never took the chance to do this since I found out you were pregnant. I’m going to have a baby…”

As Kimberly ran a hand through Jake’s dark and wild hair, she said, “You’ll be able to do this from now on.” Then, she grabbed his face and pulled him up. Carefully, Jake knelt over her, not squeezing her with his big and heavy body, afraid he might hurt the baby. Almost every man had that worry when having sex with the woman they loved and was pregnant of baby of them. Jake was gladly one of those men. “Because I will never leave you again.”

That earned her a smile and the caresses. Jake moved down, while spreading kisses all over her body like he’d done plenty of times before and like she loved. Damn, it felt good to feel his lips gently stroking her skin throughout her entire body, anxiously waiting for the moment where she’d welcome him inside her.

When she less expected, Jake took off her lower underwear and dipped his head between her legs, forcing them to follow separate ways. “Oh my god… I can’t believe you’re doing that again…”

He stopped for a couple of seconds, “Don’t you like it?”

“Baby, I love it.”

Jake smirked, “That’s why I’m doing it. So, put your head down, relax and enjoy it, Kimmy.”

As Jake started giving her pleasure, Kimberly could feel not only that feeling of pleasure in her body, but also another emotion. She just felt like yelling and laughing of happiness. Not even Jake could know how happy she was for having him back. She wanted to show to the whole world she loved Jake with all of her heart!

“Oh baby… I love you!” She yelled out, ecstatic, her hands locking the sheets of her bed.

Jake suddenly stopped doing it and looked at her, “Are you faking an orgasm or am I so good that I made you have an orgasm in a matter of minutes? Or are you that desperate for sex that you just reached your climax with such little stimulation?”

“It’s none of that. Although you’re pretty good,” She laughed as she elevated her torso to look at Jake. “I love you, Jake. You’re everything to me, really.”

“I know baby.”

God, this urgent need was taking control of her body. All she wanted was to say how much she loved Jake! Kimberly felt ecstatic with the emotion that was commanding her.

Aggressively, Kimberly pulled Jake and kissed him. She wanted to taste him; she wanted to… to do everything with Jake!

“Baby… C-calm down!” Jake put his hands on her arms and pushed her backwards, “Are you ok?”

Kimberly leaned forward to kiss him, but Jake moved backward, “I’m fine, Jake. I just… I just want to kiss you, taste you, and make love with you… stay with you forever… I want to feel you! I need to feel you!”

With a smile on his face, Jake let go of Kimberly and she got what she wanted. Jake equally kissed her with the need she had. Their hands couldn’t stop moving around each other’s bodies.

Then, Kimberly managed to take off his pants and underwear and made him lay down as she heard him saying, “I knew you would do this. You love to do it like this.”

“I love every position as long as I’m doing it with you, Jake.” Never leaving her eyes, Kimberly placed herself over him and took off her bra. As Jake watched her body, she said, “Don’t look at my body in such an evaluating way… You know I don’t like it.”

“Let me guess…” Jake placed his hands over her belly, “You think you’re not that hot anymore because you’re pregnant and a little less skinny than our last time? Guess what, Kimmy. I don’t care about it.”

“You really love me, don’t you?” With a mysterious look she almost never did, except when she was on the strip club, Kimberly started lowering her body and felt Jake getting inside her, at the same time he gave her the answer.

“With a-all… of m-my heart, Kimmy… Oh… Yes.”

After getting the answer she wanted, Kimberly forgot everything and cleared her mind. All that mattered now was her pleasure and Jake’s. So, Kimberly rode him like a hungry woman. She wanted to reach her climax fast; she wanted to go to paradise like she had gone the last time!

Maybe she was doing it too fast, but Kimberly didn’t care. All she wanted was to enjoy Jake now. Later, they would have time to make the sweet love she liked and after it… Jake would play the guitar and she would fall asleep…

But now… Kimberly just wanted to reach her climax. As she heard Jake’s moans, her breathe became heavier and she felt her body working all by itself. That only meant the moment was getting closer…

“Baby… Keep going…”

His heavy tone of voice excited her… The way he placed his hands on her hips and followed her moves excited her… The way his loud moans and heavy breathe came out of his mouth excited her…

“Oh Jake… I… god…”

Suddenly, Jake lifted up his torso, placed one hand on Kimberly’s back and the other one on her head, grabbing her long red hair, obligating her to kiss him.

Then… every part of her body was vibrating with the orgasm she was having. Like the last time, she moaned into Jake’s mouth as her mind sighted the paradise and couldn’t possible think. Kimberly could hear Jake moaning in the background, as she finally stopped kissing him. She wanted to arch backward, in order to ease the hotness of her body, but as expected in an orgasm, her body didn’t reacted like she wanted. Kimberly kept grabbing Jake, feeling his hands on her back, almost squeezing her against him. His mouth was leaned against her neck, so Jake’s accelerated breathe burned Kimberly’s skin… Oh, but she didn’t care. All of that just made her more sexually aroused…

Finally, the pleasure disappeared and the only thing Kimberly felt now was tiredness once again.

Out of the blue, Jake started laughing. “What?” Kimberly asked tiredly.

“Even pregnant… Hell you can bring the best out of you, baby…”

“You liked it?”

“If I liked it? Baby, I loved it as always.” Jake replied, as he let go of Kimberly.

“Me too.” She gave him a kiss on the forehead and then said, “I should get cleaned up.”

“Some things never change.” As Kimberly let him go, she saw the idiotic smile Jake had on his face. It looked like he could still feel the orgasm. That only showed he was happy.

After getting all cleaned up and putting some new underwear and another nightdress, Kimberly went to bed, where Jake was waiting for her. As she lay down beside him, putting her head over his left shoulder, Kimberly still had a question for him.

“You know… I never ended up asking you who had prevented you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

“So?” Jake looked away, so that Kimberly couldn’t even try to guess what he was feeling or thinking.

“I want you to tell me who made me the happiest woman on Earth.”

It took him some time to reply to Kimberly’s question. With the same hard tone he always used to say something that bothered him or something he didn’t like, Jake revealed with disdain, “Eric.”

Eric? No way.

Kimberly lifted up her head and made Jake look at her, “You’re kidding me, right?”

“No.” And he was saying the truth.

“How… Why? I thought he still liked me or-”

“Yes, he still loves you.”

“Then why did he do it if it would make him feel even more miserable?” Eric… He loved her… but still he was the one who called Jake to reason and made him see Kimberly was the woman of his life… Why had he done that?

“Because he knew I would end up being more miserable than what he is right now. He did it, not because I could forgive him, because I still won’t give a shit about him, but because I’m his brother. He did it because he knew how much he ruined our relation… And he was right. Since I found out about what he did… Hell, I didn’t even treat him like my brother anymore.”

“Still… aren’t you capable of forgiving him now? He really prevented you from losing me.” Kimberly knew Eric must have fought against himself to do what he did. Making his brother fight for the woman himself loved… Hell, it was fucking hard… But… Eric had let his selfish and blind love behind and had done the right thing.

“Are you capable of forgiving him, even knowing he saved our relation?” Jake was turning her question against herself. He knew the answer. Of course she wouldn’t forgive him. Eric ruined her life the second he started lying to her! Still… now that she knew Eric had been the reason that made Jake came all the way from there to come back to her…

“I knew you also couldn’t forgive him.” There he was again. Reading her like no one could.

“But… he saved our relation. You should at least thank him. What he did was wrong, but he managed to fight against his feelings and do what was right. He made you come back to me, Jake.”

“I don’t care.”

“He’s your brother.”

“He stopped being my brother the moment he lied to you and ruined everything between us.” Jake said hardly.

“Yes, but he also made us get that everything again. You should at least thank him.” She’d been the one who the lies had been told, but she knew how much Eric had done for her just by stopping Jake from losing her.

“Kimberly,” Trouble here. Every time Jake called her Kimberly when they were alone, meant he was angry, “We just ended up getting back at each other and making love. Do you want to ruin this night just because you want me to thank my brother?”

“Jake, I know he-”

“Kimberly,” He repeated for the second time. “Can’t you see I just can’t do it? I know he saved our relation, but if he hadn’t told you all of those lies in the first place, maybe none of this would happen.”

“Yes, but he also-”

Suddenly, Jake got up violently, “Can’t you see I don’t want to talk about this? I said I am not going to thank him! I know maybe I should but I just can’t, ok? Maybe I’m being a heartless son of a bitch, but I just can’t!”

“Ok, calm down, Jake. You don’t need to yell… Come back to bed. I’m sorry I annoyed you. I won’t talk about this anymore…” Kimberly grabbed his hand and pulled him.

Jake sat down at the edge of the bed and Kimberly crawled till him, putting her head over his legs. Then… she noticed Jake’s eyes were getting red. Was he going to cry? “Oh baby… I’m sorry I brought up this issue…” She lifted up and hugged him.

Now she knew how much Eric had hurt him.

“He’s my brother, Kimmy… I know he loves you, but… I can’t understand what made him act that badly and just stab a knife behind my back, twisted it around and

moved it even more deeply… It breaks my heart to know my own brother did that to me.”

It was his own brother. If Sidney ever did something like to her, Kimberly would be just like Jake…. She could only imagine what he was feeling.

“Let’s just sleep, baby. We’re both tired and we both need to rest.” Kimberly put her hands on Jake’s shoulder and made him lay down. When she looked at him, she saw how hurt he was, “Let’s forget what happened and let’s move on, baby. We’re together now and that’s what matters, right?”

“Yeah.” Jake grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, making her lay down in front of him. “I don’t care about nothing else now that I have you and the baby back.” Kimberly could feel his warm hand on her stomach, caressing it.

“I love you, Jake. I’m glad it all ended up ok, after months of suffering…” She leaned even more against him, to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere, although she didn’t need to do that, thanks to… Eric.

“Me too, Kimmy. Goodnight.”

Before she fell asleep, Kimberly decided something. She’d thank herself to Eric. She had to show how grateful she was to him, without Jake finding out. Then, somehow, she’d make Jake and Eric’s relation get back to normal, because if she hadn’t showed up in his life, Jake and Eric would never hurt each other.

Yeah, maybe she would do that. Kimberly could see how much it hurt Jake to know his relation with his brother would never be the same, so…

As she started thinking about ways to make Jake’s relation with his brother come back to normal, Kimberly fell asleep, on her lover’s arms.

Just like always, the light from the sun was entering through the window Kimberly had left open and that made her wake up. She turned around to put her arm around Jake, but there was nothing in Jake’s place. What the hell? Where was he?

Kimberly got up right away and called out, “Jake!? Jake! Where are you?”



She walked out of the room and kept calling him. The only problem was that she simply didn’t get an answer. “Where the fuck is he?” She stepped over her robe in the hall, but she didn’t care.

Out of the blue, Kimberly turned around and ran to her room. She tried to look for anything that belonged to Jake, but she had found nothing.

Had she dreamed her meeting with Jake? No… That would ruin her right now. But then Kimberly remembered she had stepped her robe on the hall, where Jake had taken it off from her body, so she couldn’t possible have dreamt all of that. Besides, she had the new underwear she had dressed after having sex with Jake… That had been another prove that Jake had been with her. But why the fuck wasn’t he there with her?

As Kimberly kept thinking about Jake, she reached her cell and dialed Jake’s number. But before she even make the call, she remembered she had forgotten to call Sidney last night. So, worried about Jake, Kimberly called her sister and told her she was fine.

Sidney asked more questions, but she really wasn’t in the mood of answering to her. And she also didn’t say anything about Jake. What would it do anyway?

Apparently Jake had just showed up to have sex with her and told her lies so that she would be willing to have sex with him. Damn, he fooled her just like Eric. He told all of that stuff… to fool her and do of her what he wanted. Fucking bastard.

After hanging up on Sidney, Kimberly tried to call Jake several times, but not once he picked up the call. What the fuck was happening? Was he playing her like he’d done a lot of times before he truly liked her?

It hurt Kimberly’s heart when she started making her bed, after putting her robe over her dark blue underwear as the memory of last night kept pumping in her mind. Why had he left her without saying a word? She thought he was better than that!

She smelled the sheets and he was there as she could smell his own perfume.

Then, Kimberly decided to call Lisa. She needed to talk to someone.

After calling Lisa, her friend appeared ten minutes later. When Kimberly opened the door, she hugged Lisa and heard her friend saying, “You know, you’re lucky my boss let me out.” When they broke apart, Lisa eyed Kimberly and then asked, “Ok, so… why are you wearing just that in the middle of the afternoon? Did you just wake up now?”

“Yeah… Come in.” Lisa walked in her house and then, Kimberly closed the door. Lisa turned around and gazed at Kimberly.

“What happened? You look like shit.” Kimberly just nodded as she guided Lisa to the living room, “So, if you came back from Jake’s company this earlier, it means you didn’t accept the job.”



“Well… sit down.” After sitting down right next to Lisa, Kimberly sighed. Then, she started telling what had happened to her in her three days in that goddamned city, where she had handled Jake and that bitch, ending up in the part where she had come back home and when Jake had appeared at 5 in the morning, wanting to get back at her.

“I can’t possible believe you guys ended up together again!” Lisa said with joy, “Me and Sidney were sure you simply couldn’t keep acting indifferent to him. I mean… I knew you still loved him and that you still didn’t want him back, but I knew, I knew that seeing him after two months of forgetting everything, would have a huge impact on you and him. I guess I was right.”

“Yes, you were…” Kimberly looked at the floor, “But we didn’t end up together.”

“What do you mean?” Lisa raised an eyebrow, “You just said Jake told you he wanted to come back at you and that you accepted and had sex with him after, so why are you saying that?”

“Because when I woke up around 1pm, he wasn’t here anymore. I tried to call him, but he didn’t answer my calls. I don’t know what’s wrong!” Kimberly got up and started walking from one side to another, feeling the stress taking control over her body, “I’m starting to think he just said those things to have sex with me again!”

“Oh, come on, Kim… Jake wouldn’t do that to you…”

“Yes, he would, Lisa! Jake is capable of anything!” Especially after saying Kimberly had sunk more in his heart than the sluts he’d screwed in his entire life.

“I don’t believe that.” Lisa got up too and put her hands on Kimberly’s shoulders. “Kim, he’s probably just thinking about what happened. If it was a mistake or not… I’m not saying he’d say those things to screw you over.” Lisa was making her think about even more stressful things.

A mistake? Wanting to get back at her could be a mistake to him? “He fucking said yesterday the biggest mistake of his life would be to let me go! How can you possible say that now he might be thinking about what we did yesterday as a possible mistake?”

“Ok.” Lisa said, with a smirk, “Let me put things in another way. You totally got me wrong.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes.” Lisa said patiently, “What I was trying to say is that maybe Jake went away because he’s thinking about what he did… I’m not saying what he did was a mistake, because Jake always knows what he’s doing.”

“You’re wrong. Jake doesn’t always know what he’s doing. He almost gave up from me a day ago.”

“Kimberly Roberts.” Lisa said with a serious but fun tone, “I am sure Jake Dekker has not left you. Understood?”

She wished that was a true. Kimberly just didn’t want to be… played…

"Understood?” Lisa asked again, to make sure Kimberly answered her question sincerely. She wanted to believe Jake was just thinking, but it wasn’t like him to go away like that… After making love with her! What the fuck did he have to think about?

When Kimberly opened her mouth to reply to her friend, someone rang the doorbell. Her eyes met Lisa’s. “It’s him, I know it.” Lisa said, fully sure it was Jake and not someone else.

Kimberly left Lisa on the living room and ran to the door. She closed her eyes before opening the door and prayed it was Jake. Then… she opened it, still, without watching who was in front of her.

“Kimmy?” Yes! There is a god! “Why do you have your eyes closed?” Finally, she opened up her eyes and she faced Jake, with his green eyes gazing at her. “Everything’s alright?”

“It is now!” Kimberly jumped towards Jake and kissed him, like a hungry woman once again. Just the thought of losing him made her became desperate. “I love you, Jake!” She said between her hungry kiss. Jake laughed as Kimberly made him keep kissing her.

“Baby… calm…d-down…”

She finally stopped when Jake pushed her away. Then, before he could say anything, Lisa appeared behind them and said, “I was so right.”

As the red haired girl laughed, Jake asked, “About what?”

“Well, it seemed that Miss Roberts here thought you had left her.” Lisa laughed as Kimberly blushed, and tried to avoid Jake’s questioningly eyes.

Jake put his hand on her chin and lifted her face so that she could face him, “Why did you think that?”

Before Kimberly could answer him, Lisa said, “Well, I should go. I don’t want to bother you two.” She walked past them and was ready to leave when she said, “Call me, Kim.”

“Sure.” Lisa winked her eye to the red haired girl and then, she left, closing the door behind her. Now, she was all alone with Jake’s deadly green eyes, ready to question her.

He was waiting for his answer, Kimberly knew it. She let go of him and went to the kitchen, while asking, “Where did you go?”

“I ah… went to get some lunch…”

She turned around and looked at his empty hands, “Then, where is it?”

“I think it’s my turn to make a question.” There he was, whenever he could, running away from her questions. “Why did you think I had left you?”

“You… weren’t here when I woke up. I tried to call you but you didn’t even answer my calls or called me back… I began to wonder you had just said all of those

things to… have sex with me again…” She blushed as she answered. How could Kimberly think Jake would leave her after saying all of those things?

“I can’t believe you thought that.” Jake laughed, “I wouldn’t be able to do that to you, Kimmy.” He reached her and pulled her into his body.

“Well… you did say I sunk more, in your heart, than the sluts you screwed… Was that true?”

Jake didn’t even take one second to answer, “Yes.”

Kimberly stepped back right away, “So-”

“I’m not going to lie to you, Kimmy. You did sink that much in my heart after what you did to me. I hated you.” Jake couldn’t be more honest with her, “But I could still love you. I hated myself for not making myself let you go.”

“Nevertheless, you came last night saying you wanted me back.”

“And I want. You’re everything to me, Kimberly. I couldn’t stop loving you, because you’re the woman of my life. You may have done what you did and I may have said what I said, but we love each other and that’s what matters.” Jake said, almost begging for her to forget what he had said to her at the time, “I don’t want to lose you anymore nor will I let you leave me. I want to stay with you forever. I want to live my life by your side; I want to be happy again. I will never reach the happiness I once had with you if we’re not really together.”

“Really together? What do you mean? We are really together.” He had said the right words, a love declaration she loved, until he said those last words. What the hell did he mean with that?

“No, we’re not really together.” Kimberly saw Jake taking something out of his pocket. A dark blue small box. Kimberly could almost laugh; it looked like those boxes where the engagement rings were… As her mind worked, she couldn’t possibly believe in it. Was that… Was really one of those boxes where the ring… was?

“Is that...” She lost her words as Jake opened up the box and knelt in front of Kimberly, “Oh my god…”

A beautiful ring was inside that small box. It was a ring with three rounded shaped diamonds! The middle diamond was bigger than the ones it had on each side, but nevertheless, the others were beautiful as well, only that they were just a little bit smaller, making the middle one overpower their beauty. Still… the ring itself… was beautiful.

“Kimberly… I love you more than everything and anyone. You’re everything to me.” Kimberly could feel every part of her body vibrating with the excitement and surprise herself felt. “I want to be with you forever. You make me the happiest man on Earth whenever we are together. I can’t possible live without you, my life would lose all of its meanings, just like it did once.”

“Oh my god, Jake… You… God…” He was asking her to marry him. After all they’ve been through; Jake was asking her to marry him! He wanted her to spend her life right next to him! “Are you sure…?!”

Jake’s bright green eyes glittered. For the first time ever, Kimberly could clearly see he was nervous. “I know we not even met each other for a year and that we started out roughly, buy you caught me, Kimberly. I know we only officially dated for a month, I can still remember everything we went through and I know we spent two months apart… but still… I want you, Kimberly. I want to put the past months behind my back and I want to live my life with you. I have never been surer about something in my entire life.”

Kimberly couldn’t possibly have gained a better answer. Jake said everything she wanted. The right words at the right time. She couldn’t possibly think.

Jake was knelt on the floor, holding the ring box to her. “So, I ask you. Will you marry me?”

It felt like if time had frozen. Jake eyes kept looking at her, anxious. Kimberly knew the answer, but she was too ecstatic to say it.

Did she want to marry Jake? He had said the words. He had said what she needed and wanted to hear. He was everything she wanted in man; he would treat her well because she knew he loved him, although she had doubted him seconds ago. Deeply, Kimberly knew her doubts were stupid… but they only made her feel better. Why? Because they proved Jake loved her. Every time she doubted him, Jake would appear and would prove the contrary! He would prove her he wanted and loved her!

Even when he was stabbed and Kimberly thought she was going to lose him, Jake’s words were nothing of what she expected. He literally said she was everything to him, just like he had said now.

Even knowing she would still remember everything they did and said to each other, that didn’t matter anymore, because Kimberly was sure that wouldn’t overpower her love for Jake. Not anymore. Because Jake was capable of making her forget everything when he was by her side just by making love with her, talking to her, raising their baby together…

He made her feel like no one could. He made her feel the happiest woman on Earth. He made her feel unique.

Kimberly had tons of reasons to know why Jake was the perfect man for her.

But the main reason was… that she knew Jake was the one.

With a huge smile that lit up the room and with a tear of happiness falling from her gray eye, Kimberly looked at him and said, “Yes!”

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