Love Stripped

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Chapter 4

“Gosh, you’re heavy!” Kimberly complained at the same time she was trying to make Jake walk without leaning on her, so that she could get them in the house.

“Oh baby... Oh baby! I love to be with you!”

“Shut up, Jake!” You’ll wake up Tom and the neighbors!” Kimberly said when Jake started singing out loud. “I can’t believe you’re like this when you’re drunk! If you’re like this, I will pack my things after I wake up from this nightmare!”

He started laughing hard at the same time he sang, “Funny, Kimmy! That’s what I said to you! To you!”

When she finally reached the door, she leaned Jake on the wall so that she could take her keys from her purse. “Now, shut up when we walk in or you might wake up Tom!”

“I’ll do whatever you desire my baby!” Jake placed his arms around her shoulders and said, “Now, open the damned door and let’s get in!”

“Ok! Just get the hell of me so I can open the door, Jake!”

“Sure thing, Kimmy!” Jake said sweetly.

Every time he called her Kimmy, it was like stabbing a knife on her heart. Kimmy was a nickname that her dead father used to call her... And, it hurt so much remembering that...

Finally, she was able to open the door and they both got in. “Please don’t make any noise. I’ll walk with you to your room.” She grabbed Jake by his waist again and helped him walking toward his room as he placed his arm around her neck. She carefully opened the door without making any noise and laid him on his bed.

“Don’t go, baby! Don’t abandon me!” There he was again with the stupid singing. But, Kimberly couldn’t help not to laugh of him. He was so drunk.

“Jake, I’m serious. Please, you need to have some sleep! I know I made you this yesterday, but...” She tried to speak with him but he kept laughing like a child. “Listen, I’m going to my room, you can take your clothes and go to sleep, OK?”

“Ok, Kimmy!”

There he was again, that name, that sweetness in his voice... He really looked like a five year old child. He was completely different from Kimberly when she was drunk. She acted like a bitch and he acted like a crying baby.

Still, she had her chance to get out of his bedroom. She closed the door when she got out of Jake’s room and went to hers, so she could take those clothes off. Ten minutes later, she was wearing a nightdress that ended above her knee, with thin straps on her shoulders and this sweet pink colour.

She was about to go to bed when Jake simply walked in her bedroom without even knocking first. “Kimmy, you abandoned me.”

“Oh no, Jake!” She lied, “I was just making my bed! I was going to see how you were doing right after I finished it.”

“Oh, ok. Then, I’ll wait here for you.”


“Yes. Wait until you finish making your bed and go with me to my room.” He explained to her. She just looked at him; his dark green eyes had lightened a bit.

“I know just the right thing to do to you.” She suddenly remembered, “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Actually, no.”

“Yes, I thought so but, you’ll ear.” She reached him and grabbed him by the arm. Then, she took him to the kitchen and made him sat down. “Ok, I heard that sometimes eating a lot makes you less drunk, because, after a while of eating, you feel sick and throw up everything, including the alcohol. Or that’s true or Lisa’s a big fat liar.”

“I’m not hungry!” He suddenly.

“You eat or I’ll leave you alone.” She threatened him, knowing this would work.

He looked at her, sad and angry, understand she was blackmailing him. Still he started eating the ball of cereals that was in front of him. While she saw him eating she said to herself, “Gosh, this is the first time I see someone drunk that acts like a baby.”

“I’m no baby!” Jake said with mouth full of cereals and his lips stained with milk. Despite his babyish tone, he still had that deep, cultured voice of his.

It was almost 7 AM when Jake suddenly got up and ran toward the bathroom. Kimberly heard him throwing up and whispered, “Please, make him less drunk!”

After a couple of minutes, Kimberly decided to check on Jake. She walked in the bathroom and saw him still bent down, throwing up. After another couple of minutes, Jake finally got out of the bathroom, after brushing his teeth. Well, she’d do the same if she’d thrown up... It must have tasted... Horribly.

Looking at her, he stated, “I’ll never eat those cereals ever again.”

Jake just passed through her and went to his room. This time, she couldn’t help herself but to follow him, wanting to be sure he’d go to sleep. When she walked in his room, right after him, she commanded, “Go to sleep now, Jake.”

“Kimmy, I don’t want to go to sleep.” That babyish tone in his voice had disappeared but is sentences still looked like he was acting like a complete baby.

“What will you do then?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged and then this sadistic smile crossing his beautiful face, “Piss Kimmy off.”

She watched him walking up to his bed. She did the same only that she went to the opposite side of where he was. She didn’t want to be near him.

“I don’t feel like sleeping, let’s sing!” Jake revealed, throwing his hands up.

“Oh, Jake, no-”

“Uh, uh!! Yeah, yeah! Go, go! Ki-mmy!” He sang.

“Jake, shut your mouth right now!” Kimberly said, trying to control herself, so that she wouldn’t yell as well.

“Uh, uh! Yeah, yeah! Do it, do it! Ki-mmy!” He kept throwing his ups toward the ceiling as he sang like a crazy guy and laughed like a lunatic.

“Jake!” Kimberly jumped to his bed, crossed it to reach Jake’s side and now that she was taller than him, she rose her tone of voice, “Shut up! You’ll wake up Tom!”

“Uh, uh! Yeah, yeah! Go, Kimmy! My ba-by!” He kept singing and singing really loud and Kimberly didn’t know what else to do.

But, when she placed her hands on his face, she bent her head down and kissed him to make him shut up.

It affected him right away, as he simply stopped singing and kissed her back. Jake automatically placed his arms around her waistline and, this time, the red haired girl didn’t say anything against that personal touch.

He took her in his arms and spun over his two feet only to sat down at the edge of his bed, with Kimberly sat on his lips, her legs wrapped around his waist. They kept kissing; none of them wanted to stop. She didn’t like Jake, no one bit, but the fact that she missed that touch... That caring touch from a man that really wasn’t all about sex and watching her stripping and dancing around the pole... She knew Jake also didn’t act this tenderly with her but... She didn’t know what to think. He was drunk yes but, she didn’t care.

After a while, Jake grabbed her and made her lay down on his bed, next to him. They were side by side, looking at each other, now. Any of them was able to say something.

He was staring at her, piercing through her body and eyes, right toward where it hurt the most: her empty heart. Still, she wasn’t thinking about anything while being there.

She just... Kept looking at him and, surprisingly, they were both so tired that, five minutes later, their eyes shut and the tiredness took over their bodies.


“Oh god...” Kimberly muttered when she opened her eyes for the first time that day. The sunlight was coming through the open window that Jake hadn’t closed last night. “I can’t believe I’m...” She trailed off when she looked at her side.

She had her head over Jake’s shoulder and his heavy arm was surrounding a part of her neck. They looked like they had spent the night having sex. “No, you did not do anything with this guy, Kimberly Roberts... You weren’t drunk, so you perfectly remember what you did last night.”

And she did remember. She losing control over herself and kissing Jake for quite a while, until he made them lay down on his bed, fallen asleep soon after spending some time staring at each other’s eyes.

She tried to get up without waking up Jake since there was still a chance that he wouldn’t remember anything about last night. Luckily, she got up without waking him up but, he did over while she was trying to take his arm off her neck. When she now stood in front of the bed, she looked at the watch over Jake’s desk: 4 PM.

“Oh my god... 4 PM! Oh my god, oh my god...” She walked up to the door and tried to listen to Tom or any kind of noise that someone could be doing. But, she heard nothing but her and Jake’s breathing. That gave her permission to open the door. She immediately went to her room, put her robe on and checked her cell. She had two missed calls and on text message. All of it were from Sidney.

Hey Kim, I tried to call you but you didn’t pick up. I guess you’re still sleeping or you’re not close to the cell. Anyway, what I was going to say is that you can pick me up around 10 PM, because I’m having dinner with Mary, her parents and two of our other friends, ok? Love you.

She text messaged her sister back, right away, saying it was ok and then, she placed her cell where it was before. Then, she went to the kitchen and understood why she hadn’t heard any noise that might have been made by Tom. A paper hung on the door fridge, written by Tom.

Hey guys, I guess you too only woke up, now...? Anyway, I made lunch since you two were still sleeping. So, if you guys want to eat, the food’s on the micro. I won’t be home before 11 PM! Tom.

After reading that message, Kimberly went to eat the food she was supposed to have cooked, not Tom. But, she ate in anyway, since she was starving. She hadn’t eaten since last dinner, so that explained the plate filled with food that she was about to devour.

While she ate, she watched TV. Tom and Jake had a TV on the kitchen, so they could still watch TV while eating. When she finished her lunch, instead of putting the dirty plates on the dishwasher, she decided to wash them herself, since she had nothing better to do.

Half an hour later, she went to take a nice and hot bath. It felt good that warm running down her body once she took off everything and stepped in the bathtub. That was why she didn’t mind spending such amount of time in the bathroom. Not that she was the only that took that whole amount of time in the bathroom.

When she got out of the bathroom, she went straight to her bedroom, which was right across the hall. After drying herself with a towel, she put on some shorts and t-shirt. Then, when she was getting out of her room, she bumped into a badly awakened Jake, “Oh, I’m sorry!”

“That’s ok.” Jake replied, still sleepy, though his eyes carefully watched the red haired.

“If you want to eat, there’s food on the kitchen that Tom prepared.”

“Tom? Where is he? Wasn’t supposed to be you preparing our lunch?” Jake asked. YES! He didn’t remember! He didn’t know she’d slept with him! Thank god he was drunk. She tried to hide the sudden hidden smile that crossed her face, but it was too hard.

“Yeah, but I was still sleeping. He left a note saying he went to spent his afternoon with his parents.” Kimberly informed Jake. Oh thank god he didn’t remember anything. That had just made her won her day.

“Oh, ok. Well, I don’t feel like eating right now. I’m going to take a shower.” Without waiting for her to say something, Jake spun over his feet and entered the bathroom, closing the door right away.

Still smiling to herself, Kimberly decided to read something, thought she simply couldn’t focus on it, while time passed. Lately, she couldn’t focus on anything. When she had the time to study, she would, but it felt like things would just... disappear in her head. Like if she hadn’t read anything at all.

Finally, after a while, and because her bedroom door was opened, Kimberly sighted Jake coming out of the bathroom, with a towel around his lean waist and drops of water sliding down his neck, toward his chest and abs. She simply couldn’t take her gray eyes off Jake’s body.

Too centred in Jake’s abs, she didn’t notice him walking in her room. When he spoke, he called her to reality. “Where are you looking at?”

“Uh, nowhere.” She replied, placing her eyes back on her book, feeling herself blushing.

“So, how was your night?” Jake asked her, his wet arms crossed at his chest.

“Uh... Normal.” Oh, she closed her eyes, hid her face from the beautiful young man and prayed he wouldn’t remember.

“Do you think I’m a good kisser?”

Hell, no, she didn’t deserve that! “I have no idea.” She tried to lie with all of her teeth. Unfortunately, Jake remembered everything that had happened last night.

“Really? I thought that you already had an idea, since it was the second time that we spent some time kissing.” He confronted her, this time, he face held no amused smile. “I’m guessing you thought and prayed I wouldn’t remember, right, Kimmy?”

She got up and faced him like the grown woman she considered herself to be. “Yeah, I honestly was hoping that you wouldn’t remember about last night.”

“But hey, I remember! At least, I remember everything after you told to eat my cereals... God, I threw up everything!”

“You were so drunk, Jake! You should have seen yourself; you looked like a crying baby! God, I never saw a guy in the same drunken state than you.” She said, trying to make fun of him, but Jake didn’t laugh. Instead, he walked toward her. Watching his sudden approach, Kimberly warned him, “Don’t get near me.”

“Why, baby? Are you afraid of me, now?”

“No.” She replied back. But then, Jake made this evil smile and said, “Well, you should be, since we’re all alone and nobody can help you.”

“Yeah, right, like if you could do something.” She provoked him, knowing this conversation wouldn’t lead them anywhere.

“Don’t tempt me, Kimmy.” He warned her, leaned down his head, his already down, as well. “I might do something.”

“Really?” She asked him, trying to give him the impression that she had enough courage to face him and whatever the hell he wasn’t threatening to do to her.

“Yeah.” He affirmed, that amused smile causing her something inside her stomach.

“Like what?”

“Like this, baby.” For an instant, Jake just stared at her gray eyes, trying to red her mind, but then... Kimberly should have predicted such action from Jake.

He simply placed his arms around her waistline, pulled her to him, squeezing her in her arms and stroked Kimberly’s pinkish lips.

Oh, she wouldn’t be easy this time, because now, she fought back. Pulling him away, the red haired shouted, “Don’t you dare doing that again! I’m not drunk and neither are you! And no one is yelling and singing like last night, so just get the hell out of my room!”

“I warned you, baby. You shouldn’t have provoked me.” He stated, his mean smile ruining whatever trace of sympathy he could possibly have on those dark green eyes. Now, Kimberly didn’t answer, avoiding looking at his charming eyes. As for Jake, he did what she’d asked him in the first place. He left her room.

Fuming, Kimberly slammed shut the door and came back to her chair, getting back at her reading.

Unfortunately, she simply couldn’t focus on what she was reading. Her mind was just too much focused on Jake and herself ending up kissing. That had to stop. It definitely had to stop! She didn’t like him, so she couldn’t kiss him! Besides, who knows if Jake thought she was just like one of those women that offered themselves that easily to men gorgeous men like him? Well, he was wrong and she’d prove him that.

She could be a stripper, but she was the opposite of it in real life.

At 7 PM, someone rang the bell. Jake was the one who let go of whatever he was doing and went to check out their guests. When Kimberly heard the voices, she immediately recognized them as being Aiden and Ben, Jake’s best friends.

“Jake! I can see you’re back to your old and arrogant self!” She heard Ben saying.

“Feeling better, man?” Aiden’s calm voice was heard.

“Much better.” Jake replied to both of his friends and after closing the entrance door, she listened to their steps coming down the hall, almost reaching her room, when Ben spoke again.

“You were so impossible to put up last night! I cannot believe you drunk all of that booze, dude! And poor Kimberly!” When her name was brought up, she immediately concentrated on their conversation. “Do you even remember Kimberly’s face when we saw her, so that she could take you back-”

“I think he doesn’t remember.” Kimberly cut off Ben, suddenly appearing right in front of them. She then said, “Hi, Ben.”

“Oh!” Ben’s facial fun expression vanished straight away. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“I live here.” She replied, offering no smile to the red haired young man. She noticed him biting his bottom-lip, probably wondering that maybe he’d just finished talking too much. “I’m sorry we dumped Jake on you like that, but we were so tired and Jake was so drunk that, we simply couldn’t put up with him anymore!”

“Hey!” Jake looked at Ben over his shoulder and managed to poke his arm, while Aiden was aside, watching the three of them. “Next time, if you’re the one drunk, I’ll just dump you in some dark alley!”

Finally, Aiden spoke. “It was the first time you saw a drunken Jake?”

“Well, yeah.” She answered, rolling her eyes, “I don’t live here at that much time to see him that drunk in any other nights.”

Ben and Aiden exchanged some looks and both burst out laughing. Still, Aiden was able to speak, “Then I’m sure you were shocked with him. I bet you have never seen a guy behaving like that when drunk.”

Her eyebrow rose, but Kimberly then understood what they were trying to ask her. “You’re talking about him acting like a crying baby?”

“That’s it!” Ben confirmed, pointing at her, now laughing harder, not even caring they were talking about Jake right in front of him.

“Just shut up, asshole.” Jake fully turned around and slapped the back of Ben’s head. “I do not act like a crying baby.”

“Yeah, yeah...” Ben tried to say, still laughing, “Like if we never saw you drunk...”

“Are you going out today again or what?” Aiden suddenly asked louder, trying to put an end to such useless conversation. Kimberly’s eyes jumped from Aiden’s ocean blue to Jake’s dark green.

“You bet.” He agreed. “You guys want to have dinner here? Tom’s out and Kimberly’s sister too, not to mention it’s her turn to make dinner.” What the hell was that? Had he just invited his friends to have dinner here without asking her if she even felt like making any kind of dinner?

“Ok!” Both Aiden and Ben replied in unison.

“Great! Let’s go to my room while Kimberly prepares our dinner.” Slightly laughing to his two friends, Jake finally faced Kimberly’s angry gray eyes. “Right, Kimberly, dear?”

Not even waiting for her answer or opinion about the issue, Jake started walking toward his bedroom and his friends followed him, talking between the both of them.

Still, Kimberly wouldn’t swallow that so easily and shut her mouth like Jake thought she would. “If you think I’m your private maid or something, you’re extremely wrong.”

The three men immediately stopped, two of them looking at the dark green eyed man, waiting for his reply to such provocation. Trying to look relaxed in front of them, Jake simply asked, “What are you going to do, then?”

“How about asking what I’m not going to do?” Kimberly threatened him, provoking him, as well.

Aiden’s eyes jumped from Kimberly’s cold gray to Jake’s suddenly darkened green. “So, you’re not making dinner, is that it?”

“Oh, I am.” She stated, a small smile appearing in the corner of her pinkish lips. “I don’t hate your friends, they’re not rude to me, their names are not Jake and since I live here now, they are also my guests.”

The three of them gazed at her angry expression, though it was just meant for Jake. They once again waited for Jake’s reply, including her. But, it looked like Jake simply didn’t have anything to get back at her. So, Kimberly kept going.

“Next time you decide to say plan something like that, think and consult me first. Despite living here now, I’m neither your maid nor I’m in the palm of your hands like you think I might be.”

With that said, Kimberly spun over her small feet and went to the kitchen, Leaving Aiden and Ben laughing of Jake’s lack of words to what Kimberly had just finished saying.

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