Love Stripped

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Chapter 5

One hour later, Kimberly went down to the basement to call them for dinner, but before she knocked, she listened to the boys talking. “You were pretty close to that girl, last night.” She recognized the voice as being Ben’s.

“I know. If I hadn’t been that drunk, I could have easily screwed her.” Jake’s voice, Kimberly was sure of it. But now, in that same second, Jake’s image in Kimberly’s head had just gotten worse. How could he talk like that about a girl?

“Who knows? Maybe you’ll have plenty of luck down on your side and find a better one.” Ben spoke again. “Who knows? Maybe a red haired...”

Not wanting to listen to that dirty conversation anymore, Kimberly thought it was time to knock on the door, before Jake said something in reply to what Ben had just said. Before Jake could even say she could get in, Kimberly revealed, “Dinner’s ready!”

Turning around, she fastened her pace to the kitchen and waited for the boys to come, which only took a minute or two.

When they walked in, she was already sat in her place, ready to have dinner. She didn’t smile at any of them, didn’t do anything when their feet touched the kitchen’s floor. Without any trade of words, the boys sat down.

“You know,” Jake started; his green eyes on her. “Like you said, they’re also your guests, but right now, you’re making them feel uncomfortable with this icy silence. And you said I was the one who was rude.”

Her eyes narrowed at him when she answered, “They have their own mouths to say something, right? Especially Ben, that seems to be so comfortable with me around.” She glanced at the red haired man and finally smiled since they’d stepped in the kitchen.

“Well, Jake’s kind of right.” Ben spoke, after finding some courage to speak with the fiery woman. “We have nothing to do with what’s between you and Jake.”

“And I’m sorry about the way I’m acting today. It’s just today is definitely a bad day for me and I know tomorrow will be even- forget it.” She interrupted herself in the middle of the sentence and looked at all of them. “I’m sorry. Sometimes I talk too much.”

“That’s OK, keep going.” Ben said, curious about what she’d almost said. Still, the gray eyed girl didn’t flinch and replied, “Thanks, but that’s OK, sometimes it’s better to keep out mouth shut. Well, shall we start eating?”

“That was what we were supposed to be doing.” Jake complained. She looked at him and offered him a fake nice smile. God, he could be so annoying. Still, she wouldn’t let him get away with that provocation.

“You’re right, I am sorry.” She apologized again, acting like a true cynic girl. “Well, let me serve Ben and Aiden, I’m sure you two are hungry.”

Grabbing Aiden and Ben’s plates, Kimberly started serving them with the same fake and cynic smile on her pinkish lips. Yes, she was provoking Jake. She wanted him to feel provoked, just like he provoked her, many times.

When she was finished with the boys, she served herself and then, noticing Jake gazing at her, waiting for her to serve him, she simply sat down and didn’t do anything for him. Looking at him in the eyes, she repeated, “I thought I’d said I was not your private maid. Until you learn that, let’s keep things this way.”

Muttering something under his breath, Jake rose from the chair and served himself and only, while Kimberly, Aiden and Ben had already started eating.

Thankfully, the dinner had been calm with a small trade of words and that actually pleased Kimberly. She didn’t feel like talking, because she was that if she actually opened her mouth to speak up, whatever she said, Jake would attack her and it would just end in another never-ending argument.

When they were all finished, Aiden complimented her dinner. “Well, I’m full! Dinner was great, Kim.”

“Thank you.” This time, her smile was truthful.

“Yeah, you definitely know how to cook.” Ben enlightened that, smiling toward the gray eyed girl.

Jake was the only one that didn’t pronounce one thing about the dinner. Well, she didn’t care, anyway. She watched him grabbing his glass, but it was empty. Lifting his eyes to face Kimberly, he asked, “Do you mind passing me the orange juice that’s in the fridge, right behind you?”

“Why don’t you get your ass off of that chair and go get it yourself?”

No answer. Just plain icy silence. Jake’s green eyes pierced through her, but she showed him no weakness.

Feeling the chilly atmosphere between Kimberly and Jake, both Aiden and Ben felt uncomfortable. Finally, Aiden broke the silence. “You know, Ben, I saw this great PS4 game that Jake bought last week. Do you want to try it out?”

Understanding the meaning behind those words, Ben started to get up, while still answering, “Sure.” Unfortunately, both of them left the kitchen, their eyes on the floor, so that they wouldn’t face both Kimberly and Jake’s threatening expressions.

Silence ruled the kitchen, until they heard Jake’s room door being closed. It was then when Jake spoke up. “Do you think you’re exaggerating with this whole thing I’m-not-your-private-maid?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Are you like this every day? Tell me, because if you are, I just want to get you out of my house the faster I can.” He said. Yet, Kimberly stayed silent. No, she wasn’t like that every day. But when that day was just close, she couldn’t help but to turn that deep sadness into a bad mood that people had to handle.

Still, she wouldn’t say that to Jake. Not when she was this fragile. “Sometimes, I am, yes. When someone annoys me, for example.”

“Like me, right?”

“Right.” She confirmed, without taking her eyes off her plate. “Anyway, are you done? I’d like to clean up the kitchen.”

“Yeah, I’m all done, baby.” Jake revealed, getting up at the same time and throwing her some coldly glances. Yet, he said nothing else and simply left her alone to go back to his friends’ company.

Now that she was all alone once more, and thank god, she was absorbed in her thoughts, her most deep and sad thoughts that she didn’t let herself tell them to anyone else, but if needed. Still, cleaning up the kitchen distracted her more than she thought it would.

Not to mention that the fights she’d had today with Jake had also helped her forgetting those other thoughts.

Anyway, when she was all finished in the kitchen, she went to her room to change into other clothes so that she could go to work, though first she had to pick up her sister and bring her back here.

When she came out of her room, Jake also did the same thing. Watching her fully dressed and ready to go out, he asked, “Where are you going?”

“Pick up my sister and work.”

“Oh, OK.” She watched him stepping closer to her and rubbing the back of his head. Then, with one of his amused smiles, like if they hadn’t even had any fight today, Jake said, “I’m going out with the guys again and I might arrive very late, so don’t wait for me tonight, baby.”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and turned around, not in the mood to pay him any attention or to even start another fight. Still, she just wanted to poke him in that beautiful face just because he was that cocky. Like if she would ever wait for him on purpose. Yeah, right.

To hell with Jake.

With that thought in mind, Kimberly walked till the end of the corridor and reached the door. Not even looking back at Jake, she just got out of the house and controlled herself to not just slam shut the door.

She hurried her pace to her car and when she got in, she started the engine and only took her two or three minutes to reach the house where Sidney had stayed last night.

Kimberly grabbed her cell and after dialing her sister’s number, she waited for her to pick up, which only took her a couple of seconds. “Sid? I’m already here. Hurry up, I still have to drop you at the house and still go to work.”

“Sure, Kim, don’t worry. I’ll be there in a second.” Sidney replied back, hanging up the phone, afterwards.

Then, just a few minutes after Sidney hung up, she watched her sister getting out of her friend’s house. While Sidney walked up to the car, Kimberly waved at Mary, her friend, with a smile on her face.

When Sidney got in the car, she started the engine again and drove off to her house once more. “So, how are you today?”

“I’m fine, why?” Sidney answered, and thought Kimberly was watching her through the corner of her eye, she studied her sister’s blank expression.

“Nothing.” For seconds, she said nothing more, but then, she bit her bottom-lip and started, “Listen, tomorrow it’s officially two years since-”

“Kimberly, I know.” Sidney cut her off before she could finish her sentence, installing an uncomfortable atmosphere in the car. “You don’t need to remember that to me.”

“Yeah, sorry.” She said nothing more.

The days before and after the day were always pretty intense between her and her sister, so Kimberly always tried to not speak that much to Sidney, unless she wanted to start a fight. Besides, Sidney had never liked talking about them, which didn’t happen with Kimberly. She liked talking about them. It actually calmed down her spirit.

After she dropped off her sister on their new house, she drove off to the strip club. Thank god tomorrow was Sunday, her night off, and then Monday, which was also her other night off. She felt extremely tired in the last couple of days and so, she needed to rest, really.

When she walked in the strip club, filled with hungry men ready to watch her and ask her to do lap dances, Kimberly did the same old routine: change clothes, make her hair, makeup, go to the stage and provoke the perverts. Just like any other normal night.

Taking her usual deep breath, Kimberly went to the main stage to replace some other girl that had been there, showing herself off.

Out there, in front of starving eyes, Kimberly moved her body around the pole and every time she winded her body, some man would practically drool over his chest, which was disgusting, really.

When she aggressively bent down and looked at the man between her long and shining legs, she almost felt she was about to have a heart-attack when she spotted her ex-boyfriend right in front of her.

He surely had recognized the red haired, because he leaned toward her and whispered, “Hello, Kimberly.”

Getting back to her normal position and feeling her heart beating on hundred miles an hour, she simply run off from stage and begged another girl to replace her for five minutes.

Then, she hurried to the dressing room, put a robe on and walked up to the door she always used to get in the dressing room. She sighted Carl, the bodyguard, just a few steps away from the door, and called him.

When he listening to the red haired, he approached her and before he could even ask something, Kimberly got ahead of him, “Carl, can you call that guy in front of the stage? The tall one with blond hair with ear length. Can you spot him?”

Without even looking, Carl gave her an answer, “Kim, Bob doesn’t allow men in the dressing room, you know that.”

“I know! But, it’s really important, Carl! Please? Pretty please?” She begged him, “It’s just a second, I won’t take long! I promise!” She insisted, and then practically desperate to see her last ex-boyfriend and talk to him, she noticed him looking at her. Oh damn, what the hell was he doing here?

“Ok...” Carl easily gave up. Kimberly watched Carl making a sign to her ex-boyfriend and then he walked up to them. Before he could even talk, Carl warned him, “You can come in, but if you start any type of mess, I’ll get your ass out of here in a second!”

Warning delivered, Carl stepped aside and let the blond man get in.

At first, he just looked around, but then, he focused on Kimberly, who stood in front of him, a couple of steps away. “Damien.”

“Kimberly.” He spoke her name. His voice hadn’t changed one single bit.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well,” Damien started, a teasing smile crossing his lips. “The same thing that every man does when they come here: watch beautiful women.”

Damien Camp was Kimberly ex-boyfriend. She’d broken up with him when she’d started working as a stripper. She knew Damien really liked her, but she had to break up with him, because it was just impossible to have a boyfriend and work as a stripper, or at least, that was her opinion and decision.

Kimberly could still visualize in her mind herself breaking with Damien. It was the first time she’d seen him with a broken heart. He’d never forgiven her for that and just stopped talking to her. However, he never discovered she was a stripper.

Still, Damien had maintained his looks. He was still handsome. His blond hair, combined with his dark blues and an athletic body took ever girls’ breath away. Lisa was the one that still spoke to him and from what Damien had told Lisa, Kimberly now knew he worked on a law firm, had married a woman older than him by two years and was already pregnant of a child.

“I...” She tried to say something, but what came to her mind first was, “You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

“How long have you been working as a stripper? And a very sexy one, I might add.” Damien said, looking at Kimberly’s cloudy gray eyes, avoiding her question.

“Since we broke up.” After giving him that answer, her voice changed into a plea, “Please, Damien, no one knows. This is the only way I can save some money for me and my sister.”

“It was just a second, Kim!” Both suddenly heard the bodyguard yelling from outside.

Since Damien had taken notice of the warning, he told Kimberly, “Tomorrow I’ll call you to set things straight with you. I think we’re going to be just fine.” He offered her a tricky smile and without anything else to say, he just spun and left Kimberly alone in the dressing room. Because he’d left the door opened, Kimberly had seen he’d left the bar.

She didn’t know what to think. Damien wasn’t the kind of guy that could anyone about her secret. He’d loved her, so he’d understand, right?

After spending five minutes thinking about the possibilities of what Damien could do, Kimberly had to get back to the stage and work like if nothing had happened for the rest of the night.

Surprisingly, the night went ok when she thought she’d just ruin everything by not being that focused on her job, tonight, which was provoking men.

Around 6 AM, when she was done with her shift, she just went to the dressing room, put her clothes back on, pushed her hair back on a ponytail and cleaned her face. Afterwards, she just said goodbye to everyone and left the strip club to go back home and just sleep.

So, when she got home, she also did one of routines, which was change into something to sleep and eat some of Jake’s cereals. Tonight, the house was just too quiet. And thanked for the silence.

No more hungry, Kimberly came back to her room, thinking about Damien. Hell, she wouldn’t let him tell anyone about her secret.

God, the day had started bad and had ended up even worse! Jake kissed, they argued again, Sidney didn’t talk to her about her parents, Damien had found out about her working as a stripper... What more was there to come?

At least, tomorrow was Sunday and she had her first night off to enjoy, meaning, rest.

When she was about to prepare to go to bed, still on the bathroom, she started listening to strange noises. Well... They weren’t any type of noises... It was... Someone moaning? What the hell?

Leaving everything she was doing in standby, Kimberly walked out of the bathroom and tried to listen from where the moans came. It was worthless to even put an effort from it, because it could be one person. And, it was that person.


“Oh my god, he brought a woman to the house?” She muttered to herself, while walking toward the basement. She wasn’t supposed to do what she was about to do, but she didn’t care. She just leaned her ear on the door when she reached it, and even stopped breathing to listen to whoever was inside.

“Oh, baby... That’s it, keep going. You’re... So good...”

“I know...” She recognized the voice with the heavy breathing as being Jake. As for the other female voice, she had no idea who the poor girl was.

“You’re... Awesome, Jake.” Oh god, it disgusted Kimberly to listen to her, regretting right away the fact that she’d placed her ear on the door to listen to this crap.

So, she just ran back to her room in baby steps and stayed there, thinking on how disgusted she felt for listening to Jake having sex with another woman. God, what if Sidney or Tom were awake and were listening to them? No, they weren’t... If they were, they would have looked for Kimberly when they’d heard her arriving, right?

Kimberly went to her bed, but she couldn’t possibly sleep, thinking someone was having sex right beneath her, with three more persons in the house.

Ten minutes.

Twenty minutes.

Thirty minutes.

One hour.

Kimberly was still awake when she suddenly heard the basement’s door opening. Then, she listened to the woman once more. “Jake, you’re the best, really... You’re like... A sex god!”

“Wow, thanks, uh... Joanne?” Oh god, he couldn’t even remember the girl’s name? “You’re, hum... great, too. Anyway, you should be going, my friends might awake or something.”

“Oh...” He was ditching her like a playboy. What a pig, really. She knew he wasn’t drunk, because he was acting normally, even though she wasn’t seeing him. “Ok, well, call me tomorrow, babe.”

Then, she heard their steps toward the way out of the house. “Bye, Joanne.”

“Bye!” Then, the door was shut.

Taking advantage that he was finally alone, Kimberly got up from her bed and walked out of her room, catching Jake just inches away from bumping into her.


Then, raisin an eyebrow, Jake asked without any patience at all, “What?”

“Nothing. Who was the woman?” She asked, gazing at his dark green eyes.

Acknowledging Kimberly had heard him and the woman, he gave her a proper answer. “What, I can’t have sex in my own house, now?”

“Yeah, you can, but you could wait a few more days till me and my sister be settled.”

“You’re already settled.” Jake replied, rubbing his eyes.

“Not that good.” Kimberly grumbled.

“Gosh, what does that have to do with me having sex? Didn’t you ever listen to a woman having an orgasm or something?” Jake’s eyes narrowed, running out of the little patience he had. “What’s the matter with you, anyway?”

“Nothing.” She controlled herself to not yell. “I just don’t like listening to the moans of another woman having an orgasm, in the same house that I live.”

“Are you jealous, then?”

“You wish.” She attacked him.

“You know, you’re so fucking cold. I don’t even know how your sister can put up with you! Are you with your period or something?” He asked her, not being able to control himself.

“No, I’m not!” God, what a stupid thing to ask her. It’s not like every single woman flipped out every time she had her period.

“I don’t know how could I let you live in the same house than I!” Jake wasn’t yelling, but he was making a huge effort to keep his voice down. Well, at least he’d thought about Sidney and Tom now. “I can’t even stand you; always have to put up with you every single night! I can see why you got out of your house, maybe your parents can’t stand you as well!”

She tasted blood. That was a shot right in her heart, shattering it once more, when it had barely begun healing.

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about me! My parents are dead, that’s the reason I came here and you want to know something? Today makes officially two years that they are dead! Happy to know that?”

Her already too blurry vision still was able to let her see his eyes widen in surprise, not waiting for that one coming. Yet, she kept going, “At least you now know the reason of my bad mood!”

Said that, Kimberly turned around and slammed shut the door, leaving Jake looking at nothing but an empty space where she’d been before.

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