Love Stripped

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Chapter 6

It was a Sunday morning and everyone seemed to be already up, except for Kimberly, who was still in bed, feeling miserable. She was tired, she felt she had no energy in her, yet she couldn’t sleep. Not being able to sleep, then, Kimberly got up and reached for her robe.

Because she didn’t want to call anyone’s attention on her – she was a huge mess this morning, she slowly opened the door and took a peak outside. No one was on the hall, so she stepped her foot outside. And the moment she did, she heard Jake’s voice talking to Sidney.

“Your sister doesn’t eat today?” Jake asked Sidney. Why was he interested on her this morning when he just wanted her out of his house yesterday? “It’s almost time for lunch.”

Curious, and with dark bags under her gray eyes, Kimberly walked up to the living room on baby toes, but didn’t enter. She stayed out of the living room, listening to her sister’s answer.

“I know.” Leaning her head toward the door, Kimberly was able to see Jake sat down right beside her sister. “She’s like this during the weekend, since they are her only nights off.”

“Oh...” Jake said nothing more, but just from looking at his face, she could smell miles away an unspoken question. “Why did Kimberly decide to live with us?”

“We had no choice.” Sidney pulled back her knees and surrounded them with her arms.

“Why not?”

“Because Kimberly didn’t like living with our uncle and aunt.” Sidney answered with a blank expression, perfect; not letting Jake read anything that she might be keeping from him.

“Why not?” Jake repeated the same question.

Shrugging, Sidney said, “Ask her.” Oh no, all she wanted now was too just get away from Jake and those dark green eyes. “Anyway, why the sudden interest on our lives? What do you want to know?” Now, Sidney’s ocean blue eyes gazed at Jake. She, too, had noticed his new-found interest in their lives.

“Nothing. I’m just curious, that’s all. I mean, we’re going to live together for quite some time, so I’d just like to learn more about you and Kimberly.” Oh, nice answer, but not enough for Kimberly to apologize him for what he’d said to her last night, opening up the wound that had barely begun healing.

“I don’t think so.” Sidney disagreed, “Kimberly’s going to work somewhere else when she finishes college and I’m sure she’s going to find a better job, so that she can afford our own house and stop working at night.” When she finished that sentence, Kimberly felt her sister had just finished touching her heart with those warm words.

“Oh yeah. Her work. I don’t know how she handles it, really.” Jake’s eyes were looking at nothing at particular and seemed a rather thoughtful. “I mean... Studying during the day and working during the night... She must look like a zombie sometimes.”

“Yeah, sometimes.” Sidney agreed, nodding with her head, but then she said, “But Kim knows she has to do it.”

“Why? What happened to your parents?” Jake asked, raising an eyebrow. Had he forgotten what Kimberly had told him last night?

“Lunch’s ready!” Tom yelled from the kitchen, but the three of them didn’t move, except for Sidney, whose feet got back to the floor just a second later.

Avoiding Jake’s gaze, Sidney got up and reached for TV, turning it off. Then, already on her way to get out of the living room, she replied, “They’re dead.”

Next thing she knew, Kimberly hurried her pace toward her bedroom, and then sighted Sidney leaving Jake alone. She looked her sister’s gray eyes, but no words were trade between them. Sidney just moved on to the kitchen and, after a few seconds just absorbed in her thoughts, Kimberly stepped out of her bedroom again.


Oh damn. She’d forgotten Jake. She didn’t feel like looking at him let alone speak to him. Lifting her gaze from the floor, her gray eyes met his. “What?”

“I...” Jake started, giving a few steps toward her, getting close to her. “I just wanted to apologize for what I said last night. I didn’t know that-”

“It’s ok, really.” She slightly shook her head. “You didn’t know.” That was true. Maybe Jake wouldn’t have said those horrible things if he’d known what had happened to her parents, right? He wasn’t that heartless.

“Yeah, I didn’t know, but I shouldn’t have said it anyway.” He insisted, offering out his hand. Yet, Kimberly made no moves.

“It’s ok.” She repeated. The damage was done, why bother apologize now?

“I’m sorry if I hurt your-”

“Jake,” Kimberly cut him off, definitely not having the patience to listen to some regretted guy. “Don’t bother, ok? I said its ok! You didn’t know! Not to mention I wasn’t expecting you to apologize anyway, since you just seem too heartless to do it, anyway. But, if you want to know, you’re apologized, yeah.”

She noticed his clenched fists, his eyebrows drawn together, in an expression of anger. He had not enjoyed his long answer at all. They were even. She hadn’t enjoyed his attitude last night, just like Jake hadn’t enjoyed hers now.

Not bothering to wait for some answer, Kimberly walked to the kitchen and Jake followed her just a couple of seconds later, still not relaxed. She couldn’t care less.

The lunch went like every other time they ate in the company of ach others. Quietly, with not much talk going on, especially between Kimberly and any of them.

Jake was the first to get up. When he was ready to walk out, he heard his friend Tom behind him, “Today it’s your turn to make dinner, since I made lunch, dude.” He nodded in reply and just left them.

As for Kimberly, she was ready not much time after Jake had left the kitchen. She cleaned her part and left in silence, to go to her room and ready herself to pay a visit.

So, around 3 PM, Kimberly was putting on a jacket, when she called her sister Sidney. A moment later, her sister made an appearance in her bedroom, closing the door behind her when she walked in. “What do you want?”

Her blue eyes weren’t bright, they’d darkened. She knew what Kimberly was about to ask her. “I was going to the cemetery to visit our parent’s gave and I thought-”

“I’m not going if that’s what you asking of me.” Sidney retorted, interrupted her. Why would she always get this... stiff, every time Kimberly would such humble request? The flaming red haired was about to open her mouth to protest, but Sidney went first, “Don’t insist, Kim.”

“But Sid, not once did you go to-”

“Kim,” Her sister took a deep breath and then continued, “I said, I don’t want to go!”

“Why not!” Kimberly’s voice had suddenly become louder. She simply couldn’t understand why Sidney didn’t allow herself to go to the cemetery! “It would make you better! Come on, Sid, I don’t want to go alone! I need you there, by my side.”

Her sister eyes were suddenly watery and she was yelling, “Kim, I said no!”

“Have you forgotten about our parents? What would they think if they knew you didn’t go there not even once to ‘see’ them?” Kimberly shouted without even putting any clear thought in what she was saying. “Gosh Sid, you’ve been so... difficult to me since they’ve died! What is wrong with you? Why the hell won’t you even talk about them? Is that so hard for you? Well, imagine me! I was first to born; I spent more time with them! Don’t you think it’s hard on me as well? Yet, I manage to survive! Look Sidney... Just tell me what’s wrong!”

"There is nothing wrong! I’m ok! God, Kimberly!” Both of them hadn’t noticed the boys had opened the door to check on them, but before any of them could speak up, Sidney kept going, “I’m not going with you and I’m sorry if I just want to keep them in my mind the way they were – alive, laughing, crying, sad and happy, other than their graveyards stamped on my thoughts!”

With, Sidney turned around and didn’t bother to look at the boys. She just stormed out of her sister’s bedroom, already crying.

“Sidney!” Kimberly yelled. But she had no answer. The red haired woman was about to go after her, when her cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hello, Kimberly.” She didn’t need much thought to recognize the voice. It was Damien.

“What do you want, Damien?” She wasn’t in her best mood to be talking to Damien in that instant. Just like she was too drowned in thinking about Sidney that she hadn’t even noticed that Tom had fled from the scene, while Jake still stood there, staring, listening.

“I want to talk to you... about yesterday.” The recent memory of her being dancing around the pole and suddenly catching Damien observing her, popped in her mind. “I have some things... I want to discuss with you, if you don’t want me to reveal your little secret to anyone, of course.” Even if she couldn’t see him, she was visualizing his tricky smile.

“I- Ok, Damien. I’m going to the cemetery now... you can meet me there, near my parents’ graveyard.” She told him, lifting her hand to her forehead and closing her eyes for a moment. She’d suddenly tired.

“No problem.” Her ex-boyfriend answered from the other side. “I’ll be there in half an hour. Be there, Kim.” With that, Damien hung up.

Finally, she opened her stormy gray eyes and faced Jake. “Who was it?”

“I’m really not in the mood to talk to you now.”

“I noticed that just a while ago.” He reminded her of her chilly attitude toward him, when he’d come to apologize. “Your sister’s right, you know. If I were in her place, I’d so the same thing. But, thankfully, I’m neither you nor her.”

She didn’t bother replying. She just reached for her purse, placed her cell inside and walked toward the way out of her bedroom, passing by Jake. “I’m going out-”

“Nice legs.” Jake complimented her, since he’d finally noticed she was wearing a skirt.

Looking over her shoulder, she pierced through his green eyes and sated, “Today it’s definitely not a good day to listen to those things. And I’m serious, Jake.”

Having said that, she hurried out of her room and the house and hurried her pace toward her car. Unlocking it, Kimberly then got it, started the engine and finally drove herself over to the cemetery.

It didn’t take her much time to reach her destination. As soon as she parked her car, she went straight away to her parents’ graveyard. She hated that place, but when she needed, it was a nice one to think: very quiet, since not many people enjoyed visiting the dead ones.

If her parents took knowledge of what she’d become, they’d be heartbroken. How they would be disappointed. But, she’d been offered no other choice. Being a stripper was a good way to support her and her sister. It gave her enough money to everything they both needed. There were probably other ways of making money that fast, out there, but they were just as hard to find and they would be hard to get. Besides, she couldn’t do it, because she simply wasn’t ready to give up college. She wanted to graduate, whatever it would take. So, she’d started working as a stripper.

Actually, it was a funny thing, not that she thought of it. She’d already met Bob, the owner of the strip club – her boss, in a club she used to hang out with Lisa and common friends when her parents were still alive and she had nothing to worry other than her finals and papers. He’s approached her and Lisa and had asked her if she’d be interested in working as a stripper, not only because she was attractive, but her body create a centre of attention as much as her beauty. Something Bob had always looked for in his strippers. Of course, at the time, Kimberly rejected the offer.

But then, when her parents died, one month later, she decided to go to the strip club Bob owned. As soon as he laid his eyes on her, he recognized her straight away. Before she’d even done the question, he was already answering, “Yes, you are hired.”

“Kimberly?” Despite of the fact she’d immediately distinguished the voice, he’d startled her. “Lovely skirt.” He offered her a compliment, just like Jake had.

Still, she simply didn’t have the patience for those today. “Thanks, but let’s keep this short. What do you want to say? Are you going to talk about what you discovered to anyone, Damien? I’d really appreciate if you didn’t reveal it to anyone.” She hated pleading, especially to him and about that matter.

“Let’s talk over here.” Damien gesticulated toward some bushes and trees, pretty close to a small house. The man who usually dug the graves probably kept his work tools there.

She thought it was weird the fact he wanted to go there, but she followed him anyway. When they were behind the little cottage, which had nothing there other than a huge wall that limited the cemetery, she felt uncomfortable. No one could see them there, yet they just wanted to talk, they could have just... walked away. “So, are you going to tell anyone?”

Damien started walking around red haired, at the time he revealed, “Did you know I’m married? I’m going to have a child, soon, a baby girl, as a matter of fact.“”

“Congratulations.” Kimberly said coolly. “I knew that, Lisa told me.”

“Yeah, and do you also know that her doctor forbid her to have sexual relations? Why, you ask? Well, she’s been having some problems and since she’s close to giving birth, the doctor doesn’t want the baby to go by any harm or danger at all, when it can simply be avoided.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” Her eyebrow arched.

“A lot, Kim.” He’d stopped right in front of her, only inches separating their faces. “What I’m trying to say is that, I miss sex. I want sex. I need it to get through my days.”

“What’s your point?” She folded her arms, impatiently.

“My point is, Kim, I won’t tell anyone about your little dirty secret if you have sex with me until my daughter is out of her mother. Get it now?”

Her eyes widened in shock and she just stared at him. He couldn’t possibly be asking her that. The Damien she knew wasn’t like that. What had happened? “You can only be teasing me, right? I mean, you’re not like this, Damien. And you can’t ask me for that!”

“Why not?” He asked, shrugging, “If you do just show yourself, practically naked, to other men, why shouldn’t you have sex with someone you’ve known before?”

“I do it because I have to live.” Kimberly retorted, referring to her job.

“You’ll do with me.”

Shaking, she spoke up, “No, I won’t.”

“Oh yes you will, Kim.” Damien smiled broadly. He seemed to be having fun. He suddenly placed his hands on her and turned her around. Leaning on her shoulder, he whispered, “Because I know she still hadn’t turned eighteen. She’s a minor.”

“But I’m not, and I can take care of her!” She shook him off her, though it was hard.

"Your honor, I would have to protect Sidney Roberts’ best interests. I can prove her sister cannot take care of the minor, since she is too busy taking of hers. Studying during the day and working during the night..." He paused, cruelly smiling at her, showing her what he could possible say in court. “ a stripper. That’s what I would say and you would be denied with your sister’s custody. Besides, you know I’ve always been persuasive enough to get what I want.”

“You wouldn’t dare...” It came out as a whisper. “Damien...”

“Whether you accept it, or you sister will get out of your house whiting two weeks or less.” He blackmailed her right there.

“I beg you, Damien!” All of a sudden, her ex-boyfriend aggressively placed his hands on her back, obligating her to this will. “Please!”

“Final answer: yes or no? And I was serious when I said I can take your sister out of your house.” Using that serious tone, Kimberly knew Damien was joking about what he’d been saying to her at all.

She had no one to turn on to. She couldn’t let Damien use her own body just because his wife couldn’t have sex for the sake of their baby! But... Her sister. She couldn’t abandon Sidney. No, not her little sister. Not all of the fights they’ve had so far would permit Kimberly to say no to Damien. Sidney was the whole reason to why she’d become a stripper, why she needed the money that bad. Sidney was one of the main reasons that gave her strength to keep going, day by day, night by night.

“I...” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She knew she had to do that. “...Ok.”

“Good girl.” She bent down her head and closed her eyes, feeling Damien’s cold hands pushing her skirt up and her underwear down. At least, they were hid in that place, no one could sight them. She heard him push down his jeans. As a minimum, Damien had at least put a condom, because she’d seen him. He’d even said, “Don’t know where your pussy has been.”

Bastard. He’d pay for that.

Finally, he began his quest for pleasure. She felt his every move inside her, touching her. She closed her misty eyes again, trying to take her away from that place, even if it was just in an emotional and spiritual way. She tried to think of everything.

Kimberly first thought of her parents, but it was uncomfortable thinking about them at the moment. Then, Sidney, it wasn’t good enough as well, since Sidney was actually the reason to why she was putting herself through this. It wasn’t really her sister’s fault, but it was hard to handle what she was feeling right now. No, she couldn’t give herself in to murky thoughts. Sidney was her sister, was everything that she had left.

Then, someone popped up in her mind.

Those dark green eyes just staring at her, wanting to know more about her, provoking her, kissing her, letting her know this hot fire burned inside her, burned her blood whenever he touched her. Jake was one hell of a man, just like he was an idiotic bastard. She still hadn’t forgotten he’d apologized, but what good would it do, anyway? His words had sunk. Had wounded.

“Oh Kim... I’m going... Ahh.” It disgusted her to know he’s reached his moment of pleasure inside her. She’s never felt so dirty in her whole life. Moments later, she heard him again, his voice not so much of a cry. “You can put your skirt back on its place.”

She did what she was told and when she turned around, she stated. “I hate you, Damien. Don’t ever speak to me again!”

She was about to walk out of there, but Damien’s voice still stopped her. “Oh, Kim.” He sighed, his tricky smile on his lips. “This is just the beginning. I’ll call you when I need you. Go on, go away.”

And that was exactly what she did. She just run to her, and once she was inside, tears were shed. She felt bad, dirty, horrible... She couldn’t even explain herself what she felt... Still, wiping off her tears, she just started the car and drove back to the house.

The moment she walked in, she slammed shut the door and caught Tom in her way. Watching her crying, he asked, “Are you ok, Kim?” The flaming red haired didn’t bother answering. She was just passed through him with no word.

Going down the hell, Jake came from the living room and stopped the moment his eyes crossed her shadowy ones. No one word from him. She didn’t expect more anyway. So, she just went to her room and closed the door.

Outside, she could still listen to Tom’s worried voice, “Did you see-”

“Every girl cries, Tom.” Jake replied chilly. “Maybe’s just some denied crush. I think you shouldn’t bother her, anyway.”

Heartless son of a bitch. Little did he know what she’d just been through!

Furious, said and feeling disgusted with herself, Kimberly walked up to the window on her bedroom to get some fresh air. Opening the window, she leaned forward and felt the cold Sunday breeze against her hot skin. All she wanted was to forget what had happened at the cemetery. And for a couple of seconds, she did. Curious, she focused her attention on a couple kissing. It was then when Kimberly furiously recognized the girl was Sidney.

No, it couldn’t be. Was that why she didn’t want to accompany her to the cemetery? So that she could stay and go meet a guy who probably just wanted to get laid with her? How could that be? Kimberly did so many things for and she wasn’t capable of going with her once?

Anger brushed her skin when she watched her sister saying goodbye to the guy, at the same time she crossed the road to walk toward the place where they now lived.

Enraged, Kimberly just turned around and stormed out of her room, stopping when she reached the door Sidney was about to use. Her fists were clenched, her breath was heavy, and her eyes were red.

Finally, she heard the key in the lock. And then, her sister came in.

Before the younger one could even open her mouth, Kimberly shouted right away, “Was that why you didn’t want to go with me to the cemetery?”

“What...?” Her eyebrow arched, but understanding the look on Kimberly’s face, she started, “You saw us? Kim, he wasn’t my reason, I-”

“You need to feel someone’s hands on you, is that it?” It disgusted her to say those words, remembering her of Damien’s touch, using her to his pleasure.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Kim?” Sidney’s tone had risen as well. “Why are you saying those things?”

It was only when Jake spoke that, Kimberly acknowledged they were right behind her – Jake and Tom. “Kimberly, don’t you think you’re exaggerating? I mean, I’m sure you’ve had a boyfriend with her age.”

“Shut up, Jake! This is between Sidney and I!” She didn’t bother turning around to answer to him, since she was too focused on her sister. “I make all of these efforts for you, I take care of you, my free time is spent on studying and working so that I can later offer you a life with no worries and this is how you repay me? Going out with a guy when I’d simply asked if you could go with me?”

“Kim, calm down!” Sidney said, raising her hands in an attempt to calm down Sidney, who seemed fully enraged. “It’s worthless to speak to you while you’re-”

“We don’t have anything to talk about, Sid!” Kimberly shouted, “You’re grounded!”

Sidney’s eyes narrowed in both shock and surprised. Yet, she reacted, “I’m grounded? Who are you to tell me that? You’re neither mum nor dad! You don’t decide what I get to do with my life!” Now, it was Sidney’s turn to get out of control. But, before she could even listen to Kimberly attack her again, she just passed by her sister and hurried to her room, slamming shut the door.

She spun over her heels and faced the two men. Tom seemed surprised, while Jake just eyed her mysteriously. To hell with him. She didn’t care about what he thought of her.

She just walked up to her room and closed herself there, letting time pass.

Her time was spent on crying, thinking about what she’d said and emotionally done to her sister. Sidney deserved it. She was neither mum nor dad? Then why the hell was she still with Kimberly? Why the hell was she working as a stripper? If it wasn’t for Sidney, she could have stayed at her uncle’s house, and would have gotten a far better job, even if it earned her less. After all, it would be just for paying college and other things she’d need! Not to mention... she wouldn’t have had Damien use her the way dirty way he did!

It revolted her. All of it.

Yet, drowned in her thoughts, Kimberly was interrupted by Jake. “Dinner’s ready, Kimberly.” She didn’t bother replying. She wasn’t hungry, anyway. “Kimberly?” She still gave him no answer. And, apparently, thanks to her lack of replies, Jake just opened the door, walked in, and closed it again. He approached her bed and said, “Baby, I’ve made dinner.”

“Go away, Jake- I’m not going to have dinner. I’m not hungry. Get out of my room.” Her face was shaking, but she didn’t care she was showing such weakness in front of such man.

“You need to eat, Kimmy.” Oh no, not that nickname... It shattered her heart that much.

“Stop calling me that. Not on this day, Jake, please.” She pleaded him. She preferred him to call her that other nickname than the one he’d last used.

“Can you please come to have dinner? Finally when I made dinner, you and your sister aren’t hungry?” She watched him getting closer to her and leaning down. “Baby...”

“Jake.” She spoke with her chilly tone. “Go. Away.”

Shaking his head and running out of patience, Jake give up from trying. “Ice queen.” She still heard him mutter before he got out of her room and aggressively shut the door.

Once again, hours passed by her, but not once had she fallen asleep. Her thoughts wouldn’t let her.

But, strongly-willed, about 2 AM, she got up and went to the bathroom. No one would be up at this hour, so she could take all the time she needed to take a long bath, so that she could ash off all of that dirtiness off of her curvaceous body.

She didn’t cry in the bath. She’d run out of tears to shed.

Finally, feeling only a little bit better, she dried her body when she came out of the bathroom, and put on some lacy red underwear. At last, the hunger came. Putting on the robe over her hourglass figure, Kimberly went to the kitchen.

No noise. Everything was calm. Yet, she noticed Jake’s cereals over the table. There wasn’t much left, but Kimberly decided to eat what was left. It was a pity she hadn’t tasted Jake’s food. She could have taken advantage of it to make fun of him, in case he didn’t cook as well as her. Anyhow, she knew she’d have other opportunities.

She was now getting up, when she lifted her gaze and noticed Jake staring at her, leaned on the doorframe. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I know. But I heard you taking a bath.” His lips curved into a soft smile. “And I also noticed you ate my cereals again.”

“I ate what was left of it, yes. Tom, Sidney or you must have eaten before me.” She replied, not trying to act differently than she’d acted hours ago. She walked up to the middle of the kitchen and Jake did the same, stopping when he reached her.

“As everyone told you’re so damn cold?” She just lowered her head and closed her eyes. She really didn’t have any patience to put up with him. “I’ll take that as a yes. Don’t you think you overreacted a while ago? I mean, with Sid. I’m sure you’ve had a boyfriend when you had her age.”

“Don’t talk about what you don’t know, Jake.” She said, holding herself high again, at the same time she was now listening to Damien’s moans in her head, Damien’s ghostly touch on her thighs. She needed to forget that. Desperately. Kimberly was about to step toward the door, but Jake raised an arm and didn’t let her continue. “Jake.”

She looked up at his dark green eyes. His lips offered no smile now; he had a serious facial expression. There was something in him that washed everything else from her mind, leaving only him in that misty place of hers. “Jake, let’ me pass-”

Before she could continue, Jake just framed her face with both of his strong hands and lowered his head to reach her fleshy lips.

What happened differently this time, was that Kimberly had immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, locked her hand son his dark hair and kissed him back, this sudden hunger taking over her.

Out of a sudden, Jake grabbed her legs and lifted her up. Kimberly’s reaction was to enfold her legs around his lean waist and let him carry her to the kitchen table, though not once their lips broke apart. Placing her down on the table, Jake rested his muscles and made the mistake of stop kissing her.

His green gaze was fixed on her. His hand slid from her waist, to the inside of her room, softly stroking her thighs. Then... Kimberly’s hands stopped him. “Go to sleep, Jake. We both have classes tomorrow. Besides, you slept with a girl yesterday and it’s not like I want to be the next one.”

Having said that, and before he could reply, Kimberly put her feet back on the floor and rushed out of the kitchen. Luckily, Jake didn’t follow her. Hadn’t tried to stop her. And, after listening to his steps going to his room, in the basement, Kimberly rested and walked up to her bed, sitting down.

She sighed, tiredly.

His touch had been everything Damien’s hadn’t been. Gentle. Warm. Desirable. It made her think.

Every woman could have a one night stand, just like men. Jake was one of them, Kimberly was sure. And, she wasn’t any different from them, she was human. She’d always put Sidney’s needs ahead of hers, but now, she suddenly had the need of putting herself in first. It was just one night, anyway.

It would distract her.

She needed to feel other’s touch, different from Damien’s, and specifically, Jake’s touch.

All of those thoughts made her reason and decide. All thanks to Jake’s sudden kiss.

“Screw this. Screw everything.” Standing up now, Kimberly walked out of her room and toward Jake’s. Without even knocking, she opened his door and came in, closing it right away.

When she focused her attention on Jake, she didn’t care about his surprised look, she was rather interested in his athletic body, perfectly sculpted.


“You want me?” She cut him off straight away, as she rested her hands on her hips, desperately waiting for his answer, as her gray eyes watched him, only wearing some shorts.

This time, Jake didn’t ask her if she’d drunk. He just stepped forward and approached her, evaluating her. “Hell yeah.”

In that same instant, Kimberly untied her robe and let it slid down her shoulder, smoothly... slowly. His eyes were already hungry as they focused on her lacy red underwear, and finally, he clearly saw her hourglass figure. The way he carefully looked at every part of her body, made it seem he was giving a ranking note to her beauty assets. She had the conscious she was hot. Perfect for Jake.

He lifted his hand and touched her slightly coloured cheek. Closing her eyes, she felt his fingers sliding down her face, neck, reaching her chest and breasts.

Stepping toward him, her bodies suddenly touched. Automatically, her head came forward and her lips spread lingering kisses throughout his neck, while his curious hands explored every inch of her pleasing curves. Moments passed and her breathe changed. Then, Jake just squeezed her up against him and Kimberly could only think she wanted more than just some caresses.

The tall man started walking backwards, taking the red haired with him, both of them ending up falling on his bed.

Taking advantage of her position over him, Kimberly just started spreading kisses all across his tamed chest, at the same time it was her hands now that explored his inches. She sucked and licked and watched his skin getting red. She didn’t care.

With a mysterious grin stamped on her attractive face and while staring at Jake with her silver eyes, she moved lower with her mouth.

Finally reaching his shorts, Kimberly didn’t worry about taking them off in a second. “You’re a wild one, aren’t?” He asked her, completely nude in front of her.

“Oh yes, I am, baby. And you don’t know how much.” Offering him a provoking grin, and watching Jake open his mouth to speak up again, Kimberly just plunged her head and gave him what he wanted.

She heard him struggle for breath only moments later after she started and she didn’t stop until he had what he’d wished for. She lifted her gaze and sighted him. A small welcomed her. “Liked it?”

“Baby, you’re the best.” Suddenly pulling her up to change positions, he added, “It’s my turn to return the favour.”

Kimberly watched him, waiting for her turn of pleasure. Yet, he was slowly in his moves. He wanted to provoke her. Jake reached for her bra and took it off, licking her breasts and then, just like Kimberly, he started to go down, spreading kisses down cross her belly.

To make her beg for pleasure, he only kissed and licked her around that part of her. And, listening to her breathe fastening, Jake looked up at her. Impatient, Kimberly just said, “God, I can’t believe you’re making me beg... Just do it, Jake! Don’t make me wait for more!” He got what he wanted, and so did Kimberly.

He dipped his head, slowly, making her plead until the last second, and finally, Kimberly was lost on that moment of pleasure. She gasped, moaned, and locked the sheets in her hands. She had to remember herself tons of times to control her moans, because she didn’t want anyone to listen to this little... adventure.

Jake kept forcing her legs apart, never taking a break. She was going crazy, so caught up in that sensation.

And finally, it was her turn to climax. And it had been damn good.

So, after she came, she lifted her gaze and found Jake looking at her. She didn’t wait for him to rest; she pulled him up and reached hungrily for his lips.

Shifting positions once again, Kimberly managed to be over him a second time.

All he’d done earned him a huge smile and... much more. He’d been cleaver enough to acknowledge what she wanted at first.

“I need a condom.” He lifted his arm and pointed at a rawer. Kimberly stretched herself until she reached it and opened it, immediately facing Jake’s condom’s supply. She took one, and came back to Jake, handing it to him.

Still searching for breath, Jake put the condom.

“How do you want to do it?” He asked.

Giving him a tight-lipped smile, she simply looked at the position they were both into. “Like this.”

Then, she adjusted herself, and moved her body lower, feeling him inside her and watching Jake simultaneously.

“No giving up now.” He said in between what it seemed to a mix of a gasp and a moan.

“Hell no, baby.”

Jake said nothing else and enjoyed it for the rest of the night, just like Kimberly.

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