Love Stripped

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Chapter 7

When Kimberly opened her eyes, she didn’t expect to not recognize the room, let alone bump into someone’s back when she shifted position in a bed that wasn’t quite the one she had in her room.

Her eyes widened as she fixed her sight on the naked back at her side.

Then, shock came.

Just like erotic images flashed through her mind as she realized she was in bed with Jake.

She lifted her head and closed her eyes for a moment. Then, she once again thought. She had sex with Jake. And she’d enjoyed every second of those erotic moments.

Kimberly decided to get up. From where she stood, she was able to see it was 8 AM, time to get up and go to college.

Quietly, Kimberly looked for her robe and her underwear, having only found the robe and the lacy red bra. Because she couldn’t afford losing any time in Jake’s bedroom – not to mention he might wake up, she hurried out of his room, silently.

On her room, Kimberly put on some new underwear and clothes. She tried to make the same old routine without thinking about Jake and what they’d done, but it was rather difficult. Not to mention that the fact that she’d enjoyed the pleasure he’d given her made her think about it even more. Too busy thinking about Jake, Kimberly’s mind didn’t even focused on what she’d been forced to do yesterday. Jake just pretty much occupied all of her mind.

Grabbing her stuff, Kimberly went to college. The classes had already begun, so she silently walked in the huge classroom and ran her eyes through all the seats, looking for Lisa. When she found her blond friend, she walked up to the place Lisa had kept for her.

Already sat down, with her notebook opened, Kimberly wasn’t able to keep it for herself. She elbowed Lisa and waited for her friend to focus her attention on her. Then, she whispered, “I had sex with Jake.”

“You what?” She’d been so amazed, so not waiting for that one to come, that she’d just finished attracting the teacher’s attention upon herself. Lowering herself, she apologized, “I’m sorry.” Kimberly noticed Lisa forcing herself to be quiet until the teacher was no longer focused on them. And finally, that moment came, “I can’t believe it! How did that happened!”

“Well...” She paused, Damien and Sidney appearing on her mind. It had been because of them, but Kimberly wouldn’t tell her that... It was too shameful and embarrassing. So, she just said, “It just happened. I couldn’t get some sleep... Jake appeared and it just happened, I guess.”

“Those things don’t just happen, Kim. What are you not telling me?” Lisa just knew her too well to know there was more about it than Kimberly was letting her know.

However, Kimberly would stick to that new version she’d just finished saying. “Nothing, Lisa.”

Her gray eyes became aware of the teacher focused on them again. Lisa noticed it too and was hardly able to maintain herself quiet for the rest of the class. When breaks had come, Lisa hadn’t been able to get more info, since friends of them had started a conversation.

But, she finally had her chance when the morning classes were over.

“Is he good, at least?”

“Oh yeah.” Kimberly replying, once again picturing him provoking her and then dipping her head to pleasure her the better he could. “He’s really good, yeah. I’ll give him that.”

“And did you guys talked about it? I mean, after the sex?”

“Well, no.” Kimberly shrugged one shoulder, “We just kissed for a while and then we just fell asleep, since we were both tired.” Then, she found herself stating, “But I’m not going to repeat it.”

“I don’t understand why you don’t want to repeat it! I mean, Jake’s handsome, and he seems good in bed. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d spend every freaking free time I had on your house, trying to go to bed with him! You don’t know how lucky you are!”

“Yeah, but honestly, the only thing you’d get from him, would be a one night stand, nothing more. Although I’m only living there since last week, I can already say to you that Jake’s not a guy that wants to be committed.” She revealed it to Lisa, bringing up to mind the night she’d listening to him having sex with a girl named Joanne and then just... dismiss her. Besides, the day after he had sex with her! He definitely was a one night stand guy.

“I don’t care. I also have the right to have one night stands!” Kimberly silently laughed, remembering she’d had that same thought last night, before she gave in to temptation.

“If your boyfriend heard you say that...”

“I say this because he isn’t here, Kim.” Lisa said, her eyes narrower.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Kimberly shook her head, not having the patience when Lisa acted that way.

“My relation with Just hasn’t been going ok, anyway.” Lisa finally admitted and Kimberly looked down at her friend, no longer using that mocking grin of hers. “I almost don’t have the time to be with him, and the same happens with Justin. We’re seldom together. Sometimes, I wish I could have your life.”

Kimberly smirked, “Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious, Kim. You have no parents to control your life. I mean, I don’t want my parents to die, of course. But, you work in a place where you have all men’s attention focused on you, you take care of our own life and you can sleep with whoever you want! Not to mention you’re quite cleaver!” Ok, so Lisa’s sudden wish had actually surprised her. She wanted waiting to listen to her friend saying she envied her life. Kimberly would give anything to trade this life for another. Who would want her life? Some seriously crazy women. Like Lisa, for example.

“Your head’s screwed, Lisa, seriously. No one would ever say they wanted to have my life, unless they had no idea what I go through every fucking night. But you know, yet your surprised me just now. Don’t make me that face, you know it’s true!” Shaking her head tiredly, Kimberly added, “Anyway, I’m going to have lunch at my house, I need to look for the rest of my underwear, since I couldn’t find it and I’ve heard Tom has the habit of going through other’s people’s rooms to pick up their dirty laundry. Not to mention Jake’s in classes right now, I should take this opportunity. I’ll see you later!”

She was about to turn around, when she heard her friend, “Yeah, I’m really sure you’re going home just because of your underwear.”

“I’m really telling the truth. Besides, someone may catch the underwear and it might not be Jake at all. And I don’t want that to happen.” She was saying the truth. She didn’t want anyone to know she’d had sex with Jake. Besides, if Jake wanted to tell his friends about their night, he wouldn’t have any proof since Kimberly would have all of her underwear back. “Do you want to come with and have lunch there? There’s no one in the house around this time.”

Lisa smiled broadly. “Sure!”

Having decided that, both girls walked up to Kimberly’s car and got in. Seconds later, the red haired started the engine and drove them to what was her new house.

When they arrived and walked in the house, everything was quiet. “I told you no one was here.” She threw a look at Lisa, “Come on, let’s put our things in my room.” Closing the door behind her, that was what the two girls did.

“Do you like living here, Kim?”

“Well, it’s neither bad nor excellent. It’s nice, I guess.” Kimberly replied when she started heading toward the kitchen, with Lisa following her. “What do you want to eat? I don’t feel like cooking, honestly.”

“I’ll do it!” Lisa fastened her pace and passed by Kimberly. “And since me who’s cooking, we’ll have hotdogs for lunch!”

She couldn’t help but to laugh, “Only you could feel like eating hotdogs now. Anyway, I’ll be right back; I’m going to Jake’s room.” Exchanging a look with her best friend, Kimberly turned around and headed for the basement, where Jake’s room was.

When she walked in the room, the curtains were pulled up, letting in the sunlight. The bed was still unmade and she noticed the condoms still on the floor, next to his side of the bed.

She carefully grabbed them and threw them into a bin Jake had next to his desk. Then, she started her quest for her red thong. At some point, she found herself muttering, “Damn, where the hell did he put my underwear?”

After a while looking, Kimberly remembered to kneel down and bent her head, to check under bed. And there it was. The rest of her underwear. She stretched an arm and the moment her fingers touched it, she saw some feet on the other side. Arching an eyebrow, Kimberly forgot the underwear and asked, “Lisa, why aren’t you doing lunch? And why did you take your shoes-” The moment she lifted her torso again and Jake’s questioning green eyes staring at her, she started, “Jake, I-”

“What are you doing?”

“I was looking for the rest of my underwear... I couldn’t find it when I got up, so I came to look for it now.” She replied, wondering what the hell he was doing here. He also had classes in the morning. “Why are you here?”

“You didn’t wake me up.” I answered, his arms folded. He’d just finished taking a bath. Kimberly couldn’t possibly know how both Lisa and her hadn’t heard him. Well, since he seemed already dried, maybe when they came in, he had come out of the shower and was drying or something... “I forgot to put the alarm clock last night, because of your little surprise so I missed the morning classes.”

“Sorry about that. I didn’t know you wanted me to wake you up.”

“Yeah.” He grumbled.

“You want to have lunch with us?” Kimberly asked him, slowly walking toward the door, step by step, running away from him.

“Thanks, but no.” I already called Aiden and Ben, I’m going to have lunch with them.” Jake revealed to her.

“Oh. Ok.” In that exact instant, Jake just took off the towel that had been wrapped around his waist, and Kimberly could once see every naked part of him. Turning around, she started, “Jake-”

“It’s nothing that you haven’t seen.” He cut her off.

He was right, Kimberly knew it, but she didn’t intend on seeing him naked again. “Right. Hum, I’m going to... get out of your room. I’m sorry you missed your morning classes and I’m sorry about last night.”

“There is nothing to apologize, baby. Last night was great.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” She narrowed her eyes, completely distrusting him.

“Why would I?”

“I don’t know.” She finally turned around and saw he already had some jeans on, but no shirt. Then, he walked up to her and asked, “You liked last night, baby?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it, Jake.” She was about to leave his room, but when he spoke, he stopped her from going.

“I know you liked it. You enjoyed every moment of pleasure I gave you. You almost begged for it, Kimmy.”

The red haired looked at him and found herself thinking how tempting his amused smile was. He was challenging her. “You liked it too.”

“You bet that.” His tempting smile caused her some strange reactions on her body. He was turning her on, just by looking at her that. Bastard, he was doing on purpose. “We can repeat it if you want, Kimmy.”

“Thanks, but no.”

“Why not? You liked it.”

“I can find better.”

With that, she provoked him. His reaction was everything Kimberly wasn’t waiting. He placed one hand on the back of her head and another on her back. Before she could react, Jake was pulling her to him and had smashed his lips against hers.

She couldn’t get away from his grip. She wasn’t even sure if she actually wanted to get away from that kiss. She tried to resist, but once she tasted him, she squeezed herself against him. That was her mistake.

Jake simply broke the kiss. “You want it more than I do.”

“Are you always like this?” She stepped back, afraid he’d tempt her again.

“Most of the time, yeah. Come on, Kimmy.” He reached for her again, and this time, he turned her around, trailing kisses around her neck while his hands moved up, from her waist to her breasts. “Let’s do it right here, while Lisa makes lunch.” He muttered right beside her ear.

At the sound of Lisa’s name, Kimberly pulled off from him and turned around, fiercely saying, “No.”

“That’s your answer now.” His amused smile faded, and he turned to grab a grey shirt to put over his tamed chest. “But you’ll return.”

“This is my-”

“Kim!” It was Lisa’s voice yelling for her.

“Go on,” Jake gesticulated with his hands and then turned his back at her. “Your friend is calling you.”

Fuming, Kimberly led herself to the kitchen.

“Why did you take so long?” Lisa asked her, setting the table for both of them.

“Unexpected things, Jake’s here.” She said nothing more, didn’t even look at Lisa’s mocking expression.

“Oh... I knew you wanted to come here just to-”

“You know damn well why I came here, Lisa.” Kimberly interrupted herself, suddenly feeling angrier than what that bastard deserved. “I just came here to-”

“Hello, Lisa.” Jake’s deep voice cut her off. Kimberly looked at the door and watched him getting in. Noticing they’d stopped talking because he’d walked in, he said, “You can keep going, you know.”

“Oh, it’s ok.” Lisa prepared herself, “If you’re curious, I was just commenting with Kimberly that you’re pretty hot.”

“Really?” Jake looked at her best friend with a tricky smile. He was having fun. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Who says that?”

“You said.” Jake revealed chilly, passing right at her side to reach the fridge. “Right on the first day we met.”

“Oh, right.” Kimberly noticed Lisa had blushed and lucky her, Jake hadn’t seen it.

“Anyway, I should be going. Have a nice lunch, ladies.” Without anything else to say, he left the house all for them.

The moment the door slummed shut, Lisa hurried to say, “He’s so cold!” Looking at her red haired friend, she saw her laughing, “What?”

“Nothing. I was just laughing about the part when you started making him those sexy glances you do when you want to...” She stopped right there, knowing Lisa had the understood what she’d left unsaid.

“Oh, shut up.”

“You know what I think? I think you need to get laid.”

“You’re just saying that, because you had sex just yesterday and you loved it, and now you’re trying to make me feel miserable about it. Although I wouldn’t mind if Justin wanted to have sex with him, but... we’ve been so busy... My life’s literally a mess. And having sex is a nice way of forgetting things for a while.”

“Yeah, right, and mine’s what?” Kimberly sat on a chair, and drunk a little of the orange juice, “But yeah, sex is a very good way of getting over stuff.”

On her mind, she listened to Damien speaking, but when those erotic images of her and Jake popped up on her mind... Damien was totally in the back now.

“You little bitch!” Lisa exclaimed, pointing at her with suspicious eyes, “Something happened and you don’t want to tell me! And you do want to have sex with him again!”

“First of all,” She raised one finger, “Nothing happened.” First lie. A second finger was raised. “And secondly, I don’t want to have sex with him again. It was good, but I wouldn’t like to repeat it.” Second lie. But finally, something truthful came out of Kimberly’s mouth. “I couldn’t stand him before, and I can’t stand him even more now.”

Lisa shrugged her shoulders, “Whatever you say, Kim. Besides, you know I always find out what I want to know.” There was a slight malicious and threatening tone on her voice.

Kimberly’s eyebrow rose, “Yeah, right. You can’t even find out what’s wrong with your relation with Justin, let alone find out what’s been happening in my life.”

Lisa sighed. There, Kimberly had touched a weak spot on her. That would make her best friend quiet for a while. “Let’s just eat.” It perfectly worked.

The rest of the day went just fine for Kimberly, the only that didn’t went that well was the fact that Sidney still didn’t talk to her. To be honest with herself, if last night hadn’t happened, she’d be feeling really fed-up today. At least Jake had done something good to her.

When it was for dinner, Sidney ate with them, whilst no words were directed at her, but if either Tom or Jake asked her something, she’d reply to them. Coldly, but they’d still get an answer.

Later that night, when everybody was supposed to be already sleeping, Kimberly was reading. She didn’t feel sleepy. After all, she was used to being up throughout the night thanks to her job, though the first months working as a stripper had been hard on her. If it hadn’t been for Lisa’s support, she’d have surely broke down and wouldn’t have handled working as a stripper till now.

All of a sudden – and unfortunately, her reading was interrupted by someone clearing his throat. Kimberly looked up and caught Jake gazing at her. She hadn’t heard him opening the door. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. Can’t I come here and wish you goodnight? Once you asked me a goodnight kiss.” Jake replied, walking in her room without permission, wearing just some shorts. “It’s one in the morning, why aren’t you sleeping?”

“Because I’m not feeling sleepy. Why? You want to rape me while I’m sleeping?” She closed the book, and concentrated on Jake.

“Who knows?” He shrugged his shoulders, while maliciously smiling at her.

“Come on, Jake.” She got up and pushed him away from her bed. But because he was stronger than her, he simply shook off her hand and sat on her bed. Controlling her fury, she started saying, “If you think we’re going to have-”

Not waiting for it, Jake interrupted her by suddenly pulling a part of her nightdress in his direction, making the red haired fall over him. “Oh, you jerk!” Freeing her body from his tight grip, she said, “If you don’t get the hell out of my room, I-”

“You what?” He smirked, having fun with the situation.

“Jake!” She snarled at him, “Get. The. Hell. Out. Of. My. Room.” She added, very slowly, trying to gain some control over herself before she’d start yelling and wake up someone.

Unexpectedly, Jake actually got up and walked towards the exit of her room. However, before he stepped out, he looked at her over his shoulder with his dark green eyes, and said, “I’m sure it was not the fact that we started kissing on the kitchen that made you go to bed with me, because, like you know, that had already happened.” He paused, looking thoughtful and drowned on his thoughts. Still, he kept going, “I wonder what made you go to bed with me.”

He surely knew she wouldn’t give him an honest answer, because he didn’t even wait for her to say anything at all.

All Jake did was to leave her alone.

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