Love Stripped

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Chapter 8

Today, everything had gone ok, but when she’d arrived home, her weak joy had shattered when she’d tried to talk to Sidney... in vain. Her sister was still mad at her. Kimberly had to find a way of making Sidney forgive her. She’d been out of control when she’d slapped her and yelled all sort of stupid and senseless stuff to her sister. And she’d said and done everything in front of the two guys that lived with her.

It was about 9 PM and they’d all finished having the dinner Kimberly had cooked.

After dinner, Sidney had gone straight to her bedroom, and Kimberly knew what she’d been doing – talking on the phone or listening to music on her iPhone. The iPhone, Kimberly remembered. Sidney was always asking for an iPhone, but of course, it’s not like Kimberly could spend her money on it, though now seemed a nice offer to blackmail her sister. And even with that, she doubted Sidney would fall for it.

While thinking on it, and because it was still early to go to work, Kimberly was on the living room, watching the news, with Jake at her side drinking coffee. Thankfully, Jake didn’t seem to be much interested in her today.

Until Tom interrupted them.

“Ok, I ah... sorry for interrupting you, but...” He looked at Kimberly, with a rather nervous tone of voice, and timid smile. “I sort of found this in the kitchen... I think, I mean, I’m guessing, well, I should just ask you two.”

“Spill it, Tom.” Jake said, placing the cup of coffee over the table in front of the couch.

“Is this yours, Kim? Or is this from your one night stands, Jake?” And then, Tom lifted his arm, and Kimberly saw his hand grabbing her underwear. She immediately blushed. As for Jake, he chuckled. “So?”

How could she forget her freaking underwear in the kitchen? She’d brought with her when she’d come from Jake’s room, and she’d just left it there?

She was about to say something, when Jake rose his arm first, “Oh yeah, it’s mine.”

“Yours?” Tom asked, somehow suspicious.

“You know what I mean.”

Tom’s eyes narrowed, “Curious, I haven’t seen any girl in the house lately.” Then, his eyes jumped from Jake to Kimberly, “Are you sure this isn’t yours, Kim?”

Once again, Jake got ahead of her, “I’m sure it belongs o this girl that I...” He looked at Kimberly with an amused smile, “I hope his doesn’t shock you, but it belongs to a woman who gave me one hell of a fun night.”

Bastard, Kimberly thought.

“Ok, well... take it.” Tom stretched out his arm towards Jake, and then he said, “Man, I can’t believe how you manage to screw so many girls...”

“What can I say,” Jake shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t need to do much.” When he said that last part, he gazed at her with his dark green eyes, and a smile that provoked her. She couldn’t stand him looking at her that way. And so, she got and went straight to her bedroom.

Time passed quickly, and before she went to work, she passed by her sister’s room first. Knocking on the door, she said, “Sid? Please, I need to talk to you. You have to stop this, I can’t handle it!”

No answer.

“I’m going in!” She didn’t even wait for her sister’s reaction. She just opened the door and caught her sister, lay down on her bed, her eyes closed, listening to music. “That’s why you didn’t respond.”

The moment Sidney noticed Kimberly stood there looking at her, inside her room, she took off her headphones and said with a bitter and angry voice, “Now I can’t even have some privacy? You want to see if I have some guy hidden in my room ready to screw me?”

“Don’t talk like that, Sid, please.”

“Well, you talked like that to me two days ago and didn’t even give me the chance to explain, so why should I let you do that?” Sidney didn’t move, waiting for more.

Too weak to start a fight, she just pleaded, “Please, let me explain.”

“Get out.”


“I don’t want to know. Just get out.” Sidney said, and now, Kimberly could see how nervous her sister really was. Like her, Sidney wasn’t ready for another fight, but she also wasn’t about to give in. “Please.”

Defeated, the red haired turned around and walked out of the room.

She now felt the guiltiest person on Earth for having said all of that horrible stuff to her sister, and especially for having slapped her. She could have controlled herself, but the anger was so deep inside her that she didn’t realize what she was saying or doing. And to get worse, Tom and Jake had seen her so out of control. She felt ashamed of herself. And that meant she needed to control herself better.

But when she thought of Damien... this rage just consumed her to the point she’d either crash or explode! And Sidney had no fault. She shouldn’t have suffered with Kimberly’s explosion.

When she grabbed her things to go to work, she put those thoughts aside. And while working, during that part of the night, she forgot about everything, other than seducing the perverts that gazed at with hungry and greedy eyes. And because of those looks, she hated being there.

It’s not like she hated working there, she didn’t, but it was just uncomfortable, and of course, it didn’t fulfill her professionally, though it helped her getting the money to pay her college tuition, and later get her a degree, which would finally help her get a real job.

Sometimes, she just had to laugh about her miserable life. Why? It looked like a freaking cliché most of the time. The poor little girl without anyone to take care of her has this horrible job no one knows about, in order to get some money. And to get worse, she has another mouth to feed. Lisa teased with her sometimes, but Kimberly didn’t mind, because Lisa’s jokes meant no harm

About 5 AM, she arrived home, and wasn’t surprised at all to notice Jake was up in the kitchen. She’d noticed that straight away when she walked in since the kitchen was the first room of the house everyone saw when they stepped in.

“Waiting for me?”

“Maybe,” When he noticed her presence, he turned at her with his arms folded over his chest and an amused smile on his lips. “I’d love to know what you do during the night, baby. But hey, next time I won’t wait for you.”

“Believe me, it isn’t that interesting.” And just like that, she sauntered away to her bedroom, leaving Jake on the kitchen.

The moment she reached her room, she started taking off her clothes and putting on some shorts. When she was about to put on a shirt, Jake simply appeared on her bedroom without knocking first. Kimberly just looked at him. Amused, Jake said, “You don’t seem pissed off.”

“I’m not.” She put on the shirt. “You’ve seen me naked already, so what’s the big deal?” There was nothing else to hide from him. He’d seen her fully naked, and she knew he’d enjoyed every second he’d spent ranking her beauty assets.

When Kimberly became aware Jake had started walking towards her, she stepped backwards, ending up hitting a wall. Jake took advantage of it and surrounded her with his arms. That was fast.

The green eyed man leaned down his head, his nose touching Kimberly’s. She raised a hand and placed it on his naked chest, feeling him all up. Jake smiled, amused, and his lips parted, though he didn’t kiss her just yet.

“Oh, Jake,” She breathed slowly, “You’re so predictable.”

“Really? I don’t think so. I can give up right now and walk away, but I think we could do much more together...” Jake leaned down even more and licked her neck, moving up her check, and lingering there with a kiss. For moments, she closed her eyes. “And I guess you share the same thought.”

She opened her eyes, and it was her turn to provoke him. Her hands slid down a little, reaching his shorts. In his eyes, she could see what he wanted her to do. With one leg wrapped around his lean waist, Kimberly pulled him to her, her forehand now touching his lips and her breasts in contact with his chest.

“What am I feeling here?” She asked with a naughty smile, as her hands reached that part and she became aware of how aroused he already was.

“You turn me on, baby.” And right after he said, he just got rid of the inches that torn their mouths apart and kissed her with the hunger she’d been sure he had. Although she couldn’t stand him most of the time, Kimberly had to admit Jake aroused her. And she knew she excited him just the same.

Working with women that were more that did more than just their job as a stripper, it had earned her some very, very good advice about turning men on, arousing them to their limit, and trap them with their sensuality. By the time Kimberly noticed Jake had gotten loose in the kiss, she put her hands on his arms, stepped forward, and was able to set herself free.

“Baby, I need to get some sleep.” She said, dismissing him.

“But we were just getting started.” He said with his slightly husky voice, which actually made her think twice about what she was denying, though she’d never admit it to Jake.

“For me, what happened was just a once night stand, baby.” She turned around to face him, “And you do know what a one night stand means, right?”

“Of course I do. But it’s not like we have a rule stating we can’t repeat the great sex we had.” Jake suddenly placed both hands on each side of her waist and forced her to step back, gluing her body to his. He was still just aroused as she was.

“It was good, but I don’t need more. I just needed to get over a lot of things, baby.” She admitted.

“Oh, now I’m getting something from you. I knew you had to have a reason o come to me. Will you tell what was it?” All of a sudden, Jake obliged her to turn around and gazed down at her silver eyes.

“Not in a million years, baby.” She pushed him back, and Jake didn’t fight. “I really need to get some sleep.”

“Sure, Kimmy.” Despite knowing he’d get out of there without any free sex from her, Jake still held that tricky smile on his lips. As for Kimberly, she walked him until the door of her room, and Jake still turned around to say, “Oh, I forgot about something.”

Jake fetched something on his back pocket and then raised his arm to show her something red on his hands. Her eyes widened in surprise, “My underwear!”

“Oh yeah.” She was going to take it back from his hand, but she was mistaken if she thought Jake was going to give it to her that easily. He just clenched his hands with the underwear and she knew she wouldn’t be capable of getting back like that. Ignoring her fury, he stated, “I’ll keep this to remind me of your wonderful one night stand.”

Oh, Jake wouldn’t really let her forget that moment of weakness.

“Have a goodnight, Kimmy.” Then, he turned around and left her alone, which resulted in Kimberly being admired because he hadn’t even tried to kiss her again.

Thinking about the handsome man that just took off from her Kimberly, Kimberly closed the door and went straight to bed. Sleepy as she was feeling, she fell asleep straight away, dreaming later on about herself napping on the beach, whilst her parents and Sidney were having fun in the water.


Next day passed pretty quickly, not to mention she didn’t have her last class. She spent some time with Lisa, talking about their issues and problems, like they always did, until she decided to go home early and take advantage to sleep some more. Not having the whole night to sleep like she once had, years ago, killed her.

Besides, she could always make use of that time and sneak to Jake’s room in the basement to get her thong back. Yeah, that seemed a wonderful idea.

So minutes later, she was already heading home, only to have a surprise. The moment she walked in her house, she heard some noises coming from the living when the house was supposed to be empty.

Slowly but surely, Kimberly walked towards the living room. When she actually looked inside the room, she caught Jake on top of a girl, making out with her, kissing her with hunger while his hands roamed throughout her body.

“Oh!” She gasped. She definitely wasn’t expecting to find them. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Kimberly looked at the girl and saw her blushing. Even she would if she’d been in the poor girl’s place, and gladly, she wasn’t.

“I thought you’d arrive around 5.” Jake was suddenly looking at her with his dark green eyes. Oh, she thought he wouldn’t even say anything.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t.” She bit her lower lip, “Well, pretend I’m not here or that I even appeared.” She said to both, a little embarrassed and somehow mad. Mad because Jake spent some of his free time provoking her and trying to convince to go to bed with him, and then she’d suddenly catch him screwing a girl and making out with another? What a man whore. Seriously.

But she wouldn’t allow herself to feel bothered with Jake’s actions. He didn’t even mean a thing to her. And with that thought on her mind, Kimberly placed all of her things in her room, and then strolled to Jake’s room at a snail’s pace, so that she wouldn’t be heard by the couple practically screwing on the living room.

Kimberly simply couldn’t believe she was there again looking for her own underwear! It annoyed her that much, because not only this wasn’t the first time, but that underwear was her favorite one! Hell if she’d let him keep it! She looked again throughout Jake’s entire room, to find it in the same place where the condoms were.

When she got it back and randomly looked at was over his chest of drawers, she noticed something she hadn’t noticed before.

A photo was over it and it featured two men, both wet, with a big pool behind them. Kimberly took it and looked closer. Both looked like they were laughing, and were happy. Kimberly recognized the one from the right as being the jackass that was on the living room having some with some poor girl – Jake. He wasn’t much different from now. His hair was just a tad shorter and he’d been tanner then.

Next she looked at the man from the left, and didn’t recognize him at all. She’d never seen him. His body was just like Jake’s, though a little more tanned than him. Jake’s abs were slightly more defined than the man’s, and his hair was also darker, while the man’s hair was this light brown colour, almost blonde, if not. Then she noticed the eyes. Unlike Jake’s mysterious dark green eyes, his were mostly green, but with a hint of blue. Maybe he was his brother or cousin. But they resembled each other, so they certainly had to be relatives.

“That’s my brother.” Jake’s voice drew her back to reality, startling her. She looked over her shoulder and sighted Jake leaned on the door frame. “My younger brother.”

“I didn’t know you had-”

“I never told you I had one.”

“You never talked to me about-”

“We never talk about anything.” He cut her off once again. Feeling uneasy by Jake’s sudden sharp responses, Kimberly placed the frame with the photo back on its place, and turned around to leave.

“Leaving already?”

“Yes.” She didn’t want to be near him for the time being. She liked him better when he was excited, rather than coldly arrogant. “Where’s the girl?” She dared to ask.

“Oh, I sent her home since you’re here and we’re alone.” And then, finally, she saw the Jake she knew appearing. An amused smile crossed his lips.

“Gosh, you’re so...” Annoying, stupid, beautiful, arrogant, exciting...

“I’m so what?” He asked, following her with his green eyes.

“Forget it.” She said, shaking her head and finally walking out of his room. It was even a miracle he’d let her get out without provoking her. Before she actually left him, Kimberly spun over her heels, and smiled at him, “Just so you know...” She raised her arm and showed him her red underwear.

Jake’s green eyes suddenly darkened and his smile faded. “As far as I know, I don’t sneak around in your room.”

“Yes, but I don’t have anything that belongs to you anyway.” And before Jake could attack her, Kimberly just rushed upstairs and went to her room, closing the door and making sure she didn’t hear any steps headed for her room.

Happy she’d gotten her red thong back, Kimberly threw it to the pile of dirty laundry she had on her room, and then took her shoes off and lay down in bed. All she wanted was to rest. And the minute after she closed her eyes that was exactly was she did.


The moment Kimberly woke up with due to some laughter coming from the living room and became aware it was already 10 PM, she just ran outside her room and surprised the three habitants of the house in the couch, “Why the hell didn’t any of you wake me up?”

Kimberly looked at Sidney, waiting for her sister’s reply, but all Sidney did was to focus her attention on the TV, avoiding looking at her older sister. Tom was the only one who replied, “I called you a bunch of times, but since you didn’t answer, I supposed you were taking a nap. So I stopped yelling.”

Fuming because she should have already be up, eaten something, and ready to go to work, she gazed at Jake, and attacked him, “You have the nerve to go to my room whenever you feel like, and this time you couldn’t just get up, go there and wake me up?”

Jake didn’t bother to look at her. He just shrugged his shoulder, “Sorry. I was busy finishing an essay for tomorrow.”

“Whatever.” She shook her head in a helpless way and just spun over her heels to get ready for work, but not before she stopped at the kitchen to eat something quick.

Twenty minutes later, the red haired left the house and drove off to work. On her way towards the strip club, Kimberly just knew she had to set things straight with her sister again. If they’d been ok, Sidney would’ve probably woke her, because she knew Kimberly would have to go to work.

When she arrived at the strip club, Bob came up to her and warned her she had to get ready quickly, because two guys had already requested her for a lap dance. And that was exactly what Kimberly did. She dressed up, all sexy and sensual, with her stormy gray eyes ready to intimidate any of them. They might see her just as a stripped, but she was much more she wasn’t willing to show them.

She was requested for several lap dances throughout the night, which made her earn a considerable amount of money. Of course she still danced on the main stage, but her night was mostly filled with pleasing a man at a time. She’d felt hot all night. Not because someone had excited her, but because she was feeling the weather changing.

Around 5 AM, she was given permission to leave, and that was what she did. Unfortunately, Kimberly just wasn’t expecting to have a little surprise outside the strip club. “Hello, Kim.” No, no, no! Not Damien again!

The blond man was waiting for her. Someone must have told him the hour she usually got off work! “What-”

“You know why I’m here.” He said, knowing what question she’d ask him. “I’ve been thinking about our last time together. It was so fucking good that I catch myself thinking about you often enough to leave me very, very hungry, which means I want to repeat. So where do you want to do it this time, Kim?”

His smile was cruel, and yet excited. “You got to be kidding me. I don’t want to-”

“I’m not kidding, and you better do it. Or else.” Damien threatened, watching her frightened and surely disgusted expression. Yes, she knew what would happen if she didn’t give him what he wanted, but... it hurt to give herself in like that.

“You have to stop doing this to me, Damien.” She pleaded.

“Not until I have what I want from you. And what I want from you is one very simple thing. Pleasure, Kim. Nothing more.” He tilted his head towards her car and added, “Let’s go. I’ve already spotted your car.” And then he gave a few steps towards her, grabbed her arm and pulled her towards her own car.

“Why can’t you do it in your own car?”

“Because my wife my notice or smell something, Kim.” He said like if that wasn’t a big deal.

“I beg you, Damien.” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She so didn’t want to repeat what he’d done to her last time... “I’ll do whatever you want, but not this. If you ever loved me... please.” She begged, almost crying.

“Oh, I loved you alright, Kim. Until you left me to work in that nasty strip club, showing off your pretty darn good assets to every man that paid you well.” It words hurt. She knew that was the reality, but it still hurt. “I could have helped you, you know? But you decided to make it on your own. I respect that, really, but I don’t care about it. So let’s just get this done.” And then, they finally reached her car.

Kimberly didn’t move a finger, and Damien was getting impatient. “Open it.”


“Unlock your car or I’ll take your sister from you.”

“You wouldn’t.” From where the courage was coming to defy him like that, Kimberly had no idea.

“Just give me that!” Damien suddenly grabbed her arm and tried to take her bag from her so that he wouldn’t get the keys to her car. “You slut. If you weren’t this hot, I’d be ashamed of having dated you. A stripper... I should have just fucked you, instead of actually falling in love for you.”

“Stop it, Damien! Stop it!” She tried to yell the loudest she could to see if someone would respond to her cries, but she was all alone. Damien practically smashed her against her own car, hurting her. She cried out in pain and help, but no one seemed to hear her- She was in front of her work place, but no one was listening to her...

“No one cares about, Kim. Why do you think no one’s coming? Besides the fact its 5 in the morning, no one really gives a shit about a stripper.” Despite her struggles, she couldn’t move away from him. She couldn’t set herself free.

“Damien, I-”

All of a sudden, both heard behind them. “What the hell is going on here?”

Damien instantaneously let go of the red haired and both turned around. Kimberly caught herself breathing in relief as she sighted the tall and handsome, with green eyes and some other colour. She couldn’t tell if it was grey or blue. His hair was this very light brown and he had sexy lips.

“I... This man was... he...” She couldn’t even speak, due to the sudden urgency to breath. However, she was able to run towards the man and place herself behind him, where she felt secured.

“Was he hurting you?” The question was for her, but he was glaring at Damien, “What were you doing to this woman?”

“Nothing!” Damien said in his defence, holding his hands up high. “I was just going away!” Idiot, bastard, Kimberly thought. Still, Damien had the guts to say, “I’ll catch some other time, Kim.” He gave her a furious look, and a tricky smile. Then, he walked away.

Finally, the man turned around and looked down at her, “Are you ok?” For a second, Kimberly didn’t reply. The man was familiar. Or at least looked from familiar, but she didn’t know from where. “Are you ok?”

“I’m... yes, thank you. Thank you very much.” She said, really thankful to the strange. If it hadn’t been for him... Damien would have probably gotten what he’d come to get. “I’m really grateful...?”

“Eric.” He answered, his lips curving into a faint, but nevertheless a nice smile.

“Thank very much for your help, Eric.” She was now able to smile at the stranger named Eric. But still, despite the fact he’d helped, he was still a stranger - a good-looking one, but a stranger. “I, ah... should be going. You really don’t know how thankful I am to you.”

“I know. You haven’t stopped thanking me since that guy went away.” He laughed in a sweet and calm way. “You sure you don’t need me to take you home? You might still be in danger.” His smile turned from a nice one to an amused on, and she recognized it that grin, but from who?

“Thanks, but it’s ok, I’ll be safe now.” She reached for her purse that was on the floor, and grabbed her keys. She unlocked her car and got in. The window slid down and she took a better look at Eric. “Thank you once again.”

“It wasn’t a big deal.” He shrugged, and then winked his eye at Kimberly. He waved her goodbye, but before started the engine, Eric actually leaned down on her, and asked, “You work on the strip club behind me?”

“Ah... yes, unfortunately.” She said, avoiding his curious gaze, and not sure if she was thankful for his appearance all of a sudden.

“Great! Can you help me just in one thing?”

“That’s the least I can do.” She smiled nervously, “What is it?”

“Have you heard something about the owner of the strip club suing a man named Peterson for having done something to a stripper?”

Kimberly froze in that exact moment. Why was that guy interested in such matter? And Bob hadn’t told her he’d sued the man! “Ah, yes, I heard something about it.” She lied, of course. She hadn’t heard something about it, Kimberly had actually gone through it because she was the stripper! “May I ask you why are you interested in this issue?”

“Oh, I just wanted to talk to that stripper about it.” Eric said, the smile never fading away from his lips. That was the reason Kimberly hadn’t yet started the engine and left the guy behind.

“Oh, she must have gone home now.” She tried to say in a smooth and controlled way. “And I should do the same.” She smiled fretfully, despite all the niceness Eric showed her. She’d already gone through one thing with Damien, so she definitely didn’t want to mess around with another guy because of that pervert guy called Peterson.

“Oh, ok, then. Thanks, anyway. Drive carefully.” Eric said, nodding at her.

“I will.” She nodded as well, “Bye.”

At last, she started the engine and drove back to her place, still feeling shaken because of what had almost happened with Damien. If it hadn’t been for Eric, Damien would have gotten what he wanted. But she’d been suspicious of Eric as well the moment he’d questioned her about the scandal that involved her and Peterson.

When she got home, she wasn’t surprised when she noticed Jake wasn’t up this time waiting for her. As he’d said before, he wouldn’t be up this time. And neither was she going to bother him.

All she wanted now was to go to bed, and relax. She needed to relax. So she exchanged clothes and went to bed for a few hours.


Few hours later, Kimberly woke up, and immediately decided to take a bath before she went to college.

In the bathtub, she recalled everything she’d gone through last night. If it hadn’t been for that nice young man called Eric... She even shivered when she imagined herself inside her car with Damien. It disgusted. How could he have changed like that? Damien never acted in such a greedy way! Anyway, she just had to be careful now that she knew Damien could outside her strip club every time it’d be her time to get back home.

When she walked out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her hourglass figure, she bumped into Jake, who was yelling on the phone, “He did what? That filthy son of a bitch!”

“I’m sorry.” Kimberly whispered right after she’d gone up against him, but Jake wasn’t really paying attention to her. He seemed really mad. And Kimberly had never seen him like that.

“And did you talk to her? No? She doesn’t know about it? What did that scumbag say?” Jake’s voice calmed down, only to be furious again the second later, “Oh God... I’ll kill him. I swear I’ll kill him. Thank god I got out of that damned house otherwise he’d already be dead.”

Despite being there, freezing, she couldn’t stop listening to Jake’s conversation on the phone. Not because she was interested, but because she’d never seen him that mad and furious. Had something happened to his family? Kimberly followed him to the kitchen when he started walking and watched him sit down on a chair.

“You’re going to talk to him today? Ok, well, let me know what he said. If that bastard repeats that again... I’m not even capable of saying what I’m capable of doing to that shitty bastard!” The poison in every word Jake said... Something bad had surely happened to someone he was close to. “Ok, call me later. Yeah, bye.”

Then, without even being aware of her presence in the kitchen, Jake leaned his back and closed his eyes. Seconds later, Kimberly dared to ask, “Is everything ok?”

Jake’s eyes opened and looked at Kimberly. She noticed the serious expression fading away from his face while being replaced for that same old amused one. “Baby, everything is always ok when you’re like that near me.” He smiled, but there was something different in his tone. “Now that I’m awake, I better get dressed.”

And just like that, Jake got up, passed by her, and blinked his eye at her. Kimberly just smiled to herself, though she admitted she was a tad bit amazed Jake hadn’t actually taken advantage of being alone with her – with a towel around her body.

Thinking about it, Kimberly turned around, and faced her sister looking at her. “Good morning, Sid.”

“’Morning.” And without more to say, she just passed by Kimberly and went to the kitchen. As for Kimberly, her sister’s actions hurt her, but she swallowed it and went to her bedroom to get ready.

Fifteen minutes later, she got out of her room, and went to the kitchen, where she found everyone already up and dressed, which was an uncommon thing, actually. Sidney and Jake were eating Jake’s cereals, while Tom had preferred some toasts and coffee. Kimberly decided to join Tom.

“I’m amazed,” Jake said, not really in such a surprised way, when she grabbed a toast and a cup of hot coffee. “I thought you loved my cereals.”

“Yeah, but I prefer Tom’s toasts today.” She answered without bothering to look at him with her stormy eyes. The moment she was about to bite the toast, her cell rang. She took it from her jean’s pocket and without seeing who it was, she picked up the call, “Hello?”

“You were lucky yesterday.”

As soon as she heard that voice and those words, she stopped reasoning. She stopped doing everything.

“Who was that guy, Kim? Your guardian angel?” Oh, last night, Eric had definitely been her guardian angel. “Because he sure saved you. I saw the look on your face when that guy appeared. You felt secured again. Anyway, since last night we didn’t do anything... I was thinking about meeting you tomorrow morning... How’s that?”

“You can’t...” She whispered, too shocked and afraid to speak louder.

“Are you alright, Kim?” It was Tom’s voice. And then, she noticed where she was. Without replying to Tom’s question, Kimberly just got up and strolled away from the kitchen, and into her bedroom, where she kept speaking with Damien.

“Damien, I beg you... Why are you acting like this? You’re not the same Damien that dated me!” And he really wasn’t. He’d changed in so many ways... and for worse.

“Sweetie,” He started, slightly laughing on the other side of the phone, “I’m the same. It’s just that I miss our sex life. If you want to know the truth, I’ll say it. My wife sucks, Kimberly. She’s so not like you...” And she was glad she wasn’t the woman in Damien’s wife’s place.

“Just say what you fucking want! If you want to screw me, just say the place, goddamned you!” She suddenly said, feeling angry at herself for being this pathetic. “It’s already hard going through all of this, but you’re making it even worse! God, I didn’t deserve this!” She said, not really caring if she was talking too loud. Right now, she was mad. She didn’t do anything to deserve this! She’d been a good daughter, and a good sister! Yes, she worked as a stripper, but it was needed! She needed the money to pay for everything if she wanted Sidney to have a good life now that their parents were gone!

“Poor, poor, Kim...” Damien laughed again, a cruel laughter. “Ok, well... maybe today or tomorrow... I’ll call you, ok, baby?”

Baby. Baby. Jake. Kimberly kept repeating those words on her head in order to calm herself down. She imagined Jake’s dark green eyes fixed on hers, provoking her, watching her moving on top of him when they’d spent that night together...


“Ok, just call me.” She finally said with a defeated look. “Bye.” Then, she snapped shut her cell, and sat on her bed. She was on the verge of tears, but no. She couldn’t and wouldn’t cry. She couldn’t show her weakness to anyone, but she was sure as hell that she’d find a way to stop Damien from taking advantage of her, thanks to his cruel blackmail.

What she also knew, was that she could get over this little problem for a while, one way or another. Jake. Kimberly knew she was using him, but she knew Jake was one hell of an addictive way to make her forget things for a few days. She just had to stop Damien, but how? He was the lawyer, not her. She was just a stripper, nothing else.

“Is everything ok, Kimberly?” Oh, there he was, calling her. She wanted him. Hell if she was being a bitch, but she wanted him badly, even if it was just for a few minutes.

So she decided to allow herself to have him right there. She opened the door of her bedroom and saw Jake standing outside, motionless. “Come here.”

“What’s up, Kimmy?” She didn’t even bother to answer or to say anything else. She just grabbed him and pulled him to her room, slamming shut the door straight away. “Wow, calm down, baby-”

Jake wasn’t able to say anything else, because then she just shoved him against the hall and smashed her lips against his. That was one hell of a way to get over things, even if for just some minutes. Jake just let her get drown in that sexual tension, and she was just allowed herself thinking about what they could do.

Jake’s hand slid under her top and caressed her soft skin. Kimberly didn’t mind. She even wanted him to do more than that. Just the thought of that aroused her and made her squeeze against his tamed body, wanting more than she should get from him.

“Baby, it’s early.” Jake managed to say between her starving kisses.

“Fuck it.” She muttered.

All of a sudden, Jake shoved her away from him, stopping her from doing anything else. No one said a word, until he offered her a tricky smile and said, “Yeah, fuck this, Kimmy.” He walked up to her, and added, “Let’s do it right now, right here, while your sister and Tom are awake and walking around the house.”

And that, Jake knew, was enough to stop her from doing what she felt like doing. Once again, her mind reasoned, and thank god Jake wasn’t the only thing she could now think about at the moment. He was so right. Tom and Sidney were outside! They could walk in her bedroom anytime! Not to mention they’d see her making out with that idiot!

She was so stupid and weak. It was enough for Damien to say he wanted to screw her that, the next thing Kimberly would be doing if she had a chance was to ran to Jake’s arms and let him have like he had all those girls. She really had to do something about this.

“Oh, baby... don’t stop now.” Asshole. However, she didn’t stop him from keep kissing her neck so softly. But he was right. Their friend and her sister were outside.

“You’re right, Jake. Let’s stop.” And like that, she stepped beside him and went to open the door, knowing that like that, none of them would make a move on each other anymore.

But as soon as she opened the door, she caught Sidney outside, looking at the inside of her room, and noticing Jake had been there all along. Kimberly read the unspoken question on her sister’s eyes. What the hell was she doing locked up on her room with Jake?”


“I don’t care.” Sidney hurried to say.

Then, she motioned towards her room, but before she could walk in, Kimberly walked towards her and stopped her with words. “Listen, Sid, we need to get over this. Let me make it up to you, ok? Let’s have dinner tonight, just the two of us. What do you think?”

Kimberly bit her lower lip. Her sister said anything. But, unfortunately, Jake did say something, “Kimberly, you’re asking your sister to have dinner out with you, while I’m right here, and you don’t even have the decency to invite me as well?”

“This is just between me and my sister, Jake, you-”

“No, Jake’s right.” Sidney suddenly spoke, looking at the handsome man behind her, “I want him to go. Jake and Tom, both of them, and if they don’t go, I’m not going, Kim.”

For seconds, Kimberly looked at Jake over her shoulder, her eyes telling him she was angry at him for having opened his mouth. Still, she had to take advantage of it, so she let herself cool down, and said, “Ok, they can go.” She spun over her heels to fully face Jake, “But you’re paying the dinner.”

“Kimberly, that’s really isn’t a problem.” He grinned at her, “I’ll pay the dinner and whatever else you want.”

She smiled in a malicious and provocative way, “Don’t try me, Jake.”

“I’ve already t-”

“MacDonald’s!” She shouted loudly, knowing what Jake was about to say. And he knew why she’d yelled. Asshole! He shouldn’t say those things in front of her younger sister!

So, he corrected his mistake, and pretended he really hadn’t said anything before, “MacDonald’s? Kimberly, you’ll get fat one day.”

“I like MacDonald’s.” Sidney spoke, interrupted them both.

“Yeah, me too.” Jake stated, “But I feel like going to a real restaurant. I’m tired of eating at MacDonald’s with Ben and Aiden.”

And then, she had a brilliant idea. “I know just the right place for us to have dinner.” She revealed, thinking about a restaurant she’d once gone years ago. “I’ll drive us there around 8 PM, but we have to come back around 10, because I have to go to work.”

“That’s fine by me, Kimberly. Let’s what restaurant do you have in mind.” He said, that amused grin never leaving his attractive face. “Anyway, how about going to college?”

“That’s fine by me as well.” She looked at her sister, “I’ll take you to school so go fetch you books, Sid.”

And that was the official end of their conversation. Oh, later on, Kimberly will surely love to see Jake’s face when the bill comes and he’ll have to pay for it. She knew it was mean to do such thing, but he deserved for being such an asshole... and a man whore.

It was worthless to say that, when she strolled out of the house with Sidney following her, they didn’t talk, though she was already waiting for that. But at least, she’d managed to make her sister have dinner out with her, even if they had company. Tom wasn’t a problem, now Jake... she’d deal with him.

After she dropped off her sister at school, she headed for college, and met up with her friend Lisa near the auditorium of her college.

“Good morning, Lisa.” When her friend became aware Kimberly was there, she turned her face at her, and grinned. “Something happened?”

“Oh, Kim...” She started giggling, and she hadn’t even told her what had happened. But it was definitely a good thing. “Justin and I... we had sex!”

Oh, so that was what this was about. Lisa had finally gotten what she wanted. She’d been bragging her about sex and that Justin still didn’t want to do it and whatnot.

“Really? That was about time, don’t you think?” Unlike Jake, Justin seemed a pretty cool guy. While Lisa had to wait for Justin to feel ok about it, Kimberly had just gotten the sex she wanted from Jake when she needed.

“You bet! God, it was so freaking good! We had this romantic dinner at his place,” Of course, the move all guys did if they want to get laid. But Justin wasn’t like that, Kimberly knew it. “and then... well, we just started making out and... ended up on his bed. I loved it, Kim!”

For a while, Kimberly didn’t talk and just listened to her best friend talking about all that had happened yesterday night, when she’d have dinner with Justin and the other part as well. She’d told her that she hadn’t used any condom, but like Kimberly, she was on the pill as well. But for Kimberly, that wasn’t an excuse she could give herself. Who knew who Jake screwed?

Finally, when it was Kimberly’s turn to say something of her own life, after she’d commented on what Lisa had revealed, she just said, “I’m going to have dinner with my sister, Tom, and Jake.”

“Oh really? Where?”

“You know that fancy restaurant where Damien and one of your boyfriends took us once? The one Damien...” She made a very short pause as she said his name, remembering the blonde man. How had he turned into such a twisted man? Lisa cleared her throat since Kimberly had just stopped talking. “As I was saying, the one Damien had to call his parents because they didn’t have enough money to pay for the dinner...”

Lisa’s eyes suddenly widened in amazement. “Oh my god, you’re going to take them to that one? That’s freaking expensive!”

“I know,” She smiled in a wicked way, “I chose it on purpose.”

“You’re going to pay for the dinner?” Lisa choked on her own words, “Kim, you don’t have-”

“What? Of course not, Lisa! Are you crazy?” And then, she hurried to explain why she’d chosen that restaurant, before her best friend had a heart attack, thinking Kimberly would be the one to pay the excruciating amount of money.

At the end, Lisa was laughing just like Kimberly, “Does he even know where he’s gotten himself into?”

“I guess not,” Kimberly shrugged her shoulders. The bell rang. “But I really don’t care.”

At lunch time, Kimberly had taken advantage of her free hour to stop by the restaurant to make a reservation for four. Jake had talked to Tom about their dinner when they’d gone to college together, and Tom had said it was ok, that it was a good thing for them since they could get to know each other more while at it. Or so what said Jake when she’d given him a call.

Classes were boring, but luckily the day had passed faster than she thought it would. She actually felt anxious for the dinner for no apparent reason, really.

When she got home after classes, Tom and Sidney were already there, while Jake was still missing. Well, it was still early – only two hours left. They could all be ready in that short period of time. Hell, if she could then so would them. Since they weren’t going to MacDonald’s or any junk food restaurant like that, she had to go well-dressed; after all, the restaurant was a fancy one. But of course she wouldn’t choose a fancy dress. The restaurant wasn’t that fancy, and the dinner wasn’t that important. So while she decided to choose what to wear, Sidney and Tom decided to take a bath.

About half an hour later, when Sidney got out of the bathroom and Tom got in, Jake finally arrived. And of course, he just had to pick on her.

“You take that long to decide what you should wear on our almost-date, Kimmy?” She heard Jake behind her. Turning around, she saw him leaned on the door frame.

Spinning over her heels and folding her arms over her chest, Kimberly said, “This is not a date between me and you, Jake. And yes, you should choose your clothes carefully because the restaurant is somehow fancy.”

“I really don’t have the patience for that.” He didn’t move, and just eyed her with sheer curiosity.

“You should. After all, I don’t want you to embarrass me in the middle of that extravagant restaurant.”

“I have a great idea, then.” Jake motioned his arm at her, “Why don’t you help me choose the godamn clothes?”

Sighing, she said, “You can wear whatever you want.” She didn’t even have the patience to be arguing with him now about what he should wear.

“Come on, Kimmy.” His lips curved into a faint smile. “Come and help me. Or are you afraid of going to my room with me?” Bastard, he knew just what to pick on.

“I’m not afraid of you.” She narrowed her eyes, feeling like sending him to hell.

“Then prove it, baby.”

Controlling her breathe, Kimberly motioned towards the green eyed man and grabbed his arm. Then, she forced him to follow her, and practically dragged him down to his room. He had almost tripped on the little staircases, but she hadn’t given a damn about it. When she opened the door and stepped inside his room, she finally let go of him, and snarled, “See? I’m not afraid of anything.”

She moved to the door again, so she could get out, but Jake just slummed shut it.

“Stop acting like that. Tom and Sidney are upstairs.”

Jake didn’t respond. Instead, he shifted in her direction and smiled. God, he really was that beautiful. A bastard, but beautiful, nevertheless. He looked down at her and she felt that sexual tension. Fortunately for her, it was easy to ignore it now. Pulling her hair back, Jake said, “You’re not going to get out of my room without-”

“Without what?” She punched his arm away in an aggressive manner.

“What do you think?” She remained silent, and Jake just laughed. Then, he completed the sentence he’d been saying, “Without telling me what you think I should wear.”

That was it? Just that? He’d playing her and provoking her this whole time? God, he was so freaking annoying something. Still, Kimberly decided it was best if she wouldn’t keep on arguing about this issue. So she just turned around, moved towards Jake’s wardrobe, which was bigger than hers, and looked inside it.

After grabbing some jeans she’d seen Jake use only once, a buttoned grey shirt, and a black blazer, she turned around and looked his eyes. “Can I go?”

He stepped aside and mocked her, “Sure, go ahead, Ice Queen.”

Ignoring his insult, Kimberly just walked away from his room, and headed for hers to get ready.

And so she got ready.

When it was almost 8 PM, Kimberly walked out of her bedroom ready for the dinner. She hadn’t put much effort into it since she really didn’t intend to attract someone, but she put just the enough effort on it to make Jake’s mouth run dry. At first she’d thought about wearing a skirt, but she was done with them, really. So she just went for some tight jeans, and stilettos. She just loved heels. As for her torso, she was wearing a light silver gray top that draped in a V, showing off her chest and a little of her breasts. As for her face, she’d decided to go for simple makeup. She’d decided to apply eyeliner, and gloss on her lips, nothing more, nothing less – the enough.

With her purse and a black jacket on her hands, she went to the living room, and only Tom was there, “Where are the others?”

“I have no idea.” Tom shrugged, but when he turned to face her, he couldn’t help but to say, “Kim, you look gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, but didn’t blush. She was already used to such comments. After all, she was a stripper.

Firstly, she went to check out her sister’s bedroom since that was where Kimberly supposed she’d be. But her sister wasn’t. The kitchen and bathroom were the next rooms she looked for Sidney, but was in none. And where the hell was Jake?

Then, it occurred to her that Sidney could be all alone with Jake. Turning around and hurrying to Jake’s room in the basement, Kimberly opened the door as soon as her hand touched the doorknob and stepped in without waiting for Jake’s permission.

Looking at her left side, Kimberly found Sidney, with her hands in Jake’s hair, her face too close to his. “What the hell are you doing?” Her own sister? What a fucking pig! She caught their eyes gazing at her, amazed. God, she had his hair locked on hers, just like it was on hers when she kissed him. Their faces close, just like theirs was when either Jake or Kimberly were about to make the first move to kiss the other.

“I was just helping Jake with his hair.” Sidney said in her defence. And suddenly, that scene where Kimberly had slapped Sidney because she hadn’t let her sister explain herself, flashed through her mind. No, she wasn’t about to make the same mistake again. However, Sidney didn’t want to be caught in her fury, so she just said, “Well, I’m just going to put my earrings and then we can go.” Moments later, her sister had passed beside her and walked out of Jake’s bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Now alone, Kimberly hurried to say, “If you dare touching mu sister, Jake, I swear I’ll make you regret it.”

“Calm down, Kimmy. Sid was just helping me with my hair.” Jake said calmly. Calmer than she expected, actually. She watched him turning to his mirror, and saying, “It’s fucking annoying me. It seems it chose this day on purpose to get even more savage than the usual.”

“It’s fine like that.” She replied dryly. Noticing her tone, Jake turned around and said, “Kimmy, I really didn’t do anything with Sid. Do you think I bang seventeen year old girls? If you actually think that, you really don’t know me.”

“And I really don’t know you. We’ve been living together for a week, do you think-”

“And we’ve already slept together, baby.” Jake said. He smiled at her. Not an amused nor a tricky one, but an actual nice one. Maybe he was trying to distract her from what had just happened, but he was mistaken if thought that.

“Just stop it, Jake. I’m going to believe in you and my sister.” She decided right there. Jake might seem that ready to screw whichever girl that stood before him, but she believe he wouldn’t even dare on making a move on her sister.

“You better.” He paused, gazing at her. “But for a second there, you were jealous, Kimmy.”

Running out of the little patience she now had stored for him, she just shook her head and said, “Don’t fucking play me, Jake. Now, your hair’s nice, let’s just go.”

Without battling her on that, Jake fetched his wallet, grabbed his cell and followed Kimberly out of his room, without provoking her in any way, thankfully.

Finally, once they were reunited with Tom and Sidney on the corridor, they didn’t say much. All they did was to follow her out the house, and then, once in her car, she drove off to the restaurant.

And she prayed she’d have a good time, because God knew how she needed it.

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