Maybe One Day

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10 - Can You Keep a Secret?


Chasity wakes to the sound of people talking outside the window. She peeks out seeing Tucker’s parents walking up to the house. “Tucker.” She puts her clothes on quickly as she tries to wake him up. “Tucker. Get up. Your parents are here.”

“Shit! What?” He jumps out of bed and she smiles at how nice he looks naked.

“Your parents just drove up.” She has her clothes on and launches his jeans to him that are in the floor next to her.

“Go stall them.” Chasity moves quickly toward the door following his command. “Wait!” His new command stops her. She turns to see what he wants and he is so close to her, which surprises her. He kisses her making her smile. “Good morning.”

His smile back at her is too cute to not reply. “Morning.”

“Alright go.” He rushes her out of the door.

She moves down the stairs noticing the giant mess everywhere. She sees empty alcohol bottles cluttering every surface and knows there is no way she has time to hide them all because she hears the door opening. She quickly grabs a handful of bottles to make it look like she has been there cleaning up.

“Hi.” She sees the surprise on Tucker’s parents faces as they look around the house. “Tucker and I didn’t drink. I swear!”

They stay quiet as they make their way into the living room stepping over trash.

“Hey parents.” Tucker appears at the bottom of the stairs. “We just started cleaning up.”

“We came to help.” His dad looks sternly at him as he picks up an empty bottle of vodka. “Who supplied your alcohol?”

“Trevor’s older brother.” Tucker smirks at Chasity. “Trevor is Chasity’s boyfriend.”

She did not know Trevor had an older brother. She feels his parent’s eyes on her. She looks up at them wondering if she is about to get scolded. His mom moves her eyes to Tucker and her words surprise Chasity. “We were young once too. We know how things are. We aren’t mad as long as you were safe.”

“We were mom.” He cuts his eyes over to Chasity and she knows he is referring to the condoms they used last night. “I promise.” She quickly turns her head away from him and gathers up more trash.

“Good. Now let’s get this place clean.” His mom grabs a trash bag and begins gathering trash.

It only takes a few hours to get the house clean and they have a large pile of trash bags outside.

“Where are your shoes sweetie?” Tucker’s mom is looking down at Chasity’s feet as they stand out on the porch locking the door.

“Oh.” She is not sure what to say because she is in pajamas too. “Tucker came to my house and woke me up to come help clean. I was so tired I forgot shoes.”

She hopes his mom doesn’t see through the lie. “I wondered why your car was at your house this morning but then we found you here.”

Chasity looks over at Tucker. He is out by his dad’s truck throwing the trash bags they filled from cleaning in the back of the truck with his dad.

“Between me and you, Tucker seemed pretty upset the other day about you dating.” His mom’s words make Chasity look back toward her.

“Really?” She finds the topic interesting. She did not know Tucker confided in his mom.

“He is very protective of you. He just doesn’t want to see you get hurt or lose you as his side kick.”

She feels sad as she thinks about him leaving. “He won’t have me as his side kick when he leaves for the navy.”

“I know. You two have been inseparable for years.” His mom crosses her arms as she looks out at Tucker. “So?” Chasity sees her turn back toward her. “Tell me about your new boyfriend. Is he a good guy?”

Chasity panics momentarily as she thinks about her and Tucker’s encounter last night. “Tucker?”

His mom looks confused. “No. Your new boyfriend.”

“Oh, Trevor. Sorry. Yeah. He is great.”

“We would love to meet him. You should bring him over for dinner one night. Maybe we can get one of Tucker’s girlfriends to come too.”

“To what?” Tucker’s voice surprises Chasity and she knows she cannot look at him without giving something away so she refrains from looking at him.

“To dinner. Chasity is going to bring Trevor?” Chasity nods her head to the question. “We thought you could bring your latest, whoever she may be.”

“Stormy.” Chasity looks at him briefly feeling awkwardness set in.

“Stormy.” Tucker repeats her.

“Oh. Is that our newest neighbor?” His mom sounds excited.

“Indeed, it is.” Chasity hugs herself feeling slightly cold looking at Tucker who seems much more uncomfortable than she does.

“Oh, how nice. Well, why not come tomorrow?” His mom sounds excited by her plan.

“Why not tonight?” Tucker smiles normally and sounds excited by his idea. “We can make it a double date. Huh Chas?” She wonders what he is up to. “We could go to the movies after?”

“Yeah. Maybe.” She squints her eyes at Tucker.

“Oh! Fun!” His mom sounds overly excited. “I know just what to make.” She moves down from the porch. “Come along Tim. We need to run to the grocery store. We will see you kids at six.”

Chasity looks at her phone as she feels her stomach growl. “It is almost one.”

“That gives us five hours.” Tucker turns his back to her. “Hop on.”

They wave bye to his parents as she rides on his back to his jeep.

“Are you ready to give up on the stupid idea to date in secret yet?” Tucker asks her as he sits her down next to his passenger side door.

“You know it would get all weird if we told people.” She thinks about how people would talk about her being his new flavor and she wonders if they would be right.

“And it isn’t going to be weird with us both on dates with other people tonight?”

“It might be kind of fun. Besides we spend more time together than you ever have with a girl you were dating.”

“I guess that is true.” He opens the door for her in thought. “You want to go somewhere for lunch?”

She looks down at her bare feet and pajamas. “Not really dressed for that. Can you just take me home?”

“Oh yeah.”

The drive back to her house is quiet as they hold hands. It feels so weird holding his hand. As they pull up to Chasity’s house, she finally breaks the silence. “See you in a few hours.”

“What no kiss goodbye?” She hears the smile on his face as he asks. She looks over at her parents outside doing lawn work. She sees her dad wave at Tucker but her mom does not seem to notice them with her headphones on and back toward them. As soon as her dad looks back away from them, she quickly kisses Tucker’s lips before jumping out on to the cold driveway. “You want me to carry you in?”

“Bye.” She smiles at him shaking her head in disapproval before shutting the car door.


Tucker laughs slightly as he watches her walk toward her house. He understands why she wants to be secretive and he thinks it could be fun for a while.

He remembers he needs to text Stormy and invite her to dinner as he passes her house on the way to his.

He pulls out his phone as he walks toward his house.

Tucker: Would you go on a date with me tonight?

Chasity: Wrong girl.

He smiles as he responds.

Tucker: No it isn’t. I will pick you up at 5:30. Have Trevor come to my house at 6.

Chasity: Ok.

He feels excited thinking about seeing Chasity again. He just wants a little alone time with her.

Tucker: Dinner and a movie?

Stormy: Yes!

Tucker: Pick you up at 5:50?

Stormy: Sounds perfect.

He hurries upstairs to shower and get ready.

He knocks on Chasity’s bedroom door at 5:10 p.m., he knows he is earlier than planned but he could not wait any longer.

“Come in.”

He nervously opens the door feeling his heart leap when he sees her putting on grey heels. She is in a cute dress that compliments her breasts. “Where do you keep getting all these girl clothes?”

“Hannah took me shopping the other day.” She stands up adjusting her dress and he notices how short the dress really is. He does not like it suddenly as he thinks about Trevor.

“Can you put on some jeans instead?”

“What is wrong with this dress?” She looks nervous and he moves up closer to her.

He slowly slides his hand up her dress. “It has easy access.” He smiles at the surprise in her eyes.

“Stop.” She blushes and pushes his hand out of her dress. “The door is open.”

“Trevor will get the wrong idea. And then I will have to kill him.” He feels agitated with her being with another guy. She looks at him for a moment and he can tell she does not like being told what to wear. “Please? Don’t wear a dress?”

He feels himself relax as she moves over to her closet in response of his request. “Are you going to come over early before all my dates and dress me?”

“That is not why I came over.” He moves over to close her door quietly.

“Then why?” She sounds agitated at him as she shuffles through clothes in her closet.

He moves up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. Her body presses up against his and he notices she smells amazing. “I wanted to be alone with you.”

“Well, apparently I don’t have time to hang out with you. I have to find something new to wear.” She tries to break free from him but he playfully fights back.

“Just put on some jeans and one of your weird t-shirts.”

“I like my weird t-shirts!” She sounds offended but he knows she isn’t really.

“Where are they?” He releases his hold on her and shuffles through her closet. “Oh here!” He pulls out an old grey t-shirt with bees on it.

He looks at her cute expression of happiness. “I love that shirt.” She pulls it out of his hand. “But I want to look like I am halfway trying at least.”

“Fine.” He looks through her closet again. He pulls out a pink girly top he had never seen before. “Is this new too? I didn’t know you owned pink.”

She looks uncomfortable and he finds it attractive. “I don’t like that shirt. You know I hate pink.”

“You should wear it then.”

“What? Why?” She looks disgusted.

“Because if I don’t make you wear it you will never wear it.” She takes the hanger from him and begins to hang it back up. “I will play you for it.” Her eyes look at his and she grins.

He loves that she plays video games and is so competitive. “I win you wear the pink shirt and jeans. You win, then you wear whatever you want.”

“Even this dress?” He knows he could lose a video game with her very easily and he would be stressed out all night with her in that dress. He thinks quietly for a moment.


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