Maybe One Day

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11 - Dinner and A Movie


“I guess I will be wearing this dress after all.” She gives Tucker a sarcastic smile as they lay down the game controllers. She likes that it makes him uncomfortable for her to wear it. Even if she feels uncomfortable in it.

She stands from the couch in the basement game room, but Tucker pulls her down onto his lap. She laughs and begins to fight to get away from him as he tickles her.

“Chasity!” Her mother’s scolding voice causes her and Tucker to stand up immediately. She straightens her dress trying to look lady like. “Why are you wearing a dress?”

“I just felt like it.” She feels uncomfortable as she speaks because she hopes her mom does not realize she has feelings for Tucker.

“She has a date.” Tucker tells on her as he bumps into her shoulder teasingly. She cuts her eyes up at him in aggravation.

“A date?” Her mom moves further in the room sounding shocked. “Since when do you date? And who?”

“It isn’t a big deal, mom.”

“Not a big deal? It must be if you are wearing a dress and makeup.” Chasity feels embarrassed. “Tucker? What do you know?”

Her mom sits down in the chair looking intently at Tucker. “Um. Well, his name is Trevor.”

“Trevor?” Her mom looks at her impressed. “Is he handsome?”

Chasity rolls her eyes and pulls on Tuckers shirt for him to follow her as she moves out of the room. “Mom, we got to go. It’s a double date.”

“What? That is all I get?”

“We are meeting our dates at six. I don’t have time for this.” She has never talked about boys with her mom. She does not want to explain anything to her. She felt more comfortable talking to her dad about things.

“Well, have fun honey!” Her mom still sounds overly excited. “Take care of her Tucker.”

“Yes ma’am.” She sees him salute her mom as she starts up the stairs.

As they arrive to Tucker’s jeep, Tucker stops her. “So, I got to get Stormy too.” She feels annoyed with the idea. She does not like Stormy at all. But she remembers this was her idea to be secretive.

“I can walk.” She knows she has on heels and does not want to walk that far in them.

“No.” Tucker opens the door. “My plan was to drop you off first and then get Stormy.” Chasity looks over at Stormy’s house.

“Well, that might not go over well with her because she is looking out of the window at us.” Chasity points to Stormy, who has a jealous look on her face. The knowledge Chasity has makes her smile at Stormy.

“Are you really making me date her as a cover? She is high maintenance.” Tucker looks so annoyed by Stormy.

“You haven’t seemed to mind all week.” Chasity climbs in the back seat.

“That was different.”

“She was a short flavor. How long will I last?” She is teasing but his facial expression tells her he does not find it humorous.

“I already told you you’re not a flavor that I will drop in a month.” He looks aggravated with her. “Why won’t you believe me?”

“Because you leave in two months and will be dropping me regardless.” She knows her heart will be broken regardless to if they are publicly dating or not. At least if they date in secret, no one will know and feel sorry for her when he dumps her.

“That isn’t fair Chasity. People have long distance relationships all the time.”

“You’re right it isn’t fair. I would not get to see you for years while you travel around. It is not like I could even come see you. It would be unfair for you to even ask me to do that. So, can we just have fun secretly until you leave?”

He looks defeated as he closes the door and turns toward Stormy’s house. She feels slightly bad for pushing him into being secret but she knows it is for the best to protect her heart.

She sees Chasity come out of her front door meeting Tucker. It pisses her off when she sees Stormy kiss Tucker on the lips quickly then look in her direction smugly. She had not thought about having to see him kiss and touch Stormy. This might be harder than she thought.

“Hi Chasity.” Stormy gives her a fake smile as Tucker opens the door for her.

’Hi.” Chasity replies looking into Tucker’s sad eyes. He winks at her with a grin. Chasity smiles back.

As soon as the door shuts, Stormy turns around with an expression full of hatefulness. “Why are you here?”

“It is a double date. Trevor is coming too.” She tries to be nice and not snap at her.

Tucker opens his door and slides in making Stormy’s voice change to something nicer and happier. “Oh, how fun! You didn’t tell me it was a double date Tuck.”

Tuck? Why is she calling him that? Chasity is annoyed because she barely knows them.

“We are eating with my parents at my house before the movie because they wanted to meet Chasity’s boyfriend.”

“Oh. I get to eat with your parents again! They are so sweet.” Stormy’s excitement makes Chasity curl her nose.

“Again? Did she say again?” She feels confused as she looks at Tucker.

“They had us over Wednesday night for dinner to welcome us to the neighborhood.”

“Yeah, everyone in the neighborhood feels obligated to feed new neighbors.” Chasity says with a little impoliteness in her tone making sure Stormy knows she is not special.

“Well, thanks for inviting me tonight Tuck. I guess this makes our third official date.” Stormy briefly cuts her eyes at Chasity as if she is rubbing it in.

Chasity speaks quietly under her breath. “But I win in the end bitch.”

“What?” Stormy turns around with an angry face.

“What?” Chasity acts innocent.

Chasity looks over to Tucker. She can tell he feels awkward. He quickly changes the subject as he parks. “Oh look, there is Trevor!”

Trevor is just stepping out of his truck at Tucker’s house. “Is this your second date with him?” Stormy acts interested and it makes her skin crawl.

“I wasn’t keeping count. But let me see.” She thinks about how many times they have spent together through the week. They had been out every night since Tuesday. “This will be the fifth.”

“Fifth!” Tucker’s tone surprises her. It sounds mad. She likes the jealousy she sees in his eyes as he looks back at her.

“Hi.” It is Trevor, right?” Stormy has opened the door and already exited when Chasity looks over toward her and Trevor talking.

“Five?” She finds Tucker still looking at her somewhat agitated.

“We have been out every night this week. Is that a problem?”

“Hi Chas. I could have picked you up.” Trevor moves the front seat up for her to exit.

“I know but I figured Tuck could just get me since he was picking up Stormy anyway.”

“Hi Tucker.” Trevor sounds polite in his greeting to Tucker who finally exits his jeep.

“Hey.” Tucker grumbles a little under his breath.


He had no idea she and Trevor had been out so many times. It makes him nervous because after so many dates, guys general expect sex.

He makes a point to sit directly across the table from Chasity as they eat. That way he can look at her without it seeming suspicious. Her eyes flirt with him all through dinner, making him smile and feel excited. He knows Chasity is trying to be discreet but he does not care who notices.

“Thank you for dinner. It was amazing.” Stormy hugs his mom and he looks over to Chasity noticing her roll her eyes. He wishes he could kiss her right now.

“You are very welcome. I am so glad you are spending time with Chasity and Tucker.” She turns her attention to Chasity as she takes her hand. He knows his parents would be so excited if they knew he and Chasity were together. They have always loved her. “Bye darling.”

“Bye. Thank you for dinner.” He could watch Chasity all day. She looks so different in heels. Her dress is so short, it makes her legs look perfect.

He suddenly sees Stormy blocking his view of Chasity. “I am ready when you are.” He smiles politely at her before turning towards the door to leave.

“Why don’t you ride with us?” Tucker realizes his words might have been a little too loud as he sees the surprise on Chasity’s face. He is opening the passenger door for Stormy as he speaks. “We are going to the same place anyway.”

He sees the reluctance on Trevor’s face. He knows Trevor wants to be alone with Chasity and that is not something he is going to let happen if he can help it.

“Yeah. We can do that.” He feels relief from Chasity’s reply as she guides Trevor toward him.

“I guess the back seat isn’t so bad.” He sees Trevor’s smile toward Chasity and he does not like it.

He turns back to move the seat up for them meeting eyes with an unhappy looking Stormy. It suddenly hits him that maybe he could make Chasity forget this whole charade if he made her jealous. He pulls Stormy up next to him out of the way dipping her down as if they were dancing. She screeches with glee. He gives her a quick kiss on the lips before standing her back to her feet. He wants to look at Chasity’s expression but he knows he needs to ignore her the rest of the night and give his full attention to Stormy to have the highest effect. He pops up the back seat for Chasity and Trevor, never looking in their direction.

“I will crawl in first.” Trevor sounds like such a gentleman as he speaks to Chasity. Chasity follows him into the back seat but before she sits down Tucker pushes the front seat back hitting her so that she falls and let’s out a small yelp. He tries not to laugh as he purposely ignores her and helps Stormy step up inside.

He hears Trevor in the back speaking to Chasity. “Are you okay?”

Her response sounds mad. “I’m fine.” He can feel her glaring at him but he still does not look at her, closing the door for Stormy.

As they arrive to the theater, Tucker raises his seat for Trevor to exit before going over to grab hold of Stormy’s hand. “What are we going to watch?” Stormy excitedly accepts his hand but he notices her look back toward Trevor and Chasity and give a haughty look. He does not understand what just happened and it causes him to turn around and look at Chasity. Her eyes are on fire with anger.

He fights his smile of attraction to Chasity as he answers Stormy. “You like scary movies?”

“No.” She stops walking and he pulls her with him.

“Good. You can jump in my arms all night.” He smiles at her thinking of his deception.

He opens the door for Stormy to enter the theater and follows her in, making sure to let the door close in Chasity’s face. He pretends to not notice her as he keeps his focus on Stormy.

Tucker sits between Chasity and Stormy. He hopes it will drive Chasity crazy to see him ignoring her. As the movie begins, he looks from the corner of his eyes at Chasity’s hand on Trevor’s. She is playing with my emotions too. He smiles as he puts his arm around Stormy.

Stormy keeps jumping and hiding her face in his shoulder. He feels Chasity grab his other hand instinctively from jumping at a scene. It surprises him and he looks over at her noticing Trevor is not paying attention. He feels his heart quicken as her eyes meet his. He briefly squeezes her finger tips feeling the shock of excitement flow through her hand to his. She moved her hand sooner than he wants and it makes him look over to Stormy, who is still buried in his shoulder. He wishes he was holding Chasity instead.

After the movie, he drops off Chasity and Trevor at his house before driving to Stormy’s house. He knows Trevor would be bringing Chasity to her house in a few minutes so he stalls. “What did you think about the movie?”

“It was horrible!” She covers her face with her hands. “You were right about me having to jump in your arms all night. You are a romantic.”

“Huh?” He had not ever been called that before but he knows it isn’t true because he wasn’t trying to romance her. She moves towards him for a kiss and he notices Trevor’s headlight pull in Chasity’s driveway. “Let me walk you to your door.”

“Awe. See. You want to kiss me at the door instead of in the car.” He gets out to walk around and open her door as he thinks to himself. I just want Chasity to see us kissing.

He looks over trying to see inside Trevor’s truck because Chasity had not gotten out yet. He notices she is sitting next to Trevor in the cab of the truck instead of on the passenger side like he expects. He sees the inside light come on and them sliding out of the driver’s side. He turns his attention back to Stormy as he opens the door for her.

“Thank you.” She smiles sweetly at him and he replies with a polite nod and extends his hand for her to hold. As they walk toward her front door, he notices Chasity already kissing Trevor and it makes him squeeze Stormy’s hand too tight out of anger. “Ouch!” Stormy pulls her hand from his.

“I am sorry!” He quickly kisses her hand.

“It is fine.” She sounds annoyed with him.

As they reach her door, he feels the need to apologize again. “I am sorry.”

“I am okay. No big deal.” She rubs her hand.

“Have a good night.” He leans into kiss her at an angle he can see Chasity’s front door. He notices Chasity and Trevor are still kissing. It pisses him off. He kisses Stormy until finally he sees Chasity look his way and go inside her house. “Alright. Bye.” He abruptly leaves her alone running to his car.

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