Maybe One Day

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12 - Maybe


Chasity’s phone lights up as she walks inside. She sees a message from Tucker. She does not even want to read it because she is mad at him for being mean to her all night. She throws her phone on her bed never looking at the message. She knows he was acting that way on purpose. It makes her blood boil. That is why she made it a point to make out with Trevor when he could see.

Her phone buzzes again as she finishes changing clothes. She sees it is Tucker again. She decides to read what he has to say.

Tucker: Have fun? Trevor seemed to...

Tucker: Good night.

She smiles knowing she was able to aggravate him.

Chasity: Oh, he definitely did! Thanks for letting us set in the back seat. Night.

Tucker: What does that mean?

His response makes her feel better because she knows how worried he was about her wearing that short dress. If he wants to play this game, she has no problem playing too. She puts her phone on the charger and turns off her light.

She hears a gentle knock on her door. “Come in.” She is surprised to see Tucker’s shadow in the doorway as the door opens. “Tucker?”

“Your mom let me in. I told her we planned to play video games.”

“I am tired and don’t want to play any more games.” He closes the door and runs over jumping on top of her in bed. “Ouch!”

“What did you mean he had fun? He better not have had fun. I told you the dress was a bad idea?” He sounds jealous and it makes her smile knowing he cannot see her good with the lights off.

“You seemed really dedicated to your role of dating Stormy, so I just wanted to be as dedicated too.

“Chasity. This isn’t funny.” He sounds serious as he reaches over and turns on her lamp. “Did he get past first base?”

“No. I was just messing with you.” He shakes his head at her and she can feel the pull between them. The pull seems a little stronger than before their double date.

“I don’t like him making it to first base either.”

“You started it.” She remembers his dance move in his driveway followed by a kiss to Stormy.

“Just playing my part. If we are going to sell this, I have to actually date her.”

“You didn’t have to be mean to me though.” She pushes him off her as she hears him laugh.

“I know. I am sorry. I was just having a little fun.”

“Well, how about next time you find a different way to have fun.”

“Stormy looked like she was starting to catch on so I had to throw her off our scent.”

“I think you definitely did with all the kissing and special attention you provided her.” She feels angered by his lengthy kiss with her.

“You can’t really be mad at me. You're making me do this.” She feels his arm pull her so that she has to snuggle up on his shoulder.

She knows she asked for this but it is a little harder than she thought it would be. She does not want to admit it to him because she wants to keep them a secret. “I’m not mad.”

“Can it just be me and you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Please. I don’t like Stormy.”

“What about Trevor?”

She does like Trevor he seems sweet and he is definitely attractive. “I like him. And it will be nice to have him around when I start college in the fall. At least I will know someone.”

She feels him tense up and his jealousy shows in his words. “What do you mean you like him?”

“I mean. He is funny and we have a lot in common.” She likes him as a friend but she does not want to tell Tucker that. She likes him being jealous. But she wants to be honest too. “It isn’t the same way I feel about you.”

“And how exactly do you feel about me?”

“You?” She moves up and kisses him on the lips. “I love.”

She hears his smile in his response. “And, I love you.”

They lay there for a few minutes in silence before Tucker starts to laugh.

“What is so funny?”

“Did you say I win in the end bitch?” Tucker chuckles the entire time he asks.

She laughs with him. “Maybe.” She feels sadness creep in as she thinks about him and the navy. “How many weeks until you leave?”

He kisses the top of her head. “Seven.” He sounds distant as he answers.

They stay silent for what seems forever. She cannot shake the sadness within her as she hugs him tightly. “Please don’t do it? Don’t join the navy?”

She feels his heart quicken in his chest as he holds her tighter. She hears his confusion in his words. “That is like me asking you to not go to Florida State.”

She feels her eyes tear up but fights the urge to cry.

“Wake up honey.” Her mom’s voice wakes her early Sunday morning while it is still dark out. She must have fallen asleep while she and Tucker were talking. Tucker! She panics wondering if he is still here as she searches the room with her eyes quickly. She does not see him anywhere, concluding he must have gone home after she fell asleep.

“Mom?” She sits up wiping the sleep from her eyes. “What is wrong?” She knew something had to be wrong because her mom never woke her up this early, especially on a weekend.

Her mom sits down next to her on the bed and she notices she had been crying. “Grandma Martha passed away.”

Chasity feels her heart break and tears stream down her face. She buries her head into her mother’s chest wrapping her arms around her.

After a few moments of them crying together, her mother wipes her tears away looking lovingly into her eyes. “We have to fly to Florida to be with your father’s family. Hurry and pack your bags. Our flight leaves in a couple of hours.”

“What about school?” She is really thinking more about leaving Tucker.

“We will be gone all week honey. I will call and let them know tomorrow.”

A whole week. That leaves me only six to spend with him. She remembers spring break is next week and they had a trip planned to go on a cruise. “What about spring break? Are we still going?” That will be two weeks I miss spending time with Tucker.

“We will still try to go honey. As long as we get everything worked out before then.” She does not like this at all.

She hurriedly packs her bag and throws some clothes on. She runs down stairs throwing her bag in the car where her parents are loading their bags. “Pick me up at Tucker’s?” She runs through the yard as fast as she can towards Tucker’s house.

“Alright.” Her dad seems surprised by her urgency to go see Tucker.

She knocks on the door of Tucker’s house vigorously. It is still dark and around 4:00 a.m., but she does not care. Soon, the door opens and she sees Mr. Lancaster. “Chasity?” He opens the door wider. “Is everything okay?”

“No. Can I talk to Tucker?”

“Of course.” He moves out of the way. As she moves inside, she sees Mrs. Lancaster behind him and up at the top of the stairs Tucker stands looking confused and tired.

She cannot control her tears as she sees him and he runs down the stairs toward her. He wraps his arms around her and it takes some of her sadness away for a moment. “What is wrong?” He sounds so concerned.

“My grandma passed away. We are leaving for Florida.”


She sees the lights of her parent’s car shine in on the wall. “Now.” He stays speechless as she looks up in his eyes. His eyes look sad. She just wants him to hold her. “Then, next week is our cruise. I won’t be back for two weeks.”

She feels him squeeze her tighter. She just wants to kiss him but she knows his parents are watching.


His heart hurts seeing her cry. He wishes his parents were not in the room so he could kiss her bye. “I am sorry about your grandma.”

She moves out of his arms but he grabs her hand as they look out toward her parent’s car. “I have to go.” He does not want to let her leave and squeezes her hand slightly. Her teary eyes look back up into his and it makes his heart ache. “Bye.”

He looks over at his parents briefly, who do not appear to notice the chemistry between them. “Bye, Chas. See you in a couple of weeks.” He feels a loss as she exits his house.

“Poor thing.” His mom sounds so concerned about Chasity.

Tucker stands in the doorway watching the car pull out of their driveway. He can barely see Chasity in the back-window waving at him. He waves back sadly. He needed more time with her. He looks back over toward his parents and notices his dads arm around his mom. He wishes he could hold Chasity that way.

“Oh honey.” His mom moves over toward him. “Two weeks will go by so quickly.”

His dads’ tone is a little stern. “Two weeks is nothing compared to the months you will be gone at a time. You better get used to telling people goodbye.”

His mom pats his cheek slightly. “Let’s all go back to bed.” He knows he cannot possibly sleep but he follows his parents up the stairs after locking the front door back.

The school feels empty as he walks through the crowded hall. It is only Monday and he misses Chasity more than he ever realized he would.

Stormy’s arm linking into his causes his thoughts of Chasity to break momentarily. “I waited for you at lunch but you never came.”

He was annoyed by Stormy and did not want to be dating her but he knew he had to uphold his deal with Chasity. “I wasn’t very hungry.”

“Is this about Chasity not being here?” She sounds jealous.

He moves his arm away from hers. “See ya later.”

She quickly grabs his arm trying to pull him back to her. “I was thinking we could go out tonight? Some of the others are going bowling.”

“No. I am busy tonight.” He pulls away from her again knowing he just wants to be alone.

As soon as he gets home, he tries to call Chasity. He thinks if he could only hear her voice it would make him feel better. He impatiently rubs his hair on his head, pacing the floor of his room as the phone rings.

“Hey!” Her voice sounds excited and it makes him smile.

“Hi. How are things going?”

“Sad but it is good. The funeral is Wednesday.”

“Are you okay?” He remembers how sad she looked yesterday morning when she was leaving. He hates she is too far away for him to hold and comfort.

“I am. I was hoping we would come home on Thursday so I could see you at least one day before our cruise but dad said he had to stay to get stuff sorted out.”

“I wish you could come back early too. Stormy is already annoying me. I think I need to break up with her.”

“You can’t be single that would blow our cover.” He wants to beg for her to just openly date him but knows she will refuse.

“Well, if I just date her for two months that will be suspicious too. I need a new flavor.”

“Good point. Stormy hates me anyway.” She pauses for a moment before continuing. “I miss you already.”

“I know. I miss you too.” He feels the pull between them over the phone.

“I guess it is good practice though.” Her sad tone makes him remember how he will be away months at a time soon.

“Wait. What?” He wonders what she means. “Does that mean you are going to try the long-distance relationship with me?”

“Maybe.” He smiles at the hope she gives him.

“I will take a maybe.” He loves the fact the she is considering it.

“I got to go Tuck.” He hears strange voices in the background. “I will talk to you later.”

“Alright. Bye.” He feels sadness creeping back into his emotions.


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