Maybe One Day

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2 - New Girl


As her alarm sounds on Monday, Chasity rubs the sleep out of her eyes taking in a deep breath. She was hoping for a snow day so she would not have to go to school but, the snow has already melted off. Her mom had offered for Chasity to give Stormy a ride to school the other night when Stormy’s family was over for dinner. She did not want to be friends with her. They were polar opposites.

As Chasity finishes breakfast, her mom sounds scolding. “Don’t forget you are giving that sweet new girl next door a ride to school.”

“She is hardly sweet mom.” Chasity rolls her eyes remembering how Stormy had been rude to her the other night at dinner. She had tried to be nice but Stormy would just turn up her nose and talk to her as if Chasity was beneath her. “She is the devil in sheep clothing.”

“I don’t know why you have always hated all the other girls, but it is time you had a friend that is a girl. You have been hanging out with the boys far too long.” She moves closer to Chasity and brushes her hair with her finger tips attempting to straighten out some of the tangles. “If you put some makeup on and fix this hair every now and then those boys would fall all over you. You are beautiful but, with some makeup and heels you would be a knock out darling.”

Chasity feels annoyed by her mom always trying to make her girly. She liked hanging out with the boys more because the girls were always mean and cutting each other down. “Putting on makeup and getting all frilly is too time-consuming mom and it just makes all the girls seem faker. I like to be real.”

Her mom kisses her forehead. “Don’t be late and be nice to Stormy.”

“Bye mom.” Chasity feels thankful as she watches her mom leave the house with her dad to head to work.

She walks over to Stormy’s house and knocks on the door feeling mad that she is having to do this. Soon, Stormy’s beautiful face appears in the doorway. Her makeup looks spotless and just as perfect as her hair. There is not a strand of hair out of place. Her cute outfit makes Chasity’s jeans and t-shirt ensemble look old. She pulls at the bottom of her t-shirt feeling embarrassed by what she is wearing suddenly as Stormy looks down at her converse shoes. “Are you ready?” Chasity tries to sound nice.

Stormy looks back up to Chasity’s face and one of her eyebrows arches as a smirk grows on her face. “Are you seriously wearing that?” She laughs at her a little. “You look like a boy with long hair. Not even a cute boy.”

Chasity feels more uncomfortable than she already did pulling her jacket over the front of her t-shirt attempting to hide it. Her mom’s words come to mind to be nice. “So, are you ready or not?”

“No way am I going to ride with you to school! I do not want to be seen with the obvious campus loser. I roll with the in crowds and I don’t want to catch your ugly.”

Chasity hangs out with all the popular guys in their class and has not ever considered herself out of the in crowd. She was part of them, even though it was kind of like being one of the guys. She was not in with the girls though. They all seemed to not like her but at least they were not ever this mean to her. “Okay.” She brokenly turns away from Stormy and leaves her doorstep. She wants to run and hide as she looks down at her shoes hitting the pavement of Stormy’s sidewalk. She wants to go change her clothes but cannot think of anything that she owns that looks girlish.

She runs upstairs to her mom’s bedroom hoping to find something to help her look less like a boy.

As she looks through her mom’s closet, Stormy’s words run through her thoughts. She does not even look like a cute boy. She pulls a red sweater from the closet and quickly changes. She sees her mom’s makeup on the dresser and moves over closer so that she can see herself in the mirror.

Her hair is stringy and unkept looking. She decides to braid it in hopes it would make her look more girly.

She runs her fingers over all the makeup laid out on the dresser. She has never liked putting on makeup but she wished at this moment she knew how. She hears a car horn outside that snaps her back to the fact that she needs to go to school. She peeks out the window and sees Tucker’s car stopped in front of her house. She zips her jacket up to cover the girly shirt she is wearing before descending the stairs.

As she exits her house, Tucker is waving at her from his Jeep. “You wanna ride?”

“Not today. I have to go help my mom at work after school.” Chasity’s mom worked at the hospital as a nurse. Chasity would volunteer there to be able to claim community service hours for her college application. “See you at school.” She hurriedly throws her bag in her car.

“Did you fix your hair?” Tucker sounds surprised and she just ignores him because she feels embarrassed by her French braid. Her mom would make her French braid her hair on special occasions, so luckily, she knew how to.

Chasity notices Stormy exiting her house and she quickly climbs in her car to avoid Stormy seeing her.


The bell begins to ring as Tucker takes his seat next to Chasity in first period. This is the only class they have together this semester. He is surprised as he sees Chasity remove her coat. She is wearing a red sweater that is out of the ordinary from her usual dark colored t-shirt choice. “Did your mom make you wear that shirt and fix your hair?” Chasity cuts her eyes at him but does not speak. “I have never seen you in red.” He has never seen her look so girly. “What is going on?”

The teacher begins to quiet the class as the door opens, drawing Tucker’s attention away from Chasity’s unexpected style. Stormy enters the room and Tucker feels excited she is going to be in class with them. He notices the only empty seat is in front of Chasity. He leans over whispering to her. “You sure you can’t just introduce me?”

Chasity’s brown eyes look intrigued as she taps her pencil on her chin before she whispers. “Is the notorious ladies’ man, Tucker Lancaster nervous?”

“No.” He shuffles in his seat. He is nervous but he does not want to admit it.

“A deal is a deal. You lost the game.” She smiles at him smugly shrugging her shoulder. “You’re on your own.”

As Stormy moves closer to the empty seat, he can now see the features of her face clearly. Her green eyes shift around the room and he can tell she looks nervous to be in a new school. He feels more comfortable talking to girls when first meeting them with Chasity around. He is not sure why; she has just always been his safety net. When Stormy takes her seat, he quietly leans up and introduces himself feeling Chasity looking at him. “Hey. I am Tucker.”

She turns with a sexy, shy looking smile and he finds it attractive. Her dimples pull him in as she responds. “Hi. I am Stormy.”

Tucker knew he was going to be taking her out this weekend, he could just tell by the way she was looking at him. They continued to shoot flirty eyes at each other all through first period. Chasity kept rolling her eyes at him in disapproval.

As the bell rang, Tucker gathers his things and moves up toward Stormy as quickly as he can. “I know you’re new, so if you need help finding your next classroom, I’m your guy.”

“That would be awesome, thanks!” She smiles at him before pulling out a piece of paper. “I think my next class is Science with Mrs. Kalo.”

Tucker feels a sense of accomplishment and excitement as he speaks. “That is my next class!” Her eyes smile at him as she tries to put everything back into her bag. He notices she has a lot of books with her for other classes. “Wow, that looks heavy.”

“I haven’t gotten a locker assignment yet.”

He reaches for her backpack. “Here. I can carry your bag.”

“Thanks.” She smiles at him and he notices Stormy looks behind him. “Hi, Chasity.” Tucker looks back and notices Chasity seems annoyed.

He knows she always acts this way when he is hitting on girls. “Hey Chas. See you at lunch.”

She looks at him as if he is stupid before she walks off not responding. They have had lunch together every day the past seven years. Even if he was dating a girl, he still had lunch with Chasity and only Chasity.

“You two are good friends?” Stormy sounds so sweet as she speaks but, he still feels distracted by Chasity’s annoyance.

“Best friends.” He does not want her to feel threatened by Chasity like some of the other girls. “She is like one of the guys.”

“Do you have lunch with her every day?”


“Is there room at the table for one more?”

He smiles at her wanting to be polite because she is new and does not know anyone. “Um..Sure. We would love to have you sit with us.” She smiles at him and he wonders if Chasity will be okay with Stormy’s presence. He knows how much she hates other girls.

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