Maybe One Day

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24 - A Night to Remember


She runs her fingers over his chest as they lay in bed together. “What time is your outing with the guys?” She is sad he is leaving but she understands and would never ask him not to go out for his celebration.

She notices him look over toward the clock. “In a couple of hours. I have to go shower and get ready though so I better go.” He kisses her before taking his arm out from around her to get out of bed.

“You could shower here and get ready. You did bring your bags from the airport.”

“All those clothes are dirty. I didn’t want to make mom wash them.”

She watches him getting his clothes on and cannot stop her smile at how sexy he looks with the lamp light accenting the tones of his body. “Will you be back tonight?” She knows he is reluctant and nervous about staying the night with her.

“Probably not. I don’t know how late we will be out.” He sits down on the bed with his back to her putting his shoes on. “What are you doing tonight?”

She moves up behind him wrapping her arms around him and kisses his cheek. “Washing clothes and maybe curling up on the couch to watch a movie.”

“That sounds quiet.”

She realizes that they never actually discussed what they were to each other or if they were going to move back in together. “If you leave your clothes, I will wash them for you.”

He turns toward her and kisses her again but she can tell he sounds distant. “I will call you tomorrow.” She can tell he is avoiding her offer to leave his clothes and it makes her wonder if he changed his mind.

“Tucker?” Her words stop him just before he exits the bedroom. “Do you still have your apartment key?”

He shuffles through his pocket and pulls out his keys. “Yes.”

“Then, instead of calling tomorrow, why not just move back in while I am at work?”

“Is that what you want?” She does not see any feeling in his blank eyes.

She wraps the sheet around her as she walks over to him. “What do you want?”

“To make you happy.” She feels his hand on her hip as she presses her body up against his. “I told you I would do what you wanted.”

“Then yes. I want you to move back in.” She had cried so many nights without him here but she did not want to tell him that. “But on one condition.”

“What is that?”

“That you never just disappear on me again.”

“Okay.” She sees the concern in his eyes but she cannot hide her excitement as she wraps her arms around him. She hears him laugh from her screech of excitement. She hears his phone start to ring and it causes her to release him. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and she notices a picture of a girl with short blonde hair flashing on the screen that she has never seen before. He rejects the call and puts his phone back in his pocket. “I really have to go.” He pulls her back into his arms smiling down at her and it causes her to smile in return. “I will see you tomorrow then?”

“Tomorrow.” She nods her head with her response feeling happy to have him back.

He kisses her before going over to the front door and picking up his bags.

“I really don’t mind to wash your clothes.”

“I know but there are things in my bag I need so, I will wash them later.”

“Alright. Well, have fun with the guys.” She notices an odd look in his facial expression for a moment before he looks away opening the door.

“I will. Bye.” He starts closing the door before Chasity can even answer.

“Bye. Love you.” She feels like she is talking to herself as she hears the door close and no longer can see Tucker.

She loses track of time as she washes clothes while watching TV. She hears her phone chime causing her to look at the screen. She has a new message.

Iris: Hey girl. You back?

Chasity: Got back earlier today. You have a good Christmas?

Iris: I did. How was yours?

Chasity: Amazing!

Iris: Amazing huh? You want to come with me to hear Chase’s band play?

Chasity: Sure. Come pick me up and I can tell you why it was amazing.


The bar feels over populated as Tucker enters with Julie, his roommate. She is wearing a blue sparkling dress with matching blue heels and her blonde short hair is spiked up around her headband.

“I see them over there.” Julie points with her wallet toward two gentlemen at the bar.

He and Julie make their way over closer to the men and Tucker stretches out his hand toward Sam as Julie greets Bart. “Hey. How was your first day?”

Sam takes his hand. “It was great. You are going to love it.”

“Sucks you had to work on Christmas day though.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Sam shrugs his shoulders. “I still can’t figure out how you talked them into letting you have Christmas off as a newbie.”

“It is all that charm I keep stowed away.” Tucker teases knowing he had explained before the police department hired him how he was gone the past four years and wanted to be home for Christmas this year.

“Hey Bart.” He extends his hand to Bart. “Your wife and kids make it back safely?”

“Not yet. They get home tomorrow.” He accepts Tucker’s hand. “I wouldn’t be out if they were home. My wife never lets me go anywhere.” Tucker laughs at Bart’s response.

“First rounds on me.” Julie waves toward the bartender. “Three shots of rum.”

“Last I counted there were four of us.” Tucker notices Sam looks confused.

“I am being the DD tonight.” Tucker sits down on the bar stool next to Bart. “I don’t drink.”

“Ever?” Sam looks surprised.

“Well, not anymore.”

“You have to be the only twenty-two-year-old I have ever met that doesn’t drink.” Bart pats him on the back. “Good for you.”

Julie winks at him and it makes him smile slightly. He knows she is the only one that knows about his bad dreams.

“How is your family Sam?” Tucker tries to change the subject and he sees Sam’s face light up at the mention of his family.

“Bryson took his first steps yesterday.” He sounds like such a proud father and Tucker wonders if he will be a good dad one day.

“Oh look! A table.” Julie pulls on Tucker’s sleeve to follow her to a table where a group is leaving.

The time flies quickly as they all chat. Tucker notices how the other three are getting extremely drunk as he looks at the time that reads just after 2:00 a.m. “Maybe we better call it a night?” He takes an empty shot glass from Sam, who was trying to lick the inside of the glass. “I have room for everyone in my car.”

“You have a car?” Bart sounds impressed. “I don’t see how you drive around anywhere here. Nothing but subway and taxis for me.” Bart starts to laugh loudly. “Well, I guess I drive a police car now.”

“Just because I am a girl.” Julie waves the waitress over to their table and Tucker waits for her to say something else but she doesn’t and it makes him laugh not knowing what she is talking about.

The waitress arrives and he watches Sam perk up looking down at her feet. “You have nice feet.”

The waitress seems to ignore Sam and Tucker shakes his head in an apologetic manner. “Could we close out our tabs please?”

“Sure thing. I will be right back.” Tucker notices her cute little country accent seems out of place.

“My car is a couple of blocks away. I am going to get it; can everyone get outside all right?” Tucker stands to leave wondering if any of them are functional enough to follow what he is saying.

“I want to go home too.” Julie stands up gathering her coat and purse. “Roomy you can’t leave your roomy.”

“I am just going to get the car Julie. I will be right outside in a few minutes and I will take you home.”

“But I have to go home too.” He realizes she cannot be reasoned with right now.

“Okay. Well let’s go.” He looks at Bart who seems to be the soberest. “Can you and Sam be outside in about ten minutes?”

“For sure man.” Bart nods his head and Tucker takes Julie by the arm to stabilize her.

Exiting the bar, Julie trips over the steps and Tucker catches her just outside of the bar on the sidewalk. “Who put that trunk there?” She looks mad up at him. “Some pirate I’m sure.” Tucker can’t help but laugh at her as he tries to help her stand up. He notices her shoe on the ground and bends over to pick it up. He puts in on her foot as she props herself up on his back.

“Tucker?” He feels surprised turning toward Chasity’s voice. He sees Chasity dressed in red heels and a silver mini dress and she is walking toward him next to a red headed girl in a yellow dress and heels.

Shit. He thinks to himself and feels nervous suddenly. He looks at Julie and makes sure she can stand before looking back at Chasity who is now right in front of him. “Hi babe.” He tries to sound not nervous. “I thought you were relaxing at home?”

“Well, that is funny because I could have sworn you were out with guys?” He sees surprise laced in her eyes but he cannot tell if she is mad because he is distracted by how pretty she looks with makeup on.

“This is Julie.” He points over to Julie without looking at her. “She is one of the guys.”

The girl Chasity is with speaks and he realizes he does not know her. “She doesn’t look like any guy I have ever seen.”

“I am sorry, who are you?” Tucker tries to be nice.

“Hey roomy.” Tucker cringes at Julie’s words. “Can we go home now?”

He quickly looks over at Julie who is swaying before looking back at Chasity. “Roomy?” He can definitely see Chasity’s anger now.

“What the fuck?” He hears Chasity’s friend talk in a high-pitched voice.

“Chasity, no.” He tries to hold Chasity’s hand but she steps back from him and looks over toward Julie.

“You have been living with a girl?” Her expression stabs his chest.

“No.” He shakes his head at his lie. “I mean yes. But Chasity...”

“He has been living with a hot girl.” He is starting to get annoyed with her friend’s comments.

He holds his hand up toward Chasity’s friend. “Can you not talk. You’re not helping.” He moves closer to Chasity putting his hands on her shoulders. “Baby. This is absolutely not what it looks like.”

“Really? Because it looks and sounds like you are out partying with your hot female roommate.” Chasity looks over at Julie as she talks.

“Roomy?” Julie whines and he feels so overwhelmed by the situation.

“Shut up Julie.” He is not sure how to explain everything because everything seems to be happening so fast. “The other guys, Sam and Bart, are inside. We were just going to get the car because I am the only sober one. And yes I..”

“You and your roomy sure looked cozy and like you were having a good time when we saw you.” Chasity’s friend speaks again and he feels the need to scream.

“Who are you?” He snaps at her.

“Alright.” Chasity pushes his hand from her. “We are done here.”

“What? No.” He doesn’t understand why no one will let him talk.

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