Maybe One Day

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26 - It is What it is


Tucker kisses her gently for a shorter amount of time than she was wanting. He sighs as she sees him reach over and pick up the ring box. She feels her heart quicken as he starts to kneel on one knee. “Now?” She feels awkward and nervous.

“I can’t surprise you ever now that you know. So, yes right now.” She understands his point but starts to reel through her feelings and if they are actually ready to get married. She loves him but they just got back together a few hours ago and he lied to her. She wonders if this is all too fast before his words gain her attention again. “I had like this really awesome proposal prepared back in October that I rehearsed in my head a million times. But now I can’t promise this one will be as good.” She watches him talk and begins to feel herself breathing heavier. “Anyway.” He takes a deep breath and she can tell he is nervous too as he looks up into her eyes. “We were just eleven when I saw Matt Peterson push you down off your bike at the block party. I had never been so mad at anyone in all my life as I watched your wavy hair fall towards the pavement. At the time, I was unaware of what was happening inside me.” Chasity laughs remembering Matt falling to the ground holding his face after Tucker punched him. “It took seven years for it to finally hit me that I was in love with you and had been since the first moment I held your hand to help you up off the ground after I punched Matt. You were all I ever thought about every moment of every day for four years as I traveled around to the worst parts of the world. I would see your brown eyes and wavy hair every time I closed my eyes. That and the memory of your warm body against mine in bed was what kept me alive. You have been on my mind and in my heart for eleven years now, half of our lives. I love you, more than anything and no one could ever capture my heart the way you have over the years. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone more perfect for me than you. So, Chasity Rayne Grisom.” He opens the ring box and she sees the perfect ring inside and it makes her gasp quietly for air. “Will you marry me?”

She feels her heart melt and all her nerves disappear from his sweet proposal. She cannot seem to speak though as she sees his nervous eyes watching her intently. She looks back down at the ring knowing that he is the only person that would have ever known that she would like that simple of a ring. She looks back up into his eyes before a large smile starts to grow on her face. She places both her palms over her mouth to cover her smile for a moment before she answers. “Yes.”

She sees the nervousness in his eyes change to excitement as he stands up and she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. She feels like fireworks are going off inside of her as Tucker’s lips meet hers.

He suddenly breaks their kiss and steps back from her. “Are you sure?” He looks her in the eye as he asks. “Because I know we have been going through a crazy time right now and I don’t want you to think you have to say yes to me or feel pressured or anything. If you say no, I would understand and we can give it some more time because...”

“Tucker.” She puts her hand over his mouth. “Stop. Yes. I said yes. And I am one hundred percent sure I want to marry you.” She takes her hand down from his mouth cautiously. “I know we have had some crazy times the past few months, but I know you. There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish or work through together so my answer is still yes.”

She sees his smile grow. “Alright.”

She looks down at the ring box again and feels excited. “So, can I have my ring?”

“Absolutely.” Tucker excitedly takes the ring and slides it onto her ring finger. The ring feels a little loose on her finger as she centers the diamond. “We will have to get it resized.”

“Can I wear it until we do?” She cannot stop smiling as she holds her hand out observing how the ring looks on her.

“Yes. If you promise not to lose it.” He sounds like he is talking to a child.

She looks up at him before wrapping her arms around his neck. “I promise.”


He feels nervous as they crawl into bed and he notices it is almost 6:00 a.m. He knows she usually needs to be in to work by 9:00 a.m. and gets up two hours early. “What time are you going to work?”

“I have to be in at nine like always.” He notices how tired she sounds as she snuggles up next to him.

“You only have a little over an hour to sleep.” He feels less nervous thinking he can stay up one more hour. He does not want to chance having a bad dream and hurting her again.

“I know but I can’t miss today. We have a big meeting.” She reaches over for her alarm clock changing the settings. “Maybe I will get up thirty minutes late.”

He kisses her hair as she cuddles back up to him and he notices how she smells like smoke and alcohol. It does not take long for her to fall asleep. Tucker picks his phone up to play a game until she wakes up and time flies by faster than he expected as the sound of her alarm starts tinging. He quickly puts his phone down as she moves in his arms. He did not want her to know he had not slept yet. Chasity turns off her alarm before briefly snuggling up to him one more time and kissing his lips. “Sorry my alarm woke you. Go back to sleep.”

He feels tired but he remembers being much more tired when he was overseas. “I am okay.” He sits up in bed. “I will make you some coffee while you get ready.”

“No babe. I know you are tired and at least one of us should get some sleep.” He ignores her plea as he moves out of the room toward the kitchen. “Oh, or do you have to be somewhere too? Do you start work today?”

He glances back at her still sitting on the bed. “No.” He feels nervous again. “We should probably talk about a few things tonight when you get home.”

“Why? What kind of things?” She stands up and moves towards him.

“Like about my work schedule. I would talk to you about it now but you will be late.”

“Oh!” He sees her look at the clock and jump out of bed. “I better hurry.”

He makes the coffee strong and fills up her travel mug. He decides he does not need coffee so he can get some sleep when she leaves. He hears her moving behind him and it causes him to turn toward her. Her hair is wet and she is pinning it up. “Here is you some strong coffee.” He kisses her cheek as he hands her the mug and he notices how sweet she smells. He missed her smells.

“Thank you.” She smiles at him and he notices she is wearing her engagement ring. He smiles thinking about her being his forever. He had wanted her so long he cannot help but feel excited and satisfied. “What?” Chasity sounds awkward. “Do I have toothpaste on me or something?” She runs her hand over her skirt.

“No.” He shrugs his shoulders at her still smiling. “I am just happy.”

She smiles in reply and kisses him on the lips good bye. “Me too. I will see you tonight.”

“Have a good day.” He watches her move toward the door as he speaks. “Don’t lose the ring.”

She turns back toward him as she walks and puts her hand over her heart. “Never.” She opens the door and blows him a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

It is late afternoon when the ringing of his phone wakes him. He is so tired he cannot seem to get his eyes open all the way as he reaches for his phone. “Hello.”

“Hi.” The familiar males voice makes him quickly sit up in bed and his eyes open. He feels his heart quicken. “I told you I would find you Lancaster.”

His mind quickly reals as he tries to think of what to do. He acts as if he is not sure who is on the phone and tries to sound calm. “Who is this?” He gets out of bed and quickly finds his gun inside his bag, making sure it is loaded.

“You know exactly who this is.”

“No. If I knew who you were, I wouldn’t have asked now would I.”

“Then let me refresh your memory.” Tucker can hear movement through the phone as well as the sound of a car moving. “Three years ago you got me kicked out of the navy.” Tucker changes from his sleep clothes into jeans and a t-shirt as he listens. “I told you I would find you one day and you would regret what you did.”

“That wasn’t my fault Chainey. You punched me for no reason when you were already on probation.” Tucker decides the best way to approach the situation is to try and reason with him.

“No. You ruined my life.” He hears the anger in Chainey’s voice. “You knew the navy was all I had.”

Tucker always felt bad for Chainey’s situation and he still does. “Look man if you need help, I can help you.”

“It is too late for that.” He hears Chainey laughing. “I had the best conversation with your parents a little while ago.” Tucker feels his heart aching as he wonders what his parent’s might of told him. He knows they did not know he was back together with Chasity yet so that makes him feel a bit of relief. “It is funny how open they were when I told them I was in the navy with you and just wanted to catch up.”

“What are you after Chainey?”

“Well, you took everything from me. So, I want everything from you.” Tucker hears more movement through the phone as he looks out of the windows down to the street trying to stay hidden.

“There is one problem with your plan.” Tucker listens to the background in the phone, he hears kids playing as if he was in a park. “I have nothing left to be taken from me.” He thinks about Chasity being unprotected at work and wonders what all this man knows.

“Well now, we both know that isn’t true. You have your parents and that Chasity girl you were always going on about.”

He feels panic thinking about his parents. “What did you do to my parents?”

“Nothing. Yet.” He feels a bit of relief but wonders if Chainey has them somewhere.

“Where are they?”

“Oh, don’t worry. They are still at home and clueless at the moment. I hear you are having girl problems and wanted to have fun with her first.”

“Why not come face to face with me first?”

“There wouldn’t be any fun in that would there?” He hears the phone hang up before he can say anything more.

“Shit.” He quickly dials his parents.

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