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She rejects Tucker’s call for a second time. She feels annoyed that he is trying to call right now during her meeting. Iris clears her throat and gently taps Chasity’s hand. “Yes. Chasity and I are working on it. We are excited to present it.”

Chasity shoves her phone back in her skirt pocket realizing she had been spoken too but was too distracted to hear. She straightens up in her chair as she responds, “Yes. We should be ready to present it by Monday. The client will be extremely impressed.”

“Well, let’s see it. I need to be impressed first.” Her boss is giving her and Iris a judgmental look from the head of the table.

Chasity looks over to Iris in a slight panic because they do not have everything ready to present.

“We will go get the slides and material right now Mrs. Welding.” Iris smiles and stands from her chair. Chasity follows her out of the room toward their offices.

Chasity feels emotional and makes sure the door closes behind her before she speaks. “We aren’t ready for this.”

“Yes, we are. It will be fine.” Iris sounds so confident and Chasity feels her phone buzzing again.

She pulls her phone out of her pocket seeing Tucker calling again so she quickly answers. “What? I am in a meeting and have to give a presentation. I will be home in a few hours.”

“No. Chasity this is important.” She hears worry in his tone.

“Can it be important in like thirty minutes instead of right now?”

“Chasity.” She hangs up the phone not letting Tucker respond and turns toward Mrs. Welding’s voice. “Bring me a coffee as well.”

“Yes ma’am.” She looks over at Iris rolling her eyes after Mrs. Welding disappears back into the conference room. “What does her secretary do since I am always the one having to get her coffee and files. Why does she hate me so much?”

“She is just testing you. She is hard on everyone at the beginning, you just have to prove yourself. This project will do it.”

“I hope so. I can’t take her scrutiny much longer.” Chasity turns into the break room. “Can you get everything else while I make her coffee?”


Chasity feels her phone buzz again as she starts the coffee maker. She pulls out her phone and sees Tucker again. She feels bad for hanging up on him and knows she has a few minutes to spare while the coffee makes so she answers. “Hey. Sorry. I just have this meeting and am about to present.”

“It is fine but listen.” She hears the nervousness in his voice. “Do not leave the building without me.”

“Huh?” She feels confused. “What are you talking about?”

“I will tell you later but promise you won’t leave the building unless I am with you. I am going to pick you up when you get off and walk with you.”



She laughs wondering what he is up to. “Yes. Alright. I promise.”

“I love you. Good luck with your presentation.”

“Thanks babe. I love you too.” She smiles feeling giddy as she looks at her engagement ring.

“Come on Chasity.” Iris breaks her thoughts and she realizes the coffee is finished.

“Bye.” She hangs up and takes the coffee with her to the conference room.

“What took so long.” Mrs. Welding sounds so annoyed as Chasity slides the coffee mug in front of her.

“Sorry. The pot was empty.”

“Go on with the presentation.” Mrs. Welding waves Chasity away from her as she lifts the mug up to her lips.

Iris manages the slide show as Chasity talks. Chasity can hear her heart beating the entire time she is presenting. “Since this is a campaign for eco-friendly pencils, we would like the commercial to have the earth spinning on top of the point of the pencil and a pen lying next to the pencil. We want to ask the consumer, when it comes to ink or pencil, what has you spinning?” She breathes easier as she sees Mrs. Welding’s facial expression relax with a small smile. “The idea behind eco-friendly is to keep the earth clean and live longer and that is just what we want the consumer to believe in.”

“Stop.” Mrs. Welding stands from the table and holds her hand up toward Chasity. “It will do.” Iris smiles toward her but Chasity feels hurt they are not even getting to finish presenting. “We will see everyone on Monday then.”

Iris hugs her happily and Chasity feels relieved to be done with the hard part of getting it past Mrs. Welding. “She totally liked it. If she hated it she would have said.” She nervously watches Iris begin to gather up the papers around the room. “Now you just have to get the client to like it and you are in. Like, in in. And she will treat you so much better.”

“What if I fail and the client hates it?”

“Then your life here would suck and you should probably find another job at that point.” Chasity feels overwhelmed wondering if she could even find another job in this big city. “Relax.” Iris places her hand on her shoulder. “The client will love it.”

“He better.”

“Come on. We get to go home early too.”

She remembers Tucker. “Wait what? Early?”

“Yes. She said she would see us all Monday. That means we can go home now.”

Chasity looks at the time. “But it is only three.”

“I know! We get off three hours early.”

She pulls out her phone to call Tucker wanting to keep her promise to not leave without him but notices a man sitting in her chair as she enters her office. “You must be Chasity.” He stands and moves toward her. “Tucker has told me so much about you.”

She feels confused realizing she does not recognize the man and she wonders how he knows Tucker. “Hi. I am sorry. Did we have a meeting?”

“No. Actually, Tucker wasn’t going to be able to make it here early to walk you home so he sent me because he thought you might get off early.” He extends his hand toward her for a handshake. “I am Mark Chainey.”

“Oh.” She takes his hand and she looks over toward Iris, who shrugs her shoulders and smiles. “How do you know Tucker? Are you on the police force? I don’t remember him mentioning you.”

“No. He and I were in the navy together.” She feels intrigued because she has never met any of his navy friends before.

“Alright. Let me get my things.”


He makes his way up to her office trying to be early to pick her up. As he arrives to her office, he notices the doors are locked and the lights are off. He looks around feeling the silence. He begins to feel his nerves tighten as he walks around the building looking for Chasity or sign of life. He finally sees a woman that looks familiar who smiles mischievously, “Hey. If it isn’t the cheater.”

He realizes it is Chasity’s friend from last night and he answers uncaringly, “Wow. No. I did not cheat.”

She smiles with her response, “Yes. I know Chasity told me. Congrats by the way and I am Iris.” Her response makes him relax a small bit.

“Thank you. I am Tucker.” He looks around wondering if Chasity is near. “Do you know where she is?”

“Um. She went home like almost three hours ago.”

Tucker feels his heart begin to race. “No, she didn’t.” He had come straight from their apartment and she was not there.

“Um. Yeah." Iris looks around and seems confused. "She left with your friend you sent.”

His heart hits the floor. “I didn’t send a friend.” He sees Iris’s confusion grow. “What was his name?”

Iris pauses looking around before she answers, “Yeah, I don’t know.”

He begins to feel panic grow inside his chest knowing this must be Chainey. “What did he look like?”

Iris seems clueless as she responds, “I don’t know. He was cute.”

He gets angry and frustrated with Iris as he wonders if Chainey would actually hurt Chasity. “This is important. What did he look like?”

Iris stumbles through her memory, “Um. He was tall with blonde hair and. I don’t know. He was just some dude. He looked nice.”

“Shit.” He feels his breath quicken as he looks around the room for cameras. “Do you have cameras?”

Iris squints slightly toward him, “Yes. What is going on?”

He does not want to explain to her but he knows he needs her help. “If the person that picked her up is who I think it is, she is in trouble. Where do I see the recordings?”

He notices Iris seems worried and nervous as she responds, “I don’t know maybe downstairs. There is a security guard down there. He will know.”

Tucker pulls his wallet from his back pocket shuffling through it, “Call this number. Tell Randy to track her phone. Keep him on the line and meet me down in the lobby.” He hands her a card then quickly runs towards the stairs not wanting to wait for the slow elevator.

He quickly finds Chasity's number and hears the phone ringing as he runs down the stairs. The phone stops ringing and a rattling sound. “Chasity?” He stops moving down the stairs trying to hear better. “Where are you?”

“Sorry. Chasity can’t come to the phone right now.” He hears Chainey’s voice piercing his ears and he feels his world crushing as he starts moving down the stairs quickly again.

He sounds calmer than he actually feels, “Chainey? What are you doing?”

He can hear Chainey's evil smile, “I am ruining your life. Just like I promised.”

Tucker feels the pain seeping through his words, “Where is she? Is she okay?”

Chainey wastes no time to reply, “She is laying right here next to me. You want to say hello?” Tucker cringes helplessly as he hears Chasity whimper after a loud thumping noise as Chainey speaks. “Come on now don’t be shy.”

He trys to sound calm, “Chasity?” He hears her cry as if she is in pain and it makes him stop on the stairs again. “Baby? Where are you?”

He can tell she has been crying hard as she pants out his name, “Tuck?” Her saying his name makes him feel a little better even though she sounds scared. He at least knows she is still alive.

He suddenly hears Chainey’s voice again. “No. None of those kinds of questions now.”

He hears Chasity in the background yell, “White van.”

Chainey angrily yells, “Shut up, bitch.” He hears a loud pop and Chasity cry out in pain.

Tucker starts to run down the stairs again feeling tears building in his eyes wanting to break free but he holds them back. He makes sure to sound strong, “If you hurt her, I swear I will hunt you and kill you like an animal.”

He hears Chainey laugh through the phone at his threat, “Happy hunting then.” Tucker hears Chasity cry one more time before the phone goes silent.

He bursts through the door into the building’s lobby and sees the security guard sitting over by the door. He looks around at the ceiling for cameras as he moves through the room, seeing three different ones. He yells over toward the guard, “I am with NYPD and I need you to pull your camera footage, someone has been kidnapped.”

He notices Iris coming out of the elevator as he runs out of the door on to the street looking around for a white van but does not see one.

“He found it!” Iris yells at him as she comes out on the sidewalk holding her phone out to him.

He takes the phone from her and quickly speaks through the phone, “Send some squad cars to the location fast. She was kidnapped and I think she is in a white van with a guy named Mark Chainey. It sounded like he was already hurting her.”

Randy sounds confident, “On it man. I will text you the coordinates.”

Tucker quickly responds, “No. Don’t text me. I think he might have my phone tapped. Text this number. Thanks.” He hangs up the phone and looks at Iris, “I am gonna steal your phone.” He hands her his phone, “Don’t use this and stay here in the building in case he is tracking me. The security guard should be getting the camera footage, see if you can find them leaving in it.” She takes the phone and nods still looking scared.

He hears her phone ting and looks at the text from Randy with the coordinates. He searches the coordinates and starts the directions on the map as he runs down the sidewalk. He notices the destination is not that far away. He makes it back to his car just down a couple of blocks and drives off as quickly as he can. His mind is racing in fear and he hopes he makes it in time before Chainey does anything serious.

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