Maybe One Day

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28 - Fears Unknown


Her hands are tied to her feet behind her back. She can feel the cold metal floor on her side. He had blindfolded her after she told Tucker they were in a white van, so now everything is dark. She squirms feeling anxious as she hears movement around the inside of the van. She wishes she knew what was going on and what this Mark guy was doing. She is scared but she has stopped crying for the moment. Wondering what he wants from her, she works up the nerve to ask “Why are you doing this?”

She hears anger in his tone, “Tucker stole everything from me.”

She is confused, “But what does that have to do with me?”

He sounds so matter of fact as he speaks, “You are what he cares about the most.” She jumps as she feels something cold and metal running up her leg.

“What did he take? Maybe I can get it back for you.” She tries to sound calm and caring, hoping she can sway him away from hurting her.

She hears him laugh at her. “You can’t get back what he stole from me.”

Then suddenly, she feels the cold metal pierce her leg causing her to scream loudly and cry. He talks louder over her screams, “He took the navy from me. I was an orphan growing up and I had nothing. Nothing until I joined the navy.” She cries out again in pain as she feels the cold metal leave her leg but his tone stays louder over her screams. “That entitled prick always thought he was better than me and he picked a fight one day. Yet they kicked me out. Not him. Not pretty boy Lancaster. He stole the only thing I ever wanted and could have.” She hears him laugh again as she feels blood running down her skin from the wound on her leg. “I warned him this day would come. He was always going on and on about this girl he had given up and how much she meant to him.”

She hears a loud bang of metal next to her head as if he hit the wall of the van with something and it makes her jump. "Please?" She can feel his presence next to her but all she can think about is how badly her leg is hurting as she continues to cry in pain.

“I want to make him suffer.” She hears the hate in his voice before she feels his cold hand running down her cheek. “I know you are innocent in this and I am sorry I have to do this to you.”

“You don’t have to do this.” She pleads the words realizing he is going to kill her.

He sounds like he is a consoling father, “Now, now.” She feels him pat her on the head. “A lesson must be taught here. Do not worry. If you don’t want to feel the pain all you have to do is ask nicely.”

She is not sure what he means but she does wish she could not feel the pain in her leg. “Please, stop hurting me?” She struggles to talk through the pain and tears. “I don’t want to feel pain.”

“Now was that so hard?" She feels him move her sleeve down from her shoulder. “I am going to make sure you don’t feel anything else.” She feels a prick in her arm and struggles to move away from his grip. She realizes he just gave her some sort of shot as he continues talking in a smooth tone. “Don’t get feisty. It will only make things worse for you.” She hears sirens and realizes they are growing closer to them. She feels a sense of hope suddenly come over her and uses all the strength she has left to scream for help.

She suddenly feels a hard pain in her stomach making her cry for help change to a cry of pain. He just kicked her in the stomach and she cannot catch her breath.

His angry tone is back, “I just told you...” She hears the sirens even closer as he stops his words. “Shit!” She hears him move away from her followed by the van cranking. “Looks like your boyfriend is going to buy you some time.” He sounds pissed off as she hears a noise as if he is banging on the dash angrily. The van jerks quickly forward causing her body to slide along the floor pulling her blindfold down slightly so she can see light. She begins to feel hope, realizing Tucker must have sent the sirens she hears because they sound as if they are following them.

She feels her fears and anxiety disappear as her body feels heavier. An intense relaxation takes over her body as the motions of the van roll her around the floor. “What did you give me?” She is not sure if he can even hear her or if she got the words out at all as her vision darkens.


He is close behind the police cars as they follow the white van taking sharp turns. He had hoped he would beat the police cars to the location so he could have surprised Chainey because he knew the sirens would make him run. “No.” He slams on his breaks as his heart dies watching the white van tip over on its side and slide along the road making a loud screech. He pleads to himself, “No. No. No.” He jumps out of the car as it stops and runs as fast as he can toward the van. Everything seems in slow motion as he moves past the police officers stepping out of their cars. He hears an explosion and sees fire burst from the front of the van and he knows he must run faster.

He feels like he is on autopilot when he reaches the van. He opens the back doors and sees her limp body lying on the side wall. He feels nothing as he sees Chainey’s fist launching toward him in anger. He can only think of getting Chasity out of the van as he fights with Chainey to get past him.

“Freeze!” He hears a police officer yell toward them as he manages to get Chainey in a headlock. He looks up meeting eyes with Julie.

Her words are filled with shock, “Tucker? What are you doing?” Seeing her causes him to release Chainey. He puts his hands up in the air but feels pain in his chest realizing Chainey has suddenly stabbed him with a knife. He hears a gun shot and watches Chainey fall to the ground as he falls to the ground too. His ears are buzzing and he cannot seem to breath well. Julie runs towards him sounding panicked, “Tuck you are okay.” He looks over at Chasity’s body and knows he must get to her but Julie's words try to stop him, “Tuck be still.”

He just ignores her as he crawls over to Chasity trying to tell if she is breathing. He hears Julie behind him, "oh. Shit! We need an ambulance, now!”

He begins to feel dizzy but he trys to ignore it. He sees some blood around Chasity's legs and feels more in pain from seeing her tied up and bloody than from the knife still protruding from his chest.

It hurts as he talks, “Chasity?” He tries to feel for a pulse on her neck as she lays there looking lifeless. “Chas? Baby?” He feels warm tears spatter on his hand and realizes he is crying.

“This is Chasity?” He hears Julie's shock as she squats down next to him but he ignores her.

His heart springs back to life as he realizes he feels a faint heartbeat in her. “She is alive!” He quickly unties her arms and legs trying to see where she was bleeding from. He sees a stab wound on her leg that is still bleeding. He wants to pick her up but is afraid he might hurt her more if he does.

“Come on Tucker.” He feels Julie pulling up on him and he smells the smoke, noticing it is surrounding them. Julie tries to reassure him, “They got her.” He notices two other police officers trying to come in to get her out away from the fire. He knows they can help Chasity more than he can in his current condition, so he does not protest. Julie helps him stand up and move out of the other officers way. He sees paramedics running toward them with a gurney as Julie yells toward them, “We need two beds.”

He thinks Chasity is worse off so he insists, “I am fine. Get Chasity first.”

“You aren’t fine.” Julie sounds worried. “You have a knife in your chest!”

“I am awake. She isn’t.” He stops and looks at Julie. “Please?”

She talks to the paramedics again. “Get the girl first.”

“We can fit them both.” The paramedic responds.

“I will help him in then.” Julie walks with him to the ambulance and helps him lay down on the other gurney. “I will meet you at the hospital.”

Tuck realizes he never looked at Chainey to take notice if he was alive, “Chainey?”


“The man.” He realizes he cannot breathe as good laying down so he tries to sit up. “You shot. Mark Chainey.”

“Lay back down man.” She tries to stop him from sitting up with her words.

“No. I can’t breathe as good.” He tries to catch his breath. “How is he?”

She sounds sad,“I shot him in the shoulder so he should be fine.” He is pissed she did not shoot to kill him. He hears the paramedics talking and it causes him to look over seeing them with Chasity on the gurney. He can't bear to see her this way.

Julie gently touches his shoulder,“I will see you in a few minutes.” Then she jumps out of the way and he looks toward Chasity as they slide her in next to him.

A paramedic tries to look at his chest but he stops him with his hands and words, “Is she okay?”

“Johnny is going to take care of her.” He points to the other paramedic.

Johnny calmly speaks. “She has a knife wound in her leg. That is the only visible wound. The hospital will scan her.”

Tucker can see her chest moving so it gives him some comfort. “Why isn’t she responsive?” He pushes the man trying to look at his wound away again.

“We aren’t sure.” Johnny says as he works on stopping the bleed in her leg.

The paramedic trying to work on him adds, “Her vitals seem alright. Now, you have to let me look at your chest.” The man has a pair of scissors and starts to cut his shirt. “How are you feeling?”

“It hurts to breathe a little.” He reaches over taking Chasity’s hand, wondering if she will be okay. He hates himself for not getting to her work sooner.

They seem to quickly arrive at the hospital and Tucker sees Julie as they are wheeling him in through the doors. She meet him in the hall and his request sounds like more of a demand,“Stay with Chasity.” He holds out the phone he took from Iris. “I exchanged phones with Chasity’s friend form work. She was getting the camera footage.”

He can see the concern in her eyes as she speaks. “Everything will be fine. I will take care of it.” Julie takes the phone from him and then runs ahead to follow Chasity’s gurney.

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