Maybe One Day

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29 - Waking Up


She hears a loud beeping noise and smells a strange smell that makes her feel the need to throw up. She quickly jumps in fear of Mark as she opens her eyes not realizing where she is. She notices the beeping get faster as she looks around what appears to be a hospital room. “Hey.” She hears a voice next to her and it makes her try to get out bed to move away but she feels the pain in her leg stopping her. “It is okay. I am Julie. Tucker’s friend.”

She looks up seeing the familiar short blonde hair and realizes she is safe in a hospital. “How did I get here?”

“The van you were in wrecked. Do you remember anything?”

She rubs her cheek feeling a cut. “I was kidnapped and he stabbed me. Am I okay?”

“You will be fine.”

“What happened?”

“Well, that is a long story and I am still trying to fill some of the gaps in myself. But what I do know is you were kidnapped and sedated.”

The door to the room opens and a nurse enters. “You are awake! How are you feeling?”

She suddenly feels confused why Julie is here and she hears the beeping speed up again. “Where is Tucker?”

“I need you to lay down. Your heart rate is high.” The nurse tries to guide her to lay down and she complies looking to Julie for an answer.

“Well.” She notices Julie look up at the nurse and she realizes something is wrong. “He is here. At the hospital.”

She relaxes knowing he is here. “How long have I been asleep?”

“About nine hours.” The nurse responds.

“Have you been here the whole time?” She looks back at Julie seeing she is in a police uniform.

Julie looks down at the floor as she moves up to the end of her chair and nods her head. “Tucker asked me to stay with you.”

She feels a little relief and hears the beeping of the machine behind her slow when she hears Tucker spoke to her. “Oh. Where is my phone, I will call him?”

“We aren’t sure where your phone is.”

She knows Julie will have his number. “Then can you tell him I am awake?”

She notices Julie seems nervous as she pulls a phone out of her pocket. “I have Tucker’s phone.” She hands it to Chasity. Chasity looks at her holding the phone and is confused. “He had switched phones with your coworker Iris. She came by a little bit ago and swapped them back.” She watches Julie lay the phone down on her tray table. “I know you have had a crazy day. And I am sorry. I was hoping to have some good news before you woke.” Chasity feels her heart begin to ache realizing something is wrong with Tucker. “The man that kidnapped you attacked Tucker. He was stabbed and had to have a surgery.”

She feels tears break from her eyes. “Is he okay?”

“I haven’t heard yet.” She knows there is more that Julie is not telling.

“Where is my kidnapper?”

“He is also here. I shot him but don’t worry he is guarded and under arrest. He won’t hurt you.”

“How are you feeling?” She hears the nurse ask but she does not really care because all she can think about is Tucker.

“Did I have to have surgery?”

“No. You had a clean wound that was easily fixed with a few stitches. It was not a deep cut. And all your scans came back clear. Nothing else seemed to be wrong with you other than being sedated.” She listens to the nurse briefly before looking back at Julie.

“Where was he stabbed?”

“He was up talking and walking before surgery so he should be fine.” She sees the hesitation in Julie and she wonders if she is lying. “He was stabbed in the upper left chest.”

Chasity’s tears increase and she does not know what to say as she stares at Julie. She needs to see Tucker and hold him.

“I will be honest. It could be bad. Like I said I have been here with you like he asked me to be but the nurses have been giving me updates. The last I heard was he is still in surgery.”

“I need to see him.” Chasity sniffles and tries to move away from the nurse. “I need to know. I need him to be okay.”

“You aren’t going anywhere right now. You need to rest.” The nurse sounds as if she is getting agitated but Chasity could care less.

“I will go find out.” Julie stands up and is next to her bed. “You need to stay in bed and rest. I will find out and be back.”

Chasity does not even know this girl but she does not like her for living with Tucker. She realizes she has no one else around so she nods her head. “Thank you.”

Chasity finally complies with the nurse as she watches Julie leaving the room.


He feels light hitting his eyes and all he can think about is Chasity. “Chasity?”

He hears a strange voice. “Mr. Lancaster? How are you feeling?”

He can barely open his eyes and he feels nauseous but he doesn’t care. “Is Chasity okay?”

“Who?” He hears the strange voice reply as his vision clears some. He sees a man in blue scrubs and a blue mask standing over him. “You may feel some confusion for a bit from the medication.”

“I am not confused where is Chasity?”

“Hi Tucker. I am doctor Williams. You are in post-op.” He feels someone touching his chest and it hurts slightly. “The surgery went well. The blade managed to miss all your vital organs thankfully. It was very close to your lung but we did not see any damage to it. The main issue was getting the knife out of your bones. It was lodged in there pretty good. How does it feel to breathe?”

“It doesn’t hurt as bad as it did before.”

“That is good.” He moves his hands off his chest. “It will take some time but you should heal up nicely. We will give you a few more minutes in here and then you will be sent to a room.”

“Thank you, doctor. Do you know anything about my fiancé, Chasity Grisom? She came in with me and was unconscious.”

“Simon can you find out where she is?” He looks over to the man dressed in the blue scrubs.

“I will be right back.” Tucker feels nervous wondering if she is okay.

“If you need anything else just press this button.” Dr. Williams hands him a cord.

“Thank you, doctor.” He feels impatient as a few minutes pass and Simon still is not back with news of Chasity. He just needs to hear she is alive and he can relax. Finally, he sees Simon walking toward his bed.

“Is she okay?”

Simon smiles as he speaks. “She is awake and doing well. She apparently has been really insistent about checking on you too. Tucker feels a massive relief hearing she is okay and smiles that she is asking for him too. “I actually arranged for the two of you to be in a room together if you would like?”

“You have no idea how much I would like that.”

“Well then.” Simon starts to unhook cords on him. “Let’s get you down there.”

Tucker feels his heart beating in excitement as Simon rolls him through the halls of the hospital. He cannot wait to see Chasity. He feels more excited about seeing her now than he did at her college graduation after being gone for four years.

“Here we are.” Simon turns his bed into a room and Tucker finally sees Chasity’s beautiful face. Tears flood to her cheeks immediately and he smiles knowing how much she loves him.

“Hey.” He wants to hold her but he knows it will not be allowed yet so he settles for holding her hand as Simon places his bed close to hers. He sees Chasity cannot even talk she is crying so much and it makes him sad. He has no idea what she had been through with Chainey.

He hears Julie talk and it surprises him because he didn’t even realize she was in the room. “We are glad you are okay Tucker.”

“Thank you Julie. For everything.”

“No problem.” She nods at him. “The doctors say Chasity will be fine too, so we had a lucky day. It could have gone the opposite way.”

“Thank God it didn’t”

“If you need anything else let me know. I better get home.” Julie begins to leave but stops and turns back toward him. “Oh, I knew you were going to be starting tonight so I called the Chief myself. He knows everything and said to take as long as you need to recover.”

“Thank you. You are a great friend.”

“No problem. I will check on you guys tomorrow.”

“Thank you Julie.” Tucker looks over at Chasity as she wipes her eyes. “It was nice to get to know you.”

Julie smiles toward them, “You too Chasity.”

He smiles politely at Julie as she disappears through the door before looking back at Chasity. “She is not so bad right?”

“I hate to admit that I do actually like her.” Chasity laughs at herself as she responds.

“That is good because she is my partner at work.”

“What?” Chasity sounds surprised and he is afraid to look at her. “Like the one you will ride around in a car with all day?”

He clears his throat feeling nervous. “All night actually. We are on night shifts.”

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