Maybe One Day

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3 - Intruder


Chasity is running a little late for lunch because she stayed after her last class to ask a question. As she enters the cafeteria, she feels stunned when she sees Tucker and Stormy sitting together laughing and flirting. They are sitting in her and Tucker’s spot.

He never invited any of the other girls he was seeing to set with them before. She had seen him with dozens of other girls and it never bothered her this much, but now this girl was getting into her territory. First, she moves next door, then insults her, sits in front of her in first period, and now she is sitting in her seat at lunch. As she stands in the cafeteria entrance trying to interpret her feelings, a voice breaks her train of thought.

“Hey, Chasity.” Marcus slides his arm around her shoulders. “What is this?” He sounds so excited and surprised. “Have you been replaced with Tucker’s next flavor of the month?”

Chasity looks up at Marcus and then over at his hand on her opposite shoulder. “Why are you touching me?”

“Since Tucker will obviously be busy this weekend with that, you should come with me Friday night to his birthday bash.” Tucker is turning 18 and has been planning the party of the year. He has a birthday party every year that everyone in their class is invited to, but this year was going to be the biggest bash since it was their senior year.

“He never takes a date to his birthday party. Besides, I don’t want to go with you.” She remembers back over the past few years that Tucker has been single on his birthday every time. The two of them always spend his birthday together at the arcade before his party.

“He never sits with anyone else at lunch either, but here we are.” Marcus pulls her up next to him tighter. “It is past time for you to go out with me anyway.” She feels annoyed thinking about Stormy interfering but also annoyed with Marcus touching her. She throws his hand off from around her.

“I will pass. You are not my type.”

“Then why did you make out with me last week?”

“Shh!” She looks around hoping no one heard. “I was bored. I am not going to date you.”

“Okay, but I know you will change your mind.” He gently bumps her shoulder as he turns to walk off.

She reluctantly moves over toward Tucker and Stormy taking a deep breath in hopes of relieving some of the anxiety she is feeling.

“Hey.” She tries to sound normal as she sits down at the table next to Tucker.

“Hey.” Tucker smiles at her and she catches his eyes making sure he knows how bothered she is by Stormy’s presence.

An ache in her chest begins to grow as she hears Stormy sounding like her best friend in the world. “Hi Chasity! Nice sweater.”

She forces a smile to Stormy as she hears Tucker talk. “How is your first day at Arbor High going?”

“It is good. I sat next to Chasity’s boyfriend in third period. He seems really nice.”

Tucker’s head pops up from his food in surprise as he glares over at Chasity, who almost chokes on her first bite of food. She did not have a boyfriend and never had one before. “What are you talking about? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, I thought he said you and he were together?”

Chasity feels further annoyed. “Who?”

“Oh.” Chasity notices a bit of meanness in Stormy’s eyes and she wonders if Tucker notices. “Sorry. I just assumed when he said you made out the other day you were together.”

Chasity feels her face heating up as she stares at Stormy’s smug face.

Tucker laughs as he speaks. “Who made up that lie?”

Stormy acts innocent as she speaks. “His name was Mark or Marcus? Maybe?”

She feels Tucker looking at her so, she glances over to him. His face seems puzzled. She had never told him she made out with Marcus the other night after they had all gone to the movies. Tucker was on a date with Marci and she was riding with Marcus, so it just kind of happened. She feels embarrassed that he knows now.

Tucker’s facial expression turns from being puzzled to shocked. “Are you serious?” He leans over closer to Chasity and she looks down at her food feeling extremely uncomfortable. “You made out with Marcus? When did this happen?”

She does not want to talk about it and she is annoyed that Stormy is yet again intruding in on her territory.

“Oh. I am sorry!” Stormy sounds so innocent but Chasity can tell it is all fake. “I just assumed since the two of you were best friends, Tucker already knew.”

Chasity looks up into Stormy’s evil eyes but avoids looking at Tucker. “You just met him this morning and me Friday night. So, maybe you should stop assuming things, when you don’t even know us.” She stands taking her tray to leave and feels Tucker’s hand on her arm.

“Where are you going?”

She shakes his hand off her and leaves the cafeteria.


Tucker feels stunned because he had never seen Chasity with a boy like that. She was popular with the boys but she never gave any of them the time of day. His mind begins to race as he looks around the lunch room for Marcus.

“I feel so bad!” Stormy’s sad words cause him to look back at her. “I had no idea you didn’t know! I never would have said anything to upset her on purpose. I didn’t mean to embarrass her.” She looks genuinely upset so Tucker tries to console her.

“No. It is fine. Don’t feel bad. You didn’t know.” He wants to go check on Chasity because she looked more upset than he had ever seen her. And he wants to ask a million questions about her and Marcus. “I should go check on Chas.”

He quickly grabs his things and runs in the direction Chasity went. He looks for her through the hallways and finally spots her at her locker. “Hey?” He reaches her locker just as she is closing the door. There is an odd look in her eyes. He finds it so confusing. “Since when are you into Marcus? Is that what the clothes and hair is about?”

Chasity looks down avoiding his eyes as she speaks. “Are you seriously going to date her?”

“More important question is what happened with you and Marcus?” His curiosity is too strong to avoid the subject.

“Nothing.” She looks up at him boldly but he can tell she is lying.

“Why didn’t you tell me then?”

“I wasn’t aware I had to tell you about every guy I kiss. Answer my question. Are you going to date her?”

“I wasn’t aware of you ever kissing any guy. How many have there been? Wait, are you not a virgin?” He realizes he does not even know the answer to that question anymore. He is not sure why he cares but the thought of her sleeping with Marcus pokes at his heart. “Are you sleeping with Marcus?”

He notices Chasity shifting uncomfortably. “That is none of your business.” He cannot tell if she is uncomfortable because she is not still a virgin or if it is because she is. “Are you going to try to date her or not?”

“I already asked her to come to my birthday party with me.”

“She is your birthday date?” Her tone sounds hurt and it confuses him.

“She is new. I thought we could all three be friends. Besides, she did not know you and Marcus were not public. She feels really bad for saying anything and upsetting you.”

Chasity looks up at him and he can tell she is mad. “Are you seriously defending her right now? And since when do you want to be friends with a girl you are trying to nail.”

“She is new. Give her a break.” He does not understand why Chasity is so upset. “If you didn’t want people to know you made out with Marcus, you should have picked someone else to make out with because he has the biggest mouth ever.”

“I don’t care that people know I made out with him. But I do care that a new girl comes in and starts acting like she knows us and is trying to build some kind of a wall between our friendship her first day here.”

“You’re being paranoid.” He wonders what she is talking about. He did not think her sitting with them at lunch would be this big of a deal.

“Don’t date her.” Chasity had never asked him not to date a girl before and he finds it odd. “She is the devil. And I don’t want a new friend.”

“You don’t even know her.”

“Neither do you.” Her eyes look like they are on fire from anger and Tucker cannot grasp what has caused her to be so against Stormy. “I don’t want to eat lunch with her again.”

“She is new and doesn’t know anyone else.” He never thought about Chasity being mean until this moment. “I wasn’t going to make her set alone.”

Chasity looks down at her feet quiet for a moment before speaking again in a calmer tone. “Well, you can set with her all you want. I will find a new table until you screw her and move on to a new flavor.” She turns to leave him and he feels stunned by her response.

“Is this you being jealous?”

“What?” She looks confused by his stupid suggestion as she turns to face him once more. “No. This is me telling you she is the worst girl you have ever considered dating. She is scheming something and you are stupid if you don’t see that.”

He is annoyed that Chasity is acting this way. “Well, it isn’t like you ever hang out with any of my girlfriends anyway.” He hits the lockers with the side of his fist. “Maybe you should just set with Marcus at lunch from now on!”

He sees her brown eyes look at him briefly making him feel like a jerk. “Maybe I will.” They had never fought and especially not over one of the girls he was dating. He felt angry but hurt at the same time.

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