Maybe One Day

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30 - Filling in the Holes


“They gave you night shifts?” She realizes why he did not want to talk about his work schedule yesterday morning.

“I asked for the night shift.”

She sits up more in bed feeling annoyed and confused. “Why? We will never see each other.”

“You will see me every day.”

“When?” She does not understand why he would ask for a night shift. “As we pass each other when I am leaving the apartment and when you are getting home?”

“I have days off. It won’t be as bad as you think.” She hears the lie in his voice.

“I will be sleeping alone like eighty percent of the time. How is that not as bad as I think?” She lays back in the bed feeling heart broken and takes her hand away from his. She wishes she could get up and leave to be away from him for a minute.

“I will just be working forty hours a week. I will be in bed with you every night. Well, early morning on my work days. My shift is Thursday to Monday from six at night to three in the morning.”

“All weekend?” She realizes they will never get to go out on dates or be off together and it pisses her off.

“Babe. It will be fine.” He tries to hold her hand again and she pulls it away from him.

“Tucker.” She sits up and turns to face him feeling her leg wound ache. “Did you choose night shift to avoid sleeping with me? “Because I know you didn’t sleep last night when I did. I could tell.”

She sees the truth and pain in his eyes before he answers. “Chas. I can’t hurt you again. I just cannot take the chance. And I asked for night shift before we got back together.”

She tries to not feel mad at him. “What about the two nights you are off?”

“I will sex you up and snuggle you until you go to sleep, then be up all night. I just can’t sleep with you.” She feels her heart aching thinking about never sleeping with him. “You once said we could sleep in separate rooms but I thought this would be an easier fix.”

She had forgotten her plea to him about working out a way for him to feel safe from hurting her. “I will take what I can get I guess.” She thinks quietly for a moment. “But why did you ask for nights when we were not even together?”

“I had every intention of coming back to you as soon as I figured out how to keep you safe from me.” Tucker lays his head back on his pillow and she cannot help but notice how cute he is. “I could never stop loving you or needing you. No matter how hard I try. You are what makes my heart beat.”

She melts at his words and feels all her anger disappear for a second before she thinks about him being with Julie every night. She knew Julie had a girlfriend but it still concerns her. “You couldn’t have a different partner at least? You know, besides your freaking hot roommate?” She thinks about how Julie looked the two times she has seen her. “I mean. I even find her attractive in the police uniform.”

“Attractive?” Tucker looks at her oddly.

“Yes. She could turn the straightest girl into her sex slave. I mean she is really pretty.” Her words make Tucker smile but she is being serious and not amused in the slightest. “I am serious!” He tries to sit up and turn towards her in his bed and she hears him grunt in pain a little. “What are you doing? Lay back down.” She feels concerned he might open his wound.

He seems to ignore her and stands up painfully moving over into her bed. She moves over feeling her leg hurt slightly. He lays down next to her in the small bed and she snuggles up to him. He lets out a huff that sounds painful before he speaks. “That was harder than I expected.”

She laughs at him. “You are probably going to get us in trouble with the nurse.”

“I don’t care.” He looks her in the eyes and she feels her love for him jumping around in her chest. “I could not bear to not hold you a second more.” She smiles at his sincerity. “You know I am completely yours?” She is not sure if he wants her to answer the question or not but he continues before she can. “Julie looks like a frumpy daisy but you are a rose.”

She curls her nose at his words feeling grossed out. “Don’t say corny shit like that to me.”

Tucker laughs but stops as he grabs his chest. “Ouch.” She feels concerned as she sees him take a deep breath and lay his head back. “I was trying to be sweet.”

“Well it was weird. My favorite part about us is we don’t have to try.” She kisses his shoulder because it is all she can reach without moving. “Besides, I was the frumpy girl until the end of our senior year of high school. I am far from a rose anyway.”

“I never thought of you as frumpy in high school. And my point is, I like you better than I ever could Julie or any other girl I will meet in my life. You have been the only girl on my mind ever since I can remember and I could not imagine being with someone else. So, I promise you do not have to stress about me being partners with Julie.”

“It isn’t you I am worried about.”


He cannot stop himself from kissing her even when he hears the door open. Chasity pushes him away from her lips as he hears her mom’s voice. “Oh. You two made up!”

“Mrs. Grisom.” Tucker looks over to the entrance of their hospital room seeing Chasity’s parents. He wonders how they found out but Chasity quickly answers his confusion.

“I called them.”

Chasity’s mom is crying as she comes over and hugs Chasity. “What happened?” Tucker feels like a failure as her dad nods to him. He realizes he failed to keep Chasity safe. “Are you hurt too Tucker?” He looks over nervously to Chasity realizing she has not told them everything.

“Um…” He looks at Chasity’s dad. “I am so sorry. All this is my fault. I should have protected her better.”

“What do you mean?” Her dad gives him an odd look. “Chasity said you were the one that saved her.”

Tucker looks back at Chasity for a moment and she smiles at him. “Yes sir. But she would not have needed saving had I not put her in danger.”

“We aren’t upset with you son.”

“I know but you said there wasn’t anyone else you would trust your daughter with and I completely failed you on that.” He notices her dad cut his eyes toward Chasity. “I am sorry.”

“What is he talking about?” Chasity’s mom asks confused looking at Tucker and her husband.

Her dad seems unsure what to say and Tucker realizes he does not know he finally asked Chasity to marry him. He looks over to Chasity who is smiling at her dad. “You asked her?” Her dad sounds surprised.

“Asked her?” Mrs. Grisom still sounds lost.

Chasity holds up her hand showing the ring she is wearing. He sees a grin sweep across Mr. Grisom’s face. “Congratulations!” Her dad extends a hand to him.

“Oh!” Her mom starts to cry more and hugs Chasity again. “You are engaged!” She then turns and slaps her husband on his shoulder. “You knew?”

“He asked permission a while back.”

“I thought you two were broken up?” Chasity’s mom moves around the bed wanting to hug Tucker. He accepts her hug but it hurts him and he tries to not wince in pain.

“Mom be careful he just had surgery on his chest.” Chasity sounds concerned for him but the pain is not bothering him he is too distracted and relieved her parents are excited for them.

“Surgery? Why are you two in a bed together then?” Her mom sounds as if she is scolding them.

Tucker knows he has nothing on under his gown and does not want to get up and move with them in the room. “Our beds were too far apart.”

Mrs. Grisom grabs his chin gently. “I knew one day you would be my son-in-law.” She smiles at him and lets go of his chin. “I could tell you two loved each other when you were kids and hoped one day you would both realize it. I could not be happier.” She wipes more tears away.

Tucker looks over to Chasity as she squeezes his hand and it makes him smile at her. “Thank you, mom.”

“Where are your parents? Did they already find a hotel?”

“Oh.” Chasity clears her throat. “I didn’t call them. I don’t think they know.”

“Oh. We saw them leave with luggage this morning. We just assumed when we got your call…”

“Oh no.” Tucker remembers he does not have his phone. “I do need to call them. I had them fly out to be safe and I don’t even know where they went.”

“To be safe?” He realizes he and Chasity have not even discussed what happened yet as she asks.

He looks over toward her to fill her in on what happened. “Chainey visited them. That is how he knew where to find you. He tricked them. He had told them we were friends and he was just trying to find me.”

“Chainey?” He hears her dad speaking. “Is that who stabbed her?”

“That is who stabbed us both dad.” Chasity breaks her eyes away from Tucker as she replies to Mr. Grisom.

“You were stabbed too?” He realizes he should probably start from the beginning to fill in the holes for everyone and he takes his time.

"Well, son. Don't feel like you did not protect our daughter because you definitely did. And I still trust her with you."

"Thank you, sir."

"Well, let's forget about the bad news and move on to the good news. Do you two have a date picked for a wedding?" Her mom sounds bubbly and excited.

Tucker looks over to Chasity because they hadn't really discussed it yet. "Whenever she says."

Chasity smiles at him flirtatiously. "He has some time off the next few days." Tucker feels nervous as she speaks. He did not expect her to want to get married quickly. He immediately realizes he will have to sleep in bed with her until he starts work.

He is thinking so much he barely hears her mom's excitement. "Oh! That would be perfect. We could do a small quick ceremony while we are in town and get Tucker's parents here. How long do you two have to be in the hospital?"

"I think we will both be out in a couple of days." He sees Chasity's eyes looking in his and they change from excitement and flirtation to realization of his hesitation. "Unless you were thinking we should wait?"

He tries to bury his fears for a moment because he does not want it to seem like he doesn't want to marry her. "No." Her smile takes his fears away completely and he interlocks his fingers with hers. "I guess we should find my parent's and get them out here then." She almost misses his lips when she kisses him excitedly and it makes him laugh slightly reminding him his chest still hurts.

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