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31 - I Do, Do You?


She slides her heals on feeling the slight soreness of her stab wound. She wonders if it will hurt worse in heels, so she walks around for a moment and realizes it does make her hurt worse. she takes off the heals and decides to wear her sneakers. She does not think Tucker will mind. As she is tying her laces, her mom walks in the room. “Now, I know you always hated being girly but those shoes? With your wedding dress?”

Chasity stands up letting her long white gown fall to the ground so that her shoes are covered. “No one will even know. The heels hurt my leg.”

Her mom moves over and helps brush a wrinkle out of her satin skirt. “It seems fitting for you anyway, I guess.” Her mom smiles at her lovingly. “Look at you!” Chasity had gone to a salon to have her hair and makeup professionally done for the day. She does not even recognize herself as she looks in the mirror her mom turns her towards. “You look like a princess.”

Chasity smiles feeling like a princess as well. “Thanks mom. But Tucker will think he is marrying someone else.”

“That boy would marry you if you showed up in a trash bag.” Her mom tears up. “We could not have asked for you a better husband.”

“Mom don’t cry.” Chasity tries to hold back her tears. “You are going to make me cry.”

Her mom taps a tissue under her eyes. “I know. I am sorry. I promised myself this morning I would not cry. Because I am not losing a daughter, I am gaining a son. Even though, let’s be honest I always felt like he was our kid too he was over so often when you were in high school.” Her mom pauses for a moment. “And look at you now. Started dating what, six months ago? And now you are getting married. I will be honest. When you called and said you were moving in together, I never even saw that coming.”

“Mom.” Chasity wonders if her mom knew they were hooking up in high school like Tucker’s parents did. “You know he and I...” She does not want to call it dating because they did not actually date in high school. “started seeing each other our senior year of high school, right?”

Her mom looks at her curiously. “Weren’t you dating that one boy? What was his name?”


“Yes. Trevor.”

“Well, yes but I was sleeping with Tucker.”

“What!?” Her mom sounds angry. “Chasity Rayne! You mean to tell me, when we thought you were playing video games you were having sex!”

She laughs at her mom’s anger. “Well, not until the last part of our senior year.”

Her mom turns from her with a sigh. “You should not tell me those kinds of things. It makes me realize I wasn’t as good of a mother as I thought.”

“Oh mom.” Chasity wraps her arms around her mom’s shoulders. “You were a great mother and you still are. I wouldn’t exchange you for any other.”

“I should have noticed you were screwing the neighbor boy.” Chasity laughs at her mom’s sad tone. She expected her mom to be angrier with her rather than herself. “Did his parents know?”

“Yes. But I don’t think they knew until our graduation night.”

“They didn’t tell me all these years?” Her mom looks so disappointed. “Well. I guess I am the last to know everything. Should I go ahead and put my request in to at least be the first one you call when you two find out you are having a baby?”

“I promise mom. You will be the first one I call!” Chasity kisses her cheek before releasing her mom from her arms. “I guess we should get a move on. I wouldn’t want to be late. Tucker might think I changed my mind.” She moves towards the door of her and Tucker’s apartment to leave for city hall and opens the door for her mother.

“When could I expect that phone call?” Her mom looks at her judgingly. “It isn’t going to be anytime soon I hope.”

“No. Mom. I am not currently nor do I plan to get pregnant in the next couple of years. Tucker and I have never even talked about kids.”

“Good. I am too young to be a grandmother.”

As they arrive to city hall, Chasity looks around nervously for Tucker. She does not see him with his parents and her dad like she expected. “Oh Chasity!” Tucker’s mom hugs her tightly. “You look beautiful!”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lancaster.”

“Mrs. Lancaster?” She gives her a stern look. “You are about to become my daughter-in-law.” She hugs Chasity again. “I am so excited! I have always wanted a daughter. Call me mom because now you have two.”

Chasity smiles at her politely and wonders what her own mother thinks of her calling someone else mom. “Alright.”

“You do look beautiful.” Tucker’s dad smiles hugging her. “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Her dad kisses her on the cheek. “You look perfect baby.”

“Thanks dad.”

She notices everyone start to look behind her. “We will see you inside honey.” She is confused why they are all suddenly walking away from her so she turns to see what they are looking at.


Tucker feels his breath leave his lungs as she turns towards him in her beautiful white gown. One single strand of her brown wavy hair blows in the cold wind while the rest is laced up into a bun. He does not fight the smile of excitement he feels hurting his cheeks. She is so beautiful and she does not even know it. He had never seen her so fixed up before but it only enhanced her beauty and took his breath away. He sees a loving smile on her lips as she notices him standing at the bottom of the stairs. He feels nervous this far away from her so he slowly moves up the stairs to be close to her. As he arrives in front of her, he is lost for words because he does not want to ruin this moment. He wants to remember this moment for the rest of his life. Remember how beautiful she looks. Remember the waves of feelings she is causing in him right now. He moves up next to her so that their bodies are almost touching. He needs to touch her. Those eyes of hers make him feel like he is drowning. He finally manages to breathe out the words. “You look so amazing.”

She shyly looks down from his eyes. “I was afraid you wouldn’t even recognize me.”

He takes hold of her left hand and her touch makes him smile again. All he wants to do is kiss her and feel her be part of him. “I could never mistake you for someone else.”

She steps back from him pulling up her gown so he can see her dirty white sneakers and it causes him to laugh. “I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t.”

He pulls her body up against his. “I love you and your dirty little sneakers.”

“I love you too.”

He wishes he could kiss her, but he does not want to mess up her lipstick yet. “You ready to become Mrs. Lancaster?” She smiles excitedly and nods her head toward him causing him to take a deep breath of excitement. He moves his body away from hers still holding her hand and pulling her with him toward the entrance of city hall where their parents are waiting just inside.

They stand holding hands in front of the Justice of the Peace and Tucker feels impatient as the man speaks. “Tucker, do you have the ring?”

“Yes.” Tucker releases his hand from Chasity’s and pulls a wedding band that matches her engagement ring from his pocket. He looks up into her eyes and notices she seems scared suddenly. He is not sure what is wrong with her.

“Repeat after me.”

Tucker holds out his hand toward her and waits for her to take it so he can slide on the ring. Chasity does not move her hand toward his and it causes his excitement to slowly fade from his body. He watches all the blood drain from her face and her skin begin to turn white. Tucker is not sure what is happening; she just seems frozen and the look in her eye seems fearful. Shit! He feels his heart breaking as her eyes tear up. He knows if she left him, he would be crushed. “Chasity?” He painfully says her name as he tries to break her frozen state. She quickly looks down from his eyes and back towards their parents and Tucker feels as though someone has punched him in the gut. He speaks quietly toward her feeling broken. “Chas? Do you not want to do this?”

Chasity looks back into his eyes and he sees them laced with an apology. “No.” Her single word causes a deep feeling of depression to sweep over him as he looks down at the ring in his hand. He hears her quickly speak again. “It is just...” He feels so dark inside as he looks back up toward her remorseful expression. “I forgot to get you a ring.”

“Oh my god.” He feels a huge relief sweep over him as he lets all the pain he was just feeling out with a giant exhale. He feels himself tear up from the pain he just experienced. It was worse than anything he had felt before. He pulls her in for a hug and feels his heart start to calm. “Oh my god. I have never been that scared in my life.” He cannot seem to let her go as he tries to catch his breath.

“I didn’t even think about getting one.” He hears Chasity continue to apologize. “I was so busy with everything else and everything was so crazy, it just slipped my mind.”

Tucker laughs in relief as he releases her from his hug. “I don’t even care. Dad, can I borrow your ring?” He looks over toward his dad but Chasity’s dad is already holding his ring out toward him. Tucker takes the ring as he shakes his head toward Mr. Grisom who is laughing along with their other parents. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

He looks back at Chasity handing her dad’s ring to her. She takes it from him and he still feels the stress she caused him in his chest. He lets out one more giant huff trying to release the stress and it seems to help. He holds out his hand for Chasity and he laughs slightly as she puts her hand in his, this time. He looks up into her eyes knowing she did not realize how much stress she just caused him.

“Everyone good now?” The Justice of the Peace asks and Tucker looks at Chasity waiting for her to respond. “Should I continue?”

“Yes.” She seems embarrassed as Tucker watches her look toward him. “Sorry.”

He smiles at how cute she looks and feels ready to get to the kissing part. “Can we just do the I do’s and skip the repeating before I have a heart attack?” He asks looking at the Justice of the Peace who responds with a smile.

“Absolutely. Tucker do you take this woman as your lawful wedded wife, to live together in the estate of matrimony? Do you promise to love her, honor her, comfort her, and keep her in sickness and in health; forsaking all others, be true to her as long as you both shall live?”

Tucker quickly says I do as he finally slides the ring onto Chasity’s ring finger next to her engagement ring.

“Chasity do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband, to live together in the estate of matrimony? Do you promise to love him, honor him, comfort him, and keep him in sickness and in health; forsaking all others, be true to him as long as you both shall live?”

Tucker’s heart leaps as she slides her dad’s ring on his finger. “I do.” He cannot wait to kiss her any longer as he pulls her to his lips before he is even given permission to kiss her.

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