Maybe One Day

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32 - Planning


She wakes to the feel of his hand sliding along her arm. The warmth of his body touching her makes her smile. "Hey baby." She kisses his lips. "How was your night?"

Tucker begins to kiss her neck making her hum. He briefly pauses to answer, "Eventful." His lips continue the journey down to her shoulder.

"Did Julie like her gift?" Chasity feels excited as she asks.

Tucker keeps kissing her skin as he hums "mmmhhu."

Chasity tries to get his attention away from her breast. "Like did she like it like it or just liked it?"

Tucker breaks his lips from her skin and she can tell he does not really want to talk. "I don't know what that means but she liked it." He begins to kiss her again.

"But what did she say?" Chasity can't stop her curiosity.

Tucker sighs and she knows he has given up on seducing her as he lays down heavily next to her. "She liked it. She said it was perfect and she could not wait to use it."

"See! I told you it was a good gift." Chasity feels proud of herself. "Every girl likes to pamper themselves. You just can't go wrong with a spa gift card."

"So you have told me." Tucker says as he picks up his phone and it lights up on his face.

"Did she like the birthday cake I picked out?" Chasity snuggles up next to his warm body.

"Yes." She hears the annoyance in Tucker's voice. "She said it was a great birthday. She liked it all."

"Good." Chasity smiles to herself. "I can't believe you have worked there almost a year."

"I can't believe we have been married almost a year." He tosses his phone on the bed and rolls on top of her making her laugh. "Did you ask off for next week?"

"Yes." She feels excited about the surprise trip he has planned for their anniversary. "When are you going to tell me where we are going?"

"Can you stop asking me that." He begins to tickle her, making her laugh and squirm around.

"But I need to know how to pack!" She crys out while fighting his hands away from tickling her.

He slides her loose tank top up over her breasts and begins to kiss them. "I prefer you pack nothing."

She giggles at him, "oh!" She gets a devilish smile before she speaks again. "I am sure that kind of wardrobe would attract me some new boyfriends quickly."

He looks up at her and she can't see his expression but she can tell from his voice he was not happy with the thought of other men seeing her naked. "New boyfriends? You better not have any of those!! Maybe, you better pack pants and turtle necks."

"I only have like two shirts with turtle necks. You better buy me some more to last all week." She knows he is joking but she thinks how much she hates turtle necks.

"You might get a little warm dressed like that though. Shorts and tee shirts are more fitting for the warm weather." He starts to kiss her stomach.

"Oh, so somewhere warm? Finally one detail emerges." She reels through all the warm places she can think of that are romantic that he might be taking her. But she quickly forgets what they were talking about as his seduction method finally wins.

"Stay with me!" She begs as she grabs his hand when she feels him moving out of the bed.

"I'm tired babe." He bends down and kisses her. "It was a long night, I am going to my room." She hates having seperate bedrooms.

"When was the last time you had a bad dream?" She knows it has been months.

"I don't know maybe six months."

She moves up hugging him. "Sleep here. Please? It will be fine!" She can tell he is hesitant but she has been patiently waiting to ask him for this for almost a year. "If it has been six months, surely you can try just one night sleeping with me." She kisses his forehead. "Please?"

He is silent for a few seconds and she is afraid he is going to say no. "Are you sure?" She hears the concern in his voice.

She feels excited from the hope his question is giving her. "Yes! Besides, we are about to go on our first vacation together and you better not have us two seperate rooms! So, this could be practice."

His tone sounds reluctant, "I guess we can try one night."

She excitedly lays back down and his warm body feels so good cuddling up next to her. She briefly thinks back to the last time he slept in bed with her and her waking up to him choaking her. It just felt like a bad dream now. The thought makes her snuggle up closer to him. "I love you."

She hears the smile in his tired voice. "I love you too."


He smiles as he wakes up feeling Chasity's curves up against him. He suddenly feels panicked knowing she should be at work and jumps up shaking her. "Baby?" He knew he should not have slept with her. All he can think is he might have hurt her in his sleep.

She wakes up looking oddly at him. "What is wrong?"

He feels relieved seeing she is okay. "Why aren't you at work?"

She smiles at him. "I took a sick day. You have not slept in the same bed with me for over a year. I wanted more."

He lays back down feeling relieved. "You scared me." He grabs his chest feeling his heart racing.

"Your mom messaged me earlier." She grabs her phone from her bedside table. "She asked if we would be staying with them or my parents for our Christmas visit. I didn't know what to tell her since that is this weekend and you made me take off all next week. Are we going at all?"

He moves over to kiss her before he replys. "Yes. Our flight leaves tomorrow after you get off work to go see our families. We can stay at either place. You pick."

"I am not picking! Who ever we pick the other mom will be upset."

Tucker laughs, "That is why you get to pick."

"What?" He watches her sit straight up in bed. She looks so beautiful and a bit different for some reason. Her cheeks seem flushed and her skin shimmers a bit. He hasn't woken up with her in bed in so long he forgot how attractive it was. "No way! I am not picking!"

He pulls her back down on top of him feeling her naked body touch his. "You look really pretty when you first wake up."

She doesn't seem to notice his compliment. "I guess we could stay at my parents this time, because when we went for Thanksgiving we stayed with yours because mine were in Vegas with Cody." She seems excited at her thought. "And if you are going to actually sleep in the same room with me, we would not have to explain anything to my parents like we did your parents. That way we can just start taking turns who we stay with. And no one gets their feelings hurt."

He loves how soft her skin feels against his hand as he runs his fingers along her leg. He notices her facial expressions seems nervous. "So, will you be sleeping with me at their house? Because I never even heard you talk in your sleep last night."

He remembers feeling panicked when he woke, but he also thinks of how long it has been since he had a bad dream. It had been months and he rarely thought about his old life as a SEAL. "Chas, I know I slept with you last night. But it was 5:00am when you asked me to and I thought you would be getting up at 6:00. I would not have stayed had I known you would have been in bed with me longer than an hour."

He sees the frustration stiring in her as she speaks. "But you don't have those dreams anymore. And last night proves you can sleep with me." He sighs slightly as he moves out from underneath her and finds some sleep pants to pull on. Her pleas continue, "Tuck, please sleep in bed with me? I can't stand you having your own room."

"Us having seperate rooms was your idea." He has never heard her complain before about their sleeping situation and it makes him feel bad.

She gets out of bed and wraps her arms around him. "I know. And it served its purpose but now that you are doing better, isn't it time to try again?" Her cute eyes begging him makes him smile as he considers her question. "If you start moving around or talking in your sleep, I swear I will wake you up immediately!" He sees the sincerity in her eyes as she makes her case.

He is reluctant to agree but since it has been so long since he has had a bad dream he decides to give in. "You would wake me up if I start doing anything?"

Chasity's head quickly moves up and down as she talks, "I promise!"

He kisses her before he says, "Okay. Then we can try it." Her squeal and smile of excitement ignites happiness inside him.

Her excitement causes her to miss his lips as she trys to kiss him and it makes him laugh. He sees her expression change. "Did you book two hotel rooms for our anniversary trip?"

He nods his head as he speaks, "I have us connecting rooms." He wonders if that makes her mad as her naked body moves out of his arms.

"Can you cancel the connecting room?" He watches her open a draw pulling out clean clothes.

He knows it would save almost half the cost if he did cancel it. "Maybe. I guess I can call and check.”

She smiles flirting at him as she moves toward the bathroom. “We could really use that extra money." He finds her response odd since they have plenty of savings. "Wanna shower with me?”

He smiles back at her and runs over playfully wrapping his arms around her waist. “Have I ever turned down a shower with you?” She giggles at his lips kissing her back. He moves with her toward the shower as he speaks. "But, what do we need extra money for?" He wonders if she is wanting a new car or something else that is expensive.

“Well. We need some new things." Her words make him stop moving just outside the shower and she turns to face him. "So, when are we exchanging our Christmas presents to each other?”

“When do you want to?” Tucker asks as he turns the water on.

“We need to do it before we leave tomorrow.” She smiles at him with an odd smile and he knows she can’t keep secrets for long.

“Want to do it now?” He pulls his sleep pants off. “I thought we were going to shower?”

“I know, but,” She gets an oddly cute grin on her face just before she runs out of the bathroom and yells, “I can’t wait any longer!”

He rolls his eyes at her impatience as he moves over to brush his teeth. She soon appears behind him in the mirror. “Here.” She looks so excited as she holds out the small grey neatly wrapped gift.

He spits and washes out his toothbrush before turning to face her. Then he remembers all the presents he has for her under the tree. “I guess you should pick one of yours under the tree if you are making me open one.”

She shakes her head no as she speaks, “No, just hurry and open it.” He feels intrigued by her odd expression and not wanting to open a gift herself.

“Okay?” He opens the package followed by a brown box. He sees a folded up item that looks like a camouflage shirt. He is not sure why a shirt is so exciting. He sees words on the shirt and reads them out loud, “World’s Greatest Dad?” He finds it an odd gift as he looks at Chasity’s face that is beaming with a huge smile. He wonders if she accidentally switched up the gift for her dad with his. He suddenly realizes she is telling him she is pregnant and he feels his heart stop. “Wait. What?” He can’t think as he stares at her for a second. “Are you sure?”

Chasity shakes her head up and down, “Yes.”

He drops the shirt on the ground as he hugs her. “What? When did you find out?” He feels a rush of emotions flooding into his thoughts and he can’t help himself from putting his hand on her stomach.

“A few days ago.” Her words cause him to pick her up and kiss her. But he wonders if he is hurting her so he puts her back down carefully.

“Did I hurt you?” He feels his heart ache thinking of how he could harm the baby by not being gently with her body.

“I am fine.” she laughs at him. “You aren’t going to hurt us.”

He smiles at the thought of her being a mother. “Us? I like the sound of that.” He pulls her in to his arms and moves her toward the steaming shower. “We will be a family of three.”

“Now, that you are sleeping with me again, we need to make the other room into a nursery.” Her words scare him, because now he has to worry about not just hurting her while he sleeps but also the baby.

She must have read his mind because as the water begins to soak her hair she kisses him softly before speaking again. "Your dreams are gone babe. You won't hurt us!"

He nods his head hoping she is right. "I am starting to feel every thing I did as a SEAL was the bad dream." He kisses her before he feels his cheeks hurt from a huge smile. "Our parents are going to be excited."

He sees her smile grow to match his before he slides down to his knees and kisses her stomach. "When will he be here?"

Chasity sounds offended, "He? Maybe it is a she!" Tucker laughs and moves back up to her lips. "July, I think."
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