Maybe One Day

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6 - New Friends


Chasity hides behind her curtain as she watches Tucker and Stormy drive off. It hurts so much to see him with her. She wants to message him to come back and hang out with her instead but, she knows she must get over this strange feeling. “Maybe it is just because I am on my period.” She wanted to confide in him and hug him again like he had hugged her in the hallway earlier at lunch. He had never held her that way but she liked it. She misses her friend so deeply. She thinks that she has no one to talk to right now. Then, she suddenly remembers she has Hannah’s number from when she was dating Tucker all those months back. She pulls out her phone.

Chasity: I do not have any girlfriends.

Hannah: I have noticed that over the years.

Chasity: I could really use one right now. Would you want to hang out tonight for a little bit?

Chasity feels nervous asking a girl she thought she despised to be her friend. She waits impatiently for her phone to chime.

Hannah: Sure. Do you know where I live?

Chasity: I do. Tucker and I picked you up one night.

Hannah: Oh yeah. Well come on over.

Chasity grabs her keys and makes her way over to Hannah’s house. She feels nervous as she sits out in her car at the end of the driveway. She has never been invited over to a girl’s house before without Tucker being involved. It feels so weird. Her train of thought is broken by a ting from her phone.

Hannah: You gonna sit in your car all night or you coming in?

She looks out and sees Hannah standing with the front door open looking at her. She smiles and waves her to come on. Chasity still feels nervous approaching Hannah. Even though they had talked earlier at school, she did not really know her all that well.

“Come on!” Hannah sort of laughs at Chasity and seems to notice her nervousness. “We can go up to my room. I will do your nails and we can chat.”

Chasity has never had her nails done. Maybe once when she was little and her mom made her, but she was always such a tomboy. She only hung out with the boys and was never overly girly. Entering Hannah’s room, she feels smothered by pink. She feels overwhelmed with all the frilly bedding and bedroom accessories that matched. Her own bedroom just seemed underdone compared to this room. She had two older brothers that she blames for her dislike of girly things. They only always wanted to play boy games so she did not know anything about girly stuff.

“What is your favorite color?” Hannah is shuffling through her nail polish.


Hannah turns giving Chasity an odd look. “Grey?”

Chasity does not understand why she finds it odd and nods her head.

“I don’t think I own grey nail polish. You would look good in red.” She waves a bright red nail polish in the air. “Have you ever worn makeup? I bet you would look hot in red lipstick too.”

Chasity nods her head remembering over the summer she had to go to her cousins wedding and her mom forced her to put make up on. She did a bad job so her mom fixed it for her. “Has Tucker ever seen you in makeup?” Hannah looks at Chasity in wonder for a moment and it makes Chasity laugh.

“No way! He would die if he saw me with makeup on and make so much fun of me.”

“I bet it would have the opposite effect.” Hannah does not laugh as she moves over toward Chasity shaking the nail polish bottle. “Are you going to his birthday party Friday night?”

Chasity suddenly remembers her promise to go with Marcus. “Oh. Yes. You should come with me. Marcus will be there and I was supposed to go with him. We could work on hooking the two of you up.”

Hannah smiles a smile at Chasity she had never been given before. “Really?”

“Well, yeah.” Chasity wants to be her friend and she knows she will need one now that she no longer has Tucker. “I mean you said you liked him so what better time to take the first steps to being with him.”

“And what about you?” Hannah looks at Chasity in a way that makes her feel lonely.

“I don’t know. It would be nice to have a date I guess.”

“You need friends that are girls. You seem like a good friend to have.” She begins to paint Chasity’s nails and she feels the bright color looks odd on her hand.

“Wow. That is very red.” Chasity’s fear of the girlishness occurring shows in her voice.

“Trust me. It is perfect.” She smiles up at Chasity. “Friday night, if you don’t want to have Marcus as your date, how about Trevor Martin?”

Chasity seems confused. “What?”

“He is one of my friends and he would be up for dating you.”

“I don’t know.” Chasity feels nervous thinking about it.

“I think you two will hit it off.” Hannah pulls out her phone. “I will invite him over so you two can meet.”

“What? No.”

Hannah smiles as she texts. “Don’t worry we will dress you up cute before he gets here.”

Chasity feels nervous about getting a makeover more than anything. Then, she remembers Marcus. “I will message Marcus to come over too so we can get you fixed up.” She begins texting Marcus.

Tucker and Marcus arrive to Hannah’s house and are waiting down stairs in the living room. Hannah smiles proud of her work before spinning Chasity around to face the mirror. Chasity loses her breath momentarily as she peers into the mirror at a stranger. She is beautiful. “Is that me?”

“You are gorgeous.” Hannah smooths down a stray piece of hair on Chasity’s head. “Trevor is going to be head over heels for you.”

Chasity feels nervous as she follows Hannah down the stairs towards the guys. She hopes Marcus does not laugh at her. As they enter the living room, Marcus and Trevor both stand and smile at her.

Marcus is the first to speak. “Hi. I am Marcus.” Chasity notices he is introducing himself to her and not Hannah.

“Marcus this is Hannah.” Her voice he apparently recognizes as his mouth falls open.

“Trevor this is Chasity.” Hannah introduces them and Chasity remembers seeing him around school and in some of her classes but never really talked to him.

“Hi.” Trevor moves closer to Chasity making her smile because he is cute up close. “I think we have first period together.”

“We have third period together too.” Chasity replies feeling less nervous.

Marcus is speaking to Hannah but Chasity notices he keeps looking at her as Trevor talks. “Oh yeah that is right.”

“Excuse me.” Chasity grabs Marcus by the arm and pulls him towards the door. “We will be right back.”

They step outside and Marcus wraps his arms around her waist. “You look amazing!”

She tries to pry his hands off as she speaks. “Stop. Listen. Hannah likes you.”

Marcus stops trying to hold her immediately. “Really?” He sounds excited by the news.

“So, I was thinking you should ask her to the party.”

Marcus looks slightly disappointed. “Well, it would be nice to go with someone that actually likes me.”

She smiles. “You knew we would never work out.”

“Yeah.” He shrugs his shoulders knowingly. “A man can dream though.”

She laughs at his remark and they make their way back inside.

It is not long before Trevor is sitting with his arm around Chasity on the couch talking. She really likes him.


Tucker looks up in Chasity’s window expecting to see a light. It is dark and he notices her car is not home. His mind races as he wonders where she could be. He stops his car in front of Stormy’s house.

“I had fun. Thanks for taking me to trivia night.” Stormy’s voice breaks his train of thought.

“No problem. I am glad you had a good time.” He knows he sounds distracted.

She leans toward him and kisses him on the lips before he can even react. Usually, he would love it if the girl makes a move so bold but tonight, he can only think about Chasity being mad at him. He turns his head towards Chasity’s car he sees pulling in at her house causing the kiss to break. He wonders where Chasity has been as he tries to see her through the dark.

“I will walk you to your door.” He briefly looks at Stormy before getting out and watching Chasity move in her car. He walks with Stormy as she talks but he does not really pay attention to her as he watches Chasity’s shadow move towards her front door.

“Thanks again.” He hears say as she begins to kiss him again.

He steps back from her feeling off his game. “See you tomorrow at school.”

“Night.” She sounds slightly annoyed but he does not even care. He starts back to his car and notices the light in Chasity’s room come on.

He fights the urge to go talk to her as he jumps back in his Jeep.

Tucker has started to hate first period over the past three days. Chasity has been setting up by Trevor and Hannah. It is so weird. He glances over at Stormy sitting next to him in Chasity’s spot and she smiles at him but he does not reciprocate. He did not really care about Stormy but she was helping pass the time faster and taking his mind off being mad and confused by Chasity. Looking back up towards Chasity, he sees Trevor pass her a note and wink at her. He feels pissed off and knows something is amiss because Chasity has never shown any interest in any guy and now, she is fixing her hair and dressing differently. She has been with two guys in one week. And he never thought about her having a type of guy but he knows Trevor, being non athletic does not fit with her personality and surely cannot be her type. He has seen Hannah and Chasity go to the restroom together many times over the past few days too. Chasity hates girls, it just seems odd. He feels like he is driving himself insane trying to understand who his friend is right now. She is dressing a little different and her nails are red. She has never painted her nails before. He never thought she would let a guy change her this much. He shakes his head in disbelief as he continues to watch her flirting with Trevor. It is pissing him off further.

The bell rings breaking his glare at Chasity. Stormy links arms with his. “I am excited about your party tonight.”

Tucker wonders if Chasity will be there since she no longer wanted to be his friend. “Yeah. I can pick you up at six is that cool?”

“Absolutely.” He looks around the hall to see where Chasity went as they walk toward second period but he cannot find her.

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