Maybe One Day

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7 - Birthday Party


Chasity tries to not be clumsy in the high heels Hannah is making her wear. She never wears dresses, but Hannah insisted on her wearing this tight skimpy dress. Her breasts are pushed up and halfway showing. She feels almost naked.

“I had no idea you were so beautiful.” Trevor’s words make her blush as she takes his hand to walk down the stairs of Hannah’s house.

“I know. She looks amazing right?” Hannah smiles proud of her work as she stands next to Marcus, who looks in shock again.

“Thank you.” Chasity has never been called beautiful by a guy before and it makes her blush.

“We will see you two at the party later.” Trevor says as he opens his car door for Chasity.

Chasity feels so uncomfortable as she tries to keep her dress pulled down riding in the car. As they arrive to Tucker’s party, she feels more uncomfortable as she wonders how Tucker will react to her new style. He has never seen her in a dress and heels or make up. What if he laughs at me? The thought makes her more nervous.

Trevor touching her hand breaks her from her thoughts. “You okay?” She looks over at him. “You seem tense.”

She fakes a smile. “I am fine.”

He leans toward her and at first, she does not understand what he is doing but then she realizes he is about to kiss her. She is not very good at kissing. The only other guy she had kissed was Marcus. She feels her nerves jumping all over the place. As his lips touch hers, she tries to relax and close her eyes. After a moment, she begins to enjoy the kiss until a knock on her window makes her jump.

Hannah is standing outside the window smiling. “Come on!” She and Marcus are holding hands as they move to the front of the car.

Trevor laughs. “Let’s go have some fun.” Chasity begins to feel nervous again as she thinks about having to see Tucker.

As they enter the cabin, Hannah grabs her by the hand dragging her to the bathroom. “Your make up is messed up from your make out session out there.” She smiles in triumph. “So, you like him huh?”

“He is nice.”

“Is he a good kisser?” Hannah stops fixing her make up to look her in the eye.

“I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Well, I haven’t kissed that many boys.”

Hannah smiles at her but not as though she is making fun of her. “You will have lots of experience now that you are dressing like this.”


The party is bumping as he and Stormy enter the cabin. His parents rented out a cabin in the woods for the party and it did not have any houses around them so there were no way neighbors would be complaining about the noise.

Tucker immediately starts looking around the room for Chasity but he cannot see her. He spots Trevor and it sends a chill down his spine as he sees a girl under Trevor’s arm. He can only see the top of her head. He then sees Hannah and knows that must be Chasity. “You want a drink?” He asks Stormy trying to be polite. Stormy looked beautiful in her white dress and Tucker had not even told her. He knew he was off his game this week as he thought about it when she shook her head yes. “You look really pretty by the way. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

A smile sweeps over her face. “Thank you. You look really good too.”

He smiles at her and is not sure why he put extra effort into his dress and hair style tonight. It was not like him either. He does not know who he is anymore with Chasity being someone else. “I will be right back.” He moves toward the drinks that are closer to Hannah hoping he can find Chasity. She had been avoiding him all week and it was killing him. As he reaches the drinks, he does not see Chasity like he thought he would. He feels relieved that the girl under Trevor’s arm is someone else who is wearing a black dress and red heels. He sees the girl kiss Trevor on the cheek and move away from his arm.

As her face turns toward Tucker, his mouth drops along with his heart. It is Chasity. He has never seen her all dressed up and looking like a girl. Holy shit! Is all he can think over and over as she begins to move towards him walking with Hannah. He feels mesmerized as he swallows hard. Her eyes meet his as she arrives at the drink table. He notices she looks surprised by seeing him. Her eyes are She is gorgeous! She has a cute body that shows in the tight dress. He wants to talk to her but he cannot seem to make anything come out of his mouth as he sees a weird look in her eyes. He cannot get a grasp on what he is feeling right now. He has been so mad at her for dumping their friendship but right now he does not feel mad. He feels... He feels... Holy shit! Attracted to her. Their eyes seem frozen together and he starts to wonder if she is feeling what he is feeling at this moment.

“Happy Birthday Tucker.” His eyes move down to her red juicy lips as they move and he feels his groin tighten. Holy shit. I am attracted to Chasity? Why does her name sound so amazing all the sudden? He looks back up into her eyes as he tries to catch his breath. He feels like he was just punched in the gut. He knows he needs to say something to her but he cannot think of anything. Her eyes suddenly break from his and he feels a greater loss than he did before when he sees Trevor’s arm is around her waist.

“Hey Tucker.” Trevor’s voice causes Tucker to look over to him. “Happy birthday!”

He stumbles for his words a moment glancing back over to Chasity who is whispering something to Hannah. “Um.. yeah. I mean. Hey. Thank you.” He looks quickly back at Trevor.

“Did you come with the new girl? I can’t remember her name?” Trevor looks apologetically.

“I did. Her name is Stormy.” He grabs his chest with his hand trying to stop the pounding of his heart inside as he looks back over at Chasity catching her eyes with his again. She presses her red lips together making his eyes move back down to notice how sexy they are. His eyes move down her body noticing her breasts. She has breasts? He had never noticed them before. They look perfect and amazing slightly peeking out of that dress. What is happening? He quickly looks away from her hoping she is not noticing his attraction.

“Cool. Well, have a good night man. I think we are leaving.” He sees Trevor look down at Chasity with a smile as he pulls her up tighter against him. It pisses Tucker off and he wants to punch Trevor for touching her.

“Chasity.” Her eyes meet his after he speaks her name and they are tinged with a surprise and nervousness. “Can we talk? Please?” He feels as though he is begging as he thinks about Trevor taking her somewhere to take advantage of how sexy she looks.

He looks up at Trevor almost asking for permission. Trevor moves his arm away from her and moves closer to her ear. “I will be by the door when you’re ready.” Tucker can feel his nerves peak as Trevor kisses her forehead before he and Hannah leave them alone.

Her eyes are not filled with the same look she had moments ago but he can see she looks a bit scared. Why is she scared of me? Hell, I am scared too. What am I about to say to her? What am I doing? He stands motionless for a moment and realizes this may seem awkward, so he finally speaks. “You have on a dress.” He looks down at her body and notices more curves he has never seen before. She has always worn baggier jeans and t-shirts. Those hips, he suddenly wants them wrapped around him. Her boobs would fit perfect in his hands. He clinches his hand in a fist trying to fight his confusingly dirty thoughts.

“Are you about to make fun of me?” He looks back up in her eyes that are still nervous looking and her body shifts uncomfortably.

“No.” Her eyes and red lips make him want to kiss her. He realizes there are so many people around and he just wants them to all disappear. “Can we go somewhere quiet and talk?”

“Why?” He notices she still looks uncomfortable.

“Because I miss you.” He feels an odd pull towards her and it makes him step closer to her. He sees her cut her eyes over to Trevor at the door and he knows she is about to turn his offer down. “It doesn’t have to be tonight. But Chas,” He pauses trying to find the right words. “I need you.” He realizes that sounds weird and he does not want her to know he is attracted to her. “You’re my best friend.”

“I needed some time. I just can’t be your friend right now.” She looks down at the floor and he feels his heart ache not having her in his life.

“I know but I don’t even know why. You never told me why.” He wants to reach his hand out a few inches to hold her hand in his. He cannot shake the longing to kiss her as he is looking into her beautiful brown eyes. He had never noticed she had a bit of green laced throughout her dark eyes. Why is she so beautiful? How have I never noticed that? He feels his heart rate quicken as her mouth opens and he wants to be in her mouth. He must close his eyes briefly to stop himself form dirty thoughts again. She would never be okay with him kissing her. She cannot possibly feel what I do or she wouldn’t be acting this way.

“I have to go, Tucker.” He feels her move away from him and hears the sadness in her tone. It causes him to reach up catching her hand with his as well as her eyes again. Her eyes seem intense and hurt.

“Chas.” He feels like his chest is about to explode as he feels an electricity run from her hand to his. He had never felt it before.

“Wow! Chasity?” Stormy’s voice breaks Chasity’s eyes away from his and he feels annoyed she is breaking up their few minutes together. “You look different!”

Chasity pulls her hand from Tuckers, appearing uncomfortable with the whole situation. “Trevor is waiting on me. I should go.” She never looks back at Tucker but only at Stormy as she speaks.

She turns to leave but stops and looks back up into Tucker’s eyes. “Happy Birthday, Tuck.” He feels his heart quicken again and his body aching to touch her. “I left your present with the others.” She turns again and Tucker wants to scream as he feels Stormy snuggle up to him.

He hears Stormy speaking but he can’t stop looking at Chasity as her hips sway through the crowd.

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