Wanting You

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"What exactly do you mean by that Zac? What are we to each other?" Zac started saying something but I had my hand on his mouth "don't you dare say you are like my sister!" Mia Abraham never thought she will have to ever share her heart with another, that is other than her love for the sea. It all changed a few years back when she met this little boy, and gave half her heart to him. Ofcourse Zachary Adams had no clue about this, since obviously he decided to leave me, his family and the island we grew up in to never return. Mia was left with a broken heart. She tried to get back to her normal life until tragedy hits her world. The only life and people she ever knew. Devastation lead to her losing her best friend and the guy she almost fell for along with everything and everyone she ever cared about. All alone she turns to the sea, practically living on the beach. But it failed to give her any peace of mind. She needs the help of the other half of her heart to move from this desolation. Would he even remember her? Does he even care whether she is safe? Would Mia need to make the first move?

Romance / Drama
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The first time I saw him was when I was 6 years old. My parents brought him home with his belongings packed in a small backpack and a plastic bag in his hand. He was just ten years old.

I remember that day so clearly. I was playing with my friends in our backyard. We were making mud pies and we were somehow totally covered in dirt.

My parents came out and gestured for me to go to them. So I told my friends I will be back in a second and rushed to my parents.

“Mia, there is someone very important we would like you to meet” Mom looked back and smiled at someone. I looked to see whom she was smiling at.

“He will be staying in our house from now on” continued my Mom. “Now you have a brother Mia, how wonderful is that”.

I looked at him. He seemed sad, he had his eyes downcast making his dark brown hair fall all over his face. I wanted the hair to move away so I can see his face.

Then he suddenly looked right at me, as if he knew what I was thinking and I was so startled. He had such warm light brown eyes with bushy eyebrows, and smiled. Yes a small smile I should say, but still a smile. It brightened his face so much and I couldn’t help but return his smile.

Right that moment I knew it was going to be wonderful having him in our family.

Yes that was the beginning of our silent and weird relationship. And no, I could never ever think of him as my brother but would he think the same?

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