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Dante's Love Affair

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Quinn Xeal (Zeal) was the married unobtainable object of his desire. Dante McCarlock was the one thing, she wasn't expecting. Will love win out? (#2 in the Affair Series) Book #2 In the Affair series ~ #1 is The Affair ~ #2 is Dante's Love Affair ~ #3 is Her Affair She nodded before motioning to step through the doors. I grabbed her wrist, softly running my thumb over the back of her hand, remembering what it felt like for my palms to glide along her smooth delicate flesh. I heard her whimper and my eyes lifted to meet hers. Her brow was furrowed and tears gathered in her eyes, glossing her blues, the sadness of her face nearly broke me. “You said friends Dante,” her voice barely audible and very shaky. “I know I did,” my reply no louder than a faint whisper as she sobbed slightly. “Please don’t,” she begged. I could see the struggle in her eyes, “please, d… don’t.” My hand tightens as I fought everything in me to release her, let her go but I was losing. I just stared at her, pleading for her to give in. “Why don’t you want me? Am I that awful?” I watched her chin quiver as small whimpers came from her pursed mouth and her lids closed momentarily, spilling more tears, forcing them to roll down her cheeks. “I d… do want you,” a sob broke from her throat, “but I can’t, I’m sorry.”

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Chapter 1 ~ The Secret Meeting


As I thrust my cock deep inside her tightening walls, it sent shivers running up my spine. We hadn’t even managed to get our clothes fully off and here I was, balls deep, inside one of the most heavenly pussy’s I had ever felt. I could hear my belt buckle whacking the carpet with every pump as my pants pooled around my ankles. Flinging my tie over my shoulder to keep it out of the way, I palmed her delicious round globes relishing in the firm tense muscle below my fingertips.

This woman worked out. From what I could see at this angle, she was beautiful, but man, her exquisite centre and the way it pulsed was indescribable, the euphoric ecstasy practically dulling all my senses with each thrust.

The sweet smell of her arousal fragranced the air and coated my condom covered shaft. Her soft fingers tickling my balls before she began to rub her clit, seeking extra stimulation. Hell, I wasn’t going to do it, I just met her and this fuck was for my release, I didn’t care why she was there. I had pushed her navy blue pencil skirt up, to rest around her middle, her panties down to her thighs and pushed in after sheathing myself. No conversation, no intimacy.

Her black business shirt was still covering her upper half, I hadn’t bothered to even play with her nipples. Breasts were my favourite thing in the world and I had neglected them completely, after all, this was just a fuck.

I felt her walls tighten to an almost crushing point as she came undone, “oh, god,” she moaned.

Her smoky modulated sound purred out pleasantly, conjuring up more desire as it swirled within my ear canal. She was sexy as fuck, looked like she worked out and almost angelic to listen too, where the fuck is this woman from?

“You still with me, love?” Her head tilted to the side with her eyes closed as she nodded, clearly still lost to her orgasmic euphoria. Hell, I almost came when her walls strangled my cock; I only just managed to keep it under control with inappropriate images of a nana… naked, just to keep from blowing early. With the small acknowledgement that I hadn’t completely lost her, I withdrew almost the whole way then slammed back in with full force. My painful grip on her hips would surely leave behind fingerprint size bruises.

Her back arched, “Yes, harder,” she mewled as the sweat droplets from my forehead splashed against her skin.

I felt my balls tighten, again her fingers furiously manipulated her clit between her legs and as my cock swelled, her inner walls clenched down and I exploded, filling the rubber with my hot sticky cum. “Fuck, yes,” I grunted, jutting my hips against her.

Her hand fisting my bed covers as she groaned out through her own bliss. That fuck was fantastic and we didn’t even do anything else.

I pulled out, wiping my sweat onto my blue business shirt and tugged up my pants, walking to the bathroom. Ripping off the condom and tying it at the end before throwing it in the bin and doing up my button and zipper. Entering the room, she was already on her feet adjusting her clothes back into place. It was only now I noticed just how truly incredible her body was. Her curvaceous figure had me clenching my jaw but when she looked up, I was blessed with the most bewitching cobalt blue eyes resting upon her angelic face. She patted down her long, waist-length black wavy hair and slipped her feet back into her navy sparkly heels.

“You want a drink or something?” I asked. She was at my house, after all, it was only polite.

“No thank you, I have to go.” I scratched the back of my neck, unsure on how to proceed. Usually, the fucks tried to stay but this one was already out the door and heading down the stairs of my beachfront villa.

I hurried after her, “so, you… wanna meet…”

“No, thank you.” I was taken aback by her dismissal of me so easily.

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind.”

“No thank you.” Huh, well this is different.

“Well… ah… thanks, then, I guess?”

“Look, we’re not going to have a problem, are we? The app is specifically for fucks, if I’m not mistaken, so you won’t ever see me again.”

Fuck she was forward, okay, this was good, I didn’t have to come up with some lame excuse as to why we could never see each other again and then block her profile. But, I think I want to see her again? She had the most enthralling vaginal grip, I had ever felt. “Nah, no problem, thanks for not making this… awkward.”

She narrowed her cobalt blues in on me, pursing her puffy lips together. “Have a nice life,” she said before closing the door.

I pulled out my phone and clicked on the ‘anonymous’ app, selecting her profile picture, which was just a photo of her cleavage and I hovered over the block button for a moment. Her profile name said ‘mystery222’ and realised that I hadn’t even bothered to ask her name. She was a mystery, a sexy mystery with a tight hole and no expectations. I tapped my middle right-hand finger on the vacant cushiony seat beside me… A woman that fucks and leaves, maybe I shouldn’t block this one? Deciding against it, I closed down my phone, placing it back in my pocket and headed into the kitchen. It was time for food and I was definitely hungry after that workout.

The following day was its usual mundane drawl. My P.A, Blade, had informed me that Dad was looking for me but for some reason, I couldn’t focus. My mind kept floating back to the alluring woman from yesterday evening; it was like I had a taste and now, I wanted more.

“Dante, your father called again.”

I looked at Blade, I had hired him mainly because he had a cool name and was a bit jovial but mostly because women personal assistants never worked out. He was the same age as me at 27, with brown eyes and blonde hair, he had become more of a mate over the past five years, then an actual P.A, though, it was a great choice. He was well suited to the job and excelled in it. I often wondered why he never went further considering he was capable of it, up until I realised he was here for the plethora of rotating ladies, always fresh meat on tap. Me, I never mixed business with pleasure.

“Jesus, what’s got your mind so consumed?” He questioned as he sat down in front of my desk.

“I’m one floor down, he could come to me.”

Blade laughed, “He’s the fucken owner, he and Pierre built this place from the ground up, you get to scurry your privileged ass, all the way to him.”

I smirked at Blade, “alright, well better go before mum calls and asks, why I haven’t gone up yet?”

He throws his head back and laughs before getting up, “let’s hope they send that sister of yours in,” the fucker wiggled his brows.

“You stay away from my sister,” I threatened.

Before he closed the door, he had the audacity to talk back, “but can she stay away from me?”

Bastard. I opened my en-suite and looked in the mirror. My unique hazel eyes, the same eyes of my mother, trailed my wary reflection in the mirror. My thick black hair was always kept in shape in its undercut style, short sides and long on top, a days’ worth of growth on my face was not normal but hell, after the shitty night of being haunted by that enticing mystery woman, I could handle a little facial hair. I trained hard, boxing was my passion outside of work and I boasted a physic that had women drooling, well, all except her, who apparently I would never see again.

I refreshed my cologne, Montblanc Legend being my choice of scent and I pulled my suit jacket from the back of the chair, slipping my arms through and heading out the door.

“Better hurry, daddy’s waiting,” Blade called from behind his desk.

“Fuck up wanker,” I scolded, walking past him with my middle finger raised in his direction. The bastard laughed before having to answer his phone.

Pressing button 50 on the elevator, I went up one level to my Dad’s office. My father is Logan McCarlock, he started this firm LMPT Limited, with his best friend Pierre Taylor years ago. My mother was his P.A. before they fell in love, these days though, she owns a small café called, Read ‘n’ Feed, where her and Pierre’s wife, Amber work. I’m the only one of both their kids that works here, Pierre’s daughter and two sons have no interest. However, one was still in high school. My sister Viola is an author, she writes werewolf and vampire erotica, a trait she picked up from mum. I read one of her books once and didn’t finish it, something about thinking my sister fucking and testing out the sex scenes before adding them to the final print, irked me.

The elevator doors slid open to reveal two white walls with desks in front for their P.A.’s, in bold silver lettering it had LM on one side and PT on the other with a walkway separating the two offices down the middle which led to a boardroom at the back. I strode past dad’s personal assistant, her name is Hilda, she used to be the reception chick but got promoted years ago. I think Dad did it because she’s friends with mum, even at his age, he could still turn heads. The one thing I’ve always loved about my dad is the moment he met mum, no other woman was good enough and still dotes on her every chance he gets.

“Afternoon Dante,” Hilda called out, Hilda always had the cheeriest disposition.

“Hey Hilds, he in?”

“Waiting on you.” Brilliant, I need a distraction after Mystery222.

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