Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 10 ~ The Culprit


The plan was in motion, Blade, Hilda and the law team all knew about Quinn coming in today with more detailed documentation. We worded it purposely so they, whoever the mole was, would find the titbit of information enticing. It was devastating to think one our trusted employees would betray us this way, after all, our companies pay benefits far surpassed others in the same industry, who paid out as little as possible to their staff and let’s not mention the rewards plan set up that included paid vacations, for a job well done. You would think I would be able to concentrate but no, my entire focus was on the fact that we had been caught out, red handed with video evidence and now, I felt guilty.

Guilt was not at all a feeling I was accustomed to, the problem being, I knew she loved her husband, was our illicit affair going to cause the end of her marriage and would she shatter after him finding out about our unceremonious behaviour in his own company? It’s not like I purposely meant him harm, he must realise how desirable and tantalising she is? But on top of all that sexual allure, she is a decent, caring and kind person, beautiful inside as well as out.

I couldn’t care about the repercussions our actions had on the deal, the contracts had been signed and it would undoubtedly have a clause or a cooling off period, and quite frankly, it’s not like we needed the money or commissions it brings. But to know I could have possibly destroyed two people’s lives… the weight of it hung heavy, like a giant gorilla clinging to my back.

As usual, Quinn’s arrival to LMPT sent tongues wagging and the intra-messages were running red hot, it sent a pang of jealousy rippling through me. As far as I was concerned, she was mine but if she lost her marriage because of me, I would surely lose her. Is it possible for her to care about me too?

The two bulky henchmen whose names I now knew were Bickers and Harry, stepped out of the elevator first, carrying folders filled with paperwork. Quinn looked amazing as ever and I practically drooled at the sight of her, Dad, Pierre and I were there to greet her on arrival.

“Mrs Xeal, it’s great to see you, I’m sorry we had to meet like this, I know Hilda would have normally announced you but I understand this is highly sensitive and requires extra attention,” Dad spoke clearly, Hilda and Blade watching on with curious intensity.

She shook our hands as my heart beat wildly within my chest, I wondered if she could feel the magnetic connection the moment our skin touched or if she knew her husband had caught us? She wasn’t revealing anything though, her face remained impassive. “No, thank you so much. Afternoon Hilda, Blade.” She acknowledged by tilting her head, to the both of them sitting at Hilda’s desk.

“Hello,” Hilda replied cheerfully but Blade just smiled.

“Please, this way,” my father gestured towards the boardroom.

“Blade, Coffee and Tea’s please,” I requested.

“Of course,” he replied. Our actions showed him, now was the time to be my ‘professional assistant’ god I hope the mole wasn’t him, if it was, it would mean I’d lose more than just a P.A. but a friend. I was pretty confident it wasn’t though, in all the years I’d known him, he had been a player, yes, but never a deceitful person.

We made out that our meeting was a normal one, stats, figures, documents to sign that sort of thing, but when Blade walked in, she made a reference to the folders, “no one can find out what is in there, it is for your eyes only...” My mind was still occupied by the task I had ahead of me tomorrow.

Blade left us to it and after an hour Quinn left, though she didn’t actually leave, she simply waited with the police, outside the building. While I would have liked to handle it better, unfortunately, whoever was responsible needed to be brought to justice, the decline in market value alone will be responsible for hurting hundreds of people financially, which is why I think they kept everything so quiet.

Dad and Pierre entered his office as I stayed in the Boardroom, dad requested the lawyers be brought up one at a time, each time dad and Pierre would leave the folder on his desk but none would touch it, using the excuse of other clients needing their attention also. All of this operated while Hilda and Blade continued their duties, undeterred by the disruption of so many comings and goings. We were watching them from the spyware, undoubtedly, Quinn would be too, after all, it was her program and her plan.

Next target, I flicked Blade an Intra-message to head into dad’s office and get me the blue folder and stapler. The entire folder was there, unprotected and as I held the lump in my throat, instant relief washed over me the moment he left dad’s office. He wasn’t the mole, thank god; he didn’t give the folder a second glance, just carried on with his task.

Blade opened the boardroom door, “here’s the stapler but there’s no blue folder, you want me to check your office?”

I gave him a dashing smile, “Nah man, sorry, I had it here the entire time.”

“Jesus DJ, usually you’re more vigilant than that, you sleeping okay?”

“Nah, maybe I need more coffee.”

“Coffee coming up.”

Dad, Pierre and I looked at one another relieved. But this also meant that Hilda, mum’s long-time friend and the only other, longest serving staff member at LMPT, was responsible.

Dad wiped his palm across his face, “shit, it can’t be her.”

“We have to catch her in the act Loag’s.” Pierre was right; we needed her on film taking the folder or at least the paperwork.

“Pear, I just don’t want to believe it.”

“We have no other possibilities Loag’s, Dante… send her into his office.”

I stood up as dad slumped into his chair. Opening the door, I called out to Blade, knowing full well he’d left to get coffee. Hilda popped her head around the corner, “I’m sorry Dante, he’s gone out of the building to get you some decent coffee, muttered something about needing it to be super strong.”

“No worries Hilds, can you get the paperwork from dad’s printer in his office please and we’ll also need the Phillips file on dad’s desk.”

“Certainly Dante,” she cheerfully replied. My heart broke knowing what was about to happen, this woman had been in my life for as long as I could remember, even a bridesmaid at mum and dads wedding.

We watched her movements carefully on my laptop screen. She grabbed the printouts and looked everywhere all over his desk for the Phillips file. She began to panic when it wasn’t there and she picked up Quinn’s fake folder and held it, but then put it back and left, without even opening it. We all looked between each other bewildered. Her knuckles knocked lightly on the door before she opened, “I’m sorry Mr McCarlock, I think I may need glasses, I cannot find the file anywhere.”

Dad breathed an audible sigh of relief, “that’s okay Hilda, I actually think I took it home.”

She placed her hand on her heart, “thank god, I was beginning to worry.”

“Thank you, Hilda, you can continue your work, sorry for disturbing you.”

My phone rang just as she closed the door and Quinn’s name lit up my screen. She sounded angry and demanded I explain what happened. We were midst our heated discussion when all of a sudden she yelled ‘look at the screen’. My head snapped to my laptop, there in dad’s office, looking at the file was our college intern; he had snuck into the office when Hilda left her desk unoccupied and was pulling out the sheets of paper.

The police filed in from the elevator just as we were walking out of the boardroom and down the hall that separated the offices of Pierre and dads.

“Hold it right there,” an officer boomed. It all happened so fast, the young man was petrified, frozen in place with the paperwork in his hand and both arms raised towards the roof.

The police escorted our mole out in cuffs and Quinn said her goodbye’s to dad and Pierre, I rode with her down the elevator and walked her to the front lobby doors. “Are we going to talk about last night?”

“I have to go, I need to understand what happened and why.”

“Quinn, don’t avoid me…”

“Dante, leave it alone… please. I don’t have the strength to deny you anymore but my sole focus should be on the last few… however long I have left with my husband, he deserves that much. Forget me; go find someone else that can give you what you deserve because you should be treasured. You are an incredible man with an amazing heart, I’m sorry.” And just like that, she disappeared. I decided not to return to my office; instead, I got in my car and drove home.

My ‘amazing heart’ was in pieces and for the first time in my life… I was lost.



By the time I arrived home I was shattered, it was almost midnight, thank god for corrupt cops because, with the bribery offer, I got to at least talk to the kid and find out why he was stealing information and passing it on to the reporter. I couldn’t believe the lengths this asswipe, Jerome Malcuta, went to just for a scoop on my husband. He had targeted this kid, even dug up shit from his background and used it against him, so he had no option but to gather the information. Damn it, the kid was only eighteen and with his mother’s medical bills and college education piling on top of him, he was backed into a corner with the promise of financial relief. I guess, if I was in that situation, I would have done the same. Now he had lost the only income he had, how was I meant to press charges against him? No, I couldn’t, I had to go after the ass that put him in that situation, Jerome Malcuta, journalist of the Weekly News Drop.

I stood at the foot of our marital bed, watching my husband as he slept peacefully, the medication offering him respite from his daily torture of cancer that his body was riddled with. I had feelings for Dante, that much I knew, but I also loved my husband and now, everything was such a mess. I had betrayed my vows, despite him pushing me to seek pleasure whenever needed but I was pretty sure he never thought about the consequences of feelings being involved.

Dante consumed me, my body would gravitate toward him, yearning for his touch and when he was near, I could feel my panties moisten, remembering what it felt like to be wrapped around his engorged cock. But it wasn’t just the physical that attracted me, it was also the mental side of him, he was brilliant and witty, he made me laugh and cared if I was okay or what I thought, I had not had that since Tim.

I moved into the shower, the strong jet streams were not enough to relax my tense muscles. I stood in front of the mirror and braided my hair to the side, my palm groped my nipples before I slid them down the front of my taut stomach, my mind flashed back to his hands on me as my fingertips circled my bare pussy. I needed his touch just as much as I needed air.

I gripped the basin sink tightly, wishing it was Dante that would come in and thrust his large member inside me. After staring back at myself in the reflection of the mirror for a long time, the thoughts of my situation consuming me, I slipped into my white camisole and lace boy shorts, grabbed a large jacket, handbag and heels and took off out the door into my car. My destination… Dante.

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