Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 11 ~ The Meeting


I looked over at the clock; it was one in the morning, I can’t believe how much she is fervidly compelling my mind. Lying back down, I groaned hoping for some sort of reprieve but with no luck. I knew what was keeping me awake, the meeting in nine hours with her husband, where he will probably punch me in the face, which I would accept because God knows; I pursued her despite knowing she was married, and then he will probably tell me how he’s divorcing her. After all, why else would he want to meet me?

My phone lit up with a text message, I opened it wondering who would be contacting me at the hour? Better not be one of those past fucks I had simply no interest in, but it wasn’t… it was Quinn. The text message indicated she was at my door, what the fuck? What the hell was she doing here? She told me to forget her and the message had been received loud and clear.

I went racing down the stairs and flung open the front door, “what’s wro…” before I could get my question out, her divine lips were on mine. Was this really happening? Was she really in my arms? I kissed back with feverish force, our tongues and lips passionately fighting for dominance as I pulled her in and kicked the door closed with my foot.

Her Jacket hit the floor before I had a chance to gather my thoughts and I was greeted with white lingerie, my hands happily groped in desperation to remove the teasing and tantalising material. There was no denying our magnetically explosive physical attraction but this, this was something more.

We made our way lustfully toward the couch, there was nothing stopping our heated passion as she broke our joined lips and forcefully yanked down my boxer briefs, then pushed me onto the couch. She slid down her alluring lace panties and I moaned in absolute bliss, moving forward to seat at the edge of the couch and extending my tongue to swipe over her slick slit causing her to temporarily halt lifting her camisole as she groaned at our contact.

My assault on her lower lips was relentless, I had been missing the taste of her arousal as it tickled my tongue, her liquid was like silky honey as I greedily lapped, sucked and nipped at her clit and folds. “Dante,” she moaned, my name extracted from her mouth was music to my ears, stirring my inner possessive beast to life.

I felt her move as my head was buried between her thighs and she kicked off her heels, holding the sides of my face still while my hands wandered the sides of her elegant legs. Separating her knees to allow better access, I took the opportunity to slip two fingers inside her glorious centre, the moisture coating my hand immediately. “So wet for me,” I growled, feeling her body tense.

“Dante…” she mewled, “so… good… you… feel…”

“I know,” I pumped harder into her, relishing the feel of her inner walls enclosing around my fingers as her hips tilted forward, seeking that extra pressure to tip her over the edge. Her body began to quiver as her fingers enlaced in my hair and she closed her fists tightly before she shuddered and my mouth was flooded with her creamy juices while a cry of climax tore from her throat.

I pulled back, watching her float back down to earth. She was my temptress, my great weakness and the only one I wanted to be with or could see a future with. As she looked down at me with hooded eyes and a hint of a smile dancing across her lips, I felt a bolt of love shoot through me, with earth-shattering realisation from the only eyes I ever want to stare into.

I shifted back as she stroked the sides of my face leaning down to press her lips against mine and she climbed on top of me, her legs astride my hips all while deepening our electrifying kiss. Her right hand made its way over my rippling muscles, along my abdomen and she gripped my rock hard and engorged cock, stroking my member gently. Her index finger collecting the pre-cum gathering on the tip and she lifted it to her mouth, moaning the moment my sacred juices hit her tongue, all while our eyes remained fixated on one another.

She lifted her hips and slipped my dick past her slick flaps and into her moistened tunnel, breathing out a sigh of relief as I pushed in. Her inner walls lavishly hugged me as though her hole was crafted perfectly to fit me. I could no longer think straight, primal instinct took over as our thrusts met in the middle; I leaned forward to capture her tight bud in my mouth, nibbling and licking like it was my favourite flavoured Chupa chup lollypop.

“Oh, Dante,” her moans sent a pleasurable thrill running up and down my spine, I clenched my jaw, driving my heels into the floorboards under my feet, her downward thrusts meeting my hips with such vigorous force causing my cock to knock at her cervix. I knew we needed to talk, but in this moment, all I could concentrate on was the remarkable goddess, bouncing erotically atop of me.

I leaned back to watch her as she climbed to the tip of her orgasmic peak, her whole body tensed as her vaginal walls clamped down around my swelling cock, I felt her shake, trying desperately to hold back her orgasm, denying herself release until I was there too. My thigh muscles burned with every push upward, I was just as close as she was, “let go, Quinn, cum for me.”

“Not… until you… do,” she panted breathlessly, quivering from denying herself such incredible pleasure.

“I’m so… so…” I could feel my balls lift and tighten.

“I can’t… oh god, Dante,” her release tipped me over the edge, I pulled her close to my shaking body, tilting my hips up and exploding inside her.

A primal growl emanated from the base of my throat as my face planted in-between her ample breasts. The euphoric high washed through me then I slowly tilted my head up to latch onto her lips possessively. I felt raindrops hit my skin, not raindrops… tears… suddenly realising she was crying.

“I’m sorry Dante,” she sobbed when we parted, “I’m so sorry.”

I thread my hand through her hair, holding the side of her face, “why are you sorry?”

“Because selfishly, I can’t let you go… and I want you to be happy, truly, and find love but inside, I love you.”

Her confession floored me, she loved me, she loved… me, yet, she still loved him, she had expressed it so many times, “then we work this out because Quinn, I love you and I’m not letting you go.”

I fell asleep with her in my arms, feeling like the world had finally righted itself, only to wake to an empty home and no sign she had even been there. All I wanted was someone to love, build a life with and grow old next too and yet, I had the sinking feeling what my heart yearned for the most, was an unobtainable dream. She had fucked me goodbye, I knew she had, the tears that fell were the defining indication she couldn’t continue our relationship. Quinn had taken everything with her when she slipped out into the darkness and I knew nothing could replace the pieces that held onto her so tightly, but I had also confessed I was not letting her go, so the crippling emptiness of the morning sun felt like a torturous mock, meant to cruelly haunt my battered soul.

Today I was facing her husband… alone… and something inside me snapped. The words had fallen from her mouth and an eerie feeling crawled below the surface of my skin, I was determined, more than ever, to claim what belonged to me, to take ownership over her heart.

The police had moved on the reporters that previously swarmed the Xeal residence, something I was grateful for. A small Italian looking woman answered the door, her eyes knowingly trailed over me as I stood there in my tailored suit, “welcome Mr McCarlock, my name is Angelique, please follow me, Mr Xeal is waiting for you.”

Closing the door behind me, she ushered me through their luxurious home, the home of the woman I loved more than life. I noticed so much architectural splendour as we made our way through, the staircase alone, climbed upward above an indoor pond, filled to the brim with goldfish, thank goodness they didn’t have small children because you would think, it would be unsafe without fencing.

Squaring my shoulders as Angelique’s small hand knocked on the large double doors at the top of the winding stairs, I sucked back a large breath, readying myself to fight tooth and nail for the woman I loved.

I heard his distinct gruff and harsh voice from the other side, allowing entry. She opened the doors and gestured for me to walk in.

My heart was beating at record pace, I could feel the dry lump forming in the back of my throat but true to form, I confidently strode in, having previously decided I would accept whatever punishment he deemed necessary for sleeping with his wife, but I would never back down and face him with strength, knowing she would be mine, in the end.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was the sight I was greeted with. On their marital bed, surrounded by large photographs of their life together that hung on the walls of their shared bedroom, sat a frail-looking man attached to an oxygen machine. I was immediately thrown, having prepped my body to receive a punch the moment I stepped through the doorway.

“Thank you for coming Mr McCarlock, please take a seat,” his weak hand gestured to the awaiting chair that sat beside his bed.

“Thank you for seeing me,” I replied politely, getting comfortable and leaning forward to shake his hand. His grey steel eyes judging even the smallest of body movements, so much so, I doubt he missed the hard swallow as our hands made contact.

“Had I been a well man I would have greeted you with a punch to the face.”

I smirked, “I was actually expecting that on my arrival.”

He flashed me an amused small smile, “well, no one could blame me once they found out just how much you had enjoyed my wife,” I sucked back a harsh breath through my clenched jaw, unable to deny the obvious truth.

“She’s made it very clear how much she loves you,” he waved his hand dismissively.

“I know she does, Mr McCarlock, as you can imagine, Quinn is very precious to me, not only is she the love of my life, my wife, my best friend and my successor but she remains the only reason I am still alive today. I chose, a long time ago, not to have a family and I am more than aware that as she grows older, her heart desires that connection, though she would never outrightly admit it. She has had to endure some harsh criticism by being my wife, unable to form new friendships to keep our private life safe, lost her family and the majority of her close friends, yet, despite her suffering through that pain and rejection, she remained faithful, dedicated and determined to show me every ounce of love she had within her... Well, until you. You have been the one thing she could not resist against… so I’m going to upfront with you and I want you to be honest, we find ourselves in an unusual situation and if circumstances were different, I am more than convinced, it would have been impossible for you to have obtained her attention so easily. So, Dante James McCarlock, are you in love my wife?”

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