Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 14 ~ The Company Handover


The hotel conference room looked incredible, Bryce had meticulously planned everything, from the flowers, lights and music, to each individual place setting. I didn’t think he would do anything less than spectacular, considering this was his last event before he took over as senior executive. I was running late, as per usual, with Harry and Bricker accompanying me, Tim had chosen a simple, yet elegant, midnight blue, flowing evening gown, with a split to the hip and a plunging front, he said it complimented my exotic cobalt blue eyes and strappy black heels.

He tried so much to ravish me, but once again, I was left horny, unsatisfied and feeling worse than before because I wanted nothing more than to orgasm one last time at the hands of my husband, only, he had cum before we managed to get there and I felt like the world’s biggest bitch, knowing he had given up his meds to make love to me and I selfishly, was left yearning for more.

I inhaled a deep breath, before entering the full room. My eyes surveyed the crowd, everyone looked immaculate, laughing and guzzling back glasses of champagne, I stilled for a moment as an excited thrill crawled across my skin at the sight of Dante in his navy blue suit. His alluring hazels raked over my stiffened form before he grimaced and turned away. My heart sank and all I wanted to do was run away and cry in a ball.

It was truly over between us.

This is what I wanted though and I needed this thing we had, to end, so I could focus on my husband, though I never thought his rejection would hurt quite this deeply.

“Quinn, my number one fan, you look ravishing,” the unmistakeable squeal of Viola kept me from high-tailing it out of the room.

Viola glided over, looking incredible in a thigh length, off the shoulders, red satin skater dress and velvet red heels. “Wow, you look beautiful,” I complimented her.

“I know right,” she chuckled, embracing me fondly. “Tonight, I’m going to impress someone in particular, make him burn in salacious lust for me.”

“Who? Are they blind? Have they seen how amazing you look?”

She smiled, “we’ve had a ‘thing’ for months but he won’t commit because of certain reasons.”

“I’m sorry.”

“So am I, which is why I plan on tormenting him.” She looped her arm in mine and pulled me to the tables. Harry and Bricker followed closely before I turned back and ordered they go have fun, not suggest, ordered. God knows if there was no order they would have been attached at my hip the entire evening.

When we made it to the table closest to the podium, I noticed immediately where I had been placed, it had my eyes rolling back into my head and I swivelled angrily, squaring in on the culprit. His eyes went wide before ducking into the crowd and I gritted my teeth attempting to calm my racing heart.

I felt a hand on my lower back, my back stood ram-rod straight, “looks like we’ll be sitting together,” he whispered closely to my ear.

“DJ, you look amazing big brother,” Viola hugged Dante and took her seat next to Blade, whose eyes were practically bulged out of their sockets the moment he noticed her, I wonder if that was who she was talking about?

“Mrs Xeal, can I help you into you chair?” Dante pulled out my seat, his haunting hazels trailing the length of my body, his burning gaze setting my soul on fire.

“Thank you Mr McCarlock,” I replied as calmly as possible.

A pair of small arms wrapped around me from behind and I jolted in surprise, “sorry to startle you Quinn, how are you?” I smiled broadly at the sight of a blushing Arabella, in a radiant gold evening gown.

“Good thank you, how are you?” She sat down on the other side of me. The waiter interrupted our conversation, taking our orders for either chicken, fish or beef before the night’s festivities began.

My body was acutely aware of how close it was to Dante, yet he remained stoic, almost as if I wasn’t there at all. Everyone was chatting leisurely amongst themselves as I played with the appetiser in front of me.

“I think you’re supposed to eat it,” his sudden notice turned my head.

“I didn’t think you’d notice,” I bit back harshly.

“C’mon Quinn, I notice everything when it comes to you, including how gorgeous you look tonight.”

I had no reply for Dante, what was I meant to say, fuck me right now because you’re too damn close and perfect and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about the fact, I am completely enamoured by you? I think not. Thankfully, Harmon grabbed the microphone and spoke, acquiring everyone’s attention and the room silenced.

He delivered his lines perfectly, I was proud by his charisma and how he worked the crowd, even causing some to laugh hysterically, though I did notice the confusion and whispers behind the hands of some of LMPT’s employees, clearly they knew of his face.

As I watched the introduction of the Senior Executive, our very own Bryce, a hand landed on my thigh under the table and I felt my eyes double in size. The exposed flesh prickled below his warm palm, I cursed my split in my dress being on the side in which he sat. His fingertips trailed gently upward and heat swarmed my cheeks and tips of my ears realising I had not worn underwear. I attempted to subtly brush his hand away but Dante’s fingers dug firmly in place. He continued upward, before cupping my bare pussy, teasing my lower lips just before inserting his fingers.

I let out a whimper and covered my mouth with my hand, all while trying to act as normal as possible. “Quinn dear, are you alright?” Arabella asked with a concerned face.

“Oh… y… yes Arabella, I’m just… n… nervous…” Dante moved his fingers in and out of me. I was horrified by his bold movements as he continued on as if nothing was happening.

“No need to be nervous, these people are harmless, and slightly drunk,” she replied with a genuine smile, it was easy for her to say, she was completely unaware of what her son was doing below the table.

I whimpered again, noticing the smug smirk on his face, “y… you’re right,” I stuttered, feeling my lower region becoming increasingly wet and very warm.

I tried to squeeze my thighs closed, but Dante was not having a bar of it, he leant over and whispered in my ear, grazing his lips across the shell, “open your legs Quinn baby, you don’t want me to force your body to squirt when you cum.”

I shuddered; his erotic whisper had my nipples hardening to peaks. I suddenly found it harder to breathe; small pants of breath fanned the inside of my palm as the heel of his hand rubbed against my clit, torturing my entire entry with inconceivable pleasure. Despite never having experienced a squirt orgasm or knowing if my body was capable of one, the idea still excited me endlessly. My eyelids fluttered, attempting to close, as one last dip into my centre pushed me over my peak and I came with thunderous force, my hand digging into the sides of the chair while I kept my composure, forcing the scream of silence down as I trembled through my euphoric high. An elbow made contact with my arm and I crashed out of the atmosphere into my acutely striking surroundings. “Quinn, that’s you,” Arabella whispered.

My eyes widened again as I felt his fingers withdraw from my body, of all the goddamn times to be called up, now was the worst and I stood up on shaky legs, praying to god I had no juices visible on the back of my dress.

Making it, just barely, to the podium, I watched as Dante lifted his fingers to his erotic mouth and slurped up my arousal coating them. I frowned before pushing away my craving lustful horny thoughts and focusing in on the expectant room of people.

Clearing my throat, I began, “when Tim started Tri-Star, he had a dream, a dream that one day, everyone in the world, no matter your station in life, would have access to global technology…” the rest of my speech was a blur, the hopeful eyes of our employees hung on my every word as I expressed our gratitude for their many years of remarkable loyalty and hard work.

Tritium had hand written my speech but as I looked down at the words in front of me a pang of sadness ripped through my heart, he should have been the one delivering this, not me, instead, he lay wasting away in our marital bed, waiting for the day he would no longer wake up.

I paused briefly, again my eyes scanned the crowd, I turned over the speech notes that had been placed there before the event started, deciding it was time for them all to be let in on the secrecy that shrouded this business deal.

“… You all have wondered why my husband has been absent from his role as CEO in Tri-Star and truthfully, we didn’t want anyone to worry. Tim has been an integral part of why you all have remained so fiercely dedicated to your positions, with very little turnover of employees and most of you have remained since the beginning. I’m sorry we hid this from you but with joining LMPT more questions were raised without answers given. Tritium is dying of cancer. He is suffering four different types that have spread throughout his body. The worse being his lung cancer, despite never being a smoker and always such an active man, his ability to breathe has seriously affected his daily function. The clotting of his blood has rendered him with the inability to walk and now that it’s made its way to his brain, he is finding it harder to swallow, talk and his motor skills are severely impaired…” I felt the tears prickle at the corners of my eyes.

“We have chosen LMPT out of their similar values and extensive knowledge in our industry, having survived an economy downturn and even a market crash, so we know you will all be well taken care of should a crisis arise. I’m sorry if any of you have suffered through this, our hearts go out you, but we ask once again for your unbridled loyalty in remaining silent on this matter, at least until he passes. We both wish you all the best in your future and pray you all…” my lip began to quiver as the emotions crashed over me in explaining Tim’s condition, “live a life, filled with passionate love and remarkable happiness. Thank you for being such a joy to be around every day.”

The room erupted with claps as people stood with tears brimming in their eyes, this company was more than just work, it was our home, these people our family and all of us spent more time with each other than our own significant others or dependants. I took one last look at the people I had spent a major chunk of my life around, feeling not just the loss of an era but the loss of pieces my inspiring husband left in each of them and I exited quickly through the side door.

The weight of everything collapsed down on me, the fact that I was being fingered to euphoric oblivion a mere seconds before I addressed the room, the fact I was in-love with two brilliant amazing men, the fact that one of them would soon be gone and I would be left alone, completely, with no friends or family and the fact that despite Tim telling me I could do anything with my life, Tri-Star was the only thing I knew and now it was gone too.

The tears came thick and fast and as I rushed through the doors, I tripped and crashed down to the concrete path below my heeled feet. With my hand grazed and bleeding, I howled in pain as the emotions flowed through my broken soul, what I was facing was uncertainty, Tritium was growing weaker by the day and the future looked bleak and desolate.

A strong pair of arms surrounded my shivering form and pulled me close to a warm chest, I fought, pathetically, with no strength to pull away, “shhh Quinn, everything will be okay, I promise, shhh.”

I grabbed the lapels of his fancy suit jacket, its tailored expensive material catching my tears as they rolled down my cheeks. I shook with ferocity as my world fell apart, the scent of Dante’s cologne filled my nostrils and embraced my heart as he embraced my body.

“You… don’t… know… that…” I sobbed and spluttered.

“I do, because I told you, I love you and I’m not giving up. You can push me away all you want Quinn, but I will always be here to catch you when you fall.”

His assurance filled me, but as I tilted up to look at his face, I saw a furrowed brow and an unsureness I had never seen before. “What DJ? What aren’t you telling me?”

I wiped my nose with the back of my hand, “nothing, it’s nothing… C’mon, let’s get…”

I pushed away from him as anger washed through me, correcting myself and standing up straightening my back. “You don’t think I would fall for you without noticing your tells? You’re keeping something, what is it.”

He gritted his teeth, flexing his jaw muscles. “I can’t tell you.”

I nodded, licking my drastically parched lips and fiercely wiping away the tears, “then I don’t need your comfort.”

Walking away from him was hard but facing so much impending destruction in the near future meant I needed someone strong enough to help carry the load, and if he wasn’t going to be truthful, then I didn’t need him. It was time; I needed to be strong on my own.

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