Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 15 ~ The Great Mistake


It’s been two months, two whole fucken god damn months. Quinn’s phone has been switched off every time I call, the texts all remain unanswered, the emails have returned with a failure to send message, her app account disabled, even her house remains motionless. What the fuck am I meant to do?

As I sat out on my back veranda, I heard the familiar sound of my boys swaying in, their laughter filled the still night air, “yo DJ, you home?”

Blade pops his head through the open glass doors, “Nah, I just leave the door unlocked hoping to be robbed,” I replied bitterly.

“Still no reply from Tri-Star fox I take it? Since your attitude has improved so much.”

I threw back my beer and then sighed, “No Blade, still no word.”

“Well, you’re in luck because tonight… we’re going hunting, C'mon, the pussy patrol is primed and ready and the boys are already racking up the shots.”

“Not tonight man, I just don’t feel like going on the prowl.”

“Yes you fucking are, I’m sick to death of your moping ass and Vinnie, Asher and Kason feel the same, it’s time to get your dick wet.”

“I said I don’t feel like it,” I grumbled, feeling my heart flush with anger.

“Big Bro, I hate seeing you like this,” Viola stepped out from behind Blade’s much larger frame.

My face contorted into annoyance at the sight of my little sister being brought in, “so you brought in the reinforcement?” Blade turned ever so slightly, a flicker of softness crossed his face as he eyed her, “just how close are you two?” My tone was slightly raised, he knew my sister was off limits to all my friends, I always made that very clear.

“Calm down DJ, he cares for you, me on the other hand, I’m pissed. I have no idea what happened between you both but I was beginning a friendship with Quinn, now I can’t even reach her. She didn’t just disappear from your life Dante, she’s gone from all our lives and unfortunately, we all miss her warmth.”

I scratched nervously at the back of my neck before fisting the tufts of hair at the base, sighing heavily, emotionally exhausted from two months of silent torture, “I fell in love with her Vi, I never thought I would fall for anyone, that I would be alone forever, doomed to endless one night stands. Meeting her, it had me dreaming of a future, of kids, marriage… the stupid happily ever after.” Blade and Viola both sucked back a hiss now understanding why had been so withdrawn and moody.

“Shit Dante,” Vi stepped forward, wrapping her arms around my middle, “I’m sorry, I did actually think she was more to you but I had no idea you fell that deep. I know what it’s like to love someone that doesn’t love you back…” I saw Blades head and shoulders slump forward, maybe I was just being paranoid? Could Blade have crossed the line with Vi? She carried on regardless. “The hurt, doubt, continuous lingering thoughts and the way your world appears to dull as if the light has been taken from you and all you want to do is close your eyes and never wake up because the memory of them is better than dealing with the hurricane-torn destruction left behind. I understand.”

When did my baby sister become so wise, yet so tormented at the same time? Blade turned on his heels and walked inside, “is there something between you both that I should know about?”

Viola withdrew from our embrace with a forlorn look upon her delicate features, captured in a stare at the spot where Blade once stood. “No Big Brother, nothing, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic wishing for something that was never going to happen. So it would seem like us McCarlock kids need a new focus, how about you and I go out and see what other options there are out in the world? You never know, our happily ever after might be out hunting tonight too.”

I gripped her forearm tightly before she could move away, “is Blade the man you spoke of loving?”

Her eyes fell as deep creases appeared, “no, you’ve made is excessively clear about the boundaries between your friends and I, though, I am lonely, unbelievably so, despite my literature fame, I just want someone to love me for me. There once was a time where relationships seemed a ludicrous notion but as I grow older, I find myself wanting to settle down and stupidly I developed a crush on Blade, but it was never meant to be. No, the man that occupies my heart is the polar opposite to him, I guess the loneliness I feel has me confused about reality,” she patted my hand fondly, “you can breathe a sigh of relief, nothing is going on between Blade and I.”

“Good, I’d hate to have to smash his face into the ground,” I sent her a wink just as she exaggeratingly rolled her golden brown orbs.

“C’mon, let’s go find ourselves a fuck for tonight, you know what they say... I need a man, young, dumb and full of cum and you need a bird, young, ditzy and just as easy.” Vi looped her arm in mine as we strutted in.

I laughed at her childish behaviour, “the last thing I want to do before hitting the town is imagining you being pulverised by an idiot full of sperm.”


The pub we landed at was filled to the brim with desperate young things, girls and boys just barely legal and ripe for the picking, I noticed the burning desire the moment my friends and I entered, though I tried not to pay attention to the ones lusting after my sister.

A cocky, clearly alpha college male sauntered seductively over to Vi as we took our positions at a table, “hey there smiley, put my friends and I out of our misery, you’re not with any of these blokes, are you?” I watched as her eyes flicked to Blade but he turned away and sadness and hurt swept over her before she regained her composure.

“Nope, free as a bird, Viola,” she extended her hand and he took it and shook.

“Tre Masters, it’s a pleasure and a relief to meet you, Viola, how about joining us for a drink?” Viola looked up at me.

“I’m kind of here for my big brother,” she replied.

“It’s okay Vi, you go have fun but Tre…” he squared his shoulders and focused in on me, “I’ll be watching you.” His eyes widened, catching the dangerous husk in my smoky tone.

“I got it, look after her or the brother will kill me,” I did not appreciate his self-assured cocky attitude at all but Vi was well and truly capable of taking care of herself.

Blades fists were clenched into tight balls as he removed himself and headed for the bar, ordering a round. I internally wondered how long had this push and pull flirtation-ship been going on? And how come I had not noticed it earlier? Had there always been prurient heated sexual tension between them?

Many girls battered their eyelids and pushed up their chests at me during the night, but none of them I found even remotely interesting. I had lost my game, lost my sexual appetite and lost my masculinity. This simply wouldn’t do, ‘drunk me’ got a brilliant idea as I downed another shot of apple liqueur of fire burning numbness, I stepped outside and dialled her number for the last time. As expected, it went straight to voicemail.

“You know what Quinn, I’m sick to fucken death of this. You want to ignore me, fine, cut me out of your life, that’s okay, but right now as I get drunk, surrounded by my mates, friends you don’t have supporting you, people who care about me, when you have no one left, in some bar called Variety Blues, I plan on fucking another woman, a woman that will appreciate me and my dick as I ram it down her throat. I’m going to forget all about you, buried in luscious pussy, the way you don’t give two fucks about me. Goodbye forever Quinn, enjoy your lonely life.”

Yes, my speech was slurred and yes, I was angry but I was also happy and satisfied knowing I had finally let her go and now, it was time to pick up some slut and bury my cock in her. ‘Drunk me’ was amazing, why had I not let him out a long time ago? A tall leggy redhead walked in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her, “you with anyone?”

She shivered, “no.”

“Good, cause tonight you’re mine.” She nodded her head up and down and I walked her to my table of mates ordering another round as I got myself acquainted with the woman in my arms.

The night was in full swing and the music was pumping hard, my head was buried between the red vixen’s chest, loving the feel of warm breasts as I bit her nipples through her just barely covering material. She moaned as I detached, claiming her lips forcefully, our tongues dancing with each other’s with passionate sexual promise.

Kason’s heavy fist collided with my shoulder causing a halt to our heated make-out session, “what?” I grumbled. Blade spat his beer clear across the table and I noticed they were all staring at something behind me. Turning slowly, my eyes fell upon her standing in the doorway. She wore tight ripped jeans and a white singlet, paired with white tennis shoes. I had never seen her so dressed down before, yet she looked so incredibly sexy all at the same time. Her hauntingly cobalt blues surveyed the scene of me and the redhead – whose name, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember – wrapped in an intimate embrace, I turned back, suddenly realising why her face held such hurt and anger and why her haunting blues suddenly sparkled as they filled with tears, I had shattered her.

She nodded to herself as she furrowed her brows and turned on her heels without a second glance back. “Shit,” my nervous system lit up like fireworks with crippling panic, even through my drunken faze, I could make out the immense pain my stupidity had caused her.

“Go,” I heard Viola scream.

I moved on unsteady legs to the doorway, the sight of her being lost amongst the crowd of celebrating fools. I had caused this, I had drunk dialled her and the words I had left on her answering machine came back at me with full force, the vile taste of bile rose up the back of my throat, “Quinn,” I yelled, “Quinn… wait.”

But she did not wait, by the time I had reached outside she was gone and the snapping of my head from side to side in desperate search for her caused my mind to spin. She had probably come to see if my threat rang with truth, and at the time, I fully meant those words. Now, as my knees collided with the pavement and I hurled up every ounce of alcohol I had forced down my throat, the devastation that was left in the wake of my drunken nasty cyclone crashed over me.

I, Dante James McCarlock, had lost the only woman I had ever loved.

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