Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 2 ~ Mystery?


Seating myself in front of dad’s desk, I noticed deep-set frown lines marring his forehead. “Arabella, will you calm down? I’m sure it’s nothing; I will call Vi later and have her contact you immediately, now? I have our son in front of me, we have business to discuss… yes, yes babe…” He looked up at me, his golden browns meeting my hazels. “Your mother says she loves you,” I can’t help but smile, “yes babe, he loves you too… of course, he did, the words came from his mouth… Goodbye Arabella.”

Once he hung up dad slouched back in his chair, I nodded my head slightly in question, “what’s going on?”

He scratched the back of his neck, “your mother thinks Viola is up to something and she won’t answer Arabella back, so, now I get to be involved.”

I shrugged, “she probably is up to something, we are talking about Vi here.”

He scoffed, “fucken kids.” He curses more to the heavens than me, “right, I have a massive potential glorified opportunity coming in tomorrow; she will be representing her husband’s company, Tri-Star Global. I have no idea why we are meeting with his wife on this, instead of the CEO, Tritium Xeal (zeal), never the less, she has put the company up for sale and we are thinking about taking it over. I need you to look into the accounts, resources and marketing but before any of that happens, we need to know her requesting price which she will only do, upfront.”

“From what I hear they make a great turn over, so why sell?” My curiosity was piqued.

“I don’t know, something about ‘personal reasons’ was all I heard.”

“If you procure the documentation from her for me to investigate, it could take months? Why not get a team…”

But dad cut me off, “no, you. This is a delicate matter, considering the intent to sell went out worldwide and we were the only company she has accepted to meet with. We need our best minds on this; I need everything kept close and personal.”

“What times the meeting tomorrow?”

“Two and expect it to be a late one.”

I nodded in understanding and left dads office. Yes, it always is a late one when a meeting begins in the afternoon. Shit, I hated when people did that, it would mean I would need a stress reliever in the form of a nice wet pussy but I doubt I’d even be bothered to put in the effort.

Secretly, I wanted what mum and dad had but being who we are, you have to be careful who you get attached to you. Dad warned me from a young age about social climbing leaches and at first, I thought he was full of it but now, I understand. Women in this city are after money banks that can provide them with a lavish lifestyle and a full calendar of exclusive events that get them prime photography time, allowing them the spotlight rather than seeking their own fame.

No, a trophy wife was not for me, I wanted something stronger but I am also a man, hence why I found Mystery222 on that app. It’s meant to be specifically for a random fuck but every other woman, apart from last night, they have tried to cling and stay, thinking they could be more than that.

After scouring the net, looking for information on Tri-Star Global, I could only really find pictures of the CEO and nothing on his wife, apart from side-on shots, always wearing sunglasses. I sighed, oh well; guess we’ll find out who we are dealing with tomorrow.


After another sleepless night of being haunted by alluring cobalt blue eyes, I was feeling more than just exhausted. I was horny and irritable which is a bad combination heading into a business deal.

“Well, you look like shit.” Blade, I can always count on him to point out the obvious.

“Thank you, now what do you want?” I sat at my desk rubbing my tired eyes.

“Cheery too, wow, we need to go for a drink tonight, you clearly need to download. You’re lucky I’m such a good listening friend.” He says with a mischievous smirk on his face.

“You mean the kind of ‘listening friend’ that uses you to get himself laid?”

“Exactly, now freshen up; you have a meeting in twenty.”

Blade and I spruced up and headed to the boardroom upstairs, while Pierre, dad, Blade and I were waiting for the ‘wife’ to arrive, we were joking around making idle chitchat when Blades phone and intra-messages on his laptop started going off. He scrolled through as he answered his phone.

“Apparently, there’s some luscious sexy fox heading in our direction… this the woman we waiting for?” His excitement filled the room.

Pierre threw his head back and laughed, “oh god boy, Loag’s doesn’t that remind you of us when we were his age?” Pierre playfully punched dad in the arm.

“Can we pull our shit together? We are meant to be professional?” Dad grumbled.

“Says one of the biggest players of our time,” Pierre throws back, chuckling.

A knock at the boardroom door straightens our backs, Hilda opens up as two large bulky men walk in and stand in the corner of the room, “Mr McCarlock, Mr Taylor, Mrs Quinn Xeal is here.”

We all stand and in stride’s none other, than Mystery222. Her dark glasses atop her head and her black hair in a high ponytail, she wore a white button up flowy shirt with a blood red pencil skirt and matching heels. Those cobalt blues immediately connecting with mine but then she turns and focuses in on my father and his best friend shaking their hands, did she recognise me at all? Dad introduces me and then Blade to which she shakes our hands but pretends to ignore me completely.

My mind was reeling, far different from the structured composure I displayed on the outside. Wife? Wife? She fucked me two nights ago yet, she’s married? No wonder she disappeared so quickly. Suddenly, my body was flushed with anger, this woman had used me to cheat on her husband and expected not to see me again or be caught out. To say I was pissed would be a colossal understatement.

“Your assistant is very friendly,” she remarked. Her smoky, modulated tone purred out, stirring my trouser beast immediately.

“Thank you, she is worth her weight,” dad replied cheerfully. “Mrs Xeal, we are curious, why meet with us when you had so many offerings?”

“My husband’s company is his family, we investigated each person thoroughly and since yours seem to offer the most stability for our employees, naturally, we decided you would be the best fit. This is not some ruse or launder, Mr McCarlock, my husband values honesty and loyalty above all else…” I scoffed, I couldn’t believe this woman. My actions did not go unnoticed by Pear or dad and I had no doubt I would be questioned about it. She slightly paused but then continued, ignoring my behaviour.

“Upon signing, you will each be given a confidentiality agreement and an envelope obtaining the reasons why he has entrusted me, instead of dealing with this delicate matter himself. You also must understand that privacy is obtained and adhered to as we are extremely private people and do not enjoy our business being splashed about the papers for reading entertainment. Our lawyers have not finished the documents but they will basically outline the company’s position and what you are indeed purchasing.

“However, since our employees are such a valued asset to the company and its success, we do require a large bonus be paid out to each member of staff upon completion of the sale and require a two year minimum of employment for each personnel. As you are aware, Tri-Star Global is worth billions of dollars. I am willing to forgo that amount to secure these conditions for our employee’s…”

“How much are you willing to forgo?” Pierre cautiously asks.

She turned and held out her hand to the two bulky guards behind her, who now, I only realised had vanilla folders in their hands. She collected the paperwork and slid them across the table to my father and Pierre, who looked over the offer with furrowed brows.

“That’s a massive forgo, Mrs Xeal?” Pierre commented. I was dying to know what the deal was she had offered them.

“Quinn, please, call me Quinn and like I said, we are willing to, if it guarantees stability for our employees. We realise the markets are not consistent, so in case of bankruptcy or hard times, only then will our clause be null and void. The details will be out lined in the contract for your lawyers to peruse at their leisure and amend any part of the contract they feel is necessary. I will offer my services to help with a smooth transition of the company after sale but again, please understand that we are running out of time and require a fast and efficient take over.”

“And the accounts?” Dad enquired with a suspicious look on his face.

“You will be granted unlimited access to all sensitive information to help in your decision. If you are willing to proceed, then I will return once the contracts are ready. You can begin your full investigation as early as tomorrow…” she withdrew a business card from her handbag and slid it to the middle of the table. “This is my personal number and my assistant, Bryce Lodger’s number. Please feel free to contact anytime but I do require an answer of interest by five o’clock this afternoon, any questions?”

Everyone looked at each other waiting to see if each other moved. “None, but we need time to deliberate,” my father stated.

She nodded and smiled politely, “well, it was a pleasure meeting you all…” she stood and shook our hands once more, “hopefully, we will see you again.”

And just like that, her and her two bulky body guards left. So much for a late meeting, I think that’s the quickest I’ve been to.

“This is an unbelievable offer,” Pierre bounced on the balls of his feet excitedly, “this doesn’t happen every day, not even in a lifetime.”

“Calm down, we need to think clearly about this…” I was out that door before they had even begun to deliberate, “Dante?” dad called after me but I was not stopping. Just as the elevator doors were closing, I slipped in and was greeted by wide cobalt blue eyes.

Pressing 49 on the button panel, I waited in silence for my floor, then grabbed her elbow and pulled her out of the elevator, only to be ripped away by muscle bound security.

“Stop.” She ordered her men, “I know this man, I will meet you in the lobby.”

“Mrs Xeal,” the bald one began, “it’s our job to ke…” but she cut him off.

“Bricker, I said, I will meet you both in the lobby.” Her tone was firm and strong with no room for defiance.

They let me go, stepping back into the elevator with disgruntled faces and carried on down to the first floor. “I don’t remember you wearing a wedding ring, two nights ago?” My venom held malice.

“I don’t believe you were looking for one.” She arched her perfectly shaped brow at me.

“So what, you fuck me and then go home to your husband like a faithful wife?”

“What does it matter? We both got what we wanted.”

“Did you go home to him two nights ago? Did you cuddle into his bed, into his body? Did he tell you he loved you and you say it too, knowing you had betrayed him?” My temper was at boiling point.

“Fuck you, whatever your name is, you know nothing about my life or my marriage and if you can’t keep your mouth shut and forget what happened between us… you will cost your father, the deal of a lifetime.”

I scoffed again, “you know exactly what my name is Quinn Xeal, don’t pretend otherwise.”

By now, not only was I angry but I was fucken hard. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, “Look, I didn’t know you would be here, the app is meant to keep everything confidential, hell, that was the way we designed it…”

“You designed it? To cheat on your husband?”

“You asshole,” she spat.

I pushed her up against the cold steel doors and crashed my lips against hers, forcing my tongue through her parted teeth and just as I suspected, she opened eagerly, kissing back just as forcefully. My hands roaming her curvaceous body, as her soft moans were swallowed by our joined mouths, but as my hand roamed up the inside of her skirt, she pushed me away with all her strength. I had spent the last two nights thinking about this woman and here she was, married.

“You need to forget me Dante.” Quinn slammed her hand against the down button.

“That’s the problem Quinn, I can’t.”

The elevator bell chimed and she stepped in, “you have to, especially now, business comes first.”

Just before the doors closed, I folded my arms across my chest, “I knew, you knew my name.”

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