Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 20 ~ A Moment of Love


I was feeling invigorated, revitalised, maybe it was the wine but also the affirmations we had screamed to the endless sky, twinkly brightly above our heads as the last rays of sunshine disappeared. Ah, who am I kidding? It was most definitely the wine. I inhaled a breath of courage before opening the door and slipping inside.

He pulled off his singlet just as I entered, since we had begun sharing the nights together, he always remained clothed out of respect for my boundaries. Now, as he tossed his shirt into his clothes basket, revealing his toned and taut, muscular back, rippling under every slight movement, I felt my core contract and moisten. God, he was eatable and shit, how I had drastically underestimated my renewed strength.

“What Quinn? Why are you here?” His angry tone broke me from my lustful haze.

“Why are… y… you so… mad?” I high fived myself for managing to get the words out without dropping to my knees and sucking his pole until he blew.

“Did you just high five yourself?” He turned around to watch me, I whimpered at the perfectly sculptured front, every bulging muscle carved to perfection, my resistance was crumbling, I was falling faster than a burning plane.

“Nnnnoooo,” I sounded out unconvincingly, tucking my hands behind my back.

“What are you doing up here?” He questioned again, tucking his hands into his pockets. His pectorals jumping on his chest under his movement and I groaned, rolling my eyes back.

I squeezed my lids shut tight, unable to focus clearly looking at the scorching hunk. “Why are you so mad?” I pushed out breathlessly.

“Why won’t you look at me?” I could hear the smirk in his tone, that sexy bastard knew I was yearning for his lavish orgasm inducing cock.

“Because you’re distracting, now answer the question.”

“Look at me and I’ll tell you.”

“Fine,” I conceded, flipping open my lids to gaze upon a very naked and raging hard cock. He stepped out of his swim trunks and kicked them to the side, my mouth began to water seeing his pronounced member.

“I’m mad because I can’t touch you, Quinn. You’re not ready to open your heart to me, yet seeing you naked does nothing but amplify my need to be inside you.” His words had my lower lips tingling, they wanted to be touched, fondled and licked. I could feel my core clench again as my cheeks flushed with heat, “I want you, these past few weeks have been hard on me, my love for you only grows stronger and with it, my desire. I’m tired of wanking in the shower Quinn, I want your pussy wrapped around my cock as I thrust into you.” He turned his back to me, “but I can’t, you’re not ready, my patience and resistance is failing.”

Huh? The wine was wrong, he was mad at me and not his sister’s nudity in front of his mates. I pulled open the towel and dropped it to the ground, taking with it every ounce of common sense. I seductively walked towards him, each step clenching my pulsing mound but he couldn’t see, he remained with his back to me, my traitorous eyes drinking in his round firm bum, perfect for biting, and his thick, strong thighs, all the way to his shapely calf muscles.

I pressed my breasts into his back, moaning instantly as the sparks of electricity lit up my insides the moment our skin touched. Palming his left butt cheek, I snaked my hand around his hip and gripping his thick dick firmly, stroking him up and down. My lips nipping at his shoulder blade, as he moaned and shuddered under my frantic assault. “Tonight… I let go,” I whispered into his flesh, “I’m ready Dante, I want you.”

“You’re… drunk… Quinn,” he heaved, gulping back large amounts of air, but not once did he stop my wandering hands.

“And yet, I have never felt clearer.” My tugging on his monster quickened, stroking with the intention of causing him to blow.

“Quinn,” he moaned, “you need to be… absolutely certain.”

“Dante,” I purred, from the angle I was at I wanted it to be in his ear but I couldn’t quite reach.

“Quinn,” he warned, shaking with apprehension, trying to hold himself back. “Don’t… play… with me,” his teeth were clenched tightly.

I bent down on my knees, turning his body toward me and took his very hard member in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip of his bulbous head, before swallowing him whole, flattening my tongue to run along the deep vein. His head fell back as he groaned in ecstasy while I slid him all the way to the hilt before pulling back and doing it all over again.

He growled after a few more swallows, fisting his hair before pulling away from my mouth, grabbing under my arms and throwing me onto his bed. “I’m not cumming in your mouth Quinn,” he leaned forward, crashing his lips against mine in hungry fervour, his tongue dancing desperately with my own, as if he was a starved man, well, perhaps he was?

His lips grazed across my neck, along my collarbone and over the swell of my left breast. I was a writhing mess of heated sexual need. My fingers dug into his shoulder blades as he flicked my erect nipple with the tip of his tongue, swirling the areola before his teeth nipped at the hard point.

His hand reached up and grasped my throat, firmly holding as his fingers reached down, circling my clit before dipping into my entrance, I moaned in instant relief, curving my spine as I lifted off the mattress. I was in heaven, sweet, hot, pleasure-inducing and sinful heaven with two fingers sliding in and out of me and his thumb tickling the raised nub of my clit, I revelled in his magnanimous torture.

“Fuck Dante,” I groaned, with his mouth wickedly lapping at my nipple and his fingers playing me like a fiddle, I couldn’t focus on anything but the building orgasm.

My temperature was near boiling point as my body began to quiver, “cum for me Quinn, cum for me.”

He left my nipple and his hand released my neck, moving his face to between my legs, gliding his flattened tongue along my slick folds. That was what I needed to tip me over and like a volcano, I erupted, a wave of euphoria washed over me, every nerve ending inside my body igniting as the orgasm ripped through me, curling my toes and convulsing my body.

I whimpered as he withdrew his fingers but thankfully replacing them with his mammothly engorged rock hard cock. His lips found mine once he had buried himself deep enough, remnants of my earth-shattering eruption flavoured his mouth.

His hips jutting forward as I clenched down around him, “so tight, so good,” he whispered. I took the opportunity to open my eyes and look up at him, he was beautiful, not just sexy but actually beautiful, the kind of beauty that should be immortalised in works of art.

I brushed his wayward strands of hair back as he plunged into me with vigorous force, his eyes darkened and burning with passion as I cried out, loving this blissful feeling of being taken so roughly. But in truth, it was our first opportunity to be together – together, and I needed love not to be fucked. This was my chance, my chance to say ‘fuck it all’ to remain in love with my deceased husband but open my heart to someone worthy of it, to claim my happy ending.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed, limiting his thrust, his eyes finally looking directly at me with confusion. I grasped his face, “Dante?”

“What’s wrong? I asked if you were ready? You said you were…” He began to doubt himself, insecurity brimming within his alluring hazel irises.

“Shhh, Dante…” I cut him off, “look at me?”

“What? I am…” his brow furrowed.

I placed a chaste kiss on his lips, staring at him, causing him to focus fully on me. “Dante, don’t fuck me, make love to me.”

His face softened as I released the death grip my thighs had on him and he started to move at a slower pace, he had understood and for the first time, I think ever in his life, he opened his heart whilst in the midst of passion. Our lips collided unrushed and full of meaning, the kiss, soft and gentle while his hands swept demurely over my body. The driving dominance and thrust of ‘needing to cum’ in his hips was now gone and replaced with a slow and tender jut forward.

There was compassion in the way he moved as if this was our moment to finally express all that we had held back from for so long. With each reverent and worshipping push into me, he shook, as though we both could feel every ounce of pleasure that was being derived from our connected tissue, the subdued nature of our sexual encounter allowed us both, to be taken to new highs of euphoric ecstasy.

Again and again, I quivered with explosive force as I orgasmed, revelling at being able to feel every stroke in our heightened state of being. This was what romance novels described, this is why the word ecstasy was created and after hours of losing all sense of sanity, we both shattered apart one last time, the all-consuming explosion rendered us speechless and temporarily blind. Sweat covered our nude flesh as we collapsed into a heap facing each other. He lifted his hand and swept it along my jaw, “I’ve never made love to anyone before.”

In his weakened state of vulnerability, I had never seen anyone look more beautiful in my life. I shuffled closer, leaning into his chest, for the briefest of moments I felt whole again and as the darkness crawled in, surrounding us and pulling us under, I heard his faint whisper, “I love you, Quinn,” before I fell asleep.

Every night since Tritium’s death, I had been consumed by dreams of him. Horrific and terrifying, all about his disappointment in the person I had become, being held back by my sadness of his loss. Last night, no dreams came. As I opened my eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun as its rays filtered through the room, I smiled. I could feel tiny pecks of his lips as they peppered my face and I loved it.

“What are you doing?” I croaked out, the morning – still half asleep – husk in my voice, could be heard as my eyes fluttered open.

“Did you know?...” he said brightly, “this is the first time we’ve slept together and I’ve actually woken up to you still in my arms.”

“I’m sorry,” I furrowed my brow, suddenly feeling a sense of guilt sweep over me. “I’m sorry I put you through so much.”

“It wasn’t easy you know, to love you, to watch you go back to him.”

I grazed my thumb along the outline of his lips and his chin, “I know, there is so much I wish I had of done differently.”

“I’m not going to lie, Quinn, that was fucken torture and you owe me big time.”

I laughed loudly, “how can I make it up to you?” I questioned playfully, crawling on top of him, feeling his fully erect member as it slipped straight into my centre.

“Well, this is a bloody good start,” he arched his brow mischievously with a wicked grin on his face. “Can you love me, Quinn? Can you love me the way you love him?”

“No,” I answered truthfully, watching his face fall into despair, “Dante, I can’t love you the way I love him because what I feel for you is different.” His eyes rose to meet mine with new hope, I leaned forward, pressing my lips against his cheek and then the other, “you are not him, you are you and who you are, is remarkable. I should have told you from the start. Dante, a large piece of my heart will always belong to Tim and probably for the rest of my life. My love for you grew from our friendship, you broke through my concrete walls with no warning or invitation, I love you for completely different reasons, you are not the same man and you deserved to be loved for you and in your own way.”

“But you don’t look at me how I have seen you look at him, as if he hung the stars in the sky for you.” I smiled, I did look at Tritium like that because he did, at that time.

“Do you know how much I admire you? How much I appreciate every inch of your selfless nature? You are far from the narcissist you claim to be. He may have been my first love Dante, but you are who I see my future with, you are who I want to spend my time with and you, are who I miss when I am alone or incidentally when I am around other people. Don’t fall down this path, I may have been unsure even after Tim passed about whether or not things would work with us and I’ve spent this last week really trying to see a life without you…”

“And can you? Can you see a life without me?”

“God no,” I breathed out the words with no hesitation, “the thought of not having you in my life is inconceivable, you are all mine, I’m never letting you go.”

“Quinn? Look at me?” I was looking at him… what is he talking about? “Don’t fuck me, make love to me.”

I threw my head back and chortled, “you ass,” I claimed his lips with searing passion, feeling his cock still resting in my centre. “I love you, Dante.”

(This is not the end – in case you get confused)

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