Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 21 ~ Moving Forward


“Oh god yes, Dante, right there.”

Being inside Quinn was like what I imagined heaven to feel like, a rhapsody of paradise. The feeling of summer holidays and endless exultations that came from every thrust into her was like magic, this was love and love was a beautiful thing. She didn’t love me the same as her husband, no, she loved me for me, and I worshipped the very essence of her.

From the night she had initiated our move forward till now, I had taken her more times than I could count and we had shattered into orgasmic oblivion more times than I could remember, each time feeling new and exhilarating.

She had her knees raised and her feet planted firmly on top of my thighs as I leaned back against the pillows on the chair, both of us facing the ocean with the veranda door wide open. Her back was arched and her palms rested either side of my head, the view of her back as the muscles moved was incredible. She had such strength, definition and tone and from this angle but the view of her ass had me bitting back my groan, so plump, so rounded, so aesthetically pleasing.

With one hand keeping her steady at the hip, and the other reaching around to play with her clit, her inner walls were tightening around my gently thrusting cock. Ever since that glorious night we had progressed forward, she required me to ‘make love to her’, I was no longer fucking, we were gentle and passionate and full of emotion with every intimate connection.

As her tit’s bounced toward the ceiling and she mewled with guttural force, I felt her clamp down just before she came, “Dante,” she cried out as I filled her insides with my hot seed. Bliss washed over me as she collapsed into my chest, her back flush with my front.

I wrapped my arms around her and my lips grazed against her neck, “God, how I love the feel of you,” I whispered against her skin.

My now sated cock slipping out from her centre and dribbling onto the couch, but I didn’t care, we were both satisfied after another spontaneous romp and as I cupped her hefty breasts, noticing they seemed to be fuller than normal, I tweaked her nipples, knowing she loved the sensation.

She hissed and slapped my hand away, “careful, they are always sensitive after sex.”

“Not sex baby, love,” I playfully chastised.

For the first time in weeks, we finally were alone, Viola was meeting with her editor and the boys were at work, I had taken the day off to make sure she was not on her own. We knew we had limited time before they would all arrive back but we both remained completely nude and relishing in our ‘after sex’ glow, feeling the warmth radiating off each other. She turns on my lap to face me, swinging her legs up and over the armrest.

“DJ… Thank you.”

“Thank you?” I flashed her a look of confusion, “for what?”

“For loving me, for being there when I needed support the most. Even when I hurt you, tried to push you away, you still came. I don’t think I ever properly thanked you.” She traced her index finger around the side of my jaw.

“Baby, you don’t need to thank me, I love you and I’ll always be there for you.”

She smiled up at me adoringly before pushing her lips softly against mine and then snuggling into my chest. “Good, because it’s time I went back,” this comment had my body tense up, back? Back? Where was she going? Back to Tri-Star, the beginning, her house, where?

“What do you mean?”

“Back into the world, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve kind of been hibernating for weeks now.”

“Your husband passed away Quinn, I think you’re entitled to a little retreat from the world for a while.”

She turned her head to the side, getting lost in the view of the ocean as it crashed upon the shore. A tear rolled down her now saddened face, “I’m tired of having nothing to distract my mind with.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

She shrugged, still captured by the picturesque scenery, “I don’t know, all I’ve ever known is Tri-Star, I’m not sure I’m good at anything else.”

“I’m sure you’ll find something, and whatever that is, you will be brilliant at it,” I encouraged, “but if you find it’s too soon? That’s okay too, you do what you feel is right, when you are ready, there’s no right or wrong answer Quinn and whatever you decide, I’ll support you.”

She snapped her head back suddenly, her hauntingly cobalt blues swirling with an eerie emotion, one I had never seen in her regard of me. “Dante?”

“What? Did I say the wrong thing?”

“You are amazing,” she whispered. Her eyes flitting between mine, adoration, that’s what the emotion was, she was looking at me with adoration. Complete awestruck intense admiration.

I pushed my lips against hers just as we heard the front door slam shut and I moved quickly, accidentally tipping her off my lap and practically jumped on her to cover her body with mine as we lay on the floor. “Well, that’s a sight I didn’t want to see, DJ’s nude ass on top of Quinn.”

Kason’s amusement boiled over, “get out,” I growled, the thought of him seeing what was mine drove me wild.

“Relax, I’m just here to change, I’ve got a hot date tonight.”

“Get out,” I growled again.

“Alright, alright, I’ll leave you to your fuck fest,” he began to walk off but threw back over his shoulder, “it’s not like we can’t hear you two at night anyway.”

Quinn buried her head into my chest, chuckling. “Fuck you,” I hollered back.

“No, fuck you.”

I turned back feeling the vibration of her laughing below me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and she pecked the end of my nose, “I love you, Dante James.”


Tonight we had been invited to Mum and Dads for dinner, as we all sat around the dinner table with Uncle Pierre and Amber, Blade, Vinnie and Asher, we were talking animatedly between each other waiting on Viola to arrive. “Q?” Her voice signalling her arrival.

“In here,” Quinn called back.

“I did it, I let go.”

“What?” Quinn gasped.

Vi breezed in, wrapping her arms around Mum and Dad, gave Pierre and Amber a kiss on the cheek and then sat down next to Quinn. Blade’s brow furrowed, normally she sits next to him, this behaviour was odd but I chose not to question it, I have a feeling I’m not going to like the answer, those two have always been a little close for comfort. “Sorry, I’m late everyone.”

“That’s okay honey,” mum smiled, “how was your day?”

“Fantastic actually,” she beamed.

“Tell us, what was so great about it?” Dad questioned.

Her eyes flicked to Blade who was staring blankly at her, maybe I should ask her about what’s going on there? “Well,” she took a deep inhale. “Today I met my new editor and chief, they’ve given me a timeline for the release of my next book, which you know creatively I hate, but after everyone left he asked me to stay behind. I was fuming, the gorgeous hunk had pissed me right off but shit, the room was electric with sexual tension, god, I could write several chapters alone about the tension in that room. The way he evaluated me, his dark eyes trailing fire along my skin.” She shivered as if remembering the feel of it.

Dad cleared his throat clearly uncomfortable with the conversation, “And?” Quinn pushed impatiently.

“And, he asked me out. We’re going on a date tomorrow.”

Quinn leapt from her chair, wrapping her arms around my sister as they laughed, “I’m so happy for you,” she stated.

“Thanks, Q, I couldn’t have taken that step without you.”

“Are you kidding Vi, you did this, congratulations.”

“You should see him Q, he’s gorgeous, and I suspect he’s hiding a killer body below his shirt too, I’m praying he has a gigantic thick jousting stick to go with that too.” Viola playfully wiggled her brows.

“Oh, who’s regretting the naked affirmations now?” Dad choked on his beer.

“What? That naked what?” The girls giggled at his reaction, Mum, however, was enthralled by the way the girls bantered with each other, I knew what she was thinking, Viola, even though outgoing and eccentric, never bonded closely with females. Mum was enjoying the closeness of their friendship, it had actually become a relationship I was thankful for because they mean so much to me.

“He sounds like a wanker to me,” Blade bitterly spat.

But I agreed fully, who was this dude that used his position to get dates? “I agree, be careful Vi,” the girls narrowed their eyes at me with a murderous glare.

“He’s sure as shit better than the ass I’ve been seeing but not technically seeing because he’s a coward.”

“Who?” I questioned, I had no idea she was seeing someone.

“Coward? Are you sure he’s not just trying to be responsible?” Blade spat back.

Now I was curious, Blade’s reaction was uncalled for, what was his interest in my sister? Maybe I had been ignoring the attraction that was obvious between them two but they both knew, no crossing lines. “Responsible? Hurting me every time he pushes me away and then when I finally get an inch of freedom, he finds a way to reel me back in, confusing me more and then pushing me away all over again. You call that responsible? I call it cruel, he knows I was in love with him and he mercilessly plays with my heart.”

“Who is this guy Viola Lee?” Dad’s body was on high alert, ready to punch the fucker that hurt his child.

“No one Dad, just a scared little boy.”

“Wait, your middle name is Lee?” Quinn cut in, focused on Vi.

Vi’s vivacious cackle broke the tense atmosphere. “Yes, how did you not know?”

Quinn shrugged, “so, I’ve decided to find a job,” she stated confidently, running her palm along my thigh.

“Cool, what ya looking for?”

“I’m not sure, I’ve only ever worked for Tri-Star, I’m not sure what else I’m good at?”

“Pear needs a receptionist, can you start Monday?” all of our heads turn to Amber who had remained silent until now.

“What happened to Lucy?” Dad asked incredulously.

“I had to fire her today,” he lifted Ambers’ hand and kissed the back of her fingers.

“Shit, it happened again?” Dad threw back.

“What? What happened again?” I asked curiously.

“She came on to him,” Amber side glanced her husband. Pierre was a flirt, it was natural for him, but once he met Aunty Amber, he knew there was no other woman in the world for him. Honestly, I don’t know how she managed to ignore his behaviour, he was a cheeky man.

“It’s my fault, she clearly got the wrong idea, the only woman for me is Aims.”

“Yes it’s your fault, you pay them too many compliments,” she chided him snippily.

“I’m sorry, I like to make people feel good, but you have my heart, soul and body under lock and key, I am forever yours.”

“Shit, a lot happens in one day,” I commented.

“So do you want the job, Quinn?” Amber asked, swaying the conversation back to its original topic.

“Um, I… I…”

She was unsure, I brushed the dark strands of silky hair away from her shoulder, “whenever you are ready?” I encouraged, only she and I would know what that meant.

She nodded and smiled, “how about a two-week trial first? To see if I fit?”

My heart flipped, I would love having her work there. “It’s a massive step down from working as a CEO Quinn, are you sure that’s what you want? Your knowledge of the industry makes you invaluable.” Dad expressed, it was true though, it was a huge step-down.

“I know Logan, but perhaps doing something that still utilises my skills but with a lot, less pressure is what I need at this time. Thank you, Amber, Pierre, if you are comfortable with that? I would love the position… for a two-week trial run.”

He smiled, “I’m happy with that, it saves me trying to find a competent replacement. There’s also no chance you will blur the lines.”

“Good. Well, that’s sorted, you start Monday Quinn.” Dad clapped his hands together and tucked into his dinner.

My eyes lingered on Quinn, she looked up and caught me but I didn’t look away, she was breathtaking, how could I look away? She leant over pressing a gentle chaste kiss to my lips, it was the first time we had displayed affection so openly. I cupped her face, running my thumb along her jawline, ‘I love you’ I mouthed silently. ‘I love you too’ she mouthed back, well, she could have mouthed ‘colourful’ but I chose to believe it was I love you.

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