Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 22 ~ Shock


“Isn’t this a familiar position baby?”

“Dante please, it’s my first day.” I was begging him, but he exuded power, he was in his element and he knew it.

“Shhh, Quinn, Blade might hear you,” he teased.

I was bent over his desk with my panties around my knees and my skirt hauled up and resting at my waist. He sat in his office chair behind me running his fingertips along my wet pulsing pussy, his masculine prowess had me dripping with raw sexual need but I also was fretting, this was my first day and I had only started a couple hours ago. If he thought my working here meant he could have sex on tap he was sadly mistaken, though, right now I couldn’t deny how turned on I was.

Even when I worked for Tritium, we had only ever kissed in his office when he was boss and now, I was about to be fucked for the second time, my fantasies of being controlled and taken in the office about to play out again and the whole action had me trembling with pleasure, despite my logical resistance.

“Please Dante, if we get caught…”

“Who, who will catch us?” He chuckled.

“Um, I don’t know? Anyone that walks in.”

“Exciting isn’t it? Don’t move those hands, Quinn, I’m committing this sight of you to memory.” I groaned at his words as they licked at my ears.

“Look at your aroused folds glistening away; this is turning you on, isn’t it baby?”

The truth was, this was my fault, I had put myself into this position after falling for his line of ‘I can’t get my laptop to boot up’ and my history with tech, he knew how to render me vulnerable. “DJ, you are mean, you know how frantic I was this morning about starting here with our history and my former position.”

“Yes, and as a result, you turned me down. In hindsight, now that I have you in this position, I’m actually really glad you did, though I probably still would have attempted taking you in my office.” He leaned forward, sliding his tongue along my saturated folds, lapping at my juices as I moaned in front of him. “Fuck, I will never tire of the taste of you.”

“Dante, please… Pierre might need me.”

“No baby, you and I both know he and Dad are held up in a meeting with Jamison Enterprises.”

His hand dipped between my thighs to circle my clit as he torturously licked my lower lips, his tongue was manipulating my pussy so erotically that I could do nothing but succumb to his every whim. Clenching my fists into balls as they held my weight on the desk, I could feel that knot of ecstasy as it grew in my lower abdomen. My breathing quickened the further he devoured my intimate area until finally, I snapped and washed with climatic oblivion, “Ohh, ggoooodddd, Dddaannttteee,” my jaw chattered as I shattered into a billion pieces.

With my head flopped forward and my mind scrambling to glue itself back together, he guided the head of his penis along my sensitive cunt, before sliding it into my retracting centre. “Fuck you feel good,” he groaned and held firm.

“Dante please,” I begged.

“Oh Quinn, I love the hug from your inner walls.”

He was taunting me now, driving me crazy beyond compare, trying to make me lose my mind. “Dante James,” I growled animalistically, “move that god damn glorious dick of yours, immediately.”

I was somewhat furious he had teased me this point and now was holding still inside me. His palm came down fiercely on my bum cheek with a loud smack and a slight sting, “I thought you were worried about getting back to your desk Ms Xeal,” he quipped in a chastising manner.

“Dante,” I cried out desperately.

“Oh Quinn, all you need to do is ask and you shall receive,” I heard that jerk chuckle, he was revelling in my dismay.

“That’s it, get out of me,” I assertively scolded.

“Not bloody likely,” he huffed, withdrawing almost fully before ramming back in with primal force, my body was unprepared for the swift pelvic action and my hands skidded across his desk, almost face planting into the table.

“Fuck me,” I screeched in surprise.

“I am,” he chuckled back.

Thrust after thrust into my burning hot core he ploughed, this was the first time we had ‘fucked’ in ages and despite our usual ‘love making’ my mind, body and hormones were not complaining at all. I could feel the head of his delicious cock rubbing against every bit of flesh deep inside of me, my nipples tightened as his erection tickled my G-spot, toying with it in the most provocative way, stoking the climax fires that smouldered inside of me.

Again and again, until I had no tangible words left, Dante the sex god was literally fucking my brains right out and it was divine.

“Oh, god Dante, I’m going too… too…”

“Fucken hhhheeellll Qqqquuuiiinnnnnnn,” he cried.

My body exploded, a wave of pure relief washed right through me as I came hard.

His small juts into me bathed my centre in his hot creamy cum, mixing with my own orgasm. DJ just stood there, buried to the hilt and spurting the last of his juices deep into my clamping vaginal walls. “I don’t want to extract my cock,” he confessed.

“You have too,” I panted.

“Oh god, I’m getting this eerie feeling you’re going to say this is never going to happen again.” He refused to pull out from in me.

“It’s not going to.”

“Just reassure me, baby, reassure me that tonight when we finish work, we’re going home together… right?” I could hear the panic in his voice, I felt instantly bad.

“Relax DJ, we are going home together, unless you feel like kicking my ass out, in which case I’ll be calling the guards,” he breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “But you do need to get out of me, I can’t walk around on your front forever.”

“Hmmm, the idea of that doesn’t sound so bad to me, and very convenient.”

We laughed as he slid out, “It won’t be if I ever get a …” suddenly my face dropped. Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Won’t be if you ever get a… what Quinn?” My mouth instantaneously lacked the lubrication required.

“Nothing,” I pulled up my knickers and righted my clothes, standing up on the tips of my toes, I gave him a chaste kiss and rushed to the door.

“Meet me for lunch?”

“Can’t… busy,” I threw back, escaping quickly, dodging the tirade of ‘question bullets’ I knew were heading in my direction.

I all but ran towards the elevator, “quicky in the CFO’s office, hey fox,” Blade wiggled his eyebrows knowingly. My face, however, displayed a mortified and murderous glare at his jest, “Quinn?” My finger began to push the button repeatedly, my patience wearing thin, why do elevators take so long? “Quinn, it was a joke,” Blade called out in confusion; clearly my face had unnerved him.

Arriving back at my desk, Hilda eyed me warily, “Quinn, are you okay dear? You look flushed?”

I flashed her a fake smile, one I used to reserve for board meetings, “men,” I shrugged, “wanted to chat, thinking my time would be spent occupying him now that I’m here.”

Thankfully, she accepted my excuse, “oh Dante, yes, men have unrealistic expectations. It’s not like you have work to do of your own or anything?” she scoffed.

“I know right?” I played, she didn’t need to know about our in-office fuck.

I sat down, pulling out my handbag and opened the small compartment inside, my face paled as the realisation hit me like a freight train; I was in so much trouble. Maybe not? Don’t panic too quickly Quinn, there’s no need to worry just yet, I told myself… if only I believed it.


“Why are you sculling back so much water?” Dante questioned as we pulled into the driveway of his home.

“Thirsty,” I replied, my grip on my handbag tightened as I drained the bottle of its last liquid.

The moment he shut off the engine, I flew out the door and hurriedly climbed the steps to the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it behind me, my heart palpitations were off the rector scale, how could I have been so stupid and ignored something so important? Yes, all this time I had been a little unfocused but shit, I knew better than this.

Ripping open the packaging, I tore off my underwear, hoisted up my skirt, pulled out the clear cup, read the instructions three times just to be sure and sat down, beginning to pee then squeezing my pelvic floor muscles to stop the stream before angling the cup correctly. Once I let go and wee’d like rushing river rapids, I groaned a sigh of relief, stopping mid-pee is hard and catching ‘mid-stream’ was even hard, especially after two litres of H2O.

I wiped, then wiped the excess urine off my hand and from around the cup, before placing it on the bathroom sink and flushing the residue down before washing and drying my hands thoroughly. My heart was beating at an incredible pace, throat as dry as the desert and my mind was going over the only two outcomes I could think off.

With my inability to control the trembling, I managed to open the three packets, considering my choices available at the corner store was one or three, I deemed three was an appropriate number for reassurance. I removed the lids and dunked the tips into the wee before replacing the cap and tipping the liquid down the toilet, throwing all the packaging in the bin, I finally notice just how tense my body had become.

After washing my hands again, I put the toilet seat down and waited. The silence was deafening, this had to be the most excruciating wait I had ever experienced in my life, what the hell was I going to do? Is this what I subconsciously wanted? Maybe I had just made the worst mistake of my life?

Dante had knocked at the door and said I had been in the bathroom for a long time, I didn’t reply, the truth was, I hadn’t even looked at the results and right now I needed to shut off. I didn’t know how I would feel if I was or if I wasn’t, I was just… numb.

Finally, talking myself into facing the music, negotiation, when it came to my conscious, was difficult, I would rather prefer face to face – with someone else. I flipped the sticks one by one. Instant relief washed through me and then happiness, but I still feel to the floor and cried, this was emotional, how was I going to get through this after the way my body just reacted without thinking on it. I collected the sticks, opened the door and made my way down the stairs, my arms were folded across my body, but everyone was there and as usual with the alcohol was flowing.

“Quinn, can we talk?” Blade looked at me guiltily.

“We’re good Blade,” I whispered, my gaze falling to the toes of my shoes.

“Jesus Christ, we thought we’d lost you down the drain,” Vinnie commented.

I shook my head from side to side, the perspiration gathered under my arms as a hot flush ran through me, “sorry, I panicked for a bit, but everything is fine now.”

Dante stood up, “are you okay, you’re freaking me out, I don’t like it when you shut yourself off, I can’t comfort you when you’re closed.” Wow, I had really implanted a lot of insecurities in Dante by my actions in the past.

“Yes,” I breathed, “everything is fine, I’m sorry, I just needed a minute.”

“Minute? You’ve been in there for two hours,” Vinnie interjected.

“Drink?” Vi pushed a glass towards me and I picked it up, bringing it to my lips, but then placed it back down. “What’s wrong? You look like you really need one Q.”

I took a large gulp of air and threw the sticks onto the coffee table. “Actually no, I can’t.”

Their eyes bulged, “are those what I think they are?” was the first question from his mouth, I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears sprung from my eyes, all I could do was nod. He picked up one and looked at it, everyone waited with bated breaths and the teardrops slid down my cheeks unrestrained, perhaps I had been wrong in my assumption, perhaps he had said all that stuff just to manipulate me? Fuck, had I really gotten this inconceivably wrong?

For several long minutes he stared at the stick, he would blink in disbelief but then continue to linger on the result. I, however, was rife with panic, shaking uncontrollably. “Holy fuck,” he finally said, breaking the torturous and collapsing silence that felt like a restricting cage around my throat. “I’m going to be a Dad.”

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