Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 25 ~ A Promise Broken


“You broke your promise,” I growled, the husky purr that extracted from my throat made her groan and her thighs squeeze together. “You lied to me, Quinn.”

“Dante, please…” she was begging for an understanding I wasn’t willing to give.

“No excuses,” I tutted at her, “the day we walked out of your father’s office with the signed contracts I made you promise me again, just so you knew how serious I was about this, you broke your promise, you disregard my need entirely.”

“Dante,” she was whining now, “I have to get this report finished, I have a deadline.”

“No Quinn, this time I’m pulling rank. Assume the position,” I commanded.

“I don’t have time for games, this needs to be done, I’m already behind due to your ruling, you’re causing extra stress…” I slid my belt from the loops in my pants, folded it and snapped it loudly, by pulling it taut. Her mouth clamped shut immediately.

A surge of power raced through me as the air surrounding us fizzed and crackled with electrified energy. I was on the prowl, she had broken a promise and as I stalked forward, revelling in the thrill of hunting my sexy pregnant doe as the back of her knees hit the coffee table, I was determined to make her understand the punishment incurred for not taking care of herself, for risking not just her but our child, she knew there would be repercussions and yet she still disobeyed.

“You are three an half months pregnant, with our child, you promised you would get the ample sleep and nutrition required to remain healthy… Today, you did not. Assume the position, Quinn.” There was a dangerous edge to my voice; after all, I was looking out for the wellbeing of the two things I cared about most in this world and I would not risk either one.

“Fuck,” she growled, before dropping her long flowy dress to the floor allowing it to pool at her feet.

I groaned as she revealed the lack of undergarments she had on. Sucking back a sharp breath as my eyes soaked up her exquisite and very nude form. Her bump was small, but it was still there, it represented something you could mistake for a large lunch, but I knew she had not eaten because my concerned sister had ratted her out.

She turned around and bent over the coffee table, her round taut ass presented to me and as I ran my palm over her left cheek, she slightly jumped not expected a tender touch. Clearly, she had prepared for a hard spank.

“Do you know baby, that you don’t get angry very often?” I lightly grazed my fingertips around her puckered hole and then along her plush pussy lips, she curved her back and moaned. “But there’s one weakness I have discovered that makes you furious…” I was teasing her, I felt an extreme sense of dominance flare up within me as I loosened my tie with the other hand and popped the top three buttons of my shirt.

“Dante James…” she growled through gritted teeth, “you’re playing with fire and you know it.”

I tutted her, clucking my tongue, “tsk, tsk, tsk, Quinn… sometimes you need to be reminded of who controls your body.”

My hidden meaning not hard to decipher, she stilled her frame; I could see the tension strain in her shoulder blades. “What do you mean?” She tried to remain nonchalant, but the quake in her deliverance betrayed her as I continued to play with her moistening folds.

“I mean, my gorgeous, sexy woman, that I know your weakness.”

She inhaled shakily, “I have no trigger, so you do not know my weakness.”

The hint of fear perfumed the room, “Oh? So, if you’re as confident as you pretend to be, this punishment for breaking your promise is pointless then?”

“You are wasting my time and yours, Dante.” Suddenly, she had replied with confidence but her false sense of security was about to be shattered. See, apart from her parents, there was one thing that drove her insane with fury and that little gem was… being brought to the edge of orgasm and not being able to release.

I leant over her body, my lips grazing the shell of her ear as I whispered, “you will not cum Quinn.”

“What?” she screeched, attempting to right herself.

I held my palm on her nude back, keeping her in her submitting position. “Maybe then, you will understand the importance of what I requested, maybe then Quinn, you will think about it next time. I will relieve myself again and again until I am fully satisfied, but you, my naughty woman, will not be allowed to cum at all, not even if you beg. I am going to push you to the brink of sexual insanity and you will wear your punishment with a smile. That is what you get for not taking care of yourself and our child.”

“That is cruel and unfair. You will not fuck me…” I ignored her threat, thrusting my thick digits into her saturated centre, pumping in and out with brute force as she mewled.

“The sad thing with your defiance baby is your body betrays you every time. The idea of being denied orgasm makes your pussy gush, accepting of punishment. You will learn to understand that I only do this, not out of self-satisfaction, but out of love for my family.”

She scoffed; “no, you get no pleasure out of this at all,” her sarcastic attitude was humorous to me because Quinn was most definitely pissed off.

My torture needed to be sexual; my ignoring her would go unnoticed, considering how involved she was in Galicia’s launch. Screaming and shouting was something I always reserved for those situations that actually required it, like when I was mad, and I had never been the type of person to physically hurt a woman, so, slapping her around was a complete NO!

She had become addicted to orgasm’s, after having to endure so long without being satisfied sexually, though it was no one’s fault, she had awakened a beast and that beast craved being shattered into climatic oblivion. I knew I had her balancing on a tight-rope.

As my thumb circled her sensitive clit and my fingers pushed into her, she was moaning and breathing rapidly but the moment I felt her vaginal walls clamp… I stopped. She growled furiously, my hand came down with a sting to her butt cheek and I saw her toes curl under, yes, she loved a spank.

When I was certain she had crashed back down, I pushed into her again, my fingers thrusting in and out, my thumb manipulating her clit and just like before, the moment her walls squeezed, I withdrew.

“Fuck you, Dante,” Quinn hissed, I swear, if this was a cartoon? She would have spat acidic venom.

“It’s not like I didn’t warn you, baby,” I chided.

I hastily removed my pants, drunk… not drunk… completely intoxicated off the immense control I had over her body. I ran the head of my hard penis up and down her delectable folds, teasing her, she groaned and writhed, tensing her thighs in an attempt to cause friction against her burning core.

“Open your legs baby,” I demanded. She refused, so I reached around and pinched her very erect nipple, to which she jolted in surprise, “I said… open your legs.”

She whimpered, not happy with my denial of her actions, and she thought I wouldn’t notice? C’mon? Quinn hesitantly parted her legs only to receive another loud spank to her tight round globe. She could have, if she really wanted too, got away. We could have ended our little session there, after all, it’s not like she is my possession, but she didn’t because somewhere inside her heart she knew why I was doing this, she knew she was not doing what was best for her and our baby.

The power play over this situation had me hanging on the precipice of release and in one swift movement, I thrust into her welcoming tunnel. I knew that because of my fully sculptured physique my refractory period or ‘rest time’ between orgasm’s and being hard again was shorter than other men, my stamina allowed me to regain strength quickly.

I was hammering into her with brutal force as she cried out in ecstasy. But again, the moment I felt her close, I pulled out, only this time, because of how exquisite it felt to be buried balls deep inside her, I came with an earth-shattering growl.

“Dante… please,” she whined, her whole body was drenched in sweat and quivering from not being allowed to come.

In-between ‘rest times’ as my cock waited to become aroused again, I continued my crippling torture of bringing her to the edge and then backing off, she was becoming more and more furious with each denial and I prayed she was getting the picture.

After coming, again and again, she was so frustrated that she turned, pushing me back as I fell onto the couch and she straddled me. “Dante…” by now she was shaking fervently, though being as fit as I am, even I had my limits and I was well and truly spent. “I get it, okay, I get it. Please DJ, no more, I can’t take anymore.”

A tear rolled down her cheek as she pleaded with those alluring blues, “have you learnt your lesson?”

She drastically nodded, “god yes, being denied is worse than no sex at all, please Dante… please.”

“I won’t be so forgiving next time, you promised to take care of yourself and our baby. Do it, that’s all I ask.”

I could see the regret wash over her stunning features, “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

I used the last of my strength, thankful that I was now seated and pushed my fingers inside of her sticky, dripping and burning hot core while she rocked on top of my hand. Her lips pressed against mine as our tongues grazed gently with one another’s and this time, much to her glowing relief, I allowed her to orgasm. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she closed her eyes, coating my hand in her crème while a satisfying groan emanated from the back of her throat while her whole body recoiled.

She was gasping for air as she floated back to earth, my hazel eyes soaked in the divine picture of her entire being, washing with climax. “I do this because I love you,” I reminded her.

“I know, I love you,” her voice strained and raspy. Quinn closed her haunting cobalt’s and fell asleep, safely cradled in my arms.


After that night, I didn’t have to remind her again. A slight twinge of sadness consumed me when I thought about it, the cosmically intoxicating surge of dominance was addicting, never had I felt so masculine before, but truthfully, it wasn’t really me, maybe I could play that role again? The thought of it made me giddy with anticipation.

From sun up until sundown, Quinn worked. She made sure to rest frequently and eat a balanced diet and as the months passed and our child grew within her womb, a sense of peace consumed me. The day Jerome Malcuta, previous journalist to the Weekly News Drop, now unemployed bum, was prosecuted and ordered to pay a hefty fine, was a challenging day for her, but we both knew that in order to move forward, we had to say goodbye to the past, even if it was a past that brought us both such sadness and happiness, at the same time. He vowed to destroy her, I vowed to kick his ass if he didn’t leave her the fuck alone, I couldn’t believe that shit head thought he could threaten my woman.

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