Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 26 ~ Satisfaction and Emotion


The day of my launch arrived and after months of planning, meetings, beta program bug fixes and painstaking hours of advertising, it was finally over and the app along with the new tech from the company, we had debuted as the number one top grossing company, I couldn’t believe how popular we had become, seemingly overnight. I stood in my office, an office once owned by my father and took the first breath of what I felt like, was the whole day. I was still two weeks out from my due date and for some unknown reason, my eyes welled with tears, maybe it was the hormones.

Tritium had taught me everything I needed to know in order to be successful in business and now, as I relaxed, emotion stirred deep within me. Dante and I had decided to not let go of my house, so Tim’s ashes had a place to rest, Angelique and her husband had moved in permanently and because I was no longer the wife to a billionaire, the need for security no longer mattered, so Arid Striker and his team were let go. I did miss having Bricker and Harry around, over the years they had become an attachment but I guess that was simply because they had been paid to be there.

Even though I had moved into Dante’s house, sort of without discussion really, but he had never said anything and even made a fuss about me not being there when he arrived home, I still did miss my own house. We had a baby on the way, so the logical move was always to end up in the same house. I loved the way he would drop to his knees and whisper to my belly every evening, sometimes even lying in bed, I knew he wasn’t talking to me, it was as though he was the happiest he had ever been and this child was exactly what he was praying for.

As I collected my things and made my way to the car, I had an overwhelming urge to speak with Tim. So, as I jumped in my car, heading for our old house, I flicked Dante a text to say I would be home late once I had stopped out the front of the once marital house I had shared with my husband.

“Mrs Xeal, how nice to see you.” The friendly Italian woman, who had taken such incredible care of Tritium over the years, came bouncing out with a large smile.

“I am sorry for the intrusion, now that I am here, I realise I should have probably called you first.”

Angelique embraced me warmly, the sense of familiarity and kindness was welcoming, “nonsense. This will always be your home, I am merely occupying space. Look at how big you have grown, do you know what you are having yet?”

“It is your home too now, and no. Dante’s mother told him the story of how he and his sister were kept a surprise, so DJ is forcing me into waiting, like unwrapping a present that has taken nine months to arrive.”

She snickered at my impatience, “how wonderful.”

She took my arm as we walked inside, it was weird being back here after only a few months away, this definitely didn’t feel like my home any longer, only memories remained within these walls. “Are you still willing to take on the challenge of being baby’s nanny?” I questioned her the same thing every time I saw her, after the time and care she took with Tim, there was really no one else I wanted to look after the baby, but I did not want to ruin her life, she was not as young as she used to be.

“It is an honour, I can’t wait, seems like Harold and I will be waiting forever for our children to have a bambini. As much as I love your company Mrs Xeal, I think you are not here for me.”

I smiled, “no, I need to speak to him.”

“You know, I believe he is always listening, I don’t think he sits by his ashes all day waiting for a visitor. In fact, I’m more than certain he is out perving on those supermodels, you and he would joke about.”

That thought made me grin widely, I hoped that’s how he was spending his afterlife, hitting on hot ghosts and perving on sexy women. “It brings me comfort,” I simply replied with a shrug of my shoulders.

“He would be very proud of the strong woman you have become, congratulations on your launch today,” she knew what was happening even after months of being away. I realised, once she left, that she had escorted me all the way to the foot of the stairs, that woman was some kind of miracle that’s for sure.

As I climbed up and went inside our old bedroom, a flood of memories hit me like a ton of bricks, this was insane, everything had remained the same as I had last seen it and yet I felt nothing but sadness being here. I lay down on the bed I once shared with my husband and cried while talking out loud to him.


When I finally arrived back to Dante’s, I found him sitting at the dining room table with Chinese takeout from Mr Chow’s, and him shirtless with only sweatpants on. He looked delicious, his sculptured form, well defined and shapely, had me bitting back a groan as he dished up the food onto plates. His hair was still dripping wet, so, I assumed he had worked out and then showered.

He flashed me a dashing toothy smile and a wink before dropping at my feet to speak to our child. “Unfortunately, mini-me, I think your mum is in need of some love, I can see she has been crying.” His head tilted up and upon the connection of our eyes, a spark of electricity fizzed through me. I couldn’t help but rake my fingers through his hair and along his jawline.

“The baby could be a mini-me, you know?”

“Impossible,” he chuckled.

“What’s all this?” I gestured to the table.

“Congratulations, I saw the stat’s Quinn, you debuted at number one.”

He got up off his knees, clasped my hand and walked me to the table. “I think the bouquet of roses was enough Dante James, you didn’t have to do this.”

“I wanted to, I’m very proud of you Quinn, you have done an exceptional job.”

His words of encouragement were always spoken from his heart, he was extraordinary, unexpected and surprising but always so genuine and tender, not at all the narcissistic, non-committal ass I had once presumed him to be. He was a man, a real man and I was lucky enough to be in a relationship with this astounding hunk.

“DJ…” I raked my bottom lip through my teeth, suddenly turned on by his actions, “do you remember when I broke my promise to you?” His head shot up and with wide darkening eyes, his top lip curled up in a devious and erotic way.

Clearly his throat, “yes, I think of it often.”

“Well,” I whispered seductively, “I’m about to skip dinner.”

His dark hazels narrowed to slits, “why?”

I licked my lips. The action of extending my tongue and then slowly running it along my flesh did not go unnoticed by my now tense boyfriend. “Because there’s something else I’m hungry for and it has nothing to do with Chinese.”

He moved like The Flash, grabbing the glad wrap and wrapping up the plated food and moving it into the fridge. I watched with heated amusement; guess someone else was hungry for something other than Chinese too? He bolted into his office and came back with a hefty sized silver bag. It had rope handles instead of plastic, so I figured he had done expensive shopping.

“Strip and assume the position, Quinn.” His commanding voice rocketed through me and I did so without question. I heard the table behind me moving and the sound of a suction cap being stuck to something. I wanted to turn to see what he was up too but I could not, he would only punish me if I did and in truth, I wanted to be punished but in the most delicious of ways, not because he wanted to prove a point.

Dante left me hanging there for a while, idling and unaware of his intentions. As I waited, different scenarios about what he would do to me, consumed my mind. I was working myself up, I could tell, but the erotic thoughts of excitement would not back off, he was addictive, and the masculine dominance that I could feel radiate from him was crippling.

“I haven’t even touched you baby and I can see you’re glistening with arousal already,” he commented, causing me to whimper.

“I can’t control the thoughts,” I shakily replied.

A singular finger crawled up the inside of my leg and scooped up the remnants of pussy juices. I heard him moan, “Taste good too,” his words were imploding my mind, I couldn’t think as my body shook with needy apprehension, I had to filled, needed to be filled, craved to be filled and behind me was the man for the job.

He covered my eyes with his hand and straightened me to full height, walking me to where he wanted me. When his hand was removed my eyes widened seeing a vibrating dildo with a suction cup stuck in the middle of the chair. My eyes followed the wire extending from the silicone phallus to the small remote on the table.

Standing behind me with my back flush with his hairless sculptured chest, he slid his hand over my hip, around my baby belly and down my front, toying with my engorged fleshy folds, manipulating my pussy to excrete more natural lubrication. I was moaning loudly as his fingers entered me, “you may not cum until I say,” Dante assertively whispered.

I had quickly become a mewling mess of incoherent words as he teased my clit, entering back into my centre roughly, “oh god Dante,” I cried out.

“Sit on the cock Quinn,” he ordered with authority.

I hovered over the generous silicone penis and then slowly slid down its wide shaft until the whole eleven inches was buried deep inside me, the feel of my hungry core hugging the girth had an exquisite affect crash through my body. He pulled a long strip of material from the bag and wound it around my wrists, binding them to the chair while my centre dripped in moistening luxury.

Dante collected the remote and situated himself in front of me, on top of our dining room table, with his delectable cock erect and standing to attention. Once he had tucked his toes under my thighs, he pressed the remote and a warm tingling sensation began to buzz inside of me.

“Suck me off Quinn, do not stop until my cum shoots down the back of your throat, through that incredible mouth of yours.” His instruction was tantalizing, but when he turned up the volume of the vibrator, I realised very quickly he was asserting his dominance and control. It must be a quality I find attractive because Tim possessed the same ‘take charge’ persona and yet he still remained sweet and tender outside of the boardroom and bedroom, much like Dante.

He held his sizable member in place as my head moved forward, my tongue licking along the slit, collecting the pre-cum that wept from it, I couldn’t help but moan once the droplets hit the tip of my tongue. Swirling my tongue around his head before he slipped all the way to the back of my throat before retracting and repeating, leaving me to moan continuously as I swallowed his hard cock.

Again and again, my head would bob up and down, pushing him as far down my throat as he could go, while he changed the settings on the vibrator causing it to stir and thrash within my moistened centre. This was incredible, this feeling of pure pleasure that radiated through me, hardening my nipples to points as he controlled my building orgasm.

With my hands fastened securely to the chair and his cock thrusting into my mouth, I was relishing in the erotic euphoria that shuttered through my body and with one last flick up on the remote, “cum for me baby,” he ordered, his cock swelled as I came hard, flowing with the explosion that shattered me into a million pieces while his seed released into my mouth and slid down my throat.

The orgasm ravished my soul, I was finding it hard not to moan and close off my throat passage as he emptied. He extracted his cock from my mouth, my teeth lightly grazing his sensitive head and he hissed. My core was still warm and tender from the vibrations between my legs, Dante finally switched it off, relieving me of the divine torture and untied my bound hands.

“Good girl Quinn,” he praised, “you were amazing.”

I slumped forward as he helped me off the saturated silicone phallus and walked me to the bed on shaky legs. He collected a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned away the remnants of my juicy climax, then slipped in beside me, covering us both with his warm plush feather down duvet and we both closed our eyes, falling into a deep, satiated slumber.

In the early hours of the morning, I woke with a start. “Shit, Dante James McCarlock… Wake the fuck up!” I screamed as my large belly clenched tightly. He sat straight up, blinking furiously and attempting to understand the sudden awakening. “It’s time.”

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