Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 28 ~ Birth - Part 2


Fuck this shit, fuck this whole thing to hell, I was not prepared at all for this type of fucken pain, I was ready to say... fuck it, leave the baby in there, I'm done... I was so close to packing up my bag and going home because this was off the rector scale of things I thought I could survive through, but obviously, I couldn't.

The birthing program on television made everything look so magical and wondrous, this was far from being fucken magical or wondrous, that's for damn sure, this was like eighteenth-century torture and I wasn't equipped to handle this. There I was, completely naked, rocking back and forth, in front of a Doctor I didn't know, farting embarrassingly in his face as sweat dripped from every pore on my body as wave after dreaded wave washed over me, each more powerful than the last, like a cold sweat you get before you vomit.

I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't anchor.

I couldn't open my eyes.

All I could do was writhe in crippling, horrendous, agonising pain.

The crashing storm was coming faster and harder, with less recuperation time before the next hit, but when I finally grasped onto the Doctors words that slithered slowly through my ear canal, I realised this was becoming detrimental, and something almost primal stirred within the depths of my soul.

They couldn't get a read on our child's heart.

Panic whiplashed severely as I rose off my hands, sitting back against my calves, "lift... back... bed... now," I ordered Dante, who was staring at me with bulging eyes. "Now," I growled animalistically.

The sudden urge to protect my unborn child rose from the bowels of fiery hell, I needed to take action.

Dante raised the head of the bed with the remote, so I could rest my arms on it and I climbed up, rather difficultly, into an Asian squat position. At that exact moment, the midwife's hand touched my searing hot flesh and my head snapped sideways with a murderous glare, "don't touch me," I spat.

I didn't mean to sound so forceful and angry but I was consumed by pain and the feel of her unwanted palm on me caused a ripple of horror and I lashed at her disrespectfully. She reefed her hand back with an apologetic look as I continued trying to piece my mind together and concentrate.

There was no way in hell I was going into theatre, this baby was going to be delivered, by me, naturally and the way I wanted it. Well, as long as I could without medical intervention anyway.

"Ms Xeal..." the Doctor began to object as I planted firmly in my positioning. Yes, this was my first baby, yes, he was the expert medical professional, but sometimes in life, you just have to go with your gut instinct and right now, my gut was telling me this was what I needed to do.

"Quinn? You've done all that you can..." Dante was losing faith in me, I could hear it in his tone but this is my body and this is what it was made for... biologically, fucked if I was ever doing this again. Now that I was going through it, I was seriously considering building a time travel machine and going back to the evolution of men, just so I can gift them with this 'wonderful ability' to create life... assholes.

"Am I fully dilated?" my somewhat bestial, low rumble, drawled out.

"What?" Did this damn Doc really not hear me? I presumed he had pulled the cone thing out from in me by now, otherwise, the head was going to push it out or the baby would be born with a coned crown.

"Baby, I think we need to..." Dante began but I cut him off with a murderous growl. I know this is what I need to do, I have to trust myself.

"Am I fully dilated?"

"Y-yes," was the reply I heard from behind me, the Doctor's shakiness was unmistakable.

"Dante..." my jaw began to quiver, "c-come h-here," I waved him closer to the bed and I placed my hand on his shoulder for support, while the right hand gripped firmly to the top of the bed.

The midwife interrupted, "you might split, I'm just letting you know."

I licked my lips and focused my attention back on Dante. Our eyes were locked as I gave one crisp curt nod of understanding and preceded with my plan. "I love you," I stated matter-of-factly while he smiled back.

"I love you too."

I closed my eyes and steadied my position, just as the next wave of crushing force exploded from deep within me. I sucked in a large breath, readying my feet, and bore down with everything I had. My body shook ferociously as I pushed down. The room had now erupted into a sea of panic but I blocked it out, they were not my concern, our baby was, and the primal need to get this child out as safely as possible. Focusing once again, bearing down, forcefully pushing this baby down and out a hole I was certain was not made to squeeze through.

I heard the midwife's voice, "and release, the next one you feel, push again."

I was exhausted, struggling to breathe, but once again as the pull of pain swept through me, I tensed, bearing down with all my strength. After hours of being at this, I needed an end. Millions of women before me had endured this form of punishment (god knows this was not pleasurable) and survived, I knew I could too.

My fingertips were burrowing into Dante's shoulder but he was so focused on getting me through this, that he ignored his own discomfort. He was an amazing man, I mean, obviously I was going to cut off his dick when this was over but right now, he was supporting me through my choice and for that alone I was thankful, he had pushed his own ideas aside as we went against the 'experts' opinion.

"And breath, great job Quinn," the midwife encouraged.

I could feel the droplets of sweat as it rolled down from my forehead; it was as though I had zeroed in on them individually as the crawled across my skin. With my full body weight on the tips of my toes and my whole being shaking under the tremendous pressure, I felt the rise of pain and I once again inhaled a large breath before pushing down with vigorous strength.

I felt as though I was about to shit myself, that at any moment poo would come exploding out rather than a baby, that would be the very height of my embarrassment for today if that was to happen. I heard the midwife screech, "The head has crowned." I opened my eyes and moved my hand to between my folds, pure delight crept, from tip to toes, as my fingertips brushed over the small dome protruding from my body. "A couple more pushes should do it Quinn; just get past the shoulders, then the baby should come sliding out."

With Dante's faith in my abilities restored, I could hear his encouragement to continue. It renewed my strength, I was going to make it through this, I so had this shit.

I returned my hand to grip the erected top of the bed and with the last minuscule ounce of strength, I squeezed. With my body shuddering uncontrollably and Dante brushing back the loose strands of hair, I felt a rush of release as our baby slipped out from in me and fell a few centimetres onto the sheet and mattress below, followed by a gush of liquid, the splatters of fluid hitting my ankles upon impact.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ecstatic flow of instantaneous love that struck me the moment I knew I had done it, that I had finally pushed that baby out, that we, Dante and I were parents.

Dante was whispering words of adoration in my ear, "you did it... you're amazing Quinn, so amazing... I love you, I love so much... you are incredible..." his emotions cutting him off as the words caught in his throat.

I slumped as I felt the burn in my muscles from holding my weight for so long and looked down, only to see the head disappear from under me. "Can I sit down?" I screamed.

"Y-yes," Dante wailed back through his tears he was trying furiously to wipe from his face.

I gratefully dropped, heaving for air and turned around, only to see the shortly rounded midwife with pink hair, slapping the bum of our baby as she held it upside down and then roughly rub its back. For a second I panicked, consumed by fear the tears welled. What the hell was wrong? Why the hell was she doing that?

My head snapped to Dante and I could see the same look of dread as he watched her manhandle our small child. No, no, no, no, could this be it? I wouldn't survive if something had happened.

But then I heard it...

The sound that struck me with brutal awakening elation... a cry filled the tense and heart-stopping atmosphere and a collective sigh of relief rang out over the room.

The baby was okay, everything was going to be alright, we were going to be alright, we were finally a family, whole, complete and together.

"Well, that's something I never thought I'd see," the Doctor, who I had somehow forgotten was even in the room, had a giant grin plastered over his face. "You did really well, even... if you went against my advice," he praised before leaving. I was thankful he left, I farted in his face, I pray I never see that man again... or in fact, talk about this very moment again.

The midwife wandered over with our freshly wiped down child. "Well?" Dante practically screamed in her face, "What did we have?"

"A hermaphrodite, a boy and girl," she replied nonchalantly to our stunned faces. What did she just say? What the fuck did she just say? Why didn't anyone tell us? We're not prepared for this, how do we pick the correct sex? Do we leave... it? Him?... Her?... with both body parts? "Just kidding, Mummy and Daddy, here is your beautiful, healthy baby... BOY."

"I don't find that funny," Dante sneered.

"It's kind of funny," I replied looking up at him through my lashes.

"I'm sorry, just remember how happy you are right now because you couldn't cut the umbilical cord Mr McCarlock, I am sorry for that, I heard you both talking about it earlier, the baby came out not breathing. Once the gunk was removed from his mouth, nose and ears, he seemed to catch up and he's going to be fine."

"Just one more push please," I look up to see the younger midwife from earlier, standing beside the bed, hands hovering over my still extended belly, I had completely forgotten she even existed.


"Just push once more for me, we need to get the placenta out from inside you and then leave your legs open so I can check for tears, we will have to stitch up any lesions."

I stared at her in bewilderment, "okay."

I pushed down once more as she pressed firmly against my stomach, the truth was, I felt nothing, I saw nothing, the carried everything away quickly, changed the linen, covered me and kept all the horrid, gunkiness away from our vision.

"Alright Quinn, just relax, you have some minor tears, a stitch or two should do it." I was so fucken glad I couldn't see what damage had occurred between my legs, because feeling it was enough.

Once she had finished, I looked up at Dante as he gushed over our bundle. This was it... this small moment in time... when clarity slaps you in the face and you realise why everything happened the way it did. Dante and I had met for a quick fuck, never expecting to see one another again. What started as such undeniable erotic attraction, quickly grew into love. He was my affair, an affair I fought against with every fibre of my being, but with Tritium's gentle push, we had managed to find our way. Tim knew, deep down, I wanted to be a mother, something he could not provide me with, instead, he made sure the other man I loved was right there, right there to give me what my heart yearned for the most... a child.

My tears spilled from my eyes as I crumbled under the revelation. "What's wrong?" Dante questioned through happy tears of his own.

"I love you so much," I sobbed irrationally.

"Oh god Quinn, I love you... I'm so god damn happy right now."

"Um, excuse me..." the young midwife interrupted, "there is a Logan McCarlock outside, demanding to speak with management if he doesn't find out what happened to his son, daughter-in-law and child... immediately." The curl at the edges of her mouth showed her amusement of his unwarranted behaviour, "can we let them in?"

"The baby needs to suckle," the older woman scolded.

"Here," Dante thrust our child into my arms and then attempted to move our sons head over my nipple. When he grabbed my breast to try and stick it in, I intervened.

"I got it, thanks," I flashed him a look of 'I can't believe you just done that?'

"Sorry," he replied, realising his mistake, "please see our family in, they will cause more trouble if they don't see Quinn and our son are okay."

She nodded and rushed out the door, "we don't have a name," I commented, placing my nipple into his mouth and watched in awe as he suckled.

"We do," he replied, running his finger across our son's cheek.

"You don't think it would be awkward or inappropriate?"

"No," he replied flatly.

"So Zeke?" I questioned.

"Yep, still the favourite."

"I let you decide the order," I almost whispered, but I knew he heard me, he had brought it up before, being the incredible man he was, but I chose to ignore it, thinking he was only suggesting it out of some consideration for me.

We lost ourselves gazing at our child, the feeling of pure love radiating from both of us as we basked in our own slice of euphoric paradise.

The doors burst open and in waltzes Dante's entire family. "Oh my god Quinn, we have been so fucken worried," Logan rushes to the bed. Arabella slips around him throwing her arms around me as best she could without squashing our child.

"Anyone would think there was a hurricane in this room the way he's been carrying on about getting to his daughter-in-law." She cupped my face lovingly, "we are so proud of you."

Fresh tears welled in my eyes, this was a mother, a real mother, not my own selfish excuse, and she cared for me as if I were her own, they all did, how could I ever repay them for all they had given me? "Hi, Dante, well done on having a son..." Dante cut in sarcastically as everyone had pushed him out the way to get their first glimpse of their new addition.

"You had a boy?" Logan screeched enthusiastically, "I have a grandson?"

"We... we have a grandson," Arabella clipped.

I tried desperately to hold in my amusement, I loved these crazy people more than life. "You want to know his name? Or argue over who he belongs too?"

"Yes," they all answered at the same time. I burst into laughter, removing our boy from my breast and placing him on my shoulder to burb. This was all done so naturally as if it was what I was born to do. They had been waiting, rather impatiently, to find out the sex of our child as long as we had.

"Well, Mum, Dad, Amber, Pierre, Viola, Blade, Kason, Vinnie and Asher... We'd like you all too officially meet..."

"Hurry the fuck up," Viola burst out.

"Jesus Vi, in honour of the man that brought us together... Tritium Zeke McCarlock."

*** Spoiler: I originally had the name the other way around but decided against it at the very last minute before hitting the submit button. ***
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