Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 4 ~ My Shame


Last night had been exhausting and I barely got any sleep. With my mind consumed by guilt and thoughts of Dante along with the incessant noise from Tim’s machines, I was irritated and tired and the day had only just begun.

A knock at Tim’s office door had me sitting up straight in the chair. Bryce pops his head in, “Mrs Xeal, the representative of LMPT limited is here to see you.”

“Thank you Bryce, please send them in.” I closed my eyes, tilting my head from left to right, hoping to relieve some tension in my neck and feel that pleasurable crack.

“Right this way, Mr McCarlock,” my eyes snapped open upon hearing the name Bryce said.

Dante stood by the door just staring at me, fuck, why did he have to be the one sent over? He looked handsome too, charcoal suit over top of a white business shirt with black tie and shoes. His thick black hair was slicked back and his magnetic hazel eyes boring intensely into mine.

“Please, have a seat, Mr McCarlock.” I gestured to the seats in front of the desk.

“You look tired.”

“I’m fine,” I huffed out in annoyance. “I have set up an office for you to work out of; you may come and go as you please. On the desk are the passwords required to access the information you will need. I will be in and out most days, if you require me for anything press number two on the desks hand held, number one will take you straight through to Bryce’s desk, he is capable of answering most questions for you. Please refrain from hitting on my staff until out of work hours, if you could sign this… It’s a confidentiality agreement in regards to the information you are being granted access too.”

I slid the paper across the desk along with a fountain pen and sat back as he slowly read through. I could feel my eyes try to shut and all I could think about was closing them for just half an hour, then I could have a power nap and get back to it.

“I didn’t sleep last night either.” His confession drew my attention.



“Please Dante, not today.” It sounded almost as if I was begging him to give me a break.

“Fine,” he snapped back and scribbled his signature, “well, shall we start?”

I just sat there for a moment, scrutinizing him. He really is handsome, as much as my body yearned to feel his touch again, I had to focus. I flopped my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes, just trying to gain some composure and then stood, “this way.”

We walked out of Tritium’s office to next door, where my old office used to be. I extended my hand offering him a seat behind the desk and fired up the computer. He sat down staring up at me, “you can attach your laptop here, any unauthorised copies of file transfers will send an alert to my phone, at which time you will be escorted from the building…” he was so close, I could smell his scent as it invaded my nostrils, tempting me, enticing me and teasing me. “Anytime you need a coffee, you can either head on down to the seventh floor or you can call Bryce…”

He stood up, placing his hand on my lower back while I was bent over clicking the icons and opening the correct windows, but the heat from his hand froze me. The tension in the air was so think and heady, swirling with unbridled lascivious desire, I could feel my core moisten from one simple hand.

My breathing quickened as a shiver ran up and down my spine, leaning in close to my ear, he seductively whispered, “and how do I come and go?” The smoky husk in his tone caused me to clench my inner walls.

“L… l… lanyard… top drawer.” I tripped over the words, trying desperately to calm my thundering heart.

He ran his hand over my taut backside and down my skirt, slipping underneath and slid his fingertips along my lace clad pussy lips and I whimpered at the contact. “Spread your legs for me, Quinn.”

My whole body was on fire; my mound pulsing as he gently fondled my saturated folds. I did as he requested with my eyes shut tight, loving the feel of being touched so intimately. “Good girl,” he praised.

Moving my underwear to the side, he dipped his thumb inside me while his middle finger circled my clit, “how long has it been? You are so tight, I know your divine pussy has been neglected, not counting the other night, how long?” he purred.

It felt so good, so damn good to be caressed. “A… almost t… two years,” my jaw chattered.

He tutted, sucking back a sharp breath, “who else has touched you?”

“Just you… oh god… and my husband.” I couldn’t help the groan that escaped from his ministration on my privates.

“Shit, no wonder you’re so tight.”

This was all too much, the temperature in my old office was well above boiling and I couldn’t hold back anymore, I grab the sides of my skirt lifting it above my buttocks, exposing everything, I was too lost in my lustful haze and needed to be fucked. I shakily erected myself while his thumb extracted from inside me and I sunk down to my knees, undoing his belt, button and pulling down his zipper, releasing his large throbbing cock. I groaned at the sight of him, I knew he felt big when he was in me days ago but to see his monster up close and personal had me whimpering on my knees.

I enclosed both hands around his shaft and circled the head with my tongue, “Quinn,” he moaned. My mouth covered his head and then slid down his gorgeous dick, just a few times before my hands stroked his rod as they followed behind my mouth manipulations. Slurping him all the way to the back of my throat, I relished in the feel of just how strong and hard he was.

My head bobbed back and forth, devouring every thick inch I could, again and again. I could feel his fingers pulling back my hair and fisting it in his large hand, his hooded hazel eyes looking down at me, blazing with desire.

“Quinn, get up on the desk,” his command shuddered my body.

I moved up, his palms now on my chest, groping my breast, so I unbuttoned my shirt. He didn’t wait, the moment my bra was exposed, he pulled down my cups and his warm wet mouth was on my pebbled tan nipple, his tongue flicking against it, sending pleasurable pulses shooting down into my burning vagina. God, this is what I needed, someone to just touch my body.

He lifted my legs, my shoeless heels resting on the edge of the desk as I lay back on my elbows. He removed his tie as he made his way down, finally, his talented tongue lapped at my lower lips. “Oh, yes,” I breathed out, sinfully loving his head between my thighs.

“God, you taste amazing Quinn,” he mumbled as my head dropped back. I lifted it and caught a glimpse of him stroking himself, fuck. I had been inundated with sexual fantasies for months now and this magnetic sexualised force that wormed its way around us whenever we were near each other, was exactly what I thirsted for.

I could feel my orgasm building in my core as the tip of his tongue flicked against my clit, he must have felt it build too because he pulled away, extracting a condom from his wallet as I heaved on the desk. Next minute, the head of his penis was at my opening, he was struggling to push in.

“Shit,” he shivered, “I’ve been dreaming of this pussy for days.”

“Fuck me, Dante,” I practically begged. He slammed hard and my back arched.

“I’m not going to last long, I’ve fucken wanted you so bad.”

“Make me cum,” I groaned desperately.

His thumb circling my clit as he thrust in and out, each push in was like pure ecstasy, each withdraw had my walls grabbing, constricting around his shaft, the electric feeling ignited my being as I twisted my nipples with my fingertips. Within seconds an explosive wave of bliss ravished my being, my body falling limp as the orgasm rocked my soul.

“Fuck,” he growled animalistically.

He was driving into me at inhuman force as again, the knot grew within my lower region, “yes, yes,” I moaned.

In and out he thrust, fucking me harder and harder. My legs quivered, “oh, god, Quinn,” he panted.

I exploded, my arousal coating his thick long rod as his knees slightly buckled and his hips jutted, “yesss!” I cried out, shattering from head to toe as my body thrummed in orgasmic euphoria.

His soft full lips met mine as we feverishly pashed, our tongues battling with one another’s. I was in heaven. Sinful, stupid, deceitful, amazing heaven.

Dante rested his head in the valley of my breasts as we both crashed back to earth, “have lunch with me?” I heard and reality struck. Fuck, I’d done it again.

“I can’t.”

“Don’t say this is never going to happen again.”

“It’s not going to.” I pushed myself up off the desk and immediately started to dress. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his furrowed brow as he dressed too.

“Why?” he murmured.

“This shouldn’t have happened, I’m sorry, I should have stopped you…”

“Clearly there’s something here? Can you not feel it?” His confusion made me whimper, yes, there was but I couldn’t allow this to go any further.

“We both have work to do,” I say, slipping my heels back on and escaping as quickly as possible.


I had successfully managed to avoid Dante the rest of the day and as I entered in our bedroom, once again, I was greeted by the loving smile of my husband.

“How was your day, my love?”

“Uneventful, they sent over Logan McCarlock’s son, to go over the accounts.”

“Good, they are fast.”

“Yep.” I popped the ‘P’ knowing the shame of what I had done for a second time. “How was your day?”

“You know, today I travelled to Africa… went on a safari.” I laughed; Tritium was in high spirits and a playful mood, good.

“Jesus, that sounds about right, living the dream aren’t you?” I teased.

“Well, you know me. It’s a shame I couldn’t stay, had to get home to the wife, ya know how it is.”

I chuckled silently, “ah, the old ball and chain giving you a hard time, is she?”

“Yeah, lucky I love her, it’s not so bad.” We smile at each other. I know no one would understand our little game, but at least it feels like it used too, we need this distraction.

“Lucky she loves you too. So tell me about Africa, was there elephants?” I ask, heading into the bathroom.

“Big ones, we rode them.”

I popped my head out the door way, “we?”

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you, I’m seeing Cindy Crawford on the side.” He was in fine form tonight.

“No,” I gasp, “well, let’s hope the wife is into threesomes then.”

“Ah, a man can only dream.”

“Hey, I’ve given Angelique the night off, what do you say we order in and spend the night wrapped in each other like we used too?” I enquire as I exit the bathroom in my satin pyjama’s, tying my hair into a messy knot on top of my head.

“I don’t know, my schedule is kind of hectic at the moment, maybe next Thursday?”

Lying down next to him, he leans over and presses his lips against mine, “you rascal,” I scorn, “pretty sure I could beat up Cindy Crawford if I had too.”

He kissed me again, “I’m sure you could too actually, no… I’d say, take out with you sounds wonderful.”

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