Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 5 ~ Her


For the past two weeks I’ve had to come here, sit in this office that held such a hauntingly blissful memory and scour through endless mind numbing files. She’s managed to avoid me every day, slipping out as I’m coming in or answering her phone as I try to talk to her, the shit thing; she’s also plagued my dreams every night, her alluring eyes fixed in my mind. I had sent her message after message on the ‘anonymous’ app, messaged her phone and emailed, she only replies when it comes to work. I’d had enough.

I wandered sullenly down to the corner bistro to grab lunch, only, when I entered; I spotted her, furiously typing away on her Mac Book. The number on her table indicated she had ordered and was waiting so, I told them the number and went a sat next to her at the booth, she was not going to evade me again. Her eyes widened as I seated myself.

“I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Same.” She huffed, continuing to type.

“Why are you avoiding me?” I said, placing my hand on her thigh.

She brushed my hand away but her hands had frozen, hovering just above the keys. “I’ve been busy.”

“I know you read my messages, why didn’t you block me if you find me so repulsive?”

“I don’t find you repulsive Dante, I just… I…” Quinn’s mind was failing to find an excuse.

“One chicken salad and a bubble tea.” The waitress deposited her order on to the table, “is that all for this table?” She went to answer but I cut her off.

“No, there’s still my stuff coming.”

“I’ll check on that now for you, handsome.” The waitress replied with a wink, I ignored her flirtatious behaviour and focused on Quinn’s hands that were now clenched into tight balls.

I grabbed her right hand but she tried to pull away, I wasn’t allowing it. For two weeks she had become my obsession, borderline stalkerish obsession and I had scoured the internet in my free time, searching for anything available on her. It took a bit, but I finally came across a lot of information and it only fuelled my craving for her. She slowly relaxed as I rubbed the back of her hand gently.

“You see, Quinn, I’m a man that goes after what he wants and so far, you have avoided every advance I have made.”

“I’m not some possession for you to own Dante, take the waitress, she seems very interested.”

“I don’t want the waitress, I want you.”

“Well, I’m unavailable.”

“What will it take for you to just be my friend?” She turned to look at me.

“Is that what you really want?”

“Well, it’s obvious that you do not want anything else from me.”

She sighed, “Dante…”

“Quinn, I can’t get you out of my mind,” I practically whispered, “if you really don’t want me then can we at least, be friends?” I knew I couldn’t just be friends with her, but it was better than nothing.

“Fine,” she conceded, my heart jumped inside my chest, “friends, no touching, no inappropriate line blurring or crossing… friends.”

I held my hand over my heart, “friends.”

“Turkey salad on rye with a tropical smoothy,” the waitress interrupted.

I saw something odd on my napkin and picked it up. The bloody waitress had written down her phone number. I saw Quinn’s eyes rake over it then her head snapped back as the waitress stood the smirking. “Excuse me miss?”

“Yes sir,” she leaned forward, her tits ready to fall out the top of her shirt.

“I won’t be needing this,” I threw the napkin at her, “I’m sure my wife here doesn’t appreciate your behaviour or your employer.” Quinn looked unimpressed by both of us but stayed silent.

The waitress, however, was mortified. “I’m so sorry,” she spat out before practically running away.

“Wife? Really?”

I looked over at her innocently and shrugged, “friends help out other friends in situations like this.”

She chuckled softly.

We spent the next forty-five minutes, wrapped up in deep conversation, laughing carelessly and finding we had a lot more in common than anticipated. We even walked back to the company together, this was a side to her I hadn’t expected. The only problem was, it strengthened my curiosity for her, the passion burned like a raging forest fire. I could tell she was reserved in some questions I asked and she chose her words carefully but all in all, our impromptu lunch date was something I definitely wanted to revisit.

It was time to show her just how much of a catch I am. This was enthralling, women came so easily but she, she was my challenge, it was like the more she pushed me away, the more I wanted to get to know her, tasting her twice didn’t calm the desire, I needed to know though, why she married her husband? From the information I had gathered, he was not a young man, someone around my dad’s age to be exact, I never wanted a gold digger, is that why she was with him? Because he had money? She didn’t seem like the type but then again, I could be wrong.


The following days produced more files and more useless accounts for me to sludge through, only now, we were meeting up every day. Our lunches had become the thing I looked forward to the most and every meet up brought about new topics and more things to learn. I liked how she had become comfortable and relaxed around me, playful at times, but when she laughed, damn, that laugh could cause men to fall.

I knocked on her door, peaking my head in, she was again typing furiously at the desk. “Hey, you busy?”

“A little DJ, what’s up?” Her eyes held suspicion.

“Don’t look at me like that, I ordered us some lunch, thought we could continue our rendezvous, though, this will be our first tryst in your office.”

“Dante James, its 11 am?” My inside fluttered when she said my full name, fuck this ‘friends’ shit.

“Did you remember to eat breakfast this morning Quinn?” I stated flatly, seating myself down in front of her, knowing full well, she’d missed the last two days.

“You make it sound so sordid, as if we were up to something and no, I forgot.”

“We are up to something,” I beamed up at her with a devilish smile, “eating food together… good thing I came in early then, isn’t it?”

“No… yes.” She rolled her eyes, “I am starving.”

“Well, Chicken Alfredo?”

She huffed, “thank you, DJ.”

After some mundane conversation, I saw a picture on the wall of Tritium Xeal. I pointed my fork at it, “that your husband?”

She turns her head to the portrait and her face softens, she pauses, staring at it with what looked like both pride and sadness. “You should have seen the way he commanded a room,” she muses as if lost in deep thought, “the way he could inspire, make you believe you could take on anything, make you feel as if you are invincible.”

“You love him.” The sudden realisation swept over me and ignited jealousy within my heart.

“More than anything else in the world,” again sadness glistened in her eyes.

I felt my heart clench, she was definitely not a gold digger, so where was he? And how come she had not had sex in so long? “Where is he?”

“At home.” This line of questioning seemed to bring her focus back and she slightly paled as if realising she had said too much. “I have a meeting to get too, thanks for lunch.”

She quickly gathered her things; I walked over to the desk holding her wrist, her cobalt blues meeting my hazels. “I didn’t know you loved him, I didn’t realise. But Quinn, what I need to know is why… why haven’t you been touched intimately in so long?”

“My marriage is my own business Dante; you shouldn’t ask such personal questions.”

I lifted my left hand, running the backs of my fingers and my thumb across her rosy cheek, her composure falters and she closes her eyes and leans into my touch for just a moment. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I won’t ask you things you have difficulty answering.”

Confliction crosses her features; I could tell by the way her body reacted that she enjoyed my skin against hers and she was internally struggling with the fact, she liked it too. I stepped away before I went past the point of no return, “I… I… have to go,” she spluttered out, completely flustered by my touch.

She was clutching at anything she could to resist the urge to fall into my arms. She loved him, she loves someone else and I can’t be that man. “I have to go back to my office for a couple of days.”

“Why?” She suddenly asked. Did she really want me to stay here when she loved someone else?

“To remain friends.” You could see she knew what I meant, I needed to clear my head, being this close to her was hard, far harder than I anticipated.

I turned on my heels and walked out.


Being back in my office felt lonesome. I wanted to disappear into a dissolute hermitic hole and hide my heart away that now bled for only one. I had thought being at Tri-Star was difficult but being here was worse. I stood in front of my window, watching the world go by, we had been emailing back and forth but never about anything deep and always to do with work and normal email pleasantries, I missed her. “Hey DJ, your father called down, said the sexy Tri-star fox was coming in with the contracts. He wants you in his office in fifteen.” Blade had unknowingly just brightened my day, fuck.

My head snapped in his direction, “She’s coming in?” I questioned more to reaffirm I’d heard him correctly.

“What was that reaction?” He zeroed in on my body language.

“Nothing,” I growled, striding into my bathroom. I grabbed the bottle of Montblanc Legend cologne, spritzing myself as I raked over my appearance, checking my hair was on point and there was nothing in my teeth. It had been three days since I’d seen her and my body was so excited, it felt like ants were crawling below the skin.

As I was about to exit, I came face to face with Blade, who was impatiently waiting for an explanation I couldn’t give. The truth was, I didn’t understand it myself. At first, I thought maybe it was because she initially just fucked and left, then I thought it was because she had been the first person to reject me, but now, now that I’ve spent time away from her, my soul was still yearning for Quinn.

“Get out of the way Blade,” I warned in a harsh tone.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on, Dante. You’ve been moping for days, then all of a sudden one mention about Mrs Quinn Xeal and you’re alert and flighty, not to mention all of the other odd behaviour since the initial board meeting. I know something is up, now, tell me what it is?”

“Nothing, you’re being paranoid and presumptuous,” I snapped.

“Hmm, angry, defensive and using big words, now I know something has happened.”

“Get out of my way, you know how dad can get.”

“Yep, and I know how you are around the ladies but by the way you’ve been, I’d say this was no ordinary lady.”

“Back the fuck off, will you.”

“Fine,” he stepped out of the way but followed me to the elevator. I knew he was coming to some conclusion in his head, but when the doors opened to reveal Quinn and her two bodyguards, I could practically hear the smile on his face.

Stepping in, I greeted her politely, since we were ‘friends’ and all. “Mrs Xeal, so nice to see you again.”

“Mr McCarlock.”

“You remember my assistant Blade, don’t you?” I may have introduced him but my sole focus was on her.

“Of course, how are you?”

“I must say Mrs Xeal, you are looking lovely today.” I kicked his shoe with mine. As if on cue her bulky guards moved in front of her and glared at him but by doing so it pushed us closer together and my hand brushed against hers as Blade laughed at their protectiveness.

The butterflies erupted within my stomach from our singular brush against each other. She, however, remained impassive, emotionless and expressionless.

The door chimed and opened as they stepped out, “after you,” I gestured.

“Thank you.”

As I walked behind her, my eyes soaking in her appearance, drinking in every inch of her goddess sculptured body. She wore black Louboutin’s, the signature red back was a dead giveaway. Her long tanned legs covered by a knee-length black pencil skirt, so tight, it gave a perfect view of her round taut globes as it hugged them. She had on a red sheer button down top that matched her lipstick and her long silky black hair tied in a high ponytail with the ends curled down her back. She looked incredible.

“Dante…” Hilda was waiting at the door but Blade and the two bulky guards were already in the room.

“No need to announce us Hilds, you go back and relax.” She smiled and nodded.

Once inside, she shook my father and Pierre’s hand before taking a seat at the end of the boardroom table. I sat down to her right, as close to her as I could and Blade next to me, Dad and Pierre at the other end.

“My apologies Mr McCarlock and Mr Taylor for my brash and sudden meeting request, I know you are both extremely busy men. The contracts arrived and as we have already stipulated, this is a time sensitive matter.”

“No need Quinn, we understand.” My father spoke, “And please, call us Logan and Pierre.”

She smiled politely; “thank you, now, as you both know…” the door opened causing us all to turn in its direction and Quinn’s body guards to step forward.

“Mum?” I exclaimed.

In walks my mother, her hazel eyes glowing brightly and carrying tray after tray of coffees. Dad and I jumped to our feet, instantly relieving her. She cupped my face warmly, an action that did not go unnoticed by my obsession.

“Sorry, we were a bit slammed at the café…” mum extended her hand towards Quinn, “Mrs Xeal, I presume? My name is Arabella, Logan’s wife.”

“A… a… pleased to meet you,” a flustered Quinn replied.

“I am sorry to interrupt; I should have been here before you arrived. Now, all of you do not forget late lunch at two, Mr Chow’s. Viola will be there.” Blade raises his hand as if he were in school, trying to gain the teachers attention. Mum of course, knew exactly why and what he was doing. “Yes, Blade, even you.”

“Sweet, thanks Arabella.”

Mum chuckled, “Mrs Xeal, you’re more than welcome to join?”

“Oh, n… no thank…” she began to object so I intercepted.

“She’ll be there.”

“Dante,” Quinn growled.

“How many lunches have you had since I left?” Her eyes widened, “hmm, I thought as much,” I reprimanded her with a disapproving look, “she’ll be there.”

“Wonderful, love you both, see you later.” Mum squeezed Quinn’s shoulder before exiting.

She seemed lost in thought for a moment, before dad spoke, “sorry for the intrusion of my wife Quinn, she worries.”

A flash of fondness slipped across her face, “your wife is lovely.” Quinn took a few deep breaths before continuing, “As I was saying, inside these folders are the contract in its entirety, once again please feel free to amend anything you need too, also inside are multiple copies of our confidentiality agreement, you may share any sensitive information to whomever you deem necessary but I ask that we be emailed the copy of the signed agreement first…”

She continued on, outlining everything within the paperwork while I blocked out all words and just listened to her alluring tone, purring melodically as it swirled in my ears.

I knew in that moment, I would do absolutely anything to make her mine.

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