Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 6 ~ His Family

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With much resistance and protesting, we managed to finally coax her into coming to Mr Chows Chinese restaurant, my mother was simply delighted, you could tell by the gigantic smile on her face. Thank goodness Quinn had decided to send away her body guards, those guys look like arrogant animals and this was an intimate and private affair.

“I’m curious Mrs Xeal,” mum began, “you are so young, when did you marry?”

“Quinn, please Arabella, I was twenty.”

“Did he not want to join us?”

“Arabella,” dad scorned.

“Yes, Quinn, it would have been nice of him to come.” Pierre pushed.

“I’m sure he would, if he could.” She smiled politely but it didn’t quite reach her eyes, again a flash of sadness crossed her face but it was gone as quickly as it came.

“What do your parents do?”

“Mum,” I scolded, damn her and her prying.

“A… Ah…”

“I’m sorry; you don’t have to answer that.” I offered hoping everyone would let go of their curious inquisition.

“It’s fine, my father was an investor and my mother was a museum curator.”

“Wow, such interesting jobs. You said… was, have they passed?” Quinn’s face paled.

“Fuck me; I thought I was never going to get here.” Viola comes floundering in, saving the tense moment of questioning and a sigh of relief pushed through her now stained red lips, which she had licked so many times during our two hour meeting, she had worn away the shiny glaze.

“Hey, a new person?” Viola commented with her lack of social tongue. Vi kissed mum, dad, Pierre and his wife Amber on the cheek and then drove her fist into my arm. “Bro.” She gripped Blades shoulder warmly and I saw a faint blush tint his cheeks but he remained silent, staring at the menu like it was the most interesting thing in the room. “Hey, I’m Viola,” she extended her hand and Quinn shook it.

“Quinn,” a small smile danced over her mouth.

“Quinn, nice… so, what are we eating? Because I’m starved.” Viola had always been a vivacious spirit, it was easy for her to be the most outgoing and liked person in a room.

Just then Mr Dai Chow appeared, “Ah, my VIP’s, how you pleasure my heart so.”

“Dai, how are you old friend?” My father and Pierre both embraced him as though they were all brothers.

“Good, Feng is in his last year and will start his doctorate soon.”

“Ah, you must be so proud.” Dad commented.

“Logan, proud and very happy. Please, I have prepared something special for your arrival, no menu’s needed today,” he beamed at us. Quinn’s eyes carefully watched the exchange with a slight turn up in the corners of her mouth.

Mr Chow clapped his hands and the waitresses appeared with the first trays of drinks, then the appetisers. The fried and steamed wontons with sweet and sour sauce had my mouth salivating. The women placed the freshly cooked spring rolls and prawn crackers down before grasping the handles of the jugs and pouring everyone a glass. We only ever drank Kiwi and Apple sparkling juice here but Quinn had not been here before and she eyed the glass suspiciously. I laughed at her facials.

“It’s Kiwi and Apple,” I offered in amusement.

She chuckled, gracing us with a vibrant smile, “I did wonder.” Her cobalt blues sparkled and for a brief moment we were lost in the trance of each other’s eyes.

I swallowed harshly, pushing down my urge to lean over and capture her lips, “try it.”

The moment her soft supple lips touched the glass, I almost groaned at the sight, remembering instantly the feel of them wrapped around my stiff and engorged cock and my beast stirred. “Mmm,” she moaned, “it’s delicious.” My breath caught in my throat.

“Here,” I began to fill her plate with the appetisers. “Dai’s name means something like sword technique, which is kind of fitting considering his cooking skills.”

Her small slender fingers gripped my forearm and she smiled, “thank you.”

I smiled back and nodded before tilting my head up, only to find everyone’s eyes scrutinising our moment. A smirk graced my mother’s face and I turned away, trying to ignore the sudden attention.

Dish after dish was brought out to our table, all piping hot and perfuming the air with the most incredible smell. Dai had gone above and beyond, then again he always did. Mum and Dad had always eaten or ordered from here, so when his business was in trouble, LMPT limited stepped in, even set Dai up with prime advertising and revived his livelihood.

“If I’m not mistaken, LMPT intervened when Chows Chinese was on the brink of bankruptcy.” As if she was reading my thoughts, Quinn pointed out with a mischievous glint.

“Shit, how much of our company do you actually know?” Pierre questioned.

“We did our research.”

“You must have done some exceptional research because we kept pretty quiet on our involvement.”

“You did, almost impossible to find. Almost.” She bit her bottom lip to keep the grin threatening to break free, under control.

“You fished us, did you?” Pierre arched a brow.

Quinn shrugged, “what about the global sale offer?” Dad inquired incredulously.

“We needed to make it look as though we hadn’t pre-selected, the financial gain alone was worth it.” She paused as if choosing the correct words, “we wanted men with hearts, not loose values. After seeing all of this and how you are with your investment, your care and continued involvement, I can quite honestly say it was a great decision.”

Mum threw her head back and laughed, “The business world is well executed game of chess.”

You could feel the pride pouring off of dad and Pierre. “Well, I have no idea what anyone is talking about?” Viola laughed.

“Viola? You write, yes?”

“I write fantasy erotica, do you read?” Vi looked as though she was about to start her rant of ‘buy my book’ and I rolled my eyes.

“I do, in fact, I just began your latest series.”

“A fan, I knew I liked you. We’re hitting a bar after this, you feel like joining?”

“Perhaps another time,” Quinn lifted her wrist and looked at her watch. “I should be going though, I have a previous engagement.”

“Oh, anything special?” I questioned, hoping she wouldn’t say ‘her husband’.

“My birthday actually.”

“It’s your birthday? Today?” How, in all my scouring, had I managed to miss that piece of information?

“It is.”

“Happy birthday,” we all remarked collectively.

“Thank you.” She opened her card wallet extracting her credit card.

“Please,” I pushed her hand gently, “allow me.”

I jumped up and headed for the register as she said her goodbyes, I argued with Dai about payment to which he finally caved and Quinn met me at the doors, catching the tail end of our disagreement. “Thank you for… afternoon lunch?” She scrunched her face adoringly, questioning what to call our afternoon meal.

“Can I give you a ride?”

“No, my car is parked around the corner. Are you nearly finished with the reports?”

“I will be back tomorrow, it shouldn’t take too much longer, you’re paper trail is very organised and easy to follow. You run the company with almost military precision.”

She nodded before motioning to step through the doors; I grabbed her wrist, softly running my thumb over the back of her hand, remembering what it felt like for my palms to glide along her smooth delicate flesh. I heard her whimper and my eyes lifted to meet hers. Her brow was furrowed and tears gathered in her eyes, glossing her blues, the sadness of her face nearly broke me.

“You said friends Dante,” he voice barely audible and very shaky.

“I know I did,” my reply no louder than a faint whisper as she snivelled slightly.

“Please don’t,” she begged. I could see the struggle in her eyes, “please, d… don’t.”

My hand tightens as I fought everything in me to release her, let her go but I was losing. I just stared at her, pleading for her to give in. “Why don’t you want me? Am I that awful?”

I watched her chin quiver as small whimpers came from her closed mouth and her lids closed momentarily, spilling tears, forcing them to roll down her cheeks. “I d… do want you,” a sob broke from her throat, “but I can’t, I’m sorry.”

She ripped her hand from my grasp and left me standing there staring at the now vacant spot that once held her body. I could feel the lump in my throat like a tennis ball was lodged there, completely immovable. The clench of my heart anchored the realisation of her words, ‘she did want me but couldn’t because she was married’ to a man who had not touched her in almost two fucken years, so why did she stay?

I sullenly trudged back to the table, the hurt and rejection prickled at my heart and the sides of my eyes. Why was it, the one woman I finally wanted, did not want me? I faced my father, his golden browns analysing me, the judgement of everyone bore down on me and I could feel the questions circling in their heads. Obviously, they had watched what happened. “Dante…”

“Leave it alone, it’s nothing.” My sneer was meant as warning. I couldn’t be here any longer, turning around, I all but ran out Mr Chows heading for my car.

I was a wanted man; women would do just about anything to be in my bed, in my arms or with my name attached in some way to theirs. All except her.

Arriving home, I ripped off my clothes, grabbing the stereo remote and turning up the volume after I pressed play, I securely wrapped around the wrist, the palm, and the base of the thumb with the white bandage wrap, slipped my fists into the gloves and pounded as hard as I could against the sandbag. Attacking it with breaking force. If this had of been a person? Their face would be shattered into a million pieces.

Unaware of how much time had actually passed, I was drenched from head to toe in sweat. My dishevelled hair falling into my eyes, wearing soaked suit pants, I heard my front door slam closed. I refused to stop, I knew instantly who it would be, considering this used to be his home.

He shut off my music, “we need to talk.”

“Not now dad,” I continued my deathly jabs, ignoring his scrutinizing gaze.

“Don’t give me that shit Dante, explain, now.”

“There’s nothing to explain. Quinn is married.”

“You can fuck anyone, why her?”

“Watch it,” I growled, tearing off my gloves with fire burning in my eyes.

“You think I wouldn’t notice the mood swings, the inability to concentrate or the fact that you stare at her as if she was your god damn sun and moon rolled into one? That little display at Dai’s just confirmed my suspicion. Though, I was desperate to know what the fuck was in these files.” He threw down the folder on my sofa. “Read it.”

“You could lose the entire contract showing me that folder without the confidentiality signed.”

You think I give a damn Dante?” His temper was threatening to break through. He scratched the back of his neck nervously, before raking his fingers through his hair. “You are my son; I know that look, that frustration. You think I wouldn’t recognise that pain you’re suffering through? It’s the exact same torment I suffered when your mother was married to Caleb. No other woman will ever add up to the one you love. Read it, I’ll be on the veranda when you’re finished.”

Dad stamped out of the childhood bedroom I’d turned into my gym, leaving me alone with the taunting folder. I slumped down into the seat next to it; I opened the first page and began to flick through rapidly. Everything seemed like a normal contract, up until I hit the last pages. Reading it over, I was suddenly floored. The truth, the truth of everything was staring me in the face and now I understood why, not only was their reasons for the clad tight secrecy but the answer of why she wouldn’t leave him, why she’d been so adamant on no relationship and the truth of why she had not been intimate in so long… And boy did I feel like a fucken asshole.

I made my way out to where dad was. He must have heard my approaching footfalls. “You know, this balcony was where everything really happened for your mother and I. Shit, the night I found out she was carrying you, she stood in this very spot, afraid to face me. God, was I a difficult bastard, being in love with someone when they are married to someone else is not easy.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“If she’s your one, what are you going to do?” I stayed silent for a bit; I didn’t know what to do or how to proceed.

“Cancer, dad, he’s dying of cancer?”

“Yes, so what are you going to do?”

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